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Laboratory work (Traveling) READING

Pre-intermediate level

Part 1 Read the text and decide whether the following sentences are true (T) or false (F). 1 Traffic jams in Caracas are not as bad as in other parts of the world. 2 There is no simple solution to the problem. 3 Taxi drivers are earning more money now. 4 There is a new bridge linking Caracas with the airport. 5 The mayor of London will try to help solve the traffic problems in Caracas.

Car boom leaves Caracas in one big jam
The capital city of Venezuela, Caracas, has some of the worst traffic jams in the world. The situation is so bad that psychiatrists are now giving advice to drivers about what to do when they are in a traffic jam. The advice includes the following: eat a snack, read a book, do a crossword, listen to music but don’t hit or shoot other people! More and more people own a car in Caracas. Because of this the motorways are blocked and the side-streets are full of cars from early morning until late at night. Sometimes whole districts of the city are completely blocked by cars. Doctors say the situation is making drivers very stressed and that this stress is causing both physical and mental damage. The traffic problems also cause fights between drivers and sometimes people shoot each other. Some people try to avoid the traffic jams by leaving home at 5 a.m. but this often means that they don’t get enough sleep and cannot work properly as a result. They also become badtempered because they are tired all the time and this may have a negative effect on their sex lives. Many people are feeling more and more worried and nervous, Robert Lespinasse, the former head of the Venezuelan Society of Psychiatry, told the daily newspaper Ultimas Noticias. Armed gangs also attack and rob drivers in traffic jams and this makes the situation worse because people are afraid all the time. There is no easy solution to the problem. Doctors have advised people who are sitting in traffic jams to have a drink or something to eat and occupy their minds with music, a book, newspaper or crossword. Venezuela has a lot of oil and many people have become rich as a result. Car sales have increased rapidly. Two years ago 150,000 cars were sold. Last year 300,000 were sold. But there are no new roads for the extra traffic so everything travels on old streets full of holes. The government has a lot of money from the sale of oil. It has started a programme of building bridges and metro lines before the presidential election next month. But many of these bridges and metro lines are still not finished. One of them is a bridge that will connect the centre of Caracas to the airport. This means that drivers have to use an old road. It is only 16 miles from the city to the airport but the journey can take five hours. Everyone agrees that the traffic jams are getting worse every month. Taxi drivers say they are losing money because they can only make three journeys a day instead of the five journeys they used to make. “It’s impossible. If someone asks to go into especially heavy traffic I say no because I will lose half a day,” said Fredy Afanador, a local taxi driver.

The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, has criticised former transport ministers but says the present minister is doing a good job. He is also looking to other countries for help. One idea is to work with the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone. In London, drivers have to pay to enter the centre of the city. This means there is now less traffic. Mr Livingstone will give advice to President Chávez and, in return, Venezuela will sell fuel to London at a cheaper price. Perhaps this idea will help to solve the problem of traffic jams in Caracas. Part 2 The people below all want to go on a short trip. There are descriptions of eight trips which a ferry company is offering. Decide which place (letter A-H) would be the most suitable for each person or group of people (numbers 1-5). 6 Ray and three of his friends would like to spend a whole weekend driving around in nice scenery and enjoying some of the local food. 7 Phil and Adam want to go on a comfortable trip which takes them quickly to an interesting city. Then they want to enjoy at least two days of sightseeing. 8 Mike, Kathy and their three children don’t have much money, but they want a special day out this Saturday. They must be back home by 9 p.m. 9 Kirsten is a Dutch student who is studying in Scotland. She doesn’t drive, but wants a day trip to see some beautiful scenery and spend a little time by the sea. 10 Clare and Robert want to enjoy some good food, but would also like to give their two children a day to remember. They don’t mind if spend a lot of money. A Marine Life, France The chance to experience the oceans of the world. Children will love the observatory, with water all around them and enormous fish swimming above their heads! Afterwards you eat at a worldfamous local restaurant before boarding the ferry at 9 p.m. Not cheap, but great day out. B Amsterdamer Sail out in the evening and enjoy over 12 hours in the Netherlands, returning the following night. After a good Dutch breakfast you travel by train direct to the heart of the wonderful city of Amsterdam. The sightseeing and places to shop will make this a day to remember. Weekends only. C Ireland by Car Once you arrive in Ireland you’re quickly on beautiful country roads, with friendly villages where you can stop for a delicious bite to eat. The special price allows you to take your car and up to five people away for 48 hours, and two nights’ hotel accommodation can be arranged for a little extra. D French Hypermarket Day Trip Whether you want to buy or just look, you’ll love this tour. The enormous Darney shopping centre is a shopper’s dream! You will find a great number of local goods on sale, excellent value. Free children’s entertainment all day. Leaves 10:00, back at 19:00. E Shop Till You Drop

For good value shopping, take our newest cruise-ferry and you needn’t even get off! Leaving at 11 a.m., our duty-free shopping-centre, more a floating department store than an on-board ship, opens at midday. We’re back by 4 p.m. sorry, only four people per ticket. F Belgium by Hydrofoil A four-day trip. From England you cross to Belgium in just 100 minutes by hydrofoil! You are served food and drinks during the crossing, then continue your journey to Brussels, or another beautiful city, on the fast Belgian railway network. G A Taste of Good Life in France After a relaxing voyage, you visit a beautiful area which is famous for its good things to eat. There you can enjoy some sightseeing and choose from a number of wonderful restaurants. Sail back on the night crossing. Sorry, adults only. H Sea and Mountains in Northern Ireland Explore the Northern Ireland countryside, including the amazing Mountains of Mourne and the small seaside holiday town of Newcastle. The ferry leaves the port in Scotland at 7:30 and arrives back at 22:20. Transport in Northern Ireland is by air-conditioned coach. WORD FORMATION Finding a top class hotel is not difficult. One of the Best is the Manchester Hotel, a meeting point for celebrities and business people. It is generally known not only for its (1) _____ furnishings, but also for its superb (2) _____. Being a top-class hotel, of course it is fairy (3) _____, but since the hotel offers so many (4) _____ it easy to understand why. At certain times of the year it’s difficult to get a (5) _____. Taking into consideration beautiful view, you could not possibly wish for more. It is situated across the road from Hyde Park and near Buckingham Palace in central London – ideal for those who can afford it!

(1) (2) (3) (4)



Key word transformation
Complete the following sentences using the words in bold. Use two to five words. 1 It’s necessary to get a visa, if you travel to India. need had seeing _________________a visa, if you travel to India. We could travel by plane _________________ more money. I can’t come with you this afternoon because _________________my doctor. 2 We couldn’t travel by plane as we hadn’t enough money. 3 I can’t come with you this afternoon because I have an appointment with my doctor. 4 He is planning to buy a new car after his graduation.

will going

I’m sure he _________________ after his graduation. _________________ through a travel agency this time.

5 I want to travel through a travel agency this time.