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25th November 2011 Re: pharmacists sponsoring staff & Nominations Dear pharmacist As part of the governance arrangements for the use of smartcards it is necessary for the PCTs to maintain a definitive list of those people who are able to sponsor others in their smart card application forms. We are writing to you to ask you to sign a document which details a sponsor’s responsibilities and at the same time provides us with a specimen signature that we can keep on-file for checking against submitted forms. The signed documents will be kept securely by the PCT and will only be accessible to the RA Manager and RA Agents who need to see them. Please read the short paragraphs on the next page, fill in your name, organisation and position, then sign within the box and return just the signature page by post to your relevant PCT. If you no longer need to be a sponsor then please just let me know via email or telephone. Also we have been told that smartcard requirements for the Personal Demographic Service (PDS) means that to manage patient nominations many EPS users will additionally need to have the B0825 activity granted within their User Profile. The RA can add this to the existing RA02 form on request Thank you for your continued help.

RA forms must be completed and signed by the Sponsor. A sponsor must confirm the access rights of each user. A sponsor can only sponsor individual staff within a specific PCT area and must understand which user registrations they can support within the scope of the authority granted to them. They will work with their local RA to maintain access to NHS CRS compliant systems consistent with the NHS Confidentiality Code of Practice and Care Record Guarantee. The sponsor must be assured that the user’s identity has been confirmed beyond reasonable doubt and that the user requires the level of access requested. . They will support Smartcard certificate renewal and the unlocking of cards and the re-setting of Passcodes Name Organisation . and make them clear to a user’s employer or manager as name Position Signature I hereby agree to carry out the responsibilities of a sponsor as defined above and agree to the PCT keeping a specimen signature solely for the purposes of Registration Authority use. and the revocation of Smartcards and Smartcard certificates. They must advise the User of the identity documents required by RA to facilitate their registration. Area of work and Activities sections on the RA forms. before the RA Team can make any changes. A sponsor should be aware of the applicant’s role and history within the organisation. The sponsor completes the Roles. A sponsor will understand how to support access profile change and removal requests.Sponsorship agreement form Responsibilities of a sponsor A sponsor must be registered on the Spine and have a valid UUID. with their UUID.