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The BlackBerry Brand Guidelines

Version 1.0 | December 2009

FYI and FYS (For Your Sanity) these Brand Guidelines are divided into four parts.

Section 1
The BlackBerry Brand Platform

Section 2
Visual Elements: All the tools you need

Section 3
The Look of Love: The core assets of the Love Campaign

Section 4
Legal and Toolkit


BlackBerry Brand Platform
Section 1

The BlackBerry Manifesto
Let’s start at the beginning. What does BlackBerry stand for? BlackBerry inspires and enables people to pursue what they love. And this promise comes to life in our manifesto…

Don’t just like.
LIKE is watered-down love. Like is mediocre. Like is the wishy-washy emotion of the content. Athletes don’t do it for the like of a sport. Artists don’t suffer for the like of art. There is no I like N.Y. T-shirt. And Romeo didn’t just like Juliet.

LOVE. Now that’s powerful stuff.
Love changes things. Upsets things. Conquers things. Love is at the root of everything good that has ever happened and will ever happen.

LOVE what you do.
It’s this spirit that we must capture in our work. Everything we create should embody the feeling of “Love what you do.” These guidelines are meant to inspire creative excellence in you. We hope you love the challenge — you’re about to build something really great. 4

Tone of Voice
Technology can be pretty confusing. And when it comes to lifestyle advertising, sometimes things can get cheesy. BlackBerry keeps it real. Make sure your message is relevant and authentic. If you must use “love” in body copy, make sure you mean it. The BlackBerry voice is optimistic, inspirational, passionate, intuitive, conversational, and approachable. It’s down-to-earth, never arrogant. It’s simple to understand but still respected by the technologically-savvy. Sentences should be clear and to the point, and cheeky humor keeps it conversational. Refer to the original print ads posted on go/love to get a feel for it.

BlackBerry is... Optimistic Inspirational Passionate Intuitive Conversational Approachable

Above all, it should motivate people to do something amazing.

Visual Elements Section 2 .

Sure. Do not invade its personal space and everything will be okay. but as a logo. they make a great team.Visual Elements: The BlackBerry Logo The BlackBerry Logo Emblem + Wordmark = BFFs. It needs to breathe — so don’t crowd it with copy and other content. You wouldn’t want to mess with a great team. right? Then don’t mess with the logo. 7 . Think of the BlackBerry emblem and wordmark as best friends. Think of the logo as living in its own personal bubble. they’re individuals too. The BlackBerry logo needs its personal space.

Visual Elements: The BlackBerry Logo Emblem Wordmark BlackBerry Logo Clear Space Requirements 1” Minimum Size Requirements Download the BlackBerry logo at go/brand. 8 .

2 Only use either a black or white logo and include a registered mark. 9 . 3 Ensure there is a strong contrast with the background.Visual Elements: The BlackBerry Logo Do 3 2 BlackBerry Logo 1 Include the BlackBerry logo in all your materials.

10 . Smartphones Don’t use the logo in a sentence. pull or rearrange the logo.Visual Elements: The BlackBerry Logo Don't Don’t re-create the logo or change the color. Don’t squish.

but mighty. The BlackBerry emblem might be small. BlackBerry Emblem BlackBerry Emblem: Clearspace Download the BlackBerry emblem at go/brand.Visual Elements: The BlackBerry Emblem The BlackBerry Emblem Small. Take note of the basics and re-familiarize yourself with this little gem. 11 . but that doesn’t mean it’s not important.

12 . 2 Use the graphic files that are already created for you.Visual Elements: The BlackBerry Emblem Do 1 1 Use the emblem in a subtle and elegant way.

See more about the datastream in the next section. 13 . Don’t use the emblem to replace a letter.Visual Elements: The BlackBerry Emblem Don't Y U Don’t use the emblem and datastream in the same layout. This treatment is reserved for the LOVE lockup only.

The re-envisioning of the icon into a creative brand cue is one of the most important aspects of the new brand look. You will see how this angle is used in our layouts and grid. instant recognition. It will create familiarity. Icon Datastream Multistream 14 . and be an ownable and iconic mark that will endure long into the future.Visual Elements: The Icon The Icon We gave new life to the icon. Okay. but there was a general silent consensus. we never went around high-fiving each other. 12° angle The 12° angle is a unique part of the BlackBerry logo. And we all love it.

15 .Visual Elements: The Datastream Datastream Lockups Download the datastream at go/brand.

2 The datastream should be prominent and draw the eye in.Visual Elements: The Datastream Do 2 3 4 1 1 The datastream should intersect a word in the headline. 4 Product photography should overlap the datastream when used together. 16 . 3 The datastream should slightly overlap the cropped lifestyle image.

Visual Elements: The Datastream Don't Discover BlackBerry smartphones. Discover BlackBerry smartphones. flip. Don’t make the datastream wider than the headline itself. Don’t slightly touch the datastream to the headline. Don’t place the BlackBerry Logo on top of the datastream. Discover BlackBerry smartphones. Don’t create your own datastream lockups. Discover BlackBerry smartphones. 17 . Don’t set the datastream perfectly behind any word. Don’t place the datastream on folds or creases. Don't use the datastream on its own. Don’t tilt. Discover BlackBerry smartphones. stretch or crop the datastream.

18 .Visual Elements: The Multistream Multistream Lockups Download the multistream at go/brand.

2 The BlackBerry logo can appear on top of the multistream.Visual Elements: The Multistream Do 1 2 Athletes don't do it for the like of the sport. 4 Use approved multistream lockups. 3 Multistream icons can include lifestyle images. 3 1 Copy and smartphone images can appear on top of the multistream. 19 .

Don’t use a multistream formation that resembles one or more datastream lockups. 20 . Don't use multiple lockups on one layout. Don't overpower the background.Visual Elements: The Multistream Don't Don’t use the datastream and multistream in the same layout.

The colors range from bright and vibrant for the younger crowd. use the CMYK values as a beginning reference. Pantone CMYK (Print) RGB (Screen) HTML (Web) 312C C96 M0 Y11 K0 R0 G173 B216 #00ADD8 362C C70 M0 Y100 K9 R112 G168 B76 #70A84C 107C C0 M4 Y79 K0 R253 G233 B96 #FEEA61 186C 268C C0 M100 Y81 K4 C82 M100 Y0 K12 R194 G30 B56 R72 G42 B127 ##C21E38 #482A7F 877 N/A N/A N/A Pantone CMYK (Print) RGB (Screen) HTML (Web) 647C 562C C100 M56 Y0 K23 C85 M0 Y50 K31 R45 G88 B142 R59 G133 B118 #2D588E #3B8576 166C 7420C C0 M64 Y100 K0 C0 M80 Y42 K20 R217 G122 B45 R173 G75 B92 #D97A2D #AD4B5C 233C C11 M100 Y0 K0 R183 G20 B136 #B71488 Cool Gray 5 C15 M9 Y8 K22 R178 G180 B179 #B2B4B3 Pantone CMYK (Print) RGB (Screen) HTML (Web) 2905C C40 M0 Y0 K0 R166 G215 B246 #A6D7F6 358C C27 M0 Y38 K0 R198 G222 B178 #C6DEB2 7409C C0 M30 Y95 K0 R236 G184 B52 #ECB834 673C C6 M49 Y0 K0 R210 G151 B191 #D297BF 2577C C40 M45 Y0 K0 R151 G140 B192 #978CC0 – C0 M0 Y0 K0 R0 G0 B0 #FFFFFF Variations in color may occur. PANTONE is a registered trademark of Pantone. we suggest you use the values in this chart. Color variations may also occur on-screen as a result of different screen calibrations and/or software applications being used. but the goal should always be to match the PANTONE standard of the BlackBerry color palette. We are aware that there are variations in the PANTONE CMYK equivalents as well. To complement the heavy use of black.Visual Elements: Color Palette Color Palette Color by numbers. we use beautiful eye-pleasing colors. Inc. to a more sophisticated palette for the business crew. Print vendors may have their own values and formulas for matching PANTONE colors in 4-color process. In order to achieve the closest color match. What a coincidence. For 4-color printing. and positive. Please always use the PANTONE chip for absolute color matching accuracy. Exactly what “Love what you do” is all about. but try to match the BlackBerry color palette as closely as possible. emotive. Color is energetic. Color Palette 21 .

Visual Elements: Color Palette Do 1 3 2 1 Use white for all headlines and body copy but choose a color for the sub-header. 3 Choose a sub-header color that complements the datastream and photography. 22 . 2 Choose a sub-header color that stands out against the black background.

Don’t choose a sub-header color that gets lost in the background. 23 .Visual Elements: Color Palette Don't Don’t use multiple colors on the same layout.

Black is the “color” of choice in everything we do. scratch and show fingerprints.94 One thing to keep in mind about black is the “watch outs” it creates during production. (But we did at one point consider a mustardy brown.100 CMYK glossy magazine: 62. and beautiful. powerful. we grudgingly acknowledge that there is a time and a place for a white background. But we can all take measures to deal with these side effects. 24 .43. we LOVE black. Talk to your print producer. .52.) Seriously. Black is elegant. like a tradeshow booth or when you print a 200-page document and your 'K' cartridge runs out. However.Visual Elements: Backgrounds Backgrounds We’re not blueberries. . CMYK newsprint: 54. fade. It can look weak. We ask that you use it sparingly and where it really counts.53. Keep the black rich and premium.43.

“BlackBerryLove”. and simple it is. It makes up the new face of the brand.Visual Elements: Typography Typography Love letters. friendly. Jump in all the way with the new font. It's the Anvers of the future. modern. intelligent. Download this custom font at go/brand. 25 . Appreciate it for how confident.

. BlackBerryLove Medium Use sparingly abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890”$#%&@. BlackBerryLove Semibold Use for body copy abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGhIjkLMNOPqrSTuVWxyz 1234567890”$#%&@. Calibri Use for broader-based applications when BlackBerryLove is not available abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCdEFghIjKlMNOPqrsTuVWxYz 1234567890”$#%&@..Visual Elements: Typography abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPqRSTUVWxYz 1234567890”$#%&@..:. BlackBerryLove Bold Use for headlines abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPqRSTUVWxYz 1234567890”$#%&@.:.:. Myriad Pro Condensed Download these fonts at go/brand.:... Use for legal disclaimers 26 .:.

When colored type is used on black. 27 .Visual Elements: Typography Do Use sentence case with punctuation at the end in both headlines and body copy. Set the leading at approximately double the point size of the copy. Not to mention proper spelling. make sure it’s bright and legible. Set headlines at twice or three times the point size of the body copy.

Auto leading is for lazy designers.just don’t do it all the time. Your eyes will be forced to focus so hard they’ll burn up and turn into two little piles of eye ash..Visual Elements: Typography Don't ALL CAPS IS YELLING! But sometimes you gotta yell. Way too tight! W a y t o o l o o s e ! 28 . Don’t expect a "Designer of the Year" award with this kind of behavior. Don’t even bother reading this..

keep it interesting. And with product photography. 29 . Make people want to look. When choosing lifestyle photography think about keeping part of the story untold for people to unravel for themselves. always remember to showcase and highlight its beauty.Lovely Photography As a general rule.

It creates emotional energy and interesting stories that are authentic. intimate. not staged.Visual Elements: Photography Lifestyle Photography BlackBerry lifestyle photography is spontaneous. LOVE campaign images are available to use as long as they are used in the same context (e. sp It’s Face back the moment. If you want to choose your own lifestyle photography. beautiful. 30 ..g. real. and compelling. a mom major r © 2009 Research In Motion Lim registered and/or us Download lifestyle images at go/brand. the glacier shot for BlackBerry Storm2 materials). Meet the We love those huge potential everything to do to impromptu. ensure it has the same feeling of authenticity.

31 . and energetic.Visual Elements: Photography Do 1 2 2 1 Choose images that are spontaneous. authentic. 2 Crop images inside the icon shape and/or device screen.

seeing things and being seen. tasting. video recording. 32 . See all there is to see with a new BlackBerry Storm 9550 at XYZ. Don’t use staged images. Don’t bleed photography fully off the page. Get to know the New BlackBerry Storm 9550 We love life when it’s experienced in all its glory. expandable memory. We hope you use it to display killer pie charts…if killer pie charts are what you love.Visual Elements: Photography Don't the big picture. That’s why we love packing everything we can like Wi-Fi. The new BlackBerry Storm is the result of loving what we do. When you’re out in the world talking. BlackBerry App World and a mind-blowing touch screen into a defyingly compact package.

or on a device screen.Visual Elements: Photography Do 1 3 2 1 Place lifestyle images inside an icon shape. 3 Bleed the left side of the icon shape off the page. 2 Ensure that the lifestyle image is always recognizable as an icon shape. 33 .

stretch.Visual Elements: Photography Don't Don’t tilt. Don’t apply outlines or glows to the icon shape. Don’t show the left side of the icon shape on the primary image. or distort the icon shape. 34 . flip.

35 . They are sleek.Visual Elements: Photography Emotional Product Photography To make an emotional connection. and their features are highlighted by lighting and a glow. Download product photography at go/brand. they emerge out of the black background. use BlackBerry smartphones shot on black.

36 . sometimes you need to be practical. Download Product Photography at go/brand. So when communicating a more functional message. use functional product photography.Visual Elements: Photography Functional Product Photography Life isn’t always fun and games.

2 Use approved product and lifestyle photography.Visual Elements: Photography Do 2 2 1 1 Show enough of the product to ensure it’s recognizable as a BlackBerry smartphone. 37 .

Don't create your own product photography. or cover the BlackBerry logo. 38 . alter. omit.Visual Elements: Photography Don't Don't distort. crop. Don’t alter. or ruin the integrity of the image.

Line up your paragraphs to the grid. Download the grid at go/brand. it creates harmony among all BlackBerry materials. But more importantly. Sure. The grid helps unify brand elements within a single layout.Visual Elements: The Grid The Grid What’s your angle? Ours is 12 degrees. there are times when you can’t use the grid and for those times – well. 39 . The grid angle is 12˚. just like the icon. there’s no need to get bent out of shape. All we ask is that you follow the grid whenever possible.

Introducing the new BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700 smartphone 2 1 Modify the size of the grid. 3 Align furthest point of the letter to the grid.Visual Elements: The Grid Do 1 The new BlackBerry Bold. 2 Align your copy to the grid. 40 .

don’t use it.Visual Elements: The Grid Don't Please Please • Don’t • Do • This • To • Your • Tables The new BlackBerry Bold. If it doesn’t work for your table. 41 . Introducing the new B l a c k B e r r y® B o l d ™ 9 7 0 0 smartphone • Don’t • Do • This • To • Your • Tables Don’t rotate the grid. Don’t force the grid.

The Look of Love Section 3 .

Even using the word “love” in copy needs a second opinion. Remember. carefully planned executions. This includes “Love What You Do”. 43 .. give us a shout. Your message needs to be just as powerful. The LOVE elements deserve careful consideration and respect. I bet you’re wondering. We know. If people felt the LOVE all the time. “Do What You Love”. LOVE is meant for high-impact. So consider the BlackBerry manifesto before you jump in. fill out the form on go/brand.The Look of Love The Look of Love Where is the love? Now that you’ve gotten to know our new visual identity. we know. it wouldn’t mean as much. “Don’t Just Like” and other elements shown on the next page. But before you create your next campaign.. you're thinking "not another form!" Nobody “loves” forms but don't worry. If you’ve got what it takes to use the LOVE elements. This one's just for us to envision your idea before we chat. “Where is the love?” We know it looks cool and chances are you’ve already envisioned how it will fit into your next campaign.

. 44 ..The Look of Love “Don’t Just Like” lockup and image “Love What You Do” lockup “Do What You Love” lockup Love hanging out Love blue sky thinking Love changing the game Love seeing around the corner Love the moment Love headlines Love closing the deal Love perfect detailing Love to be bold Love taking it all in Love to create Love boldly Love the big picture Love the journey Love 5am etc. Remember to talk to us before you use these elements.

Legal and Toolkit Section 4 .

You’ll probably notice that the language in the next section is pretty firm.Legal and Toolkit: Legal Legal Legal is not a four-letter word. we don’t mess around. Sure. After all. Our brand and our trademarks are really important to us — no joke. 46 . but when it comes down to approvals. That’s because it’s meant to be. you're only as good as your reputation and we take that very seriously. we know how to have a good time.

and Africa send requests to brandemea@rim. Agencies: Refer to the BlackBerry Branding Guidelines legal document at www. is prohibited. Patent and Trademark Office and trademark offices in other countries. collateral. or that the BlackBerry product or service is not actively marketed or significant within its relevant market. any use of RIM trademarks in a manner that is inconsistent with these guidelines. These general guidelines address the permissible use of RIM trademarks in text by third parties. or imagery prior to it being released. The trademarks to which these guidelines apply are listed on the RIM trademark list. or promotional materials containing RIM marks. For Europe.blackberry. the Middle East. trade names. BlackBerry® RIM® Research In Motion® SureType® SurePress™ BlackBerry Connect™ BlackBerry App World™ storefront Get it at BlackBerry App World™ BlackBerry® Pearl™ BlackBerry® Pearl™ Flip BlackBerry® Curve™ BlackBerry® Bold™ BlackBerry® Tour™ BlackBerry® Storm™ BlackBerry® Storm2™ The absence of a RIM mark from this list does not mean that RIM does not use the mark. A list of RIM marks can be found at: www. 47 . Latin America. Asia Pacific to RIM Brand Marketing at Please allow a minimum of five (5) business days for the review process to occur.blackberry. Submit all materials and direct any questions about the use of RIM marks for North America.S.Legal and Toolkit: Legal Approval Process RIM Brand Marketing needs to review and approve the content of any advertisement. RIM registered marks and trademarks RIM marks that appear in the following list are registered or pending with the U. that the mark is not a registered trademark of for terms and conditions of your licensed use of RIM trademarks. or domain names that are confusingly similar to RIM trademarks. the BlackBerry These trademarks symbolize our reputation and goodwill. and serve to uniquely identify its products and services. Without express written authorization by RIM. including the use of trademarks. Trademarks Guidelines for use of Research In Motion trademarks Research In Motion (RIM) owns the BlackBerry trademark and other trademarks.

Misuse The BlackBerry is… “I will BlackBerry you. Acceptable BlackBerry® BlackBerry® Pearl™ Flip Misuse BlackBerry™ Pearl™ BlackBerry Pearl® Do not use the RIM marks in plural or possessive for terms and conditions of your licensed use of RIM trademarks..Legal and Toolkit: Legal BlackBerry Trademark Rules You should always use the RIM trademark as an adjective and not as a noun or Agencies: Refer to the BlackBerry Branding Guidelines legal document at www. Acceptable BlackBerry® smartphones Misuse BlackBerrys BlackBerries BlackBerry’s Use the proper symbol for the RIM marks. Acceptable BlackBerry® smartphone For example.blackberry. “I will respond to your email using my. Always capitalize the product brand name and designate the trademark with the appropriate ™ or ® symbol. including the following: BlackBerry smartphones BlackBerry products BlackBerry product components BlackBerry enabled device products BlackBerry accessories Do not use the RIM marks in plural or possessive for the appropriate generic term to use with the RIM marks.blackberry. Refer to the BlackBerry naming system at www..blackberry...” BlackBerry® smartphone.. 48 . smartphone) or service.” The trademark should be followed by the appropriate generic term for the product (e. Additional information and the most current list of trademarks are available at: www. A prominent notice should be used when any of the RIM marks appear on materials or web sites.

sureType®. including: BlackBerry smartphones BlackBerry products BlackBerry product components BlackBerry enabled device products BlackBerry accessories Don’t use BlackBerry names without consulting approved naming standards. and countries around the world. 49 . BlackBerry®. Blackberry BB BlackBerry’s BES BES BlackBerry® App World™ Suretype.Legal and Toolkit: Legal Naming BlackBerry products and services are uniquely identified by a cohesive naming system. surePress™ and related Online resources make it easy to understand and apply BlackBerry naming systems. © 2009 research In Motion limited. All rights reserved. If you have any questions. research In Motion®. surepress Refer to www. rIM®. and may be trademarks of their respective for a complete list of approved names. Acceptable Research In Motion — always capitalize the “I” Research In Motion Limited — always spell out the word “Limited” BlackBerry — always capitalize the first and second "B" BlackBerry — never abbreviate BlackBerry – never use in a possessive form BlackBerry Enterprise Server — never abbreviate BlackBerry Enterprise Solution — capitalize and never abbreviate BlackBerry App World™ storefront – no registration mark after BlackBerry SureType — capitalize “S” and “T” SurePress — capitalize “S” and “P” BlackBerry — must always appear before the smartphone number and smartphone — must always be included in the product name BlackBerry Pearl smartphone — “BlackBerry” must always appear before “Pearl” BlackBerry Curve smartphone — “BlackBerry” must always appear before “Curve” BlackBerry Bold smartphone — “BlackBerry” must always appear before “Bold” BlackBerry Tour smartphone — “BlackBerry” must always appear before “Tour” BlackBerry Storm smartphone — “BlackBerry” must always appear before “Storm” BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone — “BlackBerry” must always appear before “Storm” with no space between “Storm” and “2” Storm 2 9700 Pearl Curve Bold Tour Storm Misuse Research in Motion Research In Motion Ltd. email brandmessagingteam@rim. suretype Surepress. All other product or company names are for identification purposes only. names and logos are the property of research In Motion limited and are registered and/or used in the u.

50 . Pick up these assets at go/brand.Legal and Toolkit: Toolkit Toolkit Toolkit. Tool-a-palooza. Think of it as a new weapon in your creative arsenal. Call it what you want (we debated for 3 hours). It’s the place where you can find almost everything you need to get started. Toolbox.

BlackBerryLove Font Grid 51 . abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGhIjkLMNOPqrSTuVWxyz 1234567890”$#%&@.:..:.Toolkit and Legal: Toolkit The BlackBerry logo The BlackBerry Emblem Icon Shape Lifestyle and Product Photography Datastream Multistream abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPqRSTUVWxYz 1234567890”$#%&@..