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Indian Oil Corporation Limited

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This Questionnaire duly filled in should be returned alongwith each copy of Unpriced Bid. Clauses confirmed hereunder should not be repeated in the Bid. ALL THE COMMERCIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS SHOULD BE INDICATED IN THIS FORMAT ONLY, IF REQUIRED DETAILS INCLUDING DEVIATION TO GPC, IF ANY, SHOULD BE INDICATED AS ANNEXURE TO THIS FORMAT. Sl.No. Description (A)

Vendor s confirmation

(i) Acceptance of technical specifications including General/Technical notes and scope of supply as per attached material requisition. (ii) In case of deviations, confirm that the same has been highlighted separately.

2. 3.

Confirm data sheets/technical questionnaire duly filled in are attached, whenever required. Confirm spare parts list, wherever required, have been submitted with itemwise prices for fol. categories of spares (a) (b) (c) Mandatory Commissioning Recommended for two years normal operation.

4. 5. 6. 7.

Furnish complete Technical literature/Catalogue alongwith your offer. Furnish user s reference list for the list 3 years. Furnish manufacturers name with complete address and Telephone/Telex/Fax numbers. Furnish shipping weight net and gross.

Confirm acceptance of price reduction schedule. . indicate rebate for excluding the same. (for prices on C&F basis). 20. Description (B) 8. 12. 11. 17. Confirm that the prices quoted will remain FIRM and FIXED till complete execution of order. 18. (iii) All Bank charges and Stamp duties payable outside India in connection with payment to be made under this Purchase Order shall be borne by the vendor. C.No. 14. 13. Indicate despatching Point (Port of shipment) Indicate separately firm freight charges upto the port of destination (in percentage) by ship. Confirm that the itemwise specific charges of third party inspection by Loyds/ IBR or equivalent (if required in requisition) have been separately quoted in the price bid. Confirm that Performance Bank Guarantee wherever required will be furnished for required value as per format. All bank charges and stamp duties payable in India shall be borne by the Purchaser. Indicate shortest delivery period. If excluded. 16. 10. P. COMMERCIAL It is noted that deviations to Terms and Conditions shall lead to loading of prices or rejection of offer. Confirm quoted prices are based on FOB Port of shipment. All Taxes. (ii) Confirm that L/C opening nearer the time of dispatch is acceptable. 9. Confirm transit insurance is excluded form the quoted prices. (i) Vendor s confirmation Confirm that you will accept 100% payment through irrevocable Letter of Credit against dispatch document through Bank and furnishing Performance Bank Guarantee for 10% of order value as per attached terms and conditions valid till expiry of Guarantee period.Sl. Levies of any kind payable upto/including FOB Port of shipment shall be borne by the vendor. Inspection shall be done as detailed in the G. if inclusive. as specified in General Purchase Conditions/Special conditions. Duties. which will be counted from date of telex/letter of intent. Confirm quoted prices are inclusive of all other testing charges as required in the attached documents. 15. for delay in delivery. 19. indicate the same in terms of percentage only. Bill of Lading date will be considered as delivery date.

if any. All correspondence must be in English. e. the principals) shall be through L/C after deducting the agent s commission from the quoted prices. Confirm that the goods shall be guaranteed as per attached terms and conditions.Sl. if Indian agents are involved. shall be pro-rata on value basis. However the quantity indented for each item shall be ordered on one Vendor. 27. 22. 23. with his full address and percentage of commission included in your offer. Confirm that your offer shall be valid for 120 days from the due date/extended due date.No. 25. Purchaser can choose any version. Confirm compliance / acceptance of special instructions for bidders (Annexure-I of GPC). on the same rates/terms and conditions. New Delhi. The payments to overseas supplier (i. 28. It is noted that Terms and Conditions indicated elsewhere shall be ignored. Indicate the country of origin of the goods offered. Direct offer without the intermediary of an Indian Agent will be prepared. they shall be required to get themselves registered with DGS&D. 31. Confirm acceptance of repeat orders within 6 months from the date of basis order. 29. (i) In case of reservations. 32. Please indicate name and full address of your banker. 30. 26. Payment Vendor s confirmation of Indian agency commission shall only be remitted after getting proof of registration with DGS&D. . confirm clause-wise comments have been specified in an annexure to this format. Confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned in General Purchase Condition in toto. However. Commission will be paid after satisfactory completion of the order. Please also indicate the name of the agent. Indicate quantity discount/trade discount/special discount if any. 24. All lumpsum charges. Confirm acceptance of part order. Confirm that in case of conflicting versions of various terms and conditions at a different places. (ii) All the terms and conditions have been indicated in this format including annexure and has not been repeated in the bid elsewhere. Description 21.