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Before filling the Online Application Form, keep the following mandatory details ready to fill in the appropriate fields: The Mandatory details are as follows: S.NO. DETAILS REQUIRED 1. AP Online / e-Seva / Citizen Services Center Transaction Id. (if payment is being made through AP Online / e-Seva / Citizen Services Center) Credit or Debit card details (If payment is being made through Credit/Debit card 2.  Qualifying Examination appeared or passed  Hall ticket Number of the Qualifying Examination Stream Applied for (E), (AM), or both (E&AM) Date of Birth Hall Ticket Number of SSC or Equivalent examination Certificate Local Status (OU/AU/SVU/ Non-local) Income of Parents (Income less than Rs. 2.0 lakhs or more than Rs. 2.0 lakhs) Category (SC, ST, BC etc.) Special Category (NCC, PH, Sports, CAP, etc.) DOCUMENT TO BE REFERRED Receipt form from AP Online / e-Seva / Citizen Services Center

Credit Card / Debit Card

Marks Memo / Hall Ticket Number of Intermediate (10+2) or equivalent

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 6. 7.

Eligibility Criteria in the EAMCET website Birth Certificate / SSC or Equivalent Certificate SSC or Equivalent Certificate The local candidate certificate issued by MRO or Competent Authority The Income certificate issued by MRO / Competent Authority The Caste Certificate issued by the MRO / Competent Authority The Certificate issued by Competent Authority

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press ENTER button and you will see the following screen displayed on the computer screen. © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. On your Internet Browser (preferably Internet Explorer version 6. 3 . All Rights Reserved.0 and above) type the website address www. 2.apeamcet. (a) Click on the “APPLY ONLINE” field as shown encircled

3. The following “Registration Fee Payment Procedure” Web Page screen: will appear on the 4. select the appropriate Registration Fee payment mode (AP Online / e-Seva / Citizen Service Centers or Debit / Credit card) (a) If the selected payment mode selected is AP Online / e-Seva / Citizen Service Centers follow the instructions given in the screenshot above of the “Registration Fee Payment Procedure” web page. All Rights Reserved. (b) Keep all the mandatory details ready required for filling in the Online Application form along with the Transaction Id. and click on the encircled “Click here if paid through AP Online / e-Seva” button below. 4 . © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. In the above page.

5 . © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. After clicking the above button. All Rights Reserved. Fill in all the details in the respective fields and Click on the encircled button “Proceed to Online Application form filling”.5. the following “Payment Verification” web page will appear.

6. All Rights Reserved. If the payment selected mode is Debit card / Credit card. refer the “Payment Verification” page with the details entered: After clicking the above button is clicked. follow the instructions given in the above screenshot of the Registration Fee Payment Procedure web page and Click on the encircled box below: © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. 6 . Ignore Step 6 as it belongs to Debit card / Credit card payment mode. it will proceed to the Step 7 where the Online Application Form will be displayed on the screen.For example.

select the card type (VISA or MasterCard or Maestro) mentioned on the card and click the encircled button Make Payment.) The following pages will be displayed during the Registration Fee Payment through Debit / Credit card and proceed to the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM. Once the payment is completed. Payment Through Credit Card / Debit Card page: After entering the correct and mandatory details in the given below in the page of Payment Through Credit card / Debit card page given below. the candidate will be automatically redirected to the page to complete the Online Application Form with the required details. DO NOT click on Back / Refresh buttons or DO NOT close the Browser page abruptly. Be ready with the Card related details (Card number. for payment purpose. Security Code / CVV number etc). Expiry date / From date. 7 . (NOTE: During the Payment process. All Rights Reserved.apeamcet. © Copyright EAMCET – 2012.If the selected payment mode is through the DEBIT / CREDIT CARD (PAYMENT GATE WAY) the control will be navigated to the PAYMENT GATEWAY.

All Rights Reserved. Enter the relevant details like Card Number. Expiry Date & Security Code and click the encircled button PAY NOW. 8 . it will proceed to the next page. Select the relevant card logo. © Copyright EAMCET – 2012.The control will take you to the BANK page (eg: AXIS BANK).

DO NOT click on Back / Refresh buttons or DO NOT close the Browser page abruptly. All Rights Reserved. instead maintain patience as prompted on the screen) © Copyright EAMCET – 2012.(NOTE: During the Payment process. 9 .

© Copyright EAMCET – 2012. 10 . All Rights Reserved.The confirmation of successful payment of Registration Fee is shown with the “Transaction is successful” item in the below page “Payment Status”. Click on the encircled button “Proceed to Online Application Form Filling” and you will be taken to the next page in Step 7.

Please note that in the Online Application form: (A Model of the Online Application Form is available for your reference on the EAMCET 2012 website ) NOTE:1) All fields with „*‟ symbol are MANDATORY fields. 11 . 2) As per details provided during the Registration Fee payment at AP Online / e-Seva / CSC centers or Debit Card / Credit Card.7. All Rights Reserved. © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. certain Items in the Online Application Form are FROZEN.

the Item is already FROZEN. For example. For example. (Regular). (Regular). Hall Ticket No. DO NOT forget to enter the Bridge Course Hall Ticket number in the Box provided (as shown below) as it is Mandatory.Qualifying Examination.P.(Vocational). if the examination is Intermediate A.P.P) who wish to apply for “Both” option. © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. 1: Stream field options available are FROZEN  Engineering (E)  Agriculture & Medical (AM)  Both (Engineering and Agriculture & Medical) (E & AM) NOTE: Students of Intermediate (A.P. and Year of Appearing/Passing are the same.:120121001 and Year of Appearing / Passing: 2012 during the Registration Fee Payment.P. (Vocational) (c) RGUKT (d) CBSE (e) ICSE (f) DIPLOMA (g) NOS (h) Others (a) In the item . 12 .P. All Rights Reserved. for which you have given the Hall Ticket No. Hall Ticket No.P. Students have to verify the Stream as this item gets FROZEN as per the information given during Registration Fee payment. 2: Qualifying Examination has the following options: (a) Intermediate A. should make sure that they are qualified for Engineering and Agriculture & Medical before selecting “ Both “ option. then radio button Intermediate A. it will appear as Agriculture & Medical (AM) as shown below: Item No. (Regular).Item No. it will appear FROZEN as shown below: (b) If the Qualifying Examination is Intermediate A. verify whether your Qualifying Examination. and Year of Appearing/Passing will get FROZEN as per the information given before. hence. if you have already given Intermediate A. (Regular) (b) Intermediate A. if you want to appear for Agriculture & Medical (AM) Test.

(Regular) / (Supplementary) – (other than 2010. NOS or Others have to click button “Select file” to upload the photograph file. 13 . (Regular) / Supplementary. photo and signature can be uploaded by clicking on the encircled buttons of “Select file” as shown below. is shown below: FROZEN as Students other than Intermediate A. Item No. Later.P. DIPLOMA. ICSE.jpg file format and the size should be less than 30 KB.If the Qualifying Examination is RGUKT.. For example. CBSE. 3: Photograph & Signature: If the student has appeared / passed Intermediate A. then Item Photograph & Signature are automatically populated from the already existing Intermediate database (Note: Only for 2010 2011 and 2012 appeared / passed) and hence. All Rights Reserved. NOS or Others the relevant radio button should to be selected and the Mandatory details like Hall Ticket No. The photograph file should be in the .jpg format and the size has to be less than 15 KB. ICSE. Year of Appearing / Passing of the Qualifying Exam should to be entered. DIPLOMA. © Copyright EAMCET – 2012.P. browse for the photo and signature files available on your computer system of prescribed file sizes respectively. To upload the Signature Press the button “Select file” and ensure that the Signature’s file format should be . 2011 & 2012 appeared / passed) like RGUKT. CBSE.

2011 and 2012 appeared / passed are available) and hence. for example the Date of Birth is 02-04-1994 and Regional Centre for appearing the test is Visakhapatnam. 4: Candidate Details: If the student’s Qualifying Examination is Intermediate A. © Copyright EAMCET – 2012.P. 14 . are FROZEN.P. All Rights Reserved. You are supposed to choose only the Date of Birth and Regional Centre for appearing the test from the drop down boxes provided. (Regular) / (Supplementary) or Intermediate A. Refer the page below.Photograph Signature Item No. (Vocational) then the Candidate‟s Name. Father‟s Name and Gender are automatically taken from the existing Intermediate database (Note: Only 2010.

All Rights Reserved. 15 . after filling all the details Item No.Finally. 4 is completed as follows: © Copyright EAMCET – 2012.

Gender is Male and Regional Center for appearing the test is KURNOOL. Candidate‟s Name is ANJANEYULU. * Choose the radio button Male or Female for Gender * Finally choose Regional Centre for appearing the test from drop down box provided. if you belong to OC (Open Category). (Regular) – (other than 2010. 6: Local Area Status: Select the Local Area you belong: * AU * OU * SVU * Non Local : : : : Andhra University Osmania University Sri Venkateswara University As per the Non Local conditions mentioned in the Instruction booklet 16 © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. Date of Birth is 01. ICSE.For students who have pursued Intermediate A. NOS or Others have to enter the correct data in the following fields: * Enter the Candidate‟s Name * Enter the Father‟s Name * Select the correct Date of Birth (as per your Board of Intermediate Education or equivalent records) from drop down boxes Date.P. . select the radio button as shown in the image. CBSE. Father‟s Name is HANUMANTHU. For example. 2011 & 2012 appeared / passed) or RGUKT. DIPLOMA. Item No. All Rights Reserved. For example. Item No. Month and Year respectively. 5: Category: Select the relevant Radio button corresponding to the Category that the candidate belongs to as per the Caste certificate.03-1987.

8: Non-Minority / Minority: Select the Non-Minority. select Muslim as shown below: Item No. select the corresponding radio button. 7: Seeking Admission under Special Category: If you belong to the Special Category mentioned in the categories given. Otherwise. For example.For example.Children of Armed Personnel * Sports * VH . please refer to the image shown below: Item No. then select the Minority radio button and using the drop down box. if you belong to Andhra University (AU).Physically Handicapped * CAP . your option is Muslim. * NCC * PH . if you belong to a Minority community.Visually Handicapped * HI .Hearing Impaired * OH . NCC. 17 .Orthopaedically Handicapped For example.9: Annual Income of the Parent: Select the option from the two options given regarding the “Annual Income of the Parent”. if you belong to the special category. select the relevant Minority community you belong to. © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. if you do not belong to the Minority community. All Rights Reserved. Item No.

a1: SSC or Equivalent (10th Class): For example. However. and the Year of Passing is 2010. 18 . and Year of Passing. if your Parental Income is “More than Two Lakhs”. select No as shown in figure below: Item No. For example.11: Place of Study: Two options Municipality / Corporation or Rural are given for both SSC or Equivalent (10th Class) and Intermediate or Equivalent (10+2) class and Place of Study. 2011 & 2012 appeared / passed) database as shown below. enter 87987987 for SSC or Equivalent (10th Class) Hall Ticket No. Select the option as per your Place of Study. candidates who have studied in URDU medium have to select the radio button Yes or No as per their choice as given below: For example. your option for SSC or Equivalent (10th Class) is Rural.P. refer the image shown below: Item No.10: URDU Translation required? (ONLY for URDU medium candidates): This item is FROZEN for NON-URDU students as per the Intermediate A. refer the image shown: © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. All Rights Reserved. (Regular) – (2010. refer to the image shown: a2: SSC or Equivalent (10th Class) Enter the SSC or Equivalent Hall Ticket No.For example. if you do not require the Urdu Translation.

Select the check box encircled against – “I accept the Terms & Conditions” if you are done with Online Application Form filling. Village / Street / Locality. Kishan Kumar. For example. if your option for Intermediate or Equivalent (10+2) is Municipality/ Corporation. Pin Code. 19 . © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. your address is House No. Pin Code: 530105. 8-3-214/2 Village / Street / Locality is Anakapalli road Mandal / Town / City is Sabbavaram . After furnishing ALL the required data and correct particulars. press the encircled Submit button to proceed to the next page. All Rights Reserved. State is Andhra Pradesh.12: Address for Correspondence: Provide the House No. Contact Telephone Number (Mobile): 9000000000. Telephone Number (Landline): 08924 100000 and Email is raju@gmail. State. Mandal / Town / City. District.. District is Visakhapatnam. Telephone Number (Landline) and Email. as given below: Item No. or C/o. / C/o. Then. verify thoroughly the details and go through the Declaration at the end of the page. Contact Telephone Number (Mobile). refer the image shown.b: Intermediate or Equivalent (10+2) For

7. All Rights Reserved. If all the details are furnished. © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. you have the option of Edit Application to go back. red flag alerts on each field will flash (as shown below). then the screen will change to the next page after the Submit button is pressed. The Candidate‟s details and a Registration Id. a Preview of the FILLED IN ONLINE APPLICATION form page will appear on the screen. 20 . which need to be properly completed. (which should be used for ALL future correspondence) will appear on the right side of the page. If you are satisfied. If you want to still make any changes to the Application form. then click Submit Application as shown below. After the Online Application Form is completed and submitted.In case you have not completed the application form.

21 . This page can be directly given for a print by clicking on the icon Print which is encircled as shown in the figure.You will view a FILLED IN ONLINE APPLICATION FORM page. © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Print Icon © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. All Rights Reserved. 22 .

he/she can visit www. and Qualifying Exam Hall Ticket No. Later. All Rights Reserved. In case the candidates feels that any mistakes have occurred accidentally while filling the Application form.ADDITIONAL FACILITIES: 1. click Login button (home page) and click on encircled item Print Your Filled In Application Form as below: The candidate has to enter Registration (home page) and click on encircled item Request for Corrections to Online Application Form as below: © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. he/she can visit www. if the candidate wishes to take the print of the same page again. 2.apeamcet. 23 .apeamcet.

© Copyright EAMCET – 2012. 24 .The following “Application Related Complaint” page will appear and necessary details have to be entered and click on the Submit button as given below. All Rights Reserved. EAMCET-2012 office will initiate necessary action in the due course.

In the home page www. © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. which can be availed by the candidates if necessary as shown below: A candidate wishes to bring to the notice of EAMCET-2012 office any general issues or any feedback or any related matter.3. click the Submit button. All Rights Reserved. he/she can use the facility “Submit Complaint” which is available in the “Help desk” of the Home Page as shown there is a Help desk facility.apeamcet. A Complaint Id. After entering the required details. is generated which should be preserved for future reference. 25 .

The following page will appear after the Complaint Id. 26 .The status of the complaint can be checked by clicking the field “Check Complaint Status” as given in “Help desk”. ***** © Copyright EAMCET – 2012. All Rights Reserved. and Qualifying Exam Hall Ticket No. are entered in the relevant fields.