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and of Claud Cleland. Signatures of James Cleland of that heir. of Ilk.Coat of Hume of tbe GlelanDs of that 5lh. . appended to a deed dated 1626. of Alexander his son and James his brother.

in the . . DORSET BUILDINGS. FLEET STREET. COMPILED FROM THE RECORDS JOHN BURTON CLELAND Iprfnteo bg 4. LONDON. of An Account of County of the Clelands of that Ilk. .The Ancient Family Cleland. and of others of the name. 1905. Monkland. WILKINSON & SEARS. HICKS. of the Branches of Faskine. Lanark etc.


le sieur Je suis is de Coucy.1676001 PREFACE." . show us what our forefathers did and how they and now lived. but also raise in us a desire to uphold to the uttermost the honour of the fair is name that once was theirs for generations ours. must be remembered that we us. " Avoid foolish questions striving about the laiv. been estimated." it one to be commended. work Still as this will be considered it by many but as labour in vain. of these pages not only May the perusal. what our forbears made and. as far as possible. ni roi je suis. all are. "Ni prince. carrying with as it does the nobler attributes of a hatred of all infamy and deceit. the pride of the old French nobleman. traits of the present and glimpses of the future may often be discerned amidst those dusty records. and a striving after the highest ideals of knighthood. in great part. is to be considered more as a compilation from various records than a narrative history of the family. and genealogies and contentions and for they are unprofitable and vain. by looking into the annals of the past. and where Such hypothetical speculation has been necessary the value to be attached to it has. and which we hold in trust yet to come. then. And surely who said. THIS account end. There has been no warping of truth to accomplish any The authority for each statement is cited.


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and their history. and to avoid theorizing. A Falcon standing upon a left hand Glove. Non Sibi . as in the Lion's Register. . the family who were hereditary land-servants or foresters of the Earls of Douglas. For Sport. There has been a diversity of opinion about the origin of the name of the estate. Vert.— . with a Hunting-Horn. Their Coat-of-Arms. softened into Cleland. hanging about its neck." " The family of Cleland is of great antiquity in Scotland. 'tis said they were hereditary Foresters to the old Earls of Douglas. Ilk in the — : proper. I will give the old name Clelandtoun which signifies Cleland's dwelling or residence.) " The old name now of the family was Kneland. A Hare saliant argent.) Arms of the Family are: "Azure. a servant. and (Nisbet." 1722." 1880. research to give a complete history of these divisions. The Ancient Family of u Cleland. Motto. From this — would appear that the family name was given The a custom prevalent at an early date." (Grossart's " History of the Parish of Shotts.. . tradition states. gules Crest. or Kneiland.) The name is supposed to be derived from the German " knecht " (the same word as our "knight"). like that of other old families.) Plate of Achievments. which gave rise to The principal (NisbeV'S Heraldry. A DESCRIPTION /~\_ County of of the Ancient Family of Cleland in the Lanark :— The Hare is carried in arms by an old family with us of the name of Cleland of that County of Lanark. one serving for land servant of the land. Knechtland would be one who for his land served the king or perhaps it means in peace or war. that it would require long and diligent rendering to it the estate. : . the land-servant. was acquired by their being hereditary foresters to the ancient Earls of Douglas. is involved in obscurity and error both the family and estate have been so long split and divided. their Arms." (Document. at other times. . . garnished. Clelands were an ancient family of distinction as early as the reign of Alexander III. supported by Two Grej-Hounds.

and railway-lines cross in all directions. The bearing of this house from the kirk is N. and lined on each side by small gray cottages and larger closes. Incumbent " Description of Paroch of of Bothwell Parish." it Cleland House. of absurd. which derived its name from being the seat of the Clelands." Cleland Town. course.) This shows the distinction of the coat-of-arms of the Clelands. At the lower end of Cleland wood stands the mill of Cleland. Fillan are names with a common ancestry. A resident informed me that he knew of no Clelands in the neighbourhood. alias Hamilton Murdoston. — . " One of the oldest and most distinguished families in (Writer in "Notes and Queries. Around blackening are numerous works and collieries with their chimney-stacks." (William Hamilton." (Nisbet's Heraldry. at near four It lyes two miles south from Lachop. Though at one time a pretty and picturesque country village. The suggested derivation from " Clay-land " is.E." 18GG. . there is a naturall cave capable to contain forty or fifty men.. good house. It consists of two roads crossing each other at right angles. lies some few miles north of Wishaw and about ten east of Glasgow. had Right to carry supporters . late one of the under It is situate upon the north bank of South Clerks of Session. all others were likewise " dead and gone. who were qualified to be admitted to Justs and Tournaments. 8 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. " So that those. shared by Gilfillan and MacClelland) deserves consideration. In the rock below the house. the supporters being still carried by the head of the name. upon the water of Calder. the discovery of coal in its neighbourhood has altered all these characteristics. after it enters the This is a very parish of Bothwell is the House of Cleland. it seems. There is here a great deall of wood. the last (who inhabited a farm on the way to Wishaw) "died out some while back". son to Gavin Hamilton. miles distance. toward the water.) Clydesdale. . It stands upon a rock with a precipice towards the water. " The first remarkable house we meet with upon this water of South Calder. A recent suggestion that the name is a corruption of Fillan (or rather that Cleland and St. Fillan's well or spring in the river near Cleland House. Calder. in his . 1722. and some regular planting. though but Gentlemen. antiently the seat of the Clelands of that ilk but now it belongs to Alexander Inglis. except those who have right to them by Prescription. especially since there is a St. but now they are allowed to none under the Dignity of a Lord-Baron.

and coall. Two or three minutes' walk from the house one reaches a precipitous bank. about three quarters of a mile from the former and one and a half from the latter. and here is a cave. the seat of old and the chief of that name. A passage runs parallel to the front into which the hall leads the front side of this passage is occupied by dining. and the air full of the whirr of machinery — .185 5s. being bounded by iron railings and having the pit of a large colliery on the left. faced by a lawn and surrounded by a park containing fine old trees. yet the atmosphere is heavy with smoke from neighbouring chimney-stacks. The rooms are fine and large and the ceilings very artistically decorated. Scots money. 1710. 9 1720. The late owner. Bothwell. for behoof of his creditors. The first sale of the estate probably occurred about 1640 by the son of Alexander of the 14th generation. when this cousin "sold and dispensed Cleland estate to William and Archibald Hamilton.) "About half a mile above that (i. Mr. 8d. The house itself is a large square building. The sides of the Glen are well covered with trees and luxuriant in ferns.432 sterling. while behind the passage-way are various offices. tumbling and foaming this is the " Glen." a wild and romantic spot. and in 1711 it was sold by public roup and purchased by Gavin Hamilton of Moerdovat. Colville. . certainly considerably before the middle of the thirteenth century. of course. said to be Wallace's Cave. has built a stone wall and gate at the entrance ." The third sale occurred " in 1766 from Alexander Inglis Hamilton of Murdoston to Captain . The house itself has been apparently much altered and restored by its later proprietors it is of two storeys." (William Hamilton of Wishaw. Laird of Cleland very Cleland. It is a good house with convenient gardens. inclosers. to the " cousin of his own name." The second sale occurred in 1702. at the bottom of which the South Calder runs.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND." Carfine) is . no record of the acquisition of the estate by the family. being £2. an avenue leads a few hundred yards between trees and an undergrowth of ferns. the name "Cleland" only being given to it after the family had settled there.) Cleland House is situated on the bank of the South Calder between Cleland and Motherwell. There is. and then runs across a turfy field. where the hero at one time took hiding. woods.e. for the sum of £29. and blowing of whistles. Some few years ago this spot narrowly escaped destruction by a landslip. Though Cleland House and Estate is a rural and pretty spot.. drawing and public rooms.

and especially in the convulsions of this country under the last of the Stuarts. of difficult access. Forsyth.10 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND.000. brother of the Earl of Stair." (R. the company leasing the colliery on it offered to rebuild Cleland House if they might be allowed to mine the rich coal seam underlying it. Cleland of that ilk. The fireplace and part of the chimney and floor still remain. till at last the Enemy was discomfited and spread his wings to flee. He died the next year. and sister of Sir Malcolm Wallace. This Alexander is not mentioned Probably born about 1230-1240. when Mr." (" The Beauties of Scotland. perhaps by the hero himself and his trusty band. daughter of Adam Wallace of Riccarton. of that of there ilk.") by Nisbet. . i. in the middle of the steep rock upon which the house of Cleland stands. with the consequence that he and his descendants have had their mouths agley ever since. and his widow now owns it. The is record is Alexander — the family of which Cleland.310 sterling. The tradition is that it had been used as a place of concealment in the troublesome times of the country.. but as a last endeavour clechet his finger in the by-going. Some while ago. for £56. as far back as the gallant patriot Sir William Wallace . and attacked him." The last sale took place about 1900.''' by Robt. The entry was secured by a door and an iron gate fixed in the solid rock. Colville bought the estate indirectly from the Hon. on the north bank of one of the streams called Calder. The coal found on the estate is said to be the best in Lanarkshire.) — ' ' CLELAND OF THE Alexander Cleland first (1).C. (Document and Grossarf% " History of the Parish of Shotts. and hooked the laird in the mouth. But the laird was well grounded in scripture and kept him at bay with a battery of texts. Dalrymple. or Kneland.) " The late Robert Craig had a saying that every true Cleland should have a crooked mouth because once upon a time the laird sat on the roof of his house when who should appear but the Devil. also during the violent feuds between the houses of Cleland and Lauchope . in the County of Lanark. who married Margaret.e. of Hew Dalrymple Fordal for £6. Constable. 1806. she was Sir William Wallace's aunt. capable of holding forty or fifty men. " In the parish of Shotts. Edinburgh. ist 1st GENERATION. is a large natural cave which had been partly improved by art.

22nd July. and assisted Sir William Wallace in most of his exploits. when Wallace cleft the head of Earl Percy with his sword. and was present with his eldest son John at the Battle of Bannockburn on Monday. 1314. and at the unfortunate conflict at Falkirk. 1297. in the Barony of Calder.. Cleland of that ilk. particularly in taking prisoner Thomas Longueville. 13th September. in of Alexander. in West1722.' For his loyalty mentioned in the and good service to Robert Bruce he obtained the lands of Calder-clere. succeeded by his eldest son John. ' ' .' After the death of Sir William Wallace he firmly supported the cause of King Robert Bruce." in which he is twice called cousin to Wallace. Probably born between 1260-1270. June 24th. commonly called the Red Rover. 1298.) Lothian. In 1301 he sailed with Wallace for France. it must be remembered. 11 CLELAND5 OF THE Jambs Cleland (2). July. and we may consider them substantially correct. 1296." (Document. however. Blind Harry's metrical history. at the Battle of Stirling. and had a sea-fight with the French pirate. called the 'Red Reiver." He afterwards stood firm in his " loyalty for King Robert the Bruce and for his good service that King gave him several lands lying within the Barony of Calder. along with the first noblemen and gentlemen of Scotland. mentioned 1296-1314.) Grossart adds in addition that he was present at the " skirmish in the High Street of Glasgow in 1300. and for his loyalty and good service the king gave him several lands He was in the Barony of West Calder in West Lothian. He was present at Loudon Hill. Son and heir " Joined his cousin. —2nd . now East Calder. when he was wounded. MidLothian." After the death of Alexander III. Sir William Wallace. and the English were defeated. James Cleland of Cleland joined with Sir William Wallace against the English for the relief of his country. as in Mr. though the exploits of the heroes would be much enlarged upon. Blair's " History of Wallace." (NisbeVs Heraldry.'" He further adds that "Cleland is also History of the Bruce. He is frequently mentioned in "Blind Harry's" "Wallace. and GENERATION. was written down many generations (nearly two hundred years) after the events had occurred . on Tuesday. still the names and incidents had been kept well in remembrance by being handed down from minstrel to minstrel. for the relief of his country against the English. 1296.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND.

gert off thair enemyss de. Line 137 Banishment 144 And mony othir was full woo that And Kneland als. his sister sone so der intill Full weille graithit Dine 201.' ! 3rd GENERATION. Probably born about 1290. Kneland and Byrd. 249 Kerle turnyt with his mastir agayne. was heldyn to him der." " Fals f ortoun changis fast enir with him past". ." So said Adam. The Inglissmen tuk playsily part to tie : Line 330 " The Peace. . 1346. idicate The following extracts mentioned : where "Kneland" is Extracts from " The Metrical History of Sir William Wallace. Victory. 1346. 3rd of that ilk. with comt'orde into playn Santt Jhone to Borche that suld meyt haill agayne. Amang om fays he . ner cusyng to Wallace. And thir war part past in his falowschip Twa Wallace. said . 12 THE ANC1EXT FAMILY OF CLELAXD. and ordand weill his sthip. before . Kneland was thar.— . with him had beyne. was his kymnys men full nar. him out off the land to go. Kneland." by henry. with outyn wordis mo. Line 55 Before the batof Loudon Hill." Buke nynte. God gyd our schip as now I say na mar. suppose it till ten moneth war gayne. thi onon. Thar leyff thai tuk. " our leidar gayne. The Litill. is Boid wepyt " sor. Syne baid with hym in many peralowse place." Buke tle thryd. Line 134 Kneland. consent Line 32 He wyst To For suffyr full weill thai wald nocht The Red Rover. Buke sewynd. of Durham in October. day. commonly called " blind Harry. with King David II. that mekill war in all mayne. John Cleland (3). And Edward Litill. kxight of ellerslie. do ws payne. . thar armour tier. Boyde and Kneland past to thar placis hayme. He gart forse. the ayr of Rycarttoune And Kneland als grantyt to thair opynyoun With thair consent Wallace this pess has tayne Tak pess a quhill. Fought with his father Was taken prisoner at the Battle at Bannockburn in 1314. Craufurd. cusyng. : Buke feyrd. Kneland. — . . mentioned 1314. Before the " Barns of Ayr. is " Than Kneland said Gret God sen we had set him allayne. Buke nynte. And as his eyme wrocht. cum tak the ster on hand Her on the waill ner by the I sail stand.

Cleland of Monkland and Cleland of Gartness. He was one of the witnesses to a charter to the lands of Watston in 1445 from James." (Somerville's " Memorie of the Somerville) " rilles. married Jean. and twentieth milk kyne with their followers.— 6th Cleland of that ilk. James Cleland (7). 2nd Cleland of Cleland) was descended William Cleland of that ilk who in the reign of King James III. the 7th Cleland. 1^2^-1513. The portione is ane thousand and fyve hundred merkes. No.) Somervilles. Was probably born about 1390. of No 1330. the 6th. He is probably a near relative of this James.e.. Great Vol. From them branched Cleland of Faskine. Cleland of that ilk. Lord Hamilton. records.— 7th Three years thereafter (i. Was probably born about 1420. in 1450) he (the 2nd Lord Somermarryes his youngest daughter Janet upon James Cleilland. for he says " : from James.— THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. sone and heir to William Cleilland of that ilk. From him Patrick Cleland (8). Seal of Scotland. youngest daughter of William. 511." [i." " is toun 7th GENERATION. by his wife Jean Mowat of Stenhouse. 2nd Lord Somerville. to Sir William Baillie of Hoprigg. William Cleland (6). (Quoted in Document. (Reg. Lord of Cadzow (possibly the deed mentioned above). Jean (Janet). in 1450. and not later than 1410. daughter of William Lord Somerville (as in the manuscript of that family). with William.e. Married. 4th 13 GENERATION.. payable at three termes. Cleland that ilk probably born about 5 th GENERATION.) He is mentioned in reference to his son's marriage in Somerville's " Memorie of the In 1444 "William Cleland of Clelandwitness to a charter of James Hamilton. records- Cleland of that ilk probably born about 6th GENERATION.") Nisbet confuses James. occurs as a witness in 1457 (Fraser's Don alas Book). Sheriff Deputy of Lanarkshire. — . No 1366.

Though Nisbet and no other authority mention a generation between these two. 8th Cleland of that ilk. who. curious story which follows must be taken on the authority of tradition. Nisbet. the 7th of that ilk. the latter being the appendage to the kitchen grate. at which tyme the king being disposed pleasure at the poutting in Calder and Carnwath Muires. Speates and Raxest . in which case Alexander. Moreover. and w ere not offspring of Janet Somerville at all. James' father. considering such to be warranted by the above statements. since Cleland of Faskine is Alexander's cousin. of course. Dame Marie Baillzie. that the Clelands of Faskine. and Alexander. references. (9). Monkland and Gartness were descended from James Cleland. It is possible. there must have been another generation between James. After forming the opinion that there was a missing generation here. by accident was then at court. immediatly dispatches ane expresse to Cowthally (who knew nothing of the king's journey). if he is their son and not their grandson. after discussing James Cleland and Janet Somerville he goes on in a fresh paragraph to state that Alexander Cleland of that ilk was killed at Flodden in 1513. the first one is quoted anecdote* : in affording as it does an amusing to take his " In Jully 1474.. as well as other passages." The following are the full. Before discovering the name of this man or any reference to him. and Janet Somerville. must have been over 60 at the time he was killed at Flodden in 1513 rather too late an age to be participating in an active campaign. . 8th GENERATION. does not state that Alexander was James' son . wherein. he acquaints the Lord Somervill with his resolutione. his majestie being pleased withall to shew him he was resolved Whereupon the Lord Somervill for some dayes to be his guest. would be their cousin. with a letter to his lady. * The very + Spits and Ranges . etc. I had concluded that he existed from the following reasoning If the Clelands of Faskine. The weight of evidence favours the former view. he used to wryte in the postscript of his and in this letter he had redoubled the letters. Born This generation is omitted by Nisbet and other authorities. if James' son. The embodying it with so many circumstances was undoubtedly the work of the author himself. however. branched off from William Cleland.— 11 TEE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. I found mention of it in the " Memorie of William Cleland — about 1451. without stating his relationship to the preceding. indeed. this Alexander. if James Cleland and Janet Somerville were married in 1450. I have inserted one. on which the spits turn. the 7th. who in this. according to his ordinary custome when any persones of qualitie wer to be with him. seems to be ignorant that an affectation of extreme minuteness and precision gives no small cause for suspicion in such cases. : — r the Somervilles.

and that in order to ther going to Edinburgh. had taken horse. By eleven a clock they wer advanced in ther journey for Edinburgh to the syde of that hill that is somewhat bewest the Corsetthill. within a myle of him. upon such occasiones. without making any reply. who.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. or thereby. quilted with plates of iron. that put in her ladyship's hands . unacquainted with his lord's hand and custome of wrytting. the latter were doublets of leather. and falles upon his knees. that he understood not what the matter meaned. and the messenger withall tellhis guest. and obleidged to ryde. and withall swearing his head should pay for it if he himself escaped the hands of these traitors. of the irregular cavalry of the period. at his sport upon the rode. he calles hastily for the Lord Somervill. being at some distance. with the laird of Cleilland. Cambusnethen. 15 same words. by ther holdings and tackes. falles a weeping supposeing her lord had fallen at variance with some about the court. because of the extraordinary occasione and worthynes of This letter being delyvered. Eftir the reading Inglis of Eistscheill was presently sent for. with the Baillzie upon ther headsll. i. commanding the stewart to read the same. protesting. immediately castes himself from his horse to the ground. the king beginning about this tyme to discountenance his ancient nobilitie. J . and they again to withdraw both ther affectiones and to due alleadgeance from him. when the first of all the little company that was with him observed the advance of a troope of men with ther lances. and was come the lenth of that little watter a myle on this syde of the Corsetthill. that all the vassalles. came upon the spurre. with many solemn oaths. even then. : considering her husband's ordinary forme of wrytting. brought togither off purpose for some ill designe. and William Chancellor of Quathquan. who could be noe other but his vasalles and followers.e. and commandement given him and the officers. and if he had a mynde to betray him and seize upon his persone the second tyme by ane other treacherous hunting. In the last leases of Jedwood forest that were let by the late Duke of Douglas. James Spears and Jacks the common armour § || . The king being of ane hastie nature. This command being punctually observed by the vassalles and the substantiall tennents § that wer in use. Whereupon all astonished. with the able tennents that wer within the two baronies of Carnwath. nor what the company of the letter. it might be speedily and securely whereupon she hastily breakes it up. bussie. my lady all amazed. without instead of Speates and Raxes ing his lord was very pressing. and herself. they conveened to the number of two hundred. the tenants were bound to attend him with two well-armed horsemen at least for each farm. he reades Speares and Jacks*. when he comes to the postscript of the letter. should be ready with ther horse and armes to wait upon William Cleilland of that ilk be eight in the morning the ensueing day. whereupon. because she could read non This gentleman being but lately entered to his service. in great fury demanded what the matter nieaned. and baillzierie of Carstaires. The Lord Somervill. His majestie haveing breakfasted by nyne in the morning. at their head..

where calling for the letter. calles for a sight of the letter. galloped out to meet him. By this tyme they were joyned to the company. which he did. he desyred that his sone's head may be strucken off upon the place. with his traine. and what apprehensiones and jealousies his majestie might intertaine upon his long communing with them. as they proceeded in ther journey. Speares and Jacks. and herein lay the that the Lord Somervill knew not whither to laugh or be angry at the fellow. He desyred variance and feud with some one or other about the court. ans severall other gentlemen. This the king acceptes. and the carriage of the horsemen they beheld. when they first observed the In the mean twentieth horse. and commands him to ryde up and discover what they wer. being about themselves upon the hight of the muir. for he might have been guiltie of His majestie haveing given back the letter. and William Chancellor of Quathquan. He was not a little surprized when he saw them.16 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. he made the same to be read. But myndeing the fear he left the king in. thairfore he humblie begged of his majestie that he would allow him to goe see what they wer. returned to the king. swearing it was noe great mistake. he commanded that they should depart every man to ther respective dwellings. not knowing what they wer. according as he found occasione. he had with him his eldest sone and heir William. and reades it himself. and . it went that error himself. to marke the Lord Somervill's goeing. with the laird of Cleilland. tyme. when he was presently knoune by severall of the company to be ther lord and master. the letter itself containeing noe matter of any consequence but a naked compliment the Lord Somervill had written to his lady. and. It togither in that posture and number. unto whom being come he relates the wholl story. who being present. but seeing them draw thairfore they they apprehended they wer noe friends resolved to advance noe further. instead of Speates and Raxes. Barrone of Carnwath iff all was not weill. was commanded to read it again. nor the cause of ther being in yonder place. whereat the king laughed heartily. and demanded the occasione that had brought them To which they answeared. and the intent of ther being ther. who now made ane halt. This is that story of the Speates and Raxes soe . majestie. who remained still upon the same place where he had parted from him. where ther was noe such directione nor orders given as they pretended. for securitie. and. seeing a horseman comeing up to them with all speed he could make. They told him the baillzie had it. from hand to hand amongst these few courtiers that was there. untill they knew for what intent he came. whereupon the laird of Cleilland. his placed company. fearing he had fallen at king's togither : 4 : to see the letter. and he himself. and comeing to the postscript. from all hazard. to returne or give a his majestie safe signe for his rehiring. The Lord Somervill was yet at some distance. was by his lordship's directione and his ladye's command that they wer comeing to Edinburgh to waitt upon him. reades : mistake. was. friends or foes. He enquired who read the letter to his lady they answered his new stewart.

when he was commisto this sioner.) ioth GENERATION. by reasone of his age was not able to meet at any distance. whom he frequently attended while hunting. so William Cleland being called his nephew proves conclusively the existence of this the 8th generation and the name of the chief. 2^0-2^7." p. " 9th Cleland of that (11). 8th of that ilk." king It was this John Lord Somerville's sister who married James Cleland. 7th of that ilk. Married a daughter of Hepburn of Bonnytown. Alexander Cleland that ilk" in 1498. Died 1547. appended to a Charter of the date 1498. is received by the Somervilles near Inglestoune Bridge. Another reference to this William Cleland is found in the " Laing Charters. related the wholl story allmost in the same termes that I have set it doune. ilk — ilk. upon which was an Hare saliant.. 1478. yp." (Vol. James Clfcand (12). " — pth GENERATION. in 1489. a "precept of Clare Constat " is addressed to him and others. then dyneing with him. Killed at Flodden in 1513. Earl of Bothwell." where on 8th April. " James Cleland of that ilk. the John Lord Somervill. and the second year of his reign. He may have been a brother of William Cleland. both his nephewes. son of Patrick Lord Hailes. I. when he comes to the marriage entertainment given by the Lord Somerville at the nuptials of his son with the halfsister of Archibald Bell-the-Cat. Rodger Cleilland (10). 1722. and William Cleilland of that ilk. as in the above- .) when King James again mentioned in p.) Hamilton. were both killed fighting valiantly for their king in the fatal battle of Flowden 1513. 301. " Of Alexander Cleland of that with his cousin William Cleland of Faskine. then. This individual is mentioned in 1489 as being a witness to a proclamation by James Lord (" Memorie of the Somervilles." (Nisbet's Heraldry. younger of Plaine. However. 297. I have seen the seal of arms of this Alexander. at a full table of the greatest part of the nobilitie in Scotland. with an Hunting-Horn about his neck. as it is 17 discoursed of for of late qualite". he receaved the king at the west end of the calsay that leades from Carnwath toune to Cowthally house. is This William Cleland IV.TILE much ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. an eminent man in the time of King James V. being supported by William Somervill.— 10th Cleland of that ilk. day amongst persons of the Duke of Lauderdale.

. . bonorum quond. gif any of my sonnis. and John. Item. : " Memorie of the Somervilles " the "Laird of mentioned in 1517 as being one of the gentlemen assembled to pay honour to Hugh Lord Somerville's second wife. daughter of Alexander. duodecio. I ordane pt my obsequeis be done honestlye in pe kirk of Bothwell. July. V c XLVII. or Kneland " de eodem. Lady Janet Maitlane. pt ay ane succied to ane vpr as effeiris. (Reg. Arthur (first Cleland of KnownHe had one daughter noblehill).) His sons were Alexander. pe sume of X lib. V" " XLVII etc. of the 10th generation. as may be knawyn be pair moder. and died shortly afterwards. by whom he had his son and successor Alexander. Anno. die mens. I ordane. In a deed about 1541. Jaj. I will pt. Dni. sleip or deas. I ordane pt. Brymslie appears to be his ward. and pat my executouris (sub) sest and preyst for ane And ordanes my wife ilk yeir to caus yeir. my wife and my eldest son. 1547. of pis realme. Item. (" Commissary Records Glasgoxv" as quoted by Hamilton of Wishaw. mentioned manuscript. haif my heritage and my airschip. Confirm die XXII mes. (Reg. he be dischargit of pe X lib.) . I leyf and ordains my executouris. Johne. I ordane & makis my son Arthure assigney in and to my stedying of Knokhobohill And gif it failyesis of Arthure. Memorandum. descended of the Earl of Bothwell. Alexr. factum per os decendentis. James Wood of 10th of that ilk. Great Seal. Mtij. : pt misteris maist. Jaj. apud Knelandtine. as efferis Alsua. whose marriage contract was drawn up in 1536. married John ." appears as witness several times in 1541 and 1543. or quhay .) In the Cleilland " is Elizabeth Cleland (13). to syng mass for my saule ane saul mas and dirige to be done for me about pe samyn day twelmont pat it sail happin me to deces " etc. I ordane my son Robene to have pe said stedying of Knokhobohill Alsua.— 18 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. married a daughter of Hepburn of Bonnytown. Inventarium arnm. He doand pis." (Nisbet. Duodecimo die mensis July. as God forbid. Roben (Robert). Robert or foirsaid. Janet. Anno Dni. 9th Cleland of Cleland. Great Seal.) James Cleland. The following simple recital has an interest far above its mere genealogical value : Testamentum Quond Jacobi Kneland de eod. Sanderis. pt he pay thankfully to my son Johne. Jacobi Kneland de eod. He made his will and testament in July. I leyff and ordains pt : my eldest sone. That is to say. ay and quhjll he geif and resign pe Clerkschip of pe east kirk of Caldercleir to my son John. when he brings her home This Cleland of that ilk must bo James the to Carnwath. yeirlye. Sanderis. Arthure.my eldest son. at least. That I James Kneland of that ilk ordanes my testament in pis manere. and ane honest orbit.

James'. is mentioned — — with him. eminent for his loyalty on behalf Queen Mary he married Margaret. writer. (Document) nth GENERATION. Cleland.) ander's son) are mentioned. He also appears as procurator several times about 1600 in the Privy In 1612 Andrew Cleland. James. Great Seal)." etc.) Roben (Robert) Cleland (16). Married Margaret Pollart. since Win. Mentioned in 1565.) " Haggs is now Eosehall. (14). 12th of that ilk. burgh. patruus (paternal uncle) of William Cleland. is granted sasine. Cleland.J THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. or rabbit rampant with a hunting horn. a daughter of Hamilton of Haggs by whom he had William his son and successor. wife of William Cuthberton in Ledoun (Reg. appears frequently as a He was a writer in Edinwitness between 1569 and 1612. his brother germane. 10th Cleland. 10th Cleland of Cleland. son of James. (Scotch Seals. Privy Council. notary. to see and hear the doom of forfaltour ordourly led against them for the crimes committit be them contenit in said summons. Mentioned in 1572." (Grossarfs " History of the Parish of Shotts. 11th Cleland of that ilk. Mentioned in 1572 as being guilty art and part in the 1547. of Cleland (evidently his son) is mentioned at that date by the title " younger. murders of Darnley and the two Regents. Alexander Cleland (Chief. He at least was alive in 1572. one of the Council Register. Given the patrimony of Knowenoblehill by his father's. will. &c. together with Elizabeth Kneland. younger." (Nisbet. Rich. 1st Cleland of Knowenoblehill. 1547-159 ?. Alexander's brother. in which Alexander Cleland of that ilk and William Cleland (probably Alex(Renwiclc's Glasgow Protocols. He was one of those summoned to appear before Parliament the 12th March 1565. John Cleland. His seal is a " hare baillies of Edinburgh. Prob- . Founder of the branch of Clelands of Knowenoblehill. (Reg. Andrew Cleland (17). : 1722." 1880 Arthur Cleland (15)." Grossart says he died near the beginning of the 17th Century.) Son — of of " Alexander Cleland of that ilk. servitor of D.) John Cleland (18). son of Robert Robertson and Margaret. in 1588. daughter of John Hamilton of Terrance. 19 Robertson of Earnock. 10th No mention except in the will. Son of James. married a daughter of Hamilton of Haggs. Maitland of Lithingtoun. In 1559 a charter is granted to him and his wife of some lands.

are mentioned in the " Remission to the Duke of Chatelherault and others. William. pro perimpletione contractus inter se et Jacobum Cleland de eodem initi penes matrimonium inter personas Apud subscriptas. daughter of James.. Edinburgh :— Apud Edinburgh. Winram juniorem.) 12th GENERATION." thus : . in vitali redditu. . with his brothers.— 20 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF GLELAND. Great Seal. 10 Jul. 1565.— 12th Cleland of that ilk.) Elizabeth Kneland (19). (prebentem annuatim celdram ordei et Tenend. 2 per Alex. et filio suo et heredi apparenti pura Willelmo Dalmahoy dicti in feodo. years 1585-1599. . vie. (Reg. quibus deficientibus. Arthur and John. quibuscumque. As Chief In 1572 charged with being guilty art and in 1600. 1601. (Document. 10th of that ilk. : — : — . 1536. apparently as the heir. The marriage contract between her and William Dalmahoy was drawn up in 1536 and. text " is here reproduced. 10th Cleland. William Cleland of Cleland. . Cleland. In 1588 mentioned as being Andrew Cleland's brother. Thomsoun occupatas) in villa de Dalmahoy. mentioned above as the wife of William Cuthberton. James Robertson of Ernouk (William Cleland's cousin). — — — Concessit Jonete — 10 Cleland filie dicti Jac. William Cleland (21). 3 per Joh. et heredibus inter ipsum et dictam Jon. is perhaps a sister of John and Andrew. Joh. ac occidentalem quartam partem terrarum dominicalium de D. celdram farine avenatice). and John Cleland in Foscane. Privy Council. Alisschender. as it is an interesting document and one illustrative of the manners of the time. legitime procreandis. de regi Test. (qua. Striveling. Gavin Cleland in Glenhuif. is a witness between the (Reg. Rex confirmavit cartam Alexandri Dalmahoy de eodem. daughter of James Stewart of Cardonald. in 1536. John Cleland. in 1565. since the three names occur in connection with a charter to her and her husband. its as above. 16 Jul.) Mentioned. Chief about 1597 (?). married the sister (Elizabeth ( ?) or Marion) of Walter Stewart. daughter of James Cleland. the son and successor of Alexander. legitimis et propinquioribus heredibus Wil. unam per Kenti- gernum Patersone. in ejus virginitate. (Nisbet) daughter of Sir John Stewart of Minto by his wife Margaret. 1572. bovatas terrarum (viz. . notary. and many others. part in the murders of Uarnley and the two Regents. Janet Cleland (20). His wife Elizabeth was a the first Lord Blantyre. ably the John Cleland who is witness to the marriage contract of Janet Cleland. 2 per Joh. . 2 per Johannem Winram seniorem.

retainers and vassals of the ancient house of the said Duke. Stewart. or whatever weight or importance and for all other charges in general. we find him appearing before Parliament to hear the " doom of forfaltour led against him. younger. John. and to our officers appointed And for all other charges of treason. or can have. Cleland in 500 merks. were charged with being guilty. 1572. and of our reigns the first and twenty. since three months later. as well not named in our name. in March. And to all retainers and Dependents of the ancient house of the said Lord Duke. King and Queen of Scotland. or to any one of them. in so far as that they should deliver up these Castles to us.) In 1579. is mentioned in a list of " landit men" a list probably — . in security for their appearance at the next ' ' 2. Earl of Arran and Lord Hamilton. wilful fire-raising. (Reg. only excepted). one thousand five hundred and sixty years. of Cleland. &c. and that. (treasonable attempts upon our person.000 pounds. now have. &c. Privy Council. murder. in special and general as follows. younger.TEE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND." as previously mentioned. after our mandate had been issued by our officers. in any way. James. as named. is caution for William Kneland of that ilk. At Edinburgh. the Cleland of Cleland. after which it proceeds " Also to all other holders and occupiers of lands belonging to the said Lord Duke. participate " July 28th. (Reg. probably this William. Privy Council. &c. in virtue of our letters to affect this our order. living within our Kingdom of Scotland. Gavin. and others.) In 1572 "William Cleland of that ilk is pledge and surety. this second day of January. our dearest cousin. David and Claud Hamilton his sons." (Grossart. and every charge which we have had. on account of the treasonable detention of the Castles of Hamilton and Draffen. of Mynto. 21 " Henry and Mary. fourth. with the tenants. with the remaining persons of the name. upon Cleland of Cleland became security for Arthur fifteen day's warning. and had to find Justice-air at Lanark. Because from our special grace and favour we remit to our well-beloved." the names. in general. and other persons : — — aforesaid. Also for all other indictments and charges which may follow thereupon.) In 1590. or which may be imputed either to the said persons specially or generally.—Arthur Cleland of Knowenoblehill and William Cleland. art and party in the murders of Darnley and the two Regents. Commendator of Kilwinning. that he will not abet the two rebel Hamiltons. Duke of Chatelherault. and inhabitants upon his and their Here follows a long list of lands. occupiers of." Evidently William Cleland's father. and Dalmahoy for William Cleland. younger. lying within our county of Lanark. Math. did not in this remission. Alexander. we remit our Koyal displeasure. &c.

near relatives of William Cleland.— 13th Cleland of that ilk. we may suppose him to have been about 30 at the latter date. In 1608. his brother. Notary. (a) James Cleland (29). to the same effect. . when he died. (" Memorie of the Somerville's" Vol. not to harm James Libertoun in Nether Libertoun. his son. is probably a near relative of William Cleland of that ilk. of Ormistonhill. John Cleland (23). 20th June.22 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. and Archibald. ment intended for the guidance of Chancellor Maitland's Govern(Idem. but no mention of a James. and James (25). par. died probably about 1635. are evidently.000 merks and William Cleland of that ilk is surety in 300 merks for James Cleland. he must have been over 60 at least. his sons. if not several years older. (R. for Robert Kneland in Fairmylne. of Edinburgh. More- .) in matters of taxation. the preceding. his brother. for Robert Kneland of Farmylne. Andro. Janet Cleland (28). (Glasgow Protocols. of Fairmylne. we have mention of Arthur and John as being his brothers. William Cleland (24). for James Cleland. 1608. p.." is con(Commiss. to a sale of land by her and her husband. 12th" of that ilk. that of William Cleland of Knowhobilhill. Since William Cleland. of Edin. and that of John Cleland. regality 13th GENERATION. In fact. in the sum of 1. from the above. II. to the same effect. since in 1589 we find his signature. his son . Succeeded. James Tennent of Tenhous is surety for William Cleland of that ilk. William Cleland is said to have been one of 50 gentlemen who met Queen Mary when she escaped from Loch Leven. and James Tennant of Tinhous. Arthur Cleland (22). It is obviously impossible that this James was his brother (as Grossart suggests).) of that ilk. This William Cleland of that ilk is mentioned again in 1600. Again in the same year he is surety for James.) In 1603.) will of The " William Cleland of Cleire. "William Cleilland of that ilk" appears as a witness to a document of the Earl of Marre's. Robert Kneland (26). and John Cleland. spouse of William Grenschelis of that ilk. was evidently at man's estate in 1565 and again in 1572. 66. Sher. of CalderDalkeith. and John (27). Claud. On June 1st.C. 1601. 1608.) firmed. his son. John. son of William Cleland in Ormiston hill. son of William Cleland of Ormiston hill.

" conf. " James Cleland of that ilk Test. in Bothwell-Scheillis. son of the preceding William. 23 this James was alive in or about 1634." This daughter is referred to " ten on in the same work as " Lady Cleilland. which would account for his signing himself. Alexander. dated 1590 and confirmed in 1606. Wylie. and In the " Memorie of the Somervilles. yet at his death it was but thus: — "William. . called for his daughters they were two Velvet Eye." it says the second. sister of Walter Stewart. inheriting his title in 1601. when his father William was alive. daughter of Sir James Somerville. . when his father was dead." Hamilton. spouse to Thomas Dougall in Nether Dunsistoun (in Bartrum Shottis). the in Cleddesdale Laird of Cleilland. and it is inconceivable that. was the son (it should be grandson) of William. quoted by Conf." not William the 12th. 18. elder. September 10. Bee. James Cleland of that ilk appears in the Test. of Cambusnethan. " Quha deceist in pe moneth of March or r p by 1609. Whether he is styled " of that ilk" in 1590. he himself being not much less. and had issue by Now we know by the following that it was James. 13th her. or being styled. who married this Mary Somerville. October. and James Somerville. He may have been called "of that ilk " while his father was alive. Commis.. when his brother was about 60. Glasg. married first a by whom he had his son and successor Alexander. the Lady Somervill and the in a staggering later : Lady Cleilland." Cleland of Cleland. in speaking of James. 1610. leaves . the 12th of that ilk. fourth Baron of Cambusnethan. James Cleland of Cleland in 1590. before his predecessor's death. named Mary. he Evidently this James is the retained it for 34 years longer. or whether the "of that ilk" is added when the will is confirmed in 1606. though old. 1623. He married secondly Mary Somerville. The "Document" beforementioned mixes up William the 12th and James the 13th ilk.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. albeit he had been at much paines and expenses to keep up that house. 1606. who states that James' son. since he was — the heir. 1590. ' ' ' : ' . He escapes Nisbet's notice altogether. was marryed upon James Cleilland of that ilk. who deceased September. over.." find this We James styled "of that ilk" in a test. etc. condition. occurs February. 11th Cleland of that etc.. of Helen Finlay. . of ane anciente house and familie as is For his other sone-in-law. does not appear." thus thousand merks debt which he had contracted for paying the tochers of his two daughters.

legacies to " Jeane and Mareoune Clelandis.'" Anderson s " History of the Hamilton* ") Their son and heir sold the lands of Cleland to a cousin of his own .) He is a witness again in 1641. Lady Kneland. of that ilk. his brother. which is witnessed by Alex Cleland. 1624. " Waltir Cleland. (a) Alexander Cleland (36).. Cleland of that ilk. Married about 1620 the sister of John Hamilton. or Thomas Anderson. Claud Clelland." conf. In September. to John Gilmour. servitor to the Laird of Blakhill. James Cleland of that ilk. January 2nd. his servant.) (c) Andro Cleland (31). are witnesses. that ilk in Glasg. Probably the Walter Cleland. burgess of Hamilton in November.. Rec. elder. merchant. James Dunlop 1609 is surety for Elizabeth Stewart. in 100 merks. This Claud is probably the pupil of Glasgow College mentioned in 1598. and for Andro Archibald and Johne Knelandis. He appears as a witness to a deed signed by his brother James of that ilk. in 1630 signs a bond. 1627.) — (34)." appears as cautioner in the test. grandchildren). first Lord Bargeny (Douglas' " Baronage. he signs another bond acknowledging a debt of "thirteen score pounds " (Scots)." 1636. (Reg. his son. Glasg. his oyes (i. son of Wm. heir (?14th) of that ilk. his brother. and his brother Claud is a witness to it in 1626 he signs a similar bond. brother germane to James Cleland of that ilk. 13th of that ilk. " assignay constitut be Alexander Hunter in Bottohburne. borrowing 109 merks 5 shillings and 8 pennies (Scots). Rec.) Mth GENERATION. Great Seal. and Andrew. 1621.) (b) Walter Cleland (30). (Comm. (e) (f) of John Cleland (33). (Ditto). Privy Council. above mentioned. Eldest son of James Cleland. 1621. (Laing Charters. Conf. not to harm David Little of Badronisgill. . (Com. brother germane to James Cleland of that ilk.) (g) Alexander Cleland (35). brothers of the Laird of Kneland. "James Cleland of that ilk" "the laird of Cleland. Glasg. October 3rd. quoted by Hamilton of Wishaw.— (Ditto)." signs a bond borrowing 100 merks from James Wilson. younger. Rec.) (d) Claud Cleland (32). (Comm.. 24 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. of Stewart of Christiswoll. 500 merks each. dochers to James Cleland of that ilk. burgess of Glasgow. and James Cleland.e. Rec.) (See 12th Gen. 1633. (Reg. Archibald Cleland — (See above. Corn- miss. Glasg. in 1626.

Charles R. gives £200 sterling for the same purpose. probable that this son was left when his grandfather of that ilk died he was left in the custody of his uncle James. by her he had several sons. (Comm. Marqueis of Hamilton. A man and controversy has recently taken place over the marriage of this as to whether he ever was " Cleland of that ilk. — from Argyle. fear (i. The following quotation of Hamilton of Wishaw from the Commiss. Rec. of that ilk." His testament in which " Wm.— . and hence (Munim. and Alexander is not the son but the grand- son of William Cleland." Document. Margaret Campbell. the sister of Walter Stewart. who sold the . heir) of that ilk decisit in the monthe of July. Claud Clelland. assumed (wrongfully) the title of Cleland of that — . together with his brother James and uncle Claud Cleland. was.." or died : merely the heir. Glasg." etc.) lands of Cleland to a cousin of his In 1626. and before his father's death. sister of John Hamilton.. but his son." From this it would appear that this Alexander of the 14th generation died in 1634. while heir of that ilk. the eldest of whom sold the own name.e. About 1620 " Alexander married Mary. first Lord Bargany. " is mentioned is confirmed Nov. second son to lands to his cousin. Glasguen." (" History of the Hamiltons. as he naturally would after his father's death and during the minority of his nephew. name. brother-germane to the defunct. Cleland. are witnesses to a deed signed by James Cleland of that ilk. Earle of Arran and Cambridge. and his spouse. I think it a mere child at his father's death. Rec. but Nisbet has missed a generation (as Grossart points out). and confirmed June 16. Alexander Cleland. ane thousand merks Scottish money " . is probably his uncle. Univ. 1643. .. Clelandis.) his interest in the College. 1634. that this James induced the boy to sell to him or to his eldest son the family estate for ready money a thing a boy would be very likely to do that some while after this was done. 25 (Nisbet. living. throws light on the subject " Alexander Cleland. 1722. TEE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. who in 1598 is a student there. 13th of that ilk. that James. this James.) Nisbet refers to this man as being the eldest son of William Cleland and of his wife.—Bishop of Brechin of Ardkinglas descended .. are afterwards served to him. So that he himself was never (14th) Cleland of that ilk. and youngest son of Sir John Hamilton of Bargany. younger.) In 1632. "Alexander Cleland of that ilk" contributes 20 merks to the fund " for building of a common librarie within the Colledge of Glasgow. "James. . Glasg. daughter of the Rev. and younger brother to Alexander.. 5th following brother of ye defunct and " Andro and Ard. in Cleland House. Alexander Campbell. and many others contribute.

Perhaps this James Cleland thought that. points out.. in the pedigree). The RoseCleland's genealogy goes on to say. claim to be descended from this Alexander of the 12th generation. The Rose-Clelands of Rath-Gael. firmed by the Commissary of Glasgow on 5th November thereafter. through John. and unmarried. in the lifetime of his father. and subsequent when his three younger brothers take up his . and for the incident where one of them. this is and a family though deprived of their possession are still entitled to be called by its name. and would be only Since the last mention of James 14 years old when his father died. it happens that its patriarch. conilk. I insert " But unluckily for the house of Rath-Gael. probably the Cleland of that ilk of the 18th generation. he probably died not very much later. Edinburgh. since they might also be used against the main stem of the family. his elder or third son.. Cleland. which. " in consequence of some disagreement with his elder brother he retired in disgust to a small property Laird Braes in Co. of Wigton. so that the conjecture as to the youth of this son of Alexander when he became Cleland of that ilk is well supported. Down. was born about 1620. of having sold This hypothesis accounts rationally for the sale of the property." I think this disagreement called probably arose over the sale of the property mentioned above. he had bought the name too. dates. He would be naturally spoken of by his neighbours before this as Cleland of Cleland House. (i. his second Probably then. where John Cleland W. said to be the last property in the neighbourhood owned by the main branch).e. as is deceist in the monethe James (not William. it is much more feasible to suppose that the uncle allured Likewise by this means we can account his young nephew with gold. the sole connecting link with these personages. who sold the estates. a thing that a grown-up chief of a family would be very unlikely to do unless he were sorely in debt or some cogent reason required it .. having bought the property. THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. 1867. 'of that 1634. brother. ' ' " probably died in 1777.— 26 ilk. as proved by his testament. 1867. 13th of that ilk. heir apparent). The claim of " these Rose-Clelands is to descent from Cleland of the 12th generation combated by a writer in the " Alexander Herald and Genealogist for December. Co. incorrect. but as the Herald and Genealogist " for December. with a painter's brush seized from a passing tradesman. is in 1633. who was born about 1623. 'Alexander : Cleland. The following are his arguments. for the traditional indignation of the descendants in the direct line at a younger branch carrying the principal arms of the family. deletes the supporters from a coat-of-arms on a carriage in Prince's St. who was probably somewhat ashamed his birthright. while he himself retained one or two small properties (perhaps Mouse-Mill near Lanark.S. or even of Cleland. so the assumption of the title would be easy and unlikely to be much questioned by his young nephew. 19th Cleland of that ilk. fear of Julij. and that his brother John was given " Laird Braes " at this time.

Clelandis. although it does say that " Andro & Ard. The critic of the Rose-Cleland's genealogy goes on to say " The story of the sale is a pure fiction. a local antiquary of some repute. note (1). Glasg. of his wife's name.— TEE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. daughter of William Hamilton of Wishaw. thus notices the head of the family Description of the Sheriffdom of Lanark. whose estate closely adjoined that of Cleland. and the cheif of that name Now. James. .' in is and another deed in these same records. inasmuch as he is a descendant of the " cousin of the same name " whose family assumed the title " of that ilk. And. alas.' although the lands have left his possession. Bee. 'personal succession." (Note Exception is taken to this Alexander being styled Cleland of Cleland.") calling (2). for the main stem retained their William Hamilton estate till the beginning of the eighteenth century. merely the representative of the cousin of his own name who. about 1680. 27 His second brother. : : — ' ' ' ' ' man who never existed (the eldest son of the childless Alexander)." We have in fact definite statements in other places that he was married.' compiled before in his 1710. Records of Glasgow. sold them. and of his children. are afterwards served to him. the 'owner merely by purchase of an estate bearing his name would never be honoured with the dignity of 'that ilk. Though in 1710 the " Laird of Cleland " is called Chief of that name he is not styled " Cleland of that ilk " there would be less compunction." but from notes in Hamilton of Wishaw's " Sheriffdoms of Lanark and Eenfrew. had the laird of his day been (p.' forsecond lawfull sone to umqll James Cleland of that ilk. in Hamilton there is no mention of Alexander being unmarried. all Wishaw.' " As arguments against the above conclusions. succeeded his father ' in the estate." Now. and married Margaret Hamilton. It is true. and a neighbouring laird." That this very Hamilton of Wishaw's daughter was married to " In 1685 and for Grossart in 1880 says the " Laird of Cleland " also in 1689 Alexander Cleland of Cleland was one of the Commissioners of Supply. : — . and no word about his three younger brothers taking up the personal succession. in calling a man " chief of the name " than in : : him " of that ilk. by Scottish usage. of Wishaw. from the " Commiss. as he would lead one to suppose. and who flourished in the latter half of the 17th century. purchased the estate from a compiled in 1710. .' ' the is surrounding It well ' known in Scotland that the chief of a family retains his style of that ilk. if in doubt. but his son did and. leaving out " between " fear of that ilk " and decisit in the monethe which occurs in Hamilton. as we are desired to believe by this pedigree. 40). Moreover. the family)." (Com. so late as 1656. would not have called him the chief. Alexander may never have come into possession of the Cleland Estates. .. He calls the Laird of Cleland very old (i. styled of that ilk. . who was thoroughly acquainted with families. merly ' found.) this writer's quotations are not taken direct. Moreover he does not quote correctly.e. brether germane to the defunct. a .

Hamilton. son of James of that ilk. the " usurper.28 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. assumed the He apparently finally persuaded his title " of that ilk.R. and during the minority of his nephew.. In 1626. story of the brushing out of the supporters in Princes St." that " Nisbet " says Major Wm. F." 2nd son of James. Does Hamilton of Wishaw." which signifies a period measured by many years. great-grandson of the Alexander whose son ' was the head in 1722 that in 1880. James Cleland (37)." CambuBnethan (James Somer- . is mentioned in Commissioner of Customs.. the Clelands (his acknowledged John Fullarton Cleland of Australia as the head of the family (through the Commissioner) and he reverts to the sold the estates. after the death of his brother Alexander in 1634. : John Cleland. the estates of It is a noteworthy point that in 1672 "James Cleland.S. are in no way invalidated by this attack of the writer in the " Genealogist. appears as a witness to his father's bond." whose conclusions are shown to be erroneous. James Cleland." registers them with the supporters. Cleland of that ilk" recorded the usual arms of the Clelands of that ilk in the Lyon Register. 13th of that ilk." but in 1722 Wm. but without supiporters. in a note says of this " Perhaps the very circumstance of his being an antiquary tempted him to the dishonesty chief. Cleland. while in 1717 Major William Cleland.' " He then goes on to point out that the sale of calling him " Nisbet. : branches) all . he being a great-grandson of this James' brother. by saying " the seat of the Laird of Cleland." or even given the date. viz. and second son of James. or to his son Alexander. brother of Alexander of the 14th Generation.. About 1649 we find the Laird of Cleland (probably James. heir of that ilk of the 14th generation. in speaking of the same place says that " antiently the seat of the Clelands of that ilk. of Alexander Cleland." nephew to sell to him. incumbent of Bothwell Parish. "lineal representative of the family of Cleland of that ilk. very old and chief of that name. That in 1710 Hamilton of Wishaw mentions Cleland as the seat of " the House Laird of Cleland. 13th of that ilk) mentioned in the " Memorie of the Somervilles. Instead would have put it he says "antiently. the Lairds of Cleland ? Since the " very old " refers to the family (as the critic in " the " Genealogist " informs us) why may not the " chief of that name also do so. John. and indicate merely that this was at one time the chief seat of the Clelands of Cleland from which they derived their name? I think it may be stated that the claims of the Rose-Clelands to descent from the second son. Alexander. (3)." mean that this had been the chief seat of the very old family of that name." Surely if the it was estate had only recently left the hands of the Clelands of that ilk he " until recently.

October 16. They wrote a letter to him. How long James Cleland survived the above date I am not informed. In 1654. but he " was fully determined to bury his daughter within the quier. and dealt very earnestly with him not to break the Act of the Assemblie. which induced him to relinquish his purpose and bury her without the church. ville of 29 Drum." together with Gavin Hamilton of Raploch and Robert Hamilton of Millburne. in Lesmahago . burgess in Hamilton." enters into a bond for himself and " Jounet Stirling his spouse relict to umqll Johne Aittoun Glasg. and Millburne." is on a Committee of for Lanark (1644).. Cleilland." It has already been pointed out that he Was not the last Cleland of Cleland." etc. Bee. on a committee for revaluing Lanark (1647). Bee. where he is styled James Cleland of that ilk. a Commissioner of . 1657. being informed off. returne. accompany Cambusnethan and his son to " Corsefoord boat. of the latter's daughter with Cambusnethan the younger the pair being married two months later. grandson of Hugh. resolved to bury his eldest daughter in the Choir of Cambusnethan Kirk. these most of his debts. 1656." who deceased October. who was the last of the Clelands of Cleland. etc. now of pt ilk. they came to Camnethan.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. falconer. with others of his relations. of " Johne Hamiltone.) that ilk. pn designit second lawll sone to umqll James Cleland of that ilk & his caris be twa bands. a passage upon Clyde. of In 1651 "James Cleilland of that ilke. war James Cleland. Conf. at Cleland tounmylne. but the last of the younger branch who assumed that title. having and Millburne. November. her first husband. second son of the deceased James Cleland of that ilk." (Comm." they his Grossart says "the last notice of James is in the testaof John Hamilton. in spite an Act passed by the General Assembly at the time (afterwards rescinded).' (xxxiii. This James Cleland is possibly James Cleland self-styled of since Cleland Mill lay very close to Cleland House. on a Committee of War (1648). "Cambusnethan efter visited his relations Raploch. which the Lairds of Raplock. Lord Somerville). Com." to treat with Corhouse and his friends about the marriage settlements. Vjc. Church. be band. who died in 1656. li. burges of Hamiltone. 1651. ment In the test. three gentlemen being cautioners for give him some advice about the settlement of these.) In 1655 " James Cleland of Cleland townmylne.. the following item occurs :—Award ' be James Cleland. " of Cleland. Glasg. Cleilland. but he was succeeded by his son Alexander.

Owing to some disagreement with his elder brother he retired in disgust to Laird Braes. leaving his son and successor. when his brother James styled himself Cleland of Cleland too. 22 July. 1632. James Cleland. — 15th Cleland of Cleland. 1624. a Justice of the Peace (1663). de Eodem is a witness Joanni Hamilton de Barganie to D. said to be the ancestor of the Clelands of Rath-Gael. Ireland. daughter of James Cleland. though a child. Great Seal. (d) Andrew Cleland (39). though his nephew. County of Wigton.) (c) William Cleland (38). must be another brother of Alexander.— Second or third son of Alexander Cleland of the 14th Generation. tioned above. brother of Alexander.) John Cleland (45). "Sold the lands of Cleland to a cousin of his own name. (f) Arthur Cleland (41). Laird Braes. Cleland." (Conf. daughter of William Hamilton of Wishaw. brother to Alexander of the 14th Generation. Joanni Hamiltoun de Carridin and his wife Lady Jean Douglas. of Cambusnethan.— 30 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. mentioned above. in 1675. in the Parish of Laswalt. ditto. (h) Marian Cleland (43). Married about 1651 Katherine Ross. Born about 1621." and owner of Cleland Estate. the application of " de eodem" to him shows the loose way in which the term was applied at this time. men- "And. and a Commissioner of Supply (1667. died in 1683. Mentioned in a legacy. 15th GENERATION. Selfstyled "Cleland of Cleland. the son of Alexander. Alexander Cleland (46). " pupil of the 4th Grossart says of him Class. brother of Alexander. 9 March. of Laird Braes. was the real Cleland of that ilk. grandchild of James Somerville. (g) Jean Cleland (42). Born about 1623. son of Alexander Cleland." (Nisbet." in Glasgow College. of the 14th Generation. 1678. This marriage 1689. of — : Alexander Cleland of Cleland was one of the Commissioners of Supply. Reg. brother of Alexander.) to a Charter of D. County Down. elder. " In 1685 and also in . (e) This John Cleland (40) of Cleland. mentioned above. Cleland (44). Son of James Cleland the younger. Excise (1661). 1685). fratre germano Joannis C. He was married to Margaret Hamilton. This is probably the Alexander Cleland. heir of that ilk. (Thomson's Acts. 163S.

or order at Muirhead's Coffee House in Edinburgh. married to Hamilton of Barr.) "Cleland of that ilk. advocate. 1701. for £6. is here introduced for preservation : Edinr. value received by you of me. and purchased by Gavin Hamilton of Inverdovat for the sum of . to William and many other and Archibald Hamilton. — — the Militia Alexander Cleland of Clelandtoun is a Commissioner for and also of Supply (1689).310 sterling. (Thomson's Acts. of Murdoston. Alexander Inglis Hamilton. were sold with Cleland estate. sold Cleland estate in 1766. 1726. 31 must have taken place about 1680. called the five pund land of Clelandtoun with the tower and fortalice. Archibald Hamilton Dalserf. 8d. John. me. and could not have a marriageable daughter much The following curious corroborative document earlier than that date. (Hist." collector of cess. it was sold by public roup.. he sold and disponed Cleland estate. was life-rented in part of Cleland estate. in Shotts parish. Alexander. to Captain Hew Dalrymple. cf the lands of Blairmucks. " Pay to " Margaret Hamilton. relict of the decesit Alexander Cleland of that ilk. or Lady Cleland as she was then called. Sheriff of Lanarkshire. and a daughter Margaret. persons. 10th of Udston.) ilk — . and long survived her husband. and shortly after his death. Married John Hamilton. They had a son. was the last of the Clelands Finding himself deeply indebted to William Hamilton of of Wishaw.£29. of Fordal." Margaret Hamilton. nyne pounds four shillings and eleven pence halfpennie sterl. in the parish of Shotts Ail and Haill the lands of Newarthill and Whitagreen the Mains All and Haill and Mill of Carphin Excepting thei-efra the feu ferm rights of Little Hareshaw. both vicarage and parsonage. 2nd. of the Hamiltons. in 1702. Margaret Cleland (47). for behoof of his creditors. Scots money. &c- — — in the barony of Bothwell —All and Haill the fertie shilling land of Little Hareshaw." —Gavin Hamilton. Margaret Hamilton.. as William Hamilton of Wishaw was married in 1660.— — THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. of Cleland. 5s. brother of Alexander).432 sterling. betwixt and the tenth day of January next. as I have already stated. which may explain her connection with Gavin Hamilton at the above date." The teinds. At the date of sale the estate is described as " All and Haill the lands of Clelandtoun. or in 1711.185 being £2. Daughter of Cleland of that (probably James. Dec." " To Gavin Hamilton. " Accepts Purchaser of the estate of Cleland.

Scott had. 1699. unravelled Walter Scott states that he was the father of Major William Cleland of that ilk. In the Covenanting troubles of 1678 and 1679. Cleland de eodem hoeres. but. and much of the success of this victory over Claverhouse is attributed to him. William then passed over to In 1685 he took part in Holland. with the young Earl of Angus as Colonel. four years later. James (52) and William. William Cleland was one of his warmest supporters. Commissioner — of Customs. :6th GENERATION. "Jacobus Cleland (49). William Cleland His exact position in the family tree has never been (51). the Alexander who wrongfully — assumed the title of "that ilk. and father of Grandson of Alexander. 1689. Shortly afterwards the regiment." This is probably a son of the Alexander Cleland who married Margaret Hamilton of Wishaw. This seems a fitting place to introduce the name and family of the distinguished Covenanter. James and William took an active share. . The latter was one of the leaders of the Covenanters at Drumclog. and a daughter. and it is possible that the Major was a nephew. in the moment of victory over the Highland Army. garner-keeper (factor) to the Marquis of Douglas. Glasgow College. Cleland Cleland. 14th Major William Cleland. married to Baillie Haddow. His father was Thomas Cleland (50). and returned again to the Continent on its When William of Orange came over disastrous conclusion. whose Christian name is not known. and here. They were both also present at Bothwell Brig.-COLONEL WILLIAM CLELAND. D. where he studied law. It was through his energy and instrumentality that the famous Cameronian regiment. (48). presumably.32 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. Shortly after his . Poet and Founder of the Cameronian Regiment. pupil of the 4th Class. about 1680. some definite grounds for his opinion. William Cleland fell in the 28th year of his age." LIEUT. on the 29th August. or Haddoway in Douglas. under his command. was raised in one day without beat of drum on the Holm at Douglas. But not only as a soldier was he famous. where they all resided. where apparently James was killed. as Macaulay points out. a glance at their respective birth-dates at once disposes of this. Argyle's Rebellion. Thomas had two sons. The Covenanter is usually styled a cadet of the house. were posted at Dunkeld.

In Carruthers' "Life of Pope" appears the following account of Major William Cleland " To the enlarged edition of the Dunciad was prefixed a Letter to : dated from St. Scott confounding a nephew with a son. and by a fourth. Since his statement is not only definite. —Commissioner of Cus- " Major William Cleland. it is unlikely to be entirely groundless. lineal representative of the family of Cleland of that ilk. the literary aims. when the Cameronian would be about 13 years old. James's. and a censure of the dunces. The letter is so firmly established that all defences and appearances of this kind were believed to emanate from himself. Commissioners of H. Jan. Sheriff of Lanarkshire.) William Cleland." The arms are the usual ones of the family with the supporters. one the Commissioners of the Customs in Scotland. Nisbet's Heraldry says that "Major Wm. inasmuch as the latter was killed in 1689. records arms in the Lyon's Register. Dennis professed not to know whether such a worthy person as William Cleland was in existence by another pamphleteer he was set down as a counterfeit friend by a third he was designated as Pope Alexander's man William . the Cameronian. 17th GENERATION. but appears in two different works. however. who seems to have heard something of ' ' . "Hollow. as Warburton asserts.-Col. accompanied by a fuller biographical account.M. 1717. of which two are and are quoted by Scott in his Minstrelsy. Pope's character for artifice was the Publisher. an elder brother James (the two names being frequently mentioned together. greatgrandson of the last-mentioned Alexander Cleland of that ilk (14th Cleland of that ilk). believed that Cleland was the author of the letter." of Scott states that this man was the son of Lt. and James's always first). one of the Hon. but. (1722. Cleland. The Cameronian had. ' ' C . It is hoped soon to re-issue his poems. 33 death appeared a collection of his poems. and the Major may have been the son of this James. and genius of Pope. especially noteworthy. Customs in Scotland. an elaborate vindication of the satire. my fancie. combined with unqualified praise of the moral character." of 1678. this relationship is obviously impossible. and Major Cleland was only born in 1674 (dying at the age of 67 in 1741). carries the principal arms of the family as a tessera of his blood and primogeniture.— TEE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. ' ' now . 2nd. But no one. and as is abundantly proved by the contemporary prints. 17th Cleland of that ilk. (53). at the age of 28 years. Major William Cleland toms. and signed William Cleland." and a "Description of the Highland Host.

held the rank of major. to Mrs.* — . and. when Cleland was in politics and private society. a Scotch spy.) obtained employment in the civil service. a three-quarters length. he in Spain he was one of the persons in London to whom the proceedings of the Scotch peers. His complaisant friend. that though Cleland had. on the accession of George I. etc. Pope writes to Lord Polwarth that he acknowledged the receipt of Cleland's The name of letter. will please read this from his affectionate friend. Miss Kelly. He was. would then take up the subject. Cleland. etc. Marchmont. Pope presented a portrait of himsulf by . were directed to be communicated. and represented by Lord Carysfort. and overpowered by his importunities. He was thus a man of some rank. * Major Sputter. or in recorded by Spence.Tervas. Huntingdonshire. a careless. jecture as to the actual state of the case between poet and commentator. by his subserviency.34 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. according to Pope. earned the poet's gratitude.. that he might be honest even to farthings. probable that the Major owed his social position. who met in Edinburgh in that year. for ministers and others at home. irresolute man. and a copy of the quarto Homer. " It is clear. and line of defence. we suspect. having. His wife seems to have been the conversations and it is acquainted with Swift. mentioned in Swift's letters.' In reality. and probably under personal obligations to Pope. the poet's friend and shieldbearer was a gentleman who had served in the army. true or false. as Pope afterwards said. the latter inscribed in the poet's neat complimentary style " Mr. and was known to most of Pope's friends. however. and subsequent to 1723. as a Commissioner for the Land Tax and House Duty in England. Cleland's influence and connexions. lived in St.. we find Pope acknowledging the receipt of a letter from him of six pages. He may also have had ' We may suppose that in the letters which bear his name. Stair. the explanatory statements. knowing how some share tremblingly alive the poet was to all that concerned his reputation. related to the Proby family. Cleland nowhere appears in the Pope and Swift correspondence. They had the same feeling and tastes as to literature. and associated with the Scotch Tory peers. In 1733 Cleland. . who had travelled is styled and Italy." The book and picture are : still at Elton Hall. add at least part of the panegyric. we believe. In mentioning the letter of six pages. at Cleland's intercession. his sixty-sixth year. Lady Worsley. Pope set to the study of Don Quixote most likely in Jervas's translation. and been under Lord Rivers He retired from the army after the peace. now * She was.. He had an official income of =£500 a year. were written out by Pope. James's Place. and gathered intelligence. and cast the whole in a somewhat Such seems to be a reasonable confreer and less author-like style. to which we have alluded.' name to Pope whenever he wanted it is not easily accounted for. So late as 1739. he was also a man of universal learning and enlarged conversaHow he submitted to such humiliations as that of lending his tion. A Pope. fond of display. first as a Commissioner of Customs in Scotland. . the tone of sentiment. and. and (apparently in Spain.. Cleland who reads all books. he had failed to win his respect. in some measure. to Mr.

he was self. and the other Tories. and if it had any foundation. therefore. Cleland son. must. " During his early London life. 1714. abandon Swift's Colonel Cleland. a Colonel Cleland contemporary with the Major. John Cleland. and sometimes colonel. and. as laying ' ' ' long traps ' to engage interest. dated Sep. and an extensive miscellaneous writer. and we do so with some regret. Major Cleland Cleland ' 35 family. was.' no one would have been surprised to find a gentleman who had been in the army sometimes called major. the house declined. we suspect. : " of Pope. and as a true Scotchman . Lord Dupplin. shown himself to be diligent. proud that he was carry the principal arms of his family as a tessera of his entitled to (Nisbet's Heraldry. In the Steele correspondence published by Nichols there is a letter. as we had hoped to identify him as the father of — another Cleland usually connected with Pope's friend. however. the unfortunate and worthless man of letters. He had for twenty years. and. author of an infamous novel. and we know that by a true Scotchman Swift meant everything that is most cold. probably. was Swift's Cleland but on the name . Pope says.' the representative of an old Scotch of that distinguished for its services and alliances from William Cleland's great-grandfather (sic) sold the lands of Cleland. namely. There was. precisely one of this class him- the character was lessly applied. and William. and pertinacious We everything. But the difference between Swift's Cleland and Will Honeycomb is essential. crafty. He wrote some tracts on the State of the Sugar Plantations. and philosophers. though well connected and educated. is the following note to and supposed The friend and correspondent be the Will Honeycomb of the Spectator. in which Steele mentions his intention of dining with Cleland. office punctual and incorruptible in his of Commissioner of Taxes. whom Swift met in Society in 1713. This. Cleland is said to have been the The tradition rests on no good prototype of Will Honeycomb. Swift described his to have been a Colonel Cleland. that is unlike Will Honeycomb. year making the ridicule stronger. Of his who is still living. 1722). and . after the Queen's death. and bookish men." " The last days of Major Cleland seem to have been unhappy. like many blood and primogeniture of his countrymen of gentle birth but small fortune. was ilk. 8. he entertained Lady Marlborough and Steele. in short. He was married. of the old beau for the purpose of Cleland was only in his thirty-eighth was drawn.1676901 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. colonel as the keenest of all place-hunters. Steele must have altered authority some traits of character. when the Spectator Club of instead despising scholars. and who was anxious to be appointed Governor of Barbadoes. ' The prototype of Will (though it is extremely doubtful whether drawn from any particular person) is always said Military titles were then very careand if Trooper Steele could be universally known as Captain. see Anecdotes of Bowyer. sent into the army. ' ' . and added at least twenty years to the age the time of Wallace and Bruce. This Colonel Cleland gave dinners to Swift.

he was suddenly displaced by the Minister. and bred at the University of Utrecht. and died two months afterwards. yet he was suddenly displaced by the Minister. for all this. the election was afterwards. we suspect. or a sincerer attachment to the constitution of his country." Now. and such an act of contumacy in a government official. gent. the to the Publisher Occasioned by the first correct Edition of the Dunciad " is signed " William Cleland. the public will not allow him to be the author of this letter.1741). constituted an unforgivable offence. and the high bailiff was censured for calling in the military and arbitrarily closing the poll-books. ("Daily Post" of Tuesday. He was. published in 1767. after a short illness. the previous volumes of the paper are dedicated to real and not to imaginary individuals. After the peace he was land He served in Spain under Earl Rivers. declared void. And yet. A few more months redressed the wrong of the Westminster electors. though the Court candidates were returned by a small majority. with the Earl of Mar. 1728. on petition. Colonel William Cleland was the original of Will Honeycomb (and note that the Christian names are the same) Steele would. September 22. as an elector. William Cleland was no more. St. . by dedicating this volume indirectly to him." In a note is added " This Gentle- famous " Letter man was of Scotland. Cleland. made one of the Commissioners of the Customs in Scotland. no man had a warmer . heart for his friend. at his house in St."* or injustice on the part of Walpole must. to whom he was indebted for the * On Monday last died. known to be opposed to the administration. in the sixty-eighth year of his age and died two months after. the representation of Westminster was contested with extraordinary keenness and. though without any other assistance of fortune. in 1741. having shewn himself for twenty years dili. ere this time arrived. his widow. Administration to his effects was granted to Lucy Cleland. but. October 29th. James's. be ascribed to In May. This harshness we suppose. pay a graceful compliment to one." The eighth and last volume of the " Spectator " is dedicated to " Will Honeycomb. etc. . who for many years was one of thr Commissioners of the Land Tax. a general Parliamentary election took place. 22. punctual and incorruptible. and it is surely unlikely that this should be the only instance of departure from that rule. politics. James's Place. he had no other assistance of fortune . Dec. be found on the side of the country party. would. In the edition of Pope's works. moreover. He was a person of universal learning and an enlarged conversation. 1741. Major Cleland.36 THE AXCIEXT FAMILY OF CLELAND. no doubt. and annihilated the power of the Minister. at a time when Walpole was making his last great struggle to retain office. If. and then (after 1723) of Taxes in Engin which.

III. since he was. I had still been immersed in sin and sea-coal. Was he this Colonel Cleland? When the " Spectator" was written in 1710 to 1714. the Commissioner." With regard to this reference to coal. Ch. in 1710." whom Hamilton mentions as living in Cleland House in 1710. . inclosers. Moreover. however. I am so pleased with it that I am resolved to live and die upon it. though the estates of Cleland had passed out of his hand. Colonel Cleland would only be 36 to 40 j-ears of age. by a dedication of such a nature. — — We may consider. then. In No. must have been a descendant of the cousin who bought the place. woods. Probably. it is probable that. the " Laird of Cleland. in his "History of England" (Vol. Steele would not be at all likely to adhere to strict ages when such a fine opportunity for wit occurred as saying that Will Honeycomb had been 48 now for the last 12 years. However.— THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. Now. the descendant of the main branch who had sold the estates to a cousin of the same name two generations back . when Will Honeycomb writes to the Club giving notice of his marriage to his tenant's daughter though she has no portion occurs the statement that. 530. he would look and be older at 40 than his age would warrant. But since my late forced visit to my estate. as we see. 37 Were Will Honey- comb an entirely fictitious character. would miss an opportunity one he would be unlikely to pass by of ingratiating some distinguished acquaintance. Steele. 7. then. there is in an unlooked-for situation. or of acknowledging a friendship so useful to him. still retained property in the neighbourhood. and coall"! And at the present day there is a large coal-pit in the estate just behind the house. much of of the — which is coal-bearing. " if my dog of a steward had not run away. 1712. Cleland House cannot have belonged to Major Cleland the Commissioner in 1710. Is there any other support to his claim? Strange to say.. since at that time he would certainly be entering on middle-age. chief of that name. This statement of the age. by no means militates against the supposition that Colonel Cleland was the prototype of Will Honeycomb. portrayal of a most delightful personage. Macaulay. and was not really the chief. whereas in one numbers Will Honeycomb is laughed at for having been 48 for the last 12 years. if Colonel Cleland had lived a life such as Will Honeycomb lived. that Will Honeycomb was not entirely a fictitious character. mentions that "Cleland House is a good house with convenient gardens. it is rather strange to find that Hamilton of Wishaw. Nov.

" (Robert Chambers' " Lives of Eminent Scotsmen. who heard of it (i.." 1814.— From Mrs. who flourished in the beau monde at London. and who. 5. William Cleland. William Duty on Houses. and is laying He these long traps for me and others. Vol. . was the intimate of Pope. July 8th." " Pope also made use of Cleland to write a letter to say (16 Dec.. " Oct. 195.e." In the Register of Wills. At night I dined in the city. Cleland.. appointed Commissioner for the 620. at Pontack's. After the revolution. Westminster. the Commissioner). " I must beg the favour of you to enclose your letters for me to William Cleland. deceased. prefixed to the Dunciad. here mentioned. . in the reign of Queen Anne and George I. Esq. p. Cleland. Swift. Bath. arid James II. XVIIL. besides ' enjoying the honour of having his embalmed in the Spectator. Note Mrs.— "Oct. administr.— Miss Kelly's letter to Swift. Barber. with Lord Dupplin and some others. F. In this singular pedigree.) in a note points out the impossibility of the Cameronian being the father of the Commissioner. he became Colonel of what was called the Cameronian Regiment. Somerset House. 1733." Scott's Swift. * To whom Pope inscribed the letter preliminary of the Dunciad. deceased. at the head of which he was killed at Dunkeld in 1G89.. of the latter. a gentleman of character and fashion. London.e.. was being — granted to Lucy Cleland. Esq. considered different individual from the Com- missioner of Customs. and his son John was the author of an infamous book but too widely circulated." character of Swift's The following is the reference in Walter Scott's edition "Journal to Stella. that he " was well known twenty years later (i. Bristol.) 38 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND.. We were treated by one Colonel Cleland* who has a mind to be Governor of Barbadoes.e. Kelly. Scott's Swift.. ' — wife of the Colonel. a Presbyterian poet. has a son who merited the pillary. Stephen's Court. first sworn duly to adstr. in St. 3. Swift's Treatise in 1736. too well known as the author of the most infamous book in the English language. who wrote several hudibrastic satires in the style of Cleveland. widow of the Relict of the sd. No. Gentleman's Magazine. a fanatic poet begets a free living wit. XIX. and adds. XIII." "A second Colonel Cleland (i.' under the delightful fiction of Will Honeycomb. against the persecutors of his sect during the reigns of Charles II. Westminster. His son. Cleland. Polite Conversation ') from Mrs. March. was the author of a letter to Pope.. p. 1741. in the County of Middx. Scott's genealogical mistake in his note has already been referred to. Commissioner of Taxes.. 91. and the wits of Queen Anne's time and had himself a son. A. in the with much reason to be a quoted. Esq. He was the son of Colonal Cleland.. of the Goods Chattels and Credits of William Cleland late of the Parish of St. about 1709) in the literary society of London. 1735. p. and he. 1712.. " Lady Worsley. to a Colonel Cleland extract above whom Carruthers. On the twenty-ninth day. James. He rendered some not very reputable services to Pope. London. to engage our interest for him." etc. — is a true Scotchman.

. m. John." notices his :— The ' Gentleman's Magazine ' death thus : — ' Major Wm. James Brydges. Hamilton-Gray of Carntyne. The heraldries give the arms of Clelland of Barbadoes differenced from those of the head of the .. 8.) . Lord Oxford to recommend a son of Church. 1730) asks Cleland. having been elected from Westminster . ton.N. : . several times. 11. : (To Mrs. p. 24. to confound this Colonel with the Major Cleland. Sept. and with anything but respect a Colonel Cleland.— THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND.) " Dear Prue." (Burke's Commoners. . and as it appears. Cleland. March The note to this passage goes on 30. got the Barbadoes appoint1718. .' and as intriguing for the governorship of Barbadoes (Swift. R. ." Quoted from " Burke's Commoners. 1838. married Thos. justices. III." " His Sister. ' . Vol. all Commissioners Major Wm. who was then at Christ ' ' in 1728. with great respect. ccvii. of Newton. had issue. proved in London) ment and died in a very few years. and by her. who died in 1733. Sir Walter Scott). II. of Knownoblehill and Tapely and this last. now represented by the Rev. No. Sep. mentioned above by Carruthers. 1712-13. Captain Wm. Cleland. Timon was intended for Pope (3 Nov. the friend of Pope. as soon Lady Marlborough as she is at leisure after dinner. Major Wm. consists of this Nichols. 67. Cleland. Peebles (see his will. ed. of Nat." 1866. family." old edition. in order to see I have spoken to well. Duke of Chandos. Swift mentions him and his wife. in his Diary to Stella. to William Gray. 1731) in contradiction of 39 the report that . but he really was son of James Cleland of Stonepath. Biocjr") The reference amongst I. m. Cleland.. Aug. I. Journal.. p.. 1714. brother of of Wellhouse. Vol.. a Commissioner of the House-tax. James. of representative of the ancient family of Clelland of Clelland in Lanarkshire. Steele. whom he describes as a true Scotchman. 1787." The following 1866 " is extracted from " Notes and Queries. mentioned above as head of the family. Elizabeth. two or three of the and I think all will do Your most obedient husband. to Andrew Gray II. J. I shall dine at Clelands. his heir. Richard Steele. Steele's Letters (edited by- 114. Ed." (Stephen's " Diet. Andrew Gray. by a writer in " Notes and Queries. Dorothea. "Thomas Hamilthe sister of Major Clelland. aet. ! a place of <£500 a-year Curiously enough there were three William Clelands.) to Colonel Cleland. Hamilton Newton. who died in 1733. I. 1741. who m.

C. Esq. thus notices his John Cleland (54). where. with little or no benefit Being without profession or any settled means of to his fortunes. John Earl Granville. that. surrounded by a good library. combe.— 40 . but quarreling with some of the members of the presidency of Bombay. which he enjoyed to his death. he soon fell into difficulties. and which will be consigned to his memory whilst its poisonous contents are in circulation. In this situation. and was contem- porary with Lord Mansfield. could not be less than £10. where he was admitted in 1722. The son. in a retired situation in Petty France. that celebrated fictitious member of the Spectator's Club. THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAXD. C. and " The Man of Honour. to be the son of Major William Cleland. &c. many years. &c. p. which time has not obliterated. were the consequences. Mr. one of those booksellers who disgrace the profession. by getting him a pension of d£100 per year.— Supposed death : Jan. whom Steele describes under the name of Will Honeyportrait of him hung up in the son's library till his death. and died at the advanced age of 82 (sic). and of some curious tracts on He lived within the income from his pension for the Celtic language. A rake at the beginning of this century. went as consul to Smyrna.— In Petty France. author of the long letters given in the public prints. and was the signed a Briton. at the age of 13. and some share of his dissipations. as well as his being a man of some parts. to whom he was a very agreeable companion. and speaking them all * The sum given ttle sale for the copy of this work was^twenty guineas. from time to time. 18th GENERATION. 180. except " The Memoirs of a Coxcomb. mostly dedicated his time to political and philological publications. he made a precipitate retreat from the East. offered him a temporary relief for writing the work* above alluded to. and the circumstance of his distress being known. The sum received fe- . 17th Cleland of that ilk. too infamous to be particularised. 1789. aged 80. perhaps. in a subsequent publication. and its miseries. understanding most of the living languages. For this publication he was called before the privy council." written as an amende honourable for his former exceptionable book. subsistence. a prison. Modestus. and which had so much the desired effect. John Cleland. he first imbibed those loose principles which." which has some smack of dissipated manners.000. which brought a stigma on his name. 1709-1789. the then president. 23. The "Gentleman's Magazine" for 1789. In conversation he was very pleasant and anecdotical. tarnished his reputation On his return from Smyrna he went to the East Indies as an author. with the scatterings of his father's fortune. after pass ing through the forms of a good education at Westminster-college. which indicates all the manners and d'abord of the fashionable town- He was the son of Col. and the occasional visits of some literary friends. nobly rescued him from the like temptation.

in the fashionable costume of the beginning of the century. J.— THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. from whom Steele drew the celebrated character of Will Honeycomb in the " Spectator. but when Nichols adopted the memoir in a note to his second edition of his Anecdotes of Bowyer. the son of Cleland. song. 41 As a writer. when in administration to his effects was 1741. but when he touched he touched it like a torpedo.." probably another son of the Major's (Carruthers' " Life of Pope") — —was In Welch's the following : "Alumni 24th April. Cleland. was a of Pope's friend diligent collector In the Anecdotes of Bowyer Pope. however. having gone to Smyrna. so far as we know. and his evidence never having been. he shewed himself best in novels. in some mercantile adventure. January 23rd. we suppose. who asserted of facts and eminently versed in the He had the best means of literary gossip of the eighteenth century.. appears St. 1789. Col. contemporaries in London. and soporific. was the son this. notwithstanding the erroneous military designation. having been elected in 1722. (1782). strong and almost conclusive." and land-tax. xv. aged A memoir of him appeared in the " Gentleman's " and " Scots " Magazines for February. writing. must be received as decisive. who mentions John Cleland as the son of Colonel Cleland. did not know that there were two military Clelands. John Cleland died in Westminster. and afterwards to the East Indies. A. Peter's College. One Henry Cleland elected in 1725. We find that he was a Westminster scholar.. It not stated in this memoir that Colonel Cleland was the friend and correspondent of Pope. and the friend and correspondent of eighty.. " whcse name is to a letter prefixed to the Dunciad. he was cold. Nichols. benumbing. he inserted is this fact. but they both knew that John's father was Pope's friend. — . Election Tuesday. and there he is again represented as the son of Colonel Cleland. and it is mentioned that a portrait of the father. and the lighter species of authorship politics. contradicted. we should be glad represented as having been the son of " Colonel to be able to divorce him from all connexion with the retired Major and literary Commissioner of the The evidence on the other side is." . He is supported also by Isaac Reed. it is said. Note. but he left the same year. Admitted into age 11. always hung in the son's library. apparently. editor of the " European Magazine " (vol." Nichols and Reed. Lucy Cleland." 1852. Westmonasteriensis. 1722. John Cleland's father is stated to have been a colonel. was then abroad. and the original of Will Honeycomb. obtaining information as to this particular point. abiit (1723).. granted his widow. While John Cleland was living. it was twice asserted in print that he and correspondent.. very fluently. " John Cleland is Cleland. the son.).D. John Cleland. At his father's death .

but the candour of a liberal construction will hardly rank among them its being liable to an abuse. or suppressed. 533). which is. Cleland. H. " It is said that he was an agreeable companion. and of the Antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland in particular. In the Proposals for continuing his Celtic — — ' ' ' ' he says. in aid of an Explanation of various Points of Antiquity in general. probably one of presumably the most useful and valuable works that any language or any nation could have had to boast of.' and Proposals for publishing by subscription. Not that I am insensible of there being many and just objections to this method. 8vo. Edward Llhuyd. or Essay."—T. Cleland. 1789. that.. Here follows a short summary of his doings. indispensably and labours. as admitted to college. The above make John Cleland. as being the only one. b." under 170£ appears " Hen. by Means of the Analitic* Method. John Cleland. 1712. age 13. implicitly require. . the second part of The British Archaeology. In a " List of the Captains of each election.' of one of our greatest and solidist Antiquaries. 1725. in 1768. and his conversation full of anecdotes. a previous date is acknowledged to be wrong (p. and the aids of all kinds which it must.' etc. Oxford.F. from his disgust or discouragement. or dropped. " As to the recourse to a subscription. Whoever considers the vast comprehensiveness of this plan. not unworthy the education he received at Westminster. Cleland (election. on the 23rd Jan. 1711. did not effectually carry it on. to have justice done to it. as not to be without some right to solicit the assistance It was the failure of that assistance. for the retrieval of the . "Bowyer published in 1765 'The Way to Things by Words and to Words by Things. This is no more than what it has in common with the best of things. brother to John (Admissions. I have no apology to make for it. This publication was followed. to Radicals. at the advanced age of 80. b. that it is necessary. and especially British Antiquities.' and in 1769 by Additional Articles to the Specimen.42 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. illustrated by a Glossary of various. 1722) Weston. by 'Specimens of an Ethnological* Vocabulary. Peter's College. 1728). or Reduction quarto. the work of the publick. Note. or. but one. He was brother to H. Cleland has displayed a great fund of ingenuity and erudition. in two volumes The Celtic Retrieved. Hyde's boiling his reparable ! * " The writer's Celtic has swallowed up his Greek. at ' least. and he He died also understood and spoke fluently most modern languages. lost to it itself to imply so much of proposed utility to the publick." This date must be erroneous. who. will easily allow the undertaking to be not only impossible to a small private fortune but even where there might be a large one. Henry Cleland. 1725.' by Mr. admitted into St. to retrieve the antient with Celtic A View of a Literary Plan. at his having been forced to publish the first part at his own heavy expense a loss this to the British republic of letters hardly Need I mention the celebrated Dr. A. Henry Cleland. by the Analitic Method. In these publications Mr. antient Celtic. Indentures.D.

' admired by all literary Europe. pp. that patron and promoter of literature.' London. language actually existing nowhere as a language. but of having much more to apologise for. II. £58 of Vol." (Leslie Stephen's "Diet. use in common conversation. Sharpe. In 1751 Memoirs No punishment was of a Coxcomb.") . which appeared in the " Gentleman's Magazine. at least included in Proposals from more than one foreigner.) Nichols then proceeds to copy the account of John Cleland. of Nat. 1765. the other on the the Freemasons. or mother-tongue. who is said to have altered the language of the book for the worse after it had been favour. and publishing them.C.") " In 1750 he published ' Fanny Hill. 12mo.." (" NicJtoTa Literary Anecdotes of Bowyer. the one on the Origin of the Musical Waits at Christmas. and to Words by Things. however. for the satisfactory elucidation of some of the most But how far I may find the publick interesting British antiquities. 3 vols. a work of greater merit. . finding. II. 451-2). F. The is Way to Things by Words and added a succinct account of the Brahmins.. with the greater merit of his not deserting it in its present state of disgrace.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. I have thought it my duty to form a wish. disposed to second that wish. b-56. and neglected at home." 1789. De Religione Veterum Persarum.. of which himself is at once an ornament. Anecdote-':. in extenuation of my presumption to address the publick under such disadvantages.. with almost the whole impression left on his hands. Real Secret of SurThe Man of Honour. and a support. I say. so unpromising a prospect before me. . .. . modern or antient. and everywhere as the root of all or most of the languages in Europe. T. With so cold. as early as other countries." 1812. .000. The Bookseller gave him only £20 for it. I have only. and very justly conscious of not only an uncomparably less title to favourable opinion. of Niclwls' " Lit. Vol. copying them from Lowden.. in possession of the benefit of such a retrieval. at this instant. ' .. J. and this it is. was made to stand 1757. so low was For the rethe taste tor literature in this country. the obligation to the public spirit of Dr. I make little doubt of his correcting Lady Mary Wortley Montague's letters. already sunk publication of this work. when he died. " Cleland's excuse before the Privy Council was poverty. and is said to have received £20. must remain entirely at the discretion of that publick. ' 43 tea-kettle. and entering into the composition of almost every word that ! we now. of that profoundly learned treatise of his. or the learned language of the . ' ' don. we have now. dead or living.' . 12mo. . ably noticed in the 'Monthly Review' in the pillory in (ii.' Lonprises of Love.' to which Sanscrit. than of any merit to plead. the retrieval of this elementary. a judge. 8vo. inflicted on Cleland. 1766. and a second in 1749. but a bookseller (Drybutter). if the British publick was not. 17 — . also two essays. or to enable me to fulfil it. London. 457." (Note to p. that it might not be my fault. a first part had appeared previously in 1748. though he gives no reference to it. one solemn and unaffected truth Finding this retrieval of the Celtic (that to offer. Biogr.

wife used to speak of the gallant appearance he made on horseback with his family as they rode into or out of Lanark. was Commissioner in the Customs. near which they lived. see Monthly Review II. The House of Mouse Mill still stands about two miles from Lanark on the Mouse near Cartland Crags. died in 1777." it was something very close. I. is not exactly known. but is more likely to have been his brother or cousin. This is said to have been the last property owned in the neighbourhood of the ancestral estates by the Clelands of Cleland. however we have already mentioned that Major William Cleland himself may have been a son of James Cleland. elder brother of the Cameronian. 56-59. for in 1800.44 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. Here probably John Cleland W." Supposed to be a son of Major William Cleland. and this James Covenanter.. 431. Married Anne Smellie about 1734 or 1735. we find that Walter Cleland. Griffiths. xxx. " In support of my statement about Mr. Carnaby Sq. — Mentioned above in Welch's Alumni W estmonasteriensis . the Whatever the relationship is. Robert's. she did not know whether her greatgrandfather or not. Cleland's grand-daughter. His youngest son. and just on the opposite side of the river Mouse is the mill from which it receives its name. to investigate his claim to the honours of the family. Pope's friend is described always as Major Cleland. Commissioner of Customs. Mouse Mill. sixty years after the Commissioner's death. James Cleland (56). March. 1750 The book to which I allude is that which was written by the son of a Colonel Cleland. of 23. Born about 1710-1715. He — . A letter from his infamous descendant or kingsman is printed in the Garrick Correspondence. others consider him a nephew. apparently at Mouse Mill. : — — . and just beside the old Roman Bridge.. claims to be the head of the family.J Henry " Cleland (55).' 1854. Vol. In compliance to your request I have perused Nisbet's Heraldry and other London.. I.S. in Crossford.. directed a John Brown." (John Forster's " Life of Goldsmith. Its situation is very picturesque. who is generally supposed to have been Pope's Cleland. Carnaby St. This James Cleland's relationship to Major William Cleland. William Cleland he is much more likely to have been a grandson. . that "one of the Clelands. grandson of James Cleland... who writes to him thus on March 4th " Sir. By some he is said to have been a son. Miss Annie Haldane writes. A very unreliable source states that he was the son of James Cleland.

8th April. Major Cleland.'s reign. my researches will meet with your approbation." of James VI. . Surely. to prevent you from applying for the honours of that family in your person. Cleland. Walter's above quoted seems to be connected with an investigathis. Died at Lanark. Strange to say." This is sealed with the seal of the Clelands of Cleland In containing supporters indicating a head of the family. John Fullarton Cleland. grandfather. which has been faithfully transcribed. Sir. and were on the point of having the matter legally investigated when a bank crisis rendered such efforts impossible. had his grandfather. John Brown. I see nothing. James Cleland. 45 books respecting the ancient family of Cleland. For more than a hundred years now there has been a rumour that a latent baronetcy existed in the family. Your most obliged and most humble servant. of which you are so conspicuous a branch. refers to this dormant baronetcy also. It cannot be connected with " Sir James Cleland of Monkland. and great-grandfather were so comparatively recent as to render this unnecessary. 19th Cleland of Cleland. is mentioned as being the Cleland of Cleland of his day Walter Cleland must have been his great-grandson it never seems to have entered Walter's mind to make out any genealogical tree.S.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. I am with the greatest esteem. and styling himself a descendant of Major William Cleland through the Clelands of Carnbee. Major William Cleland. H.. Commissioner of Customs. fact. the abstract. This being an age when justice and equity are done to the claimants of titles and estates. Commissioner Walter Cleland would have left record of the and of the means by which he claimed the honours of the family. been other than the : : eldest son leaving issue of the of Customs. W. sir. J. letter tion into 19th GENERATION. to which Walter Cleland and his descendants were entitled. 1777. Hoping. but neither through him. was said to be entitled to the baronetcy. aged 41 years. writing in 1831. in his lifetime. It has been said that Walter or his son William Lennox Cleland had proved their right to such a title to their own satisfaction. Knt. a Col. sir. since he is never styled a "banneret" and was not a Cleland of that ilk. probably because the names and dates of death of his father. John Cleland (57).— 1735-1777. and have been enabled to send you the annexed account. nor by any other means have I ever been able to ascertain on what grounds the claim was based.

Zeigler in London. Married Janet Cleland. and had issue. John Glen. They had six children Mary Muter died at Edin. 29th November. He so poor that he had scarcely anything to give them to eat. Mrs. afterwards married Dr. daughter of the deceased Robert Mutter. He was also wrapped up in music. Born 1736. of Lanark. and had four sons and a daughter. now both in the Tron Kirk. March 5th. John Cleland. — . Morris at Bristol. — Married Miss Johnstone. J.— Born Robert 1745. but none survived. John. late writer in Lanark. Cleland (62). was unfortunately most extravagant. and Miss Mary Mutter." John Cleland. 8th April. Haldane viz.S.— Born 1742. Agnes Wingate. even when he was the violin.) confirmed. Herring Catherine Cleland. Wingate by his wife Janet. W. " John.S. writer. bapt.) : Sister. also a great musical genius. Youngest brother of John Born 1748. Mart Cleland (60). 1758. 1790. merchant in South Leith. 14th February. Mrs." In the City Parish Register " John at Edinburgh appears this notice of the marriage Clelland. William. then Mr. (1866. — — James Cleland (59). Born 1737. " John Cleland and Mary Muter were married at Edinboro' by the Rev. putting them in beautiful order. 41 years of age. ford. Haldane of Edinburgh. : 26th April. Died about 1800. but none survived. She left no issue by her two last marriages. I knew in Edinburgh an old gentleman of the name of Stoddart who was well acquainted with him. son to James Cleland and Anne Smellie in CrossAccording 1735. Brother of John in London. daughter of Rev. He told me he was remarkably handsome and elegant and a very fine player on He also kept many fine hunters. has his testament (Com miss. Herring in a note refers to old Miss Annie Haldane as giving her the information that one of the Clelands was Commission of Customs. Married Dr." (Reg. Annie. March 6. He was a Writer to the Signet in Edinburgh. sold them immediately and bought others. 1758.) Margaret Cleland (61). William Cleland (58). He had originally a good fortune. but for his amusement used to be in the habit of buying dilapidated country places. Was a ship chandler Was married and had issue. aged 27 years. James. and when his improvements were finished. daughter of a Col. 1767. Johnstone. Brother.) to one statement. George. 1777.46 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. died at Lanark. Le&mahago. Cleland W. " My father's father.." (Extract from letter of Mrs.

47 daughter and heiress of James Fenton of Millearn. of Earnshaw. Was twice married. He held the office of principal registrar of the diocese of Sarum. Robert Cleland as his grandfather. FIFESHIRE. Cleland (68). Hans Cleland (69). elder son. London. Son Appointed to the Bengal Army. J. married Jacobina. head of the family. Colonel Robert " Cleiland " (64)." " Scot's Magazine. 63rd Foot. Esq. Lieut. (a) Robert Cleiland (65)." Dodwell and Miles' " Indian Army. John and William. Lieutenant R. He died February 26th. 1848. in command of ELM. By his first wife he had three 1782). Por- — teous. 3rd GENERATION. He left two sons. April 2nd.— Probably a son of William Douglas Cleland. (Writer in " Notes and Queries") He died in 1760. (b) Molesworth Cleiland (66). Was — killed in America in 1777. who all died young. April 12th. 2nd GENERATION. with two sons. refers to Burke's *' Heraldic Illustrations. Left issue. 28th. Lieutenant R. of Carnhee. CLELANDS OF CARNBEE. 1839. in 1831. James. By his second wife. J. he had an only son. Col. Perthshire." " Gentleman's Maga- — zine. only child of James Moir. is said to have been a grandson of Major Cleland. Robert. in the gift of Bishop Douglas. H. H. 1st GENERATION. married Rev. William Douglas Cleiland. Cavendish Square.") . late of Carnbee. fih — GENERATION. Resided at 58. On August 5th. daughters.N. Mary. Anne Cleland (63). four sons. In 1747 he had been appointed ensign to a Scottish regiment raised for the service of the States-General of Holland." in Rodney's action. 1752. " Fame. (3rd Lieut.-General William Douglas Cleland (67). Writer in "Notes and Queries" (Clelands of Carnbee. since he claims Col. December of Robert Cleland. 1798.M.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. his wife. then stationed at Guadaloupe. Welbeck Street. Born 1749.A.

(70). were brought up in their uncle Robert Cleland's family.. No James Cleland (71). Apparently unmarried. He was drowned crossing the rister and comfortably off.— Born 5th February. which was confirmed later by news from India. W. Died 1800. At the age of 18 he was able to support himself by contributions to the great Reviews (the Quarterly and Edinburgh) of the day. He was a banker. . Unmarried. brought on by cutting his thumb. Robert Cleland issue. Died in India from lockjaw.S. 1758. Cleland). (76). 1761.A. At or about the time of death his wife was sitting in a garden when a white owl flew past her. of Edin." Married a daughter of Sir Paul Jodrell. 1760. whether this was its first appearance.—Born 14th November. CLELANDS OF THE 20th GENERATION. and amassed a moderate fortune. issue. No Mary Cleland (74).. William Lennox Cleland of that ilk. 1st Bart. Graduates. John Cleland (72). and an uncomfortable feeling of dread seized her. with whom was a family friendship.— Born 29th March. their father dying when they were children. Walter Cleland (73). Married Henrietta Fullarton (Foulerton). William Cleland (75). left an orphan while quite a young man. —Born 6th September.. (Cat. Graduated M. 1766. He was in his fortieth year. Hoogley. William (21st Cleland of and a boy who died in infancy. and became an inmate of the Earl of Buchan's house.48 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. Robert Cleland's family. Catherine. 1763.— Born 19th January. Descendants of John Clbland. A sailor. He and his brother Walter. For this reason the appearance of a white owl was supposed to be of evil omen to members of the family .. and had issue.) He was Edin. — 21st Cleland No 21st GENERATION. 19th Cleland of Cleland. 1819. "Being the day on which peace was proclaimed at Edinburgh between Great Britain and France. from which she augured that something unfortunate had happened to her husband. 1st April. Left no issue.—Born 10th April. 1764. He left part of his money to his uncle. a feat which indicates considerable literary He went out to India and became a barability on his part.

and great-grandson of John Cleland W. Glen. but not caring for such a life left their service. where he lived for some while at Taunton. Henrietta Fullarton. Samuel Davenport. who both died young. While working at Canton. daughter of Dr. of Broughton Hall. however. as a missionary. and Deaths. John Cleland received a severe sun-stroke. John Cleland and his wife and children were induced to join them. and held this office for many years. John Fullerton Cleland. William Lennox Cleland. He was afterwards for a short while at Oxford and at the Nonconformist School at Cheshunt. His D — . were born. Marriages. at Beaumont. near Adelaide. Gleville. Sister of Wm. and by this means most of their capital was swallowed up. dying in 1875. married later a Dr. a London physician. England. whose daughter by a previous marriage became the wife Henrietta lived to an old of John Cleland. — — — 22nd GENERATION. Catherine Cleland (77) (Mrs. through George Fullarton. and died at the age of eighty years in Adelaide in 1901. He obtained the Government post of Registrar of Births. Glen. 49 however. After his marriage in 1845. Died. descended from the old family of the Fullartons of Fullarton. This they did in 1852. While a youth he went as a midshipman on a voyage of one of the East India Company's ships. was born in 1821. at Beaumont. near Adelaide. only son of William Cleland and Henrietta Fullerton. This necessitated his return to England. the evil effects of which he never really overcame. She was age. Henrietta's son. He and his elder sister Margaret were left orphans and comfortably off when quite young. John Fullerton Cleland (78). made them wards in Chancery. Herring). 22nd Cleland of Cleland. His wife. his eldest son. One daughter Anne Zoe Herring. or whether previous generations had experienced its baneful presence. (1736-1777). I cannot say. Their trustee. and was first cousin to the 12th Earl of Buchan and second cousin to Lord Elphinstone.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. was born during their residence here. and dwelt first in Fernhill Cottage. in that guise. Walter and Mary. then in a larger wooden house. having at this time taken up a grant of land in South Australia. and while in this country George Fullerton and an elder son and daughter. John Cleland's sister and her husband. with Miss Elizabeth Glen. at Norham. Infant.S. Cleland. he went out to Hong Kong and Canton in 1846.

His wife died in 1895. 23rd Cleland of Cleland. Was born in Hong Kong on January 18th. six years later. and reached Adelaide with the decks covered with blubber. 23rd GENERATION. Australia. S. K. four younger sons were born in this house. took up some land near Adelaide.50 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. the captain of the vessel stipulating that he was to be allowed to catch any whales seen. She was a daughter of Glen. He was buried beside his wife in the Walkerville Cemetery. Sure enough. M. William Lennox Cleland — . first. Married Mr. . and after a year or so's residence there departed for Australia. his parents returned to England. near Adelaide. and was knighted in 1887. Mrs. She died in 1900.M. the explorer. but never gave to the world as a writer any of the literary material he had assimilated. Elizabeth Glen. who died unmarried in Australia.. William Lennox Cleland. Samuel Davenport. Lady Davenport and her husband were always the greatest companions and delightful conversationists. 1847. and later Mrs. a physician of London. especially Sir George Grey . Her sister.C. Barnett (son and two daughters. in the forties. they captured one. Elizabeth Glen. At one time he was Minister for Crown Lands. He was a man always studiously inclined and a great reader he collected around him a good library. 1st Bishop of Adelaide (three sons.D. Margaret Cleland (79). — — — Anne Zoe Herring. Greenway (no issue). who married Millicent Short.. At Hobart they had to charter a whaling schooner to convey them to Adelaide. daughter of Augustus Short. was also a great friend. Eldest son of John Fullerton Cleland and his wife. He and his wife journeyed thither by sailing vessel. He represented South Australia as Commissioner at several international exhibitions. five daughters). being pulled down in 1903). and George Glen. afterwards Sir Samuel Davenport. which stands (or rather stood. became. Shortly after his birth. Captain Sturt. he himself in 1901. Samuel Davenport was one of South Australia's most distinguished colonists and a personal friend of most of her Governors.G. via Tasmania. Married John Fullerton Cleland. Her brothers were Alec Glen and Tom Glen. William Lennox Cleland (80). surrounded by vineyards on the hillside at Beaumont overlooking the plains of Adelaide. all unmarried). Caroline Glen.

and corresponded with Macaulay and Thomas Carlyle. Kelly's vineyard at MacLaren Vale. in 1862. Alec Glen. when Mr. William Lauder Cleland. 1878. on June 21st. learning the manufacture of wine and studying the vine. While there he married Mattie Burton. a descendant of the . and William Lennox spent a year or so in private practice. As a lad he saw a little of bush life." " Scot Abroad. Previous to this he had spent a few months at school. In 1872 he left Adelaide for Edinburgh to study medicine. and in 1900 was President of the Section of Mental Science and Education at the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science. Dr. on July 19th. in 1902 resigning this to assume the duties of Lecturer in Insanity and Medical Jurisprudence. 51 as a boy was greatly in the company of his aunt. Historiographer Royal for Scotland.. Mattie Burton. at Berne. with an uncle.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. their elder son. succeeding to the post of Colonial Surgeon to South Australia in 1896. wife of William Lennox Cleland. Switzerland. Lord Cockburn. President of it for the years 1898-1900. driving cattle overland from Port Augusta (South Australia) to Adelaide. On June 22nd. Lord Jeffrey. Ch. who had no children of her own. when he died. In 1890 he was President of the South Australian Branch of the British Medical Association. and Mrs. in 1876.. Hill Burton was a well-known and distinguished literary man of Edinburgh between the years 1840 and 1880. and afterwards a Vice-President. was the third daughter of Dr. and edited the Register of the Privy Council of Scotland. near Aberdeen. In 1878 William Lennox Cleland was appointed Medical Officer to the Parkside Lunatic Asylum. 1882. He was author of " The Book-Hunter. Davenport were visiting Europe. and who gave him most of his early education. and many other Edinburgh worthies. and Isabella Lauder. Later he spent a year on Dr.. John Hill Burton. Cosmo Innes. was born. " " History of Scotland." etc. They returned to Australia immediately. He also held the position of Lecturer in Materia Medica at the Adelaide University for many years.B. his wife. His father had been a Lieutenant William Burton.M. He was also for many years Secretary to the Royal Society of South Australia. He was a friend of Professor Spalding. daughter of John Hill Burton." " Life of Simon. Mrs. John Burton Cleland. and his mother a Miss Paton. Lord Lovat. LL. This Miss Paton's mother was a Miss Lance. He was appointed House Surgeon to Professor Annandale in 1876.. of the Patons of Grandholm. (later Lady) Davenport. taking there his degrees of M. 1877.D. Historiographer Royal for Scotland.

Dr. Temples and Nelsons.52 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. Allan Fraser Cleland (86). Lived at Adelaide since marriage. Kilbride. Died young. articles. He was the author of " The White Kangaroo. Queensland. He also wrote several serial and short stories for the "Australasian. Dutton." and then published in book form. daughter of of Mrs. He was sheep-station manager. and Samuel. No children. later becoming Four sons and six a prominent Adelaide wine-maker. later. but after marriage was in the Surveyor-General's Office in Adelaide. died 1883. Married — Mary Dutton. but returned to Adelaide in 1900. No children.E. Isabella Lauder. formerly of County Galway. of Lucindale. 1891. Samuel Davenport. daughters. Ethel S. West Australia. Died young. etc. Married Miss Amy Giles. in 1878. born 1879." " Winninowie. Before marriage he was in the field surveying in the South-East. and subsequently attorney and general manager for foreign mining companies. Second surviving son John F. 1867. As a young man he assisted his uncle. and started a fruit orchard. Ireland. They had three children." which was first published in a magazine called " Sunday." and " Sydney Mail.. only daughter of Walter Davies. Walter. born 1885. in in West Australia. Elphinstone Davenport Cleland (84). first engaged in the construction of the Overland Railway at Hergott Springs. and William. born 1881. — . in growing vines and making wine. Donald. was a daughter of Captain Lauder. two children." "Adelaide Observer. 1865. An engineer. in the construction of a railway etc. Lances." "Life on the Barrier. Fourth son of John Fullerton Cleland. Hill Burton's first wife. Isle of Skye. Born June. Born in England in 1852. ." The names of the principal of them are "A Life's Punishment. Born December. Married Mabel Gardner in 1894. Charles Alexander Cleland (85). younger daughter of the By her he has Rev. daughter of Henry Giles of Adelaide. Cleland. Elizabeth. journalist. first. South Australia In 1899 he settled at Stanthorpe." "A Spray of Honeysuckle. His second wife is Anne. Susanna Blood. Walter Cleland (81)." "A Bygone Crime. merchant. born 1903." He married. Became a surveyor under the Government. South Australia.. including many of — — written for Cassell's " Picturesque Australasia. South Australia. Donald Mackinnon. Mary Cleland (82). was born 5th December. 1854." He also wrote numerous shorter stories. born 1901. In 1899 accepted the post of surveyor to a gold-mine at Lawlers. — — George Fullerton Cleland (83). now of Adelaide.

Margaret Fraser Cleland (92). father's 2. Gladys. volunteered for last contingent to South African War. ried in — Became a junior member of the firm of Symon. Pathologist and Senior Resident Medical Officer. Voyage to Manila. Born in 1880. Born 1887. 1878. 1894. China. Sir Josiah Symon.— Born 1885. 1901. Amy Beatrice Cleland (96). 5. Bakewell and Kounsevell. John Burton Cleland (88). Entered his Died September 13th. Born 1892. 1904-1905. In 1902.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND.B. Born 1896. 24th GENERATION. and Japan. Born July 19th.—Born. —Born 1878. 10. Dulcibel Erskine Cleland (94). 11. 1904. Adelaide the Continent of Australia. William Lauder Cleland (89). Amy Giles. who accompanied John MacDougall Stuart. Studied Science Course. Federal Parliament. — 3.Sc..— Born June 22nd. Children of William Lennox Cleland (23rd Cleland of Cleland) and Mattie Burton. George Fullerton Cleland (97). Born 1889. 1900. Sydney University. — — — — — . 1893 Edith Auld. 9. across Graduated LL.. B. 6. whose most prominent member. August. 8. Una Phyllis Cleland (98). the explorer. 1903.—Born 1890. London Hospital. Edward Erskine Cleland 53 Born April. 1900.B. 4. but war ended — before his arrival in South Africa. 7. daughter of Patrick Auld. Cancer Research Scholar. Leslie Glen Cleland (91). 1869. Prince Alfred Hospital.M. is one of the leading members of the South Australian Bar. Demonstrator in Pathology at Sydney University. Ch. Harold Cleland (100). as well as a prominent politician in the University in 1890.. last two at Sydney (1898-1899). 1. 1903.—Born 1898. Born 1882. Studied three first years of medical course at Adelaide UniverReceived sity (1895-1897). House Resident Surgeon. business office. Olive Cleland (93). Visit to Great Britain. Adelaide University. 2. Children of George Ftdlerton Cleland and 1. degrees of M. Sydney. Doris Isabel Cleland (99). Joan Jocelyn Cleland (95). 19001905. Educated Prince Alfred College. 1882. and went as Sergeant. 1902. Mar(87). Henry Fullerton at Cleland (90). 1904.

1. ("Bobs"). St. In a bank at Edinburgh. Born December. Children of Elphinstone Davenport Cleland and Susan Davis. afterwards Duke of Wellington. Audrey Erskine Cleland —Born September. was sent to the Peninsular War. Erskine Cleland (107) (108). 3. Died at Madeira Married Mary Henderson. and married there. 1903. Unmarried. Adelaide. Edward Er shine Cleland and Edith Auld. Born William Cleland (105). with Col. Wellesley. Robert Cleland (HO). — — 1901. Broken Hill. Then accompanied Settled as surgeon in his regiment to Ireland and Canada. Isabel 2. and was amongst the missing at the Siege of Seringapatam in 1799. 3. CLELANDS OF THE 20th GENERATION. stormed the fort of Tippoo Sahib. Perth. daughter of Robert Henin 1840. Hants. Peter's College. Unmarried. — Samuel Davenport Cleland (103). Donald Mackinnon Cleland (104). of Roke Manor.— Born 1894. Elizabeth Cleland Lived with her parents at Adelaide. on the 23rd April. As a young man entered the East India Company's service. 1836. Learning mining 4. and arrived there the day after the battle of Vittoria. Born about 1777. daughter of John Caw. Jean Caw. and under this rapidly sank and died.— Born 1881. (101). died 1883. 5. but in time to attend to the wounded. Lord Provost of Perth. Manager of the Royal Bank in Perth.54 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. Edinburgh. Appointed Assistant Surgeon to the 1st Dragoon Guards at the age of eighteen. — — — . 1832. —Born 1900. Born 1798. Tom Erskine Cleland (106). derson and sister of Thomas Wingate Henderson. William Cleland (112). Died at Perth. Children of 1. 1879. Walter Cleland (102). Children of Robert Cleland and Janet Wingate. And Anne MacKinnon (2nd wife). Coolgardie (West Australia). 2nd January. Educated at engineering. Contracted typhus fever from a poor family he was attending. Born 1903. Buried in the West Church. 2.— Born 1795. —Born 1885. when General Sir David Baird. James Cleland (109). John Cleland (111). in command of the Reserves.

and is now resident in London. Having passed his-> studies at the University of Edinburgh. F. who began life as Hospital Assistant in the Peninsular War. John Cleland (114). 1835. Andrew's and Edinburgh). many years in Canada.D. in 1845 his mother went to live in Edinburgh. Cleland accepted the position of Senior Demonstrator to Professor Allen Thomson. and of Grace. Edinburgh. Married in Canada Elizabeth Freeman. M. daughter of John Caw. in 1861 Dr. Regius ProBorn in fessor of Anatomy in the University of Glasgow. a year before his age allowed him to graduate. 1866. Leipzig. Born at Perth. promotion in Edinburgh. daughter of — John Freeman. She died in He was educated at the High School.R. Galway.E.D. merchant. 15th December.R. for one year. Lanarkshire).. and a painter in water-colours.Sc. on 1st November.C.I.S. D. 1833. and Regius . 55 CLELANDS OF THE 21st GENERATION. charge of Sir James Simpson's Ward in the Royal Infirmary. lived 1893. Perth. the second son of John Cleland. at the end of this volume). Dr.. Dublin. eldest daughter of John McCall.D. the Crown to the Chair of Anatomy and Physiology in Queen's College. LL. Surgeon (a descendant of the old family of Cleland of Cleland.S. Robert Cleland (113). He married in 1888 the eldest daughter of John Hutton Balfour (who was from 1841 to 1845 Regius Professor of Botany in the University of Glasgow. Edinburgh.. and afterwards Professor of Botany in the University of Edinburgh. where also he was one of the Clinical Teachers in Medicine and Surgery. L.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. After holding the appointment in Galway for fourteen years. and he attended At the age of fifteen he began his the High School there. (St. etc. and Perth. twice Lord Provost of Perth. (Q. When he was six months old he lost his father.). Cleland returned to the University of Glasgow in 1877 as Regius Professor of Anatomy. In 1863 he was appointed by in the University of Glasgow. and was afterwards for some years Assistant Professor Surgeon in the First Dragoons (The Royals).U. of Belvedere House (now the Fever Hospital of Glasgow). Vienna. 15th June. Children of John Cleland and Jane Caw. and in 1857 became Junior DemonThere being no prospect of strator to Professor Goodsir. Cleland's mother was Jean. examination for the Degree of M. The author of several novels (vide Bibliography. He received his early education at The Seminary. he spent that time in the Schools of After graduation in 1856 he had Paris.

when they found that the men had mutinied and that Mr. a Peninsular officer). daughter of Captain Fletcher F. Died in Queens- Robert Cleland (115). of Manuel. John William Henderson Cleland — (117). and received that of M. Morphett (late Captain.. Persian.A.56 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. Isabella. In compliance with testamentary instructions of his maternal uncle. born in 1889.. and Walter. Major-General (retired) in H. Captain Hayes matriculated at Magdalen College. Fletcher. and he and his companion. during his short life. passed the degree of B. daughter of Served in India and Egypt. John Macleod. of Keeper years). Dr. William Cleland (118). (116). etc. Oxford. by Royal Licence. Mary Cleland Unmarried. LTrdu. just successfully escaped. daughter of Isaac Bayley. the additional surname of Henderson on succeeding to the property of Roke Manor in Hampshire. and only son of Commodore General Sir John Hayes.A. Fayrer had been treacherously killed. Indian Staff Corps. now retired. daughter of M. Colonel. were returning to their escort. C.A. — and — this . —Born 1835. He could speak and correspond in eleven languages Hindu.B. —Born 1831. Esqr. Married Julian Young.. Minnie. Captain Fletcher Hayes. and by her had three sons. Frances Henrietta. Captain Carey.C. He married. Cleland Children of William Cleland (112) and Mary Henderson. and by her had one son. William Charles. by whom in 1895. C.M. of Lucknow. but Captain Carey. At the beginning of the Mutiny at Lucknow he volunteered for service on a dangerous and delicate mission this was apparently successfully concluded. 2nd Hayes. he has one daughter. M. knowledge was of much service officially in the various campaigns in which he took part. Captain Hayes fell. 48th Regiment of Foot.). Barber and Mr. In an endeavour to regain the British lines. S. — — — . born 1898. Bombay. Stirlingshire. in the same year. in 1847. he assumed. firstly. has one son. at the Cathedral. land when a young man. Jessie Cleland (119). had a very distinguished career. secondly. who was further off. Charlotte Edith. by his wife. in 1849. both as a soldier and scholar. Unmarried.. and the Royal Botanic Gardens there for thirty-four of Marion Spottiswood Bayley.S. in 1874. Esqr. 62nd Regiment (Military Secretary to Sir Henry Lawrence. He married. only daughter of General Robert Torrens.

sister of John Hamilton. 1872. London. F. Has studied singing in Paris and at the Royal Academy of Music. which regiment was founded in 1689. by the second. descended from Argyle. (120). and youngest daughter of Sir John Hamilton of Bargany and his spouse.?) Alexander Campbell (Bishop of Brechin) of Ardkinlas. associated with the 4th V. Jane Kathleen Mary Cleland (121). Scottish Rifles (Cameronian Regiment). its first Lieutenant-Colonel. married Mary. 22nd GENERATION. A lawyer now in Johannesburg. Born 1878. Born.. daughter Vicar of Thormanley. chiefly through the efforts of William Cleland. Born in the United States. formerly Has two daughters. South Africa. Trichinopoly. first Lord Bargany. Married No children by the first marriage. Betty Zoe Huband William Charles Cleland. Born in Canada. — Children of John William Henderson Cleland and Edith Hayes. — member of the Cadet Corps of his school. — Higginson. Educated at Kelvinside Academy. Walter Cleland.R. (should it not be the Right Rev. Children of John William Henderson Cleland and Isabella Morphett. Born 1862... Fletcher Hates Cleland (125). Children of Robert Cleland and Elizabeth Freeman. — — ROSE-CLELANDS OF COUNTY DOWN. —Born Zoe Wyndgate Higginson. at Conoor. Neilgherry Hills.B. the twelfth Cleland of that ilk. 1875. Florence Edith. —Born in Canada. By her he .N. 4th A November. eldest son of the late Rev. 1876. The following account Genealogist " : is quoted in the "Herald and Alexander Cleland. in Switzerland.S. two daughters. 1889. of Esqr. Married Montague Higginson. John Robert Cleland (123). — — Children of John Cleland. and Rachel Edith. and Isabella (born 1903). Born in Glasgow. daughter of the Rev. Margaret Campbell. 57 CLELANDS OF THE John Richard Cleland died 1874. twice. R. John Macleod Cleland (124). Linda Helen Cleland (122). and Ada Balfour.— THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. died 1877.

born 24th March. 1728. born 8th October. J only child of Murdoch. 1812. who died at Trichinopoly. James Cleland (129) of Laird Braes. Esq. married James McEwan her third cousin. and died 21st September. fifth Earl of Galloway. s. William Nicholson. by whom she had an only child. and is no doubt the one here claimed as a relative. John Cleland (128) of Laird Braes. perhaps. of wounds received at the seige of Altoor. in 1731. She married. leaving by his said wife his son and successor. and. (130). who afterwards assumed the additional name of Cleland. Provost of Whithorn. married to Robert Innes. was appointed factor to James. descended from the Murdochs of Cumlodden she was born in 1701. James Dowsett Rose.* He died in 1683. 1767. and was born about the year 1623.. 30th December. " Murdoch of Cumlodden " was a landed family. . leaving issue : born in 1692. Richard Rose. and descended from the Inneses of Benwall (?)f She died in 1711. probably without warrant. and about the year 1651 married Katherine Ross. Ire- * The respectable family of " Ross of Hayning Ross " owned lands prior to this period in the county of Ayr. 1736 (of whom hereafter).— 58 — THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND." in the parish of Zeswalt (sic. 1 Leswalt). Down. born in 1728. John in Wigtonshire. by whom she had a daughter and only child. who was born in 1670. Mary (131). James Cleland. 1740. born in 1652. Esq. Ireland). was either the second or the third son of the above Alexander Cleland. the eldest of had several whom sold the lands of Cleland to a cousin of his own name. 1766. owning considerable property in the X Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. without having issue by him.) and county of Wigton. of Ballow House. 1747 . co. Scotland. the idea of marrying his factor to a scion of the old proprietors. John Cleland of Whithorn. of the East India Company's European Regiment. sons.. Agnes (133). 1775 (and was buried at Bangor. who died. married Margaret Murdoch. The son and heir. born 4th September. The son and successor. secondly. 7th June. 1768. in the parish of Zeswalt {sic. he died 10th August. and he died in 1717. called " Laird Braes. Their estate of Cumlodden is now one of the seats of the Earl of Galloway hence. to Lieut. married first at Fort St. \ " Innes of Benwall " is doubtless imaginary. . born 4th May. of Newtown Ards.p. and had issue by her James (132). 5th June. descended from the Rosses of Henning. and died 11th July. 1747. married in 1690 Agnes Innes. . in the East Indies. David's. in 1774. In consequence of some disagreement with his elder brother he retired in disgust to a small property. born in 1694.

seeded and slipped proper. Esq. 14th January. s. Margaret Sabina. married in 1770. 1840. of Rath-Gael House. Edward Allen. Esq. 14th May. 1787. (This gentleman seems to be the present representative of the family. Mr.p. of Rath-Gael. Bennet. Esq. Esq. Down. Richard Rose. 1835. 1768. His widow died and was buried at Abingdon. he died at Newtown Ards. and James Baird. Esq. for Rose. Mr.. Berks. Cleland was succeeded by his nephew. 1785). eldest daughter of William Nicholson Steel Nicholson. and presided at the contested election for that county between Robert Stewart Viscount Castlereagh and Col. Arms and supporters which are those of the Old V. A hawk on a left-hand glove proper. for Cleland.. — Clelands Azure. 9th June. and by her has two (three) other sons and a daughter (three daughters). Will dated 23rd November. Murdoch. 59 land. of Ballow House. and to the property of his paternal grandfather. 1787.. John Meade. he wedded. Agnes Elizabeth. — . wings ermine. co. 1836. garnished gules. James Blackwood. born 30th January. His first wife having died without male issue surviving. II. a hare salient argent with a hunting-horn round its neck vert.. 1777. Berks.) Crests. 1784. secondly. He commanded the Newtown Ards Yeomen Infantry at the battle of Saintfield.. Richard. III. only child of Captain Patrick Baird (brother of William Baird of Newbyth. and in compliance with the testamentary injunction of his cousin. . co. and received repeated thanks from the Government for his services he also served the office of High Sheriff for the county of Down in 1805. 1832. 1775. assumed the additional surname and arms of Cleland (his mother's name). and Elizabeth Hancock. 5th December. Down (to whose Irish estates he succeeded. III. succeeded his father 7th June. Will dated 5th May. born 21st January. I. of Abingdon. Rose Cleland is a magistrate and Deputy-Lieutenant for the county of Down. Sarah. of Ballymagee. which lasted twenty-one days. and Cleland. (Burke's General Armoury. born 24th March. Esq. the present James Dowsett Rose-Cleland. between two land. Elizabeth. Isabel Hamilton. 1798.— THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. in August following raised the Rath-Gael Yeomen Infantry. born 1st May. 1767. quartering Allen. James Dowsett Cleland-Rose.) IV. of London. 10th December. and uncle to General Sir David Baird).. Patrick Clealand. for CleA rose gules. his wife.. 7th December.

Richard Rose-Cleland. born 1863. daughter and co-heiress of Samuel Jackson. succeeded his brother 1856." 1894:— 1852. Died 1834. Richard Rose-Cleland. III. descent from James Cleland of that ilk. Alice Gertrude. died Gen. III. Margaret Vateau. Elizabeth. Mary Isabella Eveline. Succeeded by his brother. adopted the Cleland sup- porters of two greyhounds. claiming CO.) This genealogy is severely criticised in the "Herald and Genealogist. Rev.— 60 — THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. James Dowsett Rose-Cleland. Esq. (The Herald and Genealogist. IV. V.. A County Down family. of Lisburn. having had issue : Gen. DOWN. Catherine Mabel. (g) I. daughter of Robert Kennedy. since the supporters can alone be carried by the head of the family. Mottoes. Maude Ethel. born 1864. plus. Elizabeth Helen Louisa. co. Died 1892. Lanark. II. Harriet Ella. we think however. 1866. In the arms. Edith Adelaide. born 1862. by his wife. born 1835. of Stormont. VII. Florence May. (e) James Dowsett Rose-Cleland. married 1805 Esther. Antrim. Born 1755. is gained from Gen. Died in 1856. married 1861. Prebendary of Armagh. died 1865. Charles Arthur. The following additional information "Burke's Landed Gentry. Robert Kennedy Rose-Cleland." but as has been pointed out in dealing with the main line of the Clelands. his son. born 1836. VI. born 1876. —For sport and Je pense a qui pense —Two greyhounds proper collared . — . an act inexcusable. and the Rose-Clelands not only cannot claim such a position but are in fact only Clelands by the female side. Supporters. (f) James Blackwood Rose-Cleland. born 1767. CLELANDS OF STORMONT CASTLE. II. VIII. John Cleland (134). I. or. having had issue: of a Huguenot family. the Rose-Clelands have unjustly. IV. co.

erysipelas appeared in his wounded arm. he was placed in a dhoolie. daughter of Sir George Molyneux.. 1878-1880. Born on the 24th June. late of Stormont Castle. 1840. eight miles distant.. with the guns. 61 Samuel Jackson Cleland John Cleland (See on. James Vance Cleland (137). died 1842. late Captain 3rd Hussars. born 1838.-Col. Gazetted in 1857 to a cornetcy in the 7th Dragoon Guards At the action of Killa Kazi on the 11th December (1878). Bart. of Stormont Castle. Esq.) . . . Kobert Stewart Cleland " The third son of the late Samuel Cleland. leaving issue : (a) Samuel (138). (b) George 3. Emily. . married 1862. Lt.. and was assisted to mount. His elbow-joint had been shattered by a sword-cut. saved from the approaching enemy by the gallantry of Sergeant-Major Young of the regiment." struck was . who. I. married Elizabeth Joyce in 1834. . which was subsequently abandoned by its bearers.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. and taking a sergeant (Finn) to accompany him.) 2. (140). Captain Stewart Mackenzie 15th June. (136).. speaks of itself for his heroic courage and endurance At Cabul he was most kindly and carefully treated by his devoted friend. . (SliadboWs Afghan eventually died on the 7th August.. died 1886. born 1864. finding that he did not reply when spoken to. he was. he started for Sherpur. and grandson of the Rev. . A few moments afterwards he managed to seize the bridle of an animal galloping past with empty saddle. (135). . . Colonel Cleland was dangerously wounded. Armagh. and a bullet with which he had been still in his side. .. Precentor in the Cathedral of Armagh and Rector of Killevey. co. That he managed to reach the cantonments over such country as lay before him. Molyneux (139). of Ennismore. Ordering Young to collect and lead the scattered men who were by this time coming up. Campaign. leaving: 1. born 1808. John Cleland.. Becoming unconscious. the contact with which revived him. and dragged him out of the litter into the water. The sergeant offered him his horse. dismounted. in a watercourse . which Colonel Cleland refused. while gallantly leading the cavalry charge against overwhelming numbers of the enemy during the retirement. however.

Samuel Frederick Stewart Cleland 1842. Therese Maria. II. Sheriff. some of the old vaults being (Grossart.62 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. " Knowhoble Hill. Mr. belonging to Archbald Cleland. quarter (of the parish of Bothwell). Probably by the incumbent. of Haggerston Castle. born 1836. 1880. Date about 1720 ) of Shotts — . William Hamilton. Northumberland." (Hamilton of Wishaw. married Eobert Richard Tighe. one of the Commissioners in His (Geographical Description of Paroch of Majestie's Navy. lying upon Teilling burn." "Upon the E.) " Their original residence was on a rocky eminence on the south bank of Tealing Burn. 4. The only thing Avhich it separates from that of Shotts. Down. of Wylam.) visible a few years ago. who died in 1547.N. Etc. (141). Glasgow. 1866. wherein he " ordanes and makis his son Arthur assignay in and to his stedying of Knokhobohill . born 1810. and gif it f ailyeis of Arthure. Andrew Leyland Hilltar Cleland (146). The first mention of a Cleland of Knohhobohill is in the testament of James Cleland of that ilk. Robert Stewart Cleland under age." McFarlane MS. with gardens well inclosed. High 1. It belongs to Captain William Cleland. 3. daughter of Captain Thomas Leyland. of Stormont Castle. III. Origin. in — — 1710. married 1859. 1879. John Cleland (136). Margaret Cleland (142). born 5.) Knowhoble Hill House. The burn runs much about a mile upon the borders of the Paroch." (Commis. co. as God forbid. of Arthur Charles Stewart Cleland Castle. I ordane my son Robene to have said stedying of Knokhobohill. a convenient dwelling.S. remarkable upon it is the house of Connoblehill. there is a little rivulet called the Teeling Burn. born 1868. CLELANDS OF KNOWHOBLE HILL. died 1831. Left issue: (145). in the paroch a family of the name of Cleland. died 1832. Bothwell. Florence Rachel Therese Laura Cleland (147). Sarah Frances Cleland (144). a little above the house of Cleland.E. married. Northumberland. Edward Blachett. Stormont 2. (143). which falls into the South Calder.

his only Exr. &c." (Grossart. burges of Edt. . hir spous. roumes.. &c. James. Dec.) His brother John Cleland (150).000 merks William Cleland of Konnoblehill.) Edinburgh. . 7. Wardlaw is surety for 1. quoted by Hamilton of " Sheriffdoms of Lanark and Renfrew. of July. Bought the lands of East and West Ballinbreich from James Tolwart in the same year.) 1612. William Cleland — — Conf. Cleland nominati. 1880. 1630. for " Test. William. There was a marriage in 1572 as being guilty of treason. son first — The (148). Great Seal. 10th of Cleland." (Conf.) In 1627. Great Seal. Great Seal. was Arthur family of the He was charged James.. . 3rd GENERATION. being seik in . James Cleland of that-Ilk. etc. 1615. younger. James. In name and behalf of Williame. Wishaw in . . mentioned in 1593. William Cleland. Shoemaker.) He was succeeded by his eldest son. &c. William Cleland (149). Jonet. q« pr perfyte aiges rextine and to have pe administratune &c. is one of the custodians of (Reg.. The said Wm. tutouris to Johne. not to harm John Tumble.) Records. broper to pe said Williame. . Mentioned in a deed. Glasgow. &c. Andro and Grissall. but it was probably Arthur. March 9 following liam Cleland yo r of Knowhobilhill appears April. a witness in 1608." &c. 1615. The inventory of her effects is " gevin up be the said William Cleland. (Reg. In 1608 James Ros of Wm. " In 1640. Troyalus Eistorm mairovir." 1710. op Knowhobihill. Cleland of Knowhobihill quha deceist in pe moneth " Legacie. was an elder Wil1651.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. of pe landis. Rec. (151). (Reg. Burgess of (Reg. 1st 63 GENERATION." deceased October. thair lawt-full bairnes. &c. nominat. and Grissel Clelandis. Jeane. No name is given. of 2nd GENERATION. his law* full bairnes. He appears as a com plainer in 1612. of Konnoblehill. Privy Council. of Faskine. bodie." &c. William Cleland of Knowenoblehill. spous to William Cleland of Knowhobilhill. John Cleland. (Comm. the said Wm.) James Cleland. 1614. between Cleland of Knowenoblehill and a daughter of John Hamilton of Orbiston about the end of the sixteenth century. . Elizabethe. " Margaret Baillie.

op Connoblehill. (Thomson's Acts.— 64 in ' THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. James Cleland. Appears " younger. Joseph Cleland. Living (154) of Connoblehill. in In the same Commissariat. in 1675 "William Cleland of Connoblehill" occurs again as having been "cautioner to John Cleland in Overtoune of Cambusnethan. of Raploch. the former is probably the "Mr. appears again in a bond written by " Archibald Cleland. "Mr." and witnessed by "William Cleland. Grissel. Jfih (Grossart." in 1693. " Son to umqll." with "Mr.. . J. Elizabeth. (Wodrow. Shotts congregation.) In the Session Records for 1652 appears a John Cleland of Knowenoblehill. (152). and failzieing him be deceis to Kathareine Cleland his dochter.) diligence in giving informations." Knohobillhill. sone to William Cleland fier of Connoblehill.) Appears Archibald Cleland — at Connoblehill in 1710. " William Cleland fear of Knowhobillb. elder of Connobilhill. "Archibald Cleland of Connobilhill " appears in a bond in the Commiss. writer hereof". William and Archibald Cleland of Connoblehill occur again in 1673.' for which he had to do penance be- fore the congregation.) GENERATION. sisters. daughter of Gavin Hamilton. Elizabeth." as witnesses." married to Mary Muirhead. younger. spouse to in the Laing Charters in 1707. appears in a test. of Glasgow in 1684. and in 1648 lie took part in the Unlawful Engagement. mentioned in 1687.) Cleland of Knowenoblehill married Ann. Minister at Dalscoff. and Archibald Cleland.il] " 1659 he appears in in 1656. (Comm. Archibald Cleland." above. He distinguished himself in 1683 by his (Wodrow. Glasgow. 27th October. and appear in 1691 . (Grossart. Joseph Cleland in 1698.) James Cleland (153). William Cleland of Knowhobellhill. Janet. Gavin and Archibald Clelands.B. (Grossart. brother.) "Cleland of HowhobleThis was hun " is fined <£600 in 1662. (Hamilton of Wishaiv. In 1697 in the Session in William Cleland — 1651 as Records.) one of the fines imposed by Middleton in the Parliament of 1662 on those excepted from the Act of Indemnity. 1666. About the middle of the seventeenth century (about 1675." in 1646. of Knownoblehill. conf. "Archibald Clelland of Knownoblehill. my sons. his brother-germane. Jean.C.) 5th GENERATION.

D. those of Knownoblehill. 1903. lea House" was a newish-looking building. stands further back from the road. " I do not meet with any Grossart says of this family : — authentic account of Cleland of Auchenlee till about the beginning of the seventeenth cvntury ( ? mistake for eighteenth century). and is perhaps the same person as the Captain William Cleland living at Auchinlea in 1731. Devonshire. and has done so for many genera(Notes. Silver-plate in their possession bore the supporters. 6 th 65 GENERATION. what was pointed out to me as " AuchinAuchinlea Farm." (In 1711." in " Notes and Queries. and this branch must have been established a century before the sale of Cleland estate. that when Alexander Cleland sold the estate of Cleland (Grossart refers to the second sale in 1711) he reserved Auchenlee. which belongs to a Grant. who styled themselves "Cleland of sentative of this branch " whose carriage coat-of-arms was the Cleland and Auchinlea object of ire to the Cleland of that ilk of the 18th generation. is CLELANDS OF AUCHINLEA. Gavin Cleland (155). Captain William Cleland (157). Mentioned above. 5th of Connoblehill. Mentioned above." (Grossart. 1880. the Clelands of Auchenlea may be considered as the repreThis Captain William sentatives of those of Connoblehill. or the main stem of. Cleland is styled " of Konnoblehill and Tapeley. who graduated M. Owning Connoblehill — — — probably the son of Archibald Cleland. using the later days. lived in Knownoblehill at that date. Auchinlea is now occupied by large works. William Cleland (of Auchinlea). If this is so.) This branch of the family arrogated to themselves in the chiefship of the name. I think it possible that the Clelands of Auchinlea were a branch of.) in 1720. It is about a mile from Cleland. Archibald Cleland (156). but it has already been shown that all the reservation he made was the feu-ferm rights of Little Hareshaw. Commissioner of the Navy." " The Clelands were in possession of Knowenoblehill till the beginning of the present century.TEE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. at any rate It was apparently the represupporters to the coat-of-arms.) tions. and copies of the coat-of-arms with supporters appear in books owned by Dr. E — — — — . that Captain Cleland. This is based on the statement by William Hamilton. incumbent of Bothwell Parish. in 1720. when he seized the passing painter's brush in Princes Street and deleted the supporters. It is usually stated. at Leyden in 1776.

is said in later days not to have very well repaid their hospitality to him. the famous physician. towards the end of the year 1729. Professor of Medicine.N. second edition.D. was proprietor of a small estate in the adjoining parish of Bothwell. Professor of the Practice of Physic in the University of Edinburgh. Earnock. . the then recognised head of the family (as Nisbet states).. Cullen was born at Hamilton on the 15th day of April. —This is William Cleland who married Elizabeth in of Wester Braco. William Cleland. "Dr. 1828. according William Cleland newspaper cutting of 1866. to a 2nd GENERATION.D. Soon after . who was a writer or attorney by profession and factor to the Duke of Hamilton.. presumably). 1710. the ancestor of the Clelands of Auchinlea. 1st GENERATION (on record). a daughter of the Laird Shotts parish. Roberttors for many generations. etc. Captain apparently William the Cleland (159). of acquiring a practical knowledge of his profession. son of Whistleberry. His father.. where he describes Konnoblehill as belonging to him. Cullen took under the command of Capt. Cleland.. The following extracts are of interest. Cullen. The first mention of Capt. et seq. and General Pathology in the University of Edin. 1859. which had been in the possession of his ancesHis mother was a daughter of Mr. M. we find him located at Auchinlea. Cleland. William Cullen (whose mother was a Miss Robertson of Earnoch) and Capt. M. They show that this Captain Cleland. (Grossart. The Auchinlea Clelands have always been proud of their connection with Dr. Possibly during his father's lifetime he lived at Konnoblehill and on his death at Auchinlea.) This I presume to be the man who married.. however. a Commissioner in the Navy. is in William Hamilton's "Description of Bothwell Parish" about 1720. (158) lived at Auchinlee at the beginning of the century (eighteenth century. a Miss Robertson of Earnoch. apparently this William's son. . Ed. Extract from "Life of William Cullen. Cullen went to London. was on good terms with Commissioner Cleland. a younger son of the family of Robertson of On finishing his medical studies at Glasgow. who. This marriage will account for the relationship that the Commissioner of Customs points out exists between Dr. R.66 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. Dr. A short description is also given of the voyage that Dr. with the obtaining a situation in which he might enjoy opportunities view of . 1st. whereas in 1731. and that they were relatives. Storie." by John Thomson.

Pope of Pope's works. of Auchinlea. that he was a cousin of the Captain's. the Captain of which. Alexander writes also that the Captain has had a levee. 67 arriving there." assiduity at this period. the duty devolved upon him of arranging his father's affairs and of providing. and there have been many solicitations for that very appointment..' So the Captain promised to provide for him. Dunciad in the edition . It hood of his patrimonial property. 1853. attorney) by profession and factor to the and author Edinburgh * The friend of Mr." " father. Dr. estate of Auchinlea. was a relation of his own. By his a writer (Anglice. His eldest brother having died during his absence. Hamilton. and used very strong arguments with him to take care of him. for he said it was much owing to his letter I assure you everybody thinks my brother very lucky . It was near to Hamilton. Captain Cleland was often heard to say that nothing could exceed his when not engaged visiting patients. his time was wholly occupied with his books. Cullen returned to Scotland in the end of the year 1731." etc. as far as was in his power. 1729. and remained during her voyage for six months at Porto Bello. Bart. Cleland. was engaged trading to the Spanish Settlements in the West Indies. like a General's. every day . in the parish of Shotts. Cullen. . or in preparing medicines for them. " . Cullen in commencing the practice of his profession. and to take charge of the with a lingering disorder. 9th December. got a letter last day from London from his brother Alexander. for Mr." : The vessel to which Dr. for the education and settlement In these circumstances he was of his younger brothers and sisters. for Extract from " Discourses on Philosophy.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. the place of his health of his son who was affected birth. Whilst residing there he seems to have combined with his medical practice the most unremitting application to his studies. and also in the vicinity of the residences of many was of the most conin the neighbour- siderable families in the County of Lanark. and among the rest. His appointment to this situation is mentioned in the following passage of a letter from his eldest brother to his Mr. but William desires that Dalserf would write to the Captain and thank him for it. Dalserf. III. Mr. ' wherein he tells him that he was present with Captain Cleland when Commissioner Cleland* solicited him very strongly in favour of one Mr. of mother. This situation was peculiarly convenient for Dr. the lands of Saughs and of another small farm which belonged to his family in the parish of Shotts.. Vol. printed at of a letter prefixed to the in 1767. Cullen was appointed surgeon. dated Edinburgh. by Sir William Hamilton. invited by his friend Captain Cleland to reside with him at his family in . a son of Saughs. William Cullen was born at Hamilton in the year 1710. " On the Revolutions of Medicine in reference to Cullen. or in the beginning of 1732. he had the good fortune to be appointed surgeon to a merchant ship.

for instance. 1772. . and had issue. Cleland. Andrew. neither of whom appear in the newspaper cutting of 1866. The mention of the two daughters. Bart. he chant vessel trading to the Spanish Settlement in the West Indies. Westminster. May 18th. Essex. Cleland. Sir William Johnstone. Through the interest of Commissioner Cleland (Will Honeycomb of the 'Spectator'). William Cleland of Auchinlea his being styled " representative of the ancient family of Cleland feel sure. William Cleland must. a relation of his own. commanded by Captain Cleland of Auchinlea. There were three sons William. Uvedale. a small was descended from one of the most ancient families in the County of Lanark. Mary Selby and Jean Charlotte.63 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. and of Essex. as being children of "William Cleland and Elizabeth Storie. . Wm. Wm. with the view of obtaining a professional appointment went in his twentieth year to London. Cullen. married Sir William Johnston of that ilk." " representative of the ancient family of Cleland of that in the Scots Magazine (notice of Lady Johnstoune's 1. sixth baronet. in the study and occasional practise of eldest his profession. I refer to Capt. being his second wife.N. . William .) A newspaper cutting of 1866 gives James. He succeeded in 1750.. R. : ' ' Mediterranean. of that ilk " strengthens this conviction. he spent in the family of constitution. Elizabeth and Margaret. : — These two references to Capt. Margaret. having married Eev. since the Clelands of Auchinlea have always prided themselves on a close connection with the main stem. of Queen Street. There is no mention of an Elizabeth. John. Captain Cleland. Captain William Cleland. thus enjoying an opportunity of studying the effects of a tropical climate on the Two years." (Burke..") appears death). A. who had for several generations been proprietors of Saughs. Jennet and Christina as being the names of the children of William Cleland and Elizabeth Storie. 1810. but children of Dr. yet she has her mother's name. 1757." daughter of a Capt. Magazine. 1732-1734. (Gent. died August 25. His daughters were having married March 10th. Elizabeth. Possibly some of these are not so. wholly occupied . their grandson. 2. and three daughters. Elizabeth. R.. the Robertsons of Earnock Having exhausted the opportunities of improvement which Glasgow supplied. Alexander. he was sprung from a respectable line of ancestors." makes it uncertain whether Capt. and had issue. died May 6.N. Duke of Hamilton. he was appointed to a merestate fn the parish of Bothwell. Rector of Barking. through his mother. " Notes and Queries. ilk. In this voyage he remained for six months at Porto Bello. probably his kinsman. Mary. aet. at Auchinlea in the Parish of Shotts. his apparent heir. A Captain William Cleland appears to have died in the " Elizabeth. seventy-eight. John. 1743. Naval Biography is mentioned a Captain John In Charnoth's Cleland.

) 3rd (1) GENERATION. Glasgow. James' father this is apparently incorrect). . in 1808 he would be 106 years old. Jennet Cleland (164). a legacy of five hundred merks. (4) (5) Cleland —Brother. 1806. —Brother. Barbara. afterwards purchased the lands of Ravensball. James is Cleland. or Catherine Cameron may have been the wife of William Cleland of Langbyers. The will of "William Cleland of Auchinlea " was confirmed 27th March. North Shaws. who married Elizabeth Storie). 69 Cleland married Elizabeth Storie or Miss Robertson of Earnoch. both in the parish of Shotts. Mrs.e.) The lands of Auchenlee were sold by James Cleland. as in that year his widow and eldest son. Mrs. — Sister. (Commiss. or whether there is here a hopeless mixture of names and generations. One of the witnesses to the above lease was William Cleland of Langbyers and was probably a son of William (i. Peggv. he must have been about 20 then at most. said to have sold Auchinlea to Robert Carrick of Braco. banker. (162). He was paying Cess in 1797 for the lands of Auchenlee. was married in 1722. leaving her daughter. must have died before 1742. War drop.) (Note. — Sister. relict of George Cleland of South Shaws. . John. "William who married Elizabeth Storie. Mart Cleland (163). James Cleland (160) of Auchinlea. (6) Christina Cleland (165). He (presumably James) was married to Catherine Cameron. . Fernieshaw. — minister at Greenock. Grossart may have made a mistake in the date 1722. Cleland. daughter of William Cameron. first son (of William." (Grossart. let in lease the mailing of North Meikle Hareshaw to Margaret Brownlee. and North Meikle Hareshaw.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. to Robert Carrick. (NewsjJctper Cutting. Married Mary daughter of the Laird of Forestburn (parish of Shotts) was farmer in Langbyers and Langbridge. and Mary Cleland. There is an inconsistency here if James Cleland. From him were descended William. Cameron made her will in 1722. 1808. James. 1749.) — : (2) (3) Andrew Cleland John (161).. of Glasgow. as Grossart asserts. James. — Sister. Betsv.

he would be about 55 in 1810. Eruditorum Examini subjicit. Theolog. containing the principal arms of the Clelands of Cleland with supporters. Maji.S. of William Hunter's books in the Glasgow University." The above dissertation on inoculation for smallpox was presented by Dr. (166). hora undecima L. nee non Amplissimi Senatus Academici Consensu. Professor of Anatomy The latter copy has affixed to it a coat-of-arms there (1903). and to Dr. Gulielmus Cleland Scoto-Britannicus Ad diem X. Jacobo Cleland. and William.— Born about 1750. (If Dr. de Variolarum Insitione. & Nobilissimae Facultatis Medicae Decreto Pro gradu Doetoratus Summisque in Medicina Honoribus ac Privilegiis. S. Doct. Whether the assumption of these arms was based on a claim to be head of the family (who only is entitled to supporters). William Cullen. or whether the supporters were assumed in ignorance of their import. and 75 in 1830. Lugduni Batavorum.D. son of Walter. 4th (1) GENERATION. and we are unlikely to find two Dr. Scotiae armigero. rite ac legitime consequendis. quam. the other in the Library of Dr. 1830.S. Nicolai Hoogoliet. Cleland. This is probably the Dr. Clelands alive there — . to Alexander Low. William Cleland to the University of Leyden I have seen two copies of it one in the Collection in 1776. 1776. Cleland whom William. jure venerando. met at or near Lanark when they made an excursion thither in search of remnants This would probably be between 1810 and of the family. M. the physician. " Dissertatio medica inauguralis.70 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND." The thesis is dedicated to " Patri optimo. son of Robert. Cleland were 21 when he presented his thesis in 1776. ejusdemqne facultatis in Professoris Ordinarii. Eldest son of James Cleland of Auchenlee. Apud Jacobum Murray. I do not know. verbi divini in Academia Lugduno Eatava eadem urbe ministri. William Cleland. After graduating he would probably return to his home in Lanarkshire.

" This Dr. Cleland's daughter. Agnes. Thomson . Professor Cleland appends this note to his copy of Dr. son of John Cleland of the 3rd generation. 1766. Cleland. in acknowledgment of his being the head of the family. Professor Cleland.. the surgeon. William Cleland is mentioned again in 1813. but I think there is little doubt that this is the Dr. son of Walter. William Cleland. Cleland's father." (3) William (167). Cleland. F. stated in Dr. and Mary Cleland. who for a while came into possession and doubtless it was an Auchinlee man possibly this Dr. THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. (4) John (168). Andrew's. son of John Cleland. merchant in St. A meeting of heritors of the parish of Shotts was called at this date to put a stop to burying within tlie walls of the Parish Church. amicus suus. But there is evidence that the sale of the estates to a cousin of the same name spoken of in Nisbet's Heraldry really took place. married in 1806 to Isabella Bell. Scott. from the panels of whose carriage my greatgrandfather deleted the supporters with a brush taken from the pot of a painter who happened to be passing in Princes Street. the other Mr. surgeon. whose mother was a Miss Cleland of Auchinlee. born 30th October. This Dr.. married Agnes Bell. was the last of the old family. in .) William. Margaret. Stonehouse. William. The supporters were assumed illegally by the family. Miss Thompsons. Mary.S. daughter of Thomas Bell of Westerhouse.R. Betsy. Miss Craig. married a Mr. Cleland's thesis to be "mercator sagassimus apud Rotterdamensis." (J. an old snuff mull with the crest on it. daughter of Robert Bell.) — ' ' — What relationship this man bore to the direct line of Cleland of Cleland I cannot discover. and of two great-grand-daughters. and who states that her uncle. one married Sir Douglas Maclagan. convinced by evidence brought forward by William. and Dr. to be the chief of the family. Cleland gave at the same time in those days. James. William Cleland's thesis: "This Dr. Dr. 71 This Dr. sororis maritus. Edinburgh. who married Alexander Low. . married a Mr. by whom were descended John. Cleland who acknowledged William. William Cleland was perhaps uncle to Miss Steel. thinks this man must be Miss Steel's uncle. Christina apparently. (2) A sister of Dr. Cleland writes a letter to them " protesting against any resolution that may affect my very ancient privilege of burying within the walls of the present Kirk. Robert Craig his grand-daughter. Robert. the son of Walter.



Carluke parish, and was farmer at Limig. Part of the family by this marriage still reside in Shotts parish. (Grossart.) (5) James (169), son of John Cleland, married to Elizabeth Mack. He was proprietor of Ravenshall, and had a lease
of Langbyers.


(170), son of

John Cleland, died unmarried.

5 th


Daughter of Dr. William Cleland, son of James Cleland. (1) Daughter married Robert Craig.
Children of William, son of John Cleland (1) John Cleland (171).

(3) (4)

Agnes Cleland. James Cleland (172). Robert Cleland (173), third son, born 11th March, 1799, married Robina, second daughter of Henry Redpath, clock and watchmaker, Stirling.




Betsy Cleland. (7) William Cleland (174).
(8) (9)

Margaret Cleland.



Children of John, son of John Cleland. Resided in Shotts parish. Dr. William Cleland, leaving no male heirs, his daughter, Mrs. Craig, hearing that a Mr. Cleland, a railway stationmaster in Ireland, claimed to be head of the Auchinlea branch, before her death sent to him a snuff box with the Cleland arms



(Note. In a newspaper cutting for 1866, descent is claimed for the Clelands of Auchinlea from the son of Alexander of that ilk, who sold the estate about 1640. This son was born about 1620 in this

genealogy he


called " William


who married Miss Robertis

son, of Earnoch,"


his grandson, a

James Cleland,

said to have

sold Auchinlea in 1808.



of course, practically impossible that a

grandfather born in 1620 would have a grandson alive in 1808, 188 years Possibly the William Cleland who married Miss Robertson may have been a son of the Alexander Cleland, self-styled of that ilk, who about 1680 married Margaret Hamilton, of Wishaw, and about 1707

himself re-sold the estate.


this leaves still a long gap.



this genealogy is prefixed

by an account taken from Nisbet's

Heraldry, wherein Major William Cleland is styled the head of the family and a great-grandson of Alexander Cleland, yet no mention of him occurs in the Auchinlea additions.)



Origin. "From James Cleland of that ilk, who in the reign of James III. married Jean, daughter of William Lord Somerville (as in the manuscript of that family), branched Cleland of Faskine, Cleland of Monkland, and Cleland of Gart(NisbeVs Heraldry, 1722. Corrected.) ness." Arms. Cleland of Faskine carries as above (i.e., the prin-

of the family), with the addition of a "Chief, Argent, charged with a sword fesse-ways, Azure hilted and (Nisbet's Heraldry, 1722.) pomelled, Or (Lion Register)." William Cleland of Faskine records, about 1685, in the Lyon Register " Azure, a hare salient argent, with a hunting horn about his neck, gules, garnished and stringed, or, on a chief of the second a sword fesseways, hilted and pomelled of the fourth, crest, a falcon rising proper, motto, Si Pouvois." Faskine House. " Upward upon the water of Calder, in this old parish (i.e., Monkland), is Faskine, which long appertained to the Clelands; a pleasant seat, fyne wood and good gardens. It belongs now to Dr. Wm. Wright, physician."





(Hamilton of Wishaw, 1710.)


Cleland (175) of Faskine, brother land, 8th of that ilk. Born about 1452.



William Cleland
ander Cleland, 9th

2nd GENERATION. (176) of Faskine, and

his cousin, Alex-


valiantly for their King (Nisbet.) Married Margaret Hamilton.

that ilk, " were both killed fighting in the fatal battle of Flowden, 1513."



John Cleland (177) of Faskine. Married Agnes Muirhead. Mentioned from 1531-1589. In 1531 he acquired the feufirm rights of some lands in Bakrow for himself and his heirs, etc., " from the King."
(Reg. of the Great Seal of Scotland. Vol. 1518-1516, No. 1074-) In 1543 he resigns these lands, which had been given him in James V.'s reign. (Idem. No. 2935.) On the 2nd December of the same year, at Edinburgh, he appears as cautioner, signing himself thus, " Johnne Cleland of Foskane, with my hand at the pen." (Reg. of Privy Council of Scotland, Vol. I.) On 8th September, 1571, " Joanni Kneland de Foskane, Oswaldo K., Gavino K., Georgo K., ejus fratribus," are


whom the king " remisit rancorem animi sui, omnem actionum pro eorum proditoria contra regem ad campum seu bellum de Langsyde,"


amongst those to regiam


which shows that he and his brothers were partisans of This may account for the feuds and troubles (Reg. of of them are mixed up with later. Great Seal, Vol. 15^6-1580, No. 1969.) In 1565 he is mentioned in the " Remission to the Duke of Chatelherault." (See (Reg. of Cleland of that ilk.) In 1579, mentioned again. Privy Council, Vol. III.) In 1584, mentioned in the marriage (Remvick's "Glasgow Procontract of his daughter Janet. tocols") Alive in 1589, since his son John is then styled

Queen Mary. we find some

of Faskine." (b) Oswald Cleland (178), brother of John Cleland of Faskine. Married Elizabeth Muirhead. 1554, witness to a (Reg. of Great Seal. Vol. 151^6-1580, charter of Adam Boyd. No. 91$.) Mentioned in 1571 as above, as a follower of Queen Mary. Evidently died before 1582, as in that year his widow (Renwick's " Glasgow Protocols" Vol. VIII., is mentioned. No. 2U1.) (c) Gavin Cleland (179). Later of Gartscherie, brother of John Cleland of Faskine. (Reg. Great Seal, In 1532 and 1539 witness to charters. Vol. 1513-1546, Nos. 1197, 2111.) In 1551, r< Regina, etc., dedit literas legitimationis Johanni Cleland bastardo, filio naturale Gavini C." (Idem,, Vol. 151^6-1580, No. 655.) In 1571 he is granted a remission for having sided with Queen Mary, as above. In 1576 the King confirmed a charter of John, Archbishop of St. Andrew's, to Gavin Cleland of the lands of Gartscherie, for himself and his heirs, signed in 1565; his heirs failing, to go to James Kneland, second son of John Kneland of Foscan. (Reg. of Great Seal, Vol. 15J/.61580, No. 2568.) Mentioned in the remission to the Duke of Chatelherault, 1565. On 27th April, 1568, mentioned as a rebel, thus



of Stanehous, Sheref depute Sherefdome of Lanark, being callit in presens of my Lord Counsall, to answer and gif Regentis Grace and Lordis of Secret declarationis, upoun the diligence writ and done by him in serchering, seking, taking and apprehending of Gawin Cleland. Margaret Hammiltoun his moder, Cuthbert Craig and James Wod in Gartschary, denunceit rebellis and put to the home, be verted of lettres in the four formes, past upoun ane decreit in the Lordis of Counsall and Sessioun at the instance of Alexander Hume, son laawful to Johnne Hume of Coldenknowis, Knight for now removing, desisting and


The quhilh day Johnne Hammiltoun


" (Beg. and leaving him for deid. brother of John Cleland of Probably George Cleland of Glenhuif. and Issobell Hume. (a) John Cleland (181) of Faskine. thus " Complaint by Dame Dorathie Stewart. second son of John Cleland of Faskine and Agnes Muirhead. that : Robert Cleland and others to the number of 100 persons went to his complainers lands of Teithheid quhais maliciously they rased fyre and brint and distroyit ane grite quantitie of turffis. mentioned with his wife. mentioned as owning "duo tenement terrarum in burgo de Rutherglen et 15 denariatas terrarum in Spittel-quarter.) Between 1569 and 1578.) In the same year he is surety for Robert Boyd of Badinhaith.) In 1599. (b) James Cleland (182) of Monkland. (Reg.) (c) Robert Cleland (183). Vol.) 1623. in 1612.) ." (Reg. fiar of Crosbie. Jean (Remvick's Glasgow Protocols.. Vol. In 1600. I. 4th GENERATION. his wife. 1614. ordered to be apprehended and taken before the Lord Regent at Edinburgh that they may be punished.) In 1595 is mentioned (with his wife) as still "fiar. Christina. Privy Council. Vol. he is not to reset or intercommune with Adame Boyd. ceissing fra the landis 75 of and steding of Gartscharye. and great endis of speris.) Creichton. John Cleland of Foskane is on the Commission for the Peace. as giving sasine. during his rebellion." (Glasgow Protocols. they are all declared rebell and at the home.. II. John Cleland of Foskane. (Idem." (Reg. son of John Cleland of Faskine. and (Reg. etc. Mentioned about 1590 with others for arson. within the Sherefdome of Lanark. mentioned as being younger of Faskine. (See Monkland Branch . who married Margaret Hamilton. and Jean Creychton. Married Jean Creichton.) (180). 1607. Lanarkshire. plundering his farm.— — THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. Privy Council. he and others are cited for assault. and the lands of Foskane. Great Seed. battownis. thus " : Gavin Cleland engaged with Hamiltoun of Aihenheid and several other Hamiltouns in attacking Walter Chapman and his servant with daggis. relict of Thomas Cranstoun. Countess of Gowrie. of Great Seal. 1589. In 1580. burgess of Glasgow. leasid in the barony Monkland.) November.) In 1603. (See Cl elands of Glenhuif. mentioned in connection with the marriage contract of his sister. IV. son of Lord Boyd. of Privy Council." (Idem. are mentioned . of Privy Council.) (cl) George Cleland Faskine. (Reg.

Robert Cleland is one of the number who " maist factienslie and seditiouslie convocat and assembled togidder. The remaining number. thus : Complaint by James Craufurde. from him to his brother." June. In 1606. his daughter. brothers land.000 that he " shall underlie the law before the justice. brother of the guidof Foscane. Robert Cleland. besyde (d) George Cleland (184) and James Cleland (185). brother of the bailie of Monk" Upon 10th July instant James and George Clelandis. who disposed of it to George Cleland." James and George failing to appear were denounced rebels. bought the manse from whom. burgess of Glasgow.' He is mentioned in the same complaint as being one of " a grite ' " Sir nomber of airmed men of the seditious faction of the citie " who " attendit upon the said Laird of Mynto " and " maid onsett on " the Lord Provost. The Laird of Mynto and a certain number are found guilty and ordered to be confined in the burgh of Linlithgow till his Majesty's will be known. provost. of Johnne Cleland of Foscane by special direction of said Johnne. " Charge is given to the whole party to appear (Robert Cleland being one of them) and answer. brothers of John Cleland of Faskine. in 1649.£1. Great Seal. to his elder brother. sister-germane to John Hamiltone Kilmarnock. . daughter of George Cleland (Glasgow Protoin Glenhuiff. merchant in Glasgow. Robert Cleland appears in the Register of the Privy Council : George Elphinstoun of Blythswode. cam furth of his dwelling house Foscan to the lande of Dundynen " they houghed a horse and returned to Foscan where they were resetted by their said brother. occurs in the testament of " Elizabeth Hamilof tone.) The manse seems to have passed from Robert's hands of the Rector of Stobo in Glasgow. and the Bailies and Council of Glasgow complain against Sir Matthew Stewart of Minto. occur in 1599 in the Register of the Privy Council. John Cleland of Foskane. and John Cleland her husband." man Robert Cleland. Grainge. Johnne appeared personally and was remitted by the Lords to the Judge ordinary and to find caution in . Sir Walter Stewart his son and a number of the citizens and craftsmen of Glasgow for organised riot in opposition to certain changes promoted by the complainers in the matter of the election of the Magistrates of the City. of whom Robert Cleland appears to have been one. it was transmitted to Agnes Cleland. James . 1611. were assoilzied from allowed to depart home at their all parts of the complaint and pleasure. cols.) the latter to Agnes. and (Reg.— 76 — THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND.

. 7 lib. filium suum primogenitum et heredem apparentem. and George Cleland of James Cleland is of the lands of Faskine to Glenhuiff (his cousin). Jacobi Muirhead de Braiddinsholme et Georgii Cleland de Glenhuiff vendidit dicto ejus curatorum. cum consensu D.) . C. drawn up in 1600. James Cleland of Faskine sells to John Moir of Shawheid that part of Faskine called Cairnhill. Their marriage contract. Apud — Foscane.) " Cletland der. (a) James Cleland (190) of Faskine. parish of Old Monkland. ejus heredibus masculis et assignatis quibuscunque. 1631. son Faskine. of James Cleland (189) of Faskine. Univ. of Glasgow. (e) Janet Cleland (187). William Cleland of Konnoblehill (a distant cousin). et Jac. ejus militis. ter. is confirmed June. In 1676. heritor. de Foscane. "the deceased lum Domini Regi Retornatarum." etc. James Cleland of Faskine is named heir of his (Inquisitionem ad Gapelfather. land. 1661. quibus deficientibus. dated 1659. Sir James Cleland of Monkland. John Cleland of mentioned in 1627 in the curious sale him by his father. signed by her father. Great Seal.) In 1642 and 1654 he appears in the Com. Rec. etc. Jacobo Cleland (postea de Foscane) filio suo.) In " ane roole of the Heritors names of Monkland and Calder " in Munim. (Comm.) In 1641. "James Cleland of Faskine: act and decreet against him. con30 Jul. (f) " George married (188) Anderson. pro perimpletione contractus inter se ab una. is signed by her brothers. In 1675. (Reg. is drawn up in 1584. quondam Joannis Cleland de Foscane. James Cleland of Faskine." The will of James Cleland of Faskine. — — firmat cartam — Gulielmi Cleland de Knohobillhill. 5th GENERATION. 77 (d) Alexander Cleland (186). ab altera partibus." (Thomsonh Acts of Scotch Parliament. Jacobi Hamiltoun de Hill. John Cleland of Faskine and Alexan- Che is tina (Glasgow Protocols.) 6th GENERATION. 1670. mentioned below. de data presentium. (Idem. qua. 2 Jun. The marriage settlement. Glasg. of Hamilton and Campsie. with consent of his uncle. " Foscan. et heredibus masc. — de corpore legitime procreandis. married Alexander Baillie. appears. 1627. Jacobi Cleland de Monkland Apud Halyrindhous.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. Rex cum consensu. James Cleland.

. as Origin. with the teinds of Monkland and Calder. with two jambs and four rounds. . Nisbet says) of that ilk. written in 1800. upon the lands of Peddersburne . (See "Memoirs of Veitch. 1684. brother germane of William Cleland of Faskine. 1722. of Dormonsyde. son of Alexander Cleland." heir of his brother James.) . in the reign of James III. built by Sir James Cleland of Monkland.) "William Cleiveland." (Hamilton of Wishaw. in "Acts of Privy Council. the lands to James of Hamilton Hamilton of Dalzell. Captain William Cleland of Foscane. (Comm. etc. named heir to William Cleland of Faskine in 1686. Glasgow. 328. commanded by Captain Cleland. (Thomson.) — Monkland House. 1683.) CLELANDS OF MONKLAND AND GARTNESS. (Inqui- sitionem. William Cleland (191) of Faskine is named (Idem. " From James Cleland (not William Cleland. 1710. 1685.) (c) Alexander Cleland (192). is appointed Commissioner of Supply lieutenant of a troop of Dragoons. opposed to Argyle in his rebellion of 1685. 1678. elder. troop sent to Ayrshire. Commissioner for His Clydesdale.) Forfeited for rebellion with Viscount Dundee.) 1690. of Faskine. and the teinds to the colledge of Glasgow. grandchild to Hamilton of Dalzell. (Thomson.78 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND." 14th May. being an 7th GENERATION. 80 prisoners carried from Dumfries to Peebles under a guard of three troops of dragoons. " This family terminated in an heir female. and was killed in a skirmish at Muirdyke by Sir John Cochrane.) (b) In 1678. The land. (Wodrow." are mentioned. younger feir theirof. is John Cleland (193) of Faskine.) for Lanark." (Appended to extract from NisbeVs Heraldry. and James Cleland." (Nisbet. — " The place of Monkland is first to be considered. Captain William Cleland is mentioned in " Wodrow " as officer in the Royal Army. 1684. and was repute the best It contrived house in all that neighbourhood belongs to William Hamilton of Monkland. Which was a large bodie of a house.) Commission by the lords of his Majesty's Privy Council to various persons to search for and bring to trial heritors and others suspected guilty of rebellion." p. was purchased from Sir James sone by the Duke and sold by the Duchess. James Cleland. branched Cleland of Monkland.

In 1607 the King. so that he corresponds with the 14th generation of the Clelands of that ilk. too. passages. sold to him by Thomas Hamilton). It now belongs to a gentleman of the name of Hamilton." (" Diser. fine at A CLELANDS OF MONKLAND. and great-great- grandson of James Cleland.e. 79 " About a large half mile north from Lachop. situated. Hamilton. I suppose. as its name indicates. and are prettily situated on the Calder just below the junction with Shotts burn. grants him "the subscribed lands and barony of Monkland. though much out of repair however. now occupied by a new one. and the attic windows appear out of circular projections of the roof. "for services to himself and his ancestors performed b} James Cleland and his forebears " (this being a mere legal phrase)." by Win. and Gartness. its incumbent. upon the north lip of the water. 7th of that ilk. the " Blue Houses "—which. I was later informed." resigned in his favour by D.THE AX C IENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. and within the paroch of New MonkThis formerly belonged land. about 1720. He told me that Monkland and Faskine. The corners are occupied by turrets. the brother of John. 4th Cleland of Faskine. From these lands he received his title of " Monkland.) Monkland House and Estate are now surrounded by some nice woods." r .. was the second son of John Cleland. stands the house of Monkland. Thomas Hamilton of Binney (i. The house is a very old one. very pleasantly Several cottages form the village of Gartness. to Sir James Cleland. indicates the order of monks who lived in it old Faskine House being another such. short distance further up the Calder is the site of old Gartness House. but must have been — — very one time. Sir James Cleland (194). were at one time united by underground Monkland House is a very quaint looking old place. The garden is more or less in ruin. 1st GENERATION. who built a very large house upon it. of the Paroch of Bothwell. it is soon about to be inhabited again. 1st Cleland of Monkland. In 1606 he appears as a complainer in the Register of the Privy Council. 3rd Cleland of Faskine. he said it was one of tion. and probably wrested from them at the time of the ReformaTalking to a man of the district. at one time inhabited by monks.

but not to the content of Sir James Clelland. took posses- . Duke (Eeg. 1607. By a warrant from his Majesty. pro servitio sibi suisque progenitoribus per dictum Jacobum et ejus predecessores prestito. his brother-germane. Fullerton had been appointed with the approval of Lord Boyd.) — In 1611. He married Mary. this Sir James Cleland of Monkland was. the barring of the Kirk of Monkland may vacancy having occurred in the ministry of that Kirk. James Cleland of Monkland was a creditor of (Comm. Etc.. cum libera foresta infra omnes earum bondas. 1615.. terras de Pedderisburne et Brownysyde etc. quondam Joannis C. offences under the guise rights " :• — Among many cases of disorderly conduct a few may be noted as illustrations of the time. At Holyrood.— terras et baroniam de Monkland subscriptas (viz. As would appear. Hamiltoun de Binny miles.) On the 6th September.") In 1624. (MacVeigh's "Scottish Fam. resignavit. et quas rex. with a large following of his supporters.) quas D. 12 Aug. dicto Jacobo de novo dedit. Great Seal. the Archbishop of Glasgow had presented the Rev. Lord Boyd and Sir James Clelland. James Fullerton. The following interesting accounts from the " Register of the Privy Council of Scotland" show the trouble James Cleland managed to give in asserting his etc. of Badinaith. Jacobi. with two others. Caldercruikis etc. hearing mass. "Rex concessit Jacobo Cleland filio legit. and died about 1633. In 1639 " Domine Christina Seaton " is named " relict of the said D. of Lennox.. daughter of James Stewart of Allantoun. who now took effective measures to stay further proceedings. but the diet was deserted against them. Great Seal. previous to 1612. Glasgow. who had preached with much acceptance to the parishioners.. Clelland. A be formally presented to the congregation. James Cleland of Monkland and George Cleland. indicted for trial for treasonably resetting Jesuits. ac pro compositione persoluta. et omnes inseperabiliter ad dictas terras de Brownyside annexint. when the latter died. his son Ludovic succeeding.. de Foscan (inter euni et Agnetem — juniori cunque. are witnesses to a charter of Ludowic. Airdry etc. advocatus regius. Sir James Cleland claims the patronage of the kirks of Monkland and Cadder. Mureheid ejus sponsam procreato) heredibus ejus et assignatis quibusirredimabiliter." and must be his second wife. Eistory. On the Saturday night before the appointed Sunday. as to who should fill it.) James Cleland of Monkland was knighted by James I. Tho.80 TEE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. Accordingly the Archbishop had fixed a Sunday when the new minister should be cited. As a specimen of unseemly doings in con- nection with the Church. Boyd very seriously punished in those days of cruelty of the new religion." (Beg. a dispute fell out between two of the heritors. in favorem dicti Jac. In 1615.

brothers to the said Sir James. threatning thame with present death if they preast to enter the and so they were forced to retire. who accordingly appointed the said presentee to preach Kirk of Monkland. on last. James Hammiltoun of Turneley. Eobert Scot. Charge having been said Kirk given to the persons named and Mr. James Foullertoun and Mr.' Then when the said Mr. that the parishioners might hear him. William Hammiltoun of Wishaw. Such was the story told to the CounCircumstantial though it seems. whereof the Kirk of Monkland is one of the kirks and had by his letter to the Archbishop commanded him to proceed with diligence to : — his admission. John Thomsone in Airdreehill. halberts and stalffes and uthers weapouns invasive and possest thame selffes of the said Kirk and remained and abode thairintill drinking aill and tobacco and committing manie uther abuissis all that night till the morne.' " (Introduction. with him to the Kirk on last. and they not only showed willingness to hear him but received great contentment by his doctrine. Robert Hamiltoun of Milneburne. brother to the said Sir James. George Hill in Caldercruik. James Muirheid of Shawfilt. Robert Scot came peaceably and craved access to the Kirk. John Hammiltoun of Udistoun. George Anderson of Woodsyde. one of the ministers of Glasgow. as follows had presented Mr. James Fullerton. presented thair weapouns out at the doores unto thame.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. James Hammiltoun called the Blacke Laird. and the intended ceremony was effectually prevented. whereupon the Archbishop sent Mr.' and the next morning the presentee and the minister who was to admit him appeared at the door of the Kirk. bailie of Hammiltoun. he convocated together James Mureheid. James Mureheid of Braidisholme. all boddin in feare of warre with swords. the garrison forcibly stayed their entrance. and decided that Clelland had been quite within the whole party ' supplied with ale and tobacco. Minister at Beath. elder and younger of Lauchop. showing their errand and warrant and his Majesty's presentation and letter they opposed their entry. sion of the Kirk. James Fowllartoun to the sub-deanery of Glasgow. in order to admit him in terms of his presentation. John Russill in Broomesyde. and James. William Foirsyth of Dyke. for his interest. cil by Fullerton and the Archbishop. Alexander Kneilland. being Sunday. James Mureheid. the Council found only one of the non-intrusionists guilty of a breach of law. When his right in ' barring of the pursuer's admission in a civil manner. James Pettigrew in Langlone. James Hammiltoun of Broomehill. however.) " Complaint of Mr. Thomas Inglis of Murdistoun. and George and John Kneilland. and with thame he came to the said Kirk of Monkland upoun the Saturday afoir the Sabbath foirsaid. James Foullertoun appearing at the ' ' ' F . James Foullartoun should be placed there. The Archbishop had informed them by letter of the King's will that Mr. William Hammiltoun of Blantyresome. His Majesty Archbishop of Glasgow. But Sir James Kneilland of Monkland getting notice thereof and resolving to oppose the same. 81 boddin in feare of warre.

" The " Minute Book of Processes " gives the following for the month of November. confyne or otherwayes punishe thame as you sail find the nature of thair offences to have deserved. haiving to that effect sent our presentatioun and admissioun to Mr. a course not becomming Our pleasure thairfoir is that you caus civil men nor good Christianes. and all the defenders. James Foullertoun.' But further the Lords to obtemper his of a Majesty's desire that the said Kirk be no longer unprovided minister for teaching of the Word and ministration of the Sacraments ' ' to the parochiners of the said Kirk command the said Archbishop and the minister of the presbytery of Hamilton to see that the said church is served by the said minister per vires until it is decided by law to whom the patronage thereof belongs. cite the saids persouns before you and after dew tryall of that which is alledged or of suche informationers concerning this purpose as sail be exhibited before you by the said Archbishop if you find thame guiltie that you caus fyne. seeing that it was lawful for the said James to maintain his right and possession of the patronage of the said Kirk by barring of the pursuers admission in a civil manner. because the pursuers failed in their proof. unprovided according to our pleasure heretofore signified to this pur So we bid you fairweill. Ryght trustie and ryght weilbelovit cousine and counsellour. But we are since informed that upoun the intendit sattling of the said Mr. the Lords after hearing evidence find that the said George Hill presented ane bandit Stalffe to the said Mr. and in the mean tyme that you give ordour that the said church be no longer pose. James at the said Church of Monkland it was violantlie opposed by the said Sir James. the parochiners from the hearing of the Word and infants frame being baptized. preacher at the Church of Baith. and they further discharge both ' the said Mr. but they assoilzie the personally the Archbishop appearing ' ' remaining defenders. James Johnstoun who was presented to the said Kirk by the same Sir James from preaching or administering the Sacraments therein till then." Here is engrossed the following letter :— " Charles B. right trustie and weilbelovit counsellours and ryght trustie and weilbelovit counsellours we In regaird the church of Monkland was of a long greete you weill. 1629 : . James Foullertoun and also Mr. barr the said Mr. Frome our Court at Theobalder. his two brethrein and complices. except James Hammiltoun of Turneley. James his admission. the 18 of September 1627. did in armed maner and by convocating our lieges for that effect. by his procurator Robert Stewart. tyme unprovyded of a preacher becaus of some differences depending in law betwix the Lord Boyd and Sir James Cleilland we wer pleased to write at severall tymes that the same sould be provided.— 82 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. who (as we ar crediblie informed) in contempt of our pleasure both signified by the said presentation and by our letter written to that effect and shown unto thame. Eobert Scot and would not suffer him to enter the kirk to hear the preaching and commit him to ward in the tolbooth of Edinburgh till further order.

" Parties being called and both compearing and probation being referred to the defender's oath of verity. who denies. sattle him selffe at the Kirk of Monkland which has long been " destitute of ane ordinar pastour " and expected that " now in this happie tyme of peace under his Majesteis blessed government " none would have made violent opposition thereto. the Lords assoilzie him but ordain him to find caution in the books of Privy Council in 5. Ryott." He " boasts and minasses. The following information from the " Munimenta Univ. my lady Duchess of Hamiltoun. p. In 1626 and 1627 Sir James Cleland. Yet Sir James Kneilland of Monkland has resolved by way of " deid. And is thus " the exercise of the ministrie and discipline of the Kirk altogidder interrupted there and the parochioners cassin louse to follow thair awin humours moreover the Said Sir James does what in him lies " to brangle his Majesteis undoubted right of patronage and to intrude himselffe upon his Majesteis right. or if he sail preasse to repaire thair unto. and most of ther infeftments ratified in Parliament. the all quhill wer infeft in the foresaid patronage." so as to : — ' kill the complainer if he should come thither. Duke James HamilDuke William Hamiltoun. " my Lord Kilmarnoch and the The sub-deanerie of Glasgow . he being knowin to be ane protest and avowed adversar to the truthe. one of the Universities authors reduced in foro contradictoris my Lord Kilmarnoch's pretended right. 1663). The a benefice consisting of the Kirks series of the Universities right toun. . James Fouixartoun against Sir James Cleilland.000 merks for the safety of the and appetites " pursuer. from the Erie of Haddingtoun. Glasguensis " deals incidentally with Sir James Cleland's patronage of the kirks of Calder and Monkland. is of Calder and Monkland. shoares and avowes to debar the compleaner a entrie to the said Kirk. Holyrood House.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. 1st April.c. Complaint by Mr. to persew him of his lyffe. 1630. Information of the Caise betwixt Universitie of Glasgow (a." Universitie of Glasgow. 83 Mr." He and his accomplices lie in wait for this purpose and for a long time past " have watched and guarded the Kirk with convocatioun of his Majesteis Lieges everie Saturday fra night till Sunday after the ordinarie tyme of sermoun. and sets forth the University's claim to that patronage in opposition to Lord Kilmarnock's. Sir James Cleland. . bangstorie and oppressioun to hinder this " Quhilh is a point verie unseemelle in this persoun. and to the Kirks of Calder and Monkland which are united thereto and his said presentation is confirmed by collation and institution from his ordinary and a decree He intended by God's grace to of the Lords of Council and Session. Walter Quhyfurde. .d. . dean of Glasgow as follows He is lawfully provided by his Majesty's presentation under the privy seal to the sub-deanery of Glasgow. .

Monkland with the Calder and Monkland unto yeir. . there is ane decree obteaned efter long and contentious debait at the instance of Sir James Cleland against Robert Lord Boyd. Anno 1607.) is (b) George Cleland (105). presumably their aunt. Furder the said yeir (i. 1635. et de D. quhairin the Lord Boyd's right of patronage is reduced." (Idem.unto the Universitie of Glasgow. . etc.. . 1627. 1623. . . . Sir James Cleland's established. doeth sell and dispose the said teynds of Monkland and . brother-germane to umqll. and 1635." (Reg. sister of John Cleland. " Sir appointed to be answered conforme to his presentatione. in 1615. who thairupon is infeft the 12th August." (Comm. the barronie of annexed right of patronage of the kirkes of James Cleland. is named October His will was confirmed 21st November. April 20. . . .. . the Earle of Haddingtoune Sir sellis . 1633. ." James Cleland presented Mr." is mentioned in the will of Christiane Cleland. Sir James Cleland appears in the Commission for the (Reg. In 1630. . (Comm. 4th of Foscane. 29th.) Sir James Cleland of Monkland. Anno 1626. 1639) the said Marques of Hamilton buys the forsaid barunie of Monkland with the annexed patronage of the kirks of Calder and Monkland. James Cleland of Monkland is one of the Custodians of James Cleland of Faskine. 2nd Cleland of Gartness.) In 1634. . Knyt.e. and the persone presented by him . "Anno. Knyt. the said .84 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. Sir James is mentioned in a deed to John Hamilton of Airdrie of various lands in Airdrie and Arnbuchill.. . . mentioned as above. Peace in Lanarkshire in the years 1612.) " George Cleland. spous to George Anderson of Woodfyd. . Jacobo Cleland de Monkland milite ante generalum resignationem. Hamilton and Campsie.. brother germane to Sir James. Sir James Cleland of Monkland. . Rec. In 1627. Married Margaret Hamilton. James Johnstone to the kirk of Monkland and subdeanerie of Glasgow. 1632. the sub-deanerie by Sir John Nisbett of Dirleton. quhich in effect are the subdeanerie of Glasgow. Great Seal. Glasg. from Lodovich Cleland eldest son and retoured avi to his My Lady Duchess of Hamiltoun father Sir James Cleland. daughter of Hamil- . which lands " omnes olim ad monasterium de Newbottill pertinentes. Privy Council. 1627. " Information for the Universitie of Glasgow anent their rights to ." Calder. 1614.) Christina Cleland. the lands of Glentores are spoken of as having been held by " D. Jacobo Cleland de Monkland milite tentas ante generalem dimissionem. .

(Idem. Caldercruikes. and " Bluidburne alias Airdriemure.) Apparently left no descendants. etc. Darngavell. Brounesyde. cum consensu Domine Christiane Seatoun matris sua relicte dicti D. and to the lands of Whytrig. since in 1672. Anne.) In 1667. comprehending Pedderisburn Broinysye. Her mother was Beatrix Douglas of Morton or Gogars. ( Inqnisitionum ad Gapellam Domini Regis Ret omat arum. his uncle. is named as his heir. as cautioner in 1676. Glasg. Blackrigg. Glasg.A. Ludovic Cleland. appears (Comm. Alexander. fratris germani dicti D. of Cartness. They had a daughter. brother germane to Ludovic . merchant. 1st Cleland of Gartness. Rec. however. Jacobi Cleland de Monkland militis. Glasg. Ludovic Cleland of Gartness.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. Rec. 85 ton of Wishaw. 1648. Ludovic Cleland of Cartness appears. is served heir to George Cleland. resignavit. In 1633 is named as heir of his father. brother germane of Sir James. the lands and barony of Monkland. (f) Alexander Cleland (197). Jac. Ludovic Cleland. Lanark. Jac. and with their sale the title of Monkland dropped. Jacobi militis. in 1667. 1639. 2nd GENERATION. Sir James Cleland's son and heir. and brother germane to Sir James Cleland. about 1650.) ated M. (b) John Cleland (199). his brother. daughter of George Cleland of Gartness. (Coramiss. Marquis of Hamilton. or transferred Gartness to George Cleland. burgess of Glasgow. of Glasgow.) These lands were afterwards sold in 1639 to James. brother germane to Sir James Cleland of Monkland." (Reg. son and heir of Sir James. Langbarrelmoss. at Glasgow about 1630. Great Seal. his paternal uncle. et Georgii C. Great Seal. now styled "of Gartness.) "Ludovic Cleland of Monkland" appears in the testament of John Maxwell." to the lands of Peddersburne. Anne Cleland. Marquis of Hamilton. brother." is named as heir to John Cleland. The King. (Com. etc." in the parish of Monk(Reg. 19th November.J in 1632. (c) John Clbland (196).) Lodovich Cleland and John. registering a bond. Apparently Ludovic Cleland of Gartness died without issue. (a) Ludovic Cleland (198). " Domini Jacobi Clealand de Monkland militis. Hairstanes. 2nd and last Cleland of Monkland.) land. " Quas Ludovicus Cleland filius et hoeres quondam D. primogenitus D. appear again in 1689. gradu(Munim. grants to James. Airdrie.

George Weir. In 1571 is mentioned as having sided with Queen Mary. is nearest and lawful heir of provision of the said Bethia's first husband. of Lanark and Renfrew. George Weir. New Monkland) upon the water of Luggie. married George Weir of Blackwood. instead of George Vere. or Main of Lockwood. belongs to William Hamilton of Wishaw and James Somervill. George Cleland. 3rd Cleland of Faskine." 1710. when her son. heir of John Cleland.) Cleland. lyeth Glenhoofe a pleasant and convenient seat for woods. in 1667. in " Descr.. withof Gartness. married to James Hamilton. in 1694 this son. History. married to Sir William Vere of Blackwood in the same county. great-grandson of James.) George Cleland . of that ilk.) 1st GENERATION. Hamilton of Wishaw. as in 1701 Patrick Hamilton is named John's heir. (See In 1577 his widow and his second son. Died before 1577. her first husband being Weir of Blackwood. coall. — CLELANDS OF GLENHOOFE. her brother." " the Gartness family terminated in an heiress previously to the middle of the 18th century. George Weir. Laurie married the heiress of Blackwood. has as " tutor " (custodian) William Laurie or Weir of Blackwood. 7th Cleland Married Margaret Hamilton. Glenhoofe House. out issue. (d) Anne Cleland (201).) of Gartness. eldest lawful son of the late Bethia Baillie by her second husband. Cleland of Gartness. died in 1688. and brother to Ludovic Cleland Apparently died about this time. William heir to his grandfather. In 1692 his widow is eldest daughter of Alexander Baillie. the heir. 1672 she was served heir to George Cleland of Gartness. Faskine branch. According to MacVeigh's " Scottish Fam. who died young. They had a son. — It did anciently belong to the Clelands. In 1701 " the bailies of the burgh of Cannongate and a jury declare that Patrick Hamilton. and a daughter. Her husband was dead in 1681. brother of John." (Wm. but now planting." etc. being her second husband.86 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. lyme and barren . the late John (Laing Charters. 1st of Glenhoofe. (c) Margaret Cleland (200). " In the head of this parish {i. daughter of George Cleland. (202). is served (Note." MacVeigh makes the mistake In of calling him William Vere. Married Bethia Baillie.e. James Hamilton of Grein. as above. his step-grandfather.

(Reg. Regents. 2nd of Glenhoofe. pe defunct.) " George Cleland of Glenhoofe. daughter of George Cleland of Glenhuiff. Their grandson. It formerly belonged to Charter of Charles II. and i companie and household with his sone. had no guds or geir. James Somerville. is named heir in 1675 to George Cleland.' Conf.) ville. of a tenement and pertinents on the south side of the Drygait of Glasgow. on condition of the said parties paying the sum of ten pounds Scots yearly to the Rector.' &c. merchant burgess of Glasgow then to James Cleland. his elder brother then to his brother. Robert Cleland. Inventare. Univ. In the title of the charter. and her husband. deceist in the month Marche. ' of ' — weissaris . 1st of Glenhoofe. the above. ("Munim. 1647. 191. 87 George. signed in 1562. married John Cleland. Married Somer) Janet Cleland (205). 2nd GENERATION. funogat. Council. Monkland. Daughter of George Cleland of Glenhoof. pe tyme of his deceis.. (Reg.) (Note. being ane old aiged man. — In The Table. Agnes Cleland is styled " Janet Cleland. (Reg. (a) George Cleland (204). Agnes Cleland (206)." (Comm Bee.) George Cleland 3rd GENERATION. Glasg..) He and his lands of Glenhoofe mentioned in 1603. Glasg. sone in law to pe defunct. No. etc. July 7. Item. except allancylie pe sowme of ffourtie punds Scotts money of yeirlie yaird maill.) (b — 4th GENERATION. (203). 1655. John Cleland of Foscan. for pe maill of the said twa yairds in Drygait.") : .' The inventory of his effects. Great Seal. . and exr datine. award to him be Richard Cliddisdaill and George Neilsone. quoted by Hamilton of WisJiaw. have a charter confirmed of the lands of Glenhuiff in the barony of Monkland. (Inquisitionem. Mentioned (possibly his father) in 1627. his sister. John Cleland. from him to George Cleland of Glenhuif. re the Manse of Stobo.. Privy George. Principal. Agnes Cleland. as follows being given upe be John Cleland in Banhaith. 3rd of Glenhoofe. second son of Witness in 1595. of pe fol burt of Glasgow. to Janet and John Cleland.—" Charter granted. by Charles II. Great Seal.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. in 1649. wtout apr hous or familie. Mentioned as " younger " in 1595. as one of the custodians of James Cleland of Faskine.

Kilsyth. and other members of the Academy and College of Glasgow. and old natives still point to the hillside in which in their own words ' a bull's hide of gold lies hidden. on the back of the document." However that may be Cleland and Jean Wharrie are given as the parents of James Cleland following.) In " ane roole of the Heritors names of Monkland and Calder. descended from the Clelands of that ilk (Monkland Branch). Univ. 40s.' This of Glasgow. his riderless horse being found grazing in the adjacent woods some days afterwards. "According to local tradition they are descended from the Clelands of Glenhove. of the officers. The seal is gone. Esq. viz." " According to local tradition. land.) ' ' CLELANDS OF BLAIRLIN. Glasg. 1655.) or they may is visit the Burgh document This branch apparently ended here. bear that it had duly passed the seal.. The origin of this branch of the Clelands is uncertain. whose descendants could be continuously traced down to the present day. Esq. unless the following may perhaps apply: "1696. Galbraith. Married Jean Wharrie of the Covenanting Line.) 1st GENERATION. James Cleland and Janet Qtlair — (Whitclair) in fidlersland a lawful son called John. Kilsyth. " James Cleland in Glenhowe. but the usual doquets in the first year of Ins reign." (Munin. as the two places are contiguous. appears " Glenhuiff. (Comm.." (Note by Mr. Cleland of Glenhove was present at Bothwell Brig and never returned.. and the liberty of walking in the gairdene's attached thereto. bearing to be granted by King Charles II. Univ. remarkable as being a Charter under the great seal. Harry Cleland. Glasg. James Cleland. June 14." cautioner. dated 1659. on the 6th April 1649. Harry Cleland.88 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND." in Munim." . whenever he ' 6 April 1649." Such was the information furnished by " my cousins of the furthest back Cleland ancestry. but I have been unable to find the names in the New Monkland registers. James Somerville. Cleland (207). per P. the estates going to a grandnephew of George Cleland.) John well authenticated. This is probable enough. Glasg. He took the precaution to secrete his money before setting out. The site of the old Castle' of Glenhove is still shown. heritor. Galbraith. the King reserves to himself and his successors the right to one chamber and a stable in the back part of the said tenement. In this Charter." (Note by Mr. whose descendants are (Notes by P.

Died (?) in 1762. ried first Jean Waddell (born 1747. Married 1736. Mary Graham (?) (born 1746.D. Margaret Boyd. .) James Cleland 3rd GENERATION.. matters were not come to that pass as to be obliged to tell people's thoughts. died 1837). Cleland asked him pardon and said. (1) William Cleland Married 1764 Margaret 8 children. This individual probably was an ancestor of James Cleland. of Springfield.-3. in 1739. he asked him what he thought of that rabble. 1725. Cleland (daughter). Parish. William Cleland . afterwards portioner of East Blairlin. Born 1742. of Clayslops. secondly. 89 Cleiland appears in 1692 in the "Records of the Maltman's Craft. (5) (6) George Cleland Henry Cleland Bethia Cleland (213). in Glasgow. 6 children.-5. other queries. Born 1739. Port Glasgow. (3) 1782. 2nd GENERATION. after some the advocate. Born 1754. Married firstly Annie Linn. Glasgow. 5 children." Glasgow. Cadder (3) Matthew Cleland (210). Married 1771. lived in the Trongate. John Cleland. Mar(4) John Cleland (212). Children of James Cleland (208) and Annie Linn. Bethia Riddell. Born 1745. Died 1798. A James Cleland in 1712 rented part of Spreull's Land in the Trongate. 8 children. In the enquiry into the riot on the Malt Tax in June. died 1788). Married Marion Naysmith. and had one child. niece of Bethia Riddell. by the latter he apparently had no children. Riddell. Deacon of the Incorporation of Wrights. (208). A James Cleland was Baillie of the River and Firth of Clyde in 1730 and 1731. 1791-2.-92. James Cleland is one of those examined by '*In examining James Cleland. Died 1822. in 1825." (Wodrow-s " Analecta. Was a wright at Grahamstone (in Glasgow). (214). and had five sons and two daughters. Children of James Cleland (208) and Bethia Riddell. daughter of Mungo Naysmith.-6.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. Born 1748. secondly.-3. Deacon of the Incorporation of (2) Masons. (209). Mr. (211)." Matt land Club. because the latter was related to the Spreull's. and his father. LL.

5 children. (1813). Born 1768. James Cleland (216). Born 1807. Agnes Cleland. ried Marion Cleland. 3 children. Single. Margaret King. Children of William Cleland (218) and Janet Rodger. James Cleland . secondly. Born 1803. Born 1794. Married Jean (6) John Cleland (221). (born 1806). Single. No family. Margaret Walker gow. James Alexander (1815). Born 1797. William Cleland Born 1777. firstly. Mar(5) James Cleland (220). Married Robert Jack. Died. Married Andrew (4) Margaret Cleland. Died 1886. Bethia Cleland. Agnes Wilson. Born 1772. Married. (8) Mason in Airdrie. (2) (3) Moffat. Josiah Cleland (222). GENERATION. Margaret and Christina (1823). (1) Ann Cleland. (7) (8) (9) Alexander Cleland. farmer in Rigg. Agnes Cleland. Died young. then Muirhead. Balloch. 1794. Margaret Cleland. (6) 4 children. Born 1812. 8 children. daughter of Matthew Cleland of Springeld and Joanna Moir. Married Anne Thomas Cleland. Born 1800. Married Janet Rodger. William (1808). Glas- Jfih GENERATION. Born 1774. Died young. Born 1757. afterwards Springfield. Died 1877. Born 1766. John (1810). Married. Died 1877. about 1860 (?) (7) (218). Airdrie. 5th Born 1782. Matthew (1818). Married John Darnley. Walker. Children of William Cleland (209) and Margaret Riddell. Died 1827. Born 1770. (215). Born 1796. Children of James Cleland (216) and Agnes Wilson. Wright. single. Died in infancy. (1) (2) (3) William Cleland.90 (7) THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. 9 children. (4) Thomas Cleland (217). Born 1779. Mary . Born 1809. Born 1805. Married William (5) Bethia Cleland. Shaw. Died 1892. George (1820). John Cleland (219).

Glasgow. 6th 91 GENERATION. Died young. Married 1771. (3) Agnes Cleland. married William Dick. Their Matthew Dick of Ravenswood. Alexander Esilman. born 1774. Died young. 2 children. Port 1 Glasgow. Mar- ried Janet Esilman. Children of George Cleland (211) and Margaret Boyd. Unmarried. Bethia Cleland. Jessie. (224). second. James and Matthew died young. . Married. Married. Janet.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. Dora. (3) John Cleland. Daniel O'Flaherty. Margaret Darnley Cleland. (1) Margaret Cleland. (6) (7) Robert Cleland. Bethia Cleland. Married James Patterson. GENERATION. Harry Esilman. 7th No family. Unmarried. Cleland. Of East Blairlin. Children of John Cleland (221) and Jean Balloch. Born 1840. Married Cameron. Matthew (231) (1785-1886. Married. son. Born 1775. first. Children of Matthew Cleland (210) and Marion Naysmith. William Cleland. Jessie. (2) child. relict of (1) James Lochridge. 10 children. took the name of Cleland. Died 1890. Farlane McFarlane. Children of Josiah Cleland (225) and Annie Buchanan. (1) (2) James Cleland Mary — (2) James Cleland John Cleland. Mary. Married James Mollison. Greenock. (3) (4) Josiah Cleland (225). Josiah and Annie Shaw Buchanan Cleland. Agnes Cleland. ph GENERATION. (5) Agnes Cleland. in Australia (?). James Josiah. (223). Alexander. Annie. Luggiebank and Kilsyth. Children of James Cleland (22Jf) and Janet Esilman. West Parish. George Alexander. From him the DickClelands are descended. Born 1776. Married William McFarlane. John (born 1782). Janet Cleland. on succeeding to the estate of Springfield. married Joanna Muir). Annie. Children of Josiah Cleland (222) and Anne Shaw. Married Annie Buchanan.

Glasgow. Treasurer to the City. aged 70 years. James Cleland Burns.' The site chosen was in Buchanan Street. (5) James Cleland (226). Collector of Customs. of Southcroft. as a prize for the best essay on . James Cleland. which is ornate and substantial. Married Alex. a footnote infers that they were descended from the Clelands of Monkland. on its completion. to be handed down as an honoured heirloom in his family.D. with its name inscribed above it. both in towns and counties. "Cleland Gold Medal. Born 1777. in 1806 a Bailie of Glasgow. in 1834. Jean Cleland. indicating great trouble and care in their compila' ' tion and endless research. " Dr. " which the Committee resolved should be expended on the erection of a productive building in a suitable part of the town. Children of John Cleland (212) and Jean Waddell. to be bestowed in alternate years on a student of Divinity and a student of Natural Philosophy. latterly Bristol. was.— Dr. 1770. Port Glasgow. 28th January.92 (4) THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. forefathers lived in it is stated that his New Monkland and . Cleland was the first to construct statistical tables. who died 14th October. founded a Gold Medal of the value of Ten Guineas. and the proceeds distributed amongst the descendants of James Cleland. It has recently been sold.." As an analyst and statistician he published many works (a list of which appears at the end of this work under " Bibliotheca Clelandica "). In a biographical notice of him by his grandson. Port Glasgow.600 was raised. 8 children. (1) James Cleland (227). and from 1814 to 1834 Superintendent of Public Works. daughter of Richard Brown and Eleanor a Blair. 1840. 14 children. Oq his retirement. and to be designated The Cleland Testimonial. 1840. given over to the distinguished statist. and the pile. Superintendent of Public Works in Glasgow. Born 1781. In 1800 he became a member of the Town Council. was born in Glasgow. Died 1859. Naismith. L. in 1812. in 1877." A sum of £4. and died on 14th October.L. by which reliable data is afforded of determining the probable average duration of life. " the leading merchants resolved that a subscription should be immediately instituted with the view of presenting him with some tangible mark of the esteem in which his unwearied and gratuitous statistical labours ' were held by the community. at the corner of Buchanan Street. Married Jean Brown. Married 1806." The building may still be seen.

Born 1807. and had issue by both marriages. The Comrie Thomsons are descended from her. (1) (2) Children of James Cleland (226) and Jean Brown.. No family. Robert Gilkison. Glasgow. married Lieutenant. Place. Married (1) Margaret Rodger Cleland. 6 children. Margaret Rodger. Born 1812. Brown (M. Married Jane (6) Charles Cleland (230). Born 1812. Glasgow. Donald Brown (1819-1834). Margaret. Wilson. Richard (1809-1891. Jean. Beattie. Alex. (3) John Cleland.D. Married. McKendrick. Children of James Cleland (215) and Margaret Walker. Alex. Archibald Boyle. Married John Buchanan. Died (single) 1867. M. Born 1815. Born 1811. died young). 2 children). in 1811.. W. Barbara Cleland. Went to Australia. single).THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. . (2) Agnes Cleland. Jane Cleland Woodburn (married Sir F. — George (1807. Died 1884. afterwards Major-General. Bom 1800.D. (3) James Cleland. Captain on Cunard Line. Jean. firstly. William Hamilton. died 1827. Born 1806. 3 children). in 1792." 93 by the Principal and Professors (University Calendar. any subject to be prescribed of the University. Bethia. Born 1763. Kilkenny). Born 1817. C. secondly. Glasgow. Co. Died 1815. Elizabeth Ann (married George Henry Hussey). Archibald. Born 1809. Married James Cleland of East Blairlin. Married Sophia Lang. married Fanny Roberts. Marion Cleland. Born 1825.). manufacturer. Died 1844. Children of Matthew Cleland (231) and Joanna Muir. Eleanora Cleland and Alexander Woodburn had offspring Archibald Woodburn. Born 1821. Born 1802. (1) (2) Helen Cleland.) He married. Mary Stewart. Henry Cleland (228). (4) Jean Cleland. Architect.B. Children of the above James Cleland (215) and Margaret King. Woodburn. married Anne Christie. (5) John Cleland. Married Charles (7) Helen King Cleland. James (1810-1893. M. Died 1877. Walter McKinlay. Gowran Castle. Eleanora (1812-1852. Abbotsford (2) George Cleland (229). 5th GENERATION.D.

Born 1793. died about 1848. Writer. Married Catherine Reid. who married Charles Reddie. M. Bart. a master engineer and inventor of the governor for marine engines. Son killed when a child daughter. (4) Margaret Cleland. and three daughters Mary Stewart. .94 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. etc. and a Miss Burns. married. Christina. —Died about 1844. Born 1874. Several children. Eleanora Margaret. died 1871) married John Hamilton. (3) Jessie Muriel Cleland (born 1893). (6) Henry Wilson Cleland.. Rosa — Corinna. Born 1812. in 1888.D. married Napier Gordon Glassford. William Cleland. Anne Isabella (married Norris. a poetess and musician. (3) William Cleland. afterwards 1st Lord Inverclyde. Children of the above James Cleland (227) and (5) Mary Stewart. (1) (2) Sophia Lang Cleland. who died young. paid a visit to the Old Country many years — — ago. Janet Houston Burrell. Glasgow. No descendants. Susanna Blair. Bailie of Glasgow. Cleland. at Married a Spanish lady (7) James Denniston Cleland. Barrister and (2) James William Cleland. Children of James Cleland (227) and Margaret Rodger. Q.C. born 1847. born 1845. Elizabeth Cleland (born 1829.—Born 1794. James. Three children. married Dr.). Children of Dr. Margaret Cleland. His son.. Alexandrina Elizabeth. (2) Jean Cleland (born 1890). — — . poet of Glasgow. married Martha Brown in 1835. (2) John Cleland. Their only surviving daughter.D. married Andrew Philp Catherine and Alice. (1) Isabella Guthrie Cleland (born 1889). Charles Ritchie. B. died 1877. Their children were John Burns. . afterwards Sir George Burns. (1) Charles J. of the Cunard Shipping Line. George Cleland (229) and Sophia Lang. 1822 George Burns. Two sons. — Member of London County Council. Ealing. James Cleland Burns. married.— Born 1867. J. Married in (1) Jane Cleland. Alexander Stewart Cleland. Went to Australia. daughter of William Reid. Buenos Ayres. Ealing. F. Children of Charles Cleland (230) and Jane McEendricJc.

in the same county. charged with three crescents and as : — — many roses . crest. Probably the pupil of the 4th Class. his sister. in 1618 a commission is given to him to apprehend various persons for murder he appears again in 1628. 95 CLELANDS OF UNDER=THE = BANK. in the County of Tweed-dale. AND BARBADOES. in 1593.D. 1692. with a hunting horn are about his neck. William Kneland. barbed and stalked vert. whilst the other was Professor William Cleland. Glasgow College. mentioned.) He made his will in 1629. James Cleland of Stontpath. 1682. Gavin Cleland. of Nether-bank. Jambs Cleland.) James Cleland 1612-1632. Fragrat. which family is descended from the ancient family of the Clelands of that ilk. STONYPATH.) 3rd GENERATION. "Had at least two sons (Lyon Register). a rose. Lanark. was murdered Adam Weir. younger. a hare salient argent. and stringed or. " Azure." records They his arms in the Lyon Register." (Notes by J. James and Jean Cleland. Robert Lockhart.) This must be a son of the firsttioned. (Lanark Comm. and died in 1632. (Reg. 2nd GENERATION. vert. in America. gules. professor of physick in the island of Barbadoes. Lesmahago. (Reg. garnished. brother and heir of the late of Under-bank. 4th — GENERATION.. James Kneland. being appointed tutor to his bairns." 1890. interchanged gules . Great Seal. which James was lawful son to Gavin Cleland of Underbank in the County of Clydesdale. "William Cleland. 1593. The will was confirmed in 1635. 1st GENERATION. Gavin Cleland. in " Hamilton Advertiser. Under-the-Bank. his father-in-law. 1586. in accordance with a prevalent custom well known. motto. delectat et sanat." . died November. men(Reg.) Jean Cleland. Great Seal and Privy Council. November 26th.. second lawful son to James Cleland of Stonypath. son by of the first-named. the elder might perhaps be a Gavin. within a bordure wavy of the second. in Auchtragyminill. Rec. THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. mentioned.B. Park of Nemphlar. Privy Seal.

D. proved in London) . as Sir brother of Cleland in David Lindsay of the follows. as it appears. " Complaint by John M'Kgill. In 1726 I find him and William Cleland of Auchenlee making proposals to buy the lands of Meikle Hareshaw from James (Grossart.B. 1494. October.. a Commissioner for Militia in 1689. 17th of that ilk. subBefore these scryvat att Little Hairshaw. jun. Alexander and John Clelands my sons. got the Barbadoes appointment. is a Commissioner of Supply. Glasgow. A writer in " Notes and Queries. Stevin Lokart obtained a decree from the "Lords of Council" against Patric Cleland and Richard Hasty for the profits of the ferry-boat at the Crossford of (J.) He appears again in 1661. 1718." CLELANDS OF LITTLE HARESHAW (IN SHOTTS. Patrick Cleland of Crossford Boat. William Cleland in Little Hauschaw appears in 1649.) Inglis.) CLELANDS IN CR0S5F0RD BOAT. August 24th.96 TEE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. William Cleland of Hairschaw. that when a mes- . says of him that "he really was the son of Jambs Cleland of Stonepath. Peebles (see his will. Mount. This William Cleland is the Colonel William Cleland described by Swift in his " Journal to Stella. and in 1704." The passage is quoted under the name of Major William Cleland. Glasgotv. " Hamilton Advertiser. and." as intriguing in 1712-13 for the Governorship of Barbadoes. with whom this individual had been confounded by Scott. Lyon King of Arms and others. I find William Cleland in the Sessions Records from 1650 till 1680. 1594. On 22nd 1494. and in 1685-90. He was a Commissioner of Supply in 1664. Witnesses Andrew." 1866. " Anna Hamiltone. William Cleland. The heraldries give the arms of Clelland Barbadoes differenced from those of the head of of the family. and died in a very few years. advocate.) 1593. and whom he describes as a " true Scotchman. our eldest sone. in Water of Clyde for the 15 years preceding. 1729." 1890. William Cleland. (Comm. Corsfurde." (Comm.. relict of the deceased William Cleland of Hairschaw in the parish of Shotts and Sheriffdome of Lanark.) The Clelands of Little Hareshaw were an older branch than Auchenlee. 7th May. Thomson's Arts of Scotch Parliament.

in Crossford Boat." John Cleland. baptising James and William. James Cleland and Agnes (?) Allan appear Lesmahago Register. 1748. Rom. John Cleland. Privy Council. mentioned as one of those called to give evidence in regard to some rebels of the " 45. fugitived in the Covenanting troubles. in the Overtoun of Cambusbehalf of James. 1656. LANARKSHIRE. Glasg. Privy Council. 1702. Thomas Cleland. son of John Cleland in Cambusnethan.) all denounced as defaulters. James Cleland in Clyde Bridgend of Lanark.) 1630. took them captive and detained them in a mure ' ' without meat or drink for 24 hours the foresaid principal offenders are (Beg. He is mentioned in 1724 as a writer in drawing up the will of Andrew several times in the Leiper of Abbeygrieve. smith. or James Cleland of Crossford?) CLELANDS OF DEVON. 1638. James Cleland.) Cleland in Eivertoun Cambusnethan. wounded said messenger.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. son to James Cleland in Crossford Boat. Lesmahago Parish. Alex. in Crossford-boat. Lesmahago. 1682. William Somerville of Spitteltoun cautioned not to harm Alexander. James Cleland. Daniel. x. enters into a bond. (Comm.. test. Glasg. 1704-1724. xi. about 1704.) his childreing. conf. at Bankheid William Cleland brother of Cleland in Corsfurde (many others mentioned with him) all armed. etc. name and CLELAND5 OF ABBEY QREVE." G . younger. in the toun of Glasg. in Clelands elder. A test-burner in 1682. Jonet. of the Gospel at Chivelauthor in 1660 of a pamphlet. " nathan. (Reg.) CLELAND5 IN CAMBUSNETHAN.) of Cambus- (Comm. 1589-1591. or a sermon preached on 1660. 1695. (Reg. certain duties belonging to 97 senger was sent with the spouse of John M'Kgill and servants to uplift him in Lesmahago. and a Robert in 1711. Alexander Cleland. and Marioun (Comm." — 1665. John Cleland in Crossford Boat. nethan. "The Christian's Encouragement to Believe." (Is he James Cleland of Abbeygrieve. minister is ston in Devon. seized the servants. forcibly broke open doors.

) John Kneland. Bolls. him many years ago CLELANDS WHOSE GENEALOGICAL POSITION IS UNKNOWN.. Isabella Cleland." . Great Seal. now a rebel.) 1539. to the effect that the King's gift to the said James and (Reg. " Mariota Cleland.) (Reg. (Glasgow Protocols. (Reg." and so Cleveland. are known. Jacobi Hamilton de Crawfuird Johne " (1578). dwelling in Glasgow. " Nicholaio Knelandis t. informed that he had seen the gravestone of such a person in a West of England cemetery. An old friend of John Cleland. Great Seal. (Thomson's Acts.) the 1580. ane memoriall concerning the same. Cleland. John Logan of Coustoun appears before the King. " servus D. 1501. A writer in "Notes and Queries" in 1866 says the Clelands of Konnoblehill made Cleland " Cleuland. 1605. servitor to the Earl of Arran. Great Seal. John Cleland to attend wapenschaw with his " bandit (Records of Burgh of L^anarlx.98 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLELAND. mentioned in a deed in Glasgow protocols.R. his heirs may be " past and exped.) Life-rent reserved to her in 1568.) 1604. Cleland. William Cleland. p. (Exchequer 1544. with (Exchequer Rolls. (Reg. 1581. Great Seal." (Reg. probably a near relative. 1550. mentioned in a deed. "servus" of the Duke of Lennox Living in Wester Leckie (1606). XL. 1588. staff. 1584. tenant in Langnewton. Alex. tenant in Drummaben.S. " Adamo Kneland. and renounces a gift of the escheat goods of George Douglas. merchant." Lundoris landis. Vol. the renunciation being in favour of James Cleland. by which last appellation their representatives. (Reg. Devonshire. now of Tapley. Glasgow. Admiral.. etc. He gives no authority for this statement." witness to a charter of " Domine Isobelle Hume. Great Seal. (Sheriff's Court Bool-s. Privy Council." wife of Alexander Lockart of Cleghorn.) In 1630 she appears as relict of James Bell. F.) 1546.) again 1583. 1580.) (1604)." 1581) Servus Duke of Lennox (1605).) 1578. James Cleland. son of George Douglas of Parkheid. maltman (mentioned 1586). 91. John Kneland. wife of James Bell. his son John Cleland and Alexander Cleland.

(Beg. signs a petition on behalf of his trade (1617). — 1615. John Kneland. dwelling house. Ellas Kneland. dwelling in Thornehill. (Reg. James Cleland in Kirknewton. Great Seal.' Although . " a document Kirk with Kilbiyde Kirk. Privy Council. Angus Cleland. and " sua effrayit his spouse that she then parted with bairn. John Cleland. 1609.) 1617. William Kneiland in Strabok mentioned.) 1617. M. Various persons bound over not to hurt him and others. and others deride the King's proclamation and attack various people. (p. Great Seal. son of Robert Kneland in Farne- law . his Majesty's servitor. On 15th January. sought complainer everywhere. in the Orkneys. instigated by the Earl of Orkney.) 1617. Privy Council. (Reg. 1609. in Orkney. John Kneland op Tannochie. Thomas Blak. in the Earl of Orkney's service. John Cleland.J J THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. 163." etc. entered with drawn swords in their hands. Burgh of the Cannogait and Thomas Lowrie make complaint against the town of Edinburgh in the matter of the freedom of the Edinburgh Market to purchasers from the Cannogait. (Munim. Univ. violently broke up the doors. 1613." and authority is given to convene the (Reg. Durisdeir. 1613. — Sale of land to him. son of Robert Kneland in Farnelaw. Edinburgh. and John Kirkpatrick lie in irons in the Tolbooth of Edinburgh for 14 weeks for the alledged murder of Andrew Kyninmouth. James Carmichell and John Kneland. and the College of Glasgow. mentioned in 1607.) (Reg. 1617. John Cleland's spouse is mentioned.) Elias Kneland. Privy Council. came to complainer's.) leiges for their apprehension. " servus " 99 Lord Torpichen. in the Isle of Quhinslay in Zetland. (Reg. with others. The bailies of Edinburgh and Mungo Bankis their officer apprehended Lowrie and committed him to the tolbooth and will not release him till he pay 20/ as unlaw for having coft certane Bailies of the Two burgess thus ' hydis for his work. 1605. cordiner in Edinburgh. Johnne Kneland. 1611. Helen Litle. cordiner. Elias Kneland. John Kneland of Thornehill. signs in 1617 in reference to uniting Torren's disposing the same to Glasg. publichtlie in mercat tyme of day. Cleland. His Majesty being informed of their innocence is asked to grant them a remission. 1617. Mentioned again in 1620. are denounced rebels for not appearing to answer a charge for the "odious and detestable murder of the said late Johnne Weir. Privy Council.



Lyke oppressioun

has often been attempted before against the crafts

of the Cannogait this last act has proceeded anly from the

of Johnne

Kneland deacon

of the cordiners of

greed and Edinburgh

whole profit of the Charge given to Kneland and others to answer and the bailies and said Cleland and others being present a defence is produced. The Lords decern against the defenders and ordain Lowrie
desire to keep for themselves the

and others who

said public market.

burgh of Cannogait against the cordiners of Edinburgh for denying them the freedom of the market. The same Lowrie and others complain that Johnne Kneland, deacon of the cordiners of Edinburgh and other cordiners be way of bagastrie reft from complaines ten pairs of shoes which they still detain." " 2nd March 1607 while complainers were selling their goods in the market Johne Kneland and others violantlie and perforce overwhelmed and dang doun the saidis complenaris standis and tred thair schone and mullis in the Myrris and gutteris.' Charge is given to Kneland and the others to answer and all being present the Lords ordain the defenders to restore the said goods to pursuers and to keep good neighbourhood with them in time coming." (Reg. Privy Council.)
' '

to be set at liberty." " Complaint by bailies of

1618. " M. Josbpho Cleland, servitor Episcopi CandideWitness. (Reg. Great Seal.) 1618. Roger Cleland in Ravinsheuch, cited for contravening the acts against " carrying arms and slaughtering wild

and dier."

(Reg. Privy Coun.)

1620. 1625. Pattrick Knelands, skinner,


(1620). John and Patrick Kneiland charged with assault at (Reg. Privy the " Societie port of Edinburgh." (1625.)

Council.) 1621.

John Cleland, messenger. (Reg. Privy Council.) William Cleland in Kushoble, principal, and Alexander Cleland in Schawes, cautioner, in borrowing a sum of (Comm. Rec. Glasgow.) In 1629, this Alexander money. Cleland of Shawes, son of umq ee James Cleland in Shaws,
enters into a

bond in which his "rowme and mailing of
(Sheriff Court Books,


" is



William Cleland in Shawis, tutor to William and James, sons of James Cleland in Clelington, his brother germane (1670). (? By a writer in "Hamilton Advertiser," is this younger William Cleland the Cameronian Colonel?) William Cleland, South Shaws, 1734, assessed at £80. 1623. William Kneiland in Preston. (Reg. Great Seal.) 1623. Marion Cleland, Halhill, test. conf. 1624. Euphamie Cleland, relict of umqll. Malcom Fleming.

(Sheriff's Books, Glasgoiv.)

1624. Mrs.

James Cleland, Auchnotoroch,

test. conf.

1625. Mrs.
test. conf.


Arthur Cleland, Brydokhill (Brodie

1629. Jean Cleilland in Corehouse Mills and others to be apprehended for.

etc., to

Commission under the signet of Mr. John Hamiltoun of Bayanie, search for, apprehend and examine [16 names] and Jean Cleilland in Corehouse Mills who as commoem practisers of the detestable crymes of Witchecraft, using of charmes and enchantments, laying on and taking aff of sicknesses and uthers bruit for devilish practises as the depositions of Isobel Gray, lately show." Witchecraft both before her convictiones and at her death (Beg. Privy Council.)










1630. A bond is registered in which the parties agree to pay " Andro Cleland" lawfull son to Alexander Cleland elder in Cultness the sume of ane hundrethe merks. In In 1650 John Cleland in Cultness acknowledges a debt. 1661 occur John Cleland in Cultness and James Cleland, " collheware," in Cultness. (Comm. Glasg.) 1631. James Cleland in Nudrie mentioned. (Reg. Privy

1632. Mr. George Cleland, minister of Durisdeir, contributes " 20 lib." to the Glasgow College Library in 1632. Test. confirmed by his spouse, Jean Wilson, in 1657. 1633. Alexander Cleland and John Cleland, sons to Alexander Cleland, appear as witnesses to a bond of Margaret Setoun, Lady Kilcrewch. (Comm. Rec. Glasg.)
1636. Archibald Cleland, servitor to Sir Archibald Stewart, witness. (Com. Rec. Glasg.) 1644. James Cleland in Ridleland borrows 20 merks. (Comm. Rec. Glasg.) 1646. William Cleland and William Cleland, Jun., with others, had to do penance before the congregation for "their complyance with the enemy," having, when Montrose, after Kilsyth, halted near the west-end of the Parish of Shotts on his journey southwards, either joined his forces or procured a protection from him. (Vide Grossart.) 1647. William Cleland, servitor to James Stark, witness. (Comm. Rec. Glasg.) 1648. " Wilihame Cleland op Knowbil," signs a bond.

(Com. Rec. Glasg.)

William Cleland


Wardheid, witness




in Ubirdheid signs a bond in 1649 (probably the same) Margratt Cleland, daughter to umqll. Hew Cleland in Warlheid, 1648. (Com. Rec. Glasg.)



(Comm. 1649. Alexander Cleland in Whytfoord. Glasg.J 1651. Thomas Cleland, James Clelland, elders and deacons of the kirk. (Kirk-Session Records of Lesmahago.) 1652. John Cleland, indweller in Clendigkill, lends 100 merks. (Com. Eec. Glasgow.) 1655. "William Cleland and Margaret Stirling, spouses, in Warlheid, and James Cleland, our lawfull
(Comm. Glasg.) 1656, 1711. James Cleland in Bate James Cleland in Halflect, in list of elders. Clelands of Halflect appear in Lesmahago Eegister about 1711. 1659. " Gayne Dykheid and Cleddans, Merkland, William Cleland, heritor." (Munim. Univ. Glasg.) 1661. John Clelland in Whytcraigheid. (Comm. Glasg.)

1661. Robert Cleland in Jervestoun. (Comm. Glasg.) 1662. William Cleland in Shealand fined £240. (Thomson.) This was one of the fines imposed by Middleton, in Parliament 1662, on those excepted from the Act of Indemnity.

1663. John Cleland, minister, of Stow, confined to his


(Wodrow.) James Cleland

in Overtoun of Dalserf.

Test conf.

Parish of Dalziel.
1658. August



son to John Cle-

land, in the Parish of Camnethan. October 9th, John, son to Walter Cleland, in the Parish of

1661. October 20th, baptized James, son to James Cleland, in the Parish of Bothwell. 1662. February 16th, baptized Margaret, daughter to

Walter Cleland, in the Parish of Camnethan
Parish of Lanark.
1656. Thomas, lawful son to John Cleland, born 20th March, baptized 28th. 1658 (?) Andrew, lawful son to John Cleland, born 10th May, baptized 16th. Witnesses, David Park and George Gray.

Parish of Hamilton.
1658. James Cleland had a child born called James.

.) Foscane. . Proclamation. Glasg. 1660. of Andrew main's. John Cleilland escapes from the prison (Lanark Records. relict of umql. borrowit fra 1665. Johne Cleland has a child baptized called 9th September. called 1660. James Cleland. (Comm. Agnes. 1659. his sister. 2nd May." John French. 1659. William Cleland has a child baptized called Alex- 22nd July. William Cleland has a child baptized called Johne. Rec. 100 merks. stitute and ordaine the said James Cleland. with list of fugitives. Amongst many names Westfield in Lauchop's Bothwell Parish." etc. 1660. Barbara. 1673. William 103 Cleland has a child baptized called Thomas. Alexander Cleland has a child born. William Cleland has a child baptized called Janet.) at Lanark. "Be it kend Edward Cleland now etc. William Cleland has a child baptized called Joan.—Arthur Cleland in Land. James Cleland has a child baptized called Alex10th April. 19th June. James Cleland has a child baptized called 24th April. comfort the apprehension and forbidding any to harbour or appear (Wodrow) :— said persons. Glasg. efter of 100 merks principall adebitted to me be James Cleland (Comm. 1658. f ugitived in Covenanting troubles. etc. assignay In and to the principal debts. 3rd January. Andrew.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND.. collr. March. Parish of Camnethan. Elizabeth Cleland. ander. Margaret. 1666. (Comm. 1658. 1659.. etc. — . For the spebeir to Jambs Cleland ciall love and faver quhilh I have and my eldest lawful sone. burgess of Glasgow. The Cleland's spouse was confirmed in 1664.) Elspeth Cleland. to all men be thir present letters me indweller in the Canongait. 1660. Conmy very lawfull. " James Cleland in Vairdheid specifict. has a child baptized 19th April. son to Andrew Cleland in How1664-168 test. and for dyvers uther causes. ander. David. 1664.) ordering their 1684. 1664. 1659.

James Cleland of Pitennes. signs the Act declaring the legality of the meeting of estates summoned by the Prince of Orange. mother of Gavin Fairservice. with a hunting horn about his neck vert garnished gu. whose arms are registered as " az.) 1689. in Threep- Mart Clelland. son to Thomas Cleland in in Thomas Cleland for reset of his son. John Cleland in Crossford Boat. of Cameronian John Cleland in Col. John Cleland. 1698. Commissioner to Parliament for Anstruther Wester (1689-1700). overseer for the election of magistrates for Montrose (1689). votes for an Act concerning Caledonia. Commissioner of Supply for Fife. signs a letter of congratulation to King William. 1689.) 1689-1702. Stevenson's Roll of coming Cameronian Regiment. Cleland. Cleland's Roll. minister. Lesmahago. James Cleilland in Capt. Stevenson's Roll Regiment. son to Andrew Cleland Howmains. 1688-1698. Carluke. 1690. George Clelland was ordained at Rosehall. In Lesmahago Poll-tax Records: Janet Cleland. on the 1st October. He died the same year. On the 26th April. Commissioner on the claims of persons restored from forfeiture. (Grossart.) Probably the forces till December. Samuel Cleilland in Capt. 1689. David Cleland. an elder from Shotts reports to the Presbytery of Hamilton. Janet Cleland visited Hackston in the vault.—— — 104 Douglas. A prominent man at the of the Prince of Orange." Probably also the Robert Cleland of Hillhouse. — THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. and desires a supply of preaching. 1689. Commissioner of Supply for Fife (1695). spouse of James Hamilton Avood. within a bordure counter-company of the second and first. on committee for disputed elections. 1696. 1695. the Association in his defence. 1695. a hare salient and guardant arg. is sick. Writer. Cambusnethan. Andrew Cleland in Fimerton. Robert. that Mr. 1702. Jean Clelland. of Yuilshiels. (Thomson. and all that is known of him is that he was a probationer residing within the bounds of the Presbytery of Edinburgh. 1701 . Janet Clelland. Edinburgh. 1704. and . 1680. portioner. Cleland. dissents from continuing the (Thomson's Acts. spouse of James Smith in Holmhead. William Douglas. 1688. Janet Clelland. Cleland. 1696. spouse to William Jack. daughter of Janet Jack.

William Cleland. Arthur Cleland died. Elizabeth Cleland. merchant. baptized 1696. James Cleland in Comenhill died. Bis daughter. and John (evidently a brother of Alexander) had shares in the . of Lanark to report on the meal market.) 1682. John Cltland at a general meeting of the "witnessing remnants of the Presbyterians in Scotland." (Presby. . Sasine." at Crawfordjohn.— THE AXC1EXT FAMILY OF CLE LAX D. 1735. Protocols. William Cleland in Bighead. senior merchant in Glasgow. a merchant.. Margaret Cleland. Marie Clelland. Cleland. junior (his son). Four Edinburgh Clelands James. maltman. merchant. Reg. Alexander.) 1703. ap'ed 77. between 1770-1807. Agnes Clelland. baptized 1697. appointed by the baillies. John Cleland. baptized 1695. (Lesmahago Churchyard. James. William Cleland. manufacturer. daughter and heir of James (Glasgoio Cleland.) (Wodrow. Dean of Guild. (She may have been John Haddow's wife.) Arthur Cleland in Auchnottroch Marion Young. James.) . Cleland. 1713. an operative weaver. Rodger Clelland.) (Clehtnd's Enumer. Albion Street Chapel. David. session-clerk in Crawford John. his spouse. 1695. 1703. 1696. married Elizabeth Pirie. 105 humanely brought a surgeon to him. Lanark. Jun. Jean Clelland in Garrelwood. His son. his son. assistant pastor to the Old Scot's Independents. indweller in Douglas. His son. etc. has kept his books " exceedingly ill-spelled and ill-worded. mentioned. the wife of George Weir of Blackwood. wife of James Lean in Boreland.) 1788.) Spouse to John Clatchie. Glasgow.. of Inhabit- 1774. Frequently mentioned in the Records. junior. for mending a poor child's arm. Witness in 1695 and 1696. (May have been Haddow's wife or. Lanark.) 1704. wife of William Weir in Garrellwood. John Cleland. : Darien Expedition. ants of Glasg. 1770. James. his son. 1709-1711. Agnes Cleiland in Douglas. wife to John Steven in Auchleck. aged 73 years. whereby it is unintelligible and nonsense in many places. as is more probable. (Annals of Lesmahago. Margaret Clelland. £2. daughter to Arthur. (Lesmahago Churchyard. Anna. James Cleland. 1696. James.

and could only be 25 at this have been the son of the Alexander Cleland." kenzie's Reminiscenc&s of Glasgow.) Cleland. about thirty weavers armed themselves and started off from Glasgow to take Stirling. 1813. "Aural Surgery.) — ' 4th Class. Alexander Cleland Pupil of the son of James Cleland. Some were hanged and the majority were transported to Sydney. 1699. Cleland James Cleland '4th been Class. In April. William IV. Gavin Cleland of Barbadoes. 12th of that ilk. (Lesmahago Churchyard. (Who Cleland de is this eodem haeres.) 1682. Mackenzie afterwards exposed the plot of this man Richmond. among them being a James Cleland. time. Pupil of the James Cleland? If his age at entering the College was about 13. GLASGOW. John Cleland. of Glasgow. (Probably Claud Cleland. aged 75 years. 13th of 1657. smith. (Probably son of Wm. 1820." one of the earliest books on that subject.) Claud Cleland Takes the oath. who was born He must in 1674. Margaret Stark. is mentioned in Wylde's. " Munimenta Graduates (1727-1897).' (Possibly Archibald Cleland of Connoblehill. died.' —D. mentioned in 1603. 1835. second son that ilk.) 1831. granted a free pardon to these men. "About 1820 there were great disturbances about the Reform Bills. and on the 21st of July.' James Cleland of Stonypath and brother of Prof. he cannot have the son of William Cleland. CLELANDS WHO WERE STUDENTS AT THE GLASGOW AND EDINBURGH. the Commissioner of Customs. Pupil of the 4th Class. This pardon actually took three years to reach these men.) — —Pupil of the ' 4th Class. mentioned in 1710. Old or West Monk(Cleland's Enum. some (Condensed from Macof whom had settled in Sydney. . a usual age. and Addison's Roll of (Possibly the ZJniversitatis Glasgvensis " UNIVERSITIES OF From 1675. and a man Richmond took advantage of the discontent of the lower classes to stir up a rebellion so that he might make money by giving evidence against them. as having been the first to practice catheterization of the Eustachian fube.' of James Cleland. spouse to Arthur Cleland in Blackhill. schoolmaster.) land. son ' — of William Cleland.106 THE ANClEtiT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. an Army surgeon. They were met at Bonnymuir by a troop of Hussars and taken prisoners. Archibald Cleland 1598.

Cabinet maker in Glasgow. 1644. in William Cleland— Pupil of the 4th Class on both dates. son of James Cleland. James Cleland James Cleland tioned 1623.' 1672. 1624. 1613. 14th of that ilk.' .D. 1777.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. In 1644.1834. 1600. George Cleland— Scotus. LL. 1725.. etc..D. both these years. M. theological student.' Thomas Cleland Pupil of the 3rd Class. 1622. — Pupil of the —Pupil of the ' ' 4th Class. 1678. 1610. 1723. 1831. evidently the same person in both instances. Joseph Cleland— His name inscribed. 1619-1623. James Cleland laureated. mentioned in 1632.. William Cleland Has a Zachary Boyd theological bursary — 1697.) 1630. Sixth son of James Cleland. James Cleland and John Cleland— ' Ascripti Novitii Sequentes. 1683. laureates (with John Cleland). 1663. Prof. ' — (1832). John Cleland— Adscriptus.' (Are these possibly the sons of Alexander Cleland. Patrick Cleland Pupil of the 3rd Class. Henry Wilson Cleland Glasgow. 1725. Matric. 107 who about 1680 married a daughter of Hamilton of Wishaw. 1673. William Cleland Ex quinto classe.D. 1681.) 1630.' ' 4th Class. Joseph Cleland— Pupil of the 4th 1672. 1600.' CM. 1675.' . (1834). William Cleland Student.D. 14th of that ilk ? His second or third son is said to have been a John. Alexander Brown Cleland M. — — 1832. Matthew Cleland—Takes the oath. d. M. 1790-1814..' William Cleland Pupil of the 4th Class. (Probably this is the same William Cleland from 1676-1683. 'Filius natu Secundus Mosis Armigeri Comitatu de Dcwn. Primogenitus Domini Jacobi militis. laureated.' Takes Ltjdovic Cleland the oath. John Cleland. 1702. (Son of Sir James Cleland of Monkland. John Cleland Laureated (with Thomas — Cleland). It is noteworthy that in 1632 this Alexander subscribes to the Library Fund. — ' — — — — ' 1676. of Med. LL.) ' — 1598. 1675.D. Juris- prudence in Portland Street School of Medicine (1840-42) . 1838. — 1613-1636. laureated. men- (Possibly the brother of Alexander Cleland. 1725. 1725. 1726. M. 1636. 1826. 1640. 1840.1726. merchant of Port Glasgow. 1723. self-styled of that ilk.) 1642. 1630. Class. This places his birth at about 1617. 1838. laureated.A.) William Cleland Pupil of the 4th Class. 1840-44. 1598. subscribes two dollars for the Library. ' John Cleland Mentioned above with James. In 1642. James Cleland is mentioned. James Cleland.. If they are they cannot have been more than 10 years old.' 1619 laureated. 1844. 1671.

Sermon on John 528. Fil. Phil. EDINBURGH. Class 81. 8vo. 1637.' 1687. 1669. of a Catheter. July 29. 1691. July 30. Robert Cleland. Joannes Cleland. 2. (3) Kilmarnock.'s. Nos ingenui Adolescentes. Mr. 1633.' Joannes Cleland. 1858. Publice Laurea donandi. January 6..") David Cleland.) William Cleland. N. Duke of Richmond. Cleland. 1671.Sc.S. 1665. of Sheffield Testing Works.) . the father of John Fullarton Cleland. Univ. (2) Glasgow. 1607. (1) (2) Demonstr. 1743. While Lennox Cleland is studying at Edinb.— Needles lb. 1820. Brit. July Georgitts Clelandus. Leeds.. B. Benjamin.. 1819. according to Oliver and Boyd's Almanac. Class 45.A. 526.' (Matric. M. in Engineering Lab. 1808. 1597.' William Cleland. William Lennox Cleland. London. 8vo. 182^.A. 1685. Georgius Clelandus. Surgeon.) Georgius Cliland. Archibald. Joannes Cleland.' etc. Mr. Andreas Stephanides..' Robert Cleland.' Joannes Cleland. 1681. M. he first met and afterwards married Gordon-Lennox is the family name of the Miss Fullerton.A. Minister verbi. of Supt. (Watt's Biblioth. 1686.) (M. a person of the same name was at one time Church of Scotland minister at Portland Head and Pitt Town. April 1. (This Wm. Class 83. Class 49. M. p. B.. 1603. 11. p. Privatim laurea donati. Engineer at (1) Airdrie. July 22. Andreas Stephanides. Robert Cleland. Jacobus Cliland.. Max. Privatim laurea donati.Sc. VIII. ' John Cleland. May. Minister verbi. ' ' ' ' ' BIBLIOTHECA CLELANDICA. 1815. Trans. (From Catalogue of the Edinburgh Graduates. Graduated.) ' Privatim Laurea donati.. 1-3. for Operations in the eyes. May 12. Regens.) Cleland. June 22. Alb. Instruments for the ear. Publice Laurea donati sunt.' Filius natu maximus Davidis Agricolae Samuel Cleland.108 THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. xiv. ' in parochia de Sainfield in comitatu de Down in Hyb. Yorkshire Coll. (Watts Bibl. 1887. for the for Stone. 1741. 1882.. n. Regens. Scotus '. ( ? is this the author of the " Education of a Young Nobleman. John Cleland. Roberti in Parochia de ' Cambusnethan Lanarkshire. —Description — —Appeal to the Public.A. 1815. High Operation Abr. Brit.. 1.W.




Cleland, Charles. Abstract of the several Laws and Rules that are now in Force relating to the Importation and Exportation London, 1737. 4to. of Wine, into and out of Great Britain.

Watt's Bibl. Brit.)

Cleland, Elphinstone Davenport.

—" The

White Kangaroo," a





— Contributions

(short stories, etc.) to Australian Press.

Edinburgh, Elizabeth. New Method of Cookery. (Watt's Bibl. Brit.) horses Cleland, George. The best way to shoe with practical remarks, by Farrier Cleland. 1884. 8vo. Cleland, Henry.— Life of the Right Hon. William Pitt. 1807. 12mo. ( Watt's Bibl. Brit.) Cleland, Henry Wilson, M.D. On the History and Properties, Chemical and Medical, of Tobacco, a Probationary Essay presented to the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow,











by Henry Wilson Cleland, M.D., Lecturer on Medical


prudence in the School of Medicine, Portland Street (a Candidate for Admission into that Body). 1840. This is an interesting account of the history of tobacco and the way in which its use spread over Europe prohibitions against it its medicinal properties, etc. This Henry Cleland was a son of James Cleland, LL.D., the Glasgow statistician. Cleland, James, D.D. The Institutions of a young Nobleman, in six books. Oxford, 1607. 4to. Death and Funeral of Ludo-



London, 1624. 4to. (Watt's Bibl. Brit.). Institutions of a young Nobleman. Jacob's Well and Abbot's Conduit, paralleled, preached and applied in the Cathedrall. Church of Christ in Canterbury, 1626. 4to. James Cleland appears to have been for many years a tutor to the sons of various noblemen, and writes this work on retiring from such occupation. It is full of excellent advice as to how to bring up a son, how to direct his studies, what money allowance he is to have, how he is to comport himself in various circumstances, etc. Many of his recommendations might well be followed in the present day. In talking of the choice of a name for a son he says " I would wish that they give their sonnes, pleasant and easie Names to be pronounced and remembered because good names were ever esteemed to be happie, and first enrouled in the Roman musters, first called







to high honors

out to sacrifice at the establishing of Colonies, and ever erected as appeareth by Constantine, who of a simple souldier was chose Emperour at Silchester by the armie of the

Britains against Honorius, onlie for his luckie name. So one Religianus of no greater quality made Emperour


and nations there hath ever beene some names more affected than others, as James in Scotland, Henry in England, and Charles in Germanic





Clelaxd, James, LL.D., of Glasgow.—A description of the Manner of Improving the Green of Glasgow, of raising water for the supply of the Public Buildings of that City, etc., etc. Glasgow, 1813. 8vo.— Annals of Glasgow, comprising an Account of the Public Buildings, Charities and the Rise and
Progress of that City. Glasgow, 1816. 2 vols., Svo., 21s. (Watt's Bibl. Brit.) Letter to his Grace the Duke of Hamilton on the Parochial Registries of Scotland. 1813.—Abridgment of the Annals of Glasgow, 8vo. 1817.—Rise and Progress of the City of Glasgow, 8vo. 1820.— Exemplification of Weights and Measures of Glasgow, 8vo. 1822.— Statistical Tables rela-

and Enumeration of Scotland, 8vo. to Glasgow, Svo 1823.— Specification for Rebuilding Ramshorn Church, Svo; and Account of Ceremonial at Laying Foundation-Stone of 1824. Historical Account First House in London Street, Svo. Historical Account of the Grammar of the Steam Engine, 8vo. School of Glasgow, &c, 1825. Account of Ceremonial at Laying Foundation-Stone of John Knox's Monument, Glasgow.


and Poor Rates of Glasgow, 8vo. 1827. Maintenance of the Poor, 8vo. 1828. Account of Cattle Show at Glasgow, 8vo. Statistical and Population Tables relative to Glasgow, Svo. Enumeration of the Inhabitants of Glasgow, Svo. 1828. 1829. The Abridgment of Annals (second edition) Svo Account of Glasgow, for Swan's views on the Clyde. Enumeration of Glasgow and Lanarkshire, small folio, 1831

— Specification —

for Rebuilding St. Enoch's

Church, 8vo;

a second edition of the same, large folio, appeared in 1832. Ceremonial at Laying Foundation-Stone of Broomielaw Bridge,


Lanarkshire, Svo.


Account of Weights and Measures for Statistics relative to Glasgow, 8vo.

(Read before the British Association




Parochial Registry of Scotland, 8vo. 1834.

—Glasgow Bride(Read before the

well or





British Association at Dublin.).
tive to Glasgow, 8vo.



Statistical Facts rela-

tion at Bristol.). for





article "


Statistical " in the seventh edition of the Encyclopaedia

(Read before the British Associa"Glasgow" and " Rutherglen " Account of Scotland, 1838.— The

The article " Glasgow," for Brewster's Encycloand likewise a description of that city for the Edinburgh Gazetteer. An Historical Account of the Bills of Mortality and Probability of Human Life in Glasgow, and other large Towns, 8vo. 1840. On the former and present 1840. (Read before the British Association state of Glasgow.

at Glasgow.).

Clelaxd, Johx, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., Regius Prof, of Anatomy and Physiology, Galway, then Regius Prof, of Anatomy, Books, (1) The Mechanism of the Gubernaculum Glasgow.




with an Introduction on the Development, and a Physiological Appendix. Prize Thesis, Edinburgh. Maclachlan and Stewart, 1856.— (2) Joint Editorship of Quain's Anatomy, 1867.— (3) 1st Edition, 1876 Directory for Dissection of Human Body. 2nd Edition, 1881.— (4) Animal Physiology, 1874.— (5) Evolution, Expression and Sensation, 1812 (in great part a reprint preface and portion of articles new). (6) Scala Naturae, 1887





Human Anatomy,


Of many

Cleland and Mackay's important communications

to scientific periodicals, the following


be mentioned



the Use of Saccharated




Edinb. Med.

— Ethmoid, and Intermaxillary Bones. Philosoph. Trans, 1862. — On the Hutchinsonian Theory of the Action of the Intercostal Muscles. Journal of Anatomy and Physiol., May, 1867. — On the Epithelium of the Cornea of the Ox. Journ. of






Anat. and Physiol., May, 1858 Microscop. Science, July, 1868.
tions of the




Quarterly Journ. of Inquiry into the Varia-



Philosoph. Trans, 1870.— (6)


Relation of Brain to Mind.

Pamphlet, 1882.— (7) Terminal





Anat. and Phys.,


Birds with Supernumerary Legs, etc. Proc. Glasg. Phil. Soc, February, 1886. (9) Pathology of Spina Bifida, in Morton's


Treatment of Sp.
Feb., 27th, 1890

Bif., 2nd Edit., 1887.— (10) Longevity of Textural Elements, particularly Dentine and Bone. Nature,

Cleland, John, Surgeon, Perth. Died 1836.— In the " Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal," about 1830, relates a case of empyema, pointing through the chest, incised and drained. Cleland,



son of






member of the Spectator's Club, described under the name of Will Honeycomb; died 1789, aged 80. Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure. 1750.— The Way to Things by Words, and to Words by Things. 1765. 8vo. Specimens of an Etymologi-


Vocabulary; or Essay, by means of the Analytical Method,

to retrieve the Ancient Celtic.


for publish-

by Subscription, the Celtic retrieved by the Analytic Method; or Reduction to Radicals, illustrated by various and particularly British Antiquities. Memoirs of a Coxcomb.




(Watt's Bibl. Brit.)



— Titus

Timbo-Chiqui, an

1760.— The Ladies' Subscription, an entertainment,

Cleland, John Burton.

Contributions to " Australian Medical Gazette," 1901-1903, " British Medical Journal," Dec, 1903.



Yule.— Love and

Disbelief, a novel.

London, Perth,


— Inchbracken. Macedonia and Syria Cleland. Hunter's Biggar and the House of Fleming. London. Robert.—Barbara Allan. (of — Contributions to the great Auchinlea). Vol. 1789. R. ad Rh.D. Major William (? his authorship).— The Piper of Cairndhu (Cornhill Magazine). a Sermon on Romans x.— Too Apt a Pupil.— True to a Type. (Watt's Bibl. States with the Roman Empire). was a in what was called Lord Lieut.A. 8vo. William. piled by W. Thomas. merchant of Barbadoes. — Cleland. Blackwood's Magazine. Cleland. 1867. 112 16. C. — Disp.M. William. Greenshield's History of Lesmahago. Cleland. Archibald Forbes' The Afghan War. 21st of that quarterlies in the early part of the 19th century 21. 11. Sir William Hamilton's Works— Review of Thomson's Life of Cullen. : James Cleland's Lanarkshire Register. 1878 :1895. Traj. 1714. Variolarum Insitione. —Dissertatio Medica Leyden. 1891 (Blackwood). Anderson's Memoir of the House Blind Harry's Wallace of Hamilton. 8vo.. Society of S. Memorial Verses. Carruther's Pope's Life and Letters. M. -Colonel in the year Angus' Regiment. more especially that of the Island of Barbadoes. 1887 (Blackwood). de Probationibus. 1776. 1883 (Wilson & McCormick). Fraser's Douglas Book.) 19. 1735. Lost and Found. M. Australia. 4to. Hamilton of Wishaw's Sherifdom of Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire. Loundes' Bibliographer's Manual. by W. etc. Herald and Genealogist. Being M. 20. Cleland... —A Scotch Poet of considerable talents. Macaulay's History of . 24. Douglas' Baronage. 18. (Watt's Bibl. — —Loved. Brit. The present state of the Sugar Plantations consider'd.D. there. William Lennox. Cleland. etc. (of that ilk). — Contributions to Royal 23.) (sic). History of Greece. 4to. 17. Joy my Firmament. Cleland. 1697.—Letter to Pope's Dunciad ilk. (from the age of Zenophon to the incorporation of thoseCleland. Laing Charters. Inauguralis de thesis for 22.B. William. a novel. Cleland (of Bootle). 1684. 1S97. Dec.—A Rich Man's Relatives. The Christian's Encouragement to Believe. — — etc. 1885 (White).—A Collection of several Poems and Verses. Irving and Murray's Upper Ward of Lanarkshire. Cleland. Cleland. — . William. 1848. I Burton's History of Scotland. composed upon various occasions. Gentleman's Magazine. Jurid. BIBLIOGRAPHY ON THE NAME OF CLELAND. 1889 (Blackwood). 8vo. the Provost's Daughter. William. Addison and Steele's Spectator. Brit. 25. Grossart's History of the Parish of Shotts. TEE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. Cleland. 1660. being motives for life comLondon. M. Lyall. Commissary Records of Glasgow .

Scott's Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. 10 (1866) Balfour Paul's . Nichol's Anecdotes of Bowyer.. The End. Glasg. he hopes will communicate at once with him through Dr. Cullen. 3rd Series Vols. Magni Sigilli Reg. connected with the family history. Regist.S. Glasg. Somerville's Memorie of the Somervilles. The University. Episcop. Swift's Letters to Stella. Vols II. and he trusts that the reader will be lenient with him. Reg. England. of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland. Reg.. Renwick's Glasgow Protocols. Wodrow's Hist. Exchequer Rolls of Scotland. Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica. at times insuperable. General Mackay's Memoirs (Maitland Club) . or are in a position to furnish details of the additions that it will be necessary to make from time to time.... Roll of Glasgow Graduates. Nichol's Notes and Queries. Nisbet's Heraldry (1722) 2nd Series Vols. Glasgow.THE ANCIENT FAMILY OF CLE LAND. VIII. Munimenta Alma Univ.R.. Steele's Correspondence. Privy Council of Scotland. Welch's Alumni Westministr. F. An Ordinary of Scottish Arms. Reg. . Those who can supply further information on any points The compiler is .. Cleland. aware that many errors of omission and some of commission will be encountered in this work the difficulties he has had to encounter have been great. Thomson's Acts of the Scotch Parliament. 9.. Roll of Edinburgh Graduates. Scot. 5. . Thomson's Life of Dr. Shadbolt's Afghan Campaign. 2. 113 Memoirs of Sir Edwin Cameron of Locheill (Maitland Club).






m .

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