Angelica Grace B.

Dela Cruz BSN4c2


Dose/Route/Freq Classification/Indic uency ation
1puff BID 8 - 6

Mechanism of Action

Side Effects

Contraindicatio ns

Symbicor t Turbo haler

Regular treatment of asthma where use of a combination (inhaled corticosteroid & long-acting 2agonist) is appropriate. Symptomatic treatment of severe COPD & history of repeated exacerbation symptoms despite the therapy w/ longacting bronchodilators.

Symbicort® contains formoterol (a selective long-acting ß2-agonist bronchodilator) and budesonide (a glucocorticosteroid), each of which have a different mechanism of action. Together, they show additive effects . The specific properties of budesonide and formoterol allow the combination to be used as a maintenance treatment for COPD

Headache, palpitations, tremor, candida infections in the oropharynx, mild throat irritation, coughing, hoarseness.

Hypersensitivity to inhaled lactose.

Nursing Responsibiliti es *advise client to immediately report if experiencing head ache of DOB after puff

rigors. and patients who mechanism of action is side effects are have previously unknown but similar usually transient. reported side in any situation effects include where opioids itching. who received hypnotics. pain. ULTRAM® narcotics used for the and vomiting. like other component of for transmitting the sensation nstipation. any in the brain (opioid effects other receptors) that are important include nausea. ‡ Assess BP & RR before and periodically during administration. demonstrated morphine. dizzine this product or of pain from throughout the ss. opioids. headache. tramadol have narcotics. centrally acting Abrupt withdrawal analgesics. reported seizures.Angelica Grace B. insomni drugs. and intensity of pain before and 2-3 hr (peak) after administration. ULTR a. diarrhea. are sweating. Like morphine. ‡ Assess bowel function routinely. may be Less commonly contraindicated abused. any of the and vertigo. dry contraindicated. r including acute ash. psychotropic sweating. Prevention of constipation should be instituted with increased intake of . of tramadol may opioids or result in anxiety. Its exact tolerated. AM® may Mechanism of Action Side Effects Nursing Responsibilities Assess type. following: Some patients alcohol. (tramadol hcl) is treatment of pain. Dela Cruz BSN4c2 Drug Tramadol Dose/Route/F requency 1ml IVF TID Classification/Indica tion *Analgesic Contraindicatio ns Tramadol is a man-made Tramadol is should not be (synthetic) analgesic (pain generally well administered to reliever). Respiratory depression has not occurred with recommended doses. mouth. Tramadol. location. body to. Commonly hypersensitivity tramadol binds to receptors reported side to tramadol. visual intoxication with disturbances.

Dela Cruz BSN4c2 nausea. .Angelica Grace B. and hallucinations. worsen central nervous systemand respiratory depression in these patients. ‡ Assess previous analgesic history. may cause opioid withdrawal symptoms. tremors. Tramadol is not recommended for patients dependent on opioids or who have previously received opioids for more than 1 wk. fluids and bulk and with laxatives to minimize constipating effects. diarrhea.

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