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Software testing is not ‘anyone can do career!

’ Remove this attitude from your mind if someone has told such kind of foolish thing to you. Testing requires in depth knowledge of SDLF, out of box thinking, analytical skill and some programming language skill apart from software testing basics. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SOFTWARE TESTING@Teknowledge designed to make the participant the most sought after Test Engineer. This makes the participant familiar with the entire technicalities and Process of Automated Testing with Introduction to Manual Testing Concepts, Software Development Life Cycle to become a complete Test Engineer Course Syllabus SOFTWARE TESTING CONTENTS • Introduction to Software Engineering • Opportunity for Testers • Scope for Testing • Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) • SDLC Models • Testing Techniques o Black-Box Testing o White-Box testing o Grey-Box Testing • Black Box Testing Techniques • White box Testing Techniques • Types of Testing • Software Testing Life Cycle(STLC) • Test Plan • Test Case Design • Test Metrics • Defect Management • Web Application Testing • Introduction of Functioning Testing Tool, Test Management Tool, Performance Testing tool WINRUNNER • Overview of Testing using WinRunner • Recording Modes • Using Checkpoints • Synchronizing the test • GUI spy • Setting up GUI maps • Test Script • Data Driven Testing • Functions and Reusable Libraries • Exception Handling • External Functions • Batch Testing LOADRUNNER • Introduction • Introduction to Client Server Application • Planning Load Test • Recording with Virtual User Generator

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Manual Testing  Introduction to Software Testing  Quality  SDLC and Types  Test Strategy:  Testing Life Cycle  Bug Tracking  Test Management Process  Test Summary  Structure Oriented .in or walk into our IT Training center located in Bangalore. DB scripts Creating LoadRunner Scenarios Parameterize Script Correlated Queries Analyzing Scenario Execution TEST DIRECTOR • Project setup • Requirements • Administrator Utility • Create Tests • Analyze Project Progress • Run test and Analyze Results • Track Defects and Report QUICK TEST PROFESSIONAL • Introduction • Test Planning • Record & Playback • Synchronizing Tests • Standard and Text Checkpoints • Creating test with multiple actions • Data Driven Wizard • Working with the Data Table • Output Values SILK TEST • Introduction to Silk Test • Creating Test Plans • Designing and Recording Test Cases • Running Tests and Interpreting Results • Using Checkpoints Course Duration The duration of the Data Warehousing course is 60 Hours. • • • • • Contact us For more information about this course write to queries@teknowledge.Creating GUI Users.C Programming Automation Testing  Automation  Win Runner  Quick Test Professional  Silk Test  Test Director .

Load Runner Database Testing QTP Automation --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   .