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Organizations are formed for fulfilling certain objectives. The objectives are laid down as and when an organization is started. It is the pooling up of ideas and innovations for sustainable development. Various factors like manpower, money, machinery, capital, management etc are grouped together to form an organization and to achieve the goals of the organization. But these efforts will become a failure if they are not managed properly. This Industrial study is an attempt to know about the organization and its effectiveness of management. For that, I have selected a very famous and established industry named Transformers and Electricals Kerala Ltd. It is located at Angamally

For economic development, Electric Power has a major role with out Power generation no development can be possible. As a crucial part of development it is worth while to make a study about the requirements, which are used for the generation of electricity.

There are so many factors which lead a company success. Hence through this organizational study, I wish to express the key factors which make TELK the No.1 transformer manufacturer. There are so many factors which are directly or indirectly related to the success of the business. Through this study, helps to know the working of all departments & how systematically it is going on in the organization.

Dept. of Management Studies ASIET



It has the following needs:     The study attempts to understand the performance of different departments To understand the working Condition in the organization. To understand the quality assurance of the organization To understand the financial position of the organization To understand the services given by the organization to the society.

      To understand the organizational structure. To know about the strategies of the company. To know more about the company To know the policies & procedures of the company. To understand & study the different departments of the organization. The objective of the study was to gain practical knowledge of the system & procedure of various departments in an organization.  To know the resources of the company such as men, money, materials, & machinery are managed.  To interact with managers at various levels of organizational hierarchy.

For the purpose of the study data have been collected from both primary & secondary sources. The sources of primary data include the discussions with the Senior Officers at various levels & official records & files of the company.

A design is a conceptual structure with in which the research is conducted . The study describes about the functions of different departments & Working Dept. of Management Studies ASIET


TELK LIMITED conditions of the Organization.5.2 METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION 1. Primary Data: The primary data was collected through the direct interview with officials of TELK through observation. 1. Angamally.  The company didn’t reveal some official reports & documents as it kept confidential. departmental manuals & website – www.6 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY   Time constraints This study was mainly conducted with the help of annual reports.telk. departmental manuals etc. Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 4 .com 1. Secondary Data The secondary data has been collected from various magazines. journal brochures. enquiry. past records. 2. The study was conducted extensively at TELK.

TELK LIMITED CHAPTER 2 Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 5 .

Independent Power producers and Turnkey Projects. That is. Siemens. The power generating capacity in India increased almost by 50 times during the past fifty years. Asia Brown Boveri. But still this is only a beginner in the field of electrical turnkey contracts.1 INDUSTRY PROFILE Transformer Industry. Up to the beginning of nineties the public utilities played the largest role in the power sector. The opening up of economy and liberalization policies are resorted to by the Government of India. The industry is monopolistic in nature with the bulk of the demand for Power Transformer being generated by State Electricity Boards and Central Government undertakings. Power is a basic input for growth and development of a country and it is essential ingredient for improving the standard of living of the people. The transformer Industry mainly comprises the Power Transformers Segment and the Industrial Transformer Segment. of Management Studies ASIET 6 . was giving ample importance to the power sector in the five-year plans. Larson & Toubro. A crisis in the national economy resulted in substantial shrinking of resources available for investment in public sector. In 1950 the generating capacity was nearly 1800 MW which has now increased to about 90000MW. TELK also had started a Project Engineering Division in 1985. Tata Projects etc and so on. demand for Transformers and related products is a derived demand dependent on Power Sector Development. India. with its planned economy. a segment of Heavy Electrical Industry depends solely on the power development in the country in particular and of the world in general.TELK LIMITED 2. changed the power sector scenario totally. The main reason for the same was to ensure additional funds for the massive capacity expansion needed. As such. The major suppliers who are possessing almost 90% of the turnkey market are Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. the importance of growth of power sector cannot be over emphasized. Bombay Suburban Electric Supply. In 1991 the Government of India opened the doors of power sector to private parties also. Dept. Crompton Greaves Limited. in developing economies.

a real break through by enlarging the operations of project engineering Division is yet to take place.TELK LIMITED There are also others who entered comparatively later such as Jyothi Structures. of Management Studies ASIET 7 . Even though TELK has already executed a few turn key projects and got order for a 400 KV substation project from Power Grid. The price levels in respect of these products also have been registering a negative growth during the past years. TELK along with other small Companies hold only the balance 1% of the turnkey market. UB Engineering & so on & they are holding about 9% of the market. Dept. Techno. In the instrument Transformer field & Isolated Phase Bus Ducts there are many players including those in small scale sector.




Transformers & Electricals Kerala Limited, Angamally, Ernakulam ( Dist ), Kerala known by the name “ TELK “ is a major extra high voltage electrical manufacturing company owned by the Government of Kerala. The Company was incorporated in December 9-12-1963.

Kerala Heavy Electrical Project ( KHEP ), TVM is the pioneer of TELK. The first MD of TELK was Mr. A.O.Ummen. In 1964, the registered office is transferred to Ernakulam. The Ambassador of Japan laid a foundation stone of the factory in January 1964 at Angamally. The GOK, KSIDC and Global gain in power equipments M/S Hitachi of Japan joint hands to land supporting nation building.

Reasons to Choose Angamally:
 The location for the factory was selected at Angamally due to the following reasons:The factory is located at Angamally about 30Km from Cochin Airport. It is very near to TELK and customers can reach TELK from this airport within minutes. The factory is located beside the National Highway 47 and is easily accessible by road. The company is having its own railway sidings.

Dept. of Management Studies ASIET


TELK LIMITED  Its location is just opposite to the Angamally station help the company to move their products by rail Seaport Cochin is about 30kms away from TELK which helps the company in its exports. In 1966, the registered office Ernakulam was shifted to Angamally, in the beginning stages of the company, there are four regional offices. TELK has set up regional offices I New Delhi and Chennai for giving better services to customers. The other regional offices are Mumbai and Calcutta. But now, all of the regional offices are not in working stage. The Calcutta regional office was closed in the year 2000. Mumbai and Chennai regional offices were closed in the year 2002 and 2004 respectively. At present only Delhi regional office is working. This is running well. This is running to help the marketing networks for taking orders and execution work. There is no production up to 1996 January. Trail production starts from February 1966. The product was 5MVA transformer manufactured for KSEB. The product was handed over to KSEB on May 1966. TELK started commercial production on May 1966 by manufacturing 4 MVA, 66/11 KV Power Transformer to Kerala Electricity Board.

TELK has made history in the Power Transformer field in India as follows:   First 400 KV Power Transformer manufactured in India First 315 MVA capacity, 400 KV Transformer manufactured in India Largest capacity Generator Transformer ever manufactured in India ( 630 MVA Bank capacity supplied in 2003 )   First 4000 KV Gas Circuit Breaker manufactured in India. First 400 KV Condenser Bushing manufactured in India etc.

Dept. of Management Studies ASIET



The most 4 important stages of TELK are as follows:In the first stage, initial capacity was 1080 MVA Power Transformer. Current Transformers ( CT ), Potential Transformers ( PT ), Voltage Transformers ( VT ), On Load Tap Charger ( OLTC ), Bushing etc are produced. In 1974, the public issue of equity share capital of Rs.2crores increased to Rs.5crores. At that time the capacity increased to 3000 MVA. In this stage, the capacity is increased to 4500 MVA.. The fourth stage expansions are the turning point of TELK.


TELK has got the coveted position in India as the manufacturer of Best Quality Equipments in Extra Voltage field . This unique position in respect of Quality was imbibed in TELK’s culture right from the beginning, with cent percent Japanese technology and manufacturing methods that we adopted from the world famous Hitachi, Japan. The Company has got ISO 9001-2000 Accreditation.

The management of the Company subject to the control & supervision of directors, that is in the hands of the Managing Director. Managing Director is the supreme of the Company. He is the Chief Executive of the Company. He is the representative of the Government. Chairman is the top of the Managing Director. Dept. of Management Studies ASIET


K.Chairman M.Maheen Aboobacker MM.NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Name T. out of 11. of Management Studies ASIET 11 . Viswambharan( Managing –Director ) P.G. Final Authority is Government of Kerala. Finance Secretary. Abdul Basheer M.A. BOARD OF DIRECTORS SL.Imbichammad.Rajagopal ( Chief ElectricalInspector ) KR.A.Jayaprakash (Addl Secretary ) TABLE 1 Dept. Major Shareholdings are under taken by the Government. So the decision making power is vested with them. Power Secretary or KSEB Chairman.P. Industrial Ministry is controlled by the Company.2 from Hitachi.Chattopadhyay ( SBT ) S. There are 11 Board Members in TELK.TELK LIMITED Board of Directors is the top of Chairman.Abdulla -Member (Distribution ) K. Policy matters are done by Managing Director with the approval of Board of Directors.Azeez T.Bohra ( Executive Director ) G.K. The Company’s Annual Reports are passed in the Annual General Meeting by the Board.1 from SBT 2 from financial Institutions and all others are Government nominees Such as Industrial Secretary.Rajamma ( Joint Secretary to Govt ) C.

 TELK’s own “ in house “ requirement .  Gas Circuit Breakers. Dept. Isolated Phase Bus Ducts etc. are not in the Product Range at the moment ( non-availability of latest technology ).TELK LIMITED 2. Condenser Bushings and On Load Tap Changers are also manufactured.2. Shunt Reactors. TELK is concentrating on manufacture of Power Transformers and Instrument Transformers only. of Management Studies ASIET 12 .6 PRODUCT PROFILE Following are TELK’s products: Power Transformer  Reactors  Current Transformers  Voltage Transformers  Oil Impregnated Paper Condenser Bushing  On Load Tap Changers  High Voltage Circuit Breakers  Isolated Phase Bus Ducts  At present.


are used for communication. memos etc. Two from Financial Institutions.3. One is formal and other is informal. Two of them are from Hitachi Ltd. COMMUNICATION PROCESS & METHODS Communication is an essential part for the success of any organization. 1 from SBT and others are Government nominees.TELK LIMITED 2. Industrial department of Government of Kerala does all decisions about TELK. Written order in the form of circular. In TELK two ways of communication are exist. of Management Studies ASIET 14 . Generally 11 directors are in TELK. Dept. one from KSIDC.1 ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE OF TELK TELK is headed by a Chairman and day to day affairs are managed by managing director. Board of Directors heads Chairman. Common matters of the company are displayed in the notice board. Managing Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Company provides extension phones and parallel connections to every department.. Japan.

of Management Studies ASIET 15 .TELK LIMITED CHAPTER 3 Dept.



The selection processes of employees are taking place through the public service commission and the work men are selecting through employment exchange.1 PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT The success and strength of any organization lies in its human resources. A very effective personnel ( human resources ) department is functioning in TELK with various functions. Company has separate standing orders for both work men and office men. The employee strength of TELK can be listed as follows:Sweeper To Chargemen Office Staff To Peon Officers To General Manager Apprentice Temporary Employees Total 723 107 206 120 25 1181 TABLE 2 Dept. The strength of manpower required is approved by the Board of Directors. of Management Studies ASIET 18 . The department prepares manpower planning schedule each year. 3.1. as per the man power strength required.2 PERSONNEL PLANNING Personnel requirement of each department to achieve the targeted production of the company is determined first. The departments prepare manpower planning schedule each year. After selecting the employee the personnel department gives proper training for the job. Officers and Staffs are the main Assistants of Manger ( Personnel ). The head of Personnel Department is Manager ( Personnel ).TELK LIMITED 3.1. Manpower requirement of the production and administration departments are planned in such way as to conform to the future expansion and development of the Company. requirements are made.

11. The Areas Covered Under This Department Include: 1. Labour Welfare. 7. Performance Appraisal 7. 5. Disciplinary Action. Public Relations The department conducts training programmes for the management personnel. 2. Dept. 6. 12. Recruitment of Apprentices. Recruitment and Selection 2. Promotion 4. 8. First Aid Treatment. 10. Time Office 6. Issue of Salary to Employees. Trade Unions 11. Advertisements. Prepare Officers Rating Report. Retirement Arrangements. Transfer and postings. Referendum. Welfare measures 9. Actual promotion of both Work men and Officers. 9. supervising staff and department heads. of Management Studies ASIET 19 . Induction. Wages and Salary Administration 5. 4.3 FUNCTIONS OF PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT 1. 3.1. technical personnel. Training and Development 3. Health and Safety 8. Recruitment procedure of Contract Employees. Employee Grievance 10.TELK LIMITED 3.

safety officer. stenographers. Public Service Commission 3.e. Casual Dept.TELK LIMITED 3. through advertisement Selection of employees is made through written test and interview. Permanent 2.1. This system of recruitment is resorted to for the purpose of recruitment of engineers. Temporary 6. Apprentice 5. Substitute 4. Cost and Works Accountants and statutory officers like company secretary. Through direct method i. Recruitment through newspaper advertisement is usually resorted for recruitment of Managerial Personnel.1 RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION OF EMPLOYEES Recruitment of employees is done through three sources:1. Classification of work men:1.3. professional persons like chartered accountants. attendees drivers etc are recruited by the Kerala Public Service Commission as per the requisition given by TELK. Probationary 3. Employment Exchange 2. of Management Studies ASIET 20 . Workman required for production departments are recruited through Employment Exchanges. Personnel required for administrative departments like office assistants. welfare officer etc.

seniority will be determined according to the age.3. Procedure of the company.2 INDUCTION. If two or more persons are appointed to the same category at same date. The selected list shall be kept alive for one year and vacancies arising during the course of that period shall be filled from that list. 3.TELK LIMITED 3. Orientation Training: . d. Where it is made on the basis of seniority-cum-merit.This type of training gives a general idea about the policies and b. They are: a. The company sponsors employees for undergoing training in management. On the job training: . Promotion is made according to the rank in the list. of Management Studies ASIET 21 .1. Induction Training:.Giving training while doing the Job. seniority adhere cannot confer promotion as a matter of right and one has to be found fit for promotion.3 PROMOTION Promotion is judged with reference to the date of occurrence of vacancy and not of appointment. c. Appointment on temporary or ad hoc basis shall not count for seniority.3. Engineering and technology etc organized by well established institutions and universities. Dept. For workers there are 3 types of training conducted by the company.It helps in learning the specialties of particular job. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT In TELK regular training programme for newly recruited engineers and supervising personnel.1.

Provident Fund Both employer and employees contributing to the PF as per the statutory requirements of PF Act.4 WAGES AND SALARY ADMINISTRATION a. HRA.TELK LIMITED 3. PF. Employees State Insurance ( ESI ) Now ESI is applicable for casual workers. e. ESI and other special allowances which is fixed according to the experience and grade of an employee. Transport Subsidy The company provides with a transport subsidy of RS 115 per month. DA. Payment Structure Total payment is divided to basic pay. Workmen who are residence of company quarters will also be eligible for HRA. House Rent Allowance HRA is fixed as 10% of basic pay to a minimum of Rs140/-& a maximum of Rs.400 per month.1. of Management Studies ASIET 22 . d. Dearness Allowance The company will pay to all its regular workmen except the non cadre workers dearness allowance at 4. It is beneficial only on accidents in the course of employment resulting in the absence from work. c. f.85 per point above 173 points of consumer price index. b. Dept.3.

k.500 is provided by the company. of Management Studies ASIET 23 . Leave and Holidays Earned Leave:.30 days in a year (1/12)th Casual Leave:. Dept.13 days in a year i. j. Travelling Allowance TA will be revised by the management in consultation with the unions of workmen within 3months from date of signing this settlement. l. h. Winter Cloth Allowances Winter cloth allowance Rs.TELK LIMITED g. Short Leave Short Leave of not less than 1hr at the end of the shift up to a total accumulation of 4hr per month will be allowed.35 days on half pay ( Pay + DA ) in a year National and Festival Holidays:. Working dress All workmen in the factory and office will be provided with three pairs of pants and three slack shirts in December every alternate year. Erection Allowance The workmen engaged in inspection of transformer tank at suppliers work on the days of actual testing one inspection of the transformer tanks will also be eligible for the above erection allowance.12 days in a year Sick Leave:.

5 TIME OFFICE ADMINISTRATION For the correct calculation of wages for the employees and for keeping their attendance the company has a time office. n. Working Hours The working time of the office staff is from 9:00 am to 5:00pm.TELK LIMITED m. the first shift from 7:30am to 3:30pm. of Management Studies ASIET 24 . there are four daily punching. duly certified by the ESI Medical officer. The fourth shift begins from 9:00am to 5:00pm. a. The second shift from 3:30pm to 11:30pm.BANGALORE. Absence will be marked for the exit except for sickness or any official purpose. Interest Subsidy for house loan To meet part of interest expenses incurred by workmen solely for loans raised by them for construction of own house. For the worker there are 4 shifts i. Punching system is followed for making the attendance i. two times in the morning session and the other two in the evening session.e. the management agrees to subsidize such interest subject to limiting the total annual financial commitment to Rs.3. The third shift begins from 11:30pm & ends at 7:30pm. Attendance Bonus is given to all those who have 18 days attendance with out loss of pay & sick leave. Dept.1. b. The management agrees to pay for a maximum period of 20 days. The bonus rate is two days/ months salary up to the post of Assistant Officer. Accident Benefits In the case of workmen who meet accidents in the course of employment resulting in absence from work.100000/-. The system is computerized by ZECONS.e. Over time Overtime can be taken whenever necessary but only with the permission & knowing of the supervisor. 3.

3. Then the report will be sent to the personnel department . Increment is fixed as ascertaining 15% of the basic salary. Aptitude d. Dependability f. of Management Studies ASIET 25 . Quality of Work b. Job Knowledge e. For the second shift the amount is fixed as 20Rs /day& for the third shift Rs30/e.6 PERFORMANCE APPRAISL The company has an efficient and effective method of performance appraisal. Quantity Work c.3. Normally the Above said process is being done twice in a year is in June/July & December/January. d. Attitude g. Shift Allowance For the second & third shifts an allowance is given.TELK LIMITED c. For workers.1. Attendance The supervisor will be the first rater & it will be reviewed by the Engineer. their performance are evaluated on the basis of the factors like a. Disciplinary Proceedings A workman found guilty may be warned or punished either by a fine not exceeding 3paise per rupee of the wages payable to him or by suspension for a period / not exceeding 20days by discharge or dismissal. Service weight & Increment All regular workmen on the rolls of the company will be eligible for service weightage. Based Dept.

the basis for appraisal is divided into 2 main factors.TELK LIMITED on the marks obtained in the performance evaluation. physical condition. quality and dependability. Developing Subordinates attitudes towards others. suggestion record and family background are also taken in to consideration. a. performance evaluation. initiative & original thinking. They are classified into 6 groups Group I II III IV V VI Range of Mark 91-100 81-90 71-80 61-70 51-60 50 and above TABLE 3 They are clarified in the Certain other factors like education and training . intelligence & decision making leadership. integrity & commitment etc. For the office staff. Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 26 . organizing & controlling. responsiveness to change & innovation. quality and cost and time consciousness and b. Managerial Factors Managerial factors which includes planning. Job Performance Job Performance factor which includes job knowledge.

Safety boards & Safety paths are arranged in the factory. the company has formed a welfare schemes. Dept. 3.3.TELK LIMITED 3. Company gives very important role for safety. In addition to medical reimbursement advance payment for hospital bill is issued for employees.1. Voluntary abandonment of service due to in capacity on medical grounds. Canteen In every organization as per the Factories Act where there are more than 250 employees food items are to be provided at a subsidized rate.7 HEALTH & SAFETY Health check up are done for the employee.3. Company appointed safety officers for executing the safety measures. or long absence without pay & also in cases of retirement or deaths. in case of long illness .8 WELFARE MEASURES a. Ambulance service is always available in the company for 24hrs.1. major surgery. of Management Studies ASIET 27 . The scheme came into force on 1st January 1980. March 4 is the Safety Day of the Company. It will about 1% of the total turn over. The scheme ensures financial aid to the workers & his family members. b. The company is spending around 8lakhs of rupees per month as canteen expenses. A committee is formed represented by both workers & management. Company provide canteen facilities to the employees. They have only to pay 55 paise per meal. Welfare Fund In order to provide the employees with better working condition & facilities. Conducting safety classes & Safety shoes are issued for employees.

3. There is a library and reading room for the employees.3.9 EMPLOYEE GRIEVANCE Grievance of individual employees and collective grievance of urgent nature will here after be settled expeditiously at lower level and only when this is not possible will be handled and settled at higher levels. a referendum will be conducted by the management. ( INTUC ) TELK Workers Congress. Thus it satisfied the recreational needs of the worker. Recreational Facilities TASC. d. At present three are 4 unions in TELK gets such recognition. 15% of the employees representing the union will be eligible to participate in discussions with management. 4. All the employees are members of the club. 2. of Management Studies ASIET 28 . It provides with loans & other sub financial aid to the needy employees. 3. in TELK Arts and Sports Clubs conducts the various cultural programmes for the employees. 3. 1. ( AITUC ) TELK Employees. TELK Workers Union & TELK Staff Union will nominate representatives from amongst the employee in each section and shift to represent grievance according to the grievance procedure and forward lists of names of representatives nominated to the management and also intimate changes when takes place. The canteen is also run by the co-operative society. 3. Employees Co-operative Society It has a sound working system. It has a salary saving scheme. TELK Operators Association.TELK LIMITED c. TASC Day is celebrated every year.1. (CITU ) TELK Employees Union. For this purpose TELK employee Union. ( Independent Union ) TELK Employees and Staff Association Dept.10 INDUSTRIAL RELATION Every four year.1.

the Company has an active Public Relation Section which tries its best to make a good relation with the public.& make contacts with the press & other media.3. It tries to solve the general problems of the public made by the company in a peaceful manner. The other major activities of public relation section are giving advertisements.1. of Management Studies ASIET 29 .TELK LIMITED 3.11 PUBLIC RELATION In TELK. Dept.


Preethi Industries. Hence purchasing is one of the delicate activities. 3. Careful buying reduces the cost of materials & there by increasing profits.Rubber mat. Safe Industrial & Marine Stores Cochin:.1 THE MAIN SUPPLIERS AND ITS RAW MATERIALS 1.Thinner 6. In an Industry purchase means buying of equipments. The head of purchase departments of TELK controls all purchases for company production and also responsible for the evaluation of vendors & for the development of new and existing vendors.TELK LIMITED 3. materials.Tools 4. tools.Plain washers 8. Donbosco Tech Cochin-Bearing 3.2. of Management Studies ASIET 31 .Corksheet 7.1 PURCHASE & MATERIAL DEPARTMENT Purchase of material is one of the important functions of material management. required for industry. parts. Calcutta Electrical & Engineering.Tools 2. Corrub Industries Vadotara:. Dept. At times material accounts for more than 50% of production costs. Ignoring this function can be very expensive. Berger Paints India Ltd:.Co-Ceramic 5. Mehta Trading Company Mumbai:. Addison Co Ltd: .2. stores etc. .1. Purchase procedure may differ from firm to firm. In manufacturing the first step is to purchase raw materials is required.

 Preparation of product wise production schedule & product budget by production & planning department.2 THE PURCHASE PROCEDURE OF TELK    Acceptance of order & detailed designs as per customers.2. Preparation of material indent. Forwarding order details to production & planning department. Internal audit & financial approval.1.        Calculation of net requirement of each items by material planning department.TELK LIMITED 3. of Management Studies ASIET 32 . Preparation of detailed designs as per customers specifications order & bill of materials by the design department. Seller selection. Order is placed. Receipt of the order by the purchase department Inviting quotations from various sources of supply. Dept.

and approval purchase order.3 ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PURCHASE DEPARTMENT Chief of Operation Head of Material Group in Charge-I Transformers of Imports ASST. Communicating & initializing measures to implement management review findings authorized persons for review.1. Head of Materials: .4 RESPONSIBILITY AND AUTHORITY Chief of Operation: . of Management Studies ASIET 33 . Inter Departmental Co-ordination .Overall control of all matters related to procurement.Officer Group in Charge-II Switch Gears of others Engineers Staff Staff Junior Officer Staff 3. Data Analysis.2.1.Manager ASST. Implementation of Corrective Action.2.General Administration. Dept.TELK LIMITED CHART NO 3 3.

Dept. Implementing Corrective Action 3. Any other work assigned by Head of Materials/ Group in charge. Control of Records 4. Review of Purchase Orders 5.Direct responsibility for:- 1. The movement from the initial stage of material Procurement up to the final stage sales are shown in the following chart. Authorized person for Review & Approval 5.2.2. Vender Evaluation 2. Releasing Enquiries 3. Purchase Function as assigned by the Head Engineers\ Asst Engineers\ Junior Engineers 1. File Processing 4. of Management Studies ASIET 34 . Follow up with Vendors 6. Review of Indent 2.TELK LIMITED Group in Charge: . 3.1 MATERIAL CHART OF MOVEMENT:- The various materials obtained from different sources are passed through different process before getting the finished product.

TELK LIMITED CHART NO 4 Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 35 .



3. Production target is done at monthly. There are two specifications in the tender. of Management Studies ASIET 38 . Inspection & Testing.3 PRODUCT CAPACITY Actually TELK’s products are tailor-made products. Each department is headed by managers who are responsible to General Manager. This is produced according to the requirement of the customers. 3.TELK LIMITED 3.  Price of production per month is decided through budgeting.1 PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT The production wing is headed by Assistant General Manager ( Technical ) under the production wing.3. THE MAJOR FUNCTIONS OF PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT  Inspect qualities of all raw materials.  To divide work into different shops.  Requisition given for raw materials by each shop. Production. Press Board & Transformer oil. So Transformers are not ready made products. Company’s licensed capacity is 4500MVA. Assembly. Factory Service despatch of transformers etc. These are the following departments dealing with Design Planning (material& production ).  Technical Specification  Commercial Specification Dept. The company bought tender specification from the customers. Copper. Mild Steel. The main raw materials for the Production of transformers are Core.

Commercial Specification is studied by Marketing Department. Insulation Shop Special high density pre-compressed variety of press board imported from aboard is used for the manufacture of the winding cylinders. 2. interleaved joints in core which helps to reduce cross fluxing and flux concentration. so they know the size. relating to transformer. The type of core construction adopted by TELK makes use of mitered. Core Fabrication Shop The 400 KV class Transformers will be generally large in size and hence it is essential to minimize hot sports in the core. etc. Two numbers vertical winding machines are available for manufacturing heavy and large coils. TELK was the first transformer manufacturer in India to install vertical winding machines. 3. Coil winding shop A fully air-conditioned and dust controlled coil winding shop is available which is meant exclusively for extra high voltage transformers. The various special facilities available in TELK for the manufacture of 400 KV class Power transformers are as follows:1. 3. They only know whatever all things needed for producing a transformer. measurement. . 90 degree joints are completely eliminated to ensure Dept.3. of Management Studies ASIET 39 .TELK LIMITED The technical department and design department study the Technical Specification.4 MANUFACTURING FACILITIES: TELK is fully equipped to manufacture 400 KV class Power Transformers up to350MVA unit capacity or 600 MVA three Phase Bank.

a dry air generator is installed in the assembly shop. Transformer Assembly Shop The core and coil assembly of Extra High Voltage Transformers is carried out in an air-conditioned chamber. Testing & Inspection In this. For this purpose. During work inside the Transformer tank. of Management Studies ASIET 40 . 4.TELK LIMITED that there are no hot spots in core. technical experts trained in transformers testing perform the Inspection & Testing of Transformers & other products manufactured in the presence of witness inspectors deputed by various customers. 7. the active part will be continuously flooded with dry air at low temperature so as to minimize moisture absorption. Dept. Plate Work Shop Plate workshop manufactures steel tanks for transformers and allied products. Drying and Insulation Processing Shop The Extra High Voltage Transformers will be dried at a very high degree of vacuum to ensure complete elimination of moisture. 5. Cooling ducts provided in the core ensure uniform cooling of the core. THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF VARIOUS DEPARTMENT HEADS The following are the responsibilities of Various Department Heads Under Production Function. Material inspection wing of this department inspects the various components in TELK or purchased from outside agencies. 6.

TELK LIMITED 1. Head of Planning Dept:Responsibilities • • • • Companies Production Plans & Schedules Materials requirement Planning for Transformers Co-ordination with marketing, Design & Production centers Control of Documents, Records and MIS etc.

2. Head of Transformer Design Department:Responsibilities • • • • Control of Design and Development. Tender & Design Assignment. Approval of Design and Control of / Design changes, Control of related Documents. Training of design Staff, preventive action review & co-ordination within the department/ with other department. 3. Head of Switchgear Design Dept Responsibilities • • • • Control of Design & Development Lender and Design Assignment Approval of Design Output & Control of Design changes. Financing of Design Staff, Preventive Action Review & Co-ordination within the Department/ with other Department etc.

Dept. of Management Studies ASIET


TELK LIMITED 4. Head of CT, PT, Bushings ( CPB ) Dept:Responsible For • • • All activities related to Product realization of the Division Materials planning & Control for CPB Control of Documents

5. Head of Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Dept Responsibilities • • • • • • Control of Electric Data Processing Application System Development Procurement & Implementation Computer Installation/ Maintenance/ of computer system Back up of Data/ programs in the Centralized Server & Periodic integrity check up of back up Security against unauthorized access of systems Control of Documents & related records etc…

6. Head of R& D and Standards Dept Responsible For • • • • • • R& D Activities Planning Assignment of R&D projects, review& surveillance of R& D activities Issue & Control of Design Supports as generated in the section Codification of materials Drawing & other documents control etc. Preparation / Collection & Control of company standards

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7. Head of Purchase Department Responsibilities • • • Controls all purchase for the company production Purchase of all items except the indigenous items required for circuit breakers and items required by the project engineering division. Evaluation of vendor & for the development of new & existing vendors.

8. Head of Stores Dept Responsibilities • • • • Receipt, Identification, Storage, Issue & Control of Materials Disposal of Scrap/ Obsolete Materials Control of Documents & Related Records Overall Planning of Store Activities

9. Head of Quality Assurance Dept:Responsibilities • • • • • • Verification/ Inspection/ Testing of purchased products Stage/ Final Inspection of products Collaboration ( electrical, servicing & maintenance of quality assurance equipments ) Corrective action review Release of final products Control of further processing, delivery or installation of product until the deficiency or unsatisfactory condition has been corrected

Dept. of Management Studies ASIET


Power Transformer Power Transformers are vital equipments required for High Voltage Power Transmission Networks. These are hermetically sealed & hence not susceptible to impurities & humidity. These voltage Transformers are hermetically sealed & hence are maintenance free. of Management Studies ASIET 44 . Bushings Bushings are manufactured by thermal stability & low dielectric losses even at high temperature & over voltages which make them superior to other types of bushings. ELK manufacture electromagnetic type voltage transformer up to 245KV Class. Current transformers manufactured by TELK are porcelain type .3. 2. 4.6 PRODUCTS OF TELK 1. Voltage Transformer or Potential Transformer They are required for protection & metering in power system networks. 5. On Load Tap Changers ( OLTC ) Dept. Current Transformer Current Transformers are required for protection & metering at generating stations & sub stations in power system networks. 3. 3. These are hermetically sealed & hence are maintenance free. Bushings manufactured by is are more compact & sturdy.TELK LIMITED • Control of documents and co-ordination within department / with other departments.

OLTC required for TELK’s own transformers are produced in the Switchgear Division. Supply. Erection & Commissioning of substations & power stations up to 400kv system voltage. 12. It is not a problem solving concept but a problem prevention concept. and mechanical calibaration.3. Engineering. deputy leader and a facilitator & Sangamam Quality Circle represents coil & insulation shop.up to 36KV. 3.5KV to 420 KV class  High Current Bushings:.Construction of Substation up to 400 KV on turnkey basis 3. of Management Studies ASIET 45 . 400 KV class  Shunt Reactors:. It includes coil winding.80 MVAR.5KA  On Load & Off Circuit Tap Changers:.3. Dept. In TELK there are only 2 Quality Circle. coil assembly and Insulation shop.For Transformers up to 420KV class  Other Services:.8 TELK’S PRODUCT RANGE  Power Transformers:.9 QUALITY CIRCLES The main aim of Quality Circle is self development and material development of grass root level employees. These are also being sold to other transformer manufacturers in India.From 10 MVA 33KV to 315 MVA. 420 KV  Current Transformers:.From 72. tool room.From 66 KV to 420 KV class  Potential Transformers:. Dhalia Quality Circles contain 8 members. Dhalia Quality Circle and Sangamam Quality Circle.3.From 66 KV to 420 KV class  Oil Impregnated Condenser Bushings:. It includes one leader.7 TELK ENGINEERING & CONSULTANCY SERVICE It is the Project Engineering Division of TELK. 3phase & 780/3 MVA single phase. 3.TELK LIMITED It is manufactured by TELK are resistor type & based on Hitachi Design. This division undertakes Turnkey Project for Design. Dhalia Quality Circle representing machine shop.

manufacturing. of Management Studies ASIET 46 .11 ISO CERTIFICATION Dept. This emphasis on quality at product design. testing and installation up to commissioning of the product. Technology up gradation Reducing rework level Increased customer satisfaction 3. Achieving lowest manufacturing cost. The main reason for reducing quality circle is shortage of manpower. It includes one team leader & a facilitator. lack of fund. At TELK.3.TELK LIMITED Sangamam Quality Circle contains 5 members. In earlier all most all areas were covered by quality circles. As one of the first Indo-Japanese joint venture in the country. QUALITY MANAGEMENT TELK’s Quality Policy – “To provide products and services that meet customer & regulatory requirements & to continually strive for business excellence. manufacturer and vendor selection has given TELK ample returns by way of customer confidence their products enjoy today.10 QUALITY OBJECTIVES Continual improvement of business excellence through • • • • • Reducing business cycle time. 3. TELK has been emphasizing on the Total Quality concept from the beginning in line with the ethos of their Japanese Collaborator.3. quality is never an accident but a feature built into its products as a result of conscious effort at every stage of manufacture right from design. through procurement. ageing of work force.

Bus Ducts and Substations ‘’ which is the first such comprehensive certificate in Indian Power Transformer Industry. TELK’s project Engineering and Consultancy services are one of the first such divisions of any company in India to have got certified under ISO 9000 series. Installation and Servicing of Transformers. Production. standards are procedures spelt out by Hitachi and religiously followed by TELK helped the company to achieve the coveted ISO 9000accreditation with comparative case. TELK has been recently accredited with ISO 9001 certification with respect to the following scope: ‘’ Design.TELK LIMITED The systems. TELK has been certified as an ISO 9001accredited company by KEMA. Development. Switchgear. Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 47 .



2. shippages & other problems in production meetings  Co-ordinate the facilities.1 PRODUCTION PLANNING AND CONTROL The role of planning & Control Department is to plan & schedule manufacturing activities & liaison with Sales. 3.TELK LIMITED 3. materials & components for the production  To receive order intimation from sales department  Implement management instructions & ISO requirements in Planning  Furnish data to the management on Production Performance  Carry out & implement management instructions & decisions from time in planning. Quality & Testing so as to ensure quality & delivery of products & services to the specified requirement. of Management Studies ASIET 50 . Design.4.4.1 ENGINEERS IN PLANNING  Follow-up of materials with purchase & co-ordinate inspection  Attend review meetings & report material position  Keep records & registers related to the areas Dept. 3.4. Purchase.2 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Head & Sub Head of Planning Department: Strategic planning of production  Plan & arrange materials in time  Prepare annual production plan & schedules  Prepare & submit statutory reports  Strategic planning of transformer production  Inter departmental/ division co-ordination  Plan & Co-ordinate the activities in each production centers  Highlight delays. Manufacture.

Manufacturing & Quality Department for Customer Inspection / Clearance. inspection & stores for making materials available as per the plan 3. parts & components in their respective areas.  Liaison with Sales.  Monitor stock & status of purchase requisitions. of Management Studies ASIET 51 .4. Inspection & Purchase Departments. among Manufacturing. regarding material requirement & specification. 3.TELK LIMITED  Report production problems to higher authorities  Co-ordinate the activities of various shops involved in the manufacture of the product in this area  Arrange works contract . instructions etc.4.3 MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS OF PLANNING  Materials requirement planning & scheduling including communications of requirements & specifications to purchase department  Management Reporting  To maintain quality records related to planning department  Regular liaison with purchase.  Various jobs in his area in Consultation with his Superiors.  Distribution and control of drawings. specifications. Dept.4 THE VARIOUS FUNCTIONS OF THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT  To plan Yearly/ Quarterly/ Monthly Production & Schedule manufacturing activities of various products. issue & receive materials against works contract  Prepare production schedules & programmes allocate materials &  components to the various jobs in his area in consultation with his superiors  Timely arrangement of materials.  Receipt of drawings/specs from design.  Get clarification from Design.

 Conducting work activity analysis & preparing the study data as a report.  Co-ordination for review of deviations & non conformities observed during production & inspection. Required documents are maintained for control of release of materials to various manufacturing sections.  Co-ordination & control of production activities including periodic review with the concerned personnel & modification of production programmes wherever necessary according to the customer requirements. including inter-shop transportation of materials & parts wherever necessary.  Preparation of productivity Earning Report based on the accepted norms on standard man hours & as per the terms & conditions of production Agreement mutually agreed up on by the management & the unions from time to time.TELK LIMITED  Control of release of materials to various manufacturing sections. availability of materials etc. Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 52 .


5.5 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 3.  Conducting work activity analysis & preparing the study data as a report.1 FUNCTIONS OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING  Preparation of productivity Earning Report based on the accepted norms on standard man hours & as per the terms & conditions of production Agreement mutually agreed up on by the management & the unions from time to time. Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 54 .TELK LIMITED 3.



 Tender Review & Order Review  Handling of Customer Complaints  Control of Department manual instructions and standards  Study internal quality reports and initiate timely corrective actions. In charge Product Group / Export/ Area Incharge  Preparation of offer/ Quotation Dept.6.TELK LIMITED 3. Head of Marketing Assist to Chief of Marketing Department Direct responsibility relating to  Preparation & Issue of Department Manual  Handling of Customer Complaints  And any other works as assigned by the Chief of Marketing Departments. shipment etc. inter department & Regional Offices  Co-ordination of dispatch. of Management Studies ASIET 57 .2 RESPONSIBILITIES & AUTHORITIES Chief of Marketing Department Overall Responsibility For: Co-ordination with in department. collection of receivables etc.  Monitor order execution \ processing.1 MARKETING DEPARTMENT 3.6.

 Co-ordination of other functions like Purchases.TELK LIMITED  Correspondence with Customers  Review of Orders  Co-ordination with other Departments  Co-ordination of After Sales Service ( Export )  Invoicing & Payment Collection  Maintain records related to Contract Review & Co-ordination Activities Engineers & Other Officers  Assist Incharge Product\ Export \ Area Incharge in their respective area Regional Manager  Liaison between Head Office & Customers in the concerned region in marketing related works. Dept. interfacing between customer & various departments in the factory for the execution of contracts including the related commercial work.  Administration of Regional Office The role of Marketing Division is to book sufficient orders from domestic & International market to feed factory’s production. 3. between Head Office & other organizations.6. Finance etc. of Management Studies ASIET 58 .3 OBJECTIVES The objectives of Marketing Division are as follows:Continual Improvement of business excellence through  On time delivery of Quality Products. proper liaisoning & interaction with customers directly & through Regional offices.  Attend customer complaints with in one month.  Rapid response to customer.

TELK LIMITED  Analysis of customer perception & appropriate corrective action. of Management Studies ASIET 59 . Dept.

6.TELK LIMITED 3. Value for Customer Good value for money is the basic for pricing of TELK products and many of their customers are aware of the premium price which TELK is eligible for. Uncompromising Quality Standards TELK is a synonym for quality in the EHV power field in India and at TELK.6. you need a supplier like TELK who understands the importance of timely delivery. Cost effective technology & high levels of labour productivity are the basic necessities to tide over the present situation optimum quality products with most competitive price are also very important Dept. quality is a way of life.5 STRATEGIC PLAN The marketing strategy proposed for survival and growth is as follows:Pricing The company is now unable to effectively combat the price war which has set in recently. Excellent Service to Customers TELK realizes that customers are their strength and thus services to customers is of highest priority to TELK.4 MARKETING PRINCIPLES:Prompt Delivery When the cost of delay is so punishing. of Management Studies ASIET 60 . 3.

Dry type transformers. Dept. Selection of Customers Another Strategy is to concentrate more on Independent Power Projects. Industrial Customers. Loco transformers & capacitors& speedy inclusion of the above items in the product list of the company has to be emphasized.realization/ delay in realization of payments from customers is one of the main Problem faced by the company. Despatch Review is conducted every month. Captive Projects & so on. Diversification Due to the present financial position of the company it is difficult to make huge Investment for product diversification. Hence more attention has to be given to related items which can be taken up with marginal Investment with better use of available technology the company can easily diversify to areas such as special types transformers. Electricity Boards has to be minimized to the extent possible. Railways. Transportation Despatch & transportation of all finished products/parts are arranged coordinated by Marketing Department. A permanent & efficient machinery for following up the receivables & to collect Payments is also proposed. Hence the primary need is to reduce the receivables level substantially emergent & massive collection programme with the help of agents & regional offices is proposed to bring down the receivables level. Suitable Vehicles are arranged according to the requirement of the concerned execution. of Management Studies ASIET 61 . A preferential approach to customers having better paying capacity has to be resorted to & the dependence on weak state.TELK LIMITED Receivables Management Non.

6.This was followed by a few exports of Power Transformers & Instrument Transformers to countries like Nepal. The first major export of TELK consisted of 2Nos. Due to financial & internal problems faced by the company. However a real boost to TELK. export marketing efforts came with the recent opening up of the Indian Economy & the subsequent globalization measures of the Indian Government. Cambodia & Malawi.6. Malaysia. TELK had made record in export turn over by supplying Transformers worth Rs. Japan & this has enabled TELK to penetrate new overseas markets against stiff competition from Multi national giants. of Management Studies ASIET 62 . TELK had been following a very stringent quality standard laid down by their collaborators M/S Hitachi. USA & so on.7 CUSTOMERS OF TELK The customers of TELK are  National Customers  International Customers Dept. Nigeria. Iran.TELK LIMITED 3. the export was little less up to 2003-04.6 EXPORT TELK has been exporting its products right from the 1970’s. TELK has bagged & executed many sizeable export contracts to many countries like Indonesia.50MVA. 132 KV Transformers to Tanzania in 1972. Oman. There after TELK has been concentrating only on Oman market & in the year 200506.2633lakhs to Oman only( 125 MVA ). 3.

Few important customers of TELK are: Nuclear Power Corporation Limited  National Thermal Power Corporation  Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.TELK LIMITED Major Customers in India All large Electrical Power Utilities in India are the Customers of TELK (both Public Sector and Private Sector Utilities ).  Larsen & Toubro Limited  Damodar Valley Corporation  Neyveli Lignite Corporation International Customers of TELK  Bangladesh  Cambodia  Indonesia  Iran  Malaysia  Mauritius  Nigeria  Nepal  Oman  Singapore  Tanzania  USA Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 63 .  Asia Brown Boveri Ltd.  National Hydro Electric Power Corporation  All state Electricity Boards  Tata Power Company  Reliance Energy Limited  Siemens Ltd.

Andrew Yule company.8 COMPETITORS OF TELK There are National & International Competitors National Competitors Market Share 42 30 10 8 10 Installed Capacity 4000 MVA 1000MVA 5000MVA 4500 MVA Competitor BHEL( Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. Eswar & Son. New Govt Electrical Company ) TABLE 4 International Competitors  ABB-( Asia Brown Boveri ).TELK LIMITED  Vietnam 3.6. ) CGL ( Crompton & Greaves Ltd.Kirlosker. Finland  SIEMENS.Germany  AROWAY-France  AE Power System –Japan  VATECH ( Austria ) Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 64 . ) GEC ( General Electrical Ltd Company ) TELK Bharat Bijili.

 Reviewing orders in association with design.9 INPUT/ OUTPUT MATRIX CHART NO 8 INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT Market Data Tender/ Enquiry Customerorder Equipment for Processing Payments/Documents from customer Tender/ Offer Preparation & Review Order Review Interaction with other department Correspondenc e-e with Customer Offer to Customers Order to Factory Products/ Services to Customer Invoices to Customers 3.  Handling of customer complaints.10 FUNCTION/ PROCESS The various processes that are dealt with the Marketing Department are as follows  Reviewing enquiries for adequacy & capability to measure requirements. of Management Studies ASIET 65 .TELK LIMITED 3.6.  Interacting with the customer for resolving conflicting measurements of the contract.  After sales service of Export Contracts. Dept.  Maintaining records of contract review.6.

Agents.TELK LIMITED 3. Appropriate offer/ Contract is made & reviewed separately along with main order. They will give quick response / reply for attending the repair/rectification work for TELK products. technical part of the enquiry is forwarded to Design Department along with tender. Tender Registration is done in Computer.6. Enquiry Processing Computer format for cost estimation & preparation of technical specifications & commercial review is done by Marketing Division. Marketing Division conducts Preliminary reviews & decide capability to execute it. 3.13 CUSTOMER SERVICE DIVISION For giving better after sales service & customer care TELK has a separate wing Rapid Response Customer Service Department.6.6. of Management Studies ASIET 66 .11 ENQUIRY/ TENDER REVIEW All enquiries pertaining to the products are received by Marketing Division through Regional offices. 3.12 CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS All the customer complaints received during the guarantee period shall be resolved. on deciding participation. & directly from customers. All after sales service of export contracts is processed by Marketing Division. Dept.

14 CHART NO 9 Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 67 .6.TELK LIMITED 3.

TELK LIMITED Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 68 .


7.1 FINANCE DEPARTMENT Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 70 .TELK LIMITED 3.

( MRC ). there are departments like Books & Accounts. Bill department. All these sections are headed by DMC.Managing Director  MRC.7.Assistant Officer ( Accounts )  AO ( F&A ) – Assistant Officer( Finance & Accounts )  AO ( B ). Cash. Taxes. Deputy Manager Account’s ( DMC ) is directed to MRC all matters relating to Audit. Tax Affairs. Finance & Account’s. Books etc. Costing. Costing.Junior Officer ( Wages )  JO ( F ).Assistant Officer ( Bills )  AO ( T) – Assistant Officer ( Taxes )  AAO ( C) –Assistant Account’s Officer ( Costing )  AO ( Books ) – Assistant Officer ( Books )  J O ( AD ).1.Junior Officer ( Fund )  JO ( F & A ).Deputy Manager Account’s  AO (AD)-1-Assistant Officer Audit-1  AO (A). Wage Administrations & Final Accounts Expansion of the items of organizational charts as follows  MD .Junior Officer ( Bills ) 3. of Management Studies ASIET 71 . He deals with the whole financial aspects of the company.Junior Officer ( Finance & Accounts )  JOB.2 RESPONSIBILITIES OF DEPARTMENTAL AUTHORITIES The head of the finance department is Manager ( Account’s ).TELK LIMITED Finance department is another important department of TELK. Assistant Officer Audit-1 Dept. Finance departmentis headed by Manager ( Finance ).Junior Officer ( Audit-1 )  J O ( W ). Under his control.Manager Account’s  DMC. Bills.

Managerial Remuneration. EDLIS works of company & Canteen Balance Sheet.  Court Attachments.  Medical Bills of workmen. ESI. The main duties of the assistants are as follows: Travelling Allowances Bills. Supplementary Payments & Allied Works. Supplementary Payments & Allied Works. House Loans & Allied works. Book keeping. of Management Studies ASIET 72 . Incentive. Such as Junior Officer ( AD-1) & Junior Officer ( AD-2 ). Employee Statement. Medical Bills of Officers & Allied Workers. Settlement. Bonus.  Salary Recoveries. Salary Certificates.  TDS ( Salary ). Assistant Officer ( Account’s ) He is the head of 2 junior officers. and Company House Loans Allied Works. Fixation. Leave Benefits. The duties of his assistants are as follows:  P. Receipts. Journal Entries. Medical Bills of Office Staff & Allied Works. Invoices.  Preparation of Salary. Their main job Internal Audit of all Proposals. Dept.  Development of all software for the F&A Department. Professional Tax. Junior Officer ( Funds ) There are 3 assistant for Junior Officer ( funds ).TELK LIMITED He is the head of 2 Junior Officers. There are 7 assistants for junior officer ( wages ). Welfare Fund. Such as junior officer ( wages ) & junior officer ( funds ). Salary Preparation & Allied Works. Payment Vouchers & Verification of Vehicles & Documents in respect of Conveyance Allowance. Accounts Receivable. Pension. Medical Advances.F.

There are 5 assistants for JOB-1 & JOB-2.TELK LIMITED  Gratuity. Assistant Officer ( F& A ) He is the head of Junior Officer ( F&A). Interaction with bank arrangements of Insurance policies & Allied Works. Investments. Cheque / DD Payment. The duties of the assistants are as follows:  Interaction with Banks. The main duties of the assistants are as follows: 1. Tax Returns & Allied Works. Assistant Officer( Bills ) He is the headed by DMC ( Deputy Manager Account’s). Analysis of Ledgers 4. Cheques etc Cash Disbursement. Valuation of Receipt Vouchers 3. AO ( Bills ) is the head of Junior officer Bill-1 & Junior Officer Bill-2.  Receipts of Cash. Processing of Bills 2. Maintenance of Related Records and Allied Works. Bill Negotiation. He has 3 assistant. Maintaining of Records & Registers & Allied Works. Advance/Settlement of PF. The duties of his assistant are as follows: Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 73 . Reconciliation.  TDS other than Salaries. Assistant Officer ( Taxes ) He is the head of tax related matters. Junior Officer ( F&A ) has two assistants. Returns. Bank Guarantees.

The service personnel shall be common to all the operating section. The main duties of the assistance are as follows: Costing. BIFR matters and all sales tax matters and allied works. For administrative Convenience. Information. Assistant Accounts Officers ( Costing ) He is directly headed by DMC. Attender. Management. The main duties of the assistance are as follows:  All works relating to Book Keeping  Preparation of Balance Sheet  Audit Works  Income Tax matters & Management Information & Allied works. Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 74 . DCP Attenders etc are coming under service section. they shall submit their leave application to AO ( F& A ) who shall forward the same with recommendation to DMC/MRC. Service Section Steno-typist. He has 2assistants. He has 3 assistants.TELK LIMITED Invoice preparation and all central excise matters & allied works. Assistant Officer( Books ) He is directly headed by DMC.

the company is in a profitable stage. the TELK is under the control of BIFR.54lakhs which has been deferred by the Government of Kerala up to 2002 without interest.4 PERFORMANCE OF TELK  During the year 1966-1980. So at that time.TELK LIMITED 3. again the company incurs a loss stage. 12% dividend was declared.3 CAPITAL STRUCTURE OF TELK Capital structure of TELK is made up of shareholders funds & loan funds. Also it contains sales tax dues amounting to 1219. Dept. TELK incurred a loss of Rs9crores.  During the year 2002.  During the years 1980-1990.  During the year 1987. BIFR ( Board for Industrial & Finance Reconstruction ) declared sick unit & appointed IDBI as operating agency.  During the year 1972-1980.7. the company faced a loss stage.7.2004. Shareholders funds include equity share capital & resources & surplus where as loan funds consists of secure loans.  During the year 1991-1998.  In the year. 3. of Management Studies ASIET 75 .2005& 2006 the company shows a profitability stage.2003.

42 1.24 104. Invoices. 3.72 4.25 4296.84 100.00 After conversion of reliefs & concessions as per KSIDC TTP SIDCO Hitachi.45 36.66 3.41 49.15 11. In order to cover other areas outside Chartered Accountants firm is also being engaged as Internal Auditors.00 48. Payment Vouchers & Verification of Vehicles & Documents in respect of of conveyance allowance.57 2.7. of Management Studies ASIET 76 .7. Receipts .7 ACCOUNTING POLICIES USED IN TELK Dept.47 3.31 % 82.20 _ _ 104. Now the selection was headed by Assistant Manager.6 INTERNAL AUDIT OF TELK After the incorporation of Transformers & Electricals Kerala Ltd in 1963 an Internal Audit section was formed by the management by its Order No 80 dated 31st January 1977 & this was functioning initially under an accounts officer. Their responsibilities are Proposals.95 49. Japan F/S Public Total 3. 3.00 48.64 214.00 TABLE 5 value 3340.75 1. This section is at present mainly concerned with checking of payments.67 100.1 DUTIES OF INTERNAL AUDITOR Internal Audit is headed by Assistant Manager Audit & he is assisted by one Assistant officer Audit & One Junior Officer Audit.99 2.73 % 77.20 503.13 0.45 36.63 _ _ 7.7.TELK LIMITED 3.7. pre-audit of purchase proposals etc.25 1357.5 PRESENT SHAREHOLDING PATTERN IN TELK Existing Structure Govt of Kerala value 1119.6.

Dept. The company follows the written down value method of charging depreciation on all its fixed assets.12. of Management Studies ASIET 77 . Fixed Assets & Depreciation:Fixed Assets are stated at cost less accumulated depreciation. Foreign Currency Transactions:Transactions denominated in foreign currency are normally recorded at the exchange rate Prevailing at the time of transactions. Difference between the actual result & estimates are recognized in the period in which results are known / materialized. Depreciation of additions to assets or on sale of assets is calculated pro-rata from the date of such addition or up to the date of such sale as the case may be. Accounting policies not referred to otherwise are consistent with generally accepted accounting principles. recognizes income & expenditure on accrual basis & the financial statements are prepared under the historical cost convention in accordance with the applicable accounting standards & requirements of Companies Act 1956.1994 for the full year. Use of Estimate:The presentation of financial statements requires estimation & assumptions to be made that affect the reported amount of assets & liabilities on the date of financial statements & The reported amount of revenues & expenses during the reporting period.56( E) dated 16.TELK LIMITED Accounting Concepts:- The company follows the mercantile system of accounting. Depreciation is charged at the rates prescribed Under Schedule XIV of the Companies Act 1956. Any income or expenses on account of exchange rate difference either on settlement or at the time of translation is recognized in the P & L a/c. as amended by Notification No7. Monitory items denominated in foreign currency At the year end are translates at year end rates.

TELK LIMITED Contingent Liabilities:Contingent Liabilities are not provided for & are disclosed by way of notes. Claims for Liquidated Damages etc.:Claims against the company on account of interest to suppliers. Retirement Benefits:The company’s contribution to the provident fund is charged against revenue every year. Provision for actuarial gratuity liability is made in the a/c’s based on the actuarial valuation by the LIC group insurance scheme. interests on advance received from customers etc are taken in the accounts only on acceptance. Provision for liquidated damages is made in the accounts to the extent they are considered doubtful of recovery. it is not possible to estimate with virtual certainty supported by convincing evidence. of Management Studies ASIET 78 . Deferred Tax:The company has not recognized deferred tax asset. The company has unabsorbed depreciation & carry forward of losses under the tax laws. Investments:Investments are stated at cost. the extent to which future taxable income will be available against which such deferred tax asset can be realized. Provision for accumulated leave encashment is made on amount of leave eligibility / salary on actuarial valuation. However. Inventory Valuation:- Dept.

3.(e) Finished goods are valued at cost or net realizable value which ever is lower. (c) Stock of scrap is valued at realizable value. of Management Studies ASIET 79 . if any on clearance. which ever is lower.(d) Jigs & Fixtures & Stock of Tools are revalued & stated at cost or revalued price.8 CHART NO 11 Dept. net of credit of duty of excise.TELK LIMITED (a) Stock of raw materials & stores are valued at average cost.7. which ever is lower.(g) Value of materials considered for the above is net of Modvat Credit.(b) Stock of raw materials in bonded warehouse & materials in transit are valued at cost excluding customer duty payable.(f) Work in Progress is valued at weighted average cost of materials plus proportionate share of labour & manufacturing overheads including depreciation. but excluding financial overheads or the realizable value based on the cost of completion.

TELK LIMITED 3. of Management Studies ASIET 80 .9 CHART NO 12 Dept.7.

TELK LIMITED Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 81 .


1 FUNCTIONS OF SECRETARIAL DEPARTMENT  Share Transfer & Share Issue is the main function of Secretarial Department. of Management Studies ASIET 83 . 3.  To write minutes in Board Meetings  Controlling of Company Vehicles.  To prepare Agenda for Board Meetings in Consultation with MD. Dept.8. So TELK has a Company Secretary.TELK LIMITED Secretary JO Assistant A Company with above 3crores paid up capital a Company Secretary is must as per Companies Act.

of Management Studies ASIET 84 .TELK LIMITED CHAPTER 4 Dept.

• Recruitment are not being affected for a long time. • The products are well accepted in the market due to its International Quality Standards. Gas Circuit Breakers has been removed from the manufacturing range which was contributing the 10% of turn over.TELK LIMITED 4.1 FINDINGS Some of the findings that I could get from my studies are:• • In the Senior Management Cadre lot of posts are vacant. Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 85 . both in officer and workmen categories. • Promotions of the employees are not happening periodically.

TELK LIMITED SWOT ANALYSIS Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 86 .

3 OPPORTUNITIES:   Increasing Export of transformers. So it creates a good customer relation.  Company gave an important position for labour welfare.  National highways & Railway station are very near to TELK. There is a technical collaboration with Hitachi Ltd. Plant & Machinery are old & not updated . Most of the labourers are skilled and hard working. 4.  Advertisement is less. Try to penetrate into Kerala market. Introduce new products. of Management Studies ASIET 87 .2 WEAKNESS OF TELK:  Non availability of materials in Kerala.TELK LIMITED 4.  The Company had maintained a very good Quality Assurance of the products. So employees cooperation make very attractive.2 SWOT ANALYSIS S W 0 T Strength of TELK Weakness of TELK Opportunities of TELK Threat of TELK 4.1 STRENGTH OF TELK: The Company has developed a dedicated work force. Dept.2.   The Company had achieved ISO-9001 Certification.2. It affects production & order execution time. Japan 4.2. So transportation facility easily available.

Price of raw materials are highly fluctuating.2. Local markets made many low quality transformers & sell them at low price.TELK LIMITED  Cost reduction through high productivity. 4. of Management Studies ASIET 88 .4 THREATS OF TELK  Heavy competition from local markets. Electricity shortage in Kerala   Dept.


 Machineries & Technologies used by the company are very old. Dept. So there is essential need to implementing latest technologies.  TELK should expand its own R&D division.TELK LIMITED 4. The experts in the regional offices should take initiative for getting contracts.3 RECOMMENDATIONS AND SUGGESTIONS  It is obvious that TELK is producing only high capacity Transformers & components. of Management Studies ASIET 90 . It increases the production capacity.  Company should make effective utilization of the Regional Offices for getting orders. This may help the company to reduce the cost of production in the later stage and also can help the company to venture into new areas in fast pace with latest technical knowledge. If the company can also make auxiliary Power Plant Equipment components to increase its product line & depth. then definitely TELK can have a good markets particularly in the domestic field as well as in overseas markets.

TELK LIMITED CHAPTER 5 Dept. of Management Studies ASIET 91 .

1 CONCLUSION TELK is a leading manufacturer for the export quality transformers in India & Abroad. TELK had adapted to a culture of meeting customer requirements and puts in place the system & practices aiming customer delight . scientific approach & better team building. TELK are adapting the management style of integrating quality. At TELK they look at every challenges as a new opportunity to grow. To sum up. TELK meets this type of competition by way of quality of the products. of Management Studies ASIET 92 . Competition is natural.TELK LIMITED 5. The main positive aspect of the company is that it should maintain a better relationship between the management& employees. Dept. This company is at its strive towards excellence through the combined efforts of its management and the dedicated work force. Currently. All the trade unions are maintaining a better relationship to the company.

com Research Methodology. Angamally Departmental Manuals of each Department at TELK www.TELK LIMITED 5.telk. R. of Management Studies ASIET 93 . Angamally Product Brochures of TELK.2 BIBLIOGRAPHY    Annual Reports of TELK. L. Potti   Dept.