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They continue in their attacks, and we continue with our struggle

12 February 2012 The Revolutionary Socialists After its strategy of containment failed, and its lying claims to be protecting the revolution and revolutionaries were exposed, the military council has resorted to the strategy which all tyrants turn in the end: the use of violence, smear campaigns and arrests to confront the revolutionaries and revolutionary forces. It is no secret that many revolutionary groups and forces have borne the brunt of this strategy in recent times. We, the Revolutionary Socialists have faced smears, and recently an escalating campaign against us, the latest sign of which was the arrest of labour activist Kamal al-Fayoumy in Mahalla al-Kubra, and before that the beating and dragging of Sameh Naguib, one of the leaders of the Revolutionary Socialists Movement, and the arrest Mohammed Haroun and the assault on the socialist students in Beni Sueif. Only a few days before that we saw an attempt to storm the Centre for Socialist Studies in Giza by members of National Security on the pretext of looking for three deserting soldiers. These events are an escalation of the media smear campaign against the Revolutionary Socialists led by the military council and its hired media, and the forces of Political Islam from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafists and the Islamic Group against the meeting we organised under the title “Where is the revolution going?”. We announced in that meeting the necessity to bring down the state of repression and replace it with a state of freedom, social justice and human dignity but this was portrayed by our detractors as a new stance, as if it has not been the slogan of the heroic 25 January Revolution. It was not a surprise that Comrade Sameh Naguib, one of the speakers at the meeting, faced a violent attack and was beaten and dragged by the military council’s thugs during his stay in Alexandria, followed by his being taken to the military headquarters in at Ras al-Tin in Alexandria where he was interrogated for several hours and filmed while in detention. Then a video appeared in which he appeared to thank the armed forces … Sameh Naguib replies here ( in another video in which he explains what was cut from the recording. We recognize that our comrade made a mistake, but we also recognize that this would not have happened if it had not been preceded by the violent beating which he suffered, and we stress that our position and the position of comrade Sameh was and still is the same and will not change until the fall of the military council, the heart of the counter-revolution and until we hold it accountable for its crimes which have exceeded in a single year, those committed by Mubarak during the three decades of his rule. We, the Revolutionary Socialists, will not be intimidated by beatings, kidnapping, arrest and fabrication of cases against us. We are fully prepared to pay the price of our revolutionary positions. Sameh, Haroun, Al-Fayoumy, Mamdouh and Haitham are no better than those who gave their lives for the revolution, or who lost their eyes. We will continue to struggle with the working class and the revolutionary forces for the victory of the socialist revolution. Glory to the martyrs and the victory of the revolution! Down, down with military rule!