y y y y God of the Seas, also known as ³Earth Shaker´ Also god of horses and earthquakes You may know me very well from the Percy Jackson series where I am Percy¶s father, who guides and helps Percy throughout the series Symbols of me are y trident y Stallion y White Pine Tree y Earthquakes y Bull y Oceans y Springs y Dolphin y Sea monsters y Tidal Waves I am the overlord of the oceans, so I control everything water including sea monsters, I calm storms, make the land fertile, and create islands, but I can also shipwreck as well as drown people, create big floods, as well as huge Tidal waves, and create earthquakes I was born to Cronus and Rhea, the Titan overlords before us gods and Cronus, as Uranus told you, he castrated his father One of six siblings: Hera, Zeus, Hades, Hestia, Demeter Daddy heard a prophecy that one of his children would overthrow him, attempted to eat all his children, including me, so he could stay in power. He tried to swallow me as well as my siblings, but my mom, Rhea, saved me and I was able escape After that, my brothers and I planned to overthrow our father so we went to the Cyclopes and they helped us by giving us and lightning bolts, an invisibility cloak and a trident (which was mine), and eventually won the war against the titans. When we overthrew the titans, world was divided amongst us, Zeus got the sky and heavens making himself king of all gods, I would take over the sea, and Hades got screwed-over by Zeus and was sentenced to the underworld. Hahaha sucker! But then I realized I that I was sort-of screwed over by Zeus because he had all the real power. So some gods and I tried to overthrow Zeus but we failed so Hades and I were sent to Earth for 1 yr of manual labor. But that wasn¶t my only run in with other gods:


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I eventually settled down married Amphitrite (goddess of the seas) and had a son. history got this part of my life wrong. y As shown when I sided with the Greeks against the Trojans in the Trojan War. yeah I showed him.y y y y y y y o One time I tried to win the city of Athens. but I eventually let up o It was a stupid city anyway Some think I¶m Moody. I¶m a very honorable person. storms at seas. ship wrecks. y One time King Minos asked for bull for sacrifice from me. and drowning y As shown when I punished Odysseus for blinding one of my sons. but he had it coming anyways. but if you do something stupid enough I will: y strike ground with trident and cause unruly springs and earthquakes. It¶s been said that I¶ve done some things that I¶m not at liberty to discuss in a school setting but that¶s all lies. it was intense o But somehow I failed because the idiots of Athens like olive trees better than a fresh spring (that may have contained undrinkable water) o So I flooded Athens o I also tried to get the city of Argos. my brothers did the same too. I kept him on the seas for 8 years punishing him with earthquakes. because many years back I made a deal with the Trojans and they didn¶t keep their side of the deal. It has also apparently been told I have a ton of children and lot of love affairs. so I made his wife fall-in-love with it and that created the Minotaur. but history is being too unfair. and sea monsters. Triton (half-human and half-fish) I should be remembered because I show that person who has many faults can still be a good person . but no Hera still wanted it because it was her ³hometown´ o The council voted on the matter and I lost o So I dried up all the rivers and lakes around Argos. but Athena still wanted control. I always keep my word y But I can¶t tolerate people who are reckless or careless. so I gave him the best one I had y Then he thought it was too awesome and didn¶t sacrifice it. It¶s been said that I can hold a grudge for a while. which I¶m not.

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