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Bagchi's Biology Classes TBJEE 2012 Biology : Module 8

Time : 90 minutes MM 100 1. In Mendel's experiment, the characteristics inherited by the transmission of heredity factors, were evident from: a. microscopic examination b. breeding experiment of fruit flies c. fertilisation process in pea d. analysis of offsprings produced from crosses. 2. Where does post translational modification of proteins occur? a. ribosome b. Golgi bodies c. endoplasmic reticulum 3. Frameshift mutations involve a. nucleotide replacement b. deletion/insertion of base pairs d. peroxisome. d. none.

c. base pair switch over d. none d. pseudoallels

4. If a trait is passed from a man to all his sons, then the gene for that trait is a. dominant b. located on any chromosomes c. both

5. 1:2:1 phenotypic and genotypic ratio is found in a. complementary genes b. blending inheritance c. multiple alleles 6. A heterozygous individual carrying recessive sex-linked gene is called a. carrier b. crossing overc. transmitter d. all of these. 7. Number of chromosomes can increase or decrease due to a. genetic repetition b. mutation c. non-disjunction 8. DNA replication occurs in a. mitosis only b. meiosis only c. meiosis I & mitosis 9. The function of t RNA is a. synthesising amino acids

d. all of them

d. meiosis II & mitosis. d. all d. free ribosomes d. all of them d. Patau's d. none d. X-chromosome of female.

b. selection of amino acids c. selection of proteins c. ribosomes on E.R. c. coliforms

10. The mRNA is formed from/in a. DNA in nucleus b. cytoplasm 11. Chromosomes are not seen in a. cyanobacteria b. eubacteria

12. Nullo-X syndrome is the other name for................... syndrome a. Turner's b. Klinefelter's c. Edward's 13. The technique involved in DNA fingerprinting is a. PCR b. Southern blot c.both a & b

14. A single recessive trait which can express its effect should occur on a. any chromosome b. X-chromosome of male c. autosome 15. If a couple has 5 girls, the percentage probability of 6th child to be girl isa. 25 b. 50 c. 75 d. 100. 16. For a given character, a gamete is always a. homozygous b. pure c. hybrid d. heterozygous

17. If a dwarf variety of pea plant was treated with GBA, it grew as tall as the pure tall plant pea plant. On selfing the phenotypic ratio is likely to be a. all dwarf b. all tall c. 50% tall d. 75% tall 25% dwarf

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Dr. Bagchi's Biology Classes

18. Cri-du-chat syndrome is due to a. inversion b. deletion 19. Patau's syndrome is trisomy of the a. 13th chromosome b. 18th chromosome 20. Change in chromosome number is a. polyploidy b. aneuploidy

c. substitution

d. addition d. sex chromosome

c. 21st chromosome c. hyperploidy d. hypoploidy

21. What is the total number of non-sense codons? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. none 22. When a single gene influences the expression of two or more visible characters its termed as a. multiple allelism b. pleiotropism c. epistasis d. multiple gene inheritance 23. The gene for colour blindness in man is located on a. X chromosome b. Y chromosome c. either X or Y 24. Donors & recepeints of blood transfusion can be: a. only father & son b. only brother & sister d. both X & Y. c. only mother & son d. all of them

25. How many types of gametes will be produced by individuals of the genotype AABbcc ? a. one b. two c. three d. six 26. When both alleles express their effects, the phenomenon is called a. psudodominance b. codomonance c. amphidominance 27. Which has an additioinal X chromosome? a. Turner's syndrome b. Down's syndrome 28. The term gene was coined by a. Johannsen b. Watson 29. Barr body is present in a. Ova b. sperm c. Super female d. dominance d. Klienfelter's syndrome. d. Morgan d. somatic cells of a male

c. Sutton & Bovery c. somatic cellls of a female d. Crick. c. ligase d. 1:2:1

30. Clover leasf modael was suggested by a. Went b. Holley c. Flemming 31. Okazaki fragments are linked by a. topoisomerase b. DNA polymerase 32. The monohybrid test cross ratio is a. 1:1 b. 1:1:1:1 c. 9:3:3:1

d. primase

33. If the total amount of adenine and thymine in a double stranded DNA is 45%, the amount of guanine will be: a. 55% b. 27.5% c. 22.5% d. 45% 34. The number of linkage groups present in E. coli is a. one b. two c. four d. seven 35. A Pea plant parent having violet coloured flowers with unknown genotype was crossed with a plant having white coloured flowers, in the progeny 50% of thye flowers were violet and 50% were white. The genotypic constitution of the parent having violet coloured flower was: a. homozygous b. heterozygous c. hemizygous d. none

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Dr. Bagchi's Biology Classes

36. In seven pairs of contrasting characters in a pea plant studied by Mendel, the number of flower based character was a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 37. Phenylketonuria a genetic disorder, the defective gene is located on which chromosome? a. 11 b.12 c. 16 d. 17 38. In a nucleotide having cytosine base and linked to sugar by glycosidic bond at carbon number a. 1 b. 2 c. 4 d. 5 39. Among the nitogenous bases involved in DNA & RNA formation, the double ringed base is a. Thymine b. Guanine c. Cytosine d. Uracil 40. In humans 45 chromosomes/single X/XO abnomality causes a. Turner's syndrome b. Down's syndrome c. Kllienfelter's sydrome 41. The term genome means a. diploid set b. haploid set c. triploid set d. polyploid set d. Edward;s syndrome

42. During transcription, the DNA site at which RNA polymerase binds is called: a. promoter b. regulator b. receptor d. enhancer 43. Starting tRNA of prokaryote is loaded with a. methionine b. formylated methionine 44. DNA can be denatured by a. heat b. acid c. alkali d. all c. valine d. phenylalanine

45. Portion of a gene which is transcribed but not translated is called a. intron b. exon c. codon d. cistron 46. Amino acid sequence in a protein synthesis is decided by the sequence of a. rRNA b. mRNA c. cDNA d. template strand of DNA 47. Genotype of Down's syndrome is a. 45+XX b. 44+XY 48. Colchicine inhibits a. metaphase b. anaphase c. 44+XXY c. interphase d. 22+XY d. spindle formation

49. Which chromosome set is found in male grasshopper? a. XY b. X c. YY d. XX 50. When one pair of gene hides the effect of another it is called a. epistasis b. pleiotropy c. recessiveness d. mutation


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