“Balay sa Kauswagan” program operational and providing theoretical and hand-on or experiential interventions and appropriate technologies e.g. organic, diversified farming • • • • Establishment of “Balay Kauswagan” Screening of PO/Coop leaders and members to avail the services of “Balay Kauswagan” Establishment of multi-sectoral technical support group for “Balay kauswagan” programs / services Documentation of LED experience and case study packaging BK activities by Partner POs IBFA – madre de cacao, ipil – ipil, animal manure, imelda grass, uhot Anok – madre de cacao, animal manure, uhot k- importante – madre de cacao, water lily, saging, napier grass, uhot atong – madre de cacao, ipil-ipil, saging, pakol, uhot R Gnetica – animal manure, uhot LIFA – animal manure, uhot, BK activities By PROCESS Identify existing and potential organic farmer –practitioners. Potential and existing organic Farm areas of involved farmers identified. Facilitate IQCS training and farm planning Regular Monitoring, feed backing of farm plan implementation. Identify and development and enhance relative specialization of BK members. Expected Output / indicators (organic farmer) At least one farmer trainer per PO (10 POs) At least 5 farmers per PO Expected output (BK level) Pool of experts on diversified organic farming providing extension / technical support to farmers at the PO level and the community Expertise that should be developed are the following: (profile of BK members) At least 30 farmers participated and conversion / adoption plan formulated Determine the status of farm plan implementation. Problems/concern / issues discussed and resolved Mushroom a. Organic fertilizer production (earth worm, compost) Experts: (research and documentation) Vermi culture – production of vermi worm Vermin breeder: anok, bebing, celso Vermin compost producer: (all) Production on vermi compost Substrate preparation per composition

BK activities by members

secure and bed sa preditor K-importante – indi dapat tandugon. Jamandrun BK activities by members BK activities by Partner POs BK activities By PROCESS Expected Output / indicators (organic farmer) Expected out (BK level) . Mariano L. Gentica ( apply ang learnings sa uma) Note: Iking – dapat indi pag. indi gid pag kaptan hay maguba ang ramag.Patnongon Vilma plus all experts Inventory of available substrate Mushroom – R. Juayang H. Balvedia E. Catrurao J. sa medyo madulom nga lugar. First cycle (common) Harvesting – 15 days (fruiting) – 1st harvest – oct 5 2nd – oct 10 3rd – oct 15 2nd cycle (individual) – tanan – uma 3rd cycle (2nd cycle sa uma) Drying / powdering: dehydrating machine Organic rice / vegetable producer / trainer: all (15) Initial nga experience: R. gentica A.abrihan kon indi pa ta time nga abrihan Anok – mas bintaha ang botelya kaysa plastic (marecycle pa) LIFA – problema ang sungaw.2 Lacks – molasses . controlled Ang activities kang bisita.

Regular consultation and strategizing sessions with farmer adopters Consolidate surplus organic products of farmers Ensure quality control and branding Sustained interest and enhanced skills towards DIFS. langkawas. Usufruct contract notarized.g. lettuce .season vegetables e. eggplant.Organic pig BK activities by members BK activities by Partner POs BK activities By PROCESS Expected Output / indicators (organic Expected out (BK level) . Conduct of resource mapping activity Preparation and implementation of model farm development plan of comprehensive • Is a unique agricultural showcase and demo farm for: .Mushroom . Surplus products delivered to BK for marketing Provide Technical support to BK caretaker/s. Problems encountered resolved. luy-a.Vermi composting . Organic farmers produced their own organic fertilizers.3 Facilitate technical trainings for farmer trainers and inspectors. crops and other farm plants and animals. Monitor the over – all operation of BK farm in partnership with PROCESS agriculturist (vilma) Source of local/ indigenous seeds of rice. organic fertilizers and seeds availed by farmers (PO members) and Sus -Ag adopters seed growers The Farm is operational. tanglad. Patronize BK services and promote to other farmers / institutions. Enhanced capability of BK trainers’ and inspectors Appropriate and timely Technical support provided to farmer adopters. pepino. (squash.Organic / off . Mapping of demo farm to determine area covered by the contract. malunggay.

dehydrator) Technical trainings for shredder operator Accredited organic agricultural education center .g. fish.Herbal tea BK activities by members BK activities by Partner POs BK activities By PROCESS Construction / establishment of seed bank support facilities Expected Output / indicators (organic farmer Collection and production of organic indigenous seeds (rice. bunk house for caretaker. vegetables Expected output (BK level) Seed bank established and ensure sustainable supply to farmers . processed vegetables. Develop / formulate and implement organic agriculture training program Acquire certification for organic farming and other related technologies.DIFS (rice. Acquire necessary equipment needed for BK services: Mushroom. CR. (sterilizer. Facilitate capacity building activities / trainings for care taker.Mushroom . water pump. herbal tea. vegetable. organic rice. livestock) . organic fertilizer.4 farmer/ BK members) Resource persons / extension workers for new farmer adaptors during training Adopt/ verify new technologies to enhance knowledge and skills on organic farming Establishment / repair of support facilities (e.

Facilitate soil analysis for BK farmers c/o R.5 and other crops) Maintain / establish farm for organic seed production to produce quality seeds for BK members and partners. source) and other basic information. Established partnership with OPA & MAOs Soil Laboratory operational (economic sector PDC plan) Soil suitability and adoptability analysis Suitable plants / crops for BK farmers determine Lobby to start at the municipal level Recreation destination . Quality seeds available for farmers Provide research / sustainability fund for seed production for trial farm and full farm requirement Link with other institutions to supplement other needs of farmers. Gentica organic chicken facilities established and operational Display / promotion of organic products Conduct series of trainings on DIFS.Fishing (hook and line and fishing) .Organic / native chicken Produce stand (tumanduk) Increased organic farmer adopters and organic consumers Identify and development and enhance relative specialization of BK members. Any component of “the Farm” that is applicable individual member is operational Local farmer experts in specific field and crops . (Central Luzon State university / BFAR) Maintain record (available varieties. Establish system on production and distribution of seeds to farmers and other members of the community and government institutions Lobby for the establishment of provincial soil laboratory in San Jose.

Participation in local planning bodies and lobbying for fund allocation At least 5 farmers practicing diversified organic / farming per PO Organic product promoted in the local and regional market Increased consciousness among PO members and the community on the advantages of organic farming and products Local / provincial legislations passed supportive of organic agriculture LGUs provided / allocated fund for organic agriculture projects Net surplus of organic produced by farmers Supply of organic fertilizer and organic product in the local Market Seed growing / seed producing (each farmer adoptor to produce its own seed) Trial farm per farmer/ PO involved ( to start 2nd cropping – o First batch .6 Packaging of organic products Product promotion Market linkages Product registration and branding Organic product certification Advocacy trainings / information dissemination to PO members and other institutions Drafting and advocacy for LGU adoption and approval of local legislations for organic products and related programs and projects.

Gentica. Estolloso. farm production Upland farm - • • • • Monitoring of shredder operation Establishment of farm plan (immediate) BK to be registered as cooperative to access support from other external sources Next meeting – October 5. A. (carbalcon) First activity (BOSA) for trial.R.7    Seed farm Seed bank (preserve seed varieties) Seed grower Lowland farm . (BK).2010 PPGA (peanut) – 1) CUFA (farmer/rice) –( 1) MUFA (rice / herbal tea/ provide .

Nastor (1) CARBALCON IA (1) UMATIPAN (2) KAMMABU (1) Rudy Gentica MUFA (1) BJA (1) .8 cattle (1) FFA (rice / coffee) (2) ABAKADAGAT AN (1) LIFA (1) IBFA (2) FRWO (2) K.

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