Call him µThe king of good times¶ or the liquor Baron, this charismatic personality¶s name is a complete introduction

in itself. His story jumps countries, time zones, cars and careers.

He believes in living life-king size. His unique style and doing just anything in the most exotic manner shows his extra-ordinary way of life. Blessed with Midas touch, this business tycoon surely knows how to turn any simple opportunity into a goldmine

And be it anything! He is a keen sportsman, aviator and yachtsman of distinction, championship horse breeder, and professional race car driver, versatility has always been the key to success for this strategic man. His sharp vision and guts to take on new challenges in life always gave him an edge over other business tycoons.

He is the man who changed the usual perception about a so called µmulti-national company¶. Who is this multi-faceted personality? He is none other than Dr. Vijay Mallya

Referred to as Indiaµs Richard Branson. A great part of the personality of the Kingfisher brand is based on Mallya¶s personality. He is credited with having single handedly changed the image of his beer brand from a commodity to a lifestyle brand. The Kingfisher brand commands a 29% share of the beer market in India and is sold in over 52 countries

y y Born: December 18, 1955 (age 53)Bantwal, Karnataka, IN Occupation: Rajya Sabha MP, Chairman- United Breweries Group, Kingfisher Airlines, Force India, Royal Challengers Bangalore ,United Racing and Bloodstock Breeders

y y

Net worth: US$1.2 billion Age: 52

flies a personal Boeing business jet.y y y y y y y y Fortune: inherited and growing Source: liquor Net Worth: $1. Dubai and India. the flamboyant CEO of United Breweries ± the company that owns the Kingfisher brand ± is one of the most flamboyant CEOs in Asia. We will always be the partner of choice for customers. suppliers and other creators of innovative concepts. Vijay Mallya has built a reputation for splurging his money in the public. he owns a yacht once owned by Elizabeth Taylor. Asia & Australia Industry: Beverages Marital Status: married. Vijay Mallya believes in leading his brand from the front by leveraging his personality.2 billion Country Of Citizenship: India Residence: Bangalore . India. Vijay Mallya is a diehard party animal. Similarly to Richard Branson. MISSION STATEMENT FROM THE TYCOON y y y y y We constitute a large. he recently launched Kingfisher Airlines. We seek to be the most preferred employer wherever we operate. which draws a lot of its brand equity from Mallya himself. global group based in India. Bachelor of Arts / Science Vijay Mallya ±The Flamboyant Vijay Mallya. 3 children Education: Calcutta University. trendy and the luxurious have rubbed on his business venture and the brands. owns super stylish homes in London. US. We associate with world leaders in order to adopt technologies and processes that will enable a leadership position in a large spectrum of activities. and is seen as the personification of a luxurious life! Vijay Mallya¶s associations with the rich. . He is the key sponsor to many of India¶s top derby championships. We recognize that our organization is built around people who are our most valuable asset. We are focused on assuming leadership in all our target markets.

In a leveraged buyout . Singapore y In 1990. We will operate as a decentralized organization and allow each business to develop within our stated values. Inc. The full service luxury domestic airline operates a fleet of 13 brand new aircraft that provide 70 daily flights connecting 16 cities. In its first year of operations Kingfisher Airlines was awarded service excellence awards. a leading global provider of a broad spectrum of IT services and IT products for the vast US market y Mallya personally steered The UB Group¶s entry in civil aviation with Kingfisher Airlines.y y y y We will continually increase the long-term value of our Group for the benefit of our shareholders. transforming the vastly diversified UB conglomerate into a handful of key operating businesses that dramatically increased shareholder value y In 1993 he founded UBICS. launched in May 2005. Mallya initiated the process of defining a corporate structure with performance accountability. We commit ourselves to the ongoing mission of achieving Scientific Excellence KEY MILESTONES y Upon assuming the position of Chairman in October 1983. Mallya led the restructuring of The UB Group. listed on the NASDAQ in 1996. We will be a major contributor to our National Economy and take full advantage of our strong resource base. . Mallya acquired the global Berger Paints Group with operating companies across four continents and divested it at significant value in 1996 through a successful exit strategy that included five initial public offerings on the stock exchanges in London. Dr. y In 1988. Vijay Mallya became a non-resident Indian to pursue global opportunities and to transform the UB Group into Indiaµs first multinational. retaining only the areas of core competence. inducting professional management and consolidating the unwieldy empire into individual operating divisions.

The flagship brand. And what better than joining hands with NDTV in launching India¶s first lifestyle . The market share of the Spirits Division in India is currently 60% and exports to the Middle East. y It was India¶s second largest budget carrier. the third largest beverage alcohol company in the world. Kingfisher airlines proved out to be the most glamorous domestic airlines. The latest addition to the list of laurels is the ³Best New Domestic Airline for Excellent Services and Cuisine´ award from Pacific Area Travel Writers Association (PATWA). London is the leading independent research and quality evaluation agency for the World Air Transport Industry. The flagship brand. Kingfisher is now sold in 32 countries worldwide and its quality has received undisputed praises y The newest venture of The UB Group is in Civil Aviation. leverage the equity of the Super brand ³Kingfisher´ and utilize the strength of The UB Group in consumer product marketing. UK to be amongst the ten fastest growing brands in the world in their respective categories. Kingfisher Airlines has received 3 International Awards. In addition. After the initial launch of UB Air in 1990. y After Mallya¶s successful airline venture. The first was the ³Best New Airline of the year award in the Asia Pacific and Middle East region´ given by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation. 2005 with 4 flights a day with one brand new Airbus A-320 aircraft. The second was the ³Skytrax award for service excellence´. it was time now for Entertainment industry. bold usage of colour palette inside the aircraft and the ever so charming kingfisher logo ± that¶s Mallya¶s flamboyance.y On entering the new millennium. Skytrax. this Division is one of only three in the world to own seven millionaire brands and at least five brands rated by Drinks International. Sales of the UB Spirits Division have exceeded 60 million cases (9 litres each) during the fiscal year 2005-06 making the UB Group. Kingfisher Airlines Limited launched scheduled Airline services on May 9. The UB Group is considerably more focused and has dramatically increased value for its shareholders through its various operating businesses. The UB Group today controls 60% of the total manufacturing capacity for Beer in India. Vijay Mallya decided to take advantage of the attractive growth opportunities for Civil Aviation in India. Africa and Asian countries are growing rapidly y The UB Group¶s Brewing Division has also assumed undisputed market leadership with a national market share in excess of 50%. one of the biggest travel writers¶ organizations in the world. Kingfisher is now sold in over 50 countries worldwide having received many accolades for its quality. y In just 10 months from launch. Designer uniforms for stewards. Through a process of aggressive acquisition and market penetration.

y Mallya was nominated µglobal leader for tomorrow¶ by the World Economic Forum. bought Spykar F1 team along with Micheil Mol in October 2007 for 88 million euros. y y Vijay Mallya. Force India. by the Southern California University. and industry. a director of Spyker Formula One. It was a 50-50 joint venture between him and Mol. . He was also conferred a Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Administration. He has been the Chairman of Aventis Pharma India (previously Hoechst) as well as the Chairman of Bayer CropScience in India (previously Agrevo) for over 20 years. environment and forests. y Vijay Mallya has received several professional awards both in India and ± NDTV Good Times. He has also been nominated as a Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum. y Vijay Mallya is the Chairman of public companies both in India as well as in the USA. in 1995 y He has served as an elected member of the Rajya Sabha (the upper house) of the Indian Parliament and has served as a member of various Parliamentary committees and on defense. Davos. of the Netherlands. with Dutch businessman Michiel Mol. science and technology. in addition to his Chairmanship of several other corporations. a sports lover. The world saw India¶s first Formula One team ± Force India came into existence Vijay Mallya owns one of the largest private yachts in the world called Indian Empress HALL OF FAME y Co-owns a Formula One team. UB group owned Kingfisher brand took over the charge for this exotic channel¶s promotion and it came into being on September 7. Irvine. 2007.

When default is cured normal operations in account has to . The Kingfisher account has become a bad asset for the bank for last one month. Bharthiya Janata Party. This passion and energy is evident in all that he has done. liquor baron to Dr Mallya. UNDISPUTED TYCOON¶S MARCHING CONTINUES From Mallya. He even carefully applies this energy to combat his greatest fear: failure." SBI chief Pratip Chaudhuri told reporters here. its largest creditor State Bank of India (SBI) said today. he added. The loans to Vijay Mallya-promoted airlines. And his energy is never ending. with more favourable environment and business plans it should be able to come out of the current troubles. by the Southern California University. y He is also the chairman of both the Federation of Motor sports Clubs in India (FMSCI) and Motor sport Association of India (MAI).performing asset).´ Kingfisher cricis NEW DELHI: Debt-ridden Kingfisher Airlines can come out of the crisis with the infusion of capital as it is still a "good brand".. It is a good brand. are NPAs but "I don't think Kingfisher loan has reached that stage that loan would have to be sold". vice president.´ says his friend of 20 years.y He was also conferred a Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Administration. Irvine.. ³That¶s why he very rarely fails. From soirees in South Africa to rallies in Raichur.we still have faith in the company." Although the carrier has not yet come out with any proposal. he said. "(Though) Kingfisher continues to be an NPA (non. Jim Rydell. the man is a complex network of thoughts and ideas all rolled into one massive brand. "We are working with them to cure the default. California. USA Labs. adding "the (promoters of) company will have to infuse more equity. from creating the largest manufacturer of spirits in the world to tirelessly touring Karnataka¶s hinterland as a politician. ³His mind is very agile. Chaudhuri said. he¶s far sighted and has a great sense of marketing and branding. national working president.

" he said. has an exposure of Rs 1. the leader of the consortium of banks that have lent funds to Kingfisher Airlines.78 crore to the struggling firm. SBI.457. The carrier is in a financial mess and struggling to service its loans.000 crore. which have run up to over Rs resumed. . SBI's exposure is the highest among any of the lenders to the airline.