BY Mr. Ravani Hitesh Mr. Kishori Vinod Mr. Vaghela Bhupendra


UNDER GUIDENCE OF Prof. Mrs Anjali Jivani FOR ACADEMIC YEAR 2008 ± 2009


fax numbers. email id.INTRODUCTION This section introduces the title Telecom Directory. In this software we have next and previous features through which we can move to the next records and previous records. The project covers all the activities performed in the Telecom Directory. 2 .During the work if one need to work with utility of the system then that person can do it by simply clicking the utility button in the software so that he can work with utility faster. contains various fields which stores the record of all the names. Telecom Directory. We can add many records as well as delete records in the directory. As the title suggest this software covers the whole of management for the Telecom Directory. phone number. We can go to the first and last record from our current record.

first of all I analyze the requirements. The salient features of RDBMS are stated as below:  It provides a strong security for the data  It supports to SQL(4GL)  It requires less Hardware configuration  It can work on any version of Windows  It allows to create database and table for storing the data permanently  It does not provide any syntax for manipulating the table. Creating. deleting and viewing the structure of table is very easy and simple  It is compatible to any other Windows base packages.0. 3 . Hence it also offers low restriction and more flexibility in working with other software. as stated below- WHY RDBMS? Access is a computable with lot of software. I select the combination of MS-ACCESS and VISUAL BASIC. It can be run as backend software. for VISUAL BASIC 6. I prefer to MS-ACCESS as Back End and VISUAL BASIC as Front End. It can run as backend to itself it can also run with oracle and developer. considering all these aspects. When management tells to develop the computerized system. because of their salient features.SOFTWARE SELECTION Software selection is the very ambiguous criteria. finds that which software¶s already this enterprise have. Updating. which software is most suitable and which software I can implement very perfectly and efficiently.

 VB provides Text Box control for reading data from user.  VB follows features of Object Oriented Programming..EXE file.  VB provides Flex grid control for tabular representation.  VB allows generating .  VB runs on any version of Windows platform.  VB allows for text formatting.  VB provides Image control for including Image.  VB allows adding any Microsoft control.  VB provides Command Button control for anyone option selection.  VB supports to Data Report.  VB allows designing Master and Master/Detail forms. DAO data controls for retrieving the data from any back end.  VB software looks very attractive. so easy to interact with the back ends MSAccess and can interact with other Microsoft products.  VB provides frame control for Windowing purpose.  VB provides total programming environment for software development.  VB provides Shape control for selecting different shapes.  VB provides List Box and Combo Box controls for a selection from list of options.  VB provides ADO. Flex Grid. and Crystal Report for interactive Report generation.Why VISUAL BASIC:We choose Front End as VISUAL BASIC because of following salient features:  VB is product of Microsoft. 4 .  VB supports for GUI FEATURE.  VB provides Check Box control for multiple operation selection.  VB provides an Array facility for auto variable creation.  VB provides Data control for connecting to MS-ACCESS directly. RDO.  VB is very popular in died of software development.  VB allows for color formatting..

Those are. Data Flow 4. 1. External Entity 5 . DFD use a no of symbols to represent systems. from within the system. Most data flow modeling methods use four kinds of symbol. Processes 2. processing functions that change the data in some manner and the storage of this data. DFD are nothing but more than network of a related system functions (processing of data) that indicate from where information (data) is received (inputs) and where it is sent (outputs).It is also called as bubble chart.DATA FLOW DIAGRAM (DFD) DFD is graphic representation of system that shows data flow to. Data Store 3.

E-R Diagram of Nagar-Soft:- E-R diagram of Nagar-Soft fig.2 shows E-R(Entity Relationship) of Nagar-Soft. Which represents all the departments. calculation process and the direction of data flow? It 6 . 5.

show how the actual process takes place? How the data is stored in the database? And what is the relation between different departments. Dia. and all other detailed information files? 7 . 5.3 shows context level (DFD) data flow diagram of Nagar-Soft. Which includes the database. departments. 5.3 CONTEXT LEVEL DATA FLOW DIAGRAM Fig.

4 1st Level Data Flow Diagram :- Fig.4 shows the 1st level (DFD) data flow diagram.5. It also specifies how the records are accessed through the database. It specifies how the employee records are gets added in the database.Fig. 8 . 5.

9 . Following are the features and plus point of software.CONCLUSION As we discussed all the important details from the point of view implementation and design details such that some advantages and limitations of ³TelecomDirectory´. At the end we conclude that ³TelecomDirectory´ can be definitely being proved.  ³TelecomDirectory´ software has wide extensible and flexibility.  A searching facility is added in this project which will helpful for the user to search the records.  We can easily maintain records of customer information. Phone numbers. Fax number and eEmail id. user information and other data.  No need to remember Name.  The user can set and change password to maintain security. as GUI (Graphical User Interface).  After getting password or changing then that particular user is responsible for the security of this software. which proves importance of ³TelecomeDirectory´: It is provides ease interface.  Faster response implies reduction in time.  Information can be updated automatically.