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NARESH M Mobile: 91-8886532000


 Having 2+ years of experience in the field of information technology 
Working as a “Associate Consultant” in Xtramilesoft Technologies Pvt Ltd from Past 12 months.

Worked as a “Software engineer” in Basil Wald IT Solutions Pvt Ltd from past 1 years 4months.

o Experience in developing windows based and web-based client/server o Published windows based and web-based app and Upload FTP on Client
Remote server machine. Applications using Microsoft Technologies.

o Knowledge in database and Sound base in OOPS concepts.
o o Good communication skills, quick learner adaptable to any situation and confident to take up Challenges. Working on Project Gilbane.

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Master of Computer Applications (MCA) from Osmania University in June 2008 [A.P] TECHNICAL SKILLS Microsoft Technologies Web Technologies Operating Systems Databases Web Servers Design Methodology REPORTING TOOLS ASP.Net, C#, ADO. Net, ASP.Net AJAX. JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS. Windows 2000/08/NT/XP. SQL Server 2005/08, MS Access. Internet Information Server (IIS7). OOPS
Crystal Report.

PROJECT DETAILS Project Title ERAP(Expense Reimbursement Automation Project) Client Gilbane(USA) Environment ASP.NET 3.5 with C# , AjaxControlToolkit Back End SQLserver 2005. OS windows XP/ 7. Duration Current Project (Sep 2011 to Still working) Description ERAP is Developing Gilbane Building Company reimburses any expenses incurred by their employees for any business purposes. Sales managers when they go on any business trip or any of the expenses incurred in the office will be reimbursed promptly.

The TDZ web application provides the Document Management. Basic and Advanced Search.Gilbane employees to manager for approval thru an e-mail. AP team then approves for the payment and then manually will be posted into the correct accounts in AP system.Net WPF technology. New Zealand ASP. Involved in the User interface designing part As per client stranded’s. May-2010 to Feb-2011. is one of the largest privately held family-owned real estate development and construction firms in the industry. C# and SQL Server Technology. Windows XP. Once the e-mail is received by the manager. New Zealand. Comments for the Collaboration features. Publish the Web application and upload FTP on Test client Remote server machine (Unit test) the application. TDZ is a subsidiary of The Estimator. Roles and Responsibili ty • • • • • • • Develop the Master page include to the Css style sheets. The TDZ Web application is automated the process by using the Asp. Once the manager approves him forwards (manual e-mail) to AP team for further processing. Gilbane is family-owned and operated since 1873 rich history combines with extensive knowledge of today’s ever-changing demands. Application Development and maintenance Developed the application using . Cost Advisor is windows based . Gilbane Inc based in Providence. which contains 5 reviews and 2 stages (Prelim and consent). Each Drafting Job follows a workflow.NET with C#. SQLserver 2005.Net WPF application mainly used to maintain the project details of the organization. IIS Application pool settings and Created to the user permissions. . TDZ is providing Drafting Services for the Civil Engineering Industry in the New Zealand. March-2011 to Still working. Rhode Island. Create the Crystal report. Administrator and Draft Persons. Workflow history. will review and approve/reject based on the validity of the expense submitted. Production Support and App maintenance Provided production support. Involved in database. It accepts the Job Requests from customer and starts the workflow between Customer. Handled tickets that affect Client’s business processes. Project Title Client Environment Back End OS Duration Description Roles and Responsibili • Using the User friendly Client Side JavaScript validations message Create the Web pages with user interface (UI). The Drafting Zone The Drafting Zone. Project Title Client Environment Back End OS Duration Description Roles and Responsibili ty Cost Advisor Gilbane(USA) WPF SQL Server 2008 Windows XP/ 7. Using the User friendly Client Side JavaScript validations message Alertsboxs.

Involved in database designing 2005 SQLserver. Big Supermarket. Comments. Invoice Header and Invoice Body tables. .ty • Create the Franchise Management content pages with user interface (UI).Net 2. This makes the billing software a highly customizable billing system. The billing software uses true what-you-see-is-whatyou-get invoice templates as its front end. • Have extensively used Datasets.NET. the billing software allows you to design your own invoice templates by dragging and dropping. T. saving your time and effort when do billing. Gurgaon. It has the ability to connect to backend databases from the invoice template. which is developed using C#. T. K. .Net Frame work 2. • • • Project Title Client Environment Backend Duration Description Roles and Responsibilit y Super Market Billing Management K. . Product. invoices and payments.0 and SQLserver. The billing software also provides a completely free invoice template that can be used standalone to create and calculate invoices • Involved in form design and handling documentation. Moreover. Data tables and Data view to retrieve and manipulate data and display it. T.0 and SQL Server Technology. Store is having a C#.0.Net Frame work 2. products. Proudly owned by independent operators. Billing software that allows you to easily manage customers. and allows you to add custom fields to the Customer. • Developed the stored procedure and queries whenever required • Involved in database designing. Store. Store. Created the Web pages with user interface (UI). SQLserver 2005 Nov-2009 to April-2010 K. Gurgaon Windowns form with C#. Based Super Market Billing Management System.