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Tom is a student at the University in Toronto. He studies history there. He is his first year at University. But Tom is a bad student. Every day he is very, very "busy”. His alarm clock rings at 7:00 o'clock. But he usually turns over and goes to sleep because he’s tired. Sometimes, he throws the alarm clock across the room. So he wakes up late, at about 8:30 o’clock. And he runs to the bathroom to wash and brush his teeth. He doesn’t have time to have a shower. He doesn’t have time to eat and he has to drink his coffee in a hurry! He takes his schoolbag and runs to the bus stop to catch his bus. He gets to university only at 9:30. Every morning Tom is late to the first lesson. Tom comes home at about 16:00 o’clock and he has dinner. After dinner, he sometimes watches TV, plays the guitar but he usually goes out with friends. Tom never does his homework. He comes late at 2 or 3 o’clock at night and he goes to bed because he is always very tired at this time. And tomorrow he has another “busy” day! Read the text about Tom and answer the questions: 1. Where does Tom study? _____________________________ 2. What time does his alarm clock ring?_____________________________ 3. Why can’t he get up? _____________________________ 4. Does he have time to have a shower?_____________________________ 5. What does he eat for breakfast? ______________________________ 6. What time does Tom get to university?____________________________ 7. What time does he have dinner? _____________________________ 8. What does Tom usually do after the dinner?________________________ 9. Is Tom a good student? ________________________________________ 10. What does Tom study at University? ____________________________ Complete the questions with: Where,When,What,Who,How,Why.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

… … … studies history? … … …does he go to the university? … … … does Tom study history? … … …does Tom drink for breakfast?

(Tom) (by bus) (in Toronto) (a cup of tea

… … …does Tom never do his homework? (because he goes out with friends)

Write the third person singular of the following verbs. Then translate into Spanish. play ____________ go ____________ wash teach fly ___________ ____________ drive start ____________ ____________ carry help

____________ ____________ ____________

Complete the sentences with the Present Simple of the verbs in brackets. Peter and his friends __________ to school by bus. (go) Elephants __________ leaves and grass. (eat) David's father __________ in a hospital. (work) The bank opens at 9.30 and __________ at 4.30. (close) Tom and Jim __________ football every day after school. (play) Mr Jones is a teacher. He __________ History. (teach) Our lessons __________ at 9.00 and __________ at 3.30. (start / finish) My pen friend __________ in Japan. (live) Mary and her brother __________ cartoons every Sunday morning. (watch) John __________ his room every day. (tidy) Answer the questions about yourself. a) What’s your name?_________________________________. b) How old are you?_________________________________. c) Where are you from?_________________________________. d) What’s your nationality?_________________________________. e) Have you got any brothers or sisters?_________________________________. f) Where do you live?_________________________________. g) What do you study?_________________________________. h) What do you usually do after school?_________________________________. i) When is your birthday?_________________________________. j) Who is your favorite singer?_____________________________


Sally meets her friends every Saturday morning. Dad cleans his car once a week. Use the present simple. 2. __________________________________________. 4. Translate into Spanish the following sentences. 1. 5. When is the first day of school in Spain? __________________________________. What time is it? Write about a typical day in your life. ____________________________. My mother likes going to the cinema twice a month. adverbs of frequency and time expressions. _________________________. My brother always gets up late. 2 . __________________________________________.Draw hands on the clock to make correct time: It’s eleven o’clock It’s half past one It’s half past three It’s quarter past four It’s quarter past nine It’s five o’clock Telling the Time. 3.

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