Contact Report 400, September 25, 2005 - Ptaah

Crystal Skulls: Billy I have also ascertained it while you were away and I looked through the question s. But look here, there I have some notes - I am always asked again and again namel y about what the crystal heads found in South America are all about as well as w ith the alleged Philadelphia experiment. Of course I have explained many times and again that the crystal heads have noth ing to do with extraterrestrials and therefore also are not attributed to such h owever these crystal heads were manufactured in the 19th Century in Germany. Nevertheless this will not be accepted as truth just like the fact also that the Philadelphia experiment only corresponds to a fantastic hoax because namely suc h an experiment has never taken place. Now here - this man here, a Mr. Ermann, from Germany, would like me again to ask to you and then publish the answer in a bulletin. Can you please give an answer to the questions in brief form? Ptaah Officially we have never talked about it but several times only in a private man ner. Therefore, I would like to will give an answer, which should be in an official f orm, with which however, I want to restrict myself to the essential. The crystal skulls named by you, which were found in South America and will be a ttributed to the Mayas and supposedly should have originated from extraterrestri als, as you just said, were fabricated in Germany in the 19th Century, in fact i n the gem and Diamond-polishing cities of those places, that were unified in 193 3 in the city of Idar-Oberstein. The client was a prosperous man by the name of Florian Rosenfelder, from Germany , who operated privately and was a hobbyist archaeologist and who brought the cr ystal heads also to the Maya region, then to "discover" it in order to cause a s ensation. Although he was able only to place the crystal heads at different places where h e thought they would be "discovered" before witnesses however, he did not succee d with that because he died of a poisoning, that he suffered through the natives , who then robbed him. Philadelphia Experiment: Ptaah: And to say something regarding the so-called Philadelphia experiment, about whic h firstly an author by the name of Berlitz wrote a fantasy book: There was never such an experiment, neither in the USA or anywhere else on the Earth. The whole fantastic history is based on the fraudulent claims of a man by the na me of Kal Allen, in relation to an alleged experiment with a ship, which was nam ed the <USS Eldridge>. The man thought that his image would rise with this lying story and that he also could become rich through it. When he didn't succeed with this story and the situation became too precarious f or him to be exposed as a liar, he vanished without a trace. Billy The story is known by me, however I didn't know how the ship was named. It is claimed that the US-Navy did an experiment with huge electromagnetic vibra tions in the harbor of Philadelphia in October 1943 etc. with which the named sh ip then vanished without a trace and reappeared again in the harbor of Norfolk 5 00 kilometers away in order to vanish also again there after a short time and to become visible again in the harbor of Philadelphia. Ptaah Yes, that is, in brief the lying story.

2] Contact Report 402, October 29, 2005 - Ptaah Rods: Bio-organisms & Energy Objects: Billy Then another question: Apart from the other-dimensional bio-organic space vehicle s similar kinds exist here on earth, which are showing all kinds of forms. Through your observing devices I have seen some which look like huge, strange sn akes or insects, etc. and which sped through the atmosphere like a shot. Besides, there are countless disc- and discus-like energy objects and bio-organi sms of different sizes, which shoot high past the limit of the atmosphere and ar e gathering around the earthlings space debris, and are accompanying it for a tim e. Sometimes rockets are also accompanied and somehow examined by the objects. And here s the question: Do the men in the rockets or in the so-called space stati ons not see those things; nothing is heard about it? Ptaah The existence of these bio-organisms and energy objects is well known, but offic ially there are no explanations given because it is unknown by the astronauts , and all who have anything to do with it, that concerning these forms, a certain ene rgy-intelligence is exhibited, however, they are entirely harmless. As I know, the observers of those bio-organisms and energy objects are calling t hem RODS.

24] Contact Report 424, Saturday, June 17, 2006 - Ptaah ET ships in Earth Air Space(Latest Data): Billy : Then, another question regarding the flights of extraterrestrial spaceships in e arth's air space that numbered 3000 per year according to you. Must one assume that these spaceships only belong to you or your federation? In this regard you have never given an explanation. Ptaah No, that is not the way it is. In the last 200 hundred years, there were also a few others apart from us, and v arious others from our federation, who flew into earth's space. On the whole, however, the 3000 flights taking place per year are traceable to u s and to our federation, as well as to Asket, and in a few cases to beings forei gn to earth who later on joined our federation. The number of flights has decreased drastically to a number of 12 per year since then; and these flights relate to our work with you and our visits. Except one, all the beings foreign to earth who flew into earth's space have joi ned our federation after we contacted them as I have already said. Billy: Then all the so-called UFOs, which were observed in the last century, were space ships from you, your federation, and from those who joined your federation after they had been contacted by you here on earth? Ptaah: Of course, not all so-called UFOs were spaceships of beings foreign to earth, be cause the majority of all observations of such objects were and are still today based on earthly things, for example on electromagnetic or atmospheric phenomena but also based on other natural occurring happenings, like swarms of insects or birds, dust formations and so forth, or on meteors from space. Apart from that, there were and still are many objects of futuristic forms of se cret, military origin belonging to different countries, that were and still are

described as UFOs or extraterrestrial flying craft by earth human beings due to a lack of knowledge regarding the origin and construction of these objects. The sighting of UFOs is often also based on earthly flying machines such as airp lanes and balloons of all types. Billy: Is your knowledge now complete? You once said, that you would not be able to wat ch over the entire earth, therefore, that under circumstances some flights and s o forth could be missed by you. Ptaah: That is right - for a long time, we were not able to watch altogether everything pertaining to flights of beings foreign to earth. But now through our newest te chnology, we could investigate the whole of the 19th and the 20th century, and t he first years of the 21st century. The result of this investigation is that it is how I told you on my last visit o n June 10th, and how I have said it now. The fact is, that since 1800 until now 2006 the flying objects observed from out er space solely belonged to us Plejarens and the 5 others mentioned who joined o ur federation and those we could not contact and have remained foreign to us. The thing about Roswell is another and special case, because back then bioorgani c androids were found. And one also has to say now, that when flying machines as well as telemeter disc s originating from outer space are seen, then these belong only to us Plejarens and our federation. Contacts with earthlings do not take place, and apart from the contact with you, no other contacts exist. That will only change when other beings foreign to earth land openly and take up contacts, which will only happen then when we have left. Billy: Indeed, disappointing. - Everything, therefore, is nonsense and idle talk, as to the claims made by many people that they have been having contacts with extrate rrestrials and would continue in such, and had and would have the opportunity to fly with them in spaceships or claim that the possibility of channelling or tel epathic contacts, and so on was given. Then if unidentified flying objects were seen in earth's space, then they belong ed to you, your federation or to your later federation and in 2 cases to the for eigners that you could not contact, if I include Roswell. Gizeh Intelligences(Latest Data): Ptaah: Gizeh Intelligences were sent into exile and are becoming extinct Brazilian UFO Group(Latest Data): Ptaah: Brazilian Group consisted of former Nazis who were able to take over an object o f the Gizeh Intelligences, what we also were able to find out. This group does not exist anymore today Sirian Men in Black(Latest Data): Ptaah: The men in black were rounded up and taken into custody through forces of their home world after their last evil attacks against you. They also do not pose a threat anymore. Kenneth Arnold: Ptaah: In respect to Kenneth Arnold we have found out through our 3-year investigations that he did not observe any extraterrestrial flying objects but secret US test flights of one-winged aircraft.

This is also true for various other cases of that time, which, however, was not only limited to the USA but also took place in other countries that tested futur istic aircraft, which still happens today. Dan Fry & Schmidt etc.: Ptaah: The Gizeh Intelligences transposed via teleprojection apparent realities with vi sionary experiences into a few others, like Dan Fry and Schmidt etc., who then c onsidered these as reality. Many others, however, were and still are only liars and deceivers with alleged c ontacts that never took place or are not taking place. Betty & Barney Hill(Latest Data): Ptaah: What has to be said in respect to the married couple Hill, and all other persons who were allegedly abducted or even medically harmed, or who supposedly had imp lants implanted, and who under hypnosis exposed these occurrences is, that these occurrences have never happened, and are nothing but illusions, imagination, de lusions and deliberate lies, as well as also schizophrenic illusionary products and disturbances of consciousness brought forth through the interference of elec tromagnetic fields of the earth, through which unrealities, unreal happenings as well as unreal memories and unreal experiences are caused, but also unreal pain , fear and unreal perceptions and so forth. The disrupted electromagnetic fields of the earth have been the cause of the unt rue memories of the Hills. All these factors will become or could be knowingly o r unknowingly manipulated, which means that the hypnotised describe their unreal happenings and unrealities etc. as reality, or that liars and deceivers are abl e to maintain their deliberate lies and deceit under hypnosis. Hypnosis, namely, is in no means capable of finding out the truth in such or oth er cases. Plejaren's Newest Technology from 'Sonaer': Ptaah: Altogether, in earlier time, every incident in this respect we accepted as the t ruth, like contacts between earth's human beings and beings foreign to earth as well as abductions by beings foreign to earth; however, they have been proven wr ong through our newest technology according to investigations for such incidents that go back to the early times of the 20th, and the 19th century. As we did not master this extremely valuable technology in former times, we unfo rtunately have been led astray in regard to all these matters. Because of this, and also of the lies and deception of many of earth's human bei ngs in regard to the aforementioned, we have unfortunately let ourselves be dece ived in respect to alleged contacts between human beings of earth and beings for eign to earth but also in regard to alleged abductions and examination contacts etc. All investigations that we could carry out in the past 3 years were only made po ssible by our newest technology, which we had received from a people befriended with Asket. Only through this new technology from the technologically highly developed Sonae r was it possible for us to investigate in the most exact and detailed manner ma ny years into the past, and to find the truth in all those things that we accept ed as truth for about one hundred years although they were wrong and did not rep resent the truth. Through the possibility, still incomprehensible for us, that human beings of ear th are able to bathe in lies and presumptions, which do not represent the truth, we have, as already mentioned, let ourselves be deceived and led astray. The possibility to say something different than it is in truth, is the reason wh y we considered the alleged contact stories of various human beings of earth to be the truth, and designated people as contact persons who in reality had not be en such.

Real Plejaren Contactees(Latest Data): Ptaah: Real contacts were made only through impulse contacts through a telepathic trans mission device with which we usually contacted various and higher educated human beings of earth to provide information, however, these people did not know that we were contacting them in this manner, neither did the many scientists - for e xample Einstein and other notable human beings of earth - who we provided inform ation in the same way, which have led to progress in technology and medicine etc . Then there were the teachers in India who taught you; they had in part physical and in part conscious telepathic contacts with us, whereas at first my father Sf ath and thereafter Asket were the important persons for these contacts. In the last century, only one unintentional contact took place in South America whereby the space travellers came from another space-time structure from the reg ion of Alpha Centauri. The contacts between us and human beings of earth are all known to you, and it m ust be added that all these contact persons have all died and kept silent about their contacts if they were at all conscious of them, which was only so in rare cases. Usually we only kept up impulse telepathic contacts, and the persons on the rece iving end did not have any knowledge of it. And what must also be said is that t oday one-sided contacts like that are not carried out anymore. Channelling is pure nonsense, and everyone claiming to be capable of telepathy i s not capable of it. In fact, it is really as you say, for in one instance only, a true contact betwe en a human being foreign to earth and a human being of earth is given, and that is between you and us. But these events, which otherwise occurred between human beings foreign to earth and earth's human beings and are known to you, however, do not apply to any per sons who are still alive, and maintain to have had contacts with human beings fo reign to earth, or would still have these contacts. Yet my words are not intended for all those who were having impulse-contacts thr ough us during the last and second last century, but it has to be mentioned, how ever, that they had no conscious knowledge of these impulse-contacts. The few exceptions in recent times like Anatol and Petra and so on, as well as t he unique occurrence in Brazil regarding the Alpha Centauri-contact and the one in connecion with Elsa Schroeder and my daughter Semjase in Zahedan/Persia and s o on, are not mentioned and moreover are known to you. Billy: This I know. But this very conversation now taking place between you and me will call many opponents to the fore, accusing us - especially me - of lying, becaus e it could not be that only the contacts between you and me would be in accordan ce with the facts and truth, whereas everything else is lies, deception, imagina tion and illusion as well as delusion and so on. The world of UFO-believers, and UFO-fanatics and those believing in extraterrest rials will scream and howl; and especially the self-appointed specialists and ex perts in matters of UFOs and extraterrestrials will also come forth, and scream falsehood and deceit in the same way as UFO opponents and other self-appointed e xperts and specialists in this line of thought who have always maintained that a s a whole everything was only deception and fraud, delusion or chimera and so on . However, it will also be the UFO-esoterics and the like-minded UFO-sectarians wh o climb on the same accusatory bandwagon as well as all those stuck in fantasies who believe that extraterrestrials live among human beings and would be present at any meetings and assemblies of UFO believers etc. This is also case with the nonsense of seances where the departed are supposed t o be present, or could be called to join. Completely crazy ones even claim that extraterrestrials participate in earth gov ernments and would direct and control the destiny of earth and its humankind.

Ptaah: That it will be so is certain, because truth is not only disenchanting, however, also frightening, and it shatters the Illusions, hopes, desires, imaginations a nd delusions and so on of many believers in UFOs. However, those believing in UF Os, and many others wish to be cheated and led into delusion and do not acknowle dge the truth, just as those believing in religions and sectarians. They neither wish to see nor recognize nor acknowledge the truth, because they a re caught by their belief and their illusions, which they are holding high above all truth and reality. As a rule, to free themselves of this belief is impossible, because it is equal to a hereditary disease, which needs a very long time to be healed, and can only be overcome by reason and understanding. Likewise it is with opponents, because their reason and understanding is breakin g down as well, however, in a different manner than that according to the believ ers in regard to imagined extraterrestrials and their spaceships, as well as socalled contacts and abductions and so on. However, also opponents fall into a belief, as well as those who know everything better and those who negate, and this likewise does not let them recognize and acknowledge the truth. They are just as sick in believing as all the other believers. Billy: Very well, then if unidentified flying objects were seen in earth's space, then they belonged to you, your federation or to your later federation and in two cas es to the foreigners that you could not contact, if I include Roswell. And as to contacts through extraterrestrials with earth humans, then all but one case lead back to your federation, and all of the contact persons have died and none of the ones that have for years been saying that they were having contacts with you or with other extraterrestrials belong to them ROSWELL Android Beings: BIlly: And what about Roswell, do the beings foreign to earth, which were bioorganic an droids, belong to you as well? Ptaah: What has to be said concerning Roswell is that we and our federation and all bei ngs foreign to earth, and who were flying into earth's space, and then joined ou r federation, did not have anything to do with this incident. Earth visiting ET Races who JOined PLejaren Federation: Billy: May one ask, how many peoples foreign to earth, which flew into earth's space, a nd which you contacted, joined your federation? Ptaah: During the entire last and second last century, the 20th and the 19th century re spectively, there had been 5 visitors foreign to earth, which joined our federat ion. In another case, this was not possible because we were not able to contact them. In this new century and millennium nothing has happened yet, which is not yet t o be expected, because populated planets are very far from earth, and not many f ind their way to earth although they are able to master space travel technology, which is the exception rather than the rule. Plejaren's Latest Investigations into UFO claims(19th & 20th Century): BIlly: And how many persons were involved in your investigation of 3 years - were it on ly Florena, Enjana, and their friends and you? Ptaah: There were 427 persons involved in the investigation that was of special interes t to us. Billy:

Man, that is a large number of people. So, you have spent the last 3 years investigating contacts in regard to beings f oreign to earth and found that no contacts have taken place between beings forei gn to earth and human beings of earth - except in the few cases that are known t o me and pertain to you Plejarens and your federation. Plejaren NOT 'Pleiadeans' : Billy: And as to contacts through extraterrestrials with earth humans, then all but one case lead back to your federation, and all of the contact persons have died and none of the ones that have for years been saying that they were having contacts with you or with other extraterrestrials belong to them, and that they also cal l you Pleiadiens, because at the beginning we said as a precaution that you call ed yourselves Pleiadiens to then later uncover the lies of such persons. Then, when the lies had multiplied, and the world was full of such claims of per sons who said they were having contacts with you, we came out into the open and revealed from where you really come from, and how you call yourselves in fact Pl ejarens and not Pleiadiens. All the liars have in this way exposed themselves, even though they are still tr ying to save face by weaving more lies. Future ET Flights into Earth's AirSpace: BIlly: At what stage is the general control as to further flights of beings foreign to earth? Ptaah: Should further flights take place, although we do not expect any, we would of co urse inform you. And what has to be said and can only be said again and again and has often been said, regarding contacts between earth humans and foreigners to earth, is that y ou are the only person in the whole world who is capable of having contacts with us Plejarens and those belonging to our federation. And also in this respect, no other contacts of any kind are taking place between other beings foreign to earth and earth's human beings, because no other beings foreign to earth exist, apart from us, who are operating in this way in earth's space. And no more in conjunction with us has to be said regarding the tissue of lies o f the alleged contact persons because the facts tell the whole story. Billy: Yes I know, you have spoken clearly and precisely. Reasons for Plejaren Cloaking their Beamships: BIlly: Now, something else: Florena told me that you are again cloaking your ships for safety reasons, and that you only let yourselves be seen very rarely - if at all . May I ask you why? Ptaah: The reasons for the safety precautions are of a kind, which I cannot openly name , but to you, only if you keep silent. If nonetheless our ships are sighted on different locations in earth's space - a nd these are solely of extraterrestrial origin - then this has to do with specia l duties to be carried out, during which the cloaking has to be disabled. Plejaren Federation Extends to 3 Dimensions: Billy: Another question regarding your federation: You once said that it stretches over many dimensions or space-time structures, and over 50 million light years.

May I ask you, how many different dimensions your federation consists of? Ptaah: And it has to be said in regard to our federation, that it is spread out over 3 dimensions, and that our 2 dimensions - ours and yours - are included.

25] Contact Report 425, June 19, 2006 - Quetzal Prediction -> Palestinian extremists kill 2 Israeli soldiers & Abduct 1 : Quetzal: ... Now, however, I want to give out a prediction for you of an extraordinary ev ent, as I was commissioned to do by Ptaah: In a few days it will be that Palesti nian extremists kill two Israeli soldiers and abduct one in order to press for t he freedom of prisoners in Israel The Israeli reaction to that will be a military bandit-act, in which a great arm y conscription will drive into position in the Gaza area, and, from the 27th to the 28th of this month, will start new war-activity with grave results of great destruction against the Palestinians. In order to humiliate the Palestinians, various Hamas politicians will also be a rrested and accused. The entire thing will lead to new waves of hate and to new malicious riots. Billy: Whereby, naturally, the political, military and terrorist world-situation will a gain be more unstable and more dangerous, which again spreads angst and terror a nd brings much vexation for any who make an effort for real peace as well as for freedom and for humanity Quetzal That will unfortunately be so ... 26] Contact Report 426, July 8, 2006 - Ptaah Prediction -> Hezbollah organization in the Lebanese-Israeli border area will ab duct 2 Israeli soldiers : Ptaah: [beginning of sentence not provided] ... when I still have something to do with extraordinary predictions to report to you in regard to events which will occur in the next days. Firstly would ... [remainder of sentence not provided] Secondl y, extremists of the Hezbollah organization in the Lebanese-Israeli border area will abduct two Israeli soldiers in order to, on one hand, avenge the war-like, bandit-like Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip, and on the other hand - as wi th the first abduction - to press for the liberation of Palestinian prisoners in Israel. Through this second abduction Israel feels further strengthened to be active in war because the Israeli military will invade Lebanon and also carry out much har m there which can easily become a widespread conflagration. Billy: Again, one more nail in the plank of a general world insecurity in regard to an extensive war, its danger newly enflamed through this act of the Palestinians an d Israelis. If it goes further, then the prophecy of a third world fire in the year 2006 wil l indeed still be fulfilled, also if that is not to be hoped for. Ptaah: Yes, at least the danger grows again through all the craziness and lunacy of all camps in the Near East who give their bloody and insane orders and who influenc e their followers such that these all commit crimes which can lead to a world fi re. Crazy War Mongers/War Leaders of West & Near-East & Prophesied Third World Fire: Ptaah:

The craziness and lunacy of all camps in the Near-East who give their bloody and insane orders and who influence their followers such that these all commit crim es which can lead to a world fire. To these crazy war mongers and war leaders, however, also belongs the USA, which terrorizes the population in Afghanistan and in Iraq with its presence and with its atrocities as well as with its military force, (and) sets the various group s of believers against each other and, as far as possible, conjures up civil war s. Also, the fact that the irresponsible mighty ones and followers of the USA, Grea t Britain and Germany, and so forth, one-sidedly support Israel, discriminate ag ainst the Muslims and deny them all help, also does not lead to peace coming abo ut. And to be said, in regard to the prophesied third world fire, is that it indeed does not yet appear as such, and as a fulfillment of the prophecy, yet that can change very quickly through the craziness of the responsible-ones in the world, and indeed from one hour to another. Possibility Exists for a Third World War: BIlly: Billy You said that already earlier, yet the question is whether this event will actua lly happen. However, the way the situation appears between the irresponsible power-greedy on es on our world, the possibility exists, still long into the distant future, tha t a third world war disastrously draws over the Earth. The fact alone, that criminal power-greedy ones always again make an opportunity for wars and other acts of terror in diverse countries - as do also actual terr or organizations and individual terrorists with their criminal terror-attacks shows therein that, sooner or later, one day it can come to a new world war. Something that would be hindered if humanity finally would stop sanctifying the criminal power-greedy ones, and voting them in as their leaders, instead of alre ady chasing them to the devil before they even only have the possibility of comi ng to the rudder. Yet many of the people are stupid and idiotic and scream in support of the power -greedy ones and are themselves of the same criminal attitude as them. Henok's Principle -> Worldwide Multinational Troops: BIlly: As a matter of fact there is only one possibility to stop the entirety of the wo rldwide war lunacy, if, according to Henok's principle, a worldwide multinationa l troop, fighting for peace, would be created which is subordinate to a pure pea ce-government in which no power-greedy ones would have any kind of power. The worldwide peace-government must be concerned with acting according to Henok' s scheme, in that their troops, fighting for peace, destroy and eliminate all we apons of mass destruction, respectively, all kinds of weapons of war, in all cou ntries, and so a worldwide peace would be brought about and be preserved. If the people, on one hand, have no power-greedy ones at the rudder any more, an d no weapons of war at their disposal any more, and they could also no longer ma nufacture or buy such, with which they can attack and force down other people, t hen the chance of a worldwide peace really exists. Yet such an action requires a proper portion of intelligence which, as a rule, i s just as absent in the criminal and irresponsible power-leaders as it is in all the people who are their followers, and who support the state criminals. As a matter of fact there are only very few individual cases with governments of which it can be said that these lead the people correctly and are actually also concerned about the wellbeing of the people. Ptaah

Your words have been put into the Earth-human ear, yet that will only remain a w ish because most will not want to hear, rather they further live in the delusion that they behave correctly, use their intelligence and do that which must be do ne. It will also be these humans who will assert that your explanations are stupid, illusory and unable to be carried out, because their reason and their understand ing does not extend to comprehending, recognizing and understanding the realizab le possibility of your named measures, let alone that their intelligence extends to being able to imagine the actualization. Yet, that the actualization of your explanations is actually possible, is proven by the fact that that was also the case with Henok. The Earth humans have, however, no inkling or knowledge of that, and very much t ime will still pass before they will even gain only a weak idea of that, being t hat your explanations can really bring results. Intelligence is thereby a very i mportant factor in order alone to bring up the necessary understanding for your mentioned Henok system, and intelligence must be still more extensive in order t o manifest that which you have named. Billy's Writings are understood by a few Earth HUmans: Ptaah: Unfortunately, at this time, there are only a few Earth humans with whom reason and understanding reach so far that your explanations fall on fertile ground. However, none belong to those who make great words and a name for themselves in the world in order to shine before the people - as beams of intelligence, of kno wledge and of wisdom, because truthfully they are without light, unintelligent, stunted creatures, without knowledge and wisdom, through whom the people are led into error and held far from true knowledge and the evolution of consciousness. They, who praise their own common intelligence, are those - and were those since ancient times - through which the harm, frustration, restriction of evolution a nd progress, as well as war, suffering and need are brought over humanity and th e fauna and flora, and were brought since ancient times. Billy Uh, man, that strikes home. Already I now hear the bad words of those who must feel addressed and will abuse both of us for big talk and for unjustified condemnation. But that is all the same to me because what you have said is the truth and the t ruth now remains the truth and cannot be glossed over through puffed up words. . .. 27] Contact Report 427, July 9, 2006 - Ptaah

No reaction from Responsible Ones on BIlly's Official Warnings: Ptaah: Ptaah That would be senseless because, if the responsible ones do not react to the off icial warning which they will receive, your efforts would also be senseless. Besides, you would only be ridiculed, as is usual on the Earth with all governme nts and other responsible ones, which already proved itself, and always again ha s repeatedly, since that time in the 50s, and also in the 70s, and so forth, of the last century, when you sent your warning-texts* to thousands of responsible ones of the governments, newspapers, radio stations and universities, and so for th. Your efforts would really be senseless, therefore in the future you should absta in from such things because they bring no good fruit. The Earth humans would rather hear false prophets and sect gurus and thereby wou ld rather make allowances for damage, woe, pain, destruction and sorrow than hea r the wise words of a true announcer of the truth. Billy

Unfortunately you are right, still, that is really not so easy to alter. Also seen in regard to the war in Lebanon by Hezbollah and the Israelis. Henok's scheme & Great mass of People are Stupid: That a multinational troop, fighting for peace, according to Henok's scheme, wil l be finally stood on its legs, through which real peace could be created on Ear th, likewise still remains a great dream in the meantime. Humanity must finally become intelligent and therefore allow understanding and r eason to prevail in order to dismiss the false governments and bring such humans to the pinnacle who work for true peace and for the people. It is namely not done with the idiotic conferences of state powers who lead a gr eat snout in regard to peace and the fighting of terrorism and for the well-bein g of humanity, because fundamentally it is these themselves who plot terror, dea th, destruction and ruin on the Earth and spread it worldwide. The powerful only exercise their power, live after their desires and crazy ideas , on which they satisfy themselves, and indeed it's all the same whether, thereb y, millions of humans lose their worldly possessions or even their lives. The great mass of all peoples is unfortunately, however, stupid and of only meag er intelligence because they would rather pray religiously, full of devotion, fa natically and full of expectation to their imaginary gods, who can, however, bri ng them no help, because these do not even exist. The great mass of humans of the Earth will simply not comprehend, that there is no God-the-father, no heavenly gods, no angels and no saints who determine and d ecide over the wellbeing and sorrows, as well as over the being and not-being, o f the individual and the entire humanity. It will not be grasped, that it is the human himself as an individual and as the entire humanity, who determines and brings about his fate in every iota and tha t subsequently only he, entirely alone, can, and must, bring himself every neces sary help. That is so because the human himself, and quite alone - without some such godhea d, angel and saint, and so forth - creates his thoughts and feelings in himself and from that carries out his behavior, subsequently he himself is responsible i n every regard for each and every thing in every relationship, and therefore, al so, he himself determines his fate, and indeed in regard to the individual human s as well as to the entire humanity. Were the human of the Earth finally to break loose from his religious and sectar ian delusional belief and turn himself towards the named truth of self-responsib ility for all things, then he would proportionally quickly turn to the better. The tyrannical and irresponsible state powers would be bumped from their thrones and replaced by powers which would work only for the wellbeing of the humans an d therewith also for peace, and indeed according to the will of all those humans and peoples who demand peace and are willing to build up their intelligence in order to let reason and understanding prevail all around. Unfortunately it is, however, presently still so that, with the great mass of hu mans of the Earth, the intelligence is still stuck in children's shoes, and inde ed this includes all who function as state powers and bring harm, death, ruin, d estruction, war and terror over humanity. But they all think - the peoples, as also the state powers and their vassals - t hat their intelligence is greatly developed and that they do not have more to le arn regarding this, subsequently they would do the correct thing in accord with understanding and reason, which however does not in the least correspond to the truth, because truthfully they are abyss-deep without intelligence and thereby, thus without valuable reason and without effective understanding. Unfortunately only a few humans with real evolutional, valuable intelligence, re spectively, with pronounced understanding and corresponding reason, let themselv es be found on the Earth, yet they are those who make the effort in order that t he humans of the Earth, progressing in consciousness, learn what love, peace, wi sdom, freedom and harmony is. And since unfortunately in this regard there are only a few, it will still long

continue, before everything evil alters and a transformation comes about for the better. Yet every individual of all these few humans must daily make the effort to live as a model for all others, because only through that example of the correct way of life, according to the creational measure of the laws, as well as through the necessary discussions, thoughts, feelings and behavior, and through the written words of instruction, is it possible that the humans of the Earth build up thei r intelligence, respectively, their understanding and their reason. Only through the ceaseless instruction in regard to the truth through the few tr uly knowing and intelligent ones, could an alteration to the better come to pass , and indeed also then if only one iota (of truth) remains hanging in the world of thought of the still unintelligent ones. If, namely, the iota and iota line up together, then something forms from out of it, which constantly becomes bigger and more extensive and subsequently also sp reads itself, becomes more powerful and ultimately forms a factor which cannot b e overlooked, which can no more be left out of attention. Ptaah Actually that is so. Still, as long as the peoples of the Earth do not themselves become powerful in real intelligence, they will vote for bloodthirsty and might-greedy governments, pay homage to them, and themselves be of the same criminal attitude as these. Unfortunately the few reasonable ones can accomplish nothing against the mass of irrational ones and those who are slaves to the might-greedy ones, because they are still too few. Intelligence, namely therefore reason and understanding, must first be diligentl y worked up by the great mass of all the peoples, and first then it will be poss ible that then finally rational behavior will occur and the power-greedy will be brought to reason. Until then, however, very much time passes. That also means that a multinational peacekeeping troop still has to wait a very long time. Billy Yes, that will unfortunately be so. Also no authoritative person will report to me to whom I can explain the signifi cance, the construction and the function, as well as the ins and outs of a multi national troop which fights for peace. Ptaah That will indeed be so... 28] Contact Report 428, July 10, 2006

USA's Democrats will win against Republicans & World War III Iraq CIvil War Israel Secret plans to Attack Iran's Nuclear Centers Coma Galaxy ET's - Tunguska Event : Ptaah: The great space ship which at that time suffered a breakdown and was destroyed, out of which the so-called Tunguska event resulted, belonged to a people who li ve in a distant galaxy in your space-time configuration. Christianity, however, which was brought to their home worlds by some of their s pace travellers and which quickly spread out, led to grave religious wars. When then, finally, order could again be created, the space travellers were forb idden to make any further penetrations into the terrestrial space. Around 1000 years after this decree a great space ship of these people erred int o the SOL system as a result of faulty co-ordinates and became stranded on the E

arth by a still emerging grave breakdown from which it could no longer extricate itself. So, for several months, the space ship lay with grave technical damage hidden in the Tunguska region whereby a larger number of space travelers mixed, unrecogni zed, among the Earth humans, far from the hiding place, and sexually engaged wit h them which resulted in many of them becoming sick with syphilis and, with the return to their space ship, also infecting many others with it. That had very evil results for the space travelers because very quickly, as a re sult of their constitutional difference, dangerous mutations of the disease aros e which, just as quickly, expanded to a plague-like disease and epidemic which c ost many their lives. They could not expect help from the home world because, according to the old det ermination, it was forbidden for them to approach the Earth. Apart from that, other extraterrestrials were stationed on the Earth - namely us and our confederates - who were prohibited, by the government of the home world , from helping the space travelers. Consequently we had to hold ourselves to our directives. Therefore, only self-destruction remained for the Earth strangers as their deter mination demanded, consequently they built an atom bomb, brought the space ship to a height in the atmosphere which was still possible and then caused it to fal l in order to then ignite the bomb. Through the mighty explosion the great space ship was completely ripped apart an d torn to pieces whereby the monstrous explosion transformed practically the who le ship, and the entire remaining crew of 4387 humans, into dust and ash. Everything was observed and recorded from our side, subsequently we naturally co nstantly relayed our information to the stranded space travelers' home world, ho wever we did not receive permission to intervene in the events. Therefore we had to let things run their course, however, this was built on the fact that we could teach the space travelers' government and people in relation to this: that no danger existed anymore for them from the Earth humans' religion s if they would no longer get involved in these. Our intentions succeeded in the course of time, which then also had the result t hat all three peoples, respectively, races - namely there were three - joined ou r federation. They come from a region of a large cluster of galaxies which is around 400,000,0 00 light-years distant from the Earth. The three peoples, respectively, races, have three different home worlds, yet th ey are tightly connected with each other and call themselves the People's Union of Bardan, because they also name their home worlds Bardan 1, 2, and 3 and have a common government. The Bardan belong to those five peoples foreign to Earth who I named for you and who joined our federation. Billy: And do these humans come again to Earth in the current time? And the galaxy cluster named by you - is that also known to our astronomers? Ptaah: Yes, and indeed already since the time around 80 years ago when they allowed the mselves to be taught by us and joined our federation. But since then they have never taken up contact with Earth humans. And in regard to the galaxy cluster: This is known to the terrestrial astronomer s and is named Coma by them. Billy: And they look like us or different? Ptaah: They are humans like us, if you mean that. They have somewhat mongoloid characteristics and a somewhat coarse as well as li ght brownish-yellowish skin. Billy: It would be interesting one time to get to know one of these humans. Ptaah:

If that is your wish then I can concern myself with that. I can possibly arrange a visit. Unknown ET's to Plejaren on Earth: Billy Then another question which was put to me from the USA on the 2nd of Janua ry, and for which I have copied out the following from the 424th contact report, from Saturday the 17th of June, 2006, because I knew no answer: Ptaah That is right - for a long time, we were not able to watch altogether ever ything pertaining to flights of beings foreign to earth. But now through our new est technology, we could investigate the whole of the 19th and the 20th century, and the first years of the 21st century. The result of this investigation is th at it is how I told you on my last visit on June 10th, and how I have said it no w. The fact is, that since 1800 until now 2006 the flying objects observed from outer space solely belonged to us Plejarens and the five others mentioned who jo ined our federation and those we could not contact and have remained foreign to us. The thing about Roswell is another and special case, because back then bioor ganic androids were found. And one also has to say now, that when flying machine s as well as telemeter discs originating from outer space are seen, then these b elong only to us Plejarens and our federation. Contacts with earthlings do not t ake place, and apart from the contact with you, no other contacts exist. That wi ll only change when other beings foreign to earth land openly and take up contac ts, which will only happen then when we have left. You have therefore said that in regard to extraterrestrial flying objects in the terrestrial air space, there are still, to observe, only those from you Plejare n as well as from your confederates and from the unidentified foreigners. Is the situation still the same, that you can therefore still never identify the foreigners and that they still always cruise around in Earth's airspace and can be observed? Ptaah Actually the situation is still the same regarding the unidentified ones w hereby, however, we also no longer make an effort for a clarification because we have gained cognitions to the effect that these foreigners pose no danger for u s and the Earth humans. Therefore we do not make an effort to disturb their own maintenance of secrecy a nd to make ourselves recognisable to them whereby we can also safely assume that these foreigners have no knowledge of our existence at all because, in relation to them, we always screen ourselves from sight, or location, in every regard, t herefore only we know of their existence. The foreigners' flying objects can frequently be observed worldwide by Earth hum ans because they quite obviously have no screening technology at their disposal - as we do. However, what we have also clarified is the fact that these foreigners posses va rious kinds of models of flying devices as well as that they maintain no kind of contact at all with Earth humans and also have still never come into contact wi th such, directly or indirectly, consequently also no reports of experiences abo ut it could exist, from some Earth human or other. Billy Therefore the unidentified flying objects observed in the last months, ins ofar as they were of an extraterrestrial nature, belong only to you Plejaren, yo ur confederates and the unidentified foreigners, but not to further foreigners f rom space? Ptaah No, that is not correct because, since the 1st of July, 2006, we have comp rehensively screened our flying devices in order to achieve surveillance over ho w often the unidentified foreigners allow themselves to be observed on average i n the entire terrestrial airspace during one year. It deals with a particular clarification which still continues until the 30th of June, 2007. Billy Aha, then, since the 1st of July, 2006, all observations of unidentified f lying objects, which were probably of extraterrestrial origin, were flying devic es of the unidentified foreigners. But yet still a question in regard to that: since when have these been on the Ea rth and cruised around in the air?

Ptaah Looking back into the past indicates that these foreigners have appeared a gain and again in the terrestrial air space for several centuries. 29] Contact Report 429, July 12, 2006 - Florena

Prediction -> Israeli Air Force will bomb a UN post: Florena: ... On Tuesday, the 25th of July it will come to pass in Lebanon that the Israel i Air Force will bomb a UN post, whereby UN soldiers stationed there will be kil led. This criminal act will be secretly planned and carried out with full intention w hich will, however, be denied by the Israeli government and the military forces. The attack on the UN post will therefore result, because the Israeli government and their military force do not want to accept any UN troops who also keep a clo se eye on them, the Israelis, and the criminal machinations. With the conduct of war in Lebanon and in the Gaza Strip, Israeli sets itself ab ove all human rights and agreement in regard to a supervised conduct of war, and grins maliciously in the face of the entire world which, aside from big and use less words, undertakes nothing to stop the Israelis, as well as, however, Hezbol lah and their supporters and helpers, and to prepare an end to the criminal murd er and destruction. Ancient Prophecy -> 'In Jerusalem the few still living people will wade in ankle -deep human blood' BIlly: For the Israelis the great criminal proponents and supporters are primarily the US American government, next to the European governments and all those who are o f the same attitude as these. On the other side, with Hezbollah, it is especially the governments of Iran and Syria as well as their "fellow travelers", and the Al Qaida terror organization, some Hezbollah-friendly Arabic countries and some special groupings. It is really unbelievable everything that any criminal of Israel can execute, wh o exercises his bloody trade in the government and in the military positions. However, as long as the world is silent over it - also in regard to the terror m achinations of Hamas and Hezbollah - it will become calm in the Near East even l ess, as it will also not in the Middle East. Especially as long as the US Americans do not end their bloody terror down there and disappear - also out of Afghanistan and all other countries where they have settled in - there will never be peace, rather only further murder as well as t orture, rape, terror and destruction. It has shown itself already for a long time that there, where the US Americans, in the form of their government and military, rip open with their great snout, a ll evil of the world comes about. Aside from that it must be said that it is not surprising if Israel, with its wa r-politics, murder-politics and criminal-politics sits in the nettles more and m ore and produces more and more enemies world-wide in the Islamic world and in th eir circle of friends. It must thereby actually be the Islamic world, and not the Arabic world that is spoken of, because, since the Arabic people are Islamic, the Islamic believers w orld wide feel attacked when criminals and degenerates act against the Arabic co untries and their populations. What will be murderously, criminally and irresponsibly plotted through Israel th ere, for war on Hezbollah and Hamas in the Gaza Strip and in Lebanon, is a very dangerous situation and can, where possible, lead to a widespread conflagration through which quite especially Israel can properly fall on its snout. That, quite especially then, if the Islamic world suddenly openly unites against Israel and razes it to the ground, as it has been brought to expression in vari ous prophecies since ancient times. If the enemies, Israel and the Arabic countries, and therewith also the Islamic

believers and Jewish believers world wide, as well as their followers, do not ch ange their behavior and deeds towards one another and do not dissolve their reci procal hate and their murderous deeds and behavior, for the benefit of a peacefu l coexistence, and indeed in a foreseeable time, then the prophecies actually ca n still be fulfilled. Yet how does it go regarding this: In Jerusalem the few still living people will wade in ankle-deep human blood. Florena You tell the truth with pointed words...


Contact Report 430, July 11, 2006 - Ptaah

Telephone Caller complains that Billy abused the Neutrality of Swiss: Billy ... Two hours ago I received a telephone call whereby a man complained that I th ereby abused the neutrality of the Swiss and had trampled it with feet, because in my bulletins and in our contact reports I do not remain neutral, rather I say my opinion in regard to politics, the punishment practices and the war machinat ions as well as terrorist machinations of especially the USA, Israel, Hezbollah, Hamas and Al-Qaida, and so forth. The man, a Swiss, was of the opinion that I should hold my "snout" regarding thi s because the neutrality of the Swiss demands that, subsequently a "ripping open the snout", as I do, injures the neutrality of our country, damages it and brin gs our land much harm. Ptaah That is nonsense and a misunderstanding of neutrality. Billy Indeed I think that too. For my part I am of the view that, quite especially, in the exercising of neutra lity is anchored the obligation that one is not permitted to be silent in regard to politics and punishment practices, as well as war and terrorist machinations , rather they must be talked about and the actual facts must be named clearly, o penly and in a strikingly hard manner. In my opinion, keeping silent does not mean neutrality, rather tolerance and the promotion of the political, punishment-related, religious, militaristic and ter rorist atrocities. Every human who knows these things, and thereby the truth of the facts, and is s ilent over them, makes himself guilty of irresponsibility and of a crime against all humans who come to death or damage through political, militaristic, religio us, sectarian, war-related, criminal and terrorist behaviors and actions. Neutrality means, therefore, also to be active in relation to bearing responsibi lity in regard to the open naming and denouncing of the existing facts and the w rong ways of behavior of all those who govern the world, as, however, also all t heir myrmidons and vassals who carry out their orders in ways of war, terrorism or other ways unworthy of humans. Silence is never compatible with neutrality, because this requires that the effe ctive facts of war, terror of destruction, murder, torture, wrong punishment-ord ers and rape, and so forth, become openly and clearly named, and indeed in regar d to all contracting parties and persons. He who is silent is not only cowardly and not neutral, rather also absolutely ir responsible. Neutrality obliges talking, and the open and clear naming of the effective facts in every relationship, and regarding every party, subsequently one (party) is n ot permitted to be given preference and the other disadvantaged. Therefore neutrality obliges that political, religious, sectarian, militaristic, punishment-related - to which also torture and death penalty belong - and terro rist machinations and crimes, are openly pointed out and denounced, and indeed i t's all the same which governments, authorities and countries are entangled ther

ein. However, all that has nothing to do with politicizing, thus thereby that a polit ical actuation would come about through the naming of the effective facts, becau se, fundamentally, it only thereby concerns the free expression of opinion, whic h must be the human obligation if he wants to bear his responsibility. In particular, this free expression of opinion and the bearing of responsibility is, however, necessary in regard to the maintenance of neutrality, because this does not mean silence, rather talking, and indeed talking in the form and manne r that the effective facts of all contracting parties and parties, and so forth, which are a stumbling block, become named, and their machinations must be named clearly, openly and without whitewashing. That, however, first rightly means to maintain neutrality, which obligates the s howing of the facts and the demand that war, terror, torture and other crimes an d atrocities, as well as the murderous infliction of punishment, and so forth, a re attributed and abolished for the benefit of a true peace, or at least a peace ful co-existence. - That, my friend, is my understanding in regard to neutrality, which is not per mitted to simply alone be impartiality and its restriction of not actively inter fering in political, military, terrorist and war-related behavior, and also not in religious, sectarian and world-view denominations of other states. Neutrality is very much more, because humanity is also anchored in it as well as human dignity and reverence for all life. And what I still want to say to that, is that I rip open my "snout" because I kn ow my responsibility as a human and as a neutral Swiss citizen, as, however, bec ause also that is my right, as in article 19, "Freedom of Opinion and Informatio n" in "General Explanation of the Rights of the Human" as stands written in the following: "Every human has the right to free expression of opinion; this right extends to the freedom to adhere, unhampered, to opinions, and to seek, to perceive and to spread information and ideas with all means of understanding without considerati on of restrictions". The primitive-stupid saying that many Swiss people maintain the use of, "I have no opinion because I am, as a Swiss person, neutral" has nothing to do with neut rality, rather with cowardice and irresponsibility. What do you think of my opinion? Ptaah I am completely in accord with what you said. There is no more to say on that. Billy Short and concise. Isreali's Plan in Lebanon: Billy: Then I still have essentially only one question regarding Lebanon. Do you know w hat the Israelis actually have up their sleeve there? Ptaah On one hand they want to conquer Hezbollah, and indeed its all the same what it costs in human lives and material, and so forth. With that they want to prove themselves as an unconquerable power and thereby fr ighten the Arabian countries. On the other hand they want to bring the southern areas of Lebanon under their c ontrol whereby it is also important to them that they can advance far into Leban ese land. The abduction of the two Israeli soldiers through the Hezbollah was, for the sta te powers of Israel and the mighty military ones, only a mendacious pretext in o rder to be able to expand into Lebanon. For their purpose they do not shrink in horror from either any kind of war crime s, or from knowingly killing children and women through well-considered attacks of the air force and ground troops, which they, however, deny in every case, and meanwhile describe the entire thing as oversights and the like.

Today I stayed in the Lebanese war area and, with horror, had to recognize the r eal truth which is not recognized by the world and also is kept secret from the Israeli people. What is also to say in the same breath, however, regarding Hezbollah, relates in the same measure thereon, that these behave in the same criminal manner with th eir rocket attacks on Israel as the Israeli armed forces, because even this so-c alled freedom organization murders innocent humans through their rockets, even i f not precisely in the monstrous measure as happens through the Israeli aggresso rs. Billy And that entire matter naturally further advances hate on both sides. Prophecised Attack of United Arabic Armed Forces on Israel: Billy: The hate of Israel by the Arabs of all Arabic and other Islamic countries grows naturally without bounds, which ultimately can lead to Israel yet still being at tacked by united Arabic armed forces and razed to the ground. I can thereby vividly imagine that in the first position the Iranian State Presi dent, Ahmadinejad, will grasp the word in regard to this and let loose correspon ding bating tirades in order to fight Israel and destroy it. His bating is indeed known, and his hate-talk that Israel should be erased has c arried evil fruit in some places, as you told me, when I recently asked you abou t that. Ptaah Unfortunately that is really so. Billy The world should really listen and act, instead of being silent and passive. The false diplomacy, as well as the false humanitarianism, the blatant cowardice and angst, however, impede a multinational troop, which fights for peace, being put together as quickly as possible, in order to prepare an end for the crimina ls of Israel and Hezbollah, as, however, also in order to pull to account those who agree with the deeds of the contracting parties and who still supply and pro tect them with weapons. However the intelligence of the responsible ones of all countries as well as of the peoples of the Earth does not yet extend to behaving in this logical way, an d the small crowd who possess the necessary intelligence is scattered worldwide and has no power to do the right thing. For the present they are only callers in the desert because the people do not wa nt to hear them, and only think of their own wellbeing and allow the fellow huma ns to die miserably. Ptaah That is the alarming truth. Billy I am also one of the callers in the desert, yet in spite of its monstrous vastne ss and aridity I will further call out and indeed as long as I still have a spar k of life in me. So I will yet again produce a Special Bulletin and present our conversation in i t that we have led together in regard to all the things in Israel, in the Gaza S trip and in Lebanon. Ptaah That will be good because you thereby carry out your obligation as also all core group and passive FIGU members who are involved in it through their co-operatio n and financial help and thereby also observe their responsibility in order to f ulfill your difficult mission. They are all the first bearers of the perception of their responsibility and, ou t of their help, will emerge that it therein transforms all evil and makes a sui table place for the better and good. The Earth people of today as well as of those of tomorrow and in all the future can, and may, be thankful to all who show the way to progress and to peace as we ll as to freedom and harmony.

That is, if I may speak with your words for a moment. Billy Against which there is no objection. 32] Contact Report 432, Tuesday, August 15, 2006 - Ptaah

Israel Invades Lebanon(Its actions are worser than Nazi's & Hezbollah's): Ptaah: Ptaah That is related to the fact that I personally observed the war zone in Lebanon t oday in respect of the ceasefire and have still occupied myself with various int errelated things regarding this which I could only finish a few minutes ago. It is unbelievably primitive, the destruction that was caused down there, especi ally through the Israelis, who have raged like the insane who are no longer in c ommand of their reason and understanding. Not even the Nazis have operated in these contexts of unbelievably destructive r age, consequently, only the USA can be taken as an example, who, in the same mea sure, let their destructive rages have free rein in the Second World War at Hiro shima, Nagasaki and on diverse Japanese islands as well as in Germany in Dresden and Schweinfurt and so forth. Now, in spite of the ceasefire, there are still always small skirmishes in which mainly Hezbollah fighters are killed. Naturally, the Hezbollah terror organization also performs its part in the blood y and destructive events, yet their atrocities stand in no comparison to those w hich the Israeli Army caused. And what is further regrettable is that neither the Hezbollah nor the Israeli Ar my are disarmed, consequently, the terror will also continue in the future. Recommendations on Achieving a true & final peace between all people on Earth: Ptaah: The question actually arises, how long the Earth humans will remain so stupid an d simpleminded before they pursue understanding and reason to the extent that th ey set the correct heads of state in the fitting positions and take the rudder i n the hand themselves in order to create a multinational troop, fighting for pea ce, which disarms all parties to war and terror, in order, in this connection, t o, in this way, lead a true and final peace on the Earth and among all peoples. Naturally, very many things, which also must be otherwise born in mind, hang tog ether with that, yet, if the Earthly humanity finally would have command of true reason and true understanding, then the entirety would be able to be implemente d. UN's Ridiculous/Useless Efforts & Multinational Peace Troops: Ptaah: As, however, is handled today with the UN and its ridiculous and useless deploym ent, that is truly nothing in regard to a pacification of the Earth, respectivel y, to achieve for all peoples. Multinational peace troops in the sense of the UN correspond actually to an absu rdity because, if the entire thing is effective and the longed-for goal of a wor ldwide peace is to be achieved, then that is only possible through a multination al troupe, fighting for peace, which acts in logical force and undertakes everyt hing necessary for the disarming of the armies. Principally, in every case, a multinational troupe, fighting for peace, may only exist on a planet under the strictest control of the world population whereby o nly this multinational army, fighting for peace, may have, at its disposal, figh ting weapons for the entire security of the planet and its population ... Richard Boylan & "Star Nations": Billy:

Further, I still have before me a reply to a reader to add that I have received in English from Brazil. Helga translated the whole thing into German for me, thereafter Mariann and Will iam corrected it and finished it off. It thereby deals with a matter in which it is asserted that there is only one ex traterrestrial federation present on Earth named "Star Nations" and you people w ith your Plejaren Federation practically do not exist. Thereby naturally, I am attacked, whereby it is asserted that I have been maltre ated through consciousness-influencing machinations by a clique, and your messag es are also not real. Ptaah That sounds very familiar to me. Do you speak of a certain Richard Boylan with his insane "Star Kids Project"? Billy Precisely. Obviously you know his machinations? You have never told me anything about that. Ptaah This man, with his delusional imaginings and his crazy and insane machinations, is very well known to me because, through our three year clarifications, our att ention has also been turned to him, along with many others who, in the same or s imilar ways, are damaged in their consciousness. Therefore we know very precisely which nonsense he, in a delusional state, imagi nes and asserts in regard to alleged contact with extraterrestrials, that he has a connection with a "councilor" named "Asheoma" and with the administration of the so-called "Zeta" in the form of the "Star Nations", who are the only ones wh o maintain contact on the Earth. The man, who one cannot quite judge as fully sane, supports himself, with his sh ady wheeling and dealing, on your contacts with us, consequently, he also rewrit es the knowledge from the contact reports for himself and asserts that he receiv es the information from his alleged "Councilor Asheoma", who in truth only exist s in his fantasy. But there are still many others on the Earth like him. Billy Ah-ha, that is precisely what is touched upon in the email I have received. What is also interesting about that is - since I have disseminated to the world, via the Internet, your cognitions that there are no other extraterrestrials on Earth other than those who belong to your federation - this guy now suddenly com es and asserts on the Internet that there is only one extraterrestrial federatio n in regard to extraterrestrials on Earth, and indeed the "Star Nations". Ptaah That is not astonishing, because I have already explained that he uses our conta ct reports, that you publish, and that he rewrites them and asserts that his scr ibble is reports and explanations which he receives from the Zetas. Billy I understand already, but see here, I have that email in English and in German h ere. You can just read it and say to me whether I should integrate the whole thing th at we have just spoken about into the special bulletin. From my side, I feel neither attacked through the nonsense nor do I annoy myself over it, but I think that the humans of Earth should know what goes on in front of them in this area and which lunatics go around the globe and tell nonsense. Ptaah Let me see which nonsense is written. Billy Here, please ... Ptaah Thanks

(Cover letter by José Barreto Silva not included ) THIS IS THE E-MAIL From: drboylan@sbcglobal.net To: UFOFacts@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 5:21 PM Subject: (UFOFacts) authentic Star Nations organization versus phoney <federatio ns> It may help to realize that my article on Findings about the Real Star Visitors Versus the Bogeymen of Cover-up Propaganda was written several years ago, before I was contacted in conscious communication by Councillor Asheoma, the Zeta, and Councillor For the Watchers. It was from them that I learned that the official name of the federation of star civilizations who subscribe to the 11:11 Laws and who are in contact with Earth is Star Nations. Back then, when I wrote the arti cle, I knew that there was an interstellar federation but not its official name. Now I know it is Star Nations. I have replaced my ad-hoc designation with <Star Nations> in the current edition of my article. There is no other organization o f intelligent civilizations in contact with Earth besides Star Nations. Thus, when you hear someone talk about an <Ashtar Command>, you know that this i s make-believe, urban legend, and/or the pretended <channelings> of deluded or o verly-self-important persons. Likewise, there is no <Plejaren/Plejarian/Pleiadea n Federation>. Eduard Albert <Billy> Meier may have started out as a genuine exp eriencer back in 1942, as he claims. But over the years his purported <messages> from the Plajarians/Plajaren have clearly become distanced from the truth too o ften to be genuine Star Visitor messages. Further, I have been informed by the C ouncillor For the Watchers that poor Mr. Meier has been targeted by Cabal mind-i nfluencing operations with the result that what he puts forth is a jumble, and c annot be trusted to represent genuine Star Visitor communications. in the light, Richard Boylan, Ph. Dr.egard. Billy And? What do you think about it? Should I include it in the special bulletin? Ptaah The whole thing corresponds to complete nonsense, and it is quite good if you pu blish this feeblemindedness so that Earth humans can see clearly which charlatan ism and which feeblemindedness is driven and disseminated through this Richard B oylan. Billy That is what I wanted to hear. Then I will still add the nonsense at the end of the special bulletin - naturall y with the words that we two have spoken in this regard. 33] Contact Report 433, Thursday, August 17th, 2006 - Ptaah

Strange events at the SSSC such as Disappearing Objects & Other things: Billy: Billy ... Have you discovered anything new about the fact that such strange things happen to us in the Center, such as things which disappear without a trace, without hav ing someone visible taking them away? A few days ago, Eva put two photographic slides on the box for me, and without a nyone being able to take them away from us, they simply vanished without a trace , as did the book - at that time which was placed in the bookshelf, as we both s aw on the recordings - just suddenly, from one moment to the next, disappeared w ithout a trace, never to reappear, as have many other things, too. Also, it is indeed inexplicable that Guido's alarm clock regularly runs backward s if he has it here in the Center, but normally runs forwards when he has it at home again. And now, the same phenomenon also occurred with a second alarm clock, which he b

rought with him. Also, there is the matter of when I write something on the computer and then lat er something completely different is expressed and it often has the opposite of that which I have written, or that entire paragraphs or individual words disappe ar or are altered, which is just as strange as many other occurrences which go a long the same lines and have already often created irritation. And this has been going on for years, and it looks as if any number of goblins, were such to exist, want to drive us mad. Ptaah 33. This is certainly not the case, because goblins are mythical creatures which have never existed, as you have immediately corrected your remark. 34. We cannot explain all these incidents either. However, I have a suspicion th at any number of human entities from another dimension are making mischief - per haps out of the terrestrial future, whereby a justification for that, however, a ppears to be extremely puzzling. 35. But it is also possible that, at the actual present time, secret terrestrial laboratories exist, about which we have no inkling and we cannot find out anyth ing about them, because they are shielded against any electromagnetic vibrations from inwards to outwards and from outwards to inwards in such a way that even o ur possibilities of finding out and analyzing fail. 36. This is absolutely in the framework of what is possible, because even though we possess an advanced level of technical development, this is geared in a part icular way, as is the case with every humanity. 37. Therefore, it is possible that, on the Earth, technical trends, and so forth , are pursued which are even more advanced than our capabilities, such as, for e xample, that electromagnetic teleportation-vibrations are generated, which initi ally manifest themselves in the area of their goal and then also disappear again without a trace, without allowing their origin to be determined because no coor dinates whatsoever or other traces are able to be pursued and are therefore not verifiable. 38. In that regard, very advanced technologies are also quite possible, therefor e, also for humanities which have not yet reached our technical state, because, as mentioned, it is significant to research the direction in which progress is b eing made in inventions and developments. 39. Also on the Earth, all kind of things are made in secret laboratories belong ing to the scientists and the military as well as the secret services, and so fo rth, about which the public has not the slightest inkling, often not even the mi ghty and the mightiest of the governments. 40. So, as a rule, cognitions, research results and inventions and so forth, onl y come to the public through the multifaceted media - and even then is censored - only when everything is already outdated and replaced again by the latest achi evements, which are naturally kept secret. 41. But now to again return to the problem of the disappearance of different thi ngs in the Center: 42. Should people of the Earth's future be in on the act - which more likely to be excluded, nonetheless is still not completely ruled out - then the grounds fo r the whole thing could rest in the fact that, in the future, your mission will conflict with certain things in a group's plans, for which reason they are tryin g to hinder or falsify certain things in the Center, in their past, which is you r present time. 43. Anyway, that corresponds to the whole thing, which would cause all these eve nts in the Center, representing a technology, which, although not unknown, is st ill not available to us, in the manner that we could apply it without hesitation , because we are only at the advanced beginnings of our exploration of this, not , however, that we are already able to develop this for application. 44. With all the incidents that we have inspected in the Center in relation to t hese things, we could quite plainly detect high electromagnetic energy which sim ply just suddenly made its appearance, without us being able to identify a trace of its transportation to the spot or its approach. 45. The energies were simply suddenly there, coming out of nothingness, and they

disappeared again in this same manner, without a possible way for us to detect any traces, nor attain coordinates. 46. A further possibility, however, as previously mentioned, is that current ter restrial energies and forces are in play which are engendered in secret laborato ries and are being tested. 47. And, indeed, where better can such inventions be tested than in the Center, whose residents and staff are, for many Earth humans, taken to be eccentrics, dr eamers and crackpots. 48. Were you - as the contactee to us extraterrestrials, and the residents of th e Center and core group members - to go to the general public with the strange e xperiences of the unexplained disappearance of some things, and other oddities, and to say that happens in the Center, then it would be said that that is typica l of these nutcases. 49. All things considered, were such tests carried out in other places, then tha t would excite the public attention, because the deployment of police as well as "ghost-hunters" and parapsychologists would be unavoidable. 50. So the Center is very well suited for testing in the ways which you have men tioned, along with other similar situations that you have not named today, about which, however, you have already spoken several times with me. Billy The old song. But there is probably nothing to be done about it. But now I have, something else: .................. 36] COntact Report 436, October 15, 2006 - Ptaah Atom Bomb Tests in North Korea 37] Contact Report 437, November 18, 2006 - Ptaah

Darwin's Theory of Evolution & Tibetan Legend: Billy: Oh well, I have here yet another question, because someone has asked me for an a nswer in the bulletin regarding on what Charles Darwin, in 1859, has constructed his theory of evolution, that the human is descended from apes. I learned from your father, Sfath, that Darwin falsified an ape skeleton in orde r to demonstrate his theory, whereby however his assertion, being that the human descended from apes, did not just grow out of his own rubbish. In reality, as Sfath explained, Charles Darwin was linked with Tibetan Buddhists , who told him of the Tibetan legend, according to which all humans descend from eight different branches of apes. Can I convey my answer in this way? Ptaah Naturally, because what my father explained to you corresponds with the truth. Darwin was a human who craved renown, and did everything illicitly and dishonest ly to greatly build up his image. The Darwinian teaching of evolution in regard to the Earth humans, that they ori ginally arose from the apes, is truly not based on his own thought processes or from his own research, rather on a Tibetan legend that all humans descended from eight different branches of apes. Darwin put the legend to use, whereby he suitably filed certain bones of an ape skeleton in order to substantiate and provide a line of evidence for his deceit, and presented the whole thing to the scientific body of the day. Billy Darwin, as founder of the so-called modern theory of evolution, actually did stu dy medicine and then later theology, whereby he came into contact with Buddhists from Tibet. Indeed, he was generally dealt with as a naturalist, but that role started as he took part in the world voyage of the survey ship "Beagle", which was underway o

n the world's seas from 1831 until 1836. From 1842, as I have read, he began to work on his comprehensive travel experien ces, and systematically collected his extensive material together in regard to t he origin of the species. Geological observations, as well as those of fauna as it pertains to geography, caused him to doubt the accuracy of the traditional teachings of the inalterabil ity of the species. From that also arose his main work, "The Origin of the Species through Natural S election", which constituted a turning point in the history of biology in 1859. With the Theory of Selection, which led to Darwinism, respectively to the Darwin ian teachings of descent, he explained the purposive adaptation of forms of life to the environment. That he thereby also tried to underpin his teachings through the fraud of his ad aptation of ape bones, and that he presented the Tibetan legend - that all human s are arisen from eight branches of apes - as reality, then led to the erroneous teaching that the human descended from apes, whereby this has endured until tod ay and even the scientists grant their belief to this deception. In 1871 he then published two volumes entitled, "The Descent of Man". Darwin was born on February 12th, 1809 in The Mount at Shrewsbury in England, an d he died on April 19th, 1882 in Down House, which corresponds to today's London -Bromley. Are these statements true so far? Ptaah All of it corresponds to that which is correct. The Dalai Lama & Lamaism: Billy: Then yet again a bulletin question which relates to the 13th Dalai Lama. The question is this: "Why did the 13th Dalai Lama (Mongolian dalai = "ocean of learned knowledge", and Tibetan bla-ma = "the superior") have to flee from the C hinese?" The question is somewhat confusing, because Quetzal taught me something else, as , however, you also did, consequently, to my knowledge, it was not the 13th Dala i Lama who fled from the Chinese, rather the 14th, who is actually called Bstan'dzin-rgya-mtsho and who was born in 1935 and enthroned in 1940. His current domicile, if I am not mistaken, is Dharmsala, in the constituent sta te of Himachal Pradesh in India. In 1959 he fled to India as the Chinese occupied Tibet, because the Dalai Lama i s, in truth, not a religious head, rather a political head, even if something el se is asserted by the Lamaists who say that he is the highest spiritual dignitar y. He emerged as the political power-holder, in the context of the Tibetan governme nt-in-exile led by him, in order to obtain a real autonomous Tibet through negot iations with the Chinese government, whereby the Dalai Lama is then naturally su pposed to constitute the sovereign, respectively, the political ruler. The Tibetan government-in-exile is not officially acknowledged by any country. Even when the 14th Dalai Lama emerges as the spiritual dignitary of Lamaism and officially stands up in the world for tolerance among the religions and the peop les, as well as for the observation of humanity's global responsibility, in the background, hidden in his deeds, is actually his political power-nature which he gladly wants to exercise in Tibet and presumably even in the entire world. With him it is therefore about power, which was already the case with the 13th D alai Lama, (who was the political leader of Tibet) and also with the others befo re him. He chased into flight the Panchen Lama - respectively, Penchen Lama, (me aning: learned philosopher) respectively, the spiritual leader and co-regent of Tibet - and indeed in the year 1923. His flight led him to China where a large Buddhist community offered him protect ion.

His life was threatened by the 13th Dalai Lama who had sent out his soldiers to mercilessly immediately shoot the Panchen Lama if they got hold of him. You have also taught me, that on one hand, the Lamaist Lhasa, the Lamaist centre in Tibet, is, so to speak, a secret world-centre in Asia and that, secondly, La maism is a degenerated and despotic sect which cannot be equated with Buddhism, although the Dalai Lama and the Lamaists refer to Buddhism in regard to their re ligion. Accordingly, the national religion of Tibet also cannot be called Buddhism, rath er only Lamaism, which has nothing to do with real Buddhism, if nowadays a true Buddhism may be spoken of at all, because, even with this, very many things were distorted and indeed even in regard to the teaching of Gotama Buddha, consequen tly the real teaching was only taught, understood and lived by the prophet himse lf. True Buddhism knows neither force nor power, nor despotism or forms of un-freedo m, of discord or of disharmony; yet what is taught and lived today - also with a ll other religions and sects - has nothing more, or not much more, to do with th e actual teachings of the prophet Buddha because these were thoroughly distorted . The Dalai Lama, Bstan-'dzin-rgya-mtsho - who today cruises around in the world, promotes a free Tibet and writes books with inexpert content - is no Buddhist at all, rather a Lamaist who strives for state power. Who then still wonders that he had to flee from the Chinese? The fact is that the Tibetan Lamaists committed monstrous atrocities before the Chinese again took over control of Tibet, whereby, at any rate, they are also to blame for unbelievable atrocities. Naturally this truth is vehemently disputed and denied as well as twisted from a ll sides, as also is the truth that, after the founding of the Peoples' Republic of China, Tibet became the most important bulwark and the "forbidden land" of t he communist countries in order to stop the British Empire which, with evil forc e, attempted to spread itself out further in Asia. The truth is that "Tibet's independence" was first discussed in 1840 and indeed with the so-called Opuim War. At that time the West's invasion of China began, whereby the British attempted t o separate Tibet from China. That was also the time in which the great and worldwide espionage network was bu ilt up which had already been constructed under Queen Elizabeth I of England in the 17th Century and which has been maintained in the most various forms up to t he current time. That is, on the whole, that which I have been taught by you people. Ptaah You have held everything in your memory well. Billy In spite of these facts, most western countries revere the Dalai Lama in particu lar, as also, however, do the Tibetan Lamaists, whereby neither these believers nor the western worshippers and followers know the actual facts about the Dalai Lama and Lamaism. The believers of Lamaism are so duped that they follow the Dalai Lama blindly an d neither examine the background of this nor the background of the machinations of Lamaism. There are only few real experts in the entire matter about the Dalai Lama and La maism, as, for example, diverse journalists who also name the facts openly, as, for example, in 2000, when the German media openly challenged the Dalai Lama and talked plainly. So, for example, the following points were openly held against him, which he nat urally vehemently denied: 1. that he defames his critics, respectively, slanders them, and brings them int o disrepute; 2. that he actively oppresses religious minorities, however, otherwise plays the good human; 3. that he has knowingly falsified the history of Tibet and his flight, and so f

orth; 4. that he perfidiously exploits his political status and his power as head of t he Lamaists over the believers; 5. that he oppresses any political and religious opposition to himself; 6. that he has fallen into to a most extreme tyrannical and undemocratic leaders hip style; 7. that he maintains rituals which are misogynistic, respectively, antagonistic to women; 8. that he maintained, and maintains, friendship-based contacts with former SS m embers, respectively, Nazi big-wigs, as well as with neo-Nazis. What there is further to say relates to the USA - which indeed cannot possibly b e any other way at all - whose secret service CIA plays a decisive role in the m ore recent history of Tibet, as Quetzal once said. The CIA, according to his statement, was the authoritative factor behind the suc cess of the Dalai Lama's flight to India where he lived in exile and was support ed by the US secret service as well as the guerrilla army, respectively, the arm ed Tibetan-Lamaist troops, who caused much harm and perpetrated monstrous atroci ties, however, in reality, could not accomplish much to bring Tibet under their and the Dalai Lama's control. Nevertheless, however, the acts of the guerrilla army had a great significance f or the moral of the community of Tibetan exiles who fled to various countries, b ecause they hoped that a return to a "free" Tibet would be possible for them, wh ereby, however, they only knew the propaganda of the Dalai Lama - which is alway s still the case - while the truth is withheld from them. And that the CIA in Tibet also forcefully functioned in another way, was also cl early connected, among other things, with the occurrences of uranium which the c ountry had to offer and which was not supposed to fall into the hands of the Rus sians. However, in regard to Tibet, other powers also played their notes, as, for examp le, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831 -1891), who spread the nonsense of the "Asce nded Tibetan Masters" in the West - allegedly "transmitted" for the first time i n 1870 - which firstly and lastly has influenced the entire New Age movement, wh ich directly, with its criticism of culture and community, initially came about in the Californian counter-culture of the 1960s. The term "New Age" is however much older than the current trends and leads back into the 19th century, and indeed to occult and esoteric world-views, which, as said, were also influenced by Helena Blavatsky. Influenced by that were indeed also the national-socialistic [NAZI] Rudolf Hess and Sebottendorf, who, together in 1918, respectively, 1919, in Munich, founded the secret Thule Society, a lodge-type association which was constructed on the principles of Lamaist teaching. This alliance functioned as an umbrella organization for Old German, fatherlandorientated and ethnicity-orientated societies of Munich. The alliance pushed predominantly anti-Semitic propaganda, whereby the crowning joke of the matter is that from out of these assimilated ideologies, which were popular at the time, the founding of the United Nations came forth in the year 1 945. The entire thing came forth out of the 1912-founded German Thule sect which was connected with the 1910-founded Hammer Alliance and with the radical Peoples' Ol d-German Association. Their symbols were the swastika, respectively, the hooked cross and the Germanic runes. The association had its own newspaper, the "Municher Observer". The Thule Society was comprised of 1,500 members who had connections with broad sectors of Bavarian society. Along with Rudolf Hess and Sebottendorf, many other National Socialists also bel onged to the Thule Society, who also contributed to the development of subversiv e plans and promoted counter-revolutionary groups, as for example, the German Wo rkers' Party and the NSDAP [NAZI Party, byname of National Socialist German Work ers' Party, German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP)] which

had come out of it. Then, in 1919, the Thule Society organized a militant fighting union which decis ively took part in the Free Corps to strike down the Bavarian Council Republic. That, my friend, correlates to that which I still know in regard to the history, whereby, however, I have still read up somewhat to freshen my memory. Ptaah What you say corresponds to reality. Climate Change is caused by Overpopulation: Billy Still something because of the weather: Winter is keeping us waiting, as you sai d at our last meeting, as however also that the climate changes ever more rapidl y. Can you still briefly say something about that? Ptaah The climate warms ever faster, whereby the snowfall is also absent ever more fre quently in the deeper sites, while the Earth's polar ice masses, as well as the glaciers, melt ever faster, which leads to this: that by the year 2100, in some cases, the water of the seas will rise up to 160 centimeters. [5'3"] Forceful natural changes have become unstoppable, consequently there is also a g eneral change in the world of animals, birds, fish and the entirety of the fauna , as however also regarding the flora, because already it is all changing and is beginning to adapt to the new conditions of nature. Thus, it is also the case with the migratory birds which remain in their home ar eas in Winter and are no longer drawn to other domains. It is the same with migratory animals, because their pasturelands are changing a nd everything is taking on new forms. Billy And the origin of everything is overpopulation, which, however, neither humanity nor the responsible scientists, authorities and governments want to accept as t rue. The more humans there are, the bigger become the entire environmental problems o f interpersonal relationships, humans living together, illnesses, epidemics and criminality as well as wrongdoing and wars, and so forth. And what is resolved, and eventually implemented, regarding climate protection a nd so forth, ends in a farce because the responsible ones are so stupid that the y cannot think into the future, consequently, they do not see that their resolve d and perhaps implemented measures, are only a drop of water on an ever increasi ngly hot stone. That is therefore so, because, in the time in which the measures eventually beco me reified, Earth's population increases by hundreds of millions again, and ther eby naturally also all the problems, whereby the implemented measures to protect the environment already become worthless before they have even only begun. All the responsible ones are too stupid and narrow-minded to recognize that help in regard to the protection of the environment can thereby only be provided whe n the resolved measures, or the measures yet to be resolved, for the protection of the environment and the protection of the climate, and so forth, are only use ful in association with a regulation for a global halt to births. But as long as this is not recognized and is not implemented, so climb the probl ems of the destruction of the environment, energy problems, illnesses, epidemics , criminality, wrongdoing, wars and family dramas, absent interpersonal relation ships, race-hate, xenophobia, hate between and among humans and religious hatred and so forth. In the same way, the general softening of the human also increases in regard to the quality of life and the alacrity regarding a willingness to work on anything worthwhile and lasting. But overpopulation also brings with it, that the human's entire body suffers eve r more from damage to its health, because it is ever more susceptible to it, and

also, in regard to the inurement against suffering and illnesses, the human is ever softer and less capable of life, which often ends in cowardly suicide. The quality of the affirmation of life sinks just as rapidly as also does the re spect for life generally. But the effects of overpopulation are also demonstrated by humans becoming ever more uneducated, and becoming addicted to evil vices, habits and degenerations, whereby the most common forms are especially alcohol, drugs, and excessive seeki ng of pleasure and craving for travel, as well as degenerated sexual cravings. Parents ever more commonly leave their children undefended, allow them to starve and die of thirst, beat them to death, force them into prostitution or sell the m, while in other families, conflict and strife, as well as battery and jealousy , rule between the marriage partners, which not seldom leads to the dissolution of the entire family through murder and homicide. And still, ever more, only hate, profit-craving, strife, disharmony, bondage, vi ce, addiction, revenge and the like rule among the individual humans, among the peoples and even the entirety of humanity, because only few honestly concern the mselves with love, peace, freedom, harmony and a valuable living-together for go od interpersonal relationships and a creationally correct manner of living as we ll as for a good and deliberate evolution of the consciousness. Out of that, it also results that for the majority of humankind, true love and f riendship are only empty and worthless words, and yet only isolated humans are l ovingly concerned about the wellbeing of their neighbor. And what do the responsible ones of the governments do against all this evil? Nothing! They only thirst after their high and far-overloaded stipends, however, undertak e nothing valuable in order to discern the true facts of all the evil and to und ertake anything truly effective to stop all the need and all the misery of human ity, as well as of nature, the environment, the climate and the planet. They crank out only hollow and empty words, let their own life be a good one - a nd don't concern themselves even so much as a pinch of filth about all the count less problems. And if, for once a true human comes into a government, who works in the sense of truth and reality for the people and the homeland, as for example, in Switzerla nd, the Upper House Member Christoph Blocher - who can be called the only truthf ul Member and represents the interests of the righteous, thinking and intelligen t ones, as well as the interests of the country and thereby the homeland - who r eally recognizes the real problems and wants to change them to the better, then, in their own ranks, as well as among the people and in the parties, all the ine xpert, incapable and weak-witted ones step into the plan and, with abuse and ins ults and opprobrium, shout down the ones who are industriously concerned with th e good and best changes. And, as a rule, they do it, therefore, because they, on one hand, exercise their power and do not want what is right and good, and, on the other hand, because t heir intelligence does not reach far enough to recognize the effective truth, an d, in regard to this, to do that which is correct and valuable. Therein the evil also takes root such that those who govern are not capable of t eaching the people through appropriate schooling as regards the creational and n atural laws, so that the humans slowly but surely turn to the effective life and effective way of living and thereby also true love, freedom, harmony, and true peace as well as true humanity. Ptaah Facts that are already often named in our conversations, and which you have carr ied out into the world, which up until now, however, have, by and large, born no fruit.


Contact Report 440, Monday, January 15th, 2007 - Ptaah

UN reads FIGU Bulletins & Special Bulletins. Avian Influenza (Bird flu): Billy It has indeed become somewhat quiet in regard to the bird flu, so here and there , however, short reports do appear in the newspapers, especially about the dead in the Far East who have died as a result of the H5N1 virus. Do you, in the meantime, know more about this epidemic and its possible spread? Ptaah That is actually the case: the cat family, in particular house cats, gain a grea ter significance because they are very susceptible to the virus and can pass the epidemic onto other animals, whereby new mutations arise which ultimately can a lso spread to humans. Already many house cats in the Asiatic region are infected by the virus, whereby they can cause the named danger to spread out. Billy Then how could the virus emerge and spread itself so quickly in the realm of the humans? Ptaah The virus is already very old, yet it was restricted to a certain kind of migrat ory bird which was immune to it. That was good for a while until this kind of bird inevitably mixed with other mi gratory birds and also infected them. The inevitable happened as a result of the fault of the overpopulation of Earth humans, because, through their spreading out, they destroyed the regions of the types of bird, also the region of the type of bird which is infected with the H5 N1 virus, which, however, was immune to it, subsequently these sought out other regions for nourishment and inevitably came into contact with diverse other migr atory birds which led to the spreading out of the epidemic, which already, years ago, spread to domestic poultry as well as, however, to mammals. Also a number of humans were contaminated with the H5N1 virus through direct con tact with infected domestic poultry, whereby they died, which also will not furt her be avoidable. Billy Therefore the epidemic has existed for a very long time already, yet it could on ly spread itself out through the guilt of the human of the Earth, and indeed, th erefore, because he did not take his overpopulation in hand and thereby deprived the migratory birds of their established areas, whereby the bird-world mixed naturally not genetically - rather in regard to the migratory areas, the nourish ment and the excrement. That is as I see it at any rate. Microsoft & US Security Agencies: Billy That is now clear. Some time ago - if I may ask yet another question - you said that US secret serv ices manipulate the Internet and the computer world - which I have also suggeste d in a bulletin about the CIA, whereby Microsoft is also embroiled in it with th e Windows system. Can you tell me which US secret service is therein embroiled w ith Microsoft, along with the CIA, if it is also involved with that? Ptaah The Windows-program system is manipulated through the US secret service, NSA, re spectively, through the National Security Agency, as well as through other secre t services. The manipulation enables the secret services to penetrate into any computer, unr ecognized and according to their desire, in order to pull out data or, unrecogni zed, to carry out alterations and falsifications of the existing data.


Contact Report 441, Saturday, February 3rd, 2007 - Ptaah

Worldwide Secret Group & vast International Conspiracy to conceal the truth abo ut UFO's & ET's: Billy Around 22 years have now passed since you and Quetzal told me privately that you had comprehensive cognitions in regard to terrestrial UFOs and the massacre of animals and alleged abductions which were disguised as the shoddy efforts of ext raterrestrials. You said thereby that, in regard to this, involved in these machinations are gov ernments, the military, as well as industrial businesses and powerful ones of fi nance, which constitute a special group, to which still smaller groups are also related. At that time you promised that you would officially explain more about that when the time is ripe for that. Can one now speak publicly about that? Ptaah Yes, that was said. And the time is also ripe for that. - With the named group, it concerns a worldwide branching from governments, the military, industrial groups, secret services, paramilitary and powerful ones of finance, as you correctly said. Those in the know and contributors are only certain elements of the same, who pr ofit greatly, financially and power-politically, from their secret machinations, for which reason the entire powers of the government, military and industrial a s well as finance are not involved in the situation and are also not informed in regard to this. The group is not organized, as such, rather is only a loose collection, whereby their interests, however, have a common form, which, already since the 1920s, wa s designed to operate a continuous, ingenious, large-scale disinformation campai gn regarding the question of extraterrestrial life. The group, which is split into many small groups, has many kinds of technical po ssibilities at their disposal, which they employ for their evil and human-mislea ding purposes. That started with technologies of electromagnetism to do with precision electron ics and computer engineering, up to and including apparatuses through which brai nwashing and the programming and altering of consciousness is evoked in humans. They even have back-engineered beamships at their disposal, whereby, in certain contexts, even antigravity finds application. It has also occurred many times that premeditated "abductions" of Earth humans b y "extraterrestrials", and the massacre of animals, has been and is faked by thi s group. That stands partly also in connection with those illusionary and schizophrenic v isions and apparent experiences of those who believe that they have had, or have , these kinds of real experiences. Also wrong information and falsified pictures of alleged extraterrestrial flying devices is strategically circulated worldwide, whereby according to our investi gations, about 98% of all false pictures, films, videos and false information is directed at moving the Earth humans to angst and terror of extraterrestrials an d to engender hate and thoughts of revenge in the Earth humans. Therefore, in this way, angst, terror and hate is stirred up against all life fo reign to Earth. Especially films for cinema and television serve this purpose, as also, however, do many books which are constructed on lies and untruths and are written partly by "experts" in psychology and psychiatry. All this nonsense sells very well to the Earth humans because many on the search for the effective truth trust and believe this false information, and these fil ms and pictures. Angst, horror, terror, hate and revenge always sell well, while the truth appear

s too banal and therefore appears uninteresting as well as not worth knowing. Only the fantastic and unreal find a place in the interests of Earth humans. However, precisely that is the launching platform for the infamous machinations of the worldwide group, because, through disinformation and fear-mongering in re gard to the malicious foreigners to Earth, the entire group, which reaches right around the world, derives horrendous advantages of a financial, governmental-po wer, military-power as well as an economic form. The entire war, electronics and weapons industries, and so forth, thereby gain a n enormous boost. Yet, in the worldwide group, secret paramilitary units also exist as smaller gro ups which carry out the same kind of operations which, however, are mostly contr olled by the worldwide group. In particular, these small groups carry out premeditated abductions which are cr edited ostensibly to the extraterrestrials, as well as, however, also simulated appearances of alleged extraterrestrial flying craft, which are then collectivel y declared to be extraterrestrial UFO appearances and are often observed, photog raphed and filmed by many people. Thereby the illusion of an ostensible extraterrestrial abduction or observation of extraterrestrial flying devices is evoked. What is further to say about that is that, in this worldwide group, with all the small groups who partly also work autonomously, there exists a proper "UFO trad e" and a subculture in regard to animal massacres and abductions and so forth. The entire thing is secretively financed through governments, the military, indu strial groups and financially powerful ones who are interested in angst, terror and hate being stirred-up to their highest forms in regard to the alleged evil e xtraterrestrial foreigners, because they can thereby gain gigantic financial pro fit and advantage. It is on this basis that, in every regard, from this group, only stories, cinema and television films and observations of UFOs will be accepted and profitably e xploited, which are based on everything negative and - as is becoming proverbial with the Earth humans - on the malicious and aggressive nature of the extraterr estrials. Only that which evokes angst, fear and terror as well as engenders hate and reve nge is accepted by the group and exploited worldwide in order to obtain enormous profit with it. Conversely, in addition to that, everything which is good and positive is veheme ntly slandered and is designated as a swindle, lie and deception, as is the case with you and us, since, in keeping with the interests of the group, we are not permitted to exist, and you are not permitted to be in contact with us, rather y ou must be a liar and a fraud. So, from the group and their small groups, the Earth humans will be served up de liberately false and fear-influencing stories in regard to extraterrestrial UFOs and foreigners to Earth and their alleged horrifying machinations like, for exa mple, painful examination contacts and animal massacres along with falsified enc ounters with alleged extraterrestrials. Along with profit, the whole matter also serves deeply-based psychological propa ganda in order to insult forms of life who are foreign to Earth and to brand the m as malicious beings and to create angst, hate, revenge and hysteria because gr eat financial means will be thereby freed up which serve research for the produc tion of innovative and futuristic weapons of all kinds. Therefore, in these Earth humans, in regard to the extraterrestrial, an enemy wi ll be psychologically, deliberately created which does not exist and which will, in a manner, be made into a malicious being such that the Earth humans, in thei r angst, will be driven to freeing up horrendous sums in order to therewith manu facture weapons against the alleged malicious invaders. Also, with these acts, various groups play off against each other, which, howeve r, is part of a well-thought-out plan which is carried out and implemented by se cret services, psycho-terrorists, espionage groups and treacherous disinformatio n agents and which is underpinned by false information regarding UFOs and allege d extraterrestrials.

Additionally belonging to this plan is the invention of an imaginary extraterres trial enemy, as well as a danger emerging from this - an enemy and a danger whic h, naturally, will have to be fought. The infamy is thereby that, first of all, everything is made ridiculous because the concerned "abductees" , "examinees", "chance contactees" and UFO-observers c an provide no evidence for their experiences which would withstand a real examin ation. Then comes the second fact, which exists in the fact that angst, terror, hate an d feelings of revenge is produced in the Earth humans whereby then the weapons i ndustry can be built up and indeed especially in regard to futuristic weapons, o f which the normal Earth humans have no idea, and of which they do not ever dare to dream. The entirety is thereby a well-thought-out psychological network on which the pr ogress of the entire weapons industry and the power of the military, of the fede ral leadership, the finance sharks and the industry businesses as well as the se cret services can be built up ever further. To this end angst, terror, hysteria, hate and revenge is sown in regard to all f oreigners from outer space. So the Earth humans become duped and financially exploited by the responsible on es of this dangerous group and their small groups and are deliberately driven to abhor and to hate the extraterrestrial foreigners. Corresponding cinema and television films serve as especially suitable means for that. The foreigner-angst, respectively, alien-angst, which is thereby produced surpas ses all normal angst and the responsible ones of the group know that precisely, for which reason they can also thereby calculate that all necessary finances flo w to them, which they require for their weapon research, their weapon manufactur e, their leading of wars, and desires for power, as well as for unrealistic cine ma and TV films which demonize the Earth-strangers. The creation of an supposed threat from extraterrestrials as well as the alien-a ngst is, for them, a profitable matter which is operated under the shabby cloak of a federal, respectively, country security and of world peace. For the entire machinations of the group, the meanest machinations are quite goo d enough which, as said, were already operating since the 1920s and to that also belong highly developed electronic weapons systems, futuristic flying discs, Ea rth humans who are hypnotically and surgically converted, as well as converted i n their consciousness, to robots*, whereby some have an appearance like the bein g which is called the "Little Gray". On one hand there is the dim-witted paradox that the extraterrestrial flying dev ices are denied and the strangers to Earth are made ridiculous or made out to be monsters by means of psychological propaganda, while, on the other hand, a fina ncial exploitation of the peoples results through the inciting of angst, terror, hate and revenge and indeed thereby in that a simulation results in regard to a supposed threat from extraterrestrials. A paradox without compare, to which the question must be put, how far are the Ea rth humans imbued with reason and understanding that they do not recognise this paradox. The entire pre-arranged game of the group and their small groups, as already sai d elsewhere, also includes faked encounters with alleged extraterrestrials, wher eby these are truly nothing other than normal Earth humans or those who have bee n transformed into "aliens". In order then to affirm the improvised "encounters with those foreign to Earth" psychologists and other experts are pulled in into whom the wildest stories are hammered for so long until they believe the entire swindle and nonsense and empl oy "verifiable" and "genuine" analyses which are recorded and published in books and documentation as well as in cinema and TV films. And since, as a rule, the supposed extraterrestrials are described as horrible v illains, just according to the plan of the group and their small groups, the pic ture of the extraterrestrial threat is powerfully incited. Thereby, not only is the slandering in regard to the real strangers to Earth alw

ays more exaggerated, as also more and more finances flow into the cash box of t hose who stupidly and dimwittedly earn as a result of the entire tissue of lies and slander and thereby come by the means to reach their criminal goals. A certain part of the group has also fallen to a Christian sectarianism and to t he supposed "End Times" in such a way that hope is directed at a malicious invas ion of extraterrestrials resulting on Earth, and thereby the prophesied Armagedd on will become reality in which Jesus Christ celebrates his official return and God the father will exercise his judgment. Their delusion is therefore bound with a biblical end of the world, which, as th ey believe, rests on the terrible badness of the Earth humans. And in order to accelerate this divine judgement as well as the return of Christ they do everything in order to make the way free for that. The monstrous power of the worldwide group and their small groups as well as the religious fanaticism, together with the cultic maintaining of the secret of the entire underhanded, degenerated and deceptive as well as criminal and felonious machinations, lead to malignant effects which could not be worse. These are the facts which I have to name in regard to your question. Billy From your words it comes forth that that is also still so today. Ptaah Yes, that is really so, and it will also still remain so in the future. Now however it is again time for me.


Contact Report 442, Saturday, February 10th, 2007 - Ptaah

Russian President, Putin's Speech at the Munich Security Conference(2007): Billy That also applies to my side. But tell me what you have to say about this: today I heard in the news that the Russian President, Putin, at the Munich Security Conference, has energetically s poken his mind regarding the politics of the USA. Putin said that the USA is striving for world rule, respectively, world power, a nd thereby also promotes the resuming of the arms race, interferes in the trade of foreign countries and practices warlike actions. Ptaah That is actually something extraordinary that I saw just two days ago through a look into the future. Therefore your and our explanatory efforts, in regard to the USA's real machinat ions and plans for world rule, bear the first fruit, which Russia's President Pu tin has now brought to ripeness, in that he named the actual and reprehensible f acts which rage in US politics. But that doesn't come from an estimation, because the facts named by you and by us in your bulletins cannot be overlooked, consequently they are also studied in Russia, whereby finally President Putin's public speech resulted. This will certainly not remain unanswered, because already mendacious denials ar e being spread from the USA that Putin's utterances did not correspond to the tr uth. However, the fact is that the USA - with the foreign policies it operates and wi th the criminal military war actions and secret service actions - makes the worl d situation ever more unsafe and forces other countries to arm themselves. With normal politics and military politics the USA therefore carries out assista nce towards worldwide insecurity and terrorism, as they however, through their c riminal and felonious foreign policies, also stir up angst in other countries ab out a military invasion of US armed forces, whereby these countries are forced t o develop atomic weapons programs in order to manufacture weapons which correspo nd to this. Billy Every rational human in the world knows that Putin is, however, correct in his s

peech. It is only to hope that he continues to take the same line and thereby the entir e world will be shaken up in order to stop the USA's criminal machinations and p lans to rule the world. If that does not happen, then the danger of a worldwide war remains constant, an d indeed so long until the USA pulls out of the entire world, back to its own co untry, and leaves the world in peace, as well as allowing the individual countri es to solve their own religious and political problems. When one thinks that, since as long as anyone can remember, never has collective ly so much harm, death, murder, torture, destruction and disaster happened on th e Earth as it has come about through the fault of the USA and will further come about, as it has resulted and results since the USA interferes in the interests of other countries and started and starts wars, as well as revolts and revolutio ns, as well as murder and other crimes through the US secret services and US mil itary, then, regarding USAmerica, the devil incarnate can be spoken of. Ptaah I also see it that way, because it corresponds to the truth. 43] Contact Report 443, Saturday, 17th February, 2007 - Ptaah Conspiracy Books & Conspiracy Theorists: [Zacharia Sitchin, David Icke, Jan van Holey alias Jan van Helsing, Andreas von Rètyi,..] Billy On the February 17th, 2005, Quetzal and I privately spoke about the conspiracy b ooks of various scribblers, as for example, Zacharia Sitchin, David Icke, Jan va n Holey, alias Jan van Helsing, as well as Andreas von Rètyi and consorts. We two also spoke privately about that and indeed over a chess game on March 3rd , 2005. Since we, however, did not record the private conversation, the result is not in cluded in the contact reports, for which reason I want yet again to speak about the entire matter so that we have something in print in regard to what there is to think of the contents of the books of the named hacks. In his books "The Greatest Secret - The Book which will Change the World" Icke i ndeed also writes about supposed connections and blood relationships of the gove rnments on the Earth. Also the talk is of a clan, respectively, reptoid, race, the supposed Anunnaki, who are supposed to "control" the Earth humans "through the mind". These "reptilian humans" are also supposed to control the world, politics and hu manity, and so forth. According to Icke, the reptilians are supposed to come from another dimension, a nd indeed from the "lower fourth dimension" from where they are supposedly contr olled. The nonsense in Icke's and all the other conspiracy theory books is so unbelieva ble that one's hair stands on end. Ptaah Nonsensical scribbles of this kind are entirely commercially directed so that th e rouble rolls, as you tend to say, also so that the hacks - if I may use your e xpression - can fill their pockets with money. In addition to that, they are imprisoned in sectarian-belief and esotericism and , in their thoughts and feelings as well as in their belief, they move in worlds of illusion and other kinds of unreal imaginations. The entirety of this matter of faith and fantasies has developed into a delusion in them which already moves in schizophrenic forms, whereby they no longer perc eive the truth and reality and consequently also can no longer recognise it. And in this delusional form they infiltrate the humans with their absurdities wh ich they imagine and also adopt them from other scribblers which you call "abkup fern". [copying?]

Thereby the readers of the entire nonsense are seduced to believingly accept the lies, slanders, the swindle and the fantasies of these irresponsible scribblers as truth while they assess the reality and the real truth as unrealistic, unrea l and as untruth. Belief is just very much simpler that investigating the effective truth through one's own seeking and one's own cognitive work. Furthermore the fantastic and illusory will sooner be accepted by the Earth huma ns than even the truth and reality which appears banal compared to the fantastic and illusory. Therefore it is so that standing on the firm ground of the facts, truth and real ity is proscribed while the untruthful, fantastic, and illusory and all the swin dling, lies, deceit and slander which is bound with it - which, since time immem orial, have always been booming business - effect the Earth humans like sweet ba lm which stills the delight and demand for that which is fantastic and illusory. So lying, swindle, falsehoods, deceit and slander are means through which the hu man allows himself to be very easily beguiled, because everything is only swallo wed and does not have to truthfully be contemplated, while the search for the ef fective truth and its processing is bound with very much effort and cognitive wo rk as well as with a sense for the recognition of reality. However the irresponsible scribblers - who invent the crazy and unreal as well a s unrealistic conspiracy theories, copy the entire nonsense from each other and throw everything to their believers as fodder, and therewith earn much money - k now exactly that. That is also the case with the books of the hacks named by you who, without cons cience, spread their horrendous nonsense of their dim-witted conspiracy theories and thereby lead their faithful readers into error, convey to them a completely wrong picture of the world and hound them into angst and terror. The books named by you by David Icke, as well as, however, also the books of Zac harias Sitchin, van Helsing and of Rètyi belong just as much in the realm of the n onsense and feeblemindedness of illusory and fantasy-rich conspiracy theories as also do other similar kinds of works which, if I may use your words, must be la belled as sheer idiocy and schizophrenic delusional imaginings. Truthfully, from the complete contents there are no things at all to name which could be designated facts of truth and reality because basically it deals with n othing other than freely invented fantasies and illusions which are irresponsibl y given a coating of truth in order to thereby take those Earth humans into thei r power who believe the dim-witted nonsense and allow themselves to be taken pri soner by it. From the entire exposition of all books of such a kind no letter may be consider ed as true because everything is only built on deception, lies, deceit, slander, fantasies and illusions which also applies to the supposed reptoid beings or re ptilian humans. Such kinds of beings are pure inventions of the scribblers because they thereby connect the evil and want to thereby transmit the impression of the evil and dia bolical, whereby the Earth humans are driven to angst and terror which naturally again has its effect on the numbers of sales of the books and brings in great p rofit. Reptoid, respectively, reptilian beings, as these are described in the nonsensic al books, exist even less in the entire universe than they do in other dimension s of this universe, so however, also not on the Earth - also not in forms of tra nsmuted humans. It also corresponds to a lie that such extraterrestrial beings, or other kinds, have lived on the Earth since time immemorial or since more recent times and are even active in the governments, because assertions which claim that it is true, indeed, correspond to the crazy fantasies, illusions, angsts or conscious lies and slandering of the book-scribblers. Yet in every regard believers do not, as a rule, let themselves be impressed by the truth, rather they faithfully remain in the prison which they themselves del usionally imagine because that is simpler than having to grapple with the real t

ruth. The truth is just simply and somehow banal, as you tend to say, for which reason it only addresses humans who consciously use their reason and understanding, wh ile the others, who depend on the fantastic and illusory as well as that which p ertains to belief, are not willing to free themselves from the nonsensical and t he unreal as well as from their not making use of reason and understanding. Billy Those are clear words, just as they already many times were said. Dangers of Micro-Fibers(Nano-Particles), Indoor fountain misting systems, Room w ater-vaporizers & Humidifiers: But now, once more, a question regarding micro-fibers. In regard to that, you once said that these are just as dangerous for humans as the nano-particle, because, through micro-fibers, substances damaging to the hea lth likewise reach the human's lungs. Which substances are they then? You have indeed already said something about that in a private conversation, yet it would be important that it is also recorded in writing. Therefore the official question. Ptaah In their dry state, nano-particles separate from the micro-fibers which are brea thed in by humans and which burden the respiratory organs, especially the respir atory tract and the lungs, whereby asthma can be caused, as however also cancer of the respiratory tract and lungs. Billy As that also is the case with the so-called indoor fountain misting systems and with the room water-vaporizers. Recently that was reported about on television and last Sunday we also spoke abo ut that in the kitchen. Ptaah Misting systems with indoor fountains, and so forth, as well as humidifiers in l iving spaces, are extremely damaging to the health. No such apparatuses or devices should be utilized for the accumulation of humidi ty in living spaces, rather only devices that evaporate water in normal ways. 44] Contact Report 444, Friday, February 23, 2007 - Enjana

EU Dictatorship: Enjana ... And what I should further report, which will come about at about the same ti me, relates to the EU [European Union]. The EU, which broadens itself ever more to a dictatorship, and along with the am ounts of billions which it receives from the member states for the maintenance o f the bureaucracy, and so forth, will now also charge its own taxes in all the m ember states and therewith act out further power through which all member states will be able to be further financially exploited. Next to that, the EU also wants its own 100,000-strong army in order to be able to lead military employments according to its own discretion. Furthermore, the EU council will once more occupy itself with an action plan in regard to climate change, however only in the sense that around 20 percent renew able energy is to be produced. That however, as Ptaah says, is nonsensical, because the measures which are disc ussed lead to no successful alteration regarding the improvement or even the hal ting of climate change. The whole matter of the climate disaster is, on one hand, already too far progre ssed in order to still be able to influence it for the better through small meas ures, and secondly, such resolutions are useless anyway because they would not r emedy the basic problem, namely overpopulation ...

OverPopulation-Climate Change-Renewable Energy-CO2 : Billy ... But regarding the EU's plan of action in regard to renewable energies and re garding the climate change, I still want to say the following: principally the c limate change can only thereby be usefully fought, and a degree of a previous fo rm of climate can only be attained, if, through a worldwide, rigorous stop to bi rths - ordered and controlled by the governments - humanity is drastically reduc ed to a reasonable amount. The natural predetermined mass of population in regard to the planet Earth amoun ts to 529,000,000. Today, however, over 7,500,000,000 humans already exist on the Earth, therefore an excess of around 7,000,000,000, because, according to your calculations, the terrestrial calculations of the population, which only speak of somewhat more th an 6,000,000,000, are not correct. However, this mass of humanity means that, in every regard, ever more means are required for humanity's daily requirement and for the obtaining of energy than n ature, and the planet, with its resources and the atmosphere, is able to cope wi th. In particular, CO2 is thereby to be named, as well as chlorofluorocarbons, which drive the atmosphere into a greenhouse effect and evokes monstrous climatic cha nges which again lead to the gravest storms, earthquakes and volcanic outbreaks, with enormous destruction, and which demands uncountable human lives. That is, even when the arrogant terrestrial geologists and climatologists, as we ll as other scientists, do not recognise these facts and therefore dispute them. Truly also renewable energies lead to climate change because, also through these , monstrously great amounts of CO2 are produced which have damaging effects on t he entire climate system which, however, is not recognised by the responsible on es or, against better knowledge, is simply vehemently denied. Therefore the CO2 is not reduced, rather it is more and more concentrated and co nsequently also destroys the climate more and more, respectively, it promotes th e climate change more and more. The responsible ones of the governments and the scientists are arrogant, ignoran t or simply conceal the real facts in regard to the matter that all their measur es for climate protection are completely useless and rather, on the contrary, fu rther promote climate change because, on one hand, the measures, which have been resolved and carried out, bring new emissions which destroy the climate, and, o n the other hand, the world population increases by further hundreds of millions of humans during the implementation of the resolutions and the establishment of new technologies. These, however, again require new energies and new means for daily use, and so f orth, which leads to this: that yet again, and always, more and more new energy sources have to be created which emit CO2 and promote climate change, respective ly, destroy the climate. Therefore, for a rational human being, the evil of climate change, as well as ma ny other plagues, afflictions, injustice, adversary, harm, malice, need and mise ry, and so forth, is clearly identifiable with the incessantly growing overpopul ation. With overpopulation terrestrial humanity has opened Pandora's Box and can no lon ger close it because the responsible ones of the world, the governments and auth orities, as well as the terrestrial population, are too stupid, selfish, egoisti cal and high-handed to recognise this truth and to grasp and carry out the neces sary countermeasures. Enjana What you say is that which corresponds to the truth. Yet it requires reason and understanding in order to comprehend the entire thing . Billy Which the responsible ones of the Earth, the governments, as well as the authori ties and scientists, and so forth, however clearly lack.

They have a good life for themselves because it only worries them that everythin g is the best for themselves while they do not care a jot what happens with the world, nature, the fauna and flora, as well as with the humanity when they pass on. Enjana Also that corresponds to that which is real ... 45] COntact Report 445, March 8, 2007 Chemtrails, Photon Belt & COnspiracy Theorists:

48] Contact Report 448, Friday, April 27, 2007 OverPopulation - Rise in Infertility, Plagues,Crimes.. - WorldWide Birth Stops : Billy: Now a question in regard to overpopulation: in the animal world it is true that when overpopulation comes about this is reduced again in a natural way, on one h and as a result of a mass dieing off, but on the other hand also because inferti lity occurs for a certain time, whereby no more descendants can be produced. Now, how does it go with humans - do the same factors emerge or is the problem o nly to be solved by humans just in regard to a strict regulation of births, as w e publicize? In my opinion it is to assume that the humans, in their high-handedness, can onl y be brought to reason through a corresponding law of strict birth regulation be cause, in their delusion, they simply want to have many descendants and think th at they have a right to do so. Indeed, many humans die as a result of plagues which indeed also do not otherwis e emerge, as well as, however, through wars and other acts of murder, but that d oes not effect overpopulation in such a way that it would be reduced. Should intervention occur, through the laws of nature, which leads to the decima tion of the overpopulation, as for example, even through mass deaths as a result of plagues, or through the man and woman becoming infertile, then the humans ar e so crazy in their delusion that, when many humans die, they produce just as ma ny descendents. And when men and women of the human species become infertile, then they fall int o the irresponsible delusion that they must produce descendants through artifici al begetting. I see the whole matter in this way. Ptaah Whereby you see the whole problem correctly. Actually, nature already defends itself against human overpopulation on the Eart h, and indeed, in that the human, that is to say, the female and male gender, be come ever more infertile, which as you correctly say, is also the case in the an imal world when overpopulation occurs. With the female sex in the so-called civilised world - as we have established appearances of infertility already show themselves in every fifth woman, whereby , however, also the male sex in this regard is effected, whose begetting capabil ity decreases in strong measure. Yet attempts are irrationally and irresponsibly made to reconcile this problem i n the way that you have explained, in that, namely, artificial insemination is t urned to. Thereby, however, the natural reduction of overpopulation is irresponsibly worke d against, whereby all imaginable problems of humanity incessantly increase. Also, through the plagues and the mass deaths which result from them, overpopula tion can no longer be brought back into normal limits, consequently still worse plagues emerge and have to spread out as pandemics if the Earth humans do not li sten to our advice and do not grasp legal measures in order to radically throttl

e and minimise the number of births. Billy The future of terrestrial humanity requires great, courageous and progressive id eas, thoughts and deeds. But also clarifications are necessary: clarification must be battled for constan tly and repeatedly and indeed in regard to overpopulation as well as in regard t o religions. Especially Catholic Christianity must be pilloried because no other religion dem ands and promotes overpopulation as vehemently as it does with the dim-witted sa ying, "Go forth and multiply." Ptaah Your words are good and of value, yet only a few Earth humans will want to hear them, namely, only those who recognise the truth and can understand it. Billy Unfortunately that is really so because the majority of humanity does not want t o know the truth. Leider ist das wirklich so, denn das Gros der Menschhei t will die Wahrheit nicht wissen. Therefore there are also many adversaries who, in their antagonism, insult and s lander and name as nut cases any who trouble themselves to scream out the actual truth into the world in order to produce a better future for the entire humanit y. These antagonists are theologians as well as scientists and so-called clergy as well as the rabble and all inexpert ones from the people. Anyway, it is so, but we'll leave it ...

1 of the 3 Unknown ET Race : Billy (Question regarding the UFOs that were observed in Wila, Zurich/CH and Pfäffikon, Zurich/CH) do you know anything about that? Ptaah No, I know nothing about that. In any case, those were none of our aircraft beca use ours are protected from every perspective, even from all advanced technical and fluidal, i.e. fine-material, vibrational-tracking capabilities, both in rela tion to those that are terrestrial as well as those that are foreign to the Eart h. Only if we deliberately make our aircraft visible, capable of being detected, or in any way recognizable, can they be sighted or detected, such as with demon strations, as we allowed these as proofs for you, in terms of photographic and f ilm work or for group members and your friends. Even by all technical and fine-m aterial-detecting apparatuses of those who are foreign to the Earth also for the foreigners who are unknown to us, with whom we ve searched for contact in vain we have never been and never are able to be detected, since a detection of our air craft automatically triggers an alarm, which is why we ve always had to make ourse lves recognizable in certain cases and will also have to continue to do so, shou ld it be necessary. We have never been detected in such a way in the earthly air space by any who are foreign to the Earth and who don t belong to us not to this day and this will also remain so. Also with regard to our foreign unknowns i.e. those who are foreign to the Earth and whose presence in the earthly air space has, already for a long time, led t o their observation by the Earth people again and again these haven t been able to locate us yet; therefore, they have no proofs of our presence, that is, apart f rom your evidence, which they have been made aware of in some circumstances. But real proofs of our existence, they certainly do not have, for they can t possibly locate us and our aircraft, not even if we make ourselves visible for a short t ime for you, for the group members, or for your friends, but which, in any case, we will no longer do for some time, as I already told you some time ago. As for

our foreign unknowns, whose origin, technology, and task are likewise unknown t o us, as you know, it is to be said that at present, they continue to appear aga in and again all over the world and can be observed more frequently. Also, we ca nnot fathom why our signals, if we aim for them, are dissolved or reflected back to us and, thus, do not reach their aircraft; consequently, we cannot establish contact with them, which we also haven t tried to do for quite some time. With ab solute certainty, it is also to be said that the foreigners do not maintain any contacts with the Earth people because our worldwide, all-encompassing detection devices, with which we can also detect the presence of our foreign unknowns, wo uld identify such contacts. Billy There s probably no sense in investigating what Prisca observed. But how can you b e so sure that the foreigners have never detected you? Ptaah The expense for the investigations would be too great because it usually turns o ut that such phenomena concern earthly missiles, as we ve had to determine over an d over again. But in several cases, these were the foreigners who are unknown to us, with whom we cannot come into contact and also no longer try to do, as I ju st mentioned. And that we can be sure that our aircraft haven t been detected by t he foreigners so far is due to the fact that our highly advanced detection-techn ology indicates to us every detection process in every direction, immediately an d without delay, no matter what technology is used for detection. . . . Billy Then another question about the foreigners, who have already circled around here on Earth for a very long time, as you say, and with whom you cannot enter into contact: is it possible that these unknowns may come from the future, perhaps fr om other planets or even from the Earth itself or else from another dimension? Ptaah We have also thought about that and have come to the conclusion that this may ve ry well be possible, both the one and the other possibility. The Earth people wi ll undoubtedly create the possibility of dimension traveling in the distant futu re, which we have not investigated, however. Pleajren-Sonaer Collaborated Technology : Billy (Question regarding the UFOs that were observed in Wila, Zurich/CH and Pfäffikon, Zurich/CH) do you know anything about that? Ptaah No, I know nothing about that. In any case, those were none of our aircraft beca use ours are protected from every perspective, even from all advanced technical and fluidal, i.e. fine-material, vibrational-tracking capabilities, both in rela tion to those that are terrestrial as well as those that are foreign to the Eart h. Only if we deliberately make our aircraft visible, capable of being detected, or in any way recognizable, can they be sighted or detected, such as with demon strations, as we allowed these as proofs for you, in terms of photographic and f ilm work or for group members and your friends. Even by all technical and fine-m aterial-detecting apparatuses of those who are foreign to the Earth also for the foreigners who are unknown to us, with whom we ve searched for contact in vain we have never been and never are able to be detected, since a detection of our air craft automatically triggers an alarm, which is why we ve always had to make ourse lves recognizable in certain cases and will also have to continue to do so, shou

ld it be necessary. We have never been detected in such a way in the earthly air space by any who are foreign to the Earth and who don t belong to us not to this day and this will also remain so. Billy There s probably no sense in investigating what Prisca observed. But how can you b e so sure that the foreigners have never detected you? Ptaah The expense for the investigations would be too great because it usually turns o ut that such phenomena concern earthly missiles, as we ve had to determine over an d over again. But in several cases, these were the foreigners who are unknown to us, with whom we cannot come into contact and also no longer try to do, as I ju st mentioned. And that we can be sure that our aircraft haven t been detected by t he foreigners so far is due to the fact that our highly advanced detection-techn ology indicates to us every detection process in every direction, immediately an d without delay, no matter what technology is used for detection. Billy You spoke of that once and said that this technology, which is unusually high an d very futuristic for us Earthlings, isn t a development on your part, and neither are your protective shields, which immediately convert all energy hitting them into their own energy, and through this, the protective shields strengthen inste ad of weaken. If I remember correctly, these forms of technology come from Asket s friendly people, the Sonaer in the DAL Universe, who are more than 4,000 years ahead of you in relation to your technological development. Ptaah The technology mentioned does, in fact, trace back to the Sonaer, who have alrea dy assisted us for many years in every technological development; consequently, we have a variety of technologies today that we did not yet have at the beginnin g of our contacts approximately 30 years ago. So now, very many new technologies are available to us, which would have taken up very long development times for us if they had not been provided to us by the Sonaer in good friendship. Billy This probably includes the dimension gate, which you re probably still working on, right? Here, on television, there is a series running that is called Star Gate, w hich is roughly comparable with your dimension gate. Only, its appearance and fu nction are a little different than what you showed me three times. In this scien ce fiction on television, a large ring is used, which is equipped with control s ymbols, and in front of this, there is a kind of control panel. This in contrast to your mechanism, which needs nothing of the sort, but which is set into opera tion just by a small device on your overalls, out of which nothing appears like a gate flickering at the edges, i.e. a passageway, through which one recognizes the other dimension or the area, etc. that exists beyond the gate. The whole thi ng works as though one would look through a window or through a door that would have simply been placed in the open countryside. Ptaah Yes, this gate is also among the achievements of the Sonaer, with whom we have d eveloped it. And in addition, it is to be said that the whole thing became so fu nctional a few weeks ago that it can also be used perfectly and safely for the p assage of people. We can move back and forth through it, both in the present tim e as well as in different space-time configurations, i.e. dimensions. Billy And can you also go to the DAL Universe with it? Ptaah That isn t possible for us, but our engineers and scientists are working together with the Sonaer, in order to make this a reality.

Plejaren's Maximum Future Time-Look is 100 years: Billy Then another question about the foreigners, who have already circled around here on Earth for a very long time, as you say, and with whom you cannot enter into contact: is it possible that these unknowns may come from the future, perhaps fr om other planets or even from the Earth itself or else from another dimension? Ptaah We have also thought about that and have come to the conclusion that this may ve ry well be possible, both the one and the other possibility. The Earth people wi ll undoubtedly create the possibility of dimension traveling in the distant futu re, which we have not investigated, however. Billy And why have you held back in this connection? Ptaah We only operate our past and future travels and previews under certain condition s, but not just to know the distant or most distant future, which is why, if nec essary, we limit ourselves to a maximum time of 100 years for future investigati on, while no boundaries are set for travels to the past. We don t want to know the distant and most distant future for logical reasons, for we know that only the path of normal development leads to the real and right goal. The reason for the limitation of future investigation is so that the present isn t influenced as a re sult of knowing the future, which would disturb the normal course of development . Such a disturbance wouldn t be good because the appearing causes of the ongoing development would naturally be changed and be distorted, which would cause a dis aster as an effect. It isn t like what many Earth people suppose, that something c ould be changed for the better if the facts of the future would be known, for lo gic proves that the person acts totally incorrectly if he knows the effective fu ture, for he thinks that he could cause something better than what is determined by the logical consistency of cause and effect. This is proven by the absurd id eas of Earth people, who think that if they traveled to the past, they could cha nge what has already happened in the future. Billy I understand, like those who believe that they, for example, could travel back i n time, could kill Adolf Hitler and, thus, could prevent World War II and all it s horrors. This means that the person always wants to be cleverer and more knowl edged than what the effective truth and reality are. This is also true with resp ect to alleged contacts of earthlings with you or other extraterrestrials. Still , time and time again, fairy tales lurk around that other earthlings, besides me , would stand in contact with you Plejarens. Actually, people of both genders st ep on the carpet again and again, lying about the fact that they would stand wit h you, with Semjase, with Quetzal, or with other Plejarens or members of your Fe deration in telepathic, channeled, or personal, physical contact. Very stupid el ements lie about the fact that even other Plejarens, other than you and your who le crew, etc., would have contacts with people of the Earth; nevertheless, this cannot be controlled by you. According to that which is real, however, such clai ms are nothing more than polished nonsense and shameful lies. 50] Contact Report 450, Wednesday, May 30, 2006 Climate Change - Multi Corporations buying Scientists - 75 % human origin natura l Catastrophes

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