Worker’s Rights and your Union Representative

Thursday night’s meeting (9/2/2012). 
Lamont Jackson gave a confused talk, at what was a rare and unorganised union meeting, trying to explain about the new contract for new drivers. He appeared, despite being ‘our man’ in the union, to know none of the details, but we think it means about £100 less per week for the same job.

“F**k the new drivers, you look after yourself”. 
Some might say that, but after the Olympics there will be 200 drivers more than is needed. Who do you think they’re going to get rid of, the new drivers on lower pay, or the old drivers on the higher rate? We need to look out for ALL DRIVERS if any driver is to stand a chance. The solution: equal pay for all.

Did the Union agree to this new contract? 
Despite our best efforts we don’t know. There is a suggestion they did not, which would mean the union has been de-recognised. There is also a suggestion that some in the union are alright with this.

Gerry Downing, 20 years a driver and longstanding trade unionist, argued against him. Remember this when he stands for Cricklewood Garage Union Rep-

June 2012

Bus Drivers for Ken for Mayor
All bus drivers should vote for Ken Livingstone for Mayor on 3rd May. We need a Mayor and a Labour GLA which will respond to our demands to defend the wages and conditions of all London bus workers. The Grass Roots Left is organising that fight within Unite and in the Labour movement to make the following demands on the Mayor and Unite now and after the election: Vote for Ken Livingstone for Mayor and for a Labour GLA on 3rd May. 1. Reinstate the campaign for one set of wages and conditions throughout London 2. Toilets at the start and end of all routes. 3. End competitive tendering. 4. Renationalise the buses The “race to the bottom” is practically unchallenged now by Unite; how could they allow Metroline to take on new starters on such appalling pay and conditions from 1 January 2012 without consulting us? And this is the story in most of the big London bus companies. Apparently they do not know even now precisely how bad these contracts are; they have not seen them! That is how marginalised Unite the union has allowed itself to become!

Brent Cross Toilets
Ken Livingstone signed the “We are not Dogs” petition for decent toilet and mess room facilities for the Brent Cross drivers which will be presented to the GLA on 7th March by Navin Shah, the GLA member for Brent and Harrow. All available bus drivers should attend this public event from 10 am to 1 pm at City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London SE1 2AA.

Navin Shah signs the “We Are not dogs” petition at Brent Cross

The “We are not dogs” Campaign against the constant closure of Brent Cross toilets has exposed the hostility of TfL officials to all bus drivers. Mike Weston, operations director for London buses, told the Hendon Times on 19 Jan 2012 that “If a minority of bus drivers continue to vandalise there toilets we may be forced to close these facilities permanently”. What an outrageous attitude to bus drivers from this head of London Buses! Ken Livingstone should remove this man from his post as soon as he is elected!