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SALE DEED THIS SALE DEED is made at Lahore this the ____ day of __________ 200__, BY and BETWEEN:

Mrs. Farida Asad Ali Khan, wife of Mr. Asad Ali Khan, resident of 7-H/A, Gulberg II, Lahore, holder of NIC No. __________________ (hereinafter referred to as the SELLER, which expression shall include her heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, successors and assigns) of the FIRST PART; AND ___________ s/o _____________, r/o ___________, holder of NIC No._________________ (hereinafter referred to as the BUYER, which expression shall include his/her heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, successors and assigns) of the SECOND PART; WHEREAS the SELLER is the exclusive and absolute lawful owner of certain property measuring 4 (four) Kanals, 18 (eighteen) Marlas and 67 (sixty seven) square feet, which is situated at 7-H/A, Gulberg II, Lahore (the Property) vide a (Document of Title) duly registered with the office of Registrar ______, Lahore, bearing Registered No. _______, Book No. _______ and Volume No. ____ dated ___________; WHEREAS, high quality apartments have been constructed upon the Property (the entire developed housing project of twenty apartments constructed on the Property is hereinafter referred to as the Project and individual Apartment(s) built thereon along with the land corresponding thereto are hereinafter referred to as Apartment(s)) and intends to sell these Apartments as well as provide on-going specialized maintenance and other services to the purchasers of the said Apartments (the Services) through her firm Haidri Management Services. WHEREAS, the SELLER has agreed to sell ___ out of a total of _______ Apartments built on the Property to the BUYER and land corresponding thereto, which is more fully described in ScheduleA appended herewith which forms an integral part of this Sale Deed and the BUYER has agreed to purchase the said Apartment(s) and land corresponding thereto;

NOW, THEREFORE, THIS DEED WITNESSETH: 1. The SELLER hereby conveys, transfers and assigns unto and to the use of the said BUYER ____________ Apartment(s) of the Project, covering an area of ________ sq. ft., and every part thereof TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same as owner in consideration of Rs. _____________/-(Rupees ____ Million only) which amount has been received by the Seller receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged. The Apartment(s) hereby sold is free from all encumbrances and the interest, right and title hereby transferred subsists and the SELLER has power to sell the same and has not previously entered into any agreement of sale with any other person. From the date of this conveyance the BUYER shall be the sole lawful owner of the Apartment(s) and shall enjoy quite and peaceful possession thereof together with all rights, appurtenances, benefits etc without any let, hindrance, disturbance or interruption of any kind whatsoever by/from the SELLER or any other person claiming through the SELLER and that the BUYER shall be at liberty to deal with the said Apartment(s) in any manner as desired by him/her, subject, however, to Clause 11 below. The SELLER has paid all taxes and fees payable in respect of the aforesaid Apartment(s) up to the date of this Sale Deed which if found to be still due, the SELLER alone shall be responsible therefor and agrees to keep the BUYER indemnified against all such claims. The SELLER shall execute all such documents and papers and do every other reasonable act, deed or thing whatsoever necessary or required by the BUYER so as to completely and/or more perfectly and effectively secure assign, transfer and convey the said Apartment(s) to the BUYER and shall sign all necessary papers/applications for mutation/transfer of the same to the BUYER in the records of the concerned Authority / Department / Agency as may be required. The SELLER shall not claim any right of way, easements, entry to or upon or in relation to the said Apartment(s) and/or any other right in or upon thereto and shall not interfere with, disturb and interrupt the possession of the BUYER in any manner whatsoever. The BUYER shall simultaneous to the execution of this Sale Deed, enter into the Property Management Agreement with the Seller, which agreement shall entail the terms and conditions of and shall exclusively govern the Services to be provided by the SELLERs firm Haidri Management Services to the BUYER of Apartment(s) in the Project. The BUYER shall execute all such documents and papers and do every other reasonable act, deed or thing whatsoever necessary or required by the SELLER so








as to completely and/or more perfectly and effectively secure the respective rights and obligations of the Parties under other agreements and documents ancillary to this Sale Deed. 9. If at any time the title of the SELLER is found defective in any manner whatsoever or the Apartment(s) is found to be encumbered, the SELLER shall reimburse and indemnify the BUYER against all losses, damages, claims which, may be caused to the BUYER on account of the said defective title or the encumbrance. That the vacant possession of the Apartment(s) shall be handed over to the BUYER at the time of registration of this Sale Deed. The BUYER hereby agrees that if at any stage after the purchase of the Apartment(s), he/she desires to sell the Apartment(s), he/she shall be required to grant a right of first refusal to purchase the Apartment(s) to the SELLER. Such option to purchase shall be duly communicated to the SELLER in writing with a clear quotation of the offered price. The SELLER, upon receipt of such an offer, shall be required to inform the BUYER within 7 days of whether she is interested in purchasing the Apartment(s). If the SELLER informs the BUYER of its decision to purchase the Apartment(s), the BUYER shall sell the Apartment(s) to the SELLER and the latter shall make the full payment for the same within 30 days of her informing the BUYER of her decision to buy the Apartment(s), unless otherwise agreed. If, on the other hand, the SELLER declines to purchase the Apartment(s), the BUYER may dispose of the Apartment(s) to a third party provided it is not at a price lower than that quoted to the SELLER. Should the BUYER, after the SELLER communicates to the BUYER her decision to not purchase the Apartment(s) decide to sell the same at a price lower than the one earlier quoted, he/she will be bound to re-offer the right of first refusal to the SELLER in the same manner as described hereinabove.

10. 11.

IN WITNESSETH WHEREOF, the parties have signed this Sale Deed at Lahore on the day, month and year mentioned first hereinabove. WITNESSES: 1. EXECUTANTS:





Description of the Property Apartment No. ______ situated at _________ measuring _______ bounded as under: North South East West