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Trained as fine artist at Hornsey College of Art, London then had several art exhibitions there. Artwork has appeared on record sleeves for W.E.A. and Creation record labels. Painted school murals in Islington, London in mid 1980’s. Published poetry and given many public readings. Can offer both art and poetry workshops in school and community settings. Presently based in Nottingham after periods in Oxford and Edinburgh. Trained as teacher at Nottingham University 2003-4 and has P.G.C.C.E. qualification. Has recently taught Literacy Levels 1 & 2, Drawing and Web Design and multimedia at Further Education level. Now part-time permanent lecturer for Multimedia Web Design at Trent University. Many years experience in educational and academic settings.

Further Education 9.2010 NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY M.A. (Registered Project)

9.2007 - 7.2008 DERBY UNIVERSITY THROUGH COLLECTION LINCOLN Postgraduate Certificate in Arts Practice ‘Connect’ 9.2003 - 7.2004 NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY Postgraduate Certificate in Continuing Education (Teacher Training) 9.1978 - 5.1981 MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY Art and Design B.A. ( Hons. ) Fine Art (Painting)

C.V. Had series of successful London painting exhibitions through 1980’s and art used on record sleeves for WEA Records and Creation Records. Moved back to Oxfordshire 1989 -1992 and worked in downland to create the ‘Chalk Downs ‘ set of drawings. Exhibited at The Rocket Press in 1991 alongside Ray Howard Jones, Robin Tanner and Edward Bawden (Rocket Press now Rocket Gallery, London). Moved to Edinburgh 1994 and created ‘McThistle’ suite of etchings at Edinburgh College of Art 1994-5. Moved to Nottingham U.K. 2002 Trained as teacher at Nottingham University (P.G.C.C.E) 2004 Currently living in Nottingham and a Practicing Artist and part-time multimedia lecturer at Trent University. Also a published poet (see Writing website) and performing songwriter (Songwriter website) Specialist research areas: For further info. see Academia. Edu page.. SHOWS 2010 November 26th - December 5th ‘Public is Not Invited’ Group Show Nottingham Workshop 2008 July 17 – 20, Group show ‘Penned’ Artscape,Baltimore U.S.A. Pinkard Gallery, Bunting Center, Maryland Institute College of Art 2008 July – Moogee the Art Dog at Goldfactory Contemporary, Nottingham 2008 May – Lincoln Collection ‘Connect’ group show 2008 April – ‘Drawing Out’ staff group show Nottingham Trent University 2007 Lady Bay, Nottingham, Arts & Gardens Festival 2006 ‘TYPO’ Group Show Gold Factory @ New College Nottingham (Curator) 2006 ‘Paint & Print’ Show Harding House Gallery Lincoln 2005 Egerton Studio Group, Nottingham, Open Studios

2004 Egerton Studio Group, Nottingham, Open Studios 2003 Lady Bay Open Studios, Nottingham 1999 3-Jay Group Show,Christchurch College, Oxford Artweek. 1992 ‘Tems’ Group Show,Bampton Town Hall, Oxon. 1992 Friend’s Meeting House , Banbury 1991 Rocket Press, Blewbury, Oxon. 1989 Pyramid Arts, Dalston, London. 1988 Drawings with Martin Jolly. Square Gallery, Highgate, London. 1988 Solo show. Square Gallery, Highgate, London. 1987 12 Young Artists. Square Gallery, Highgate, London. 1986 Hornsey Library, London 1985 Actors Institute Islington, London WORKSHOPS 2008 – Nottingham and Whatton Prisons – Creative writing projects 2007 – Digital arts and recording – Double Impact Nottingham 2006 – Framework ‘Drugs’ a rehabilitation collaborative project (Exhibited Waterstones Gallery) 2003 – Lady Bay Dragon Primary School, Nottingham – Artweek day. Further info. at WORKSHOPS website COLLABORATIONS 2007 Digital Maps Project with environmental artist Paul Matosic 2006 Cabaret Pink performance – music plus visuals by Moongold 2003 Moon Over The Downs Tribute CD in aid of cancer research 1991 St Martins Illustration show – Laura Stenhouse Stone litho prints -Shaun Belcher lyrics and poems.

PRESS “Shaun Belcher is a prolific artist whose practice encompasses photography, painting, drawing, poetry and song writing. We will focus here on his cartoons that are visible both on Saatchi Online and more extensively on his website. Belcher frequently posts his doodles on his blog, which thus functions like a diary. They retrace his mood, his frustrations with the arts scene or his views on the art world with a deadpan humour. His drawings are a mixture between comics, scribbles and caricatures and are made with an unhesitating black pen. The message is straightforward and clear. In some of his cartoons such as “Give me the Turner Prize, I am as shit as anyone”, his slang vocabulary as well his definitive statements can have something moving and aggressive at the same time – as if distant remnants of teenage hood. They reveal an unsettled state of mind and tell disarmingly touching and droll stories. His ironic and shameless comments on the art scene are indeed serious and make him at times sound desperately ambitious and direct. For instance “I am a pretentious 25 year old with no fucking skills but by networking, crawling, by doing voluntary works in a gallery I now have a small foothold on the art world…” By talking about his experience, he brings up questions that any artist might ask himself: How can I be visible as an artist in a saturated art scene? Can I make a living from my work? How can I network even more than I currently do? Even though his works refer a lot to very English contemporary art events such as the Turner Prize or the Nottingham art scene, they can apply to every artist striving to succeed and to be recognized. Shaun Belcher was born in Oxford in 1959. He is currently living in Nottingham and is now a multimedia lecturer at Trent University, freelance web designer and practicing digital artist. To see more of his work registered on Saatchi Online go to http://saatchionline/trailerstar and visit the artist’s own website, Victoria Chaine Mendrzyk Victoria Chaine Mendrzyk graduated with an MA Curating Contemporary Art from the Royal College of Art, a BA in Fine Art and History of Art from Goldsmiths College, University of London and a BA in Philosophy from University of Paris X, Nanterre. After being for 2 years the Gallery Manager of Laure Genillard Gallery, she now works as a free-lance contemporary art guide for private and corporate groups in London’s museums and leading contemporary art galleries. For more information about her guided tours, please visit Published on 08-02-2010

Other reviews “Liked most of the artwork except the Shaun Belcher works as I felt my 5 year old could do better paintings that that. I couldnt see the point in it.” Anonymous comment on Lincoln show ”Belcher is different again, here showing rough cartoons whose hero is Moogee the Art Dog, wandering through the minefield of the contemporary art establishment. The cartoons are openly hostile rather than merely satirical, the tickboxy culture brutally castigated by Belcher’s spleen probably deserving such a good savaging “ MARK PATTERSON, Nottingham Evening Post ‘TYPO’ show review 20.10.06 “… Shaun Belcher, a freelance journalist. Belcher also provides all the lyrics for the record. His writing seems steeped in the nostalgic melancholy of Woody Guthrie or even Thomas Hardy and works very well in a peculiarly English way.” (Trailer Star Moon Over The Downs CD) AMERICANA-UK.COM “He’s an impressive and authentically steeped writer and deservedly gets an equally impressive if largely little known roster of contributors to interpret his material.” (Trailer Star CD) MIKE DAVIES, NETRHYTHMS UK POETRY Last Farmer: Salt Modern Voices #3 published December 2010.

“…a concern for language and for how it shapes memory and identity.” ANNA CROWE, LINES REVIEW, EDINBURGH. ” Belcher cannot be accused of nostalgia or pastoral myth-making but is as vituperative in tone as Larkin” RAYMOND FRIEL, SOUTHFIELDS. ..the poems… individually and cumulatively preserve aspects of identity and genealogy rooted in a particular soil and way of life… underlying humaneness.” STEWART CONN (Scottish Poet Laureate, Playwright ) “..your poem is so beautiful..I love the tenderness of the carrying of the horse which was rescued.”

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