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Grammar in Context
Dr. Sank Gyula Office: Main bld. R. 11. Office hours: Monday 9.30-10.30 Thursday 13-14
Email: Tel.: 512900 ext. 23089

Spring 2012 Tuesday 16.00-17.40 (Main bld. R 121)

Seminar, 2 hrs, graded, for 1st year students

Aims of the course: Unlike traditional grammar-teaching, the course wishes to examine and practise the use of grammar in authentic passages, audio and DVD materials. Also, it focuses on communication, activation of the material mastered through pair-work and lock-step processing, whereby secondary but equally important targets such as speaking /listening skills may improve and vocabulary may be expanded as well. This life-like approach draws on real language, situations, topics and both vocabulary of journalism and colloquial conversations /monologues, and will hopefully contribute to enhancing language skills through a grammar focus. Requirements: the course will be evaluated on the basis of test results and participation in the classroom. Attendance will be monitored and registered. Assessment will be based on Participation (including mini presentations) Mid-term test End-term test Course Schedule Week 1 (Feb. 7) Introduction. Outlines of the course, orientation. Week 2 (Feb. 14) Main tenses. Assorted material from magazines. Listening and gap-filling on Womans Hour (BBC), and extracts from a DVD film with subtitles. Topics raised discussed during classes with special focus on tenses.

20 % 30 % 50 % of the final grade

Problem English:: (1-4) presentation, interactive, explicatory as well as task-sharing (fellowstudents are required to give appropriate answers to the presenters questions and give reasons for their choice). Collins-Cobuild::AWAY. Text: Bird-flu update (listening and gap-filling task- CD). Week 3 (Feb. 21) Perfect tenses. Techniques used in the classes is described above. Problem English: (5-8), Collins-Cobuild: BACK. Text: Japan+ The Science of Romance) Pair-work: discussing issues raised on tasks sheets. Week 4 (Feb. 28) Auxiliary verbs I Functions and distribution of aux. verbs. Problem English: (9-13), Collins-Cobuild: (DOWN), Text: Food fright listening task. Discussion of aux. use. Week 5 (March 6) Auxiliary verbs II Revision &practice of auxs. Problem English: (14-18), Collins-Cobuild: (IN). Text: Sociology of shopping. Discussion of aux. use. Listening & gap-filling task: Week 6 (March 13) Passive voice. Occurrence and frequency of PV. Practising PV sentences in different tenses (own examples). Problem English: (19-22), Collins-Cobuild: (OFF/1) Texts: Stories from Asia. + Emerging science-listening & discussion. Week 7 (March 20) - Mid-term paper Week 8 (March 27) - Consultation week Week 9 (Apr. 3) Conditionals Problem English: (23-26), Collins-Cobuild: (OFF/2)

Texts: If you want to be rich pair-work: gap-fill and discussion. Independent nation- gap-fill +discussion of issue. Week 10 (Apr. 10) Causatives and subjunctives Problem English: (27-30), Collins-Cobuild: (ON) Week 11 (Apr. 17 ) Infinitive, gerund and participle. Problem English: (31-34), Collins-Cobuild: (OUT) Texts: Bear Grills-gap-fill task+ discussion/pair-work. Listening and discussion; Reproductive health. Presentation: Week 12 (Apr. 24) Infinitive, gerund, participle; mixed exercises Problem English: (35-39), Collins-Cobuild: (OVER) Texts: Melvin Braggs: gap-fill tasks+discussion: celebrities lives. Reading+gap-fill. Lost part of Dumas lost trilogy; Hawking: Life Likely on Other Planets. Gap-fill and discussion. Week 13 (May 1) - Holiday Week 14 (May 8) End-term paper. Week 15 (May 15) Evaluation, rounding off.

Required reading Assorted material from NEWSWEEK, ECONOMIST and other magazines (texts will be provided electronically by the tutor on his Supplementary Materials Webpage: ) Doughty, S. and G. Thompson (1991). Problem English. Budapest: Tanknyvkiad.

Goodale, M. (1995). Collins-Cobuild Phrasal Verbs Workbook. London: Harper Collins Publisher.