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BalikpapaN EnErgy ExpO (BEx) 2012

FEatuRiNg 2 iNDuStRy SpEciFic EVENtS:

supportEd By:
indonEsian ministry of EnErgy & minEral rEsourcEs

7 - 9 NOVEMBER 2011
BalikpapaN iNtERNatiONal SpORtS & cONVENtiON cENtRE (DOME) Balikpapan, East kalimantan, indonEsia “IndonesIa’s InternatIonal oIl & Gas and MInInG event at the heart of the Industry!”
organizEd By:

Balikpapan provincial govErnmEnt

ministry of industry rEpuBlic of indonEsia

indonEsia industrial automation cluB (iiac)

official dirEctory:

official magazinE:

pt firEworks indonEsia part of thE firEworks tradE mEdia group

aBOut thE EVENt

BalikpapaN ENERgy ExpO (BEx) 2012 is a unique international Oil & Gas and Mining technology event in Balikpapan, Indonesia, that brings together an international congregation of both upstream and downstream companies and also its supporting industries gathered in Balikpapan, the heart of Indonesia’s largest Oil & Gas and Mining industry, to showcase the latest products and technologies!

aBOut thE ORgaNiZER
pt FiREwORkS iNDONESia is part of the Fireworks Trade Media Group, a large conglomerate of media companies which owns businesses ranging from directories and magazines to exhibitions and conferences. With more than eight years of rich media experience under their belt, FireWorks seeks to deliver exciting trade exhibitions with its strong industrial networks and contacts. FireWorks Exhibitions & Conferences is known for its trademark Oil & Gas events such as Oil and Gas Thailand (OGET) 2011, Asean Oil & Gas Expo (AGEX) and Indonesia Oil & Gas Expo (IGEX) in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. With a rich think-tank of ideas and a young innovative team led by an experienced veteran, FireWorks is set to light up the dull local industrial exhibitions scene with its fiery display of loud ideas at shows! Visit us at for more information.

FEatuRiNg 2 iNDuStRy SpEciFic EVENtS at ONE VENuE

Oil and Gas related equipment, technology, supplies and services

Mining related equipment, technology, supplies, and services

ExhiBitOR pROFilES
Airlift, Helidecks and Logistics Air Dispersion Air Pollution Monitoring Equipment Air Quality Management Alternative Energy Biofuel Biological Treatment Biotechnology Application Bulk and Materials Handling Systems Cables, Umbilicals and Accessories Chemicals, Fluids and Lubricants Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Works Contractors Cleaning Equipment, Service, Materials & Technology Collection Communications Computer Hardware and Software Controls, Consoles and Panels Corrosion , Cathilic Protection , Coatings and Insulations Dredging, Piling and Trenching Drilling and Well Completion Equipment Electrical Supplies and Equipment Electrical Saving Devices, Electronics Ballasts, Motor Controllers & Capacitor Banks Emergency Control and Shutdown System Energy Energy Consultation Energy Saving Equipment Environmental IT Systems Environmental and Oil Sipil Response Equipment Environmental Technology Febrication, Manufacturing and Repair Yards Fire Protection System and Materials Flare Systems and Equipment FPSO Vessels and Equipment Hydraulics and Electormechanical Equipment Hydrographic , Meteorological, Seismic, DP and Survey Incinerators Industrial & Process Automation Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Instrumentation Landfill Management Lifting Equipment, Cranes & Winches Lighting Linings, Seals & Gaskets LNG Terminals Marine Equipment, Supplies & Service Mining Equipment , Supplies & Service Mooring, Chains, Ropes and Anchors Odour Control Systems Oil & Gas Supporting Companies Offshore Equipment, Supplies & Service Pipeline Inspection and Maintenance Pipeline and Piping Components Pollution Control Power Generation and Propulsion Machinery Processing, Separation, Filtration and Water Treatment Professional Services, Training and Classification Project Management, Consultancy, R & D Pumps and Compressors Reservoir and Production Monitoring Resource Recovery and Recycling Rock Dumping Rovs, Diving and Cameras Safety & Security Shipbuilding & Repairs Sludge Treatment Solar Power Steel, Special Metals, Composites and Welding Alloys Subsea, Production and Well Equipment Survival, Safety and Protection Transportation & Waste Valves and Actuators Waste Management Waste Transportation Equipment & Supplies Waste-to-Energy Well Servicing Equipment

FiREwORkS ExhiBitiONS aND cONFERENcES which have organized successful international Oil & Gas events in the region such as Oil & Gas Thailand 2011, ASEAN Oil & Gas Expo (AGEX) 2010, Malaysia, Indonesia Oil & Gas Expo (IGEX) 2010, Jakarta and Riau Oil & Gas Expo 2011 is the organizer of this premier Oil & Gas And Mining technology event in Balikpapan!

highlightS OF BalikpapaN ENERgy ExpO (BEx) 2012

paSt EVENt tRack REcORD Generated more than 5000 quality visitors per event in its past oil and gas events in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia! Averaged more than USD 200 Million worth of transactions during all the three day events! International visitors from Malaysia, China, India, Middle East, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, UK, US, Germany, France, Italy and many others! International exhibitors with big names in the industry including: Rockwell Automation, Vega instruments, Brady Instruments, IRPC, Ruwac, Alstom, ABB, Siemens and many others have took part in a Fireworks energy event!

oil & gas and mining nEtworking nitE oil & gas and mining tEchnology sEminars

why JOiN BalikpapaN ENERgy ExpO (BEx) 2012?
pENEtRatE iNtO iNDONESia’S kEy Oil & gaS aND MiNiNg tOwN Balikpapan is highly acclaimed as the “Oil and Gas Town” or “Mining Town” of Indonesia. The supporting industries and technologies to facilitate the intense mining and oil & gas activities of this town is crucial. Its current status as an “Oil Town” also opened up opportunities in the offshore industry due to major oil fields located in offshore Tunu, Tambora, and Handil owned by Total. Pertamina also occupies almost 40% of Balikpapan. BalikpapaN cOal tERMiNal One of the largest coal terminals serving the various coal concessions in the Kalimantan area also provides ample opportunities for the maritime technology companies who can support the huge fleets of chartered vessels and infrastructure at this busy terminal. ONE OF thE tOp 3 citiES iN iNDONESia Highly acclaimed as one of the top 3 cities with potential for growth alongside Jakarta and Surabaya, enjoy a first mover advantage by moving in as the pioneers in the industry. FiREwORkS’ SuccESSFul Oil & gaS EVENtS pROVEN tRack REcORD ASEAN Oil & Gas Expo (AGEX), Indonesia Oil & Gas Expo (IGEX), Oil and Gas Thailand 2011 (OGET) are successful events and renowned in the regional oil & gas industry. All events drawing more than 4000 visitors per event, comprising of key decision makers from the oil and gas industry from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, UK, US and Germany. All events were totally sold out occupying more than 4000 sqm of space with more than 100 exhibitors from 10 different countries. The Fireworks series of regional Oil & Gas events is hailed by the industry as one of the leading targeted Oil & Gas exhibitions in the region.

Approval, Testing & Inspection Services Building & Construction Autohorities Chemicals and Petrochemical Processing Professionals Distributor / Manufacturers Representative Drilling Education & Training Electrical/Electronics Manufacturers Engineering, Construction & Contracting Services Environmental Control Services Estate & Facilities Managers Geological & Seismic Service Geological & Seismic Service Mining Managers Government Ministries, Municipalities , Environmental Authorities LNG/ Pertrochemical Plant Oil & Gas Exploration Oil & Gas Processing / Refinery Pipeline Operation Process Engineering Project Consultancy Repair Services Rig Febricator & Operator Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Transportation, Storage & Handling Management Consultants Health & Safety Authorities & Enforcement Agencies Industrial Contractors Oil & Gas Facilities Managers & Related Professionals Pulp & Paper Manufacturers Rubber & Plastics Products Manufacturers Transportation , Storage and Handling Professionals Waste & Management Control Authorities Waste & Management and Recycling Professionals Waste Processing Industry Professionals Mining Facilities Managers and Related Professionals


BalikpapaN iNtERNatiONal SpORtS & cONVENtiON cENtRE (DOME)
The new state-of-the-art, Dome is the ideal place for holding conventions and exhibitions. The ample parking lots provided allow for more visitors and is proven to be a be a better venue than others. Situated near the heart of town, Dome stands out as one of the most unique exhibition venues in Balikpapan.

cOStS OF ExhiBitiNg
Raw SpacE ONly (iNDOORS) Min 18sqm USD 330 per sqm ShEll SchEME (iNDOORS) Min 9sqm USD 350 per sqm Raw SpacE ONly (OutDOORS) Min 72sqm USD 90 per sqm ShEll SchEME packagE iNcluDES: • 1 x 230V - Power Point • Needle Punch Carpet Flooring • White Laminated Plywood Panel • 2 x Fluorescent Tube • 2 x Upright Chair • 1 x Information Counter • Fascia Board With Company Name

We are keen to: Exhibit Indoor Raw Area _____________ sqm (Min. 18sqm) Exhibit Indoor Shell Scheme Area _____________ sqm (Min. 9sqm) Exhibit Outdoor Area _____________ sqm (Min. 72sqm) Visit The Show. Please register me early. For provisional bookings please email this form to: Name Designation / title Company Country Address Tel Email Fax Mobile Province

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