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Purpose The purpose of this experiment is to discover which point; Pentagonal joint, Hexagonal joint, Summit point, poses

the greatest risk of joint failure. Hypotheses: The point which poses the greatest risk of joint failure is the summit point. Materials 195 .57 by .23 meter sheets of two page news paper Masking tape Scissors Measuring tape

Longs: Cut off both ends of a tube until it is 35. Use this tube as a model to create 29 more shorts 3. Repeat until you have 65 tubes. tape another short sticking straight up. 1. The dome will start curving inward.Tape a long and a short to each joint. Connect this short to the joints on either side with longs. 4. roll the sheets up together as tightly as you can to form a tube. .Tape 10 longs together to make the base of the dome. tape the tube to keep it from unrolling. and so on all the way around. forming new triangles. 7.Procedure Construction.Now cut down the tubes to make 35 "longs" and 30 "shorts. Stack three flat sheets of newspaper together. 2.At each joint where four shorts come together. Starting in one corner. Arrange them so that there are two longs next to each other. 6. Tape the next two longs together.Connect the tops of these new triangles with a row of shorts. Shorts: Cut off both ends of another tube until it is 33 cm long." A. Use this tube as a model to create 34 more longs. Be sure to mark all the longs clearly in some way B. followed by two shorts.5 centimeters long. When you reach the other corner.Tape the tops of two adjacent shorts together to make a triangle. and so on 5.

4. 5.Finally. Place the sling on the summit point of the Dome 2. repair the structure.8.03 killograms. If joint does not break increase amount of weight by .Connect the tops of these new triangles with a row of longs. add the last five shorts so that they meet at a single point in the center of the dome. If the summit point breaks within 30 seconds: record amount of time the weight was sustained. Add the weights 10 at a time and allow to remain suspended for 30 seconds between loading 3. repeat steps 2-4 on all pentagonal points. . repeat steps 2-4 on all of the hexagonal points 6. repeat steps 2-3 untill a weight is attained were in the structure breaks. Experimentation 1. 9.

The structure of all geodesic domes involves the geodesics intersecting to form triangular elements that have local triangular rigidity and also distribute the stress across the structure. can often be overlooked in applied construction of geodesic domes as the domes are often constructed in arid dry areas that experience frequent earthquakes such as japan. A geodesic dome would come under the force of compression in instances of weight being distributed about the external structure such as snowfall or fallen trees. and the generally uniform load distribution of geodesic dome structures. pentagonal. though significant in building design. Due to the light weight. Earthquakes are a part of a larger archetype of natural forces called lateral earth pressures which heavily impact the performance of structures by altering the extent of joint pressure at a specific point. . summit point. Geodesic domes produce extremely light skeleton structures that are very stiff and rigid. deep foundations are not normally required. Construction of shallow foundations allow a considerable saving in time and money over deep foundations. As with all building the major forces in consideration when creating the structure are joint stress and compression. and hexagonal. enclosing a large area without need for internal supports.Background information The Geodesic dome has been praised as an ancient architectural marvel. This arrangement results in 3 types of joints being created in the skeletal structure of the dome. This factor. the round shape of the dome perimeter.

.Data/ Data Analysis The data indicates that the summit point is the weakest point on the dome. This can be do to several factors: distance from the ground to the summit point is higher than the distance from the ground to the pentagonal joints.

increasing the structural support of the summit point by adding spires connecting the hexagonal joints the center of the pentagon formed by them. ect. Hendecagon. the summit point is the weakest point on the geodesic dome. . Recommendations to rectify this structural weakness are to: increase the radius of the decahedron by. increasing the length of the sides or.). increasing the number of sides ( to become a Undecagon.Conclusion The experiment affirms the hypotheses.