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Complex,Sector- 16,Gurgaon- 122 001(Haryana) Research& Development lnfrastructure Division

EIUlO5O/VISHWA/61 and Pvt. M/s Vishwa lnfrastructure Services Ltd Padma 22, Flat 109/1'10, Tower-ll, No. Place, Delhi-110008 Rajendra New - 4ft25711157 Phone: Fax :-011-25711157 no.

Date: 03.02.2012

Project. Vineet Agarwal, lnterceptor GM Sewer Kind Attn:Mr. SupplementaryShahdara & drainsfor SeweralongNajafgarh, Sub.:Layingof lnterceptor Dwarka. YamunaGomments Elec{rical submissionsNPS, of of in abatementpollution river Dear Sir, you 19.01.2012 wherein dated letter VISPUEIUDJB/|C-Sewe/2011-2UACO|146 no. This inreference is toyour SLD, Layout, Mechanical drawings GA forTransformer cable sizing, sizing, Earthing hadsubmitted calculations have reviewed lt that and Pumping Station Dwarka.isto beinformed thedocuments been at andlayout New of for are below:commentsthesame given Sizinq: Gomments Transformer on provision2 incomer lt be that shall of supply.may noted thetwoincomers beterminated 1)Asproposed inSOR, provision nos, outgoing betaken from panel. panel be HT LT shall and of shall in HTpanel buscoupler with per ofSLD available intender document. ACB 1600 with DG as scheme charged independentlyindependentsets is for LT asprovided connectingpanels notrequired. in for factor taken calculation? 2)What thebasis demand of0.6 is motor which loads stand loads? by Consider starting biggest of load, 3) Which continuous intermittent and are parallel sizing short circuit calculation. have operationtransformer and for philosophytransformer, operation, panel incase for D.G APFC etc. of and 4))Describelistcontrol operation & mains failure. sizinq calculations: Cable factor? 1)What basis derating is for during starting condition. forvoltage ofmotor drop 2)Furnish calculation value & 3)Please thedesign ofinitial finaltemperature. check for of HT considered. 4)Submit documentAmpacityLTand cables Submit circuit short cunent considered transformer is notO.K. for sizing short current 5) Symmetrical circuit for KVA calculation1000 transformer. for conductor provided. tobe 6) Source 'K'value Aluminum of
ISO 9mt : 2ll00 BY1RQS APPRO!'ED tt! t

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shall toL.7) Earth loop fault impedance calculation submitted thecable isnot with selection. MGV beprovided of shall insteadg nos. power Loss excitation. panel nottaken consideration 2) APFC is into forAMFpanel/PlC panel locking DG synchronization inter for operation/Mains operation. D. following The phase like protection.51G(Backup relay). flow.G protection Reverse with sets. Earthinq Calculation: 1) Submit potential stop detailed calculationearthingcross for potentials. 3) Confirm whether auxiliary like MGV.G the lo by manufacturersD. of as by 9)Add for51G 64Rwith panel. shall loads for phase three MSG operate single phase on or supply. 2)Two screens shown plan drawing. 8)10nos. panel R€ t$ +t go-or o-9 t t of . Earth fault up. source 'K'for Submit of steel.15 GS4. Under/over voltage/frequency/fluxing. 50 Relay N ( Instantaneous 50 earth fault relay).t and Please also provide length earthing provided ESS adjoining orperimeter. restricted fault shall provided. CT's & Diesel Generator add forAPFC and CT (HFD GADrawinq Lavout Pumpinq & of Station: andProcess document notsubmitted is vet) 1)The level pump beinvert ofterminal start of shall level sewer. sqwr PEOPLE irT qrErR-EqR 6.G Panel Transformer to & Secondarv side: 1)Asconfirmedyou. to as No of technical specification Vol-ll. 4) Provision DCsupply notshown documents it willbe required operation flowmeters. the of conductor for and area 2)How earth willbeinstalled FFL. secondary by the oftransformer beconnected panel bus and cable. shown you. current (50) transformer earth fault Over relay and auxiliary shall provided relay be panel. tray 3)Please earthing show connectionMCC for no capacitor cable etc.T by duct not Sinqle Diaqram: Line 1)Submit load the mnsidered sizing PDB LDB. submit Please DELIVERING EXCELLENCE THROUGH Visit us as http://www. & check mesh w. Revise levels the accordingly.engineersindia.r. Low of negative sequencing. Gl Bus above (Show typical arrangement). panel142. be 6) Instantaneouscurrent shall provided motors over relay be for above KW. 5)List relays beprovided D. earth etc. inC/R/metering 7)Additional spare 10% feeder to beprovided contractor each are by for rating. LDB shall considered onminimum for of and The load be based per luxlevel bemaintained clause 4. of is in as for of transmitters etc. are in of Please clarify. back tripping trip and circuit supervision Transformer relay.

with does match overall grid shown pump station not for 6)N&E line is room difficult near in out as to of car 7) Orientation parking bechanged going and of theentrance theguard parking for2 wheelers. in valve pit foul from well liquid at 15) Provide trap thedrain toavoid gas wet entrap the with are adaptors provided tierods' all 16)Confirm flanges block. Plant True 10) Show and (v)' pipe. provision space of Also. near rising of for details crossingdischarge mains theexisting 9)Provide North.shall be The to etc. three to roads beprovidedallthese locations' shall diesel sets' for required emergency gen storage of the 5) Show locationthediesel plan layouts & GAdrawings. the and comments submit revised with tocomply above are You requested You. Accordingly and of grit and for road 4) Access required removal replacement trailer.r or eflqR-EilTlts'ff PEOPLE THROUGH DELIVERINGEXCEILENCE Visit us as h rjee)' (lnf re-P rastructu roject-07) DGM No. Thanking (Sanjbyukhe lr. with reviewed theData approach pumps fr=fr t{r at \r6'dlat eS t t . layout. and of calculation size thrust Show and for Provide calculationreview approval. with opening access grabs and rails vertical bars guard forallthe Provide 12) of and for platforms the valvechamber accessing maintenancepipeworkand in access 13) Provide instrumentation drain towards pit.shall of 3) Thelength Dl fittings/Valves/Reducer beselected suittherequirement. release on valve/vacuum valve pumping of locationairrelease Show 18) atthe documents earliest. chamber slope 14) Provide onthevalve chamber.\v* A seEf. same and of sheets valves fittings. Telephone 01244794337 /\i. surge 17) mains. PS flap NRV Provide type ontheoverflow (Refer 3'3'3 11) ladders.engineersindia. include with current the (Pylons)' tower of the 8)Show locationHTtransmission footings drain. location.