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Fast Track to Linux
Business Challenges
It is common knowledge that RISC-based UNIX environments are based on proprietary technology and can be prohibitively expensive to deploy and maintain and can limit overall flexibility. Proving the viability and benefits of a UNIX alternative before implementing can also be a challenge. As part of the One Source Alliance, Dell Professional Services has partnered with Linux developers to include Fast Track to Linux migration service offerings. These offerings provide a method for evaluating the benefits of implementing an enterprise Linux server within your environment. Through a “pilot program,” you can evaluate and validate Linux performance and savings data.

Key Benefits
Fast Track to Linux The “pilot program,” an integral part of Fast Track to Linux, provides specific performance and cost savings estimates for migrating to the Linux advanced server on Dell commodity hardware. You also receive a high-level plan with associated potential risks to help guide your Linux migration. Benefits − Speeds up implementation: To ensure the most efficient migration, a Dell Professional Service consultant oversees every aspect of the migration from planning through design, implementation, testing, and delivery. − Provides range of options: Depending on your needs, Linux can be deployed for web applications, Java, C/C++ and Oracle. − Minimizes expenses: Open-standard operating systems and servers can meet your performance objectives while lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO). − Provides best practices: Dell’s alliance with Linux developers provides in-depth knowledge, insight into emerging Linux servers and operating systems and best practices for deploying often complex technologies.

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dell. All rights reserved. Fast Track to Linux. – Revised TCO analysis: Utilizes migration results and knowledge learned during the pilot evaluation period. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in trademarks and trade names other than its own. – Performance profile and benchmarking: Determines performance characteristics and the relative capability of the pilot environment versus the legacy UNIX environment. Service specifications are valid in the US only and subject to change without notification For details on all programs contact Dell Services. © Copyright 2004 Dell Inc. Dell cannot be responsible for errors in typography and graphics. The high-level deliverables of a Fast Track to Linux migration project includes: – Base-line TCO Analysis: A TCO analysis of potential savings from migrating to a Linux server – The creation of a pilot environment: A systems engineer will deploy an instance of one of your applications on a Linux server. including high-level risk identification. Options to Meet Your needs Linux migration services are available in the following variants: – Fast Track to Linux (Web Applications): For testing web applications on an enterprise Linux server – Fast Track to Linux (Java): Your custom Java application on an enterprise Linux server – Fast Track to Linux (C/C++): Your custom C/C++ application on an enterprise Linux server – Fast Track to Linux (Oracle): Oracle and one related application on an enterprise Linux server Deliverables: Fast Track to Linux Four-weeks in length. Fast Track to Linux determines the feasibility and potential benefits associated with a migration from UNIX to an enterprise Linux server. Dell and the Dell logo are trademarks of Dell Inc. Dell makes it easy to obtain the service you need by providing a single point of accountability. . – High-level migration project plan: The project plan will include recommendations of where to start the migration in your enterprise.Dell Professional Service Dell’s Differentiating Factor Dell Professional Services combines affordability with an in-depth understanding and expertise in implementing standards-based for more information. Easy as Visit www. Complementing these strengths. Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Service specifications are valid in the US only and subject to change without notice.