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Thursday, January 26 2012 LINCOLN NEWS MESSENGER



Personal trainers make exercise effective

One-on-one fitness keeps the results coming

When choosing a personal trainer, find someone endorsed by the following organizations: American Council on Exercise (ACE) National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AAFA)

This time of year, millions of people throughout the world make New Years resolutions to get in shape and lose those extra pounds. If you are one of them, and youve made a serious commitment to become more fit, read on because we have some tips for you to consider in getting a coach to guide you along the way. That coach is called a personal trainer and he or she is one of a growing number of professionals trained in the latest physical fitness techniques to help you reach your goals. You can find most of these new professionals in workout facilities that used to be generically grouped as gymnasiums, but now may be more commonly referred to as fitness centers. Some trainers such as Suzanne Gove, owner of Auburns ProActive Personal Training and Fitness Education Center, calls her 2,500-squarefoot-training facility a personal training studio, while Brady Garcia of Sun City Lincoln Hills presides over two training facilities referred to simply as fitness centers. However, Golds Gym in Lincoln, operated by Diane and Joe Wenson retains the traditional title. Whatever the name, these health clubs are not your stereotypical sweat parlors of the past. You can now expect to find professional, accredited trainers, in brightly lit facilities with state-of-the-art training machines to help you get started and keep going, whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength and agility or recover


GOLDS GYM Where: 2800 Nicolaus Road, Suite 600, Lincoln Hours: 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. weekdays, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekends Info: (916) 253-3600,

Suzanne Gove, owner of ProActive Personal Training in Auburn, puts Jesse Johnson, a fouryear client, through his workout.

Lincoln Hills resident Rich Uebele, a stroke victim, works with personal trainer Eileen Ternullo on one of the exercise machines at the Kilaga Springs fitness center. He finds comfort in knowing he is productively exercising his damaged left side under the guidance of a fitness professional.

from an injury or medical procedure. Fitness center directors agree that you should look for trainers with national certifications attesting to their preparation

and expertise in the fitness field. Top certification-granting organizations include the following: American Council on Exercise (ACE)

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AAFA). Professionals also recommend finding trainers with the experience or special expertise to resolve your fitness issues. For example, if youre a senior, look for a trainer who has some seasoning working with mature clients. Or, if weight loss is your goal, find a trainer with some expertise in that field. And because the training relationship should involve a long-term commitment that moves beyond simple goal attainment to maintenance, you should make sure your personalities mesh in a positive way. While theres no substitute for personal commitment to becoming physically fit and the sweat that goes with it, a personal trainer may be just the catalyst to jumpstart your program to make this years fitness goal a reality.

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out time to care for themselves, including a healthy fitness routine to rejuvenate and remedy the heart and soul. New moms are breastfeeding. Their shoulders get in that hunched-over position. Theyre up in the middle of the night, said Cindy Mattchen, mother of 20-month-old Jacob and owner of Stroller Strides of Rocklin and Roseville. Stroller Strides is a great outlet for women who have babies around the stroller age. Losing weight is not the main focus. You will, however, if you are coming to class at least three days a week, and you are going to feel more toned, have more energy and feel better

LINCOLN NEWS MESSENGER Thursday, January 26, 2012

Feel-good fitness tailored for new mothers

Finding motivation to begin a postnatal workout routine

he hamper is full of clothes, the floor might resemble an obstacle course and the most recent luxury to date is four hours of deep sleep. New moms everywhere know the postnatal drill where tending to baby is a round-the-clock job and cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow. While having children is considered one of lifes greatest joys, new moms must remember to carve


New moms from the Rocklin-Roseville Stroller Strides class use resistance tubing to power up their muscles as babies watch the fitness formation.

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about yourself as a whole. Lauren Napoli started the postnatal exercise program last March with her newborn son, Gianni. To have the instructor there to be able to help me with my baby and make me feel comfortable made it a perfect match for me, Napoli said. I had to really get myself back in shape. I never felt I had to do more than I could, but I always felt encouraged. You know that healthy push. One of the largest national postnatal fitness programs, Stroller Strides offers mothers hour-long morning classes emphasizing cardiovascular and muscle-strengthening exercises five days a week. Rainy season workouts are held at William Jessup University. When fair weather returns, moms with strollers can be found working out at a variety of locations, including Rocklins Whitney Ranch Park and Fountains at Roseville. There are going to be new moms who need lighter core work than a mom who has a 1-yearold or a 2-year-old, shared Mattchen. So theres definitely going to

be different fitness levels. You can come in at any fitness level at any stage of motherhood and youre going to get a total-body workout designed for your body and your needs. Mattchen offers different packages and said becoming a monthly member is the most costefficient plan. The Stroller Strides January promotion features a discount of $20.12 off the new member registration fee. Specialty classes are also a big hit for moms and babies. On Feb. 1, Mattchen will offer a Sign and Stride specialty workout where shell teach moms sign language to childrens songs. You could go to the gym and get a workout, but you are not going to have that social interaction with other moms, said Mattchen. You know its very specific coming in with other people. Youre going to have things in common with those who are going through the same exact things you are going through. Certified Childbirth Educator Julie Hurst has instructed and coached

new moms for years at Sutter Hospitals and at her business, Herself Moms, at two locations in Sacramento and Roseville. Certified through the American Council of Exercise and Yoga Alliance, Hurst has seen new moms struggle to get back their strength after childbirth. The thing that I see that hurts most new moms is the lifting and the putting in of the car seat, said Hurst. We tend to, as moms, hold the baby incorrectly, grab that car seat and swing it to get it in. Were just doing a lot of hard things on our back. Thats why the program is really a strengthening program, so were not only focusing on areas that we want toned like our abdominals and our rear ends, but were focusing a lot on back and arm muscles so new mothers can hold those babies correctly and use good posture. Hurst offers a variety of classes and consultations supporting families before, during and after pregnancy. Bringing baby to classes is encouraged for postna-

tal body sculpting sessions. Its just the atmosphere for doing what you need to when the baby is there, added Hurst. We have the nursing room where the moms can hang out and nurse. A lot of the moms hang out there and chat after class. Other classes address parenting issues, choosing the right pediatrician and support for new dads. A new evening yoga class at the Roseville location is for moms who are ready to leave the baby at home. Its on Thursday nights and its usually just a lot of tired moms that come, said Hurst. Thats the night your partner or dad can bond with baby. You need to get away. We do a workout and then we have a 15-minute final relaxation and these moms pass out during final relaxation. Its totally their time. For more information on fitness programs for new moms visit rocklin or www.herself

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Relax your way to less stress, better health

Try dancing, Reiki or yoga to calm down

Thursday, January 26 2012 LINCOLN NEWS MESSENGER



An old proverb cautions that worry often gives a small thing a big shadow. Sometimes stress comes on so strong that folks dont think twice about eating a candy bar, zoning out in front of the television or even popping a pain pill. According to studies at the National Institutes of Health, finding a relaxation technique that helps reduce stress can decrease pain, reduce fatigue and increase motivation. For Dayna Wergedal, a Rocklin mom, graphic designer and fitness instructor, the recipe for relaxation is making the connection between the physical body and the spiritual being. A dance instructor and West Coast regional trainer for the internationally acclaimed Body and Soul Fitness program, Wergedal recently brought the holistic workout to Rocklin at Dance Elite on Sunset Boulevard. Dance Blast provides a fun, dance-fitness workout for any fitness level, shared Wergedal, adding that a dance background isnt necessary to achieve the relaxation benefits of exercising. The goal behind the non-denominational fitness program is to help students from a wide variety of spiritual backgrounds build up their bodies inside and out with easy-to-learn rou-

CALIFORNIA CENTER FOR REIKI TRAINING Where: 6044 Little Rock Road, Rocklin Info: (916) 833-3529, www.californiacenter BODY AND SOUL FITNESS DANCE BLAST Where: 2610 Sunset Blvd., Suite 1, Rocklin Info: dayna.werge, (916) 860-7028,


Dayna Wergedal of Body and Soul Fitness Dance Blast leads her students in a spiritual workout to reduce stress and improve their well-being.
tines in a supportive and safe atmosphere. I love Body and Soul because it keeps me sane! said Julie Ourada, a Rocklin resident who has enjoyed 18 years with the program. Not only does it exercise my body, but it also exercises my soul. It is the only exercise program I have ever done that I look forward to going to. Wergedal recommends Dance Blast as part of a healthy way to relax Moving your body is key, whether its walking or just doing some stretching exercises, but getting your heart rate up for 20 minutes is really important, she explained. Fifth-generation Reiki master teacher and vibrational healing practitioner and instructor Kathleen Johnson of Rocklin has been practicing the holistic hands-on energy healing system for more than 20 years. Reiki can help reduce stress levels by the transfer of energy from practitioner to patient to enhance the bodys natural ability to heal itself through the balance of energy, said Johnson. The thing I love about Reiki is that anyone can learn it and use it on themselves or their loved ones. As a bonus, when one is giving a Reiki treatment we are also receiving our own treatment automatically. She invites people interested in learning more to attend her free Reiki Share at The Healing Arts Institute of Citrus Heights. Yoga instructor Susan Whitaker, who owns Canyon Spirit Yoga Center in Auburn, has seen how the ancient practice that combines breathing and relaxing with movement

can create a healthy body and mind. She said the first step in truly relaxing is for folks to set aside time to take care of themselves. Set aside five minutes twice a day and focus on your breathing, Whitaker said. Sit on the couch. You might even put a timer on and allow yourself to take slow breaths and you can count, breathing in for a count of 10, breathing out for a count of 10, and if you do fall asleep thats probably a good thing because youre exhausted.


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LINCOLN NEWS MESSENGER Thursday, January 26, 2012

Latest training trends can keep fitness fun

Yoga, Zumba are popular options

If 2012 is your year to get in shape, here is a guide from the American College of Sports Medicine on some of the trends expected to influence the physical fitness industry over the next 12 months. In the ACSM forecast published in the November/December 2011 issue of its Health and Fitness Journal, Georgia State University Professor of Exercise Science Walter J. Thompson identifies the top 20 trends in the fitness industry for 2012. The study provides valuable insight into various exercise programs and what more than 2,600 survey-responding fitness pros consider important for their clients and communities.

term disability. Lincoln Hills trainer Barry Cunningham added that he promotes cardio training, along with strength and flexibility exercises, in an effort to restore clients balance and confidence.

The study predicted that baby boomers entering their retirement years in significant numbers will have the time and resources to provide a growing market for the fitness industry. Locally, Sun City Roseville and Sun City Lincoln Hills are prime examples, as both have extensive workout facilities to serve their active seniors. Although the senior market is expected to grow, Lincolns Golds Gym owner Joe Wenson noted that other younger clients are returning in increasing numbers as the economy improves. Trainers are seeking new ways to provide service with shorter, higherintensity group sessions, thus saving patrons both time and money.


Joe Wenson helps Diane Wenson, left, and Tiffany Maymi perform a back row correctly using the TRX system at Golds Gym in Lincoln. Joe Wenson, who owns the gym with wife Diane Wenson, explains TRX as suspension training utilizing your own body weight.
coln personal trainer Eileen Ternullo explains, The reason you use a personal trainer is to get you to your fitness goals faster. The study cites the growing number of educational programs at community colleges plus undergraduate and graduate programs at colleges and universities as evidence of the increasing need for physical fitness professionals. most age groups. Lincoln Hills Fitness Director Brandy Garcia cited the need for maintaining strength and muscle tone as particularly important for seniors as joints and bones become more arthritic and fragile, creating conditions that could lead to falls, a leading cause of seniors long-

Education and experience

Topping the list for the fifth straight year are educated and experienced fitness professionals. Lin-

Strength training
A mainstay in health clubs for many years, this category remains popular in programs focused primarily on increasing and maintaining strength for

Other trends
Working with multiple

clients personal training sessions that allow groups of two to five exercisers was cited as a growing trend by several local fitness professionals. Although training adults one on one will remain the mainstay of her business, according to Auburns ProActive Personal Training and Fitness Education owner Suzanne Gove, group sessions are becoming increasingly popular. Zumba, which combines Latin rhythms and dance moves with interval-type exercises and resistance training, will be popular this year. TRX suspension training (using your own body weight) and interval training will also continue to be popular workouts. Men seem to be enjoying boot camp instruction, according to Ternullo. Modeled on military basic training, this program stresses cardiovascular, strength, endurance and flexibility in indoor and outdoor environments. Yoga, which had slipped in recent years, seems to be making a comeback, while Pilates fell out of the top rankings.



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