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Raising the Standard.
Issue 33, January 2012

Mark Beard, Managing Director Beard Construction

■■ Apprenticeships move up a gear

■■ Government funding supports

employers’ investment in skills


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Moving to Growth To illustrate this theme the main case study presented at the Anniversary event by Geoplan Spatial Intelligence underlined how a small business was able to move from ‘near melt-down’ to profitable growth thanks to the support of Investors in People. Finally. Your centre and their Specialists are a terrific resource. Focus on SMEs A key role for Specialists is to tailor Investors in People to meet the needs of individual organisations. To give a better insight into how these Specialists approach their role we report on those working north of the border in Scotland to illustrate the kind of expertise which is available. At a time when manufacturing and smaller organisations are both high priorities for growth in the economy. Twenty years ago Investors in People was created to help UK employers move out of a period of sluggish recession. with the prospects of Olympic Year 2012 now looming. Valerie Todd Chair. That was why the principal message to emerge at the anniversary event was that Investors in People is a tool of effective management in difficult times as well as in periods of easy prosperity. Take a look also at our article focused on idg. The moral for those considering.co.Raising the Standard. a UKCES Commissioner. Investors in People can help managements to work their way through challenges and to put traction into growth. who moved from being a secretary in a local authority to starting up a world-leading technology company using Investors in People on the way to global expansion. We also have a fascinating profile of Julie Kenny. the e-zine dedicated to showing how Investors in People can improve the performance of your organisation. again in troubled economic times. it is worth spending a little time to see exactly how they can help.uk Back to Contents Welcome Welcome to Raising the Standard. So today. we can see how enormously rewarding and positive the development of people can be. The last year has been an important time for Investors in People not least because we had the opportunity to mark the 20th Anniversary of the launch of the Standard. Investors in People Advisory Board Twenty years ago Investors in People was created to help UK employers move out of a period of sluggish recession 3 . Julie Kenny’s experience is a source of inspiration. becoming Investors in People is this – Investors in People imposes nothing upon you. Our article about two winners of this year’s National Training Awards (The Meningitis Trust and Tata Global Beverages) illustrates how diverse organisations can be in terms of their circumstances and the challenges they face – and yet they all find Investors valuable in achieving their goals. Across the past two decades the underlying principles have remained the same but there has been constant improvement to adapt to changing times and the changing needs of employers. perhaps for the first time.investorsinpeople. www. instead it takes the weight off you by clarifying and supporting you to achieve your goals. the official partner for Investors in the North of England. One of the key ways in which it does this is through the work of the Investors in People Specialists who work out of the national network of centres. Through Investors in People every organisation can become a winner.

this is the critical ingredient to return the UK economy to growth. The story starts about 25 years ago when Julie’s husband came up with a brilliant idea for a new kind of intruder alarm. some of them are not demonstrating a positive spirit to make things happen. Julie is passionate about the culture of innovation that inspires small. As well as possessing enormous personal drive she has succeeded by getting the best from the people she employs. As long as we apply ourselves to this task in a positive state of mind things will get better. It’s a sensible mix which enables the company to stay competitive. If we can keep innovating then both the country and companies will move on from this downturn. No wonder she uses Investors in People. high tech start-up enterprises.” she says. due to all the gloom and doom about the world economy. This was invention in its purest form. My anxiety is that this may become a selffulfilling prophesy. Meanwhile its lower added value goods are made in China.Back to Contents INTERVIEW UKCES Commissioner Julie Kenny Julie Kenny CBE DL HonD FRSA progressed from being a secretary in a local authority to running a world-leading technology company. With a headcount of 140 people worldwide the organisation now focuses its research and development function in Rotherham together with the manufacture of its higher added value products. yes. Because SMEs are feeling worried. My view is that. Julie Kenny is a model of what can be achieved by responding positively to the challenge of new experiences. “But without question there is a level of concern and uncertainty about the future. But it also required Julie to take the bold step of selling her house to raise the initial capital to turn a 4 . but she also recognises that it is vital for businesses to keep their nerve at this tricky time. “I’ve been talking recently to a lot of small businesses in my area [of South Yorkshire] and the encouraging thing is that most of them are doing pretty well.” A Patent Success Julie’s own business – which she created as a start-up in the mid 80’s – is a model of the way a company should be run. there are a tough couple of years ahead. For her. both in terms of price and innovation. Julie has always been determined to master what confronts her – whether that means qualifying from scratch as a lawyer or taking over a dynamic and expanding business. Never intimidated by the new. but what the UK is good at is innovation. Now Chair and CEO of Pyronix Limited (a globally recognised brand of high quality intruder detection equipment) as well as a Commissioner for UKCES.

but if it doesn’t then they can step back into their former role. “Gaining accreditation as an Investor in People should not be what drives a business. a position she holds to this day. “I started my working life with few qualifications and I think there is a tendency in this country for people to underestimate their own abilities and potential. The company supports employees who want to try their hand and gain experience at higher level jobs. hard work and great determination to get the business going – after all. it did need a clear focus. 5 . as a company. As a result Julie has enormous ‘street cred’ within the SME community and. when the recession struck in 2009 business was bad for a bit and we asked ourselves whether we need to go through the Investors in People review. It was a demonstration that we weren’t going to compromise our standards. For example.” she says. As Julie points out.” Investors has played a key part in the development of the company.co. fatalism might seem to be an easier option. Julie understands the importance of this through her own career history which started when she joined the legal department of a local authority in the West Country as a secretary.investorsinpeople. initial inspired technical advance the company has only progressed across the decades through continuous investment in researching and developing new products. amongst her many other roles. It makes you think about how your business processes and your people management fit together. “In fact. for some small businesses.” she says. Pyronix has recently been through an Investor in People review that builds on a history of involvement with the Standard going back to the late 1990s.” Commitment to Standards This concern with standards has also shown itself in other ways affecting her sector. Plus there is enormous added value in going through the process of external verification. And although the beginnings lay in a single. Julie Kenny is a proven example of the benefits it can bring.” she explains.uk Back to Contents great idea into a brilliant product. The conclusion we reached was that. yes. “I’ve always believed that. absolutely we should stick with it because our people expected it of us. But even more important in some ways is that Julie likes to promote from within.” At a time when British business needs all the help it can get. In the same spirit of openness Julie is committed to keeping the workforce constantly informed about what is happening in the business. Investor in People remains a key tool for growth. Later when we started the business I had to learn a range of new skills. That is why Investors in People is a positive challenge at this time. I started my working life with few qualifications and I think there is a tendency in this country for people to underestimate their own abilities and potential.” she says. she says. “We have a Staff Consultative Committee where there is always open and honest discussion. www. the only thing we started with was a cardboard cut out!” All the effort paid off and the business is now a significant success with twenty nine granted patents to its name. But that also means developing and engaging with people. So from my own experience I know it is possible to achieve a transformation through personal development and we apply the same philosophy in the business. “but there is an enormous amount to be gained by following the behaviours which are embodied in Investors in People. she has always been committed to high standards of ‘Plan-Do-Review’ and has appreciated the benefit of exposing the company to external scrutiny to double-check that it was adhering to best practice. We now have a number of professional engineers involved in research and development and that is the key to future success. “We normally find that there is a meeting of minds. It is a lesson worth taking to heart at a time when. she has been Chair of the Small Business Council and also Chair of Yorkshire Forward (the Regional Development Agency). If it works out then everyone benefits.” Spectrum of Training and Development In fact. in 1992 Julie became the first ever female Director of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).Raising the Standard. “Of course it was a risk but I never thought we would fail. we were ‘investing in people’ but subjecting yourself to the assessment process is important as a way of making yourself aware of things which otherwise you might overlook. Fortunately her bosses recognised her ability and she progressed up the hierarchy to achieve professional qualifications and considerable responsibility. Driving all this is Julie’s own personal mantra of being positive and upbeat in her approach to life – “Grab opportunities when they arise – make things happen – pursue your dream”. Pyronix is actively engaged in training and development across the board from apprenticeships to a graduate recruitment programme. Subsequently she became the Chair of the BSIA’s Security Equipment Manufacturers’ Section and she is now Chair of the whole association having campaigned and drafted its Code of Ethics. “Even so.

Apprenticeships provide people with the opportunity to learn on the job. As proof of this funds are now available to support 360. namely. ■■ Apprentices are loyal and hardworking and help businesses grow. “For too long. employer-owned Apprenticeship places.000 school and college leaver apprentices plus 50. “We need to dispel the myth that Apprenticeships are inferior to university education and help parents understand that Apprenticeships provide a valuable career progression route which gives learners the skills and confidence to succeed. in particular at Advanced Level Apprenticeship and above.” Apprentices are ‘Good for Business’ ■■ Apprentices increase productivity and efficiency.There is also money to support up to 10. employees and the economy as a whole. 6 .000 Advanced Level and Higher Apprenticeships. CEO and Director General of City & Guilds. vocational education has been regarded as second-class to the academic route. “The Government intends to boost the supply of genuine. ■■ 83% of employers who employ apprentices rely on their Apprenticeships programme to provide the skilled workers that they need for the future.” says Simon Waugh. perhaps. marks a break with the past. ■■ 81% of consumers would prefer to use a company that employs apprentices.” says Chris Jones.” High Level Skills It is the firm link between Apprenticeship and high level skills which. And the way to achieve that is via a new generation of Apprenticeships where people learn while working within a clear framework of qualifications.Back to Contents Apprenticeships move up a gear Having made a renaissance. Apprenticeships are now storming back to be one of the great hopes of the future for the UK economy At a time of great turbulence in the world economy and uncertainty on the employment front. The Government has pledged more support than ever before and is committed to improving the quality of Apprenticeships to make them better suited to the needs of employment. A consensus now exists across all sides of industry and the political spectrum that Apprenticeships are the key way forward for employers. one thing is crystal clear. that the UK needs many more highly skilled people to come into the national workforce. building up knowledge and skills whilst gaining qualifications and earning money at the same time. 80% of those who employ apprentices agree that they make the workplace more productive. 88% of employers who employ apprentices believe that Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce. high quality. Chief Executive of the National Apprenticeship Service. “An advanced economy needs advanced skills. so we want to improve progression routes through Apprenticeships into higher level skills.000 additional adult apprenticeships (19+).

Apprenticeships are proven to improve business performance and deliver bottom line results.” said the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS). we will continue to champion the benefits to those employers who have not yet engaged through targeted outreach and dedicated support across all sectors. have revised Apprenticeship frameworks so that they conform to the new quality standard and new frameworks are in place to cover the main areas of economic activity. and provide a financial incentive to help the smallest firms recruit their first young apprentices. with most Apprenticeships paying back in less than three years.000 new apprenticeships in 2012/13.”The NAS is committed to delivering high quality Apprenticeship programmes for our country. Getting Involved The first step for any employer who is new to recruiting apprentices should be to contact the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) which delivers a dedicated service to employers. the balance will be paid after the apprenticeship has been completed and the trainee has progressed into sustainable employment. offering free. Employers recoup their investment rapidly. Employers who want to find out more about employing apprentices should call 08000 150 600 or visit apprenticeships. working with employers in their sectors. and to help employers gain the skilled workers they need to grow. Sector Skills Councils. Health and safety requirements will be streamlined so that there are no additional demands on employers that already meet national standards. This will support up to 20. Already we are seeing a hugely increased appetite amongst the young (and not so young) for the Apprenticeship opportunity. “We welcome the announcement by the Government to ensure more young people benefit from an apprenticeship. ■■ Processes will be simplified to make it quicker and easier for employers to take on an apprentice. new employees. like Investors in People.co. Research has shown that Apprenticeships help employers improve productivity and give them a competitive edge. The evidence is clear.Raising the Standard. however.uk Back to Contents Fortunately. higher level qualifications and particular sectors where they can make the greatest impact. ■■ Apprenticeship providers will be required to offer training in English and Maths up to the standard of a good GCSE (level 2) for all apprenticeships Funding will be available from 201213 and businesses will be able to apply for public investment through a competitive bidding process. The National Apprenticeships Service and training providers will be required to ensure that every employer is in a position to advertise a vacancy within one month of deciding to take on an apprentice. ■■ There will be a renewed focus on targeting the programme where apprenticeships deliver greatest value . Under the auspices of the National Apprenticeship Service the new style Apprenticeships are based on much more rigorous stipulations of content than anything ever undertaken in the past. As Apprenticeship opportunities increase and choices for individuals expand. A prospectus will be issued early in 2012 by the Government to open the bidding process and set out the success criteria for businesses’ proposals. The penny is dropping that an Apprenticeship is an opportunity which is too good to miss.500. considerable progress is being made. To make it work.” The following measures were announced in November: ■■ To encourage thousands of small firms that don’t currently hire apprentices to take on a young apprentice aged 16 to 24. An initial payment will be made We need to dispel the myth that Apprenticeships are inferior to university education A consensus now exists across all sides of industry and the political spectrum that Apprenticeships are the key way forward for employers two months after the individual has started their apprenticeship. employers must be convinced that an Apprenticeship is good for them. or expand their Apprenticeship programme. to ensure that employers and young people can fulfil their potential. expert advice and support to those looking to recruit apprentices for the first time.org. But there is still plenty of scope for others to become involved and enjoy the benefits. www. the Government will offer employers with up to 50 employees an incentive payment of up to £1. it has been announced that they would slash the red tape that can deter hard pressed firms from taking on apprentices. It is encouraging then that according to a recent report from the British Chambers of Commerce about one in five organisations have taken on an apprentice in the past year.including on younger adults.uk Latest announcements by the Government in connection with support for smaller businesses taking on apprentices As part of the Government’s plan for growth. 7 . So.investorsinpeople.

TAS will also encourage apprentices to progress to higher levels of learning and promote the new Higher Level Apprenticeships. skills tests and interviews candidates ■■ Provides employers with a shortlist of the most suitable candidates ■■ Employs the apprentice on behalf of a company (if required) managing all payroll and HR functions ■■ Matches the employer with the most suitable provider to access the associated government funded training ■■ Mentors the apprentices throughout their Apprenticeship The Higher Apprenticeships Fund The Higher Apprenticeships Fund will support the expansion of Apprenticeships up to degree equivalent in companies. The new Apprenticeships will commence soon. They are specifically designed to support employers who wish to take on an apprentice but are unable to do so in the current economic climate. Innovation and Skills (BIS) Growth and Innovation Fund and is aimed at companies involved in the ‘process manufacturing’ industries (chemicals. and a NVQ 3 in a relevant skill area. each one being different in its approach). The host employer pays the ATA a fee for the apprentices’ services based on the wage agreed with the host and the ATA management fee.Back to Contents Apprenticeship Training Agencies: offering new support for employers Apprenticeship Training Agencies (ATAs) are a new approach to supporting employers who wish to recruit apprentices. For employers TAS: ■■ Helps to create the specification for the ideal apprentice ■■ Recruits.but TAS will support employers who might not be able to employ the apprentice at the outset. The company already ran Apprenticeship courses for younger people but decided to develop a twoyear Adult Apprenticeship Programme to bring these employees up to the required level and provide structured on-the-job training and an accredited qualification. The service aims to increase Apprenticeship numbers in the Process Sector by addressing barriers . which centred on an Engineering BTEC. Industry representatives have been invited to bid to the fund. selects and places technical apprentices for employers. Of the 17 learners on the first programme 16 completed the course on time. providers. An assessment and selection process was devised with production managers and trade union representatives to identify individuals who were both committed to their own development and interested in attaining new skills and knowledge. particularly in Life Sciences.for example. pharmaceuticals. Further programmes were planned. A good example of an ATA is the newlyformed Technical Apprenticeship Service (TAS) which is aimed specifically at the Process Sector.com 8 . polymers and associated industries). (It is worth noting that there are a number of other models operating.and to save thousands of pounds in recruitment costs in the process. ATAs offer a unique approach to the recruitment of apprentices. In particular they can support employers whose order book will not currently allow them to commit to employing an apprentice for the full period of the Apprenticeship. should call 01925 515 219 or by e-mail to tony. but know that they will need fully trained employees when the economy picks up. The distinctive feature of this new model is that it is the ATA who acts as the apprentice employer and who places them with a host employer. Crewe Bentley Motors. The over-riding aim is to find “real jobs for real apprentices” . Employers who are interested in the services of TAS. which will be delivered via the National Apprenticeship Service. as well as Key Skills Level 2. screens. particularly SMEs. life sciences. the luxury car company. TAS is an employer-led recruitment service which attracts.prior@cogent-ssc. As a subsidiary of the Sector Skills Council Cogent it has initial funding from the Department for Business. where there is unmet demand for the higher level skills that are necessary to create additional jobs and growth. such as Automotive Engineering Vehicle Trimming. training. by establishing new provision in areas which have previously lacked specialist technical Adult Apprenticeships at Bentley Cars. introduced an Adult Apprenticeship Programme to give its semi-skilled new-starters vital skills and a clear career path . A local training provider then delivered the qualification elements.

” he says. It can support any business of any size and any sector in achieving improvements. Much of the ‘added value’ that arises out of working with Investors stems from the contribution made by these Specialists. helping them to set “Over the years. “I have found this to be very beneficial to them as it keeps an ongoing focus on business improvement.co. “We need to build a strong degree of trust with senior management and staff. “In my ten years as an Investors Specialist I have worked with organisations from all sectors and of all sizes.” he says. We must never forget that it is their business not ours and our reason for being there is to work with them and support them in achieving their purpose and vision. “What we now have is a very powerful business improvement framework that gets to the heart of the business purpose.” Raymond’s feedback reports to his clients are structured to reflect the client’s own needs and priorities and he can point directly to the clear benefits that clients have gained through his input. usually annually or mid-term. since I first engaged with it. enhanced levels of communication and employee engagement.in the context of Investors . “Over the years. Investors has changed and developed tremendously. aims.” Raymond points out that nowadays .” he says. RAYMOND BOLAND first became interested in Investors in People during the mid-1990’s when he had responsibility for taking his electrical supply organisation towards recognition. effective leadership. since I first engaged with it. including improved business planning. www.he engages with people at the highest levels in their organisations whatever the size (his client group has also included a small Indian restaurant). To understand fully how the Investors Specialists ‘work their magic’ we have been going round the country talking to some of our most experienced Specialists. starting with three from Scotland. They help employers to understand how the Investors framework is relevant to them and how to make the most of it by linking it to employers’ business objectives. I believe we should act as a partner to senior management. “Many of my client organisations have moved from the regular three year review to a rolling review where the visits take place more frequently. objectives and key priorities of our customers. Several of my client organisations have achieved Investor in People Gold status as a result of their ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. values. Investors has changed and developed tremendously” Raymond Boland 9 .Raising the Standard. He underlines that it is critically important for the Specialist to have thoroughly researched an organisation at the planning stage – it is the first step towards winning the all-important managerial credibility. They have used the full depth of the Investors framework to develop and enhance business strategies for improving performance.uk Back to Contents SPECIALIST FOCUS Highlighting the strengths of Investors in People’s Specialists They are the ‘human face’ of Investors in People and for many customers they provide vital ‘added value’ to the framework Whether you are new to Investors in People or have been through multiple reviews it is the Investors in People Specialists – formerly called advisers and assessors – who are your personal link to the Standard and framework.investorsinpeople.

being responsible for their communications and networking. leadership and culture. inviting a customer to share what is happening in their business is one sure way to begin the dialogue. “I have a strong business transformation and coaching background. “Raymond is an excellent facilitator and really listened to our aims and objectives”. led teams and undertook major ‘business change’ projects before becoming a consultant. ranging from high impact talent & recruitment approaches for blue chip and SME’s.people growth®’).” he says.” Margaret Kennedy. looking at how to deliver excellence and organisational improvement using Investors. which I draw upon for the benefit of Investors customers. before you even arrive. “I would like to thank you enormously for your valuable input with our succession planning.” Stephen talks about the ‘transformational relationship’ that comes about when the organisation and the specialist are working together with Investors. As a consultant he is working with a number of high profile organisations.their ambitions and their priorities – and then provide support on how they can use the Investors framework to develop as an organisation. CEO of law firm Harper Macleod. ‘If I were a client. we were involved in lively two-way discussions about Investors in People New Choices.Back to Contents direction and achieve what they want to achieve in their business.” Stephen emphasises that he is not there to audit what organisations are doing. “So I always ask myself.” explains Stephen. STEPHEN McQUILLAN has had vast experience as an Investors in People Specialist and business owner (working in ‘business growth . the ensuing feedback and suggestions were very relevant to what we are trying to achieve as a business within our market. rather than focusing on the assessment of general standards. would I pay for what I am delivering?’ It’s a way of ensuring that I deliver value for money to all my clients. he became a member of a senior management team with responsibilities for the development of business plans and the HR strategies needed to support them. Establishing a rapport with the client is key to how Investors is deployed. As a consultant he has worked closely with organisations on strategy development. He delivered high performing business and leadership programmes. which he combines with experience in his former roles as a senior manager in both the public and private sectors. “That is why it is indispensable to have done your homework on the organisation. recruitment and selection. his main function is to ensure that Investors is effective in stimulating business growth and improvement. Raymond Boland’s experience Raymond spent over twenty years in the electricity supply industry prior to entering consultancy. management and leadership and worklife balance. and the sector in which it operates. Instead. Stephen has coached leaders throughout the UK. Ideally you should be opening up for them a whole new experience and type of thinking. In most cases. was equally impressed. The ideas and suggestions presented were tailored to us and brought the Investors in People framework alive. He also designs and delivers a number of organisational and leadership products and services across many sectors. HR Manager at GP Plantscape.” The benefits of this approach are highlighted in comments that his customers have made about Stephen. “I think that your personal credibility as a specialist is vital because you become part of the experiential journey that the organisation undertakes. He has also delivered management development programmes and a human resource management programme on behalf of Scottish Enterprise. another added.” As a result. “With Stephen.” said one client. Canada and North America in how to grow and develop sustainable business with a focus on developing strategy. Meanwhile. 10 . Raymond’s clients are warm in their appreciation for what he has achieved. as well as considerable experience and a skills base. “You have to start with what is important to the customer . “It was engaging and useful from a business perspective because it was tailored to our firm’s objectives. to people and leadership programmes with impact coaching. Europe. Originally in HR management. “Our experience of Investors in People with Stephen. That is because he has brought expertise and knowledge from across the industry sector in using the Investors in People model to support how we achieve our priorities and grow with our people at the heart of what we do.” Stephen McQuillan’s experience Stephen held strategic positions in organisations. As a result. set up talent management programmes and developed forward looking mentoring programmes.” commented Martin Darroch.” I am delighted with your report and it gives us all food for thought and a focused direction throughout our journey”. has encouraged us to change how we do things. In recent times he was very active in the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in Scotland.

but an Investors Specialist [like Janice] is able to bring examples from her experience that are appropriate and . She first came across Investors in her role as a business adviser. We have moved away from any suggestion of a tick box approach. She was also part of a project team implementing corporate values and re-branding the organisation during her period with Scottish Enterprise. comments. during initial client visits. “We are still coming across a number of employers who are in their comfort zone in terms of the Standard but are fearful of exploring the wider Investors framework. “I could see that the Investors framework was extremely useful in giving clients a structured approach to work with proactively” Janice Laurie 11 . What we are targeting now are parts of an organisation where the senior team is really looking to achieve improvements. the review is where it all comes together. Working in a smaller organisation often limits opportunities for external involvement. Janice places emphasis. Her approach helps overcome fears.co. Air Services. “I could see that the Investors framework was extremely useful in giving clients a structured approach to work with proactively. “The added value of a review comes from the Specialist standing apart from the organisation and looking objectively at what it is doing.” “In a surprising number of cases”. www. Because they are ‘insiders’. because I really need to understand the issues that are concerning them. In this role she gained knowledge in economic development and was able to offer business advice and assistance to large and small businesses. sizes and industries. allows for an objective review of our organisation Janice Laurie’s experience Janice has twenty years experience working in the field of human resource and organisational development in a variety of roles.” For this reason.uk Back to Contents JANICE LAURIE has run her own consultancy – JL Associates – which acts for Scottish Enterprise. “Janice’s knowledge and support were vital in preparing a development plan to assist the company in identifying shortfalls in the Standard. In reality. During her time there she was involved in a major change management exercise.” says Peter Friend of Helm Training. “employers are pleasantly surprised by what they hear back”. though. firstly in a small limited company forging better links between education and industry.will work. You develop a rounded picture of how the business is managed and what it is doing to achieve its objectives and then you feed this picture back to top management. aiding understanding of what is required to meet the Investor in People Standard and beyond.” Meanwhile another client. ensuring not only that we are on track but also helping to identify areas where we can continue to improve. The manner in which she conveys what is required and imparts knowledge inspires confidence. aspects of the framework could help them to achieve so much more. Her earliest experiences were in local government where she started in general personnel and then specialised in training and development at a senior level with responsibility for the function across the local authority she was employed by.’ ” Of course. The Investors Specialist has the advantage of seeing the big picture. manage and support their staff effectively. It is important that they should engage with it in a sustained way. She is also a qualified coach and works with individuals to improve their performance. “It has been very encouraging to see how the framework is now presented with a very strong business focus. However. on “getting them to talk about themselves. says Janice. with the guidance of Janice as our Specialist.Raising the Standard.” she says.” Janice emphasises how vital it is to “transfer ownership of the Investors process to the organisations. she adds.most importantly . for a number of years. As I point out to them. allows for an objective review of our organisation.” The use of the Investors framework. enabling efforts to be targeted in the right areas. “The use of the Investors framework. ‘This is about how YOU go about your business. She developed her management and consultancy skills.investorsinpeople. “The Specialist brings a ‘critical friend’ approach that is both challenging and refreshing. It’s not something to be afraid of but to engage with. and latterly in an advisory capacity working for Scottish Enterprise Tayside. managers are often unable to see the wood for the trees. Later she moved into a generalist role in a private sector manufacturing company with increased responsibilities across a wide range of functions for site and field based employees. Eight years ago she set up her own company and has been able to use her previous experience to assist organisations and managers in how to lead. She has specialist expertise in the food and drink sector but works with organisations of all shapes. with the guidance of Janice as our Specialist.” This approach is clearly paying off for some of Janice’s clients.

Having been recognised for its leadership and commitment to developing. training and supporting staff. Just over a year ago NHS North East became the first strategic health authority (SHA) in England to achieve Investors in People Gold status together with the new national Health and Wellbeing Good Practice Award. NHS North East had been especially praised by Investors in People for having a highly motivated and engaged workforce 12 . One of the high profile current projects being undertaken by idg is a collaborative partnership to support continuous staff improvement in the NHS. In this edition we look at Improvement Development Growth Limited – idg .Back to Contents News from the Network A snapshot of activities and initiatives from Investors in People’s partners from around the national network. However. it is vitally important to ensure that ‘valuing staff’ remains at the forefront of the SHA agenda.the official partner for Investors in People in the North of England and their collaboration with the NHS Investors in People’s partners in the national network are constantly looking for new ways to help businesses improve performance and ensure they gain the maximum benefit from being an Investor in People. idg and the SHA aim to further develop workplace wellbeing and raise awareness of the business benefits of this approach across other north east organisations. So now. With this in mind the SHA is already taking part in a 2012 ‘workforce workfit’ challenge. with the recent merger (in October) of NHS North East into NHS North of England. NHS North East had been especially praised by Investors in People for having a highly motivated and engaged workforce.

Raising the Standard. honest and interactive nature of the training ensured that all of the delegates were able to get involved and reflect on how they performed as a team.investorsinpeople.co.uk Back to Contents “I would recommend this training to all leaders in any organisation” Caroline Wheatley. By understanding what motivates them individually they have developed into a stronger team. Headteacher Teachers look to leadership project When Linacre Primary School in Bootle was reviewed in November 2010 it was delighted to achieve a Silver award. To take the project forward idg provided the services of Mike Maloney. aspx 13 . the training has opened up a new way of recognising that each individual is unique. The first step was to approach idg to discuss one of the key areas of feedback from their assessment whose focus was ‘to build and define the capabilities of the leadership team’. co.i-dg. “I would recommend this training to all leaders in any organisation. But Headteacher Caroline Wheatley was not going to sit on her laurels. She and her colleagues immediately started to consider what further improvements might be possible. Rather than being a diagnosis of their leadership style. an experienced NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainer who has assisted a number of organisations with the development and implementation of their leadership and communication strategies. If you are based in the North of England and want more information on health and wellbeing or leadership development.” said Caroline Wheatley.investorsinpeople.uk Or contact Dave Harrison Head of Business Development Improvement Development Growth Ltd (idg) 6e Mandarin Court Centre Park Warrington WA1 1GG Tel: 01925 256650 If your organisation is based in another region or is a land based or environmental sector industry go to: http://www.co. “If something is going to make you more accepting of others and as a result will improve working relationships then it’s going to have a positive impact in whatever organisation you work in”. www. contact idg at www.uk/Contact/Pages/IiPCentres. Her aim was to give staff the opportunity to reveal the qualities they already had that make them good leaders and then consider where improvements could be achieved in the future. Having spoken to Caroline about their requirements Mike decided to adapt an existing programme to focus on raising the awareness of working together as a team and look at ways that would empower them to perform at their best. The open. Caroline Wheatley believed that she already had a strong leadership team but during a planning meeting for the school’s next ‘Senior Leadership Day’ she thought it would be helpful to look in detail at ‘what being a good leader is’.

I regard it as a ‘must have’ and would strongly recommend it to other charities. As one staff member commented.000 people a year to rebuild their lives after meningitis strikes. He was formerly with Whitbread where he was deeply impressed by the way that Investors helped to transform the performance of the organisation.” says Mike. In early October scores of organisations from all sizes and sectors gathered in the ExCeL London in Docklands to celebrate their success. Drawing on Investors in People the Trust realised that it would benefit from training its teams to work together and more efficiently. ‘Leading and Developing High-Performance’ programmes were held for managers and included 360° feedback. Here are just two to give you a flavour of the benefits of being Investors in People. But for Mike Robinson. taking them on a path from transactional to transformational leadership and giving them powerful tools and techniques to understand how to create the right environment for staff to thrive. Historically the overwhelming majority of winners had been Investors in People anyway but the new arrangement underpinned the status of Investors in People as being a pre-requisite for excellence in the field of people development. Each had their own particular Investors story to tell. It’s a tough time for charities. This led to the introduction of a two year long programme starting in March 2008 during which all staff and trustees received a personal profile to help understand themselves and others and develop greater team cohesion. So Investors in People has paid for itself many times over. Under intense financial pressure they have to be very careful about how they spend every penny. with the result that fund-raising became much harder. Enhanced performance Mike Robinson knows what he is talking about. In fact. for the staff as a whole. “Over the past twelve months I feel that my skills and 14 . “The framework has been enormously valuable in helping us to decide on objectives and key tasks and then helped us to prioritise how we invest in the development of our people.Back to Contents National Training Awards NTA success exemplifies strengths of Investors in People THE MENINGITIS TRUST Winner of the Year in the ‘Small’ Category Last year. entry to most categories of the Government’s National Training Awards was only open to Investors in People organisations. a self-directed development programme was rolled out through small group sessions which enabled people to take responsibility for their own development. It was back in 2007 that the arrival of a new chief executive prompted the organisation to undertake a major strategic review following a realisation that the introduction of Taking Responsibility Meanwhile. for the first time. the money directed at the Investors in People review is amongst the best he has ever spent. a volunteer who runs HR at the Meningitis Trust. A new appraisal system was also implemented which hinged on the idea that an appraisal is something that employees led themselves rather than merely followed. about one third of our people have been internally promoted and we calculate that this has saved us just under £60K a year in recruitment costs alone. “We have been recognised as being an Investors in People organisation for a decade now and over the years we have found it extremely empowering. For example. This has enabled us to make full use of internal promotions in order to fill vacancies. Certainly that has been the case at the Meningitis Trust whose team of 50 staff supports over 20. And he emphasises that no matter how long you have been recognised as an Investors in People organisation it can still help you to meet new challenges and enhance how you operate.” new vaccines meant growing public complacency about meningitis.

its distribution warehouse which employs 30 people. train and empower employees through Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing training with a view to reducing costs and improving machine efficiencies. “[The programme] has fundamentally helped to shape the culture of the organisation to make it stronger going forward. Chief Executive of the Trust. “As a first time CEO. Results Over a three-year period.” said Sue Davie. to the point that 75 million cups of Tetley tea are now drunk worldwide each day across 70 countries. Claire O’Hare. www. These were all skills that would contribute towards a leaner way of working and achieve the company’s cost and efficiency targets. and absence has fallen from 6. at all levels. So. “Being an Investors in People organisation confirms our commitment to our employees. and it has established a major donor initiative due to increased confidence and knowledge in the organisation. during Adult Learning Week. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).” said Training Manager. Set in Order.” In October 2008. Plant Manager for Tata Global Beverages.uk Back to Contents expertise within the Trust have ignited. owned by Tata Global Beverages. Its cost base has been reduced by £2m. And the next objective? To become the ‘Best UK FMCG factory by 2013” That’s continuous improvement for you! “Times are hard but Investors in People has helped us to find our way forward. without any increase in cost.” The Meningitis Trust Leaner ways to work Fortunately the Eaglescliffe team has Investors in People to call upon to help achieve its objectives. Standardise).Raising the Standard. site productivity has increased from 71% to 86%. This is good for business at Tetley.” TATA Global Beverages 15 .” Encouragingly the programme enjoyed a 100% completion rate and the impact was very significant. Working hard to satisfy this massive demand is Tata’s Eaglescliffe factory in Stockton on Tees which employs 450 people and is the largest teabag manufacturing plant in the world. Shine. As a spin-off from the programme some employees expressed an interest in improving literacy and numeracy especially in order to be able to help their children with homework and carry out personal finance management. the company piloted a Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) NVQ programme with a cross-section of 55 employees from all departments. “As an organisation we believe training is integral to our future and developing staff in Continuous Improvement will help us achieve our five year strategy. “Our Training & Development strategy is strongly linked to our overall site strategy.” TATA GLOBAL BEVERAGES Winner of the Year in the ‘Large’ Category Tea may be the British national drink but it now has a global following. it has played a major part in making me effective and my learning from it continues today. The Eaglescliffe plant is very proud of what its people have achieved and has seen the factory already become the ‘jewel in the crown’ and lowest cost producer of all factories within the Tata Global Beverages group. In 2008. the Eaglescliffe management conceived the vision of making the plant ‘the best Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) factory in the UK by 2013’.5% to 4%. and confidence and motivation has increased for many individuals. To achieve this a key strategy was to develop. and Practical Problem-Solving (PPS). Tata Global Beverages signed the Skills Pledge and introduced Skills for Life training into Eaglescliffe and Newton Aycliffe. Meanwhile employees have gained recognised qualifications. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past year taking on new challenges and getting involved with various projects. in 2009. Tata was able to achieve its key objectives for the training. Sustain. The Trust’s core services now support 20% more people than before. making them more employable should they leave the organisation. This vocational programme involved a three-day workshop where participants learned about the 5S (Sort.co. “We have been recognised as an Investors in People organisation for over 10 years and this enables our organisation to benchmark itself against other businesses.investorsinpeople.” says Tony Stubbs. “As an organisation we’re fully committed to supporting our staff in these initiatives.

Vince Cable.Government funding supports employers’ investment in skills Financial support from the Government will power new initiatives to strengthen the economy by boosting skills Two new funds have been set up by the government. On the same theme Cogent is being funded to design and create a range of career pathways for graduates and science based technicians to meet the challenges and demands of this fast moving sector. Amongst a number of successful applicants was Lantra’s submission to design and develop a Professional Standards Framework for the ‘land-based’ sector which would enable employers to identify the skills they require to meet business objectives including leadership and management skills. It is expected that by 2017 the sector will have benefited from over 400 new higher level apprenticeships plus 500 individuals receiving technician training and the nurturing of 1. Dr.which has been set up to support new initiatives in England to increase the contribution that skills make to enterprise.ukces. we’re targeting money where it will be best placed to drive growth. the Sector Skills Council for the gas.org. to encourage the development of skills solutions to support growth and jobs. jobs and growth . funding agencies and other stakeholders to provide regionally focused skills delivery to match employers’ needs. has commented.500 ‘work ready’ graduates. Announcing these initiatives the Secretary of State for Business.uk/ourwork/gif 16 . “Economic recovery will depend on our ability to excel in the high tech skills that our most innovative companies need to compete in the globalised economy” Dr Vince Cable Meanwhile Energy & Utility Skills (EU Skills). By providing concentrated seed funding for employer led projects that attract further investment from business. waste management and water industries is being funded to develop an employer-led Talent Bank which will involve education and skills providers. “That is why this Government is committed to skilling up our workforce through work based training. managed by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.” Back to Contents Growth and innovation fund will drive enterprise and productivity The Growth and Innovation Fund (GIF) .has announced its first round of awards to Sector Skills Councils and employer representative organisations. For more about GIF go to http://www. “Sustained economic recovery will depend on our ability to excel in the high tech skills that our most innovative companies need to compete in the globalised economy. and health and safety requirements. power. Innovation and Skills.

investorsinpeople. Employer investment fund supports enterprise. Pledges can be formed in sectors. Asset Skills has been funded to address the gender pay gap issue in the cleaning and facilities management industry and to support women with their career progression.uk Back to Contents New employer skills pledge introduces greater flexibility The Government is encouraging collective commitments by employers to take action to raise their ambition and investment in skills by making a new style Skills Pledge. there can be more than one model for the pledge. For more on the Employer Investment Fund go to http://www. sector. jobs and growth. industries or geographic areas where employer collaboration is strong and they can be used equally by private. public and voluntary sector organisations.org. The sector needs a vibrant. This tailored approach will allow for pledges at cross-sector.for Sector Skills Councils and across the UK is designed to encourage employers to be more ambitious and stimulate investment in skills.co. SEMTA is being funded to intervene via the UK Talent Retention Project to ensure that any ‘high value’ skilled employees who are being displaced following cutbacks in defence expenditure are retained and employed within the growing Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering sector.the Employer Investment Fund . jobs and growth A second new source of funding . An e-skills UK led project will work to create an improved pipeline of talent into the IT industry. This is a disadvantaged sector and the equality issues facing women are high.Raising the Standard.uk/ourwork/eif If you feel your sector.ukces. industry or geographic area might benefit from the development of a pledge and you require further information then please contact pledge@ukces. industry and geographic level and means that: ■■ the type and scale of pledges will vary ■■ the pattern of commitments will not be uniform ■■ take-up may be higher in some sectors and geographic areas ■■ there will not be ‘blanket’ coverage ■■ employers could choose to sign up to more than one pledge. www. The project supports women to improve low level skills and qualifications. It should lead to a rise in women occupying senior and management positions. It means that Sector Skills Councils will be able to support proposals which encourage enterprise. The project will raise employer investment in the development of young people and establish greater diversity in recruitment. Equally. In order to permit maximum flexibility each sector or geographic area is free to use whatever language works best for them. primarily through training.org.uk 17 . well skilled and diverse recruitment pool. Meanwhile. For example. Hence the pledge can be described as an ‘accord’. a ‘protocol’ or a ‘charter’ depending on what works best for the specific group. but attracting suitable talent is becoming difficult for employers.

As Christopher Whinney. So there was a general atmosphere of celebration summed up by John Hayes (the Minister of State for Further Education. government and agencies came together at London Dockland’s ExCeL Centre last October to mark the 20th anniversary of the launch of Investors in People.” What a fantastic endorsement after twenty years! Steve Holliday and John Taylor A day of celebration The backdrop to the celebrations was the WorldSkills Competition being staged at ExCeL which brought together the best young technicians from across the globe -including. Alternative Travel Group and Komatsu to mark their continuous involvement with Investors in People since 1991. Director. the best results ever! Meanwhile on the same evening the National Training Awards dinner was held to mark the achievements of the Investors in People organisations which have seen most business benefit from their investment in training and development. of course. Very encouragingly the UK team came fifth overall. Skills and Lifelong Learning in the Department for Business. There was a direct correlation between the Standard and our business strategy. many of whom worked for Investor in People organisations. Alternative Travel Group commented. So there was plenty to celebrate when representatives of employers and trades unions. For us it totally works. Most encouragingly of all was that amongst the hundreds of people present there were representatives from some of the very first organisations to be recognised as Investors in People and who have seen the benefit of the Standard – and latterly the framework – across two decades. Innovation and Skills) who pointed out in his keynote address. the British entrants. that the Government was proud of how Investors in People had grown and developed so that it now covers a quarter of the UK workforce. 18 . “Investors in People helped us to create a culture of excellence. Investors in People focused on the contribution of the workforce to the success of the business and it constantly asked us the question – ‘Do you want to be world class?’ Our experience has been that the reviews are tough but always helpful. Particularly pleasing were the special awards presented to Nissan.Back to Contents Happy birthday Investors in People! Twentieth Anniversary celebrations underline Investors in People is more relevant than ever In an era when ‘initiatives’ by Government seldom last longer than a single administration Investors in People has stood the test of time.

It was now the ‘improvement tool of choice for businesses which wanted to achieve growth’ and was recognised as a business superbrand because it offered real benefits to businesses and to employees alike. whether you are in the public or private sector. Recently his own organisation.a social partnership with representatives from a wide range of backgrounds . This theme was taken up by Valerie Todd. These are precisely the times when Investors in People can help. This meant that Investors in People was not merely ‘nice to have’ but rather it was a key component in building confidence in people so that it could be used to achieve change in any situation. Certainly the economic realities are grim but this is also. entrepreneurialism and exploring new. for example. The information from Investors in People was direct and perceptive. This demonstrated outstanding longevity based on quality and relevance. like other key junctures in history before us. Its network of centres provides a broad range of business services and is clearly focused on Investors in People’s new mantra – Investors in People means business. Extensive research undertaken by the Cranfield School of Management had demonstrated that by becoming Investors in People businesses improve their financial performance. Investors in People can offer employers a method for improving their people management. It worked then and it will work again. Investors in People is now the leading world class standard for people management. “The Investors in People assessment was able to provide a valuable insight into how successful the transformation process had been. It affirmed where new approaches were embedded and that employees were aligned and understood the rationale. The adaptability of Investors in People meant that it could be flexed around an organisation’s specific needs.” he commented.co. “I would like to echo what Valerie has said. the Investors in People Board . Investors in People is now positioned as being central to both the Government’s business and skills agenda. had drawn on the strengths of Investors in People during a period of ‘transformational change’ in its metering business. The Minister was confident that the next twenty years would be even more successful for Investors in People. the UKCES Commissioner who chairs the Investors in People Advisory Board. he continued is widely recognised and acts as an independent stamp of approval for prospective staff. a time for innovation. raising motivation and improving access to training and development. Investors in People is a multipurpose tool which can be adapted to suit the needs of any organisation regardless of size or sector or the prevailing state of the economy.Raising the Standard. potential customers and stakeholders. As she pointed out. That is why. Moreover. “The Investors in People assessment was able to provide a valuable insight into how successful the transformation process had been. during times of change or significant challenges. Chief Executive of National Grid plc.” To ensure that the momentum of Investors in People is maintained. This theme was taken up by Steve Holliday. continued Valerie. Investors in People was launched in 1991 in the midst of an economic downturn specifically in order to give British industry a tool which would help them return to competitive growth.” 19 . Investors in People maximises the benefits of people development.” Investors in People. potentially. increasing employee satisfaction. More importantly it provided feedback on where we can improve for the future. This suited Investors in People because the Standard and framework were not just for the good times – they are for all times. www.investorsinpeople. could be described as both ‘The best of times’ and ‘The worst of times’. Quoting from the opening lines of A Tale of Two Cities Valerie said that the period in which we are now living. more imaginative and efficient ways of working.has now developed a new strategy.uk There are now over six thousand organisations that have worked non-stop with Investors in People for more than ten years. “It is precisely during the difficult times and periods of transition that it is even more important for organisations to have a mirror held up to their process and approaches – especially the engagement and understanding of their employees . As a result. Over ten Back to Contents Steve Holliday (Keynote speech) million employees and 40% of the UK workforce have benefited from working with the Standard since 1991.in order to meet successfully their critical priorities. That was why Investors in People featured prominently in the Government’s recent Skills for Sustainable Growth Strategy.

0.y. Awards rs in People Centre . to keep everything on track. offer consissisten With Investors in People. Centre uctiv vity John Taylo head in in 2011.c o. The ‘Crisis’ goes back to 2003 when Geoplan was making a loss of nearly half a million pounds a year. nt onits owner. they of technological and marketlopi e a serie ing the busi and developing a of sales. Geoplan successfully overcameeaaseries gical series business Harrogat needs their basesolutions lly overcam leng es. Investors pion has a business he ness he can For more in People Gold. lead to pressure and informationmapping software) consulta sector company heavily dependent on its its owner. But then John took the next step with Investors in People using it as a catalyst for growth. Managin trust ial in your people.500 in way. leading • From being with the scenes.00ofof nearly half milli In from Geoplan profit £400 a a year. boo the Along the pounda wide developing alopm ent aging structure .000. • In 2011. you to develop business op busin in your pe in People.500 in used five-poundwas • In 2003. marketing and other used s ng a selffor sectors. where the ethos is woven into the very fabric of the way that you work. leading to pressure and size andncy (maps and directori Geoplantransform ing to pres . Taken together these two measures stabilised the company. burnout behind the scenes. from 2011.£200. in 2002 to and prod has ract has gone up Investors in People • MD risen£56k per head in 2002 to £93k per headand productivityhas gone up Investors £93k per Awards People Gold. Over that period the value of the average contract has grown from £20.£200.Alongsting Harrogatneeds of developm business e. tion on and feels stors in he’s got his life back along the way. growing ance market challenges. What the ted.500 in of employe Geoplan notes.0.doe size and organisation Geoplan spatial Intelligence Limited. and a global company sure and ed databases.uk investors inpeople. Geoplan for sales.transformed itself into a a profitable software). It you ba able develop the the bu ess With Investorshelpsyour get your lifebeen ck.marketingss a range le.The value of the averagends a yearhas In £56k per The e of the contract . His story tracked the way that Geoplan (which provides mapping software. it £20.000 to £150. ha at I wanteg to have you get your life been able le to devel the and service. and feels he’s got be proud the way. .£200. a profitabl consulta from Inve business ncy and bespoke information (maps and directories. In 2011. But. idg. Geo having to have your mobile on 24 hours a day.000 to £150. Geoplan owner.co investorsinpeople. I wanted. sector s. data and consultancy) had made the arduous journey from ‘Crisis’ through ’Survival’. mar geographic tion clien roste itself into • With help with a global clientt roster. data the burn being Whatbaseprovidesps and directories. used a wide Investor from their base in including £6. .” said John. Geoplan spatial Intelligence Limited. the business. ted. range of deve used five-pound tools . across a range notes. d. And productivity has risen from £56k per head in 2002 to £93k per head in 2011 for the 17 people which it employs. John immediately galvanised the audience by making the stark observation that he would not be in business today without the critically important contribution made by Investors in People. as the owner/manger.of. Executive summa ry sizerma sector geographic • From bein summa info and tion (ma heavilyry • From out gheavily Geoplan organisation does. Geoplan spatial Intelligence Limi rs in People. Managing director. and productiage cont from from £20.000 0 .000profit of £400. mapping for sale provides bespoke solu es. contact : Investors in People. InveAwards People Champion. I’ve finally er dib It helps t quality People.uk . not surprisingly.employees. during the early part of this decade the company was in ‘meltdown’. Belbin. mak Centre Harrogate.including £6. losing many of its customers. the owner and Managing Director of Geoplan Spatial Intelligence Limited. o ourur pro profit our profitrefit g by greww grew by by Intelligence Limited. on pou 17 000 to The valu risen from made a £150 idg. 0870 Investors in People contact For more People. quality based processes – namely ISO 9000 . A major part of the problem was that there was enormous dependence on John Taylor himself.or. thanks to Investors in People. contact: 20 . Managin spatial Intel g director.ines. helps you get youron 24 hours a dago on holiday without ut John tayl It Managin a day.includingAlong the notes. they developmenttools -.co.000. John taylor. becau you liday without in your people. to playvina world-class level and to offerbeen ab tent quality and service.000 -£200. with the help of with the help of Inve Investor s In stors In PeoPPe with the help of Investors In PeoPLe LeoPLe investorsinpeople. John taylor. boosting way. £20. CASE STUDY GEOPLAN SPATIAL INTELLIGENCE A compelling. ity has gone from £56k now has in 2011. ‘Recovery’ to ‘Growth’ all thanks to the way that the company utilised Investors in People. Geoplan John taylor. other •company with a Investors in roster. Geoplan ligence Limi spatial Intelligence Limited. I’ve finally consistent quality and service.was a ‘Geoplan way of working’. first hand account of how effective Investors in People can be in transforming the fortunes of a business came during the 20th Anniversary Event from John Taylor. Managin g director.000. le. The key elements included: ■■ Workshops which distilled John Taylor’s vision and mission for the company ■■ Management Team Coaching sessions ■■ Organisational Culture and Leadership & Management Practices Surveys ■■ Quarterly Team Development Days which were off-site for the whole team and facilitated by a consultant ■■ Personal Awareness Development using psychometrics. it made awastmaking a loss of nearly half a million pounds a year. growing the business.000. mapping software). Geoplan transformeditself into profitable Geoplans.g dire because have trust se have trust ctor. Executive summary dependenton geographic behind depende s. in People Cham • life back rper head a 2002 up hisMD John Taylor now in busi to £93k per head2011. With help from global client e stors Peop needs acro of technolo solutions in People. Geoplan was ing idg. you tocan having to have your mobile on 24 sin can go on holiday go on ho ople.from successfu of technologica and and other thei perf from l and market chal Geoplan successfu lly overcam • Withrhelporm Investors in People. level and to to off needed to be credible. Unless things changed so as to build-in standards and devolve responsibility then the business was heading for failure. boosting e.000. I’ve finally back.and the development of the company’s people through Investors in People. £6.u k in 12 m on in 12 month ths in 12 months s Case stud y Geop Case study Geoplanlan spatial Intellige spatial Intelligen nce Lim ce Limit ite Investors Case study Geoplan spatial Intelligence Limited ed d in Peo John taylo r. “The only route to success is to “be” an Investor in People. “The leadership and management criteria in the Investors in People framework provided the next stepping-stone to tackle the prevailing cultural and team performance issues. having to let go many of its key staff and providing an erratic service to customers. they man 17 employe from their base in used five. making a loss it mad a loss nearly half a million pounds Investo risen2003. providing a framework to develop leadership capabilities in all of our people – this was the transformational step we were looking for. 0870 034 0252 For more information on 0870 034 0252 ple gave to play at Investors in Peopl us the fra a world e gave us the frame wo me rk we to With at a world -class level and work we need to be play Investors -class credib in Investors in People gave us the framework weconneededed to be cre le. g director.Moving Forward Back to Contents Inspired by Investors in People a wholesale programme of people and team development activities was introduced which brought the organisation together. In the course of the next eight years. Gold. s People 17 sectors. What the organis Executive Geoplan provides ation does. he became overstretched and overstressed. As he put it. e a profi ofof £400. databases. burnout behind the scenes. along his life back along info Investors in rma • MD John Taylorthe way. you can witho ess I wanted. because youyou have plan spat John taylor.00. a businesscan canproud of.00 value of the averagecontract has Investors aver head into £150.es. A very impressive improvement. Managing director. ent tools .” Although the initial stages were difficult what gradually emerged – thanks to Investors in People . of sectors. grow consultancy andacross a range bespoke in their performance and deve challenges. . that situation was reversed so that in 2011 the company is now making a profit of £400. identification of learning styles and development of personal profiles ■■ Personal Action Planning sessions ■■ Team Improvement Activity John Taylor (Keynote speech) So how has Investors in People made such a big difference? As John Taylor candidly described it. hours mobile life back.000 .000. s keting and r. • In 2003. Fortunately John woke up to what was happening and realised that the way forward was through the introduction of regular. secured engagement of the staff and raised the leadership performance of the management team.useda wide range their performance and rangeof self-managing structure. 034 0252 information on: Investors Investo in People Champion. and feels he’s got now has he bebe proud of. self-managing structure ness way.

Wychavon District Council) and Peter Russian (Chair of the Investors in People Development Group) as well as Valerie Todd. I think that the strength of the Investors in People framework is that it can be used to enable people to become more engaged. when we did our research on the cost of disengagement of the UK workforce we came up with a figure of £44bn. as one employer said to me recently. After becoming involved with Investors in People our team is not afraid of growth. on budget and to quality. the distinguished business journalist from the BBC Radio 4 programme In Business. Valerie Todd. Achieving these aims supports the company’s vision to win and deliver world-class business solutions. But. Nita Clarke: The big pressure we face here is on the huge tail of underachievement in the UK economy. How should we get the message out to the wider world about the benefits of being an Investor in People? Valerie Todd: The best ambassadors for Investors in People are those executives who run Investors in People-recognised businesses and who get the message out through their business networks and through their supply chains. John Taylor and Steve Holliday. But I believe that people now want much more say and to be more involved in the businesses they work for. John Taylor and Steve Holliday “Investors in People is a most appropriate tool for evolving businesses” Mark Beard. every time. your values are even more important when times are hard – otherwise they are just hobbies for the good times. They are the ones who speak with the greatest credibility.co. That’s what it is costing the country because the vast majority of companies do not engage their staff sufficiently. Peter Day: We often claim that people are an organisation’s greatest asset. Jack Hegarty (Managing Director. Trinity Conferences 21 . Involvement and Participation Association). To get a sense of this. www. So if we want growth in the economy this has to be addressed – ‘It’s the people. If you value Investors in People then . The panel included Nita Clarke (Director. ■■ Develop a team of highly skilled. “Investors in People is very useful indeed – especially when your industry is in a state of constant flux. ■■ Provide an innovative and challenging environment based on a strong organisational framework. Let us not kid ourselves – the task is huge and Investors in People is vital to this. But more important is the reverse argument that in times like these you need to invest in one of the few things that you can influence for the better – namely your people.Raising the Standard. In fact in my own authority we have had to downsize and we used Investors in People as a tool for doing so pretty successfully. We are missing out on growth because of this. stupid!’ Get that right and you will be on the right road. you need to Invest in People in order to get great ideas! Jackie Kavanagh.investorsinpeople. ” What role has Investors in People got to play in a time of recession? Peter Russian: Investors in People was born twenty years ago in a time of recession so we can see that it has a precedent on this. All the answers at Question Time To round off the celebrations a Question Time session was chaired by Peter Day.” concluded John Taylor. Business Endorses Investors in People: Peter Day. What a great story. of course. Here is a selection of their key observations. “Investors in People is vital to these aims and involves everyone at Geoplan. self-managing people with the drive and commitment to get things done and a desire to win. Some employers might say that because of recession they cannot afford Investors in People. Beard Construction Jack Hegarty: In local government there is enormous pressure on budgets and staffing and we have to face up to the reality of down-sizing.uk Back to Contents Geoplan’s organisational aims now are to ■■ Pursue continuous improvement ensuring competitive advantage. ■■ Meet and exceed its customers’ needs through the provision of innovative products and solutions that are available on time. sustainability and profitable growth. What are the biggest changes that you envisage in the workforce over the next twenty years? John Taylor: I think that business used to be quite patriarchal. But in reality today I think it is ideas which are the greatest asset.

Review’ approach to it. Essentially. involvement and empowerment and continuous improvement. the better it reflects on your business to potential employees.investorsinpeople. ‘REVIEW’. ‘DO’. Investors in People was launched during the recession of the early 1990’s to help businesses improve their leadership. management and organisational development to enable the UK to compete more effectively on the world stage. The higher the level of accreditation. a framework of best practice which covers a wide range of critically important areas such as: business strategy. The wider framework gives scope for you to choose to add many more criteria over and beyond what is needed for the Standard. Central to the framework are three core principles: ‘PLAN’. It is outcome-focused. To discuss how Investors in People can help your organisation achieve its business goals contact your local centre (www. engaging with your employees and fine-tuning your leadership capabilities. plus a range of interactive tools and resources. Our Specialists can go deep into your business. When you have met the 39 criteria needed for the Standard. where you take action to improve performance and finally. working with Investors in People stimulates and challenges businesses to make the best they can of their people so that their people can do their best for the business. where you evaluate and improve performance. You are not alone in this undertaking – our Specialists can help you choose the parts of our framework most relevant to your business goals. co. Much of Investors’ success is down to the strength and versatility of these three principles. regardless of your size or sector. Continuous Improvement 10 Business Strategy 01 REVI E Evaluate a perfo nd im rm an W e ov pr ce D imp evel rov P Learning & Development Strategy 02 Performance Measurement 09 Improve Performance People Management Strategy 03 N LA Learning & Development 08 T im ake action to ce pro ve performan gies to ate str ormance op perf e Leadership & Management Strategy 04 DO Involvement & Empowerment 07 Recognition & Reward 06 Management E ectiveness 05 22 . It can improve your financial performance and assist you in managing change. but without prescribing how – making the whole process truly flexible. learning and development. Do. Twenty years later Investors remains just as relevant as ever with more than 6 million employees . Our Specialists can then monitor your progress using interview-based assessments and give in-depth feedback so you can keep improving performance. Silver or Gold status.Back to Contents Are you new to Investors in People? If you are new to Investors here is an overview of what you need to know and how it can help you achieve your goals. Be ambitious But that is just a start. you’re accredited as an Investors in People organisation. By choosing to use more of the framework you can achieve our Bronze. investors and customers. So how does Investors work? At the heart of Investors is ‘the Standard’. encouraging you to focus on what needs to be achieved to reach your goals. giving you a more complete picture of your strengths and weaknesses and ensuring you continue to develop and improve.uk/contact) or call us on 020 7881 8966. and provide one-to-one advice. Investors in People helps businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to grow and develop. where you develop strategies to improve performance. You can take any people management issue and apply the ‘Plan.over 25% of the UK workforce – now working with Investors.

uk 7450 01/12 EIG . quoting ref: EIG Don’t forget. the aim of this publication is to provide a guide to the Investors in People process and how a company can work with the framework to improve their performance. Silver and Gold recognitions are outlined in this publication.uk/signup Follow us on Twitter at @TSO_Publishers Prices and images are correct at the time of going to press but may be subject to change without notice.65 £63. Registered office: 10 Eastbourne Terrace. Company Registered Number: 03049649. this is an essential resource for all employers seeking to create a positive working environment in which employees flourish and business goals are achieved.co. Register to receive updates by visiting www. Freepost ANG 4748.tsoshop. Bronze.tsoshop.co. with all they need to know about the Investors in People framework. Norwich NR3 1YX By Fax: By Textphone: By Email: 0870 243 0129.uk/iip 0870 850 4477. quoting ref: EIG 0870 240 3701 iip@tso. Save £49.20 Download the Investors in People Catalogue here Easy ways to order Online: By Telephone: By Post: See the full range of publications and merchandise at www. along with the scoring system. Your Journey Ideal for organisations that are new to Investors in People.uk.65 9780117062184 9780117062207 £5. Above all else. The Stationery Office Ltd.25 Pack of 20 Health and Wellbeing Good Practice Guide Compiled in consultation with and supported by the Department of Health.co. W2 6LG Part of the Williams Lea Group.Improving Business Performance Back to Contents Publications to support and promote the Investors in People framework Putting Your Needs First: The New Focus From Investors in People Putting Your Needs First outlines the Investors in People approach and the benefits of following it. 9780117062665 £10.tso. and assessors and business advisers. TSO can keep you informed of the latest publications from Investors in People.co. It’s Your Choice: The Standard and Beyond – The Investors in People Framework Provides all levels of Investors in People organisations. London.10 9780117062580 £5.75 when you purchase as a pack of 20.65 Recognition and Beyond! This publication is designed to help recognised organisations effectively communicate their achievement. 9780117062177 £5. 9780117062603 £5. Recognition and Beyond is about thinking of the best ways to infuse a company’s culture with a spirit of celebration. quoting ref: EIG TSO Marketing. both externally and internally. The Marketing of products published by TSO is funded by TSO www.