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Sheet Rubber Products

in either cut form or full rolls.Trelleborg Sheet Rubber Products Trelleborg are specialists in Polymer Technology and are one of the world’s leading suppliers of high grade. The products featured in this catalogue are sourced from our global production facilities and held in stock at our warehouses in Brisbane and Perth. quality RUBBER SHEETING . Trelleborg customers can expect products of the highest level of quality and consistency. please contact your local representative to discuss your requirements. Our quality and manufacturing procedures are strictly in accordance with ISO 9002 + ISO 14001 and Trelleborg’s extensive R&D facilities are available to investigate new products and materials. Trelleborg are able to supply all of your Sheet Rubber requirements. Trelleborg also provides you. to meet the needs of our customers. Because of our continued investment in state of the art production technology. with ‘peace of mind’. 2 . our customer. Our products are used world wide. Should you need Sheet Rubber grade not listed in this catalogue. our Australian and New Zealand agents are able to supply immediate ‘off shelf delivery’ for many of these items. in a range of applications throughout many market sectors. Because of this. because you are dealing with a competent and reliable supplier.

5mm.5mm x 2 ply 6mm x 2ply 9mm x 2 ply SPECIFICATION Hardness 60 +/-5 SG 1.All rolls are 1500mm wide x 30mtr lengths. NATURAL RUBBER SIZES 1.38 12 300% SPECIFICATION Natural Soft FRAS Slit Sizes of Natural are Available : 3 . 3mm.All rolls are 1200mm wide x 10mtr lengths.5mm. 150mm. SIZES Natural Soft FRAS 1. 250mm. 200mm. Seals and Gasketing. 150mm.5mm x 1ply 6mm x 2ply NEOPRENE RUBBER SIZES 1.55 Tensile 5 Elongation 300% Tear Strength 12 4.5 SG Tensile Elongation 65 1. SIZES 1. 250mm. Insertion Rubber . 4.Cotton reinforced for tear resistance. 300mm 100mm.38 8 350% 50 1.45 5 300% 11 95 C ASTM D412 ASTM D412 ASTM D624 ASTM D2240 Skirting Rubber . 250mm. 300mm 6mm 9mm 12mm 6mm 9mm 12mm Hardness +/.24 15 550 % 65 1. 150mm. 300mm 100mm. Dust and Rock Curtains. Bowling Ditch Rubber.Commercial Grade Sheet Rubber These grades are suitable for all general purpose rubber applications including Washers.5mm 3mm 4. Conveyor Skirting and many other uses where a flexible material is required. all rolls are 1200mm wide x 10mtr lengths.5mm x 1 ply 3mm x 1ply SPECIFICATION Hardness 65 +/-5 SG 1. 200mm.5mm x 1 ply 3mm x 1 ply 3mm x 2 ply 4. 200mm 100mm. 9mm Hardness SG Tensile Elongation Tear Strength Max Temp SPECIFICATION 65 +/-5 1. 6mm.45 Tensile 5 Elongation 300% Tear Strength 11 Neoprene Rubber .5mm 6mm 9mm 12mm 16mm 19mm 25mm 19mm 19mm 25mm 9mm x 12mm x 16mm x 19mm x 100mm. 200mm. 150mm.

6mm White Hygenic Rubber Rolls (R448 ) 1200mm wide x 10mtr 1.61 68 5 220 12 1. 6mm Meets requirements of FDA Pure Gum Rolls ( R399 ) 1200mm wide x 10mtr 3mm. Tear Strenght N/mm Insertion Rubber ( R608 ) 1200mm wide x 10mtr Polyester ply reinforced for high tear resistance 1. 50 % density T Line 40 ( R394 ) 1200mm wide x 10mtr 1. 12mm 19mm. White one side Black on the other Natural Roll Rubber ( R608 ) 1200mm wide x 10mtr 0. Sealed Face.8mm.4mm. 6mm x 2 ply note: 3mm and 6mm available 1500mm wide White Faced Insertion ( R608/R661 ) 1200mm wide x 10mtr 6mm x 4ply Cotton reinforced for tear resistance.5mm. 6mm. Abrasion and Tear Resistance.High Grade Natural Rubbers Natural Rubber is obtained from liquid Latex extracted from rubber trees. 3mm.5mm. 19mm. 12mm. 25mm Blue.5mm x 1ply. 3mm x 2ply 4. It has excellent mechanical properties including Tensile Strength. Elasticity.5 35 N/A 20 N/A 600 N/A 30 N/A 1.01 40 20 650 30 4 .95 0. 2.31 50 10 500 15 0. Elongation at Break % Tensile Strength Mpa. It is often used where Low Compression Set and High Resilience and Rebound properties are required.49 Hardness (shore A) Specific Gravity 65 4 200 12 1.49 65 4 200 12 1. 9mm.5mm x 2 ply. 6mm 9mm. Maximum continuous temperature 70 degrees C.5mm. 4.5mm. 3mm 4. alkalis and salts but is not recommended for oil or hydrocarbon contact. 1. 3mm. 25mm High Abrasion and Tear Resistance 1. 3mm x1ply.5mm. 6mm Natural Sponge Sheeting 900mm x 1800mm sheets 3mm. Natural Rubber has good resistance to acids.

32 60 8 350 1. 4. 12mm.49 65 4. 4.5mm.5mm x 1ply.31 70 7 300 Tear Strenght N/mm Hardness (shore A) Specific Gravity 12 17 25 25 18 40 20 20 5 . 3mm x 1 ply 4. acid and ozone Hypalon Roll Rubber ( H611 ) 1200mm wide x 10mtr 1.Synthetic Rubbers The name Synthetic Rubbers covers a vast range of man made elastomers. 6mm 9mm.5mm x 1ply. 5mm.5mm. oil. 3mm x 1 ply Excellent resistance to Petroleum based fluids White Nitrile Roll Rubber ( B571 ) 1200mm wide x 10mtr 1.4 60 8 400 1.5mm. each developed to take rubber into applications beyond its normal capability. 3mm.5mm.5 250 1. 3mm.2 60 9 500 1. 3mm.5mm.8mm. 6mm Excellent resistance to heat.5mm. 2mm. 3mm. oil and ozone resistance Neoprene Insertion Rubber ( C801 ) 1200mm wide x 10mtr polyester reinforced 1. 6mm Excellent resistance to heat. 1.28 60 10 350 1.5mm. 19mm. acid and ozone EPDM Roll Rubber (E701) 1400mm wide x 10mtr 1mm. 9mm Excellent resistance to Petroleum based fluids Nitrile Insertion Rubber ( B569 ) 1200mm wide x 10mtr polyester reinforced 1. 3mm. 25mm For increased heat.5mm.5mm x 2 ply. 9mm Excellent resistance to heat and UV Elongation at Break % Tensile Strength Mpa.42 70 6. 6mm.5mm. 4mm 4. 4.5mm.28 60 10 350 1.5mm.0 200 1. 6mm x 2ply For increased heat. 6mm. oil and ozone resistance Nitrile Roll Rubber ( B569 ) 1200mm wide x 10mtr 1. 3mm. chemical and ozone resistance can be achieved whilst still maintaining the general elastomeric properties of rubber Neoprene Roll Rubber ( C609 ) 1200mm wide x 10mtr 0. Better heat. 1. 1. 6mm Resistant to oils and meets FDA requirements Butyl Roll Rubber (T641) 1200mm wide x 10mtr 1. 4.

31 Specific Gravity 70 7 300 20 1.5mm.64 145 N/A 1.) Elongation at Break % Tensile Strength Mpa.5mm.17 60 8 350 20 0. Tear Strenght N/mm Hardness (shore A) EPDM Insertion Rubber (E701) 1200mm wide x 10mtr polyester reinforced 1.5mm.17 50 9 450 23 1.17 60 8 250 20 1. 3mm. 4. 6mm Excellent heat resistance up to 300 C Superior resistance to most chemicals Viton B Roll (V744) . 1.5mm x 1ply. 3mm Excellent resistance to heat and UV Higher temperature rated than standard EPDM Up to 140ºC working temperature Silicone Roll Rubber (S662) 1200mm wide. white or translucent Excellent heat resistance up to 250 C All grades meet FDA requirements Silicone Sponge Rubber . green 3mm.Green 1200mm wide.98 72 5 250 17 1. 3mm. 6mm Excellent resistance to heat and UV Used for all Potable Water applications Meets AS/NZS 4020 EPDM Dust Cloth Rubber (E550) 1400mm wide x 20mtr 2mm. 1. 6mm Excellent heat resistance up to 250 C Viton A Roll Rubber (V733) 1200mm wide.3 N/A .5 x 1 ply Excellent resistance to heat and UV EPDM Potable Rubber (E645) 1200mm wide x 10mtr 1. 6mm Available in red. 3mm x 1 ply.White 1000mm wide. 1.5mm.80 70 8. 3mm.Synthetic Rubbers (cont.5 200 19 6 . Improved heat aging properties and chemical resistance over Viton A Adhesives for bonding Viton also available 1. highly elastic and UV resistant for quarry and mine screen dust suppression systems EPDM Peroxide Cured Rubber (E653) 1200mm wide x 10mtr.18 70 11 250 27 1. 3mm. 4.5mm.

9mm. 25mm Superior abrasion resistance. 19mm. 70 duro hardness 0. We are happy to say that this tradition continues with the extensive range of wear resistant sheet being now being stocked by Trelleborg in Australia. 6mm. 6mm Superior abrasion resistance. 35 duro hardness for excellent flexibility T Line 43 Orange (R321) 1200mm wide x 10mtr long rolls 3mm. 12mm Superior abrasion resistance for most lining applications – dry or wet abrasion resistance T Line 50 Black Commissioning (R439) 1200mm wide x 10mtr long rolls. 6 mm. Until recently . T Line 35 Special Yellow (R396) 1200mm wide x 10mtr long rolls. the problem with using abrasion resistant rubbers was the required preparation of the sheets for bonding – namely the need to buff rubber that by its nature was abrasion resistant. Trelleborg now offers a range of abrasion linings that include bonding layers for easy application with most standard contact adhesive systems available in today’s market. 6mm Superior heat resistance. 9mm.Mining Sheet Products Traditionally Trelleborg has been a name recognised in the mining industry for quality and extreme wear resistance. Elongation at Break % Tensile Strength Mpa.21 70 13 400 30 Tear Strenght N/mm Hardness (shore A) Specific Gravity 7 .00 43 20 650 35 1. 3mm. dry abrasion T Line 70 Heat Resistant (R750) 1200mm wide x 10mtr long rolls. 12mm.5 400 30 1.18 50 8.12 62 18 400 50 1.97 35 20 600 30 1. 62 duro hardness for excellent impact resistance. 6mm General grade natural rubber with bonding layer for lining applications where high abrasion resistance is not required T Line 60 Black SAR (R650) 1200mm wide x 10mtr long rolls 3mm. however . Best material for large impact.

0 mm in roll form and up to 100mm thick in sheet form (tooling may be required) • Most rubber types and hardness requirements • Most basic colours available • Cured or Uncured sheet The benefits of local production are the short lead times and the relatively low minimum order quantities. Gum Sheet. We also have the laboratory facilities to run basic mechanical testing and provide test reports and certificates of conformity. Hypalon. Nitrile. EPDM.3mm – 6. Neoprene. Please note however that all locally produced sheet is made to order and no local stock is held of these items. Current manufacturing capabilities in Brisbane are • Smooth (Talc) finish • Fabric finish both sides • Maximum width 1150mm wide • Thickness range 0. British or International Standards. High grade Natural Rubber. Butyl and Silicone sheet rubber can be produced to most Australian. 8 .Trelleborg Queensland Rubber Sheet Rubber At Trelleborg’s Brisbane factory we have the ability to produce quality sheet rubber to your specification.

Poor resistance to petroleum based fluids. ozone. weathering resistance. Good physical properties. Good abrasion and heat resistance. Good physical properties. Moderate resistance to aromatics. each contributing something to the physical properties of the finished product. weathering and acid resistance. the balance is made up of chemicals. Excellent ozone. Excellent chemical and heat resistance. or as an aid in processing. Low permeability to air. Common Name Natural ASTM Designation NR Composition Isoprene. Moderate resistance to petroleum based fluids. Poor resistance to petroleum based fluids. Outstanding ozone. oxidation and weathering resistance. Poor resistance to petroleum based fluids. Good weather resistance.Technical Information Properties of Rubber Compounds This table is provided as a general guide to the properties of compounds containing natural and synthetic rubbers. Good physical properties. Poor resistance to petroleum based fluids. Good physical properties. Excellent resistance to petroleum based fluids. Very good weathering resistance. chemical and ageing characteristics. Excellent ozone. Excellent heat. Good physical properties including abrasion resistance Poor resistance to petroleum based fluids. The selection of these components is very much a matter of compromise since the full achievement of one property is usually at the expense of another. natural General Properties Excellent physical properties including abrasion and low temperature resistance. Most compounds used in the manufacture of sheet rubber contain about 60% by weight of rubber. Good physical properties. Very good weathering resistance. Neoprene CR Chloroprene Nitrile NBR Acrylonitrile butadiene EPDM SBR Butyl EPDM SBR IIR Ethylene-propylenediene-terpolymer Styrene-butadiene Isobutene-isoprene Hypalon CSM Chloro-sulfonylpolyethylene Chloro-isobuteneisoprene Silicone Rubber Fluoro-elastomer Chlorobutyl CIIR Silicone Viton VMQ FKM 9 . Low permeability to air. Poor resistance to petroleum based fluids. Flame retarding.

Selection Criteria Select Table Application Petrol Lubricating Oils Acid Alkali Hydrualic Phosphates Fluid Silicates Abrasion Resistance Tear Strength Impact Resistance Resilience Impermeable to Gases Compression Set Natural/SBR Poor Poor Fair Fair Poor Poor Excellent Good Excellent Excellent Fair Good Neoprene Poor Fair Fair Fair Poor Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Nitrile Good Good Good Fair Poor Good Good Good Fair Good Good Good EPDM Poor Poort Excellent Good Good Fair Good Fair Good Good Good Fair Butyl Poor Poor Excellent Excellent Good Fair Good Good Good Fair Excellent Fair Hypalon® Poor Fair Excellent Excellent Fair Good Good Fair Good Good Excellent Fair Silicone Poor Good Fair Fair Good Poor Fair Poor Fair Poor Poor Good Vitone® Excellent Excellent Good Fair Poor Good Good Fair Fair Fair Excellent Good This is a general guide only.4mm 0.Sheetings .3mm 0.0mm Roll Length Tolerances Length (mm) 1000mm 5000mm 10000mm 20000mm Tolerance +/50mm 250mm 500mm 1000mm Roll Width Tolerances Length (mm) 900mm 1000mm 1220mm 1300mm 1400mm Tolerance +/18mm 20mm 24mm 26mm 28mm 10 . If in doubt please consult. Temp ºC 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 -25 -50 OPERATING TEMPERATURES Maximum/Minimum Continuous Viton® Silicone Hypalon® Natural Rubber Neoprene Nitrile EPDM Butyl Thickness Tolerances Over 0.2mm 0.8mm 1. With this above in mind we have a policy of stocking a wide range of thicknesses and roll widths to give our customers maximum choice with clear tolerance definitions. Material Tolerances And Yields In today’s competitive markets yields are of vital importance.5mm 0.5mm 2mm 3mm 6mm 10mm 15mm Upto 2mm 3mm 6mm 10mm 15mm 25mm Tolerance +/0.

Viton.Adhesive Backed . Epichlorohydrin. strips.Fibre Glass Reinforced .White .Natural. Brass.smooth/ fabric impression .Sponge Products . Vamac. tiles • Variety of colours • Many Rubber types . Nitrile.smooth both sides . FRAS • Metallic Insertions include Steel. Silicone.fabric impression both sides .Trelleborg Sheet Products Manufacturing Capability • Hardness Range . plates. B & F . Stainless Steel • Rubber to Metal Bonding • Peroxide cured EPDM & Nitriles • Pofiled Matting & Flooring • Silicone .2mm to 150mm • Widths up to 2000mm • Long lengths able to be produced • Sheets available in rolls. Hypalon.Adhesive & Caulk .Platinum Cured . Butyl. Aflas.Sponge Products • Viton . SBR.matt impression or special design on one or both sides • Thickness 0. EPDM.A. including Sponge.Fire Rated . Neoprone.Nomex Insertion • Neoprene & Nitrile Diaphragm Rubber 11 .30 to 90 degrees Shore A • Various finishes .

We do of course guarantee the quality of our products according to general sales . Queensland. 6058 Phone: +61 (8) 9454 3566 Facsimile: +61 (8) 9454 3577 Email: tqr. the information in this brochure can only be used as a rough guideline. The mentioned properties are guiding This data is the result of many years of tests and trials. As we cannot have any influence over how our products are used. figures. As individual operating conditions influence the application of each sheet. Subject to change and error. they are used entirely at the users’s own risk. available on request.correspond to current engineering standards. in particular if specified properties are sufficient for Trelleborg Western Australia 94b Harrison Road. Australia 4034 Phone +61 (7) 3866 7444 Facsimile +61 (7) 3363 4912 Email: tqr. Our qualified engineers are available to discuss difficult problems with you. In the individual case it is the sole responsibility of the customer to evaluate requirements. Forrestfield W. Creative 6015 10/04 Trelleborg Queensland Rubber Pty Ltd 515 Zillmere Rd.. calculations.Please Note: The information. Zillmere.which we use to best advise our customers .com Web: www. test values and data contained in this brochure .com Web: www.

0 1.5 .0mm Nitrile EPDM Butyl Hypalon® Trelleborg Armwest 23 Quarimor Rd.6.4mm 0.5 .armwest.55 1.01 1.6.5 .98 1.0 72 60 1. Zillmere.5 200 300 250 fair fair fair good good good good good good fair fair fair Heat/ Oil / Ozone Heat/ Oil / Ozone Heat/ Oil / Ozone C-801 1.0 3.5mm 2mm 3mm 6mm Upto 2mm 3mm 6mm 10mm 15mm 25mm Tolerance +/ Trelleborg Queensland Rubber Pty Ltd 515 Zillmere Rd.5 .0 .95 0. Bibra Lake.8.5 .25 3.49 1.9 65 70 50 35 35 40 43 62 65 1.6.2mm 0.28 1.5 10mm 15mm .25 T Line 60 Skirting Rubber Neoprene Rubber Commercial Neoprene Neoprene Insertion NEO NEOC NEOI C-609 0.5mm 0.25 6. Australia 4034 Phone +61 (7) 3866 7444 Facsimile +61 (7) 3363 4912 Email tqr.0 .12 2 3 70 70 50 60 1.17 -40 to 120 -40 to 120 -40 to 115 -20 to 140 11 7 9 8 250 300 450 250 fair fair good good excellent excellent excellent excellent poor poor poor poor good good good good Potable Water Heat / Ozone Screen Dust Cloth High Temp / Acid Butyl Rubber Hypalon Rubber BUTYL HYP T-641 H-611 1.0 .12 Web: www.6.5 .0 -20 to 100 Nitrile / Insertion Rubber White Nitrile NIT WNIT B-569 B-571 Website: www.0 1.5 .0 3.6 -30 to 110 -35 to 110 10 8 350 400 good good fair fair excellent excellent good good Petrol and Oil Food Grade Oil Potable Water EPDM EPDM / Insertion Rubber EPDM Dust Cloth Peroxide Cured EPDM EPDMP EPDM EPDMDC EPDMPC E-645.0 .05 1..0 65 65 70 1.Trelleborg Rubber User’s Guide PRODUCT CODE COMPOUND GAUGE RANGE HARDNESS (mm) SHORE A SG TEMPERATURE RANGE ( C ) TENSILE STRENGTH (Mpa) ELONGATION % ABRASION RESISTANCE OZONE / UV RESISTANCE OIL RESISTANCE ACID RESISTANCE MAIN APPLICATION Natural / Insertion Rubber Commercial Insertion White Hygienic Pure Gum T Line 35SY T Line 40 T Line 43 NR NRIC WH PG TL35SY TL40 TL43 TL60 NSI R-608 0.5 .0 60 60 1.0 3.25 1. Queensland.0 1. Temp ºC 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 -25 -50 Neoprene Natural Rubber OPERATING TEMPERATURES Maximum/Minimum Continuous Viton® Silicone THICKNESS TOLERANCES Over 0.17 1.32 -40 to 100 -35 to 110 9 8 500 350 fair fair excellent excellent poor good very good excellent Heat / Chemical Heat / Acid / Chemical Viton A Rubber Silicone Rubber VITA SIL V-733 1.31 0.0 1. Western Australia 6163 Phone +61 (8) 9434 2393 Facsimile + 61 (8) 9434 2412 Email: info@armwest.6.97 1.5 .6. E-701 E-550 E-653 1.5 . High Abrasion Abrasion Abrasion Abrasion Conveyor Systems R-448 R-399 AR-396 R-394 AR-321 AR-650 1.6 20 18 8 350 300 500 600 600 600 650 400 350 good fair good excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent good fair fair fair fair fair poor poor good good poor poor fair poor poor fair poor good fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair good fair General Purpose General Purpose Food Grade Soft .8 .31 1.42 -20 to 90 -20 to 95 4 5 6.6.20 1.5 .38 -25 to 70 -25 to 70 -40 to 80 -40 to 80 -40 to 80 -40 to 70 -40 to 80 -50 to 85 -40 to 80 4.0 60 60 1.3mm 0.4 1.18 1.2 -20 to 250 -60 to 200 5 8 250 350 fair good excellent excellent excellent good excellent good Solvent / Heat / Chemical High or Low Temp.8 .49 1. High Flexibility Soft .6.8mm 1.0 .0 .5 .5 10 20 20 18.