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December 2011

Dear Members and Supporters,

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Our front page reflects the KCT’s monthly major current issues and/or projects. This month we highlight the following: • 2012 Summer survey – Thank you to the NZ Lottery Grants Board • 2012 KCT Calendars – Great Xmas pressies! • Wild Heart – The Possibility of Wilderness in Aotearoa • Kea deaths – Your views • 2012 Nestor notabilis newsletter – Calling for Contributors and sponsors • Nest monitoring update • Donations (October/November) –Thank you!

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• New Treasurer • Can you help us? • Kea in the News- George the Curious kea • Kea shop – Xmas stocking fillers • State of our planet – Give a thought for the planet going into 2012 • 2012 KCT membership – become a member this year! _________________________________________________________________________________

2012 Summer survey – thank you to NZ Lottery Grant’s Board
The Kea population survey will again be run during January 2012 thanks to a generous grant from the NZ Lottery Grants Board. Survey sites will include Kiwi Saddle in Kahurangi National Park, the Hawdon Valley in Arthurs Pass and the Borland Range in Fiordland. Many of our keen experienced field personnel and volunteers from previous years have already signed up to be involved for the 10 day stint starting mid-January but we do have a few places available for both experienced kea handlers and fit volunteers to support them. If would like to get involved this summer, please email Tamsin at the Trust.
The Borland team banding a kea. Photo Iain Graham


and writers. but also included the launch of the book Wild Heart: the Possibility of Wilderness in Aotearoa New Zealand. of what makes wilderness such an important part of our psyche. As a bonus we have also included information on each of our contributors who very generously donated their images of kea for the cause of kea conservation. editors and Otago University for their support of the work of the KCT. The seventeen essays come from trampers. Together they examine many aspects of the idea of wilderness. We would like to thank all the books contributors.2012 KCT Calendars – great Christmas pressies! This year’s calendar features stunning photos of kea from 6 different contributors all who have their own story to tell about their experiences with this charismatic species. conservationists. What and where is New Zealand's wilderness? Is the wilderness something that we lock up or not? How do Maori see wilderness? How is it defined by law and what is government policy? Why? Where does that leave us? What do we want of wilderness? Can we exploit its resources? 2 . If you wish to purchase a calendar or would like to order a bulk lot for your organisation. photographers. historians. hosted by the University of Otago in November not only brought together a wide range of stakeholders to explore what relationships between nature and people should be fostered in Aotearoa New Zealand. policymakers. Wild Heart – The Possibility of Wilderness in Aotearoa Edited by Mick Abbott & Richard Reeve The Public Conservation Lands Research Symposium. Cost of each calendar is $12. scientists. please contact us at the Trust. This anthology of essays is published by Otago University Press and the contributors to the book have all very kindly donated the royalties from the sale of this book equally to The Kea Conservation Trust and Forest & Bird’s Fresh water for life. About the book: This book searches for an understanding of 'the wild'. Tamsin Orr-Walker attended the book launch on behalf of the Trust and by invitation of Otago University.50 +p/p or for orders of 10 or more will be $7 each (+p/p).

I'd like to say how distressed I am to learn in the October KCT of the kea shootings. Paradigm printing and Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund for making significant donations towards this year’s publication. Best regards. This is the same mentality that saw the thylacine driven into extinction. Please keep up your good work. and. I fail completely to understand how anybody could contemplate killing a rare. extinctions don't matter. The world needs it. In this update we have included this letter from one of our earliest supporters based in Australia who provides a sobering reminder of how persecution of a species can result in their ultimate extinction: Hello everyone at the KCT. the mentality that sees a place on this planet only for humans. as exploring the 'possibility' of wilderness lies at its core. Walter Steensby 2012 Nestor notabilis newsletter – calling for contributors The 2011 Kea Conservation Trust publication has been sent out to all of our members and funders. 3 . what might we its people also become? Kea Deaths – Your views In our last update we included some of your views from our Facebook page on the recent spate of kea deaths. Thank you to all of those of you who contributed to the development of this magazine and to our sponsors. I can only assume that somebody has developed a grudge against them — perhaps economically based — and won't rest until he has destroyed enough of them to feel vindicated. noble and engaging creature such as the kea. Unfortunately the bodies were too decomposed when recovered to ascertain the cause of death but it does highlight the need for all of us to keep our eyes and ears open to protect these unique birds. What could wilderness in Aotearoa New Zealand become. all damage is merely collateral. precious. Unfortunately this spate appears to be continuing with two of our study birds in the Arthurs Pass area found dead under suspicious circumstances. consequently. Everything else is expendable. a few selected food animals and a few selected food plants.Wild Heart looks forward. Honestly. Glad to know that you're helping to conserve them.

2012 . Eggs in the third nest have not yet hatched and workers have now removed one of these to check fertility.50 +p/p.We will be beginning the development stage of the 2012 magazine during January so are now calling for: • Article contributions . If the eggs are found to be infertile. can be purchased directly from us for $12.Additional copies of this stunning 28 page publication. on our website and in all promotional information and bi-monthly updates (sent out to over 500 people here and overseas)> If you would like to help out towards next year’s newsletter. Both nests will be monitored until all chicks are fledged in December/January to track their success. One of these nests has successfully raised 3 chicks and another has one chick still present in the nest cavity. 4 . this will double the number successfully raised in any of the last 3 breeding seasons.If you have a story or are undertaking a research project on kea please contact us. • Sponsors – we need new sponsors to help cover the costs of this publication. they will be removed in the hope that the female will lay a second clutch of viable eggs before the end of the breeding season. The nest camera outside the St Arnaud Range nest showing 3 chicks been fed by their parents . Sponsors will be listed in the contents page of the newsletter. Nest monitoring update Nelson Lakes: Our three nests at Nelson Lakes have been closely monitored all season by Corey Mosen with the help of keen volunteers and St Arnaud Department of Conservation. printed on recycled paper. At the start of the season all three nests were incubating at least 3 eggs. please contact us at the KCT. If all 4 chicks fledge this season.

zoo keepers. Donations .Arthurs Pass: Unfortunately 4 of our radio tagged birds at our survey site in Arthurs Pass have died.000 was granted by the organisations Conservation fund for the purpose of purchasing kea radio transmitters for our 2012 Summer survey. AAZK’s goal is to not only help those animals in our immediate care. curators. Thanks to the organisation and in particular to Jessica Meehan of Denver Zoo who helped make this a reality. Thank you to Corey for allowing us to use his great images! Rocky Mountain American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) US$2000 was raised at the AAZK comedy night for the Kea Conservation Trust. volunteers. Thank you to Cincinnati for support of this project. For more photos of chicks and eggs. and students. US $3. This has meant a big setback for this year’s breeding. In 1991 the Rocky Mountain AAZK Chapter was formed here at the Denver Zoo and continues to be very successful to this day raising thousands of dollars a year to support in situ conservation projects locally and around the world Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens –Another generous donation has been received from a US zoo. Two of these were an existing breeding pair whose deaths occurred at the same time and are considered suspicious. visit our Kea Research Projects – Nest monitoring page over the next couple of weeks. veterinarians. The American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) is a nonprofit organization made up of individuals including directors. AAZK The Rocky Mountain AAZK team at Denver Zoo publications. conferences and chapter activities at local zoos provide individuals with a means to exchange ideas and raise money for various conservation needs around the world. AAZK strives to make the general public aware of the concern for deserving conservation projects and the need for preservation of natural resources and animal life. but also contribute to conservation world wide. 5 .Thank you! We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to the following individuals and organisations for supporting kea in the last 2 months: All of our sponsors and donors will receive one of our new certificates of appreciation featuring stunning images of wild kea taken by Corey Mosen.

Thank you to both Andy and Hugh for all their time and effort over the years. New members Rebecca Officer and Volker Kuhlmann donated $175 during October. Thank you to NZ Post. Additional awareness was also raised with information on the Trust and kea at the site.George the Curious Kea Kea shop – Give a Xmas gift for conservation this year! State of our planet – The impact of ecological limits on population growth 2012 KCT membership – become a member this coming year! New Treasurer We would like to officially welcome Andrew Newman as our new KCT treasurer. Can you help us? This is the time for us to put our Xmas list out there in the ether and see if any of you can help us to achieve the following: Website redesign – to ensure a fresh and current face to the KCT -Access database – to better manage our supporters. _________________________________________________________________________ Other items • • • • • • New Treasurer Xmas Wish List . has been the Trusts financial advisor for the past 2 years and will take over from Sir Hugh Williams who will remain on our Trust Committee. Thank you for your generous support – it’s always great to have individuals helping. Andy. a registered accountant.NZ Community Post – This year we have received 300 freepost envelopes to support our project work. volunteers and kea sightings lists -4 wheel drive vehicle – to support our South Island based personnel during field and project work -Funds for operational expenses – to support a managerial position -2012 newsletter sponsorship – to cover costs related to design and printing of this publication -Project/research funding 6 . The Remarkables ski area – raised $101 from a donation box up set up by staff at the Remarkables ski field this season. Thank you to all the team there for their support of kea during what has been a very trying time for Cantabrians.Can you help us? Kea in the News. Forest & Bird North Canterbury Branch – A donation of $200 was received from F&B Nth Canterbury during our visit to Christchurch in July. Thank you to the Remarkables for pushing kea conservation at their ski field.

and so did Peter. and blood sent to Massey University showed George's lead levels were off the chart. George. Please visit our websites store at http://www.We also need someone who can manage our shop orders (books.html. made a full recovery from lead poisoning… George – the curious kea Keith Lynch . which was now "a little worse for wear". a four-year-old kea. cards." Howard said." she At night he stayed in Howard's bathroom. "Young male birds are at greatest risk of lead poisoning as they congregate in areas were humans live and play in the high country – places where lead is most likely to be available. nails. DVD’s and calendar orders). "Everyone at the centre became very capable kea Oct 2011 A kea will be returned to the wild today after being nursed back to health from a bout of blood poisoning. Moran contacted Christchurch vet Pauline Howard. Please contact Tamsin at the KCT if you think you can help out with any of the above. and Andrew. my 18-year-old son. The bird was kept in the veterinary centre during the day. takahe. he had the privilege of naming the kea George. 7 . Kea in the News Here is a great story to end the year on a high note. my husband. bellbird and kakariki. "Because Peter was bitten. Tests showed possible kidney damage. roof lashings or discarded batteries were possible sources of the poisoning." Lead paint. about a very fortunate kea from Arthurs Pass who with a lot of care from a group of dedicated people. Funds raised from the sale of all shop items will support our operational expenses. who took care of the bird at the Hornby Veterinary Centre. was found vomiting early last month by Conservation Department ranger Paddy Moran near Arthur's Pass. George the kea at the vets Photo: Don Scott __________________________________________________________________________ Kea Shop Want to give an original gift this Xmas that helps conserve one of the world’s most amazing birds? Here’s a few ideas for stocking fillers… -2012 Kea Calendar -Nestor notabilis newsletter -Beak of the Moon – by Philip Temple -Send NZ Native cards for Xmas – Check out our range of beautiful cards by NZ artist Pauline Morse which include kea.

But with increasing pressure on water and food supplies will this projected population boom turn into a bust? There's little scientific dispute that the world is heading toward a warmer and harsher climate. Stay safe. it is being questioned whether we will ever reach the 10 billion mark projected by United Nations demographers – not because of a natural slowing down of birth rates but because of devastating limiting environmental factors… The impact of ecological limits on population growth This year marks the arrival of the seven billionth human. will keep pace with rising global populations in a changing climate. Photo: Jon Clark 8 . less dependable water and energy supplies. even with genetically modified crops. have contributed to widening gaps between food production and global consumption. members and sponsors a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. To read the full article. enjoy a well-earned rest and enjoy some good quality family time during the holiday season and we will see you again next year! Kea on a flax bush at Lake Matheson on Christmas Day 2010. Are we so smart and inventive that not one of these trends will have any impact on the number of human beings the planet sustains? …In the past few years. more acidic oceans.The State of Our Planet As we pass the 7 billion person on the planet. Already. and less naturally productive soils. less intact ecosystems with fewer species. visit our State of Our Planet page. from blistering heat waves to flooded farm fields. The resulting price increases — stoked also by biofuels production encouraged in part to slow climate change — have led to food riots that cost lives and helped topple governments from the Middle East to Haiti. Merry Christmas! All of us at the KCT would like to wish all of our supporters. agronomists have lost some of their earlier confidence that food production. weather-related disasters.

nz 9 . Thank you also to all those who have volunteered over the last year and who continue to send in information. please visit our Members page. Pasukonis 2011 www. you can contact us directly or download a membership form from our websites Home or Join Now pages. Lyttelton 8971 Email: membership@keaconservation. If you are unsure as to your membership As a member you will receive the following: • A copy of our annual 28 page colour publication – Nestor notabilis – each July • A copy of our KCT short video on kea and the Trust • Access to members only pages on the website where you can download previous newsletters.keaconservation. Waitakere. Titirangi. updates and access discussion Your efforts are always appreciated! Best wishes to you all as always. Photo: Andrew Walmsley If you would like to become a KCT member for 2012 period (1 April 2012 – 31 March 2013). sightings and comments on kea. Auckland. RD 1 Governors our membership 2012 Membership Thank you to all those people who have renewed or joined us at the KCT for the first time. Tamsin Orr-Walker Chair. 0604 Ph 09 817 3002 or 0274 24 95 94 Email: info@keaconservation. Thank you again to all of you who continue to support us. Melanie Another curious kea at Arthur’s Pass! Photo: 83 Tanekaha Rd. should be contacted directly when making payments or sending in forms as follows: Melanie White Kea Conservation Trust – Membership 1 Bay Joining the Kea Conservation Trust will help us to: • Initiate important research projects to help kea • Develop education and advocacy material • Raise awareness of the issues impacting on the species • Mitigate these issues • Help with our running costs • Helps us gain additional funds to continue our work. Kea Conservation Trust www.