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NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY (Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India) NIFT Campus, Doorbhash Nagar, Rae Bareli (U.P.

) 229 010. Phone no. 0535 – 2702422/30 Fax.: 0535 - 2702423 _________________________________________________________________________________________
EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR SELECTION OF ARCHITECT AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT National Institute of Fashion Technology, a premier Institute of Fashion would like to engage services of renowned Architects and / or Project Management Consultant for the Architectural planning/designing and Project Management including supervision quality control and processing of bills for the work of: “C/o New Building at NIFT Campus, Rae Bareli (U.P.) “ The scope of work includes preparation of Architectural/Structural drawing i.e. estimation and Project Management from start to completion of project. Building includes the provision of India International Fashion Centre, Academic block, Hostel with common facilities, canteen, Display Areas and allied works etc. Renowned Architect of repute and or Project Management Consultant (Public Sector Consultant will be given preference), who have executed projects of similar type, each worth Rs. 25 croes or more during the last 3 years ending Feb 2009 may forward their offer with the following particulars: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Full details of projects, which have been executed by them. Details of the number of Architects, Engineers and Draughtsman employed. Turnover for the last 3 years. Whether construction project of any College/ Institute has been executed? If so, full details thereof. Suggested Architectural plan for the building keeping in view the requirements indicated above. 6. Fee expected for the entire scope of work such as Architectural work, structural design, certification including obtaining the relevant sanction from the local authorities for the building plans, preparation of models & estimating and Project management i/c supervision, quality control and processing of bills for the work separately. 7. Submission of Hard copy and soft copy along with power point presentation, if required. Copy of the site plan and scope of work can be obtained on specific request from the office of the NIFT at NIFT Campus, Doorbhash Nagar, Rae Bareli – 229 010. The interested Architect/ firms/ Project Management Consultant can also visit the site at NIFT Campus, Rae Bareli and submit their proposal in sealed envelope with super scribed with name of the work, till 31.07.2009, up to 16.00 hrs. at NIFT Campus, Rae Bareli. NIFT – Rae Bareli invites quotation in two bid systems from interested parties. The first part of the tender, technical bid consist of Technical requirements and general term & conditions followed by financial bid. Technical Bid & Financial Bid must be submitted in two separate sealed envelope superscribed separately as “ Technical Bid” & “Financial Bid” respectively. The tenders shall be accepted till 31st July, 2009 up to 16.00 hrs. Technical bid will be opened same day at 17.00 hrs. in the presence of attending bidders in the NIFT campus of the Institute & Financial Bid of qualified bidders in technical bid will be opened on 7th August,2009. The parties who are found Techno commercially non responsive, their claim of participation shall not be considered in any circumstances. Proposals which are incomplete or are received after their due date are not likely to be considered. It may be please be noted that NIFT will not pay any charges, what so ever for any proposals for the above scope of work up to its presentation, if required. Preparation of drawings, detailed proposal, presentation etc. will not carry commitment to its acceptance / payment conditions. NIFT reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposal without assigning any reason thereof Registrar

89 20398.54 325.28 743.59 3180.61 571.30 796.19484 4335.25 46651 34220 80871 2.30 7515.14 .49 3180.47 12882.Setting up of NIFT Centre at Rae Bareli (Scope of Work) Summary NAME OF BLOCK Proposed Area sqft Proposed Area sqm Academic Block Administrative Block Auditorium Block Canteen Resource Centre Hostel Block -Girls Sudent facility centre SubTotal Additional areas as required Residential Block(faculty and staff) Hostel Block -Boys SubTotal GRAND TOTAL 66073 6150 12100 3500 8000 34220 8570 138613 6140.56 1124.

39 234.09 306.80 409.10 148.54 325.I Hostel rooms Common room Medical Hostel warden Guest room 30000 1600 538 194 388 2788.03 36.30 102.28 270 3300 2150 430 6150 25.06 4000 4000 8000 371.69 199.62 264.23 1124.75 371.61 .96 571.02 761.87 561.70 50.75 743.94 6140.56 Area as per standard in sqft 13000 8245 7005 8195 2850 6045 6905 6895 4405 2528 66073 Area in SQM 1208.Setting up of NIFT Centre at Rae Bareli (Scope of Work) Approximate requirement of Infrastructure Academic Block Name of Course FP F&A F&ALD Amit UG Amit PG F&T(TD) F&T(KD) F&LA FC FMS Total Administrative Block Reception Main Office Administrative Section Maintenance/Estate office Total Auditorium Block Auditorium Common Conference Total Canteen Resource Centre Material Wing Library wing Total Hostel Ph.00 18.81 39.18 766.73 640.26 651.49 11000 1100 12100 3500 1022.80 641.

94 185.87 25.98sqm 1500 1076 5375 46651 2000 270 1000 350 350 1100 2000 8570 Bank extn Counter room 500 Faculty & staff Quarters 38700 2080 1500 499.47 139.87 796.94 32.41 100.59 Student common facility 1000 Video Conference Server room Design Studio NIFT Designer shop NIFT stationary shop Area for spcial programmes Display areas Total Residential block Director Residence Registrar Residence Class IV Quarters Total Description * 26 no Ass Prof qtrs @80sqm 15 no Prof qtrs @100sqm ** 25 Class IV @19.09 46.NRI rooms (10) Total Student facility Centre 1500 34220 139.30 92.00 3596.54 .23 185.54 4335.41 3180.53 32.65 499.53 102.47 92.

NIFT Campus. 2009 (16. Renowned Architects of repute. 25 crores or more during the last 3 years may submit their Expression of Interest as per details in the website www.nift. Rae Bareli – 229 010 (Phone No. a premier Institute of Design. designing and executing the work of Construction of new Building in NIFT Campus.NIFT INVITES EOI FROM ARCHITECTS National Institute of Fashion Technology. who have executed projects of similar type worth Rs. Technology and management would like to engage services of renowned Architects for the planning.00 hours).ac. 0535 – 2702422 & 30) Director . Doorbhash Nagar. till 31stJuly. Rae Bareli. Contact – Registrar.