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Collaborative Care
Supporting patients, families and caregivers

collaborative care
HON Healthcare is all about comfort. Our solutions create a supportive, collaborative environment in which patients and their families feel at ease dealing with sensitive issues. An atmosphere where caregiver distractions are reduced, and the focus on patient care is increased. These intuitive solutions improve the health and comfort of both patients and caregivers, while also supporting workflow and managing costs. Our products are designed around a user-centric response to the needs of caregivers and patients for greater comfort, efficiency and flexibility. Whether cultivating a healing culture or increasing the efficiency of a facility, our products transform the patient care experience. The HON Healthcare offering brings a high level of functionality and comfort to every space in a facility.

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The place to make a lasting first impression.

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The hub of activity for any clinic.

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exam room
Critical collaboration and comprehensive care happen here.

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caregiver’S Station
A small area where needs shift from patient care to administrative tasks at a moment's notice.

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private office
The physician’s space for private consultation or personal business.

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A dedicated space to gather the team for meetings.

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A multi-purpose area for active learning.

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A place for employees to take a break and unwind.

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fabricS & finiSheS
The selection you want and the options you need.

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at a glance
HON Healthcare products, service and support.



a lasting first impression
Reception and waiting areas are at the forefront of patient care and support multiple functions throughout the day. This constant demand and activity is best serviced by an agile, responsive and ergonomic solution. HON Healthcare delivers a dedicated selection of products to create a soothing environment. Comfort. Selection. Aesthetics. One resource bringing it all together to make a great first impression.

Invitation® lounge seating brings a higher level of comfort to the waiting room.

Occasional tables are ideal for high traffic areas.


Put visitors at ease with Riley and Invitation seating, which are nicely complemented by the style and aesthetic of occasional tables.
Riley™ seating combines form with function, creating design flexibility and solutions that support bariatric patients up to 500 pounds.



be ready for anything
The administrative area is the central nervous system of your healthcare facility. It supports the people who lead and manage the day-to-day activities. Whether scheduling an appointment or working closely with doctors, collaboration and organization are key. It's important that administrative areas be designed around the need for comfort, access to technology, readily accessible storage and ongoing collaboration. HON Healthcare products work together to create spaces that support the way people work together.

Steel storage cabinets keep everything neatly organized and hidden away.

Coordinated Voi® workstations support technology and organization, while making a stylish statement.

Ignition™ seating allows users to sit comfortably for longer periods of time.

Voi desking works seamlessly with Abound® frame and tile workstations to provide layout flexibility for this active area. Versatile and high-capacity storage solutions are designed to withstand the demand of daily use. Ignition seating combines ergonomic support with mobility to keep everything within reach.
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Bring functionality and comfort into the primary medical area of the space with exam stools and the aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-clean Ceres multi-purpose seating.

exam room
fUnCtional Care
Today's exam room serves multiple functions throughout the day, from physical examinations to a secondary waiting area. And if you can make patients feel at ease while waiting to be seen, anxiety is decreased as comfort is elevated. Maintaining a clean space is critical for any exam room. HON's high-performance textiles include easy-to-maintain vinyls, along with fabrics featuring GreenShield® and Crypton® so they are resistant to abrasion, bacteria, stains, and moisture. Our products work together to make any exam room more efficient, with guest seating for patients and families and mobile physician stools to keep medical supplies within reach.

HON exam stools offer mobility and flexibility to caregivers.

Ceres® multi-purpose seating gives patients and family members a place to relax, and are designed to be gentle on walls.



Initiate® panels can be configured in any number of ways and work together with Ignition stools to accommodate everything from quick collaborations to longer periods of use.

caregiver’S Station
inCrease effiCienCy
In this small area designated for vital measurements, caregivers shift from patient care to administrative tasks at a moment's notice. They need a space to measure and record results, organize notes, make phone calls and review records. The well-planned design of a caregiver's work area optimizes work flow and staff circulation. The HON Healthcare offering of ergonomic seating solutions, organizational tools and technology support options helps nurses work effectively so they can focus on what they do best — caring for patients.

Open base panels allow continuous airflow and support ongoing cleaning and maintenaince.

File organizers help create a clean, well-organized space.

Ignition stools offer the freedom to move around easily.



private office
Confidential ConsUltations
When physician's close their door for private consultation or personal business they need a comfortable space that supports interaction, technology and organization. Our workstations are designed to optimize space, providing the storage and worksurface area you need to keep organized, as well as the flexibility you need to create a collaborative space when patients are present.

Nucleus® work chairs deliver a sophisticated aesthetic to the private office.

Nucleus multi-purpose seating helps make patients and guests comfortable.


Frosted glass doors create a clean, contemporary aesthetic and maintain privacy.

Under-cabinet LED lighting provides additional light to the workspace.

10500 Series delivers an elevated sense of style and all the privacy needed in this personal space. Nucleus seating uses an advanced suspension material that delivers surprising comfort while keeping a thin profile.



gather yoUr team
The conference room is a dedicated space to come together for quick meetings, whether that means a staff presentation or a quiet place to review patient records. Technology is supported with tables that are independently wired and powered. Seating options range from task, to multi-purpose, to formal conference chairs. So no matter how you choose to use the space, we have the products designed to adapt to your needs.

Ceres work chairs provide an advanced ergonomic design that provides total back support.

Preside® presentation cabinets support any dynamic presentation.


Flip top ports bring technology and organization to this critical meeting space.

Preside conference tables accommodate any size or type of gathering, and Ceres chairs intuitively adjust to the user's body type, making them the perfect team for any group meeting space.



Keep the whole team active, comfortable and alert during training sessions with Ceres multi-purpose seating. Huddle multi-purpose tables nest and offer the design flexibility of selecting from 16 laminate finishes, 10 base colors and 3 edge detail options.

aCtive learning
A dedicated multi-purpose space for extended training and group study is essential in the healthcare field. Whether studying new procedures or discovering pharmaceutical breakthroughs, this area is always in use. Our products are designed to move and conform to each user's body, so no matter how you sit - or how long you stay - you remain comfortable. Combining chairs that stack with tables that nest creates a dynamic environment that can be set up and taken down in minutes.

Ceres multi-purpose chairs stack 4-high to maximize valuable space.

Huddle™ tables nest together neatly to support this active environment.

SmartLink® wall rail systems provide extra writing and display area without taking up extra wall space.



a plaCe to Unwind
The ongoing demands inherent in healthcare highlight the need to have a place for caregivers to rest and relax. Maintaining a clean environment is a top priority, and our tables and chairs are easy to move and clean. The depth and breadth of our offering allow you to mix and match from a wide variety of stools, chairs and tables to create a café environment perfectly suited to match the style and size of your clinic.

Nucleus stools pair with high tables in cafés to enhance both the look and sit-to-stand functionality of the space.

Nucleus multi-purpose chairs stack 4-high and are available with or without casters.

Preside standing or seated-height tables work seamlessly with Nucleus multi-purpose chairs or café height stools to create an intimate, informal atmosphere.



the finishing toUCh
The right details make all the difference, and our vast selection of laminate finishes provides the level of customization you expect. From warm woods to cool metals, it's easy to make a statement and complete your space with color schemes that integrate across product lines and material selection. Our finishes not only bring a clean, contemporary look into any clinic, but are also designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. So whether your project requires moisture-barrier fabrics or chemical-resistant laminates, we offer materials and finishes designed specifically for healthcare environments.

a Clean looK
Our vibrant selection of performance textile colors and patterns is exceeded only by its ability to naturally and continually resist the growth of microbes. We carefully select the most durable textiles, bringing the highest level of performance to your medical environment. Choose fabrics with Crypton® moisture barrier to resist bacteria and germs, CAL 133 rated fire protection barrier fabrics, or solution-dyed nylon that helps the fabric withstand 24/7 wear and tear.



at a glanCe
welComing private offiCe a lifetime of performanCe
When you install HON Healthcare solutions in your office, you are making an investment that will pay off for years. Every product in our line is backed by the HON Full Lifetime Warranty, guaranteeing a solid performance. Every element of our line has been engineered to withstand heavy use and is durable enough to support the demands of today’s healthcare environment.










10700 series

10500 series



perpetual® modular


park avenue collection® lounge




park avenue collection®



we’ll taKe Care of the details
When you order from HON, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our process ensures that your order will be on time, on budget, and be installed quickly and efficiently. Products are designed to be easily and quickly selected, installed and reconfigured. Everything we do is user-centric, so if you have any questions about your environment, our products, an order or anything else, we're here to help.

occasional coffee

occasional corner

occasional cylinder



















boda™ volt® ignition™ nucleus® ceres® unanimous® pillow-soft®

exam room





adjustable stool

adjustable stool w/back

pagoda® wood back

pagoda® stacking






Caregiver's station





7700 series



7800 series









maintain yoUr appearanCe
Keeping an organized space is a necessity for any healthcare clinic, especially with regards to patient information and personal items. HON Healthcare storage options offer a contemporary aesthetic, and are also easy to clean and maintain. With space at a premium, the right storage selection can help maximize square footage. Our multifunctional storage solutions keep everything neatly hidden away but well within reach, providing organized accessibility for every member of your team.

prodUCts, materials, and finishes shown: front, pages 8-9 C: Ceres multi-purpose chairs with ilira-stretch M4 mesh backs in Vanilla, seats in Smart Textiles Fathom Moccasin, black frame. Exam stool in EA Black vinyl, polished frame. pages 4-5 a: Riley chairs, ganging tables and bariatric single seat in Smart Textiles Certain Ray with Harvest frame. Invitation arm chairs in Smart Textiles Tournesol Burst. Occasional Cube Table in Harvest laminate. pages 6-7 b: Voi desking with laminate worksurfaces in Brilliant White, pedestals and wall-mounted overhead storage in Harbor Teak, tackboards in Refuge Hemp, O-legs and handles in Platinum Metallic. Storage cube in Sisal. Abound panel frames with fabric tiles in Refuge Hemp with trim and paper management in Platinum Metallic. Ignition work chairs in Signal Neutra. Brigade lateral file in Platinum Metallic. pages 10-11 d: Initiate panels in Appoint Hummus (interior) and Shaker Cherry laminate (exterior) with trim and hanging files in Champagne Metallic. Ignition task stool in Smart Textiles Tournesol Burst with mesh back. pages 12-13 e: 10500 series U-station in Columbian Walnut laminate. Tackboard in Twilight Mushroom. Nucleus work chair in Brisa Putty with Black base. Nucleus multi-purpose chairs in Ditto Shadow with Mesh back in Black and Black frame. pages 14-15 f: Preside table with rectangle top and flat edge in Columbian Walnut laminate and Platinum Metallic hollow base. Preside hospitality credenza with flat edge in Columbian Walnut laminate with Silver Mesh top, Arch handles in Matte Chrome. Preside presentation cabinet in Columbian Walnut. Ceres work chairs with ilira-stretch M4 mesh backs in Black, seats in Brisa White, and Polished Aluminum arm stems and bases. pages 16-17 g: Huddle multi-purpose tabletops in Grey Tigris laminate with knife edge in Greige, nesting bases and modesty panels in Platinum Metallic. SmartLink wall rail system with Platinum Metallic trim. Ceres multi-purpose chairs with ilira-stretch M4 mesh backs in Vanilla, seats in Stitchery Deep Bronze, Black frame. pages 18-19 h: Preside tables with square top and flat edge in Cloud Zephyr, Light Gray edgeband, Aluminum X-legs (sitting and standing height) in Platinum Metallic. Nucleus multi-purpose chairs and café height stools with illira-stretch M4 mesh backs in Fog, seats in Silvertex Lagoon. back i: Flagship lateral files and lateral files with storage in Brilliant White and Platinum Metallic.

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