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Alaukikam- The eternal (

Theme: Alaukikam based on Chalams play Pururava is a surreal erotic drama, knit around the theme of love and its eternal and unconditional nature. Love is often limited by human beings through definitions, material limitations and individual pride, thereby failing to make people experience it in its actual form and relish it to make life more meaningful. This story is of such a love, which tries to better human love towards an eternal and unconditional divine kind of love - THE REAL LOVE. Story: Urvashi, the celestial maiden Deva veshya comes to earth because of a curse. The curse is a result of her lost concentration while performing in Indras court due to a divine memory of love she acquires suddenly from eternity. The memory is of her undying love for Pururava, a proud king of Earth. Pururava is taking rest in the hills of Gandhamadhana after a great war. Urvashi arrives there in a half celestial - half human state. Though she has a human body, her instincts, memories and knowledge are of the celestial world. The only consciousness she has of earth is her mission to be in love with Pururava. In their very first meeting, enthralled by her beauty and sense of mystery, Pururava falls in love with Urvashi. Urvashis mission being falling in love with Pururava, she accepts it instantaneously. But Pururavas human limitations, narrowness, pride and ego make her feel the need to enlighten him about eternal love. She lays down a few rules to enlighten Pururava. She says; The day you deny me the intensity of love, I will be gone. Whatever penance you do to get me then, I will never be yours again. For Urvashi, love is a dharma a duty that is beyond any worldly responsibilities. Once you are committed to love, the rest is meaningless. In her own words she says to Pururava, Its not just about dedicating yourself and your wealth to love. But its dedication of freedom - freedom of the soul - that love desires. Your anger, duty, wishes and responsibility all that is to be dedicated to love. From the exclusivity of the Gandhamada hills, Urvashi and Pururava arrive in Pururavas capital. The earthly world that is defined by rules, fails to understand the bondage called dharma of love that is guiding Pururava. Pururavas wife Queen Mrunalini concerned by his affair with Urvashi visits her to discuss the matters. However, Urvashi makes Mrunalini realize how she is no longer needed by Pururava for love and how she is actually a hindrance for Pururava to attain greater heights of love. Only right, responsibility and sympathy now exist in your relationship, not love. Then what is left of it? If Pururava were to ascend the greatest heights of love, he must sacrifice all past relationships that are now meaningless His ministers and lieutenants consider him a failed king as he refuses to fight a war that is needed. Queen Mrunalini dies and unrest in the kingdom heightens. Pururavas conflict with his administration deepens resulting in a conspiracy of murder. Aditya, a trusted lieutenant enters Pururavas bedroom to kill at night. In spite of Urvashis objections, Pururava kills Aaditya. While dying, Aditya confesses of his intention to kill Urvashi to save Pururava from her. Urvashi leaves Pururava as he failed to keep his word to follow Dharma.

Kathi Mahesh Kumar

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