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1st Professional Year

ENCI 211 Design Studio 1
Introduction to civil engineering design. Engineering drawing. Timber design. Integrated design concepts.

ENCI 230 Mechanics of Materials
Analysis of statically determinate structures. Stress and strain. Flexure, shear, axial and combined stress behaviour of beams and columns. Material science of steels.

ENCI 234 Structural Engineering 1
Analysis of deformations using integration and moment-area methods. Indeterminate analyses. Introduction to stiffness and plastic methods of analysis. Elastic buckling.

ENCI 252 Geotechnical Engineering 1
Physical properties and classification of soils. Stresses and shear strength in soil masses. Pore fluid flow and permeability. Steady flow and flow nets. Settlement.

ENCI 271 Engineering Geology and Hydrology
Introduction to the general principles of geology and hydrology as they apply to civil and natural resources engineering practice. Emphasis is placed on foundatijons materials, active processes effecting site selection, hydrological systems, measurements, and data interpretation.

2nd Professional Year

ENCI 312 Design Studio 2
Design of multi-disciplinary civil engineering projects; regulatory planning; construction scheduling and cost estimates.

ENCI 332 Structural Concrete

roading materials. ENCI 429 Structural Systems Conceptual design of commercial. design of steel members. and seismic design concepts. buckling. bending and torsion of steel beams and columns. Plastic analysis and design of steel beam and frame buildings for seismic resistance. ENCI 425 Steel Structures Design methods for hot-rolled and cold-formed memebers. Architectural issues. industrial. Use of . prestressed. ENCI 426 Concrete Structures Design of concrete structures using reinforced. settlement and bearing capacity of foundations. Fatigue and fracture mechanics. Seismic retrofit of existing structures. load-path. and structures. and precast concrete. design and detailing of concrete members. ENCI 333 Structural Steel Strength. Concrete masonry. ENCI 351 Geotechnical Engineering 2 Analysis of slope stability and retaining walls. Introduction to plasticity. including matrix methods. introduction to finitie-element methods and structural dynamics. connections. Ductility. Composite floor systems. ENCI 452 Geotechnical Engineering 3 Stresses and displacements in a linearly elastic halfspace with application to foundation analysis.Material science of concrete. connections and structures. 3rd Professional Year ENCI 423 Structural Analysis Computational analysis of structures. reinforced and prestressed concrete theory. and residential buildings and bridges.

light timber frame buildings. portal frames and arches.lower and upper bound theorems in foundation engineering. connection systems. design process of timber structures. ENCI 499 Special Topic: Timber Engineering Review of engineering properties of wood. . truss systems. sawn timber and engineered materials (glulam and LVL). conceptual design of singlestorey industrial buildings. Critical -state soil mechanics. fire resistance.