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OBIEE 11g Technical Footprint

by Marty Mersinger, Solution Engineer This document attempts to provide concise information on hardware size and space requirements related to Oracle’s 11g BI Suite for planning purposes. Factors; such as, number of users, user types (Ad-Hoc versus Dashboard), number of reports and dashboards for example, are not taken into consideration.

→ Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports and Discover
a. Disk Space: 15GB b. Available Memory: 4GB c. Temp Space: 150MB d. Swap Space: 512MB

→ OBIEE 11g with SOA and BAM (needed for

Oracle’s documented requirements are the same for Production as well as Development. With FMW 11g there is no requirement difference based on Instance Usage. A minimally size desktop may have been sufficient for OBI 10g, but due to the integration between OBI and Fusion Middle Ware (FMW) as well as the integration of FMW with database schemas it is not recommended to attempt using 11g with the same minimally sized system. Depending on the components you choose to include in your deployment will decide overall size and space for your system requirements. Listed below are the system requirements by component. These are only minimum requirements and are not an indication that you will obtain maximum performance.

Application Framework): a. CPU: dual-core Pentium 1.5 GHz or greater b. Disk Space: 15G or more c. Available Memory: 4GB or more 1. BAM Client a. Windows XP sp2 or Vista b. IE 7 or 8 c. 1 CPU at 1.2 GHz (complex dashboards require more) d. 512MB RAM e. 5MB free disk space f. 1024x768 Active Studio g. 800x600 Active Viewer h. MS Excel XP, 2003, or 2007 a. Weblogic Admin Server: 750MB b. Weblogic Managed Server running Directory Integration Services: 720MB c. Weblogic Managed Server running Oracle Identity Federation: 650MB d. Oracle Virtual Directory 105 MB e. Oracle Internet Directory: 75 MB f. Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent: 25 MB g. Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server: 5 MB

→ Oracle Identity Management

→ Minimum Memory: Physical 2GB, Available 1GB
for all Operating Systems

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2.BIConsultingGroup. Oracle strongly recommends using AL32UTF8 as the database character set. ► If your database does not use the AL32UTF8 character set.1 for Fusion Middleware 11.3.0) with Database 11g (11.953. ► The user creating the RCU schemas must have SYSDBA privileges.1.0.1. or Microsoft SQL Server database in order to create the schemas required by Fusion Middleware components. recording or Web www.1) with OID and Oracle Data Vault •Must apply patch 8897382 •You must also change a line in a command rules script.1.1. ► Using 11g (11.7) with Identity Management you must apply the following patches: Linux operating systems: •p7614692_111070 •p7000281_111070 •p8327137_111070 •p7598314_111070 The database you are connecting is with non-AL32UTF8 character set.2. Windows operating systems: •p8416539_111070_Win32 •p8451592_111070_Win32 •p8260294_111070_Win32 ► Using 11g (11. IBM DB2.1 10.0 in 10g or version equal to higher than © Copyright 2009. No part of this material may be reproduced. If the user is one other than SYS. then the OBI 11g installation includes a limited usage license for WebLogic and the most recent Oracle 11g database would be recommended. Refer to the certification matrix for supported DB versions” which can be safely ignored. You can ignore this warning and continue using RCU.7.3. You can run RCU from these machines to connect to any certified versions of Oracle.2 ►10.1) •You will receive a warning message “The database you are connecting is not a supported version.2 for Fusion Middleware 11.0 in 11g.1. stored in a retrieval system or transmitted by any means.3 → Repository Creation Utility (RCU) Supported Platforms ► RCU is available only on 32-bit x86 Linux and 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating system platforms. then you need to grant execute on sys.1. If you are installing for the first time.1. without written permission from the authors .3 for Fusion Middleware 11. MN 55121 Tel 866.3. All rights reserved. ► There are additional specific requirements outlined within Oracle’s documentation by database vendor regarding schemas. LLC. you will see the following warning when running RCU: → Certified Databases ► Using Repository Creation Utility (RCU) (11.1.4. photocopy. 860 Blue Gentian Road Suite 290 Eagan.0. mechanical. BI Consulting Group. The database server can be running on any platform that is supported by its respective database.2.0.dbms_lock with grant option. → Supported WebLogic Server versions: ► ► 10. Enter Database with version equal to or higher than 10. electronic.OBIEE 11g Technical Footprint Supported Components This section provides supported versions of WebLogic and Oracle Database in case you may already have these deployed components. Details of that change are found in the appendix of this document.4757 Email info@biconsultinggroup.

photocopy. Typical Enterprise Deployment Typical hardware requirements for the Enterprise Deployment on Linux operating systems are listed in Table 1-1. The Simple Install uses default values such as directories and ports on a single computer with minimum steps. then this installation mode is used. Demonstration and Evaluation – Simple Install Single-User Development – Simple Install ► Enterprise Deployment for Hosted Development and Production – Enterprise Install ► Enterprise Deployment for Highest Levels of Availability and Security – Software Only Install ► ► Typical Developer’s Deployment A typical installation for a single developer’s system would be similar to that listed in the following table.953. without written permission from the authors . electronic. Enterprise. Table 1-1 Typical Hardware Requirements 860 Blue Gentian Road Suite 290 Eagan. No part of this material may be reproduced. All rights Web www. The following installation scenarios are recommended along with the installation mode to use. The Software-Only Install will install the binary files and configuration is done afterwards rather than part of the installation. When installing on AIX or with a 64-bit JVM. LLC. stored in a retrieval system or transmitted by any means. BI Consulting Group. The numbers shown do not include space for the installation files. Simple. recording or otherwise. it enables you to specify several configuration settings. Thus.OBIEE 11g Technical Footprint Recommended Installation Scenarios There are 3 options when installing Business Intelligence. The Enterprise Install allows for the creation of a new deployment or to scale out an existing deployment. MN 55121 Tel © Copyright 2009. For detailed requirements. or for requirements for other platforms. and Software-Only. mechanical.BIConsultingGroup.4757 Email info@biconsultinggroup. see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for that platform.

No part of this material may be reproduced. stored in a retrieval system or transmitted by any means. recording or otherwise. MN 55121 Tel 866. mechanical.953.BIConsultingGroup. BI Consulting Group. electronic.4757 Email info@biconsultinggroup. photocopy. Web www. All rights reserved. without written permission from the authors .OBIEE 11g Technical Footprint 860 Blue Gentian Road Suite 290 © Copyright 2009.

.4757 Email mechanical.CREATE_COMMAND_RULE( command => ‘CONNECT’ . . http://www. photocopy.object_owner => ‘ODS’ . All rights reserved. stored in a retrieval system or transmitted by any © Copyright 2009.dbms_macadm. MN 55121 Tel 866.sql (on UNIX opera&ng systems) or ORACLE_HOME\ldap\datasecurity\dbv_oid_command_rules.OBIEE 11g Technical Footprint Additional Information Oracle’s requirement documents include information on supported packages by Unix platform and version which aretoo numerous to list here. Details are below: In the ORACLE_HOME/ldap/datasecurity/dbv_oid_command_rules. LLC. Web www.object_owner => ‘ODS’ to: .enabled => ‘Y’). end.object_owner => ‘%’ 860 Blue Gentian Road Suite 290 Eagan.object_name => ‘%’ . it is always recommended to review Oracle’s requirements and certification begin . BI Consulting Group.html dvsys. find the following code: /declare . No part of this material may be reproduced.953. commit.rule_set_name => ‘OID App Access’ ./ Change the following line: . these documents include required environment variables and Open File Limits for Unix/Linux operating systems. without written permission from the authors .html Appendix When using OBIEE 11g with OID and Oracle Data Valult you will need to make a change to the command rules file.sql (on Windows opera&ng systems) file.BIConsultingGroup. recording or otherwise. When planning an 11g installation.