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The Horizon is not a mirage for us !

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Qualitative Excellence

What is Fabtech? Fabtech is one of the leading Pre-engineered, Pre-

fabricated modular panels and cleanroom
equipment manufacturer in India. Craftsmen of
fabrication with an innovative culture is the
hallmark of Fabtech.

At Fabtech the key thrust areas are R&D, Latest

Technology, Quality Control and Qualitative Human
Resources. Fabtech has a crack team of Engineers, Roll Forming
Pharmaceutical Experts and Technicians who Machine
bring their core competence to the table to
accomplish a task, from start to finish, leaving
nothing to chance. Fabtech has a pool of technical
experts who have worked with many leading
national and multinational corporations thus
creating a rich and varied team of Pharmaceutical
PUF Injector

Our production facilities offer accurate and

automatic fabrication equipment along with a well
co-ordinated work force of highly skilled
technicians to manufacture Pre-engineered & Pre-

PUF Press

pioneering Modular revolution in India

A cleanroom requires a higher standard of construction than many other buildings. Construction materials used to
build cleanrooms differ from those used in non-cleanroom construction due to the following reasons :

A cleanroom should be built as an airtight Some process chemicals, cleaning agents,

structure. disinfectants and water may attack or penetrate
conventional finishes.
The internal surface finish should be smooth
and suitable for cleaning. In some cleanrooms, electro-dissipative
construction materials will be required.
The internal surface finish should be sufficiently
tough to resist any scratch, indentationss, In some cleanrooms, construction materials that
chipping or powdering when impacted or abraded. give a minimum of 'egress' will be required.

Cleanrooms are maintained at positive pressure with respect to adjacent areas. If the quality of construction is poor
and the joints are not well sealed, then the structure may leak too much. It may then be necessary to pressurize the
room by excessive amount of 'make up' outside air. It is not good economic sense practice to waste air that has to be
expensively filtered and air-conditioned. Attempting to seal up the structure during the 'snagging' part of the
construction will not be as successful as making it airtight during construction. Containment rooms that are
maintained at a negative pressure must be airtight, as dirty unfiltered air will be drawn into the room through cracks,
crevices, joints and at service penetration points.

We can also provide intermediate clean corridor to eliminate all possibility of unfiltered air engress (in-filtration).

The materials that are used for the construction of cleanrooms should be smooth on the surface facing the inside of
the cleanroom. There should not be any pores, roughness, waviness etc. that will retain contaminants. The surface
should be free from ledges and easily wiped free of any contaminants that are deposited. The butts and joints, as seen
from the inside of the cleanroom, should not show openings that may harbour and then disperse dirt.

The surface finish in cleanrooms must not break up easily and disperse chips or flake / shed particles from
construction material.
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Wall Panels

Specifications PROVERZ Specifications ECOVERZ

1. Modular Double Walled Panels : 1. Modular Double Walled Panels :

Structural frame work aluminum extruded sections Structural frame work aluminum foil covering
Insulation PUF (45 kg/m3) Insulation PUF (38 - 40 kg/m3)
Connecting profile extruded 'h' type aluminum profile Connecting profile tongue & groove
Base profile extruded aluminum sections with Base profile c' channel protruding
in built coving aluminum coving
Sealant silicon Sealant silicon
Dimensions Dimensions
Width 900 mm Width 1000 mm
Height (max) 4000 mm Height (max) 4000 mm
Panel thickness 50 mm / 75 mm / 100 mm / 150 mm Panel thickness 50 mm
Coating thickness for PCGI 80 micron Coating thickness for PCGI
Finish Finish
SS matt finish SS matt finish
PCGI as per sample PCGI as per sample

2. Walkable False Ceiling 2. Walkable False Ceiling

Structural frame work aluminum extruded sections Structural frame work aluminum foil covering
Insulation PUF (45 kg/m3) Insulation PUF (38 - 40 kg/m3)
Connecting profile extruded 'H' type aluminum profile Connecting profile tongue & groove
Sealant siliconDimensions Sealant silicon
Width 900 mm Width 1000 mm
Height (max) 4000 mm Height (max) 4000 mm
Panel thickness 50 mm Panel thickness 75 mm
Coating thickness for PCGI 80 micron Coating thickness for PCGI 80 micron
Finish Finish
SS matt finish SS matt finish
PCGI as per sample PCGI as per sample

Load carrying capacity 350 kg/m3 distributed load Load carrying capacity 350 kg/m3 distributed load

Support wall panels & suspension rods Support wall panels & suspension rods

Ceramic plinth PVC floor finish Resin floor finish PVC plinth finish

Fire Rating : STD Panel – Non Thin & light weight construction
Optional – M0 or M1
Ease and speed of fabrication and erection
Impact Resistance : The panel should stand a lateral shock of 240 joules without deformation &
destabilization of the partition. Gives better elegant aesthetics
Air Tightness : System should comply with the following pressure drop valves. Factory quality control during pre-fabrication
Wide variety of form and surface material
Room Pressure in mm of WG Leakage (m /h.m)
Versatile use of various materials as per process
1.25 0.35 requirements
2.5 0.65 Doors compatible with panel materials
3.75 0.9
Excellent insulating property
5.0 1.20
Lower cost and flexibility which allows for future
Mechanical : Indentation – 6mm as per ISO 1520 In modular type of clean rooms shifting of location Less joints as compared to any other system of
Strong enough to support a hanging load of 200 kg / lm at much lower cost is possible compared to panel design.
structural type
Acoustical : In accordance with ISO standards & to achieve a minimum sound reduction of Design engineering and installation support from
RW 46 dB for Solid panels Smooth and easy to clean Monard, a French professional earlier involved with
RW 46 dB for Glazed panels the development of modular panels with a top
Coving becomes / appears to be integral part of
RW 46 dB for Solid panels European Company.
Fabtec systems are perfectly airtight, hence no

Surface Resistivity : It should not be more than 1012 ohm sq. This property is important to avoid static problem in pressure balancing & cross
build – up during wall cleaning & wipe down procedures. Which may otherwise No hassles of cracks filling and re-painting i.e.
maintenance free without any recurring conamination
attract back the dust particles.
expenditure All validation documents are provided as per
Thermal Properties : U = 0.12 btu/hr sqft No protruding surfaces on which dust or other NEBB guidelines / standards
contaminants can settle Fabtec modular panels can be individually ‘DOP'

Chemical Resistance : Compatible to the test smoke tested for panel integrity / leakages.
Class 1000 & better (ISO 6 & better) can be easily
achieved which may not be possible in structural
Salt spray
type of clean rooms without false ceiling
Immersion in distilled water
Exposure to detergent The most simple panel design in the world hence
near zero-dependency on suppliers for Fabtec in

the near future, if panels are to be r e l o c a t e d o r

Panels Specification dismantled.

1. Permissible Compressive Stress at <2% Compression. : 12 25 Kpa Density 37Kg/M3 polyurethane PUF insulation and
non CFC, hence, environment - friendly
2. Compressive Stress at 10% Compression. : 65 110 Kpa
3. Flexural Strength : 160 210 Kpa
4. Tensile Strength : 150 230 Kpa
5. Shear Strength : 90 120 Kpa
6. Continuous Service Temp. (W/O significant Mech. Load) : - 180oC to + 85oC
7. Thermal Conductivity @ 10oC : 0.032 watts / M /oK
8. Approx. Water Vapour Permeability : 40g / Day / m2
9. Typical Water Absorption after immersion in water
For 7 days : 3% by vol

Having worked with major international consultants

1. The civil construction viz. the columns, beams, plinth, slab and the external walls should be
on our overseas projects, we are well versed with
completed plastering, painting.
almost all the requirements of US FDA, MCA UK,
2. Enough time should be provided by the civil contractor for curing of the concrete. Improperly
TGA, WHO and other international regulatory
cured concrete is likely to pose problems during installation as well as during the long run.
bodies. Our in-house design facility for sterile / bio
3. The floor should now be leveled, ready for finish floor installation. Leveling of floor is utmost
assay air-conditioning system helps us focus on
important since difference in floor levels will effect panel installation. Of course packing will be
put in the runner wherever floor is not leveled. minute and critical aspects, thereby reducing
hassles of multi-agency co-ordination.
4. If there is any equipment of case size larger than the openings left on the peripheral wall then these
should be brought and placed in location.
We are single source solution for modular panels,
5. Corridor window to be installed with final finish wherever clean room partition to be installed.
clean rooms equipment, terminal housing boxes
6. Repairs if any in the wall and floor should be carried out.
and HEPA / ULPA filters. This makes us
7. The walls where in the single skin panels will be installed should be plastered smooth and given accountable to you as a single nodal agency.
sufficient time for curing of cement.

8. The base runner lines will be marked. In-house team of Pharmacists, Engineers and
Technicians exposed to well-known national and
9. Machines whose packing size is larger than the door of the room containing will be placed in
location. This is to avoid any untoward incident of removing the installed panel in-order to force multinational Pharmaceutical companies like
the machine in. Ranbaxy, Novartis, Glaxo & Smith Kline Beecham
10. The base runner will be installed. thus giving us formidable multilateral skills of
Pharma Engineering.
11. Double skin modular panels will be installed and Sealed with sealant.

12. View panel installation. Our offices in the UAE, Tunisia, Iraq, Syria gives us
13. The doors will installed. the necessary international exposure and
knowledge about the latest technical developments
14. The final flooring will then be carried out.
abroad in this field. Having executed sterile & clean
(It should be noted that the client should inform about the type and details of flooring to be installed well in advance in order to plan for
air-conditioning systems in the international
market, our system design encompasses the entire
project purview including the modular system