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M2.U1.6 Assessment test I.

Match the words that go together and then complete the sentences below Quality – control Finished – products Industrial – process Production – manager Large-scale – manufacturing Assembly – lines Raw – material Productivity – levels 1. Improved QUALITY CONTROL has led to higher efficiency in production. 2. The manufacture of paper is an INDUSTRIAL PROCESS . 3. Crude oil is the basic RAW MATERIAL for the plastic industry. 4. Increased PRODUCTIVITY LEVELS have reduced the number of manufacturing workers. 5. The large warehouse is used to store FINISHED PRODUCTS waiting for delivery. 6. Large car manufacturers use ASSEMBLY LINES in production. 7. The company began in a single room but has now developed into LARGE-SCALE MANUFACTURING . 8. The manufacturing process is the responsibility of the PRODUCTION MANAGER. II. Here is a part of a memo from a company director to the production manager. Complete it with words from the box.

faulty – equipment – repair – site – workshops – factory – stock breakdowns – layout – maintain – fixtures – machinery MEMO From Robert George To Sarah Bridge Re Premises

We are making good progress with the new FACTORY development. A new SITE close to the river has been acquired. Designers are currently working on the LAYOUT of the area and exact location of the factory building. All FIXTURES and fittings will be carried out by Alan Shores Ltd. The new manufacturing EQUIPMENT has been ordered and we hope to be able to install it ahead of schedule. New MACHINERY will be purchased for the engineering WORKSHOPS once they have been completed. The present machinery is old and several BREAKDOWNS recently have caused production backlogs. We will continue to REPAIR and MAINTAIN these machines until the new ones are up and running. I would ask you to carry out a full STOCK inventory as soon as possible. Any FAULTY goods should be removed from store and disposed of. III. Choose the correct answer in the following. 1.Recent faults with machines have cost the company a great deal of DOWNTIME. a. maintenance, b. slack time, c. downtime 2.Once the mock-up of the new design has been tested, we can build the PROTOTYPE. a. prototype, b. update, c. set up 3.It’s unprofitable to manufacture small quantities because of the machine SET-UP TIME a. lead time, b. set-up time, c. sequence

b. workload workforce back order material flow throughput output cycle requirement the movement of materials through a production system an order from an earlier time which hasn’t been produced yet the volume of goods which are produced something that is needed for a particular process the series of activities following one another to produce a product the amount of work that has to be done the volume of goods that can be dealt with in a certain period of time all the people who work in a particular company 1-6 2-8 3-2 4-1 5-5 6-3 7-7 8-4 . the designer is still responsible for the WORKLOAD. back order 6. schedule. c. cycle. lot IV.The production manager has to produce a production SCHEDULE for the next four weeks a. output 5. b. work in progress. b.4. delivery. set up.Once the order has been agreed and production begun.These items are produced together as one LOT. workload. Match the correct word with each definition. c. c. a. a.