Reported Speech

1. Transform these sentences into Reported Speech: “I’m angry with you”, mum said. “I’m cooking lunch today”, Geoffrey said. “I’ ll go to the cinema tomorrow”, my boyfriend said. “You must do your homework every day”, her teacher said. “I can speak three languages”, their father said. “I’ve been on holidays”, Paul said.

2. Change these sentences into Reported Speech: - “Pay attention to me and don’t speak in class”, the teacher ordered her students. - “Don’t forget to call your brother before dinner”, my father reminded me. - “You should study harder”, my father advised us. - “Be careful! Don’t drive so fast, t’s dangerous!”, Peter warned me. - You should ask him to lend his bicycle for next weekend”, Susan suggested me. - “Could you do me a favour?”, he asked me. - “Turn the lights off and go to the bed”, my mother ordered us. - “Never talk to strangers”, the mother advised her kids. 3. Choose the correct option: - Where do you live? a. He asked me where do I live. b. He asked me where I lived. c. He asked me where did I live. - Why did he say that? a. I would like to know why he said that. b. I would like to know why did he say that. - Have we got a test tomorrow? a. I’ve forgotten have we got a test tomorrow. b. I’ve forgotten if we have a test tomorrow. c. I’ve forgotten have we a test tomorrow. - Don’t talk! - a. The teacher told us not to talk. - b. The teacher told us to not talk. - Have you finished with the computer? a. She asked if had I finished with the computer. b. She asked if I had finished with the computer. - I’ll give you your money back tomorrow. a. She promised me to give the money back the next day. b. She promised to give me back the money the next day. - Can I use your phone? a. I asked her could I use her phone. b. I asked her if I could use her phone.

She offered that she would drive us to the airport. c. She offered to drive us to the airport. b. Why don’t you start again? a. He begged that I didn’t tell her what he had said. Where are my keys? a. He suggested me to start again. b. I wondered what she was doing. b. please? a. He wanted to know where were his keys. Do you play chess? a. He asked me do I play chess. He suggested that I started again. b. Be quiet! a. He shouted to never use his computer without his permission. a. He asked me did I play chess. I told her be quiet. He asked when was I going back to Japan. b. Can you help me. He begged me not to tell her what he had said. He shouted that I should never use his computer without his permission. b. He asked when I was going back to Japan. She wanted to know why did we have to wait so long. d. What’s she doing? a. c. Why did you have to wait so long? a. He begged me to not tell her what he had said.- - - - - - - - - - - When are you going back to Japan? a. He wanted to know where his keys were. I told her to be quiet. He suggested why didn’t I start again. c. . He asked me if I did play chess. John wanted that I helped him. b. Don’t tell her what I said. b. She wanted to know why we had to wait so long. b. b. John wanted me to help him. Never use my computer without my permission! a. I wondered what was she doing. c. b. I’ll drive you to the airport. a. He asked me if I played chess. John wanted that I help him.

they asked me. Sue and Jim are getting married next month. I went to Paris yesterday. 5. they asked me. I don't like fish. he asked me. Did you have any problems?. Mum wanted to know why Bob hadn't gone to the party the night before. I didn't have any problems. they asked me. he told me. He told her not to fly via Paris. Reported Speech to Direct Speech. Did you have a nice trip?. he asked me. I hardly ever go out these days. I work 14 hours a day. he told me. he asked me. Barbara has had a baby. they asked me. I had a meeting last night. Why has it taken so long to develop?. they asked me. I don't know what Fred is doing. I saw Jack at a party a few months ago. I'm thinking of going to live in France. he told me. but he wasn't injured. he told me.4. He told us that Jim had flown to London two weeks before. I haven't seen Bill for a while. I'm working on a new prototype. Reporting to someone: When will the new product be ready?. he told me. Do you like eating snails?. What sort of problems have you had?. he asked me. Grandfather asked where his glasses were. My father is in the hospital. He wanted to know if he could help. he told me. I haven't seen this film yet. he told me. He asked whether Tim was leaving on Friday or Saturday. What discount will you give to distributors?. I'll tell Jim I saw you. . and he seemed fine. You can come and stay with me if you are ever in Toronto. He told the children that they ate too much junk food. He told us that the boys were reading that book. How much are you planning to spend on advertising?. The boy asked if he had to do his homework that afternoon. 6. - Transform into Reported Speech. I will buy a new car. Was the hotel OK?. Tom had an accident last week. I've been playing tennis a lot lately. he asked me. Have they signed the contract? . She asked Tom who had just given him the folder.

- Rewrite the following sentences in direct speech. My brother asked if Tom would have lunch with Ann." Our teacher said to us: "Don't make mistakes in the exams tomorrow!" Jim said to us: "I am going to be abroad this week. ." Tom said to us:"I wish I could watch the new film!" Bill said to his son:"You are always shouting at your brother!" Dad:"Will it rain?" He said to the children:"Go and play football in the garden!" He said to me:"Don't call me in a fortnight!" "They will have finished painting my house by next week". - Re-write the sentence so that it has the same meaning as the original.7. Beth asked me if I had watched the latest film. A woman asked when the train to Zaragoza left. 9. Ann:"What time are we going to play tennis today?" He said to them:"Don't open the door!" The teacher said to the class:"Don't forget your homework!" They said to me:"We will do our best in the exams tomorrow. He said that Bob had just arrived. she said. - Rewrite the following sentences in reported speech. He asked her where she used to go." My parents said to my brother and me: "Call us next time!" She said to us:"Had he already gone at six?" Jane said to Ann: "Will your mother celebrate her birthday next weekend. He asked Ann whether she wanted to swim with him." 8." His mother said to them: "Tom went to the stadium an hour ago." She said to her brother: "Who were you talking to yesterday?" He said: "We didn't eat fish two days ago. Jim told Bob not to play that song. Jim wondered where she parked her car. He told me not to talk so fast. Tom said to his mother: "I spent all my pocket money at the weekend." My friends said to me: "Our father will go to London tomorrow. The employer asked Bob where he had studied for his first degree.

He said to Bob: "You should check your e-mails." ." .The teacher said to the pupil: "Don't do the exercises on page 9!" .He said: "Bob often reads a book. Rewrite the following sentences in reported speech." .10. .My mother said to me: "When did the girls help in the house.Jim said to his wife: "Must I do the shopping?" .He said to her: "I've cleaned the carpet.The teacher said to us: "Open your books and start studying!" .He said to his friend: "I was ill.His mother said to Bob: "When did you wash your hands?" .Tom said to the teacher: "I didn't have time to do my homework.They said to me: "We had to clean the windows." .He said: "My mother is going to Zaragoza tomorrow." .He said to his brother: "I am going to ride a skateboard. .Tom said to me: "Come early!" .She said to her son: "Are you watching TV?" ." .Mrs Smith said to my mother: "I will be 50 years old next week." .She said to Tom: "Send a text message!" ." 11.She said to me: "Can you help Tim's brother?" ." . Re-write the sentence so that it has the same meaning as the original." .He said to us: "We met Bill at the cinema." .He said to her: "Will you dance with me?" .

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