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One year on and we are back to the beginning, the book that sparked Wordjar into life My Love. The Valentines Day anthology which was published a year ago to this day, gave the wordsmiths involved their first chance to be published. Our audience was small, our reputation non existent. However it was the first step on a long road. A year on, and four anthologies later, we have started to gain some momentum, and Wordjar is approaching a position where it can make a real change. We have put the words of more than 30 poets onto the page, generated more than 10,000 reads of our anthologies, received many positive reviews, and widened the demographic of our audience as well as the poets that submit their work to us. My love 2 is a special anthology. Every poem in this publication is dedicated to somebody special to the poet. I have to admit when I sent out the brief about this anthology I expected everybody involved to send me an ode to their lover. However I was surprised by the variety I got back. There were love poems dedicated to siblings, dead relatives, mothers and even a two part poem written by a couple. Some of the poets involved you will remember from other anthologies, others are writing in our anthology for the first time, all of the poems are worth reading. On the behalf of everybody at Wordjar I would like to thank the following poets for their contribution to this anthology:
Chaleboy Fiona pearse Kiri Phoenix Ezekiel Aaron Roach Bridgeman Rae Twumasi Amore Dsoloist S Faithful Quaam Deanna Rodger Safrina Ahmed Ebonee Abi

Each and every one of them deserves their place in this anthology. Their words are love tipped bullets that will bring you warmth as they penetrate your heart. And now I am honored to present to you, My Love 2.Happy Valentines Day! Francis Xavier Labiran Founder Wordjar

Fiona Pearse - The Procrastinator Amore - For You Ezekiel the Poet - Ode to a Loving Mother DSoloist - The Essence of Love part 1 S Faithful - The Essence of Love part 2 Kiri Phoenix - Love Aaron Roach Bridgeman - Cerene Elaine Quaaam - To W Ebonee Onyx - The Power of Words Rae Twumasi - ily Deanna Rodger - Love is Blind Safrina Ahmed - There comes a time Chaleboy - Love Omnipotent Abi - Our Former Selves. 2 4 6 9 11 13 15 17 19 22 24 27 29 31

Dedicated to:
My friend Gill, who said, Shes just being a woman

The Procrastinator by Fiona Pearse



It was you who fell first, while I lost my footing You said that I was the fairest The promises we made I thought were to keep But our first kiss, it was so careless I dont see why not, you assured with a smile Buttons parted and I was delirious I guess I knew at the back of my mind Except I was in love and fearless I dont see why not, you shrugged when I asked Like a man whos asked what hes thinking But you must have known at the back of your mind Just as I, that we were sinking You dropped my heart while I was still laughing Look, you said, theres nothing there And the tightrope I walked wobbled and broke So I let go and fell through the air We were not made to last, I should never have asked I should never have waited till later Now I wait alone but I forgive myself Love had space in the procrastinator Fiona Pearse


Dedicated to:
Peter Beechey

For You by Amore



You watched me come, I watched you go I saw you fade, you saw me grow So all the things you sought to know Ill find them out for you. Ill understand, Ill persevere Ill hold close all that you held dear And though it couldnt bring you here Ill build it all for you. Ill build upon the things you shared The times we had, the things you said Just save a place for me until Ive done it all for you. Amore


Dedicated to:
My Mother Nikky Noibi

Ode to a Loving Mother by Ezekiel the Poet



You put your all into me I couldnt ask for any more You fed me and clothed me Even if that meant making mine out of what was yours Youve done it all You deserve the highest praise God knows if we tallied it up Ive made a truckload of mistakes But youve always loved me beyond what the eyes could see And past what the pain inflicted You see, Mother I acknowledge your struggle. I cant understand it But I finally appreciate how much youve had to sacrifice And invest to see me get the chance to grab all I can get. All the opportunities you never got a chance to face...head on. Decisions, Decisions And what makes you special is that you chose to be selfless Forsaking all others but God to pour love into me Bearing your vulnerabilities Helpless...just so I could get off to the best beginning. Youre amazing Words cant even begin to accurately give you credit. Mama, you struggled to keep me afloat Just so I wouldnt have to worry about not getting close enough to realising my potential. To you Im indebted. You believe in me when everybody else has their doubts and reservations. And all for the joy of seeing me happy Now thats pure entertainment- cost free. You dont ask for much Just that I keep on the straight and narrow. Because life will throw its fair share of temptations and distractions your way But righteousness has no price We cant haggle or afford to exchange Only for me to end up short-changed when it rains and it pours. Youve taught me to look ahead and not concentrate on where I fell Youve been the light thats fuelled me during my darkened days Sheltering me to greener pastures and more

Mama youre a Queen and you always will be You I adore I wish I could be perfect in your eyes But alas Im human Im prone to failure But youve instilled in me that drive and motivation To turn those impossibilities into manifestations You went through all the major legwork You never stopped till I was satisfied You wanted me to always remain comfortable. Every day with you is a blessing I thank the God above for you and the parents who created you I cant give praise enough but I thought Id do my best Making sure Ive given just award to where credits due You and Dad did it; I cant wait till I get a chance to return the favour To reward your struggle with infinite love and happiness squared Without you in my equation, all I am is just figures and symbols trying to make it... somewhere Out in the big wide world Youve given me confidence to not see myself as such a small time fish But a nest egg full of talent waiting to make it big Im grateful I can go down in history as one of your kids To me thats the beginning of something massive And no matter what Ill do my best to make all youve dreamed for me happen To put an end to your struggle and see a start To a new chapter where youre forever happy Ezekiel the Poet


Dedicated to:
The only lady in my life, she knows

The Essence of Love part 1

by DSoloist


The backbone to the broken man, She heals me with her love. Unsure of the world around me one thing remains certain She stays by my side during calm weathers and through raging tides Unsure of what the future holds, its her I hold onto Her soft lips and gentle whispers ease my mind She knows shes the only one, theres no other beside Vultures eagerly awaiting the death of our togetherness Watching from a distance, plotting how to get her away from me. Her smile is worth everything I invested in it. Gifted with beauty, her soul filled with purity. They say when a man falls, he falls deep Deep enough to see its more than lust amongst the sheets. Gentle captivation of the heart, she mastered the art She does it with finesse and breaks down my armoured guard. With her Im at my very best She takes away my pain and relieves my stress I stay away from the devil in her blue dress, temptress Admiring my angel as she falls asleep on my bare chest Grateful for what we have, my mind is at rest. DSoloist


Dedicated to:
The special man in my life

The Essence of Love part 2

by S Faithful


Love might be blind but with you I can now see, I see how much we missed out on The days you and I had not yet become we I find comfort in your tone And security in your hands, Those moments when Im lost in your touch And inwardly making plans. Plans for the future and the journey untold Im blessed to have u by my side Up keeping your woman as you mould. Moulding me with your wisdom As your affection increases my perfection. Its a mirror effect now You know how you and I have become our reflection. Im in love with what weve become, Its a breathtaking view Love is more than just emotions Its a place you dont want to leave anytime soon. The minutes Im by your side I can never forget. But Ive started counting seconds now Just so we have hours of no regrets. Love might be blind but I can see I see that unending portrait of our love as we caress along this journey. Sarah Michael


Dedicated to:
The person who makes me feel like this every day


by Kiri Phoenix


Something that grows from the pit of your stomach Like a bud of infatuation And spreads through your veins, Pumped by the fullest heart Through every inch of your body. It hazes your brain with a peaceful calm, Sending a rush of soothing warmth across you And adds a glow to your skin, a glint in your eye, And cushions you with a cloud of protected notion That wont be broken. A face of contented decoration, A smile. Like a tattoo that cant be removed But it comes from within, Even when not visible it encompasses everything around. Each word spoken, like an artistic poem. Enriching all that surrounds you, and all that can be seen in your world is beauty. A kiss. A gift that can be treasured like gold And consumed endlessly with such satisfaction But still a want for more. An everlasting embrace would be a life well spent And a dream all at once that relinquishes emotion to its weariest form But brings it to life in the very same breath. The intertwining of fingers, Such a simple gesture, Connecting two forms like pieces of a puzzle And making complete sense to abstract. The deepest place that can not be described with the tools of our language And could never be reached in this physical world, That is where love lives. Kiri Phoenix


Dedicated to:
Cerene Elaine Bridgeman (18/01/1926 -24/09/2011)

Cerene Elaine

by Aaron Roach Bridgeman



My love for her is somewhat unexplainable with emotive evocation. Words just about express my hearts content, before tear driven provocation, 24/09/11 took away the physical form of my ever present adoration, I can no longer caress your hair inquisitively, to hear stories of my family who are Asian, You taught me, advised me, warned me, loved me and ALWAYS claimed me, I strive now ONLY to put light to how you and Freddy last named me, You are the queen, I owe you servitude. You bore the B Team, And showed love goes further too, I would sit endlessly gazing into your eyes, The eyes that gave me love and ripped away my guise, Then to accept you leaving meRipped away my heart such as a thiefs work, What am I to do without you Cerene Elaine? The pain under the sheaths hurt! I cannot keep smiling for them, While Im mourning for you, Crying ink over the pad with a pain filled pen, This love Im pouring for I adore you! You were the butterflies in my belly, The cause for crease marks in my natural smile, The light of my soul whenever we embraced, My figure of foreign forgiveness, The owner of acceptance I craved, My always loving woman of moral, A God fearing uncut speaker like no other! For all these things I will never forget or stop loving my Grandmother! Aaron Roach Bridgeman


Dedicated to:

To W

by Quaaam


Today would not belong to you, but us. You would know this And when I try to indulge you with tacky gifts And clich roses you would tell me to stop. You tell me material symbols do nothing to define our love; In fact its a mockery. Because you tell me nobody has it like us. Instead, you ask me to vocalise my adoration in the way I know best Kisses, words and sex. And in return You show me my worth. Never letting a moment go by That doesnt show how our love keeps you on the most glorious high. And the funny thing is, Before this, we were both pessimists, Refusing to get caught up in a world of actions That do more to negate the others feelings Than bring them together. And you know why she is perfect, At least in my mind, Its because the only words that she ever wants to hear Is that every day, she is my valentine. Quaam


Dedicated to:
O, for allowing me to rediscover my love of rainbows, and giving me the encouragement to pursue my dreams.

The Power of Words

by Ebonee Onyx


There was something about the way he spoke: So with an open mind and mystified heart I took note I meticulously studied the style in which he wrote Wondering; if hed come to fix the pieces of which the last one broke Sexuality had no place in this reality He possessed the channels to stimulate my mentality I asked how long his caged bird had been free? And he took me on the history of his captivity He showed me his shackles; which he now rocks as an amulet around his neck He said it was a constant reminder of his emancipation; and doesnt want to forget. I leaned in deeper: so that the vibrations of his voice reached me quicker And with every metaphor, simile, and double entendre; my body began to quiver He spoke words so familiar Yet each of them new The back of my neck tingled My spirit had been renewed He was a complex being: an amalgamation of circumstance and environment But I cared not about the oxymoron, as his words exploded: releasing excitement. He spoke; simple and pure - my faith in man had been restored He spoke; honest and true, humble and wise: he brought a cure I fell back in love But not with the physicality of his greatness; but by the greatness of which he was I overstood the transitions of his missions and could relate to what hed become He caressed my eardrums with his cleverly constructed sentences And at that moment I knew every thought of which his mind, body and soul encompasses. My breath began to hasten And somewhere while my body was shaking His words bounced around my chakras and spirit to spirit we began embracing He tantalised senses I never knew existed And now like a new child of God my eyes have been uplifted.


He spoke; of his paradoxical dilemmas and future endeavours About black love and the power of uniting together He spoke: not with an ulterior motive but to motivate ulteriors His voice caresses past the exterior He spoke: and though he never addressed me as your highness; I could hear the highness in which he spoke His words objectively sought to seek out my inner thoughts For there was no place to be objectified and distraught He spoke: with ancestral knowledge; his sapiosexual charms have been acknowledged He spoke: beyond the ears and through the eyes I overstand why But at the same time I hunger his intrigue which has the power to captivate and mystify! Ebonee Onyx


Dedicated to:
Anne Marie Twumasi


by Rae Twumasi


ily. Those fabled three words condensed into something rather silly. An acronym which doesnt fully seal the Sincerity and severity of the responsibility it conveys. ily. It means Ill do all I can to warm you when youre chilly. Ill listen attentively to every, I believed him till he... And never force you to reveal the pain your face betrays. ily. To prove this Id buy you a bright blue lily. Eat every burnt brownie with a smile, let the carbon fill me... As my ileum mucosa breaks it down with some sucrase. Rae Twumasi


Dedicated to:

Love is blind

by Deanna Rodger
@Deanna Rodger


They said dont wipe away your tears too quickly So I wrote mine To solidify their existence on paper. I thought it allowed me to see with a fresh mind Emptied of a poison that searched for my heart. I thought better out than in Better to felt the cramp of hand than the clamp that pain brings. I thought emotions were more controllable If they were made to occupy a space that I create If I write it, I own it and I can master it. I wrote about this before I met love Now Im drawn in loves space. And hes writing my dialogue, Like Ive eaten a shop of love hearts And theyre now my automated response. Sugared with kisses in public And gifts made priceless because love has touched it. Im owned now. May as well be stamped and branded with a neon light That pulses with anticipation whenever love has gone. All of my friends think Im crazy for loving love But what they dont know is that theres nothing else I can do Im over the edge no turning back falling knowing love will catch. I belong to love Hes my guide because my eyes are sealed shut To hold this feeling in. And I trust love I am his, Because though flames flicker near I only feel warmth. And when oceans rise he gives me breath When shadows are cast because the sun has set He lays me in his arms to rest And I float light because love has taken my bags of notebooks And archived them for someone else to read. They said if you meet love keep a backup I thought I once did But one foot in loves door and a hand on the window Means that you remain outside and cold.

So Ive crossed the threshold and let love master me. Servant Im on my knees Stimulated to be with in his company He feeds me, shelters, cloths, and washes me Pulls strings and makes me sing sweetly. They said dont loose your mind, Stay in control. Its too bad Those sayings were written Because now I dont see Now love is my lens Its too bad because, love is blind. Deanna Rodger


Dedicated to:

There comes a time

by Safrina Ahmed


There comes a time Whereby The moss on The communist falls onto your feet. There comes a time in which The bond leaf your lover Left you turns blonder, And blonder. There comes A time in which the galaxies you Left on my thighs walk out The door. There comes a time Where my heart is No longer like a man putting his Shoes on, but pulling Them off. There comes a time Where you notice That people need us, but not enough. There comes a time where You finally notice People on The front row of the bus Falling, but not enough And Id like to think, There comes a time, when love happens. Safrina Ahmed


Dedicated to:
Alicia Diyyo

Love Omnipotent

by Chaleboy


That day, When our eyes locked in an invisible communion, In the comfort of your rose coloured bedroom, You exhaled softly, And told me You loved me. The room moved. The inception of tears in my eyes Made your face swim in my line of vision. Furiously flattered screams of joy Became embedded in the ball in my throat. My mouth dry. My hands wet With the prospect Of holding the hips belonging to a woman Who honestly And wholeheartedly Loved me. Guiding the hair from your brow, I pressed my face close to yours And searched for the right way to reciprocate your declaration. But upon realising that words were a limitation, I vowed to one day Crystallise my devotion to you On your slender fourth finger. Diamond upon skin. Skin rebuking sin. Sin blotted out, Like the Sun at night, And the night sky is where well lay, When I say That none of these stars are as bright as your smile. I would give you Orions Belt if I could. Space Will be our space To dream. To kiss. To bond. Love. Omnipotent. Birthed in the comfort of your rose coloured bedroom. Chaleboy


Dedicated to:

Our Former Selves

by Abi


We made snowflakes out of fireworks. Fireworks of ice. We made the moon dance with the sun as we made stars out of clouds that just wouldnt seem to melt into darkness to shine down and reveal our bare bones. Yes we made our skin crawl. We made love the place the sky meets with a lightning bolt, gives birth and names it thunder. Hurricanes formed tornadoes. Whispers held everything but nothing actually mattered in between the hellos of put together goodbyes, Conversation created a slow down. Conversating created a balcony to wrap myself up in the trust and assurance that you would carry me to the ends of the earth and escape into an empty nothingness where having you is more than enough will ever be. More than roots needed to grow trees, we formed canopies From broken dreams. We held the aftermath of equations that rearranged to substitute into nothing more than I love you. Abi


Published in 2012 by Wordjar Publishing No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from the publisher except for the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. Facebook: Wordjar Wordjar Publishing. London Compiled by: Francis Xavier Labiran (Wordjar publishing) Edited by: Wordjar Publishing Designed by: Kelvin Akposoe (Wordjar publishing)