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CHUKA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE JOURNALISM CLUB PREAMBLE We members of Chuka University College journalism club realize the need to share ideas between us. We come together with the intent to help each other grow socially and academically. We hope to influence the Chuka University College community positively. Driven by the need to know and make a positive impact we will work to achieve our set goals. It is therefore with this intentions we establish this constitution to govern the matters within our club.

ARTICLE I: NAME The name of the club shall be chuka university college journalism club herein referred to as “THE CLUB” ARTICLE II: AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

To inform, educate and entertain chuka university community through informative and constructive activities.

2. To provide a platform for sharing ideas to improve journalistic skills

To promote cohesion and integration among the chuka community

4. Promote journalism ethics 5. Encourage and nurture talent among Chuka University College

Liaise with similar clubs in order to share ideas

ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP a) FULL MEMBERSHIP It shall be opened to student duly admitted to chuka university college who are: i) Communication and media students ii) Other students who are willing to participate in all club activities b) ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP Shall be open to:

i) Past (full) members of the club Ii) Willing members of the staff of the university college and other universities iii) Those that don’t belong to (I) and (ii) but who constantly and willingly identify to the club Provided that members where full or associate, shall be members.

C) REGISTRATION Full members shall be registered upon payment of fifty shillings at any time in the course of the academic year in the university preferably within the first two weeks of their entry in the university. Associate members shall register free at any time of the academic year.


Any member shall have the right to participate in all the functions of the club to the extent allowed in the constitution. All the members have the obligation to abide to the letter and spirit of the constitution and act ethically and professionally. Members should employ objectivity and professionalism when performing club activities.

ii. iii.

E) TERMINATION A member shall cease to be a member of the group on the happening of one or more of the events

i. ii. iii.

Failure to uphold the obligations of the membership as stipulated in above in which event such a member will be deregistered In the case of full members, in the completion of the course or termination of studies in the university Death



Resignation for other reasons

In the event of registration or removal of membership or readmission in to the membership, the executive committee of the club upon hearing of the concerned members reasons shall make appropriate recommendation to the members of the club at a general meeting who shall make a decision by vote provided that such a decision shall require two thirds of the majority of the club.

ARTICLE IV: OFFICERS OF THE CLUB A) Officers i) The following shall be the officers of the club 1. The chairperson 2. Vice chairperson 3. Secretary(organizing) 4. Assistant secretary 5. Treasurer 6. Assistant treasurer 7. Librarian 8. Assistant librarian 9. Year representative 10.Patron ii) The executive committee of the club shall constituted of the chairperson, vice chairperson, organizing secretary, treasurer, librarian iii)the officers shall hold office for a period not exceeding one(1) academic year and in any event till new officers take office. iv)in the event of any office, falling to vacant for whatever reasons, the chairperson shall appoint one of the officers to act until the executive committee

elects an officer to fill that vacancy, provided that the duration of acting shall not exceed thirty(30) days v) All the officers of the club should be full members of the chuka university club journalism club vi) Any officer who ceases to be a member of the club shall automatically cease to be an officer of the club vii) The deliberations and voting of the executive committee and general meeting of the club, the chairperson shall have a casting vote in case of a tie. B) DUTIES AND FUNCTIONS OF THE OFFICERS 1. Chaiperson The chairperson shall: i.

Be the executive head of The Club and The executive committee, and the official student representative of The Club. Be the overall coordinator of the programmes, operations and activities of The Club, and report to the patron. Chair all the meetings of the executive committee and The Club unless prevented by illness or other satisfactory cause. Have powers to delegate duties to any member or officer of The Club in consultation with the executive committee of The Club.


2. Vice chairperson Shall: i) Deputize for, and assist the chairperson in all matters pertaining The Club. 3. Organising secretary The organizing secretary shall: i. ii. Handle all matters pertaining to The Club. Serve as the secretary of the executive committee and the meetings of The Club, and to those end, draft and circulate the agenda, prepare minutes and keep records and documents of The Club.


Keep an updated membership list of The Club, the registration details of the members. Arrange for, secure and confirm venues for regular and special meeting of The Club and executive committee.


4. Assistant Secretary. Shall: i) deputize for and assist the secretary general (organizing) in the performance of duties of the secretary (organizing)

5. Treasurer Treasurer shall: i) Be the custodian of the funds and the financial records of the club.

Receive and disburse the funds of The Club, subject to the approval and direction of the executive committee. Prepare and present financial report, indicating the financial status of The Club, to The Club, at the end of each academic year.


6. Assistant treasurer Shall: deputize for and assist the treasurer in performance of the duties and functions of the Treasurer. 7. Librarian Shall: i. Be the custodian of all media, written resources of the Club and shall maintain up to date records of all Media resources. 8. Assistant Librarian Shall: deputize for and assist the Librarian in the performance and duties of the Librarian. 9. Patron Shall:

i) Be a member of the academic or the administrative staff of the university college.

Be the formal link between the university college authority and the Club; endeavor to provide academic guidance and counsel to members of the Club.

10. Year Representatives Shall: i) ii) iii) Keep the records of the respective year groups. Aid in collecting and submitting contributions. Coordinate other year group activities as deemed necessary.

Provided that The Club, if need arises and so far as the vision of this constitution permit, create and designate such other officers as are not appearing in this article or reduce such officers as are listed herein above, to meet any peculiarities of circumstances that may warranty such an adjustment. ARTICLE V: ELECTIONS Officers shall be elected by The Club members according to the following procedures;

The Club, at a general meeting shall select from its members during the first semester of the academic year a special committee.

ii. The Club shall determine the composition and size of the special committee iii. The special committee shall be in charge of the election, that is ,examining potential candidates and giving out the qualified participants iv. The elections shall be conducted through secret ballot v. The elections results shall be announced by the chairperson of the special committee

The patron shall be chosen by an agreement (consensus) by the executive committee in conjunction with the department.


GROUP FUND: there shall be a fund created for the group. The group shall derive its funds from any of the following; i. Subscription from members payable from semester to semester basis.

Grants and donations to the group by well wishers and friends.

iii. Any other legitimate and acceptable source of income or funds of the group.

b) Expenditure: The funds of the group shall be used for:

General administration, including correspondence.

ii. Typing purposes
iii. iv.

Organizing legitimately sanctioned programs and activities. Any other purpose consistent with the aims and objectives of the group.

c) Administration of funds:

The Club shall have a bank account chosen by the members of The Club in the meeting.

ii. The signatories of the account shall be any of the two: a) The chairperson b) The patron c) Organizing secretary d) The treasurer iii. The financial of The Club shall be kept with the treasurer and all relevant accounts shall be open for inspection by the executive committee when and deemed necessary.

The finances of The Club shall not be borrowed by any member or any other person for any reason.


a) The finances of The Club shall be audited by any adhoc auditing committee of three members of The Club who shall be selected by The club in a general meeting before handing over ceremony takes place. The auditing committee shall present its report to The Club as expeditiously and practicable, and in any event before the handing over takes place. B) The auditing committee shall also audit the library resources and other assets of The Club, and to this end provision of (a) shall apply.

ARTICLE VII A. The power to interprete this constitution shall vest in the members of The Club.

Amendments to this constitution shall be done by a vote of two thirds majority of the registered members of The Club. i) The group may be dissolved for any good cause.


ii) A vote to dissolve The Club shall be done by a vote of two thirds majority of the registered members of The Club. D. The CUCJC standards of solving problems shall apply in case of a dispute between or among its members.

The Club is an associate of the Kenya Union of Journalists.