Suggestion Scheme titled ³JO SOCHE introduced with the following objectives 1



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MAIN OBJECTIVES OF THE SCHEME ARE i) To provide an opportunity to the employees to communicate their valuable ideas, creative thoughts, develop their talents and achieve cost reduction and increased productivity. To share benefits resulting from adoption of such suggestions. To promote employees motivation, boost their morale and give personal recognition. To imbibe a spirit of co-operation and teamwork amongst employees at all levels.

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SCOPE OF THE SCHEME The scheme invites all types of suggestions/ideas, which will benefit the organization and its employees. To Employees i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) Make the job/working easier Decrease fatigue Remove unnecessary operations Use simpler methods Motivate workmen and given them a feeling, they have been given a fair chance to express their thoughts. Improve better and safe working conditions / environment Stimulate interest in their job In the event of implementation, create self actualization in the minds of employees because "It is Their Idea"

To Organization i) ii) iii) iv) v) Improving methods and procedures by making them more attractive, easier, more interesting or less time consuming. Making the working conditions safer Saving the organisation in terms of money, human effort, time, energy and materials. Improve productivity and/or quality of product Improve operating efficiency and productivity

Dani Member Member Member Member Co-ordinator ii) The suggestion duly processed/screened would be forwarded to Apex Committee comprising of Sr. iii) The ESSC co-ordinator will arrange to open the suggestion boxes on every Monday and send the suggestion to the concerned dept. he will not take more than a week time to return to the ESSC co-ordinator with his comments as to whether suggestion is worth implementing. Khira Shri P. . The head of the deptt. the Employees Suggestion Scheme Committee (ESSC) coordinator will send an acknowledgement to the concerned employee within three days and also intimate him registration number for his future reference on mail. however. VPs and headed by President for final approval. Office or through E-mail at jswp@shreecementltd. Kabra Shri S.L. M. temporary and trainees (excluding vocational trainees and apprentices engaged under the Apprentice Act) 4) PROCEDURE i) Suggestions to be made by an employee should be neatly written (in English or Hindi) given in the prescribed format and put it in suggestion box kept at Factory premises and Mines Admn. The Necessary format is available at Time Office and Mines Office.reduce complaints and improve better industrial vii) To boost up employees morale . N. spares. return the same at the earliest possible. energy consumption. The suggestion would be processed/screened by the ESSC. C. which would comprise of the following members. On receipt of the suggestion from an . depreciation salvaging. wastage etc. keeping in view the following factors:a) b) that it is practicable that it is likely to result in cost reduction and/or increased productivity (qualitatively/ quantitatively) and/or is in the interest of the organisation. Shri H.C. Reduce cost on storage. Nandwana Shri R. 3) ELIGIBILITY All employees including permanent. probationers. fuel. inventory control. Head on the same day to examine the feasibility for implementation. Jhawar Shri G. will after examination.

If accepted. savings envisaged visà-vis savings actually /would be achieved. Suggestions would be processed /examined with the Suggestion Number without disclosing the suggestor's name. which have been accepted shall be displayed on all Notice Boards. v) Suggestions.. All decisions of the ESSC shall be final and binding on the individual/group of employees concerned. the committee would forward it with recommendations to the Apex Committee for final approval. . HOD can seek further time of seven days maximum for evaluation of the suggestion. The committee in its meeting shall decide whether the suggestion is acceptable. Such records would be made available to the Apex Committee as and when required. The HOD would keep the ESSC updated about the status of implementation of the suggestions. for implementation. iv) After receiving the comments from the concerned dept. The accepted suggestions would be sent to the concerned deptt. progress in implementing. Co-ordinator would keep record of all accepted suggestions in a register or computer. the suggestions received will be placed before the ESSC which will meet on 5th and 20th of every month to review/consider all suggestions. If required. vi) vii) viii) 5) TERMS AND CONDITIONS i) ii) Suggestion will be accepted from the individuals or a group of employees.c) d) that it is ultimately going to result in savings to the company. that it would reduce pollution and improve better environment/ safety. Intimation with reasons would also be given by Co-ordinator to the suggestor in case of non-acceptance of suggestion. present status.

for suggestion.iii) If two or more employees/group of employees submit substantially the same suggestion separately at the same time and suggestion is adopted.000/. b) Rs. 50000/. 10 lacs p.000/.for suggestion. 10. safety etc. the ESSC will recommend to Apex Committee for award as below: a) Rs. 5.000/. a single award shall be made for the suggestion and the award shall be distributed suggestion-wise on equal shares. implementation of which results into improvement in environment. 10 lacs p. committee can still recommend for award under this category. implementation of which results into productivity / quality and reducing the cost of production and recurring monetary gain above Rs. VPs would finally decide on the recommendations given by the ESSC for awards and would be binding. better upkeep and/or monetary gains.a. 2. iv) v) vi) vii) Awards will be given on the first day of every month at Safety Circle. implementation of which results into improvement in environment. better upkeep and monetary gain Rs. Suggestions which are acceptable as worth implementing on prima facie evaluation.for suggestion. If the suggestion is good and saving is not measurable. safety etc. No employee shall claim monetary reward/benefit as a matter of right. 20. Appreciation Certificates shall be given on 26th January and/or 15th August every year.for suggestion. c) Rs. viii) ix) .a. implementation of which results into productivity / quality and reducing the cost of production and recurring monetary gain upto Rs. All awards are subjects to Income Tax deduction applicable under the Income Tax Act. minimum.p.a. The President assisted by Apex Committee of Sr. d) Rs.000/.

. The suggestion submitted under this scheme will become the property of the company. The company reserves the right to discontinue the scheme at any time. ii) iii) 7) SUGGESTION AREA WITHIN THE SCOPE OF THE SCHEME Suggestions covering any area/aspects. the suggestion committee shall be the competent authority for recommendation of amount of award. Suggestions already under consideration by the company or previously suggested by other employees.6) GENERAL i) In all cases regarding acceptance/rejection of the suggestion as well as in the matter of amount of award. or amend the terms and conditions of the same. which is advantageous to the employee and the organisation would be eligible for consideration excluding the following i) ii) Personal grievances and benefits.