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John Bobrowiecki ""; "michael@visigov. us"; Adam Krea; Peter Merrill; Emailing: 9.20.minutes.pdf Thursday, September 22, 2011 4:30:42 PM 9.20.minutes.pdf

Lance and Michael: Thank you again for your time on Tuesday afternoon. It was very productive. Attached, as promised, please find the summary of the meeting. If you agree this accurately states what Maine Heritage Policy Center would like to see from MaineHousing, please respond to us via email and we will take that as a request to: 1) Proceed to get you as much of the 2005-2010 salary data in an Excel spreadsheet as we can spending an hour on it; 2) Give you a time and cost estimate on the remaining requested items; and 3) Follow up with you shortly on the questions posed in the meeting summary. I will be out next week so please respond to all of us. Thank you, John Bobrowiecki Counsel Maine State Housing Authority