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Net’s CEO Welcome Message
We would like to congratulate all of you with this new year 2012 hoping that it will bring happiness, health and peace to you. By this year, we are implementing the Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) which refers to the software and related processes that manage the end-to-end process of acquiring, serving and assisting customers. The CRM implementation comes based on our main focus at Jaffa.Net that is serving the customers. Our software, projects, Yalla Customers will feel the difference using our CRM. We will continue working with our customers to best serving them and we will do our utmost efforts to make sure that we meet our customers’ expectations.

Palestine iTV’s Channel , a Yalla New Service
Palestine iTV, a new Yalla service that will be focusing on addressing youth, technology, communications, and economics of Palestine. Palestine iTV’s channel aims at: • Be the Youth voice • Addressing the tech, social, and economic issues • Increasing and enhancing individuals’ critical thinking abilities as well as creativity

Jaffa.Net Automates the Ministry of Labor’s Cooperatives Directorate in Cooperation with GIZ
Jaffa.Net Software automates the Cooperative Directorate at the Ministry of Labor and building The Cooperatives Management Portal. The project was funded by the GIZ as part of GIZ’s assistance to MoL. The portal streamline the cooperative registration and management by implementing the cooperative procedure manual. The portal is: Able to automates the registration of Cooperative and ensures that the procedures and requirements for registration are based on an applicable law. • Providing a basis for the MoL where the MoL Processes are online and based on e-government services. • Providing a decision support system for Cooperatives Directorate and MoL.

With this system, MoL is in a better position to serving the cooperatives. We hope that other ministries can do similar services.
Jaffa.Net Software and Communications Al-Mobaadin St., P.O. Box 2435 Ramallah, West Bank Palestine T: +970-2-241-2020 F: +970-2-241-3030

“Quality is Our Passion and Quality is Our Daily Bread and we see it in the eyes of our customers”

Jaffa.Net Cloud Applications
Today, IT and MIS are shifting toward the cloud computing so as Jaffa.Net. Cloud computing is the delivery of software as a service rather than by it. Cloud application services or "Software as a Service (SaaS)" deliver software as a service over the Internet, eliminating the need to install and run the application on the customer's own computers and simplifying maintenance and support. So, Instead of buying and maintaining expensive servers and software; Jaffa.Net can provide such organizations with Web-based (“cloud”) MIS applications based on the International Cloud Computing Services Best Practices. Jaffa.Net today offers its PowerTeam.Net (360 Human Resources & Payroll Management System), Archiving.Net (Document Management & Archiving System), Schools.Net (Schools Management System) and much more as cloud services. Jaffa.Net is partnering with Oracle, Google, and Amazon to provide its cloud services in addition to provide local private cloud services as well. Jaffa.Net is also providing this as a service where any organization willing to move to cloud services and applications, Jaffa.Net can help. For more information on Jaffa.Net cloud services and strategy, please contact the software division at Jaffa.Net or send an email.

The CBI Report- an independent evaluation company from Netherlandssaid: "We believe this company has very good prospects on both regional and European markets. Jaffa.Net is technically very advanced and has an international outlook. The company has many international contacts (United States and Arabic countries)". In addition "European customers are critical and require high standards from their foreign supplier in the field of organization, software, enterprise automation, quality and Human Resources development. We believe Jaffa.Net is well prepared to meet this challenge."

School.Net (Your School and e-Learning Portal)
School.Net is an all-purpose educational management software system for schools, colleges, cultural organizations and learning centers. It is designed to manage all your educational needs; from complicated administration essentialities, student matriculation and scholastic ratings, to resource and staff management. School.Net provides an Web Based easy-to-use platform for all purpose scheduling, preparing notarized documents and certifications, record keeping, attendance registration, accounting, performance analysis and much, much, much more. School.Net can be provided as a service on the cloud. Hosted at a secure data center, an organization can get the School.Net as a service. School.Net also provides a mobile alerting system whereby parents can be notified on emergency situations, exam schedules, absence of their children, grades, or school activities. All these can be configured by the parent. Therefore, parent are always informed.
Jaffa.Net Software and Communications Al-Mobaadin St., P.O. Box 2435 Ramallah, West Bank Palestine T: +970-2-241-2020 F: +970-2-241-3030

School.Net Features
• Student Information System,

• • •

• • • •

Teachers Portal, School Information System, Content, Learning, & Community Management Portal Advanced Internet Portal Technology Complete Records of Student & Staff Automatic Scheduling (credit hours, semester, or annual based) Certificate Generator Schedule Management Email, e-Forum, Chat, My School.Net Mobile and SMS alerting

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