Honor and Memorial Issue 2012

Honor and Memorial Issue 2012

ROB KETTERER, Chairman President, Visionworks Consulting ERIC ANDERSON Consultant, Egon Zehnder International MIKE CALLAHAN Executive Vice President and CFO, Gypsum Management & Supply JIM COPELAND Retired Senior Director, Human Resources, Wrigley DAVID FARMER Senior Director, Innovation and Service, Chick-fil-A TOM FULLER Chief Financial Officer, 22squared, Inc. BETH BRAGG HENON Vice President, The DeMoss Group ROY JONES Managing Director, Walton Opportunity Fund DAVE POLSTRA Founding Partner, Brightworth LYNN PRICE Chief Financial Officer, Compliance Services, LLC KIRBY THOMPSON Senior Vice President, Government/Community Affairs, SunTrust Bank JIM WEBB Chairman of the Board, Triaxia Partners

I once heard someone say, “We are a storied people.” That is so true! Stories resonate with us in that stories are the most powerful means of communication. For someone to tell you their story is a high honor. There is an implicit vulnerability in sharing our journey with all its smooth and rough places. Unfortunately, our natural tendency is to not share our story or to embellish it to such an extent that it’s almost unrecognizable from who we truly are. I have tremendous respect for the children who come here and who courageously share their story with us in the hopes that, through this sharing, healing can begin in their lives. God’s blessings to you and your family in this new year. Sincerely,

R eflections

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”
Hebrews 10:24



Edwin J. Staub Executive Director


Our Mission
EAGLE RANCH, INC. Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain Georgia 30502 t: 770.967.8500 f: 770.967.3757 EagleRanch.org

Eagle Ranch provides a Christ-centered home for boys and girls in crisis and in need of hope and healing. Partnering with their families, we pursue family restoration and reunification. We seek to influence and equip others who share a similar calling to impact children, families, and future generations.

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More than 20 years after serving six years as Eagle Ranch houseparents – three years in the Hope Home and thee years in the Faith Home – Karen was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

“Karen literally coaxed me across the finish line, then she broke down on a bench next to me away from the crowd. She was hurting, but not beaten.” A consistent strength, loving presence and kindness defined Karen, who remained connected to Eagle Ranch throughout her life and offered to pitch in when needed. She was always prayerful for positive outcomes for each child. “I’m convinced the Eagle Ranch influence, fellow workers and children helped her outlive her prognosis by over three years,” Scott says.

A consistent strength, loving presence and kindness defined Karen
Scott credits the character and qualities Karen built during her time at the Ranch with Karen’s ability to exceed her doctors’ and her family’s expectations in managing her disease. It was perseverance that also enabled her to complete 30 miles of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day event just months before her death, longer than any stage 4 cancer survivor at the event. “Near the end, with about five miles to go, I could not even imagine how Karen was doing, because I was sore and beaten. It was then that she picked up the pace,” recounted Scott.

Lifelong Influence
Being a houseparent at Eagle Ranch is no easy job. With as many as seven children in your home, in addition to your own children, the task requires monumental parenting skills. Any houseparent will tell you that the position both tests and builds your patience, strength, perseverance and generosity. When young newlyweds Karen and Scott Smith signed on as houseparents in late 1985, they had no idea the experience would help them through challenges far greater than managing seven boys and their own three children.
“We were in our early 20s, and the Ranch was in its formative years. Little did we know how difficult or rewarding having seven boys live with us in a real home, full-time, would be all at once,” said Scott. “I noticed a change in Karen as we persevered. During her first year as a housemom, she shed many tears, but those tears were slowly cementing in her spirit and manifested into a strength that she carried throughout the rest of her life.”

The power of God at Eagle Ranch still has the most positive impact upon my life
“The power of God at Eagle Ranch still has the most positive impact upon my life than any other single factor. If Karen were here, she would say the same thing.”

A Living Sermon
James Hunter, an Eagle Ranch resident from 1989-1994, credits Karen and Scott Smith’s role as houseparents with shaping the man he has become today. James remembers the influence each had in his young life and the life he continues to build today. “The environment cultivated by Scott and Karen was one of fun and friendship, providing me with sound advice, encouragement and love. They encouraged us towards responsibility coupled with privilege and independence, all the while demonstrating a lot of love for each other in modeling a solid Christian marriage. I graduated high school with a college prep seal under their supervision, and that was a miracle for me.”
James’ High School picture, and James and Scott today.

helps sustain our daily operational funds and provides a way to recognize loved ones. Numerous people have learned about the Ranch mission for the first time as recipients of an honor gift or by participating in a memorial gift designation. As a result, people have referred families with children in crisis to the Ranch, while others have become lifelong supporters. If you know a special person who would be inspired by the Eagle Ranch story, consider honoring them through this opportunity. To make a gift: mail a check to the Ranch with the form on the back of this newsletter, call the Ranch office, or go online to EagleRanch.org.
JENNIFER BALKCOM Jan & Mike Callahan Contributions to the Eagle RACHEL BALKCOM Ranch honorarium program Jan & Mike Callahan are listed in alphabetical order WAYNE BARRIOS by the name of the honoree. Wayne Bradshaw’s Family Donors are listed after the MR. BRANTLEY BARROW Mr. & Mrs. John C. Hamilton name of the person in whose honor they contributed (dona- MR. OLIVER C. BATEMAN Mrs. Dorothy Bruce tions received September 8, MARY & CLAUDE BATES 2011 – January 20, 2012). Ellie & Peaches AL & CLAY BATTLE JUDGE & MRS. WILLIAM Ann & Pepe Perron ADAMS JOHN & BECKY BATUSIC David & Susan O’Brien Dean & Fran Dadisman ROBERT & GEORGIE ALBRIGHT DICK BAXTER Edward & Teresa Albright Julia Baxter DEWAYNE & MARY ANN VICKI & RICKY BEGGS ALLEN Shirley & Sam Smith Martin & Joyce Chandler MR. & MRS. THOMAS BEVER ROGER & CAROLYN ALLEN Nick & Patti Chilivis Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kuhn, Jr. MR. & MRS. JIM BICKNELL & Taylor Warren & Lynne Wood Janet McNeal SETH BILLMIRE IRENE ALLISON Shirley & Jim Gailey Bobbie G. Bryan MS. BLITCH ANN BIRD PAUL & COURTNEY AMOS Joy & Terry Wingfield Lauren Amos CARMEL & CECIL ABBY ANDEREGG BLACKSTOCK Jimmy & Pat Anderegg Lurene Odell PETER & CATHY ANDEREGG MR. & MRS. MORRIS Jimmy & Pat Anderegg BLUMENTHAL CHRIS & PERRY ANDERSON Bob & Brenda Pochran Jim & Sandy Brim F.E. (GENE) BOBO MASON, ASHLEY & MARK Claude Bagwell ANTHONY BERNIE DIXON & JIM BOLCH Jim & Diane Curington Robert D. Orr & DR. & MRS. JON APPLETON Glennis Beacham Joy & Terry Wingfield JOHN M. BOSWELL, SR. MR. & MRS. ROBERT ARGO Joseph F. Morrissette Joy & Terry Wingfield THE BOYD FAMILY THE BRIAN ARNER FAMILY Roy M. Judson The Kevin Arner Family BECKY BRANAN DALE & DORIS ARNER Robert D. Orr The Kevin Arner Family HOLLY & RICH BRANNON JANET ASCHMANN Jim & Sandy Brim Lauren Aschmann BONNIE & ROY BRIM ROBERT ASH Jim & Sandy Brim Jean Gruhn BENJAMIN BROCK DR. CHARLES & AURELIA Carolyn Garrett “Nana” BAGWELL THE BROOKS FAMILY Azilee Frederick The Brown Family MRS. JENNY BAILEY FRANCES BROWN Bob & Anabel Cunningham Roy M. Judson MR. & MRS. MIKE BAISLEY JEAN BROWN Polly P. Camp Roy Brown CAROL & JOHN BALKCOM MR. PAUL BROWN Jan & Mike Callahan Harris & Ann Wilbanks THE BLAKELEY BRUCE FAMILY Mrs. Dorothy Bruce Bob & Anabel Cunningham DOROTHY BRUCE Jenny Bailey Joanne Weaver The Bruce Family Bob & Anabel Cunningham Mary Bruce Bob & Sheila Johnson Kathleen & Roy Doscher PATRICIA BRYANT, LLC Richard & Carol Hatcher MRS. GINKY BUDD Joy & Terry Wingfield MR. & MRS. DAVE BURCH Joy & Terry Wingfield MARGARET BURKS Paul & Ann Marie Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Hubert James DON BURRELL Nancy & Leonard Parks THE ED BUTLER FAMILY Louise, Greg, Mary Hunter & Kate The Choate Family ED BUTLER, SR. Ed Butler, Jr. HARRY & BECKIE BUTLER Tripp, Stephanie, Katie & Beau Butler LARRY BUTTS FAMILY Allen Butts Family MARTHA & WALTER BYRD Jim & Sandy Brim PENNY & LELAN BYRD Jim & Sandy Brim THE CALDWELL FAMILY Mrs. Dorothy Bruce DR. & MRS. DAVID CALHOUN Mrs. Dorothy Bruce PAIGE CALLAHAN Polly P. Camp MR. & MRS. PATRICK CALLAHAN Polly P. Camp BILL CANNON Buzzy & Jo Randall DR. & MRS. SAM CAPPEL Mrs. Dorothy Bruce CHIP & SYDNEY CARTER Tom & Carolyn Carter LAUREN CASEY Cathy & Jeff Baillis BEN CASH Wayne Bradshaw’s Family MRS. EMMA CECIL Nick & Patti Chilivis MRS. P. S. CHAFIN Mrs. Dorothy Bruce TERRI CHAILLOU & CHILDREN Bruce & Carolyn Shortell TOM & LINDA CHAPMAN Jim & Sandy Brim MIMI CHRISTIAN Susan D. Mull Edna Firor MARJORIE CLARK Roy M. Judson MR. & MRS. ANTHONY COCHRAN Nick & Patti Chilivis PERINO & MARY COCHRAN Azilee Frederick KESH & LACY COFFEE Mr. J. Wray Pearce KARSON, KANLER & KEATON COKER Braxton & Thayer Cook Barrett, Marcy, Makayla, Meredith & Natalie Cook BOB COLEMAN Tami Coleman KAREN COLLINS Nancy & Leonard Parks VAN & BARBARA CONNER Hartwell & June Quattlebaum JOHN & JANET CORNELSON Roy M. Judson MAX CORNER Wayne Bradshaw’s Family RICHARD COURTS Bill & Betsy Verner DAVID CRAWFORD & FAMILY Mom & Dad JEFF CRAWFORD Mom & Dad MATTHEW CRAWFORD & FAMILY Mom & Dad LARUE CROW Mike, Denise, Jessica & Jennifer Brown Melanie Smith MRS. E. H. CULPEPPER Joy & Terry Wingfield MR. & MRS. BOB CUNNINGHAM Jenny Bailey Joanne Weaver The Bruce Family MR. & MRS. JOHN DALBEY Nick & Patti Chilivis MR. & MRS. PAUL DAVIS Mrs. Dorothy Bruce

The Eagle Ranch Honor and Memorial Gift Program

MR. & MRS. JAMES C. DAVIS Mark Carson T. RICHARD DAVIS Claude Bagwell MR. & MRS. MICHAEL L. DEKKER Mark Carson KATHARINE DELEOT Nancy Collins MR. & MRS. MIKE DEVORE Joy & Terry Wingfield MR. & MRS. GLEN DILLARD, JR. Joy & Terry Wingfield MS. LINDA DIMARE Your 4th Grade Class CLARE DODD Sherrie & Lorry Schrage KIRK DOUGLAS Captain Larry Eschen MR. & MRS. WILLIAM DOUGLAS Joy & Terry Wingfield JOHN DRILLOT Jim Tart JOHN & ELLEN DUKE Sue & Lyle Diamond MR. & MRS. DAVID DUKES Joy & Terry Wingfield NANCY & RAYMOND DUNCAN Edward & Susan Pope, Jr. EAGLE RANCH Bonnie M. Kincaid EAGLE RANCH STAFF Jeff & Annette Smith MR. & MRS. E. J. ELDRIDGE, III Joy & Terry Wingfield JIM ELLIS Lewis & Jean Reeves CHRIS & ANNA KATHRYN ELLZEY Joe & Leslie Ellzey GARRY & GALE ENGLISH Stevie & Cindy M. Mills PAUL & KAREN EVANS Roy M. Judson MR. WILLIAM W. FAGAN, III Nick & Patti Chilivis MRS. JANICE FAIRCHILD Tim Fairchild KAITLIN FAIRCHILD Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild TIM & JAN FAIRCHILD Bruce & Carolyn Shortell PATRICIA FALK Particia Carrick Nancy Collins Joyce Billingsley Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Hecht MR. & MRS. C. T. FARIS Mrs. Dorothy Bruce MR. & MRS. H. LEON FARMER, JR. Joy & Terry Wingfield MR. & MRS. MICHAEL FITZGERALD Joy & Terry Wingfield CHUCK FLEMING Corie & Will JUSTIN & JACKSON FLETCHER Bill & Margaret Newberry MILDRED & MARK FOCKELE Jim & Sandy Brim MR. & MRS. ED FORIO Warren & Lynne Wood

WEYMON & ANSLEY FORRESTER Jim & Sandy Brim DORIS FOSNOCHT Ann F. Miller MR. & MRS. WILLIAM C. FOWLER Joy & Terry Wingfield AZILEE FREDERICK Perino & Mary Cochran BARBARA FUQUEA Southeastern Mortgage Solutions MR. & MRS. MICHAEL C. FUTRELLE Mark Carson ASHLYN & LOGAN GAILEY Shirley & Jim Gailey BARBARA GAMBILL Wesley Fellowship Class BUDDY & CHERRY GAY Ann & Pepe Perron CHARLES GERRICK Robert D. Orr & Glennis Beacham MR. & MRS. RICHARD E. GILBERT Mark Carson TIM GILMER Employees of LBG WERNER & PATRICIA GOECKEL Gordon W. Tennett DR. GEORGE GOLDIN Lynn & Jim Whatley JULIE GOLDSMITH Mary P. Goldsmith Mr. & Mrs. William A. Holby JACK & MARTY GONZALEZ Ruthmary Williams MS. BEVERLY D. GOODSON Nick & Patti Chilivis MS. SARAH T. GORDON Nick & Patti Chilivis BILL GALARDI & KATHY GOSSELIN Jim & Sandy Brim MERRIDY & JOHN GRAM Jim & Sandy Brim MIKE GRANT Tom & Cathy Fuller MARK C. GRAVITT Melinda H. Gravitt ROBIN T. GRAVITT Melinda H. Gravitt GREEN INDUSTRY FRIENDS Mr. & Mrs. Pierce B. Tidwell, Jr. Tidwell Nurseries, Inc. MRS. JO BESS GRENGA Bob & Anabel Cunningham MRS. JOHN E. GRIFFIN Joy & Terry Wingfield MR. & MRS. KEITH GUEST Joy & Terry Wingfield MR. & MRS. THOMAS R. GULLIKSON Mark Carson THE HADNAGY FAMILY Mrs. Dorothy Bruce SIGNE & DICK HAGLUND Nel P. Shawver INEZ HALE Jan Gailey THE HALL FAMILY Mrs. Dorothy Bruce

MR. & MRS. D. HALL Mrs. Dorothy Bruce JOE HAMILTON, III Bill & Betsy Verner MR. & MRS. JOSEPH W. HAMILTON, III Mr. & Mrs. John C. Hamilton MR. & MRS. BOB HAMRICK Anne Neal HARALD HANSEN Warren & Lynne Wood MR. & MRS. ALLEN HARDIN Warren & Lynne Wood BILL HARDY Diane Smith PAT HARGROVE Susanna Wesley Circle MIKE & GINGER HARPER Ed & Julie Cone Bill & Elinor Tyre ELIZABETH HARRIS Mary Ann Davis LAURA HARRIS Bill & Sheila Pause MR. & MRS. V. E. HARRIS Mrs. Dorothy Bruce DR. PAUL HARTON Lynn & Jim Whatley DAVID HAUN Jim Tart EDNA & JIM HAYWOOD Nancy & Leonard Parks MRS. JULIA S. HEALY Nick & Patti Chilivis MR. ROBERT W. HECKER Mark Carson BETH BRAGG HENON Pamela Peacock JESSE & DEANNA HENON Beth Bragg Henon TODD HENON Beth Bragg Henon REVEREND CHRISTOPHER A. HENRY Lucy Johnson DR. JOE HERREN Lynn & Jim Whatley HARRY & LEIGH HICKS Pat & Hal Hicks MR. & MRS. MONROE T. HILL Mrs. Dorothy Bruce VAN ANAD KATE HILL Ann & Pepe Perron CAROLINE HIPPLE Beth Bragg Henon REV. & MRS. CHUCK HODGES Joy & Terry Wingfield MR. & MRS. DAVID HOFFECKER Mr. & Mrs. William A. Holby MS. KATHI HOLBROOK Nick & Patti Chilivis DANNY HOLCOMB, III Barbara A. Holcomb TOM & MARSHA HOLCOMB Ann & Pepe Perron BILLY HOLLOWAY, JR. “JC” Calder MS. WILL HOLMES Paul & Peggy Phipps CHARLIE & BOBBIE HOLT Ted & Valerie DeVore MRS. NITA HOLTON Joy & Terry Wingfield

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MR. & MRS. CHARLES D. HORTON Joy & Terry Wingfield CHUCK HORTON Chase Major MR. & MRS. GENE HOWARD Joy & Terry Wingfield MR. & MRS. DAVID HUGHS Rosemary J. Sanders THE RONN IRVING FAMILY Donald J. Irving GLEN & CLAIRE JACKSON Clayton F. Jackson CHRIS JANSSEN Chase Major DR. KELLY C. JENSEN Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Jensen THE JOHNSON FAMILY Mrs. Dorothy Bruce CECIL L. JOHNSON, JR. Valerie & Ted DeVore DR. & MRS. D. H. JOHNSON Mrs. Dorothy Bruce DR. DAN JOHNSON Del Rey Humphreys Laura, Blake & Virginia Brown Lucy Johnson MR. & MRS. ROBERT JOHNSON The Bruce Family ROSALIE & MORGAN JOHNSON Paul & Peggy Phipps MR. & MRS. MARK JOHNSTON Mrs. Dorothy Bruce RYAN JUDD Janet Barrett Tommy Tucker RONNY & KIM JUST Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Herndon Mrs. Jacquelyn Herndon

What Eddie and his staff have done at Eagle Ranch is truly amazing! The impact for Christ from the kids that have stayed at the Ranch will continue to bless many people for years to come. Every month when I give to the Ranch, I know I’m assisting in a ‘great adventure’ with God! I cannot think of a better place to give financial support.

PAT & LARRY LYKINS Jim & Sandy Brim DR. & MRS. ED LYNCH Dr. & Mrs. William White DR. FLEETWOOD & DR. KATIE MADDOX Mrs. Dorothy Bruce BILL MAHER Wayne Bradshaw’s Family BILL MAIERFELDT & NORMA MONNIG Nancy & Leonard Parks MRS. LORI P. MARKLEY Nick & Patti Chilivis BRENDA MAYNARD Joan & George Morris DR. & MRS. BRAD McALISTER Warren & Lynne Wood DR. ROBERT W. McCULLOUGH Randy & Joy Cobb Matt Bauerkemper TRICIA & DOUG McDUFF Jim & Sandy Brim THE McELROY FAMILIES Mrs. Dorothy Bruce MR. BRIAN F. McEVOY DR. & MRS. AZMI KABBAN Nick & Patti Chilivis Mrs. Dorothy Bruce WAYNE McGEE MR. & MRS. JOHN KEEN Tom & Cathy Fuller Mr. & Mrs. B. H. Dyches DR. & MRS. LAMAR McGINNIS DR. NEIL KELLEY Joy & Terry Wingfield Nancy & Leonard Parks MR. & MRS. ANDREW MR. & MRS. JAMES L. McLEAN LABOON, JR. Warren & Lynne Wood Joy & Terry Wingfield MR. & MRS. CHARLES JIM LAMB W.McMULLEN Employees of LBG Joy & Terry Wingfield MR. & MRS. THOMAS S. MR. & MRS. DAVE McMURRAY LANDRUM Mr. & Mrs. William A. Holby Joy & Terry Wingfield MRS. SERAN MEGERIAN MR. & MRS. STEVE LARKIN Mark Carson Warren & Lynne Wood JOHN & MARY LOU MELVIN MR. & MRS. JOHN LARKINS, JR. Roy M. Judson Nick & Patti Chilivis DR. CHRIS MERRITT KATE LATTING Lynn & Jim Whatley Nancy Collins MR. & MRS. A. T. MIXON PATRICIA W. LAWRENCE Mrs. Dorothy Bruce Mark Carson REBECCA MOHANDISS CAROLYN & ZACK LAYFIELD Robert D. Orr The Jones Family MICHAEL MOHR MR. DON LEEBERN, III Tom & Cathy Fuller Nick & Patti Chilivis JACK & SUE MOORE MR. DON LEEBERN, JR. Betty & Buddy Moore Nick & Patti Chilivis Sid & Little Lionberger BOB & JENNELL LEMONS ANDY & JAN MORRIS Jeff & Annette Smith Jim, Kim & Emily Morris & Michael Ross JOAN MORRIS MR. & MRS. EARL LEONARD Charles & Brenda Maynard Warren & Lynne Wood SHAN MORRIS Lonnie & Miriam Bacon Michelle Galvani MR. & MRS. J. RANDOLPH JOSEPH F. MORRISSETTE LIGHT, JR. Mr. John M. Boswell, Sr. Mark Carson SID & ELIZABETH LIONBERGER MRS. ANN MOSELEY Joy & Terry Wingfield Betty & Buddy Moore MR. & MRS. LARRY MOSELEY MR. ALEX LIVINGSTON Joy & Terry Wingfield Mrs. Gwynn Blount CALE MOTLEY POLLY & BOB LLOYD Ann Howell Nancy & Leonard Parks PAUL & GAIL NERO PATTY LOWE Chris & Jill Snow Wayne Bradshaw’s Family EMMA NEWBERRY MS. ALLISON LUCAS Bill & Margaret Newberry Mrs. Dorothy Bruce AVA NICHOLSON MR. & MRS. PETE LUNATI Bill & Margaret Newberry Mr. & Mrs. William A. Holby

MR. & MRS. DARREL NICKELS Dr. & Mrs. R. D. Nickels MR. & MRS. DAVID NICKELS Dr. & Mrs. R. D. Nickels MR. CHASE NORTHCUTT Mr. & Mrs. John C. Hamilton LIB & BILL OTTO Nancy & Leonard Parks LARRY & TERESA PARKER Sue T. Martin DOUG & CHRIS PARKS Nancy & Leonard Parks JEAN PARKS Joy & Terry Wingfield CAPTAIN & MRS. LEONARD PARKS Mr. & Mrs. Bill Otto RANDY & ED PARKS Nancy & Leonard Parks WILL & LEIGH PAUL Bill & Elinor Tyre MR. & MRS. AGNEW PEACOCK Joy & Terry Wingfield J. WRAY PEARCE Marion Renneker Fennell JUDITH & DAVID PELTO Jimmy & Pat Anderegg MARSHALL & BOBBYLEA PENNINGTON Roy M. Judson THE PEPPERS FAMILY Roy M. Judson LAUREN PERALTA Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Toren DAVID & DONNA PERRON Ann & Pepe Perron MR. & MRS. OSCAR PERRON Frank Gibson & Betsy Gibson MR. & MRS. BILL PERRY Warren & Lynne Wood BEN & REBECCA PHILLIPS Dean & Fran Dadisman RUBY NELL PIRKLE Judy & Jerry Horton Mr. & Mrs. Hubert James George & Pinkie Pilgrim TANIA & ROCKY PIRKLE Jim & Sandy Brim LINDA PLANTS Millie Plants EDWARD & SUSAN POPE Dave & Eria Thomas SUSAN POPE Buzzy & Jo Randall THE “TEAM” AT PPA ADVISORS Mrs. Gretta Burns HOKE & JOANN PRICE Randy & Joy Cobb WANDA PRIEM Jean S. Tolosky DR. RUSSELL PRUITT & FAMILY Mother CLEMMIE PURCELL Peggy Purcell BUZZY & JO RANDALL Tracie, Payton, Thomas & Anne Marie Burriss MR. & MRS. COMER H. RANDALL, JR. Randy, Kim & Taylor Randall JO RANDALL Susan Pope RANDY RANDALL Buzzy & Jo Randall

CORY REED Mrs. Irene Reed RALPH REGAN Susan DeDeyn JEANNETTE REYNOLDS Tracey Abbott JACE RICHARDS Chase Major MARK & KATHARYN RICHT Tom & Cathy Fuller THE RICHWINE CHILDREN Sam & Julie Richwine BOB & PATSY RILEY Ruthmary Williams MR. & MRS. JERRY ROBERTS Donald & Nancy Roberts MARY ROBERTS Wayne Bradshaw’s Family MR. STEPHEN E. ROBERTS Mark Carson ALFRED & LIBBA ROBERTSON Ann & Pepe Perron MRS. TOM ROBINSON Warren & Lynne Wood MATTHEW & CRYSTAL ROPER Mamaw JAN ROS Joy & Terry Wingfield MR. & MRS. ALBERT SAMS Joy & Terry Wingfield MR. & MRS. EDWARD SAMS Joy & Terry Wingfield BILL & LUCY SANDERS Roy M. Judson DR. & MRS. PAUL SANDERS Brenda Sanders THOMAS SANGSTER, JR. Nick & Patti Chilivis JOE & ASHLEY SCARBROUGH Bill & Sheila Pause MR. & MRS. DAVID SCHAEFFER Nick & Patti Chilivis LORRY & SHERRIE SCHRAGE Ann & Pepe Perron MRS. EVELYN SCOTT Nick & Patti Chilivis RON & NANCY SCROGGINS Sue & Don Dennis MR. BIPIN SHAH Nick & Patti Chilivis KARSTEN, BRADEN, LANDON, SKYLAR, PIETRICK, BAILEY, KENDRICK, CARLISLE & MENDELL SHAW Richard & Sheri Shaw CHARLES SHEPHERD Wayne Bradshaw’s Family HEATHER SHEPPARD Mrs. Gwynn L. Blount BRUCE & CAROLYN SHORTELL Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild GREG & LISA SHORTELL FAMILY Bruce & Carolyn Shortell MIKE & SHARON SHORTELL FAMILY Bruce & Carolyn Shortell MR. ROBERT W. SIGLE Mark Carson MR. & MRS. ROBERT W. SIGLE, JR. Mark Carson CHARLEY & DIXIE SIMPSON Dave Simpson & Family MR. WILLIAM A. SIMPSON Joy & Terry Wingfield

CAROLYN SULLENS & MARY SIMS Margaret Sims DR. POONAM SINGH Lynn & Jim Whatley MR. HOWARD SLIGH & MRS. CHARLES SLIGH Joy & Terry Wingfield KENNEDY & MARY SMARTT Dean & Fran Dadisman ALEX & RACHEL SMITH Vivian Smith DORSEY SMITH Andra Ostergard GREG & JUDY SMITH Jim & Sandy Brim MR. & MRS. LORAN SMITH Joy & Terry Wingfield STAN SMITH Vivian Smith DR. RICHARD & LYNNE SMITH Elizabeth B. Williams RUSSELL & FRAN SMITH Roger & Joyce Parrish THE TYLER SMITH FAMILY Nancy & Leonard Parks FRANCES SNIPES Lee & Nancy Lovvorn ANGELA & LOUIS SPEAR Jim & Sandy Brim DR. & MRS. GARY R. SPERDUTO Mark Carson MR. & MRS. WILEY W. STANFORD, JR. The Rice Family DR. & MRS. RICK STAPPENBECK Mr. & Mrs. William A. Holby WENDELL & LYDIA STARKE Kent A. Starke EDDIE STAUB Cheryl Cooper Abbott Joy & Terry Wingfield Mr. & Mrs. Max Ward EDDIE STAUB & THE EAGLE RANCH STAFF Tom & Cathy Fuller MR. & MRS. ROBERT STICKLEY Kate & Mitchell Watson SUSAN & PAUL STOUFFER Jimmy & Pat Anderegg PAULA STUBBS Joey & Jan Millwood JOHN & MELISSA SULHOFF Scott & Lisa Grant CAROLYN SULLENS Margaret Sims MR. RICHARD & DR. WHITNEY SWANN Joy & Terry Wingfield MR. TODD P. SWANSON Nick & Patti Chilivis LESLIE SYMINGTON Wayne Bradshaw’s Family DR. JEFFERY TERRY Deanne & Bob Condon KIRBY THOMPSON Betsy, Louis, Macie & Kip Oliver DR. & MRS. REX TIDWELL Mrs. Dorothy Bruce DR. & MRS. STEPHEN TIMME Mary Ellen Timme

ROBERT & SUE TROUT Camille & John Trout FRANK & LEONA TRUE Bob & Millie Plants MRS. ANNETTE TRUNZ Nick & Patti Chilivis GRADDIE TUCKER Mark & Heather Tucker Lauren & Scott Tucker MELANIE TURNER Nancy Turner JULIE & JOHN UPSHAW Robert D. Orr DR. JOHN & DR. CHERI VACHTSEVANOS Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kuhn, Jr. & Taylor Janet McNeal JUNE & DEAN VAN ALSTYNE Jim & Elsie Dean MS. SUSAN VAN VLACK Nick & Patti Chilivis ALBERT VITALI Kathryn Risch ED & JANE VOYLES Betsy & Randy King MR. & MRS. JOSEPH WALL Mrs. Dorothy Bruce MRS. JOANN WEAVER Mrs. Dorothy Bruce MRS. IRIS D. WELCH Nick & Patti Chilivis MRS. ANGEL WESTCOTT Nancy Hill Roberts JOHN WHITAKER Tom & Cathy Fuller BILL & HANNA WHITE Brian, Ansley, Ethan & Parker Scurlock MS. EVELYN WHITE Nellene Wallis JOE & BETTY WHITE Roy M. Judson MR. & MRS. WALTER WHITE Joy & Terry Wingfield DWIGHT & NANCY WHITMIRE Hartwell & June Quattlebaum MIKE & BECKY WHITMIRE Ann & Pepe Perron HARRIS & ANN WILBANKS Paul & Barbara Brown MRS. CLEVE WILLCOXON Warren & Lynne Wood MR. & MRS. CLEVE WILLCOXON Warren & Lynne Wood CHAD WILLINGHAM Chase Major MRS. GENE MAC WINBURN Joy & Terry Wingfield MR. & MRS. TERRY WINGFIELD Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Chambers, Jr. MRS. LYNNE WINSHIP Warren & Lynne Wood MR. & MRS. LOUIE WOOD Warren & Lynne Wood LEE WOOLBRIGHT Chase Major KEVIN & MARILEE WRIGHT Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild Bruce & Carolyn Shortell HONORABLE & MRS. CHARLES WYNNE Honorable & Mrs. J. D. Smith


BERNARD Laura West Contributions to the Eagle JAY BIEL Ranch memorial program are Jan & Mike Callahan listed in alphabetical order TIFFANY BISHOP by the name of the deceased. Randy & Joy Cobb Donors are listed after the DOROTHY BLACK name of the person in whose Doug & Diane Magnus memory they contributed Gateway Investments, Inc. (donations September 8, 2011 GERALD BLACKBURN – January 20, 2012). Bobbie McKnight MILDRED BLAN BARBARA ABERNATHY Betty Jo Kerlin & Family Teresa & Larry Waters Junior & Sharon Flanigan O. G. ABERNATHY, JR. MRS. REBA B. BOBO Teresa & Larry Waters The Bobo Family BOB ADAM Foundation,Inc Joan Adam ISAAC RICHARD BOECKMAN MILDRED SAILORS ADAMS Junior & Sharon Flanigan A Friend Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Bennett DR. CALVIN ALLEN, JR. RANDALL BOOTH Dr. & Mrs. William White Doug & Diane Magnus FRANCES J. ALLEN Mr. & Mrs. Dudley R. Trapnell J. David Allen JESSE GROOVER BOWLES, IV LEROY H. ALLEN Susan & Peter Hodgson Virginia Cornelison MR. SAM BOYD MRS. SYLVIA ALLEN Billie Bob Hoskyn Carol & Dick Inman VIRGINIA BRADFORD BENJAMIN EUGENE ANDERSON The Reece Evans Family Cathy & Gene Anderson GLEN BRADSHAW BETTY ANDERSON Jim & Dorothy Lamb Ann & Pepe Perron FRANCES AILEEN BRANDES KATHERYN “KITTY” ASH Rob & Nancy Kohl Vivian Smith Smiley Veal Doug & Diane Magnus MRS. PAM BREAKELL NAN S. ASHFORD John & Barbara Avery Cattie K. Taylor MRS. JOEY BREWER Mr. & Mrs. William R. White Mrs. Colleene Ivey DR. JACK N. AVERITT & NEAL BREWER ADDIE D. AVERITT Charlie & Gaye Cronin Bruce & Carolyn Shortell MARION BREYER JOHN AZZARITI Rita Hudson Mike & Lisa Chuma JEWEL ABNEY BROCKINTON ALEC BAGWELL Her Children Sylvia Cooper BILLIE K. BROWN LAVONIA SHELLEY BAILEY Claud L. Brown Glenda Bowen CECIL CROWE & EVELYN BARCLAY DAVID BROWN Greg & Debbie Barron Mike, Denise, Jessica, CHARLOTTE BARFIELD Jennifer Brown Brenda Powell ELDON BROWN C. JACK BARNES Margie Atkins Mrs. Johnni G. Barnes MARGARET RAGAN & JACK BARNETT WALLACE BROWN Sandi & Richard Hester Paul & Barbara Brown WAYNE BARNETT EDWARD E. BRUMFIELD, JR. Jackie & Sheldon Darnell Linda Wofford Little FREDDIE L. BARRETT CLIFFORD MARIE JONES Richard & Pat Russell BRYAN KAY BARRETT Tom Bryan Barry & Sandra Ladd DILLARD BRYAN Mr. & Mrs. Dudley R. Trapnell Bobbie G. Bryan DOUG BASKINS LUCILLE BRYANT Stan & Susie Appleton C. David Reed RYAN JOSEPH BEALER MARILYN & WILLIE Lloyd, Florence & Les Smee BUCHANAN Lee & Sandy Smee & Family Mr. & Mrs. Jim Moss DAVID BELLINGER THE JEFFREY BUCKALEW Mr. Thomas P. Wendle FAMILY J. W. BENEFIELD A Friend Mr. & Mrs. Donald Beard MRS. KATHRYN BULLOCH & Family William B. Strickland MILFORD H. BENNETT MR. JAY BURCH Louise Conn Crowe The Overcomers Sunday Georgia Tech 1951-52 School Class Football Teams

REBECCA BURCH Violet Waldrip STEVE BUREL Ronnie & Bonita Burel BETTY SCHUMPERT BURKE Colleen Swett MADELINE BURNS Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kuhn, Jr. & Taylor Janet McNeal MRS. EDNA RUTH BURT Mrs. Betty Ellis RICHARD BYRD Dr. & Mrs. William White BILL CADDELL Mr. & Mrs. Paul Caddell RUTH CAGLE John & Becky Latty ANN E. CALDWELL C. L. Caldwell ZACH CAMPA Senior Ladies S.S. Class KEN CAMPBELL Sara & John Posey JUNIOR CANTRELL Betsy & Randy King REVEREND DR. SAM CAPPEL Dorothy H. Bruce REVEREND RAY CARSON Jerry & Pat Harris CHRIS CARTER Martin & Joyce Chandler “TITO” CAUDELL A Friend C. L. CHANDLER, III Mark B. Chandler ISABEL M. CHAPPELL Anne D. Chappell JESSE & BESSIE C. CHAPPELL Anne D. Chappell JOHN P. CHAPPELL Anne D. Chappell LABAN & MAXCY M. CHAPPELL Anne D. Chappell PHILIP C. CHAPPELL Anne D. Chappell DR. W. ADRIAN CHAPPELL Carol & Craig Lund CALVIN CHASTAIN Mr. & Mrs. Charles Chastain RONALD CHESSER Brenda Jones CHRIS CHILDERS J. C. & Carolyn Childers MILON CHRISTMAN, JR. Austin & Regina Edmondson Doug & Diane Magnus

EDNA CLARK John & Susie Solesbee HAYNE CLARK John & Susie Solesbee RUDOLPH CLARK John & Susie Solesbee RALPH W. CLEVELAND Mary, John, Cathy, Michael, Courtney & Scott Cleveland MARJORIE LOIS COBB Susan & Peter Hodgson LUCY COCHRAN Henry D. Cochran JANICE COFFEY Dr. & Mrs. R. D. Nickels JOHN K. COGGINS, III John & Carole Coggins John Coggins III Foundation JOYCE COLLIS Glenn & Pam Duck GUS L. CONNELLY Helen & Dennis Calhoun Mary Helen Connelly DAVID LEROY CONNER Hartwell & June Quattlebaum ANDREA COSTAIN Mary Ann & Keith Bacon MRS. EDITH COUCH Mr. & Mrs. Perino Cochran MRS. FRANCES G. COUCH Mrs. Sylvia Cooper JENNY COUCH & WAYNE COUCH Cathy & Gene Anderson Mike & Judy Sewell WAYNE COUCH Betty, Janyce, Royce, Sonya, Tommy, Casey, Shawna & Johnny Rebecca Pirkle DR. THOMAS CRENSHAW Bruce & Barbara Adams WILLIAM TYSON CROCKER, JR. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kuhn, Jr. & Taylor, & Janet McNeal MRS. CARYL CRONIC Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson MARY BESS CRONIC Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson CECIL CROW Larue Crow Melanie Smith ADELE CHAPPELL CURTIS Anne D. Chappell ROBERT HARRISON DANIEL, SR. Dr. & Mrs. William Rice

BEN DAUGHERTY Georgia Tech 1951-52 Football Team SARA DAVIDSON Mr. & Mrs. Harrison J. Martin MRS. BARBARA DAVIS D. Louise Conn Crowe BARBARA DENNEY Leona Green WILLIAM DOLE Bill & Libby Nabors MRS. MARGARET DOLIVE Don & Vickie Mulkey EDWARD DORTON Debbie Thomas JOHN S. & KATHERINE C. DOUGLAS Anne D. Chappell MRS. LINDA MARIE DOVER Sylvia Cooper JOAN MILLER DREW Mr. & Mrs. David Neff BARBARA RUCKER DUNCAN Steve & William Slade & Family EDGAR “ED” BROWN DUNLAP, JR. Lee & Kristin Wagner Ann H. Gignilliat Charles H. Johnson Greene Ford Company Joe T. Wood, Sr. Lowell & Mardy Fulenwider Stan & Susie Appleton Roland & Kathy Stroberg Carolee & Gerald Gailey Doug & Diane Magnus Regina & Austin Edmondson Mr. & Mrs. Edmund A. Waller, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Chipman, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Clark Ferrell Louise J. Hughs Loyd & Pam Strickland Dick & Julia Baxter Bill & Sallie Stark The Bob Adams Family JAMES A. DUNLAP Ed & Charlon Dunlap JEAN MOHEAD DUNLAP Austin & Regina Edmondson Dr. & Mrs. Henry S. Jennings, Jr. Jo Ann Adams & Sally Smith Ethel Caras Mrs. Martha Jacobs

Joanne & Phil McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Edmund A. Waller, Sr. Charles H. Johnson Jo Ann Adams & Sally Smith Maciel & Bob Slagle Danny & Lynda Askew Stan & Susie Appleton Ms. Rickey Dorman MICHAEL VERNON DUVALL Mom & Dad PAUL ALLEN EBBS, JR. Wiley & Doran Stanford Will & Patti Ebbs FRANK ECKLUND Debbie Thomas GREGORY EGGLETON Loyd & Pam Strickland Nell Hanes & Mac & Jennifer Coile Doug & Diane Magnus LOUISE IVEY EIDSON Dr. Judy Long Eleanor E. Foster William L. Foster MRS. MARGARET S. ELLETT Mrs. Ann B. McLeod ANNIE LAURA ELROD Roland Brooks GERALD EMANUEL Betsy & Randy King JAMES ANDREW ENGLAND Wil, Suzanne & Ben Owen CHIP ENSLEY Bill & Jeanette Ensley RICHARD ESTES Verdis & Mary Puckett BILL, ELEANOR & JOHN EUBANKS Catherine Eubanks CAROL EURE Kirk & Lena Doss Doug & Diane Magnus Austin & Regina Edmondson Dr. David F. Brown DONALD FAIRCHILD Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild FAMILY MEMBERS OF IPOG WHO PASSED AWAY IN 2011 Insurance Professionals of Gainesville BARBARA FARMER’S MOTHER Edwin & Cathryn Sawyer LEONARD (BUDD) FEITT Margaret & Neal Boles MRS. SARAH FISHBACK Claude & Mary Bates

“Children are the messages we send to a time we will never see."

This statement, often quoted by Eddie Staub, rings true for supporters who wish to leave a legacy that shows their love of helping children in need. Including “Eagle Ranch, Inc., Chestnut Mountain, Georgia” as a beneficiary in your will, trust or life insurance policy helps establish your legacy in the lives of children. If you, your attorney or financial advisor would like to consult with us on how best to include the Ranch as a beneficiary in your estate planning, please feel free to contact the Ranch office at 770.967.8500.

MARTHA FITZGERALD Mrs. Violet Fairbanks PORTER FLEMING Jane Fleming MIKE FORAN, JR. Dorothy & Larry Jones LOUISE FORRESTER Peggy A. Haley HUGH FREDERICK Perino & Mary Cochran JANE GAINES Rosser International, Inc. CHARLES GARDNER Gainesville High School Class of 1955 JIMMY GARDNER Mr. & Mrs. James H. Baker CURTIS GEORGE Stan & Susie Appleton Jean P. Ward OPHELIA GILBERT Jefferson Motor Company Susan & Richard Gilbert HENRY LEE GILLELAND Lurene Odell Robert & Wynnell Steadman Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kuhn, Jr. & Taylor Janet McNeal JADE GILLELAND Cecil & Juanita Brookshire ROYAL RYAN “DINK” GLASSCOCK Robert & Pam Reeve Joy, Key & Kent Irwin Iris Christopher Peggy & Harry Hill Bryant & Ruth Strain Rosemary & Jim Cooke Mrs. Penny P. Barcroft Mrs. E. J. Staub, Jr. Mr. Benton White Piggly Wiggly Rita Hudson Greg, Doty, Anna & Daniel Henderson BERT GOOCH Carolee & Gerald Gailey MARY J. GOSDIN Susan & Richard Gilbert GARY GRANT Scott & Lisa Grant LOUISE GRANT Scott & Lisa Grant DAVID B. GRAY, SR. Carol & Dick Inman GEORGE H. “CHIP” GRAY, SR. George & Mary E. Gray DORINE CASH GREENWAY TEL Class of Hephzibah Baptist Church George & Pinkie Pilgrim MRS. MARILYN GREGORY William W. Whorley ANN GRESS Austin & Regina Edmondson COACH BOBBY GRUHN Don & Frankie Frazier GARY GUISE The Nobles MRS. BETTY GAIL GUNTER Doug & Diane Magnus CAROL PENZY HALE Steve & Kristin Heil

FRANCIS & GLENNA HALL Ms. Cynthia Hurlbert MR. JOHNNIE HALL Schuyler H. Floyd JOSHUA HALL Ann & Pepe Perron MARGARET HALL Jason & Corrie Samples MELROSE HALL Lisa Lance JESSE & STELLA HALLMAN Betty H. Cowart MR. & MRS. RAYMOND HAMRICK Mr. & Mrs. Gary Niebur DARRELL HANCOCK Harris & Ann Wilbanks PIERCE HANCOCK Mrs. Colleene Ivey WILLIAM C. HANEY Helen Vance Wilson PAULA HARDY Gil & Eileene Jensen CLYDE “BUDDY” HARE Mary Ann Wilson ANDREW HARE Dennis & Joyce Pope MICHAEL HARPER Bill & Elinor Tyre ANNIE LAURA HARRIS Doris, Ernest & Lee Smith HERB HARRIS Doug & Diane Magnus HOMER & VIRGINIA HARRIS Jimmy & Kathy Harris MAXENE & KATHRYN HARRIS Candy & Gary Schroeder Gordon, Debbie & Nicole Harris Glen, Lisa, Jessica & Ryan Harris MD Harris Foundation, Inc. SEYMOUR HART Marion Fischer & Don Earwood EMILIE HASKIN Judson & Dianne Merritt CLARENCE HAWKINS Mr. & Mrs. Dan Vandiver LaRue & Curtis Pethel John & Becky Latty Mr. & Mrs. James M. MacDonald Mr. A. T. Harrell EVELYN HAWKINS Stan & Susie Appleton Mr. Joe T. Wood, Sr. THELMA TEE HAYES Russell & Neta Phillips ZACH HAYES Louise Vandiver MARTHA HAYGOOD Nancy H. Roberts KANSI NEWTON HAYNES Perino & Mary Cochran WALTER HAYWOOD Nancy & Leonard Parks MIKE HEIMERDINGER Chan & Laurie Gailey HELEN HENRY Peter Siegel FRANCES HILL Hardy & Lois Pickering PERRY HILL Jan & Mike Callahan

MRS. AMIE HODGES Elizabeth Elijah DANNY HOLCOMB, JR. Barbara A. Holcomb JACK HOLCOMB Bob Howington O.B. HOUSE, JR. Lillian Sykes McKINLEY GRACE HOWARD Barbara & John Avery WALTER HOYLE Jeannie & Ken Mercier FRED HOYT Stan & Susie Appleton Mr. & Mrs. Gene Anderson RICHARD HUNTER Ann & Pepe Perron CHADBURN HURLBERT Ms. Cynthia Hurlbert ED INGRAM Carolee & Gerald Gailey CLARK IRVIN Joseph & Carol Irvin JAMES IRVING Fred Ingle NELL IVIE Brad & Melanie Pager CAMERON JACKSON Lucy Gill DOROTHY JACKSON Glen & Claire Jackson EDNA JACKSON Frances Thornton FLORENCE JACKSON Brenda Jackson JOHN WESLEY JACOBS, JR. Joann Adams Mr. & Mrs. Nat S. Turner III Barbara & John Avery Jim & Sally McCoun Charles H. Johnson John & Jane Hemmer Stan & Susie Appleton Scott & Lisa Grant Doug & Diane Magnus MR. CARLTON MIZE JAMES, JR. Nick & Patti Chilivis TOM JARRARD Bill & Jeanette Ensley EDGAR LANIER JENKINS Mr. & Mrs. Edmund A. Waller, Sr. MARY K. JENKINS Blitch Ann Bird THOMAS E. JENKINS Jim & Diane Curington ANN JOHNSON Nick & Patti Chilivis JEREMY JOHNSON Claude & Mary Bates LISA ANNE JOHNSON & LEWIS DANIEL JOHNSON, JR. Lucy Johnson Dr. L. Dan Johnson ROY JOHNSON Don & Marilyn Attaway SAM JOHNSTON Sara Johnston & Children CHARLIE JONES Al & Ann Wimpy DOROTHY JONES Robert & Ruthella Parker DOUG JONES Peggy Trettel & Family

“Max and Kathryn were very special people who loved God and gave him precedence in their lives. They were not wealthy but were frugal and saved and invested wisely. In preparing their wills, they continued their life legacy. This money is being contributed to Eagle Ranch because your organization represents the values which they held important.”
MD Harris Foundation

STEVE & BARBARA JORDAN Matt & Kathy Bauerkemper Mr. Jess P. Jordan Marge Gough Brad & Melanie Pager PATRICK KELLEY Barbara & John Avery Austin & Regina Edmondson Dr. Tom & Betty Brown W. WAYDE KELLY Tom & Mary Billman BOBBY EDWIN KERLIN Kathleen Cates & Jeff Cates Bobby & Estelle Dobbs Gwen Vance Donald & Laverne Kerlin Mary W. Allen Dr. & Mrs. Victor L. Puckett Frances R. Cox North Georgia Twins Motorcycle Club, Inc. Nettie Ruth Robinson Mrs. Tommie Henley Jean S. Jones Eleanor J. Brogdon George & Runette Mathis Sula Clack Art & Jewell S. Rich Jack & Jean Harris Mr. & Mrs. Dale Brown JEFFERY KILLGO David & Jane Wilson WARREN G. KLUTTZ, JR. Bill & Marcy Fulton MARY CATHERINE KOHL Frances & Don Neal DORIS KOHLBACHER Doug & Diane Magnus MR. MIKE KOLESAR Mrs. Colleene Ivey ROY KUHN Larry & Teresa Parker Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kuhn, Jr. & Taylor Janet McNeal REVEREND RACHEO M. LACEY Doug & Diane Magnus

LOIS LADD Mrs. Dorothy Marlowe Steve & Kittie Ross Ricky & Shirley Hazlerigs Howard & Carol Cooper Amy & Randall Brown Betsy, Joel & Eric Garner Melissa, Chris & Breelan Thomas Chris & Kay Walker AVERY LANGFORD Ann & Pepe Perron JOANNE LANIER Doug & Diane Magnus Stan & Susie Appleton LUDGER LANTHIER, JR. Richard & Pat Russell Mrs. Royce Jackson R. Steve & Dottie Jackson JAMES LAVENDER Barbara & Raymond Adams GEORGE H. LAW, JR. Joe T. Wood, Sr. Charles Johnson ROBERT H. “BOB” LEDFORD Nancy Ledford LINDA JEAN McALLISTER LEE Stan & Susie Appleton LT. COL. HOWARD LEWIS, SR. Nick & Patti Chilivis MADISON MINOR LEWIS Greg & Debbie Barron ROBERT, JR. & MARGIE LIND Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lind RUSS LIND Ed & Nell Garrett DEWEY O. LINDSAY Mr. & Mrs. Joe Block DAVID LINSTRUM Jennifer Schneider ORA LEE LITTLE The Family of Ruby Nell Pirkle Lloyd & Evelyn Little J. C. & MOENA LOTHRIDGE Mike Lothridge STEPHEN JAMES LOVELADY, SR. Terrie Smith VIRGINIA & A. J. LOVELADY, SR. Annette Lovelady GENE (BUCK) LOVELL Tom & Joann Davis DR. & MRS. R. L. LOVVORN Lee & Nancy Lovvorn

ELIZABETH “BETTY” LOWE SRCS Equestrian Team/Club Terry & John Carroll Bill & Mary Ann Abraham The Lawrence Family Steve & Nancy Pettit Martha L. Tripod Gary & Virginia Lester Judith Holford CHARLES A. LUCKEY Judy Luckey VICTORIA LYLES Mr. & Mrs. Clark Franks CHRIS LYNCH Mr. & Mrs. Harry Wright ELIZA MacLEMORE Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris RAY L. MAGARO Tom & Mary Billman TIMOTHY BAKER MAGINNIS Jean P. Ward Shirley & Jim Gailey SALLIE MAGYER Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Moore, Jr. BILLY C. MAHAFFEY Fred & Suzanne Ingle JOYCE B. MANOUS Becky & Clark Franks KENNETH ALLEN MARASCALCO Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Marascalco ALBERT M. MARAZITI, II Ms. Dorothy M. Maraziti BUCK MARSHALL Larry & Teresa Parker DAN MARTIN Karen Jernigan MR. TOM A. MARTZ William W. Whorley MARY MASHBURN Stan & Susie Appleton BILL MASON Ken & Donna Odum Ralph & Carol Gibson Sue & Lyle Diamond REBEKAH NEW “HONEY” MATHIS Greg & Debbie Barron JANELLE HAWES MAXWELL Nancy Hill Roberts ARNOLD MAYS Lynn Mays MRS. ANNIE P. McALLISTER Carol & Dick Inman

JOHN B. McBRAYER Janet J. Haynes ELMER J. McCANNON Mrs. Nancy Smith HENRY GREEN McCLESKEY Leona Green EMILY McCLURE Becky & Clark Franks LEE McDONALD David & Deborah Clark JULI DEANNA McFATTER James & Madaline McFatter MR. DENNIS McKAY Billie Bob Hoskyn DAN McNEAL Mr. & Mrs. John W. Phillips, Jr. Doug & Diane Magnus RICHARD “BILL” & SHIRLEY McNEAL Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kuhn, Jr. & Taylor Janet McNeal NANCY McSWINEY Mark B. Chandler MARTHA McWHORTER Phyllis J. Dant Mrs. Barbara Pate JIM MEADOWS Jimmy Clark Sandra Braselton Pam Duck COL. MIKE MEDLOCK John & Barbara Avery MR. & MRS. DOYLE MITCHELL Jaye & George Goddard ERWIN MITCHELL Nick & Patti Chilivis JAMES WARREN MILLER Kathy & Roland Stroberg MICHELE GILBERT MILLER Duke & Jane Aycock Mr. & Mrs. Dudley R. Trapnell THOMAS ALBERT MONTGOMERY Nick & Patti Chilivis KEVIN MOORE Sid & Little Lionberger ANDREW MORGAN Barbara & John Avery RAY “PETE” MORRISON Mrs. Colleene Ivey Alan Malcolm George Galloway Tommy Galloway MR. BEN MOYE Jim & Sally McCoun ROBERT E. “RUSTY” MOZO Mark & Teri Drake

MRS. THERESA MULLEN Carol & Dick Inman MRS. CHRISTINE MUNDY Louise Conn Crowe Kenneth & Sue Moore DR. GWENDOLYN MUNDY Mr. & Mrs. John W. Phillips, Jr. Mrs. Jackie Sutton Mr. Joe T. Wood, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson DEE MURPHY Mike & Connie Murphy Mrs. Margaret S. Murphy WILLIAM H. NASH Greg & Debbie Barron RAINEY H. NEAL, SR. Danny Neal MR. MICKEY NEIDENBACH Mrs. Colleene Ivey MR. ROBERT JAMES NIEBUR Mr. & Mrs. Gary Niebur ARLENE NUSSBAUM Jim & Rachel Woeste ROGERS ODELL Lurene Odell WALLY ODUM Mrs. A. W. Odum, Jr. SAMUEL OLIVER Dr. & Mrs. William White CLAUDE C. PARDUE Hansel & Mary Williams Johnny & Susie Solesbee OUR PARENTS Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Reaume CHARLES E. PARKS Mr. & Mrs. E. Paul Stringer DEBBIE PASARELLA Ned & Marsha Richards RELATIVES OF RON & SHIRLEY PATE Roger & Carol Williams MR. CHAD PAXSON William W. Whorley REV. WILBURN PEEPLES Doug & Diane Magnus Lounette & Dwight Ryals MARIE E. PETTIT W. E. & Betty Lowe Mrs. Lillian Fraser MR. WILLIAM J. PHILLIPS Jerry & Beth Lathem Charles H. Johnson MR. & MRS. ROBERT I. PITTS Bruce & Carolyn Shortell WILLIAM PLOUNT Don & Marilyn Attaway AMANDA POLSTON Conrad Bishop

Ministry Opportunity
Being an Eagle Ranch Houseparent is a great option for couples looking for an opportunity in ministry. Houseparent couples live full-time on the Ranch in one of our lovely homes, providing nurturing and structure for up to seven children. It’s a rewarding way to serve in a salaried position with living expenses. For more details, visit EagleRanch.org.

SUZANNE IRVIN PORTER Joseph & Carol Irvin MELINDA CAROL PRESSLEYDENNIS Howard & Carol Cooper GENE PRICE Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Gailey Milton & Audrey Pierce Mrs. Colleene Ivey CHARLES M. PRIEM Anne Marie Justis Paul & Kristine Priem HAZEL BROWN PROPES Jeanne Buffington H.W. Robinson Elementary School Ann S. Lott Elizabeth Francis Barry & Sandra Ladd Charlotte Westbrook Steve & Kittie Ross Misti Moore Rhonda Watkins Linda Hughes Ruffin & Lois Ladd Bobby & Linda Nash Zach & Katie Propes Chris & Kay Walker THURMON PURCELL Mr. Robert W. Purcell MR. ALFRED A. QUILLIAN Nick & Patti Chilivis Carol & Robert Camp MARGARET RAGAN J. D. Ragan CALVIN RAMSEY Helen Ramsey PATRICK RANDALL Jane Newsome DAVID A. RANKIN Mr. Jess P. Jordan GAIL REY David & Sandra Dorsey JANE & JULIE REYNOLDS Mr. Perrin C. Reynolds KEVIN RICHARDSON Anne McKelvy HULEN RICKETS Teresa & Larry Waters EDITH RISCH Silvio Vitali Pat & Wally Olson John & Suzette Renfro The Sugar Hill Family HCSC - JC Penney Dixie Group Ardelle Nicoloff Jacob & Nileshana (Nicky) Jeevanayagam Larry & Penni Aanenson Jared, Genevieve & Leah Nelson Wayne & Jaye Duffy Aldo & Mona Vitali Charles & Shirley Ray Nancy Norris Family The Ellingsons Anita Browning Rick Risch Kathy Risch Elizabeth Parsons JOYCE ROBERTS Louise Wright WESLEY ROBERTS Teresa Bell

BETTY ROBERTSON Hill A. Robertson JEFF ROBINSON Mr. John F. Yarbrough JULIA ROGERS Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kuhn, Jr. & Taylor Janet McNeal MRS. PAT ROSEMOND Billie Bob Hoskyn ALLAN ROSS J. R. & Frances Kanady MARY & VINSON ROSSER Annette Lovelady ANTHONY RUOCCO Bianca Taormina OPAL RYLAND Stan & Susie Appleton TYLER SAFARRIYEH Mr. & Mrs. Dudley R. Trapnell Ronnie & Elaine Waller ELIZABETH SAGGUS Pegge S. McLean JACKIE SAMPLES Jason & Corrie Samples TONY SAVAGE, SR. The Savage Family DAN SAXTON Anthony & Debbie Knight MYRA LEE SCARBOROUGH Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kuhn, Jr. & Taylor Janet McNeal Brig. General & Mrs. Jack Ferguson Mr. & Mrs. George Cochran Dr. & Mrs. Ken Dixon ROBERT SCHAEFER Dwight Wendle IRENE AGNES SCHALLER Jim & Lisa Cauthen ROY SCHELENBARGER Kathy & Don Frankforther & Family JOSEPHINE SCHOLLY Marie Bond JACKSON SCHRADER Lorry & Sherrie Schrage OTTO SCHUSTER Jan & Mike Callahan PAUL SEALS Charles H. Johnson Glenn & Barbara Bell Ed & Nell Garrett Jimmy & Marie Faulkner Dr. & Mrs. Matthew McGowan T. R. SEIGLER Jim & Delina Montgomery Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Seigler Mr. & Mrs. G. N. Turk Joel Head Lamar & Shirley Perry Sam Jones Cath Lab OBS Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Carol Burrell & Staff Mr. & Mrs. Michael Byrd Shippers Express, Inc. Janet, John, Ben & Paula Mancel & Emogene Oliver Linda Terry Jerry & Lois Rose Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bennett Guy & Irene Mullinax

Ellen W. Powell Joyce Seigler Thomas Sandra Keith, Barbara Ebrite & Sharon Allen Patricia Floyd WALT SESSOMS Harriet Sessoms MR. MYRON SEWELL Mrs. Colleene Ivey JANIE BARKSDALE SHARP Ann & Pepe Perron DARRICK A. SHAW Richard & Sheri Shaw HAROLD SHAW Randall & Faye Duck Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Blackstock STEVE SHEFFIELD Mr. & Mrs. Dudley R. Trapnell CAM SHERWOOD Betsy & Randy King Johnny & Susie Solesbee ABBY HELEN SHIRLEY Junior & Sharon Flanigan JOHN & LILLIAN SHORTELL Bruce & Carolyn Shortell WALTER LEE SILLS Fred Ingle BOB SIMAK Peggy Trettel & Family BETTY SIMPSON Nick & Patti Chilivis Susan & Peter Hodgson RALPH SIMS Margaret Sims TED ELDER SIMS John C. Michael Family ELIZABETH SINGLEY Martha Ann & Ben Richardson MRS. MARIE SLOAN Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson DOUGLASS C. SMITH Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Andrews FRANKLIN M. (FRANK) SMITH Stan & Susie Appleton David & Sandra Dorsey FRED SMITH Sandra & Richard Hester GENENE SMITH Howard & Carol Cooper Amy & Randall Brown Melissa, Chris & Breelan Thomas Betsy, Joel & Eric Garner Ted & Sheila Lacey JUDY SMITH Viola H. Rudowske KAREN SMITH Fred & Eleanor Haas Mary L. Ashline MARGARET C. SMITH John & Cindi Fain RUNELLE SMITH Hyman Brown Insurance Agency, Inc. Gene & Pat Ayers Ruth’s Florist Howard & Becky Oliver Mr. & Mrs. John Brake Steve & Dianne Mize Mr. & Mrs. M. Boyd Edwards Sara Greene Stan & Cathy Evans Mr. & Mrs. David Nichols Debra S. Gray Juanita M. Smith

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Growing Faith and Confidence
Carlee, 14, admits she has a long road ahead, but she feels ready for the journey. The ninth grader came to Eagle Ranch hoping to work on her relationship with her family but soon learned she first had to work on her relationship with herself. “I had bad self-esteem and image problems. It would take me 2 hours the night before school to pick out what to wear,” Carlee recalls. “I didn’t even like going places. I used to think if people didn’t think I looked good, then they wouldn’t like me.” Struggles with herself added to the struggle with her parents. “I got rebellious. I thought if things got too tough at home with my mom and stepdad, it would be better if I moved in with my dad,” she said. “I ended up gaining weight and getting depressed about myself. I was hanging out with people I shouldn’t hang out with and doing things I shouldn’t.” Carlee credits her mom with seeing that things were getting worse and finding Eagle Ranch. “I remember so clearly when my mom called and said I was accepted at the Ranch,” says Carlee. “I cried, and we talked a little bit. When we hung up, I don’t know why but I just started talking to God. I said, ‘I don’t know you that much, but I can feel that you’re probably leading me here for a purpose.’” Shortly after arriving at the Ranch, she brought questions about God to her assistant counselor, Anna. “Then, one Sunday, I felt something. I actually felt something. It was just this feeling. It’s hard to explain.” she says. “Now, when I have problems, I pray. I go to Christ and don’t try to handle it on my own. Things have gotten better, but it’s not perfect. Some things have actually gotten harder and more challenging, but with Christ I know I can work through it.” Among the things improving for Carlee is confidence. “I think I’ve been the most confident here that I’ve ever been. Looking back at old pictures, I see I wasn’t what I once thought I was. I wasn’t all that bad,” she said. “People here help build confidence. They say I’m pretty – not just my appearance, but my personality. Sometimes I can still be a little self conscious, but it’s a lot better.” Carlee now feels like she has a solid foundation to start working on things with her family. “That’s what I’m focusing on,” she said. “My mom, more than anyone, is the person I look up to – she’s persevered. Perseverance is what I think of when I think of Eagle Ranch. I want to take this opportunity and not let it slide by. Things will be hard, but I think the outcome will be worth it.”

Help an Eagle Ranch Student Today
This year, you can provide an Eagle Ranch student with a scholarship and receive a dollar for dollar tax credit for your contribution. You choose the amount, up to generous limits set by the state of Georgia. The process has been simplified. Visit gascholarships.org or call Bob Baker at 770-967-8500 for details on the Georgia Student Scholarship Program. Don’t wait – the state’s designated funds for this program are limited and contributions are not accepted once the limit is met.

“I asked Anna a bunch of questions. I wanted to know God and how to call for Him to be in my life,” Carlee said. “She told me this was a big decision and there was something within me that would let me know when I was ready. I still didn’t get it all, but I started listening more in church.”

Supporting our Children

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Current Needs Spotlight
Library Books
Eagle Ranch School regularly purchases new and updated materials for its library. Each year, books and materials total $500. To find out how you can help fund a year or more of books or to review other Ranch needs, contact the Ranch at 770-967-8500 or info@eagleranch.org.

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