this is the best place to start stitching the design. DMC Color Variations The red leaves are stitched using Color Variations. The ground in front of the cottage is worked in half cross stitch using two strands of light brown to give a less dense effect.sted in the key + Frame with a SlI. It comes in 24 different soft multicoloured or tone-on-tone shades.x6:4in (22)<21=) aperture. dark olive for the stems around the cottage door.. Start. so it gives a subtle colour change effect without you having to change threads. secure the edges before you start usinga machine zig-zag stitch or you Gould simply fold masking tape over the edges. 28HPI evenweave 16xl6in (41x4lcm).'x7~in (19x19cm) antique wIl1te (0< 14HPI aida) + Stranded ccuon as . add the French knots using one strand of dark stone cotton. .. Stitching the design Fold your fabric in half both ways to find the centre. by working all the cross stitch. so may be something you haven't tried yet. wh ich is a variegated thread from DMC. This is mainly worked in two strands over two threads of the even weave fabric. These are used to add texture to the large yellow flower centres and to make the bird's eyes. + Stitched using DMC threads on 28HPI """nweave + Stitcl1 count 102>0103 • DeSign area 7y. It has only been around for a year. dark green for the apple stem on the birdhouse and dark stone for all the other outlines and details. Next work the backstitch details to add definition to your work. rough wood + Tum ro page 68 for hin« and help! + Extras this feaWres fractlonals and French knots design I &~TMISS 36 Cm ss Stitch Collection Noyembor 2007 .:. The thread changes colour gradually every six or sever! stitches as you work.A TASTE OF AUTUMN . This is all worked in one strand of cotton: dark terra cotta for the lettering on the sign. Finally..

A TASTE OF AUTUMN This makes it ideal for areas which need a little light shading such as leaves or animals as the colours blend gently together and are actually a soft blend ('Ii several DMC colours.m. on 28HP-1 - evenweave over tvvo threads Slitdi count 102><103 esign area 7V.. bb-ds' eye..!.l * D _ is (l9xI9c_:. Stitched using DMC thread.361~ light brown Backstitch in one strand ·6 II 898 2107 Dark stone all other outllnes a.. DMC A'nchor Madeira Cotour Cross stitch in two strands 1illl209 10~ 010 1013 1047 0711 0214 0402 2307 Light purple Red Brick 363 2011 ------898 2107 S32 831 392 8~1 301 390 1004 1003 2108 2109 1903 2208 0112 1908 0311 0310 2309 1308 843 842 888 887 852 860 858 262 261 III 306 Yellow 1606 1605 2103 2206 2205 1509 1510 1602 1603 0712 2509 2302 2301 313 311 Half cross stitch in two strands ~ . the only dfference being the gradual colour change along its length.x7V. It would work really well used for ietterlng or text as the slight colour change would give it depth whilst still being easy to read. colour lined earlier in the key November 2007 Cm ss Stitch Collection 37 .nddl!talls -'921 -'"3012 1004 843 0311 1606 DOl rk te rraCotta ll'iulenn_E __ Dark olive sreres arcund cottage door - *3363 262 1602 Dark green appre etem on birdhouw French knots in one strand •• II 898 2107 Dark stone flower centres. It's exactly the same to work as ordinary stranded cotton.