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2 Shengani Road, Emmarentia, 2195 PO Box 85460, Emmarentia, 2029 Tel: 011-646 1294 Fax: 011-646 5228 Cassim Hansa Cell: 082 543 2757 Yasin Hoosen Cell: 083 967 8694

Our Company is called Solar Energy Sales & we specialise in Solar Geyser’s, Solar Panels, Lighting, Batteries and Invertors. [FACT: Depending on domestic consumption, a solar geyser can indeed save 3550% of your electricity bill; As well as saving the environment by reducing the carbon load (fossil fuel power stations to generate required electricity) by an impressive 4,5 tonnes per geyser per year. In terms of our Geysers - We are approved distributors for 4 different brands. They are as follows:


vat (Most cost effective SABS mark approved Solar Water Heater)  Installation costs between R2700 – R3800 incl VAT (costs are dependent on material needs. pipe lengths and any specialised fittings)  No Eskom rebate is applicable. As can be seen.  Excellent product and quality for best price  To date – the item of choice by most of our customers. Advantage though is no rebate administration and time-lag (cash-flow) for receipt of rebate payment. 2 . eg. the frame is much taller in order to achieve the required angle. General Comments:  This is a 200 litre High Pressure System (Close Coupled – Thermosyphon)  SABS mark and SESSA approved  5 Year Warrantee on Panel and Tank  Highly Efficient  Retailing R8 000 incl.Note: Pictured above is an example of a ‘Flat Roof’ Geyser Type.

R 3 500.Full System 200 litre Price Indication: Retails at Installation approx.00 vat incl. Eskom Rebate Total: +/R 8 000. the frame won’t be as tall since the roof is already angled.00 R11 500.00 Note: Side View of a ‘Flat Roof’ Geyser Type. For a pitched roof.00 + R 0. 3 .

Closed Coupled 200 litre System Flat Roof Type This system is very similar to the Green Solar geyser per above. etc. So. the average consumption per person is 50litres a day. This range extends from 50litres to 350litres in size.Note: Front View Apollo Tech. These would best suit applications where there is no pressurised municipal water supply.00 incl. Vat Also 5 Year Warrantee on Panel & Tank 4 . What size to choose for general domestic use? As a general rule. A 200litre High Pressure System costs R8000. our Apollo range provides for a greater variety of sizes and solutions. a family of three should secure a 200 litre geyser to also allow for an additional 50 litres for dishwashing. The pricing of Apollo Technology is about R500 more expensive than our Green Solar offering. with the 50litre – 100litre being low pressure systems. However.

It is perhaps more aesthetically pleasing as a result.00 vat incl.00 R11 500. Full System 200 litre: Retails at Installation approx.00 R 3 500. Eskom Rebate Total: +/- R 8 000. Note: Front View Apollo Tech. Closed Coupled 200 litre System Flat Roof Type 5 .SABS and SESSA Approved Our Apollo offering has an option [refer photo] that allows for no bulky tank to be visible externally.00 + R 0.

58 (initial outlay = R16 108.00 + R 5 222. Our partnership with ITS further enables us to meet the varying needs of all South African consumers. a) Full System 200 litre . The unit also utilises a circulation pump and controller unit.) 6 .ITS – Solar is a local manufacturer based in Cape Town and have been in involved in Solar Water Heaters for the last five years.58 R 4 000.58 vat incl.58. The main difference with this system is that it is a ‘Heat Exchanger’ ie. No water/fluid flows through the glass tubes. Eskom Rebate Total: +/R12 108.18 Tube : Retails at Installation approx. as the tank/geyser is installed inside the roof out of sight.00 R 10 886.

00 + R 0.00 R 12 164.18 Tube (using existing geyser) : Retails at Installation approx.00 no rebate on this system vat incl. 7 . Please see attached document showing steps to claiming an Eskom rebate. Eskom Rebate Total: +/R 8 664.00 R 3 500. b) Conversion Kit 200 litre . though we’ve found most consumers’ don’t have this much capital to outlay even though a rebate is in order.This is an excellent deal.

8 . the Kwikot Split Solar Indirect System Geyser is a suitable option. as well as areas with a poorer water quality (excessive lime & mineral deposits). This is preferred option for colder areas (where temperatures reach 4 degrees & below).We are also registered merchants for all Kwikot products [We therefore also supply standard Kwikot Electrical Geysers – which by the way most customers prefer (and continue) to install but have our solar system geysers complementing and serving as the comprehensive electricity saving solution]. For the ‘highveld’ (prone to freezing temperatures – thus potentially bursting pipework). This system too is usually converted/retro-fitted to work in combination to an existing geyser.

56 R 5 000. The advantage of the Kwikot system is that it is aesthetically pleasing (only the ‘solar evacuated tubes’ on the roof are visible) Also. This system has to be ‘bled’ to secure the optimal expected efficiencies.R5.a) Full System 200 litre: Retails at Installation approx. The rebate is pending given this solution is presently being tested. Although this system appears far more expensive.00 R19 559. Eskom Rebate Total: +/R18 415. Kwikot is locally produced and is a well-known South African brand. And please feel free to contact us with any additional queries you may have.000 for the Kwikot Solar Installations since these require a more sophisticated installation procedure. An important word about our partnering Installers: Our SESSA (Sustainable Energy Society of South Africa) accreditation is approved and is Especially when comparing similar-priced options from other brands retailing between R20 000 – R40 000.00 + R 3 856. Our installers’ are generally charging +/. Note: The Eskom Rebate does not yet apply to this conversion 011 646 1294 – Office 9 . it is indeed to be regarded as excellent value for money. Regards Solar Energy Sales www.56 vat incl. Thank you for your info@solarenergysales.) b) Conversion Kit 200litre: (using existing Kwikot Geyser not older than five years) Retails at R12 146.solarenergysales.70 vat incl. (initial outlay = R23 415.56 vat incl.

All our installations are carried out by 3G Plumbing CC. they have extensive experience with Solar Water Heating installations across Johannesburg. Mike Goodrich 082 479 6463 10 . Headed by Mike Goodrich. 3G Plumbing is fully insured and strives to always service our clients with a sense of pride & quality.

11 .

Deloitte. copy of ID and copy of utility bill and/or electricity bill as proof of residence) 3. Payment of the rebate is made within 8 weeks from date of receipt. in the self addressed envelope provided or drop the envelope off in a designated drop box within 6 months of installation. You will receive SMS notification when the auditors receive your application.3 Steps to claiming your rebate from Eskom 1. Complete your details and attach the required documents (original invoice. Post the claim to facilitating auditors. with their details already filled in 2. 12 . Your supplier/installer will give you the claim form. when your application is processed and queued for electronic payment or if your application is incomplete.