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ARMAGEDDON: This timely book tells the .iame of tne coming world ruler, the name of the weapon that will destroy every city in America, that the H-bomb will never destroy the world, where the colored race began, and God's plan concerning segregation. 50c HOW TO WIN YOUR LOVED ONES TO THE LORD. This is the book that you have longed for. It answers the problems of thousands of people who spend much time praying for their f r ierrds and loved ones. 50c THE ACTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. This book has one chapter each on demonstrations, manifestations, and operations. Hundreds of people have written Brother Grant complimenting especially the chapter on diversities of operations. MEN FROM THE MOON IN AMERICA has st ir red people all over America. Individuals order them 500 at a time. It proves by the Bible that 200,000,000 of these creatures will climb your walls. climb in at the windows, and can't be killed. HOW TO RECEIVE THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART will definitely show you how to live a victorious life, receive the Holy Ghost, be delivered from spirits, be healed and stay healed. Gives reason and remedy of all troubles . THE COMING WORLD-WIDE REVIVAL proves beyond a doubt that God will pour out a world-wide deluge of the Holy Spirit. It will also give you faith to make a preparation for the deliverance revival ahead. God will use laymembers as well as preachers. JUST BEFORE THE HEALING SERVICE READ THIS BOOK. Many people make the mistake of going into the healinp line without proper preparations. Take time to receive these instructions before being prayed for. SEVEN REASONS WHY YOU CAN'T RECEIVE YOUR HEALING. Shown why many people have been prayed for and yet failed to be delivered. If you know of one who can't receive healing put this book into his hands. GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT IN THE HOME. Shows that God works miracles. heals. and performs other gifts of the Spirit in our everyday life, regardless of where we may be. The church house is not the only place for God to work. A MIRACLE MINISTRY. Have you longed for God to use you in the ministry of deliverance? Do you want a New Testament ministry? Do you want the signs to follow? Remember, God uses members as well as ministers. RAISING THE DEAD. This book shows that many people have been brought back from the dead. They have been seen by many people. Did you know that you have power over principalities and powers? Believe that you are what God says you are. THE POWER IN THE NAME. This book, as well as all the above books, has as much printing that is in many one dollar books. You have power over all the power of the devil. Do you want to release it?

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CHAPTER I CONFESSION I took my tent to Waxahachie, Texas, to hold a citywide revival. Hundreds of students came to the revival from Southwestern Bible Institute. Some of the students knew more than one language. I did not know one language very well. After the meeting had been going about a week one of the students asked to talk to me a few .minutss. He said he had a confession to make to me. He told me that he had ben talking about me to some people, and criticizing me. Of course, I told him that was all right. He asked me to forgive him. But how could I forgive him when I did not hold anything against him? It was not I that he should have asked to forgive him, since I did not know anything about it. It was the ones he had talked to that he should have confessed his faults to, and asked them to forgive him. I Apologized to a man whom I had made light of before I was saved. I had mocked him. We went from place to place and had mockery services. I mocked this dear brother and testified like he did . People told me that I had to ask his forgiveness for mocking him. I believed what the people told me. Since I believed I had to confess to him before I could stay saved. I prayed until I was willing to go tell him what I had done. Since I believed it was necessary for me to. tell him what I had done in order to stay saved, I went to him and told him everything, because I wanted to stay saved. Therefore, I would °have given up the Lord had I not have done so, But really, since the Brother did not know anything about what I had done, or how I had mocked him, it was not necessary for me to have gone to him. I should have asked the ones who knew about it to forgive me. What happened was this: God had not condemned me for not going to the man. The people condemned me since they told me I had to go tell him everything. I believed them. So I condemned myself. "Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that













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thing which he alloweth" Here is the

(Rom. 14 :22). something happened. He was delivered. Something took place then. Judas confessed his sins to the priest, but he did not confess tOo God. He was not delivered. He went to perdition. He committed suicide. "Saying, I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood ... " (Matt. 4). Thousands of people today confess their sins to man, but that is as far as they have gone. They have never confessed personally to the Lord and received forgiveness. . . Saul confessed to Samuel, but he never honestly came clean with God and confessed personally to Him. He did not get on speaking terms with God. He retained his rebellion and stubbornness. "And Saul said unto Samuel, I have sinned: for I have transgressed the commandment of the Lord, and thy. wo~ds: because I feared the people, and obeyed their VOIce. "N ow therefore, I pray thee, pardon my sin and turn again with me, that I may worship the Lord" (I Sam. 15 :24-25). Saul wanted to be restored to his office and his job, but we see in the rest of the story that Saul never mad~ :hing~ :ight with the Lord. He was bound by a sUICIde spirit and took his own life (I Sam. 31 :4). The Bible plainly states that he had gotten to the place that God answered him no more (I Sam. 28 :6). Pray Directly to God He will hear you. Talk to Him. We have one God and one mediator betw~n God and man (I Tim. 2 :5). He ev~r liveth to make Intercession for us (Heb. 7 :25). Jesus IS Our priest that can be touched with the feelings of our infirmities (Heb. 4 :15). Confess your sins to God in His name. David prayed like this: . "Against thee, thee only, have I sinned and done this evil in thy sight ... " (Ps. 51 :4). ' When David prayed directly to the Lord it did some good. He said the Lord forgave all his' iniquities and healed all his diseases. When Peter came back to the Lord he went directly to Him. He didn't confess to the church or to the

Rule Jesus Laid Down: .-: "Therefore, if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hast ought against thee; "Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift." (Matt. 5 :23-24). When the Waxahachie boy that talked about me was at the altar he did not remember that I had anything against him, for I did not. When I started to pray to God I could not remember that the man I .talked about had anything against me, for he knew nothing about what I had done .. Instead of making the poor brother feel badly, and adding more burdens to what he already had, I shou~d not have said anything to him if I could not have said something good. He needed positive talk and not negative talk. He had lots of confidence in me even before I was saved. What I did could have affected him two ways: He could have grown discouraged and have listened to the enemy who tried to get him not to testify. He could have reasoned that .if I were that kind of boy I could do it again sometime. He knew all these folks I had mockery services with would still do such. Confess To God If my grocer has charged me a bill of forty dollars I would not pay the hardware man. If I did I'm sure the grocer would not mark the bill paid which I owe him. The grocer is the man whom I should pay, not . the druggist or the hardware man. If you have wronged God and sinned against Him I'm sure He will not forgive you if you try to get by in confessing your sins to the preacher, the deacon, the sister, or your neighbor. You must confess to the one who you have wronged. Confess to the one who hold something against you. Make it right with them. Jonah first tried to get by with confessing his sins to men. That only carried him farther down. He was cast into the ocean and went down to the bottom. But when he became willing to confess his SIns to God


preacher, or to anyone else. He was forgiven, restored, and was used by the Lord to point thousands to the right way. Must we do the same? Must we do as Peter, David and others? The Bible says for us to do so. " ... As I live said the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God. "So then everyone of us shall give an account of himself to God" (Rom. 14 :11-12). You have a tongue. "Everyone" means you. You will either do it here or at the judgment. It will do no good there. You will receive forgiveness here if you confess directly to God and really mean it from your heart. You confess to God, not to man. If you insult me, ask me to forgive you. If you insult the Lord ask Him to forgive you. You give an account of yourself to God. You do not have to give an account to the preacher, the deacon, sister, or anyone but God. You don't have to give an account of the hypocrite, the deacon, for the sins of anyone else. Confess Your Own Sins When the Lord came and asked Adam about his sins he blamed his wife and confessed her sins. That did not help him or her. It did not help her for Adam to confess her sins to God. You can confess your wife's sins all day and all night; you will get nowhere with the Lord. You can confess the neighbor's sins. You can tell the Lord about the brother's sin, but that will not help you. Confess the sins of the church, town, the government, the school, the neighbors but you will get nowhere until you confess your own sins to God. Eve confessed the devil's sins, but that converted neither her nor the devil. (Gen. 3: 13) . One time Elijah became discouraged. He said he was the only one who was living right. He confessed his brothers' sins. He said all people had stopped living right but himself. But God told him that He had seven thousand more people living right. (I Kings 19 :18). 1 know one preacher that became so mad that he

cursed. Then he became so sorry that he confessed his mule's sins. He blamed his mule. He told the Lord that his mule made him curse. But he received nothing from the Lord until he acknowledged his guilt to the Lord. Some people blame the cow. Some blame the children. Others blame the devil. But no one is to blame but you. Confess to God that you are to blame, if you want to' get somewhere. One time in a "confession meeting" in Oklahoma two old women pointed their finger in each other's face and confessed each other's sins. That did not help. That made things worse. They got things backwards; they should have been confessing their own sins. If you receive forgiveness from the Lord you must forgive your sister or your brother (Matt. 6 :14). Then if you mention the old trouble to them anymore you have not forgiven them. That makes you a liar and a hypocrite. ; Say, "I am wrong"



That is hard for a human to say. Tell your wife that you are wrong, if you have wronged her. If you have wronged the Lord tell Him that you are wrong, that you are sorry. To anyone that you have wronged go direct to them, not to others, and tell them you are sorry, if he knows about it, and holds it against you. Don't justify yourself. Jacob would not confess that he was wrong until he wrestled with the Lord all night. Finally, just before break of day, he confessed his name to the Lord and received the victory! (Gen. 32 :28). He could have done that without waiting so long if he had been willing to do so. . The reason that Saul did not receive forgiveness for his sins was he justified himself. When Samuel asked him why he had disobeyed the Lord he told him that he saved the king alive and saved the cattle for sacrifice. (I Sam. 15). That is the reason the Pharisee did not receive anything from the Lord. He justified himself and condemned the Publican.


Don't Confess Your Goodness Your righteousness is filthy rags in the sight of the Lord (Isa. 64 :6). Some people tell the Lord how good they have been. They tell how wonderful their dad and mother were. They tell about their grandfather, grandmother, and their relatives. It is not what we have done that saves us. It is what He has done. If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive. It must be our sins and not the sins of others. We must not confess our goodness, but our sins. One of my best friends sat in a chair and asked me to pray that God would deliver him from craving tobacco. He saw several others delivered, so he decided he wanted to be delivered. ,I asked him if he thought it was wrong to smoke. He said that he did not see anything wrong with it. "Then I won't pray for you," I said. I sent him on his way. Why didn't I pray for him? It would have done no good. "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." (I John 1 :9).

and make things right. If you have sinned against your neighbor ask your neighbor to forgive you. If you have sinned against the preacher ask the preacher to forgive you. If you have sinned against the church ask the church to forgive you. If you have sinned against the Lord ask the Lord. to forgive you. Confess to whom you have wronged, whether it is your parents, your wife, your husband, your children, or your neighbor. Public Confession Many churches have been almost ruined by so-called "public confession meetings." People stand up in public and confess their secret thoughts, weaknesses and temptations. They are glorifying the devil and should not do so. That will get the church nowhere; it is a reproach! If you have made a mistake and gone into sin please do not come to the altar and confess it openly if no one knows about it. People will have less confidence in the church and the keeping power of the Lord. Every time some people are overcome by the devil, and go into sin, they walk up the aisle and go to the altar, or the prayer room, and tell the whole public about it. That is the wrong thing to do if the public doesn't know about it. If you have sinned privately, confess to the Lord privately. If you have sinned against your wife, and she knows about it, settle things with your wife and then ask the Lord to forgive you. If you have sinned against the church and the church knows about it then you may ask the church to forgive you, not' before the sinners. If you have sinned. and the public knows it, then you may make a public confession. Since you cannot go to all people and ask them to forgive you make a public confession and be baptized as a testimony to the world that you are chang .. ing their way and walking in newness of life. Some people think it a virtue to stand and confess how sorry they are at each public gathering. They do much harm to the church. The church would be better off without them. Some testify like this: "I fail God every day; pray that I will hold out faithfully."

The Two Lawyers I was told that two lawyers went, during the horse and buggy days, to an old fashioned brush arbor to make fun of the meeting. Both men became convicted of their sins and went to the altar to be saved. One' man was saved, but the other was not. Going home that night one man said to the other, "Why didn't I get saved? I prayed as hard as you and I received nothing. I prayed as long as you. I was in earnest as. much as you were. I plead my case, plead, my case, and plead my case, and I received nothing." "That is where you missed it," said. the other laywer: "You should have plead guilty. Then you would have received something." Many people plead their goodness to the Lord. Those people the Lord can do nothing with until they confess their badness." A Time To Confess To People If you go to the altar and remember that your brother has something against you, then go to him



"I have my ups and downs; more downs than ups." "The devil has been after me all day; bless his name." "I have been in the harness of God for twenty years; but I have broken more backing straps that traces." Such testimonies destroy confidence in God and the church. Wrong Confessions Wrong confessions uncover sins which have been forgiven and buried. That raises a stink. The Bible says, "Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered" (Ps. 32:1). Your sin must be covered by the blood of Jesus. Some sincere Christian women held some prayer meetings in a community one time. They taught .a man must confess everything that he had ever done to his wife before, he could be right with the Lord, regardless of whether she knew about what he had done or not. They told him that he must confess all secret sins to his wife before he could receive the Holy Ghost. One wanted the Holy Ghost, so he told his wife what he had done. She backslid and he still did not receive the Holy Ghost. His wife became possessed with the devil and became so hateful that she tried to kill him. She would not go to church, and tried to get him not to go. She burned his clothes and his religious literature. She would not let her children go to Sunday School. Many years went by; she grew worse all the time. She would slip into his room while he was sleeping and try to cut his' throat with a butcher-knife. Finally after many years of torment he could live with her no longer. He and the children left home. The home was broken -,all because of wrong teaching! Since she did not know about his secret he was treating her wrong by putting this extra burden upon her mind and heart. This is how wrong teaching about confession can send people to torment.
My Brother Was Taught Wrong When my brother was about twelve or fourteen years old he went to the altar to be saved. Someone told him that he would have to confess to breaking into a store and. taking some cigarettes before he could be saved. He was afraid of his daddy. He was afraid that he

would go to prison. So he went on in sin for about twenty-five more years! Look at the souls that are now in hell that he could have won to God had he turned to God when he first went to the altar. How could the merchant forgive my brother if he had nothing against him? Should my brother make restitution? I'll answer that later in this book. A Pastor's Wife Sinner


Recently in a certain town the pastor's wife in an hour of weakness yielded to temptation and went with another man. She was persuaded to commit an immoral sin. Later she bitterly repented of this wrong. He husband was in a foreign country. Another preacher who was taking care of the church was a lady. The pastor's wife confided in her, told her about it, and said she was sorry. This preacher lady gave her the wrong advise. She told her that she would have to confess it to her husband and the whole church before she could be right. She told her she would have to tell this other man's wife all about it. This poor pastor's wife wanted to be right with God more than anything else in the world. 8'0 she told the man's wife about it. The man's wife refused to forgive her, though she lay at her feet sobbing with tear~ of repentance. The man who led her wrong turned against her. When she confessed it openly to the church the people all turned against her. Many people backslid. The good church was wrecked. When she told her husband he turned against her and used it as grounds for divorce. He has lost his good church, left that town, and running after another woman. I cannot explain how the children feel about the whole thing. Will they ever serve the Lord? This pastor's wife has her faith destroyed . Many good, sincere people can't see that this pastor's wife could have repented and confessed to God alone, as no one else had anything against her. Therefore, people could not forgive her if they had nothing against her in the first place. If you go to the altar and remember that someone has something against you then you must make it right with them. 9

I Dealt With A Couple just the other night. They told me their trouble privately. A man had stepped out and went with another woman one night. He was told he would have to confess everything to his good wife before he could be right. He wanted above everything to be right, so he told her. Immediately, she lost confidence in him and all Christians! A spirit of imagination took hold of her which she can't resist. When a woman comes into the church she imagines that her husband is thinking about her. She is in constant torment. He is living in hell although he _has prayed through. She accuses him night and day! She wants to be set free but does not seem to be able to stay free. I say that it was not fair to her to tell her all this, since she was already weak. There is no use in both living in hell the rest of their lives. Mr. W. is a Christian man. He said that a lady -tried to get him to step aside with her. He resisted. He said that this lady was a close friend to his wife. I heard him say that he would not dare tell his wife about the incident, because it would destroy confidence in her best friend and in the church. So his wife is still happy and is not tormented night and day, as she could have been had this husband acted unwisely and told his wife what happened. An Evangelist Stepped Aside He had been taught all his life that he must confess everything to his wife before he could be righ.t He came home and told his innocent wife all about it. This torments her night and day. She feels that she must do the same thing to get even with her husband. She is _ now seeking a chance to do the same thing for spite. It has almost wrecked their ministry. She was having enough trouble. She was carrying a heavy load already, as much as she could carry. Why would he lay a heavy load upon her that she was not able to carry? You can multiply that by several thousand and have a dim idea of how mixed-up people are because of wrong teaching. A Pastor Sinned Temptations became so strong month after month until one day in an hour of weakness he stepped aside.

Conditions in his home were not as they should have been, but that did not justify him in doing this wrong. After this happened he was deterrnined to get right with God. He went to his wife and told her every-. thing. He confessed to his church. That was not right to do his wife or the young converts that way. His children were not treated fairly. This was not enough. He was told that he must go confess it to his presbyter, his general superintendent and all the brethren. In return, instead of forgiving him they took his papers and turned him out of the movement. It has been told all over the nation. Why could not that poor pastor, who has given up everything; his church, wife, and the Lord; have gone to the Lord and confessed, since no one else had anything against him? How can you make things right with anyone 'who holds nothing against you? I have a cousin who stole some hogs. Afterwards he was saved. He confessed it all to the Lord. When he confessed it to the law they put him in the state prison. He stayed there about twenty years. They almost beat him to death; How dumb and ignorant can some folk be?

You Must Be Willing



to do anything. If there is one thing you are not willing to do then you cannot be saved. One time Abraham was told by the Lord to go up on the mountain and offer his own son as a sacrifice. When he became willing to do this God accepted it as done. Then he was alright in God's sight. I heard _ that a man's servant told him to go to the pig pen to pray every day. "I'd never do that," said the man. "You will have to if you ever receive the Holy Ghost," said the servant. The man would not go to the pig pen. He did not receive the Holy Ghost. One day he became so hungry for the Holy Ghost that he said, "Well, I'm ready to go to the pig pen this morning." "You can receive the Holy Ghost anywhere now," said the servant. "You did not have to go. You had to be willing to go." .




Recently I was talking to. a minister who. was the pastor of a large church. He was' a Juvenile Delinquent before he was saved. He was not willing to. go. and tell people what he had dQne. So. he could not be saved. But one day he became willing and said that he would go. and confess, Then he was saved. GQd accepts a willing mind as if yQU had d.one the act. (II CQr. 8 :12). ' GQd is still sovereign. He reserve the right to. have yQU go. and confess something to. someone, if He sees that He can get glory Qut of it, or cause someone to. be saved. He can do. what He wants to. But yQU can't ,put Him in a straight jacket and make Him do. the same way to. everyone. YQU must not run everyone through the same cookie-cutter and say they must all do. like one man did. GQd can give us a word of wisdom and guidance in each case.

She has WQn her husband to. the Lord. His people see the light. They have some wonderful girls who. are wonderful moral people, with confidence in their mother. The grace of GQd covered this sin. I am so. glad that I gave her this advice. I could have tQld her something that would have wrecked her life, and the lives of many more people for years to. CQme,that would have broken her heart and her horne. N QWher sins are under the blood, The Lord does not hold them against her. It would not have been fair to. have unloaded all this on innocent people who. had enough trouble. I'm sure her husband would rather not have known about this. The advise I gave her probably saved her life, her husband's life, the man's life who. trapped her, and many many souls as well!

Nothing Impossible With God
What is impossible with man is possible with God. There is no. problem that does not have a solution. We were in a tent revival. I was making the altar call. About Qne hundred and fifty people came forward to. be saved that night. My eyes fell upon a lady in the audience, near the front, and I could not help feeling sorry for her as I looked at her expression, She was deeply under conviction, The Spirit of GQd was dealing with her very strongly. I felt led to. go. to. her and talk to. her. While the peQple were praying I slipped o.ff the platfQrm and went. "What is the matter with YQu?" I asked. "There is no. use in telling YQU," she said as she IQQked dQwn at the saw dust. "I can't be saved. It is impQssible." . Why was GQd cQnvicting her if it were impQssible? Why did I feel led Qf the LQrd to. go. to. her? Why was His Spirit striving with a lady when it was impossible fQr her to. be saved? "Tell me yQur trQuble," I demanded. "There is no. use. NQthing can be dQne. My case is impQssible," she insisted. , I tQld her there was a sQlutiQn, that I Wo.uld never tell to. anYQne her trQuble. I tQld her she eQuId trust me. I WQuid nQt be fit to. be called a minister if I eQuId nQt keep her secret, if I tQld anyo.ne who. she was.

Right Confessions
While my wife and I were pastoring a church a fine young Christian lady stepped aside. She came to. us bitterly repenting the very next day. She said that a man approached her in a way that she yielded to. sin . Her husband, who. was an unbeliever was in Uncle Sam's Army and across the water. All his folks hated the full gospel church and all the members, it seemed. They were strQng unbelievers. She asked if she CQuld receive fQrgiveness. It was a very important decisiQn to. make, but after earnestly praying fQr GQd to. give me a wo.rd 'QfwisdQm and the leading o.f the Spirit I slQwly began to. talll to. her in the presence Qf my wife. "YQur husband is an unbeliever. His fQlks are fighters. He is in the army and dQes nQt knQw anything abQut it. YQU dQn't knQw that he is nQt guilty o.f the same thing. To. tell him means much. It means that his cQnfidence is destrQyed in yQU. It means that the cQnfidence Qf the church is at stake. It means that the general public will kno.w it, that his fo.lks will use that to. fight the church. It may be that yQU will IQse yQur husband and yo.ur children.", The little lady earnestly and sincerely repented. The next night she was filled with the HQly GhQst! After many years she is still gQing right Qn with the LQrd.
• •




She told me that she thought that she was with child by another man other than her husband. It was her husband's best friend, whom he trusted and had confidence in, who had been his best chum. I told her there was no case too hard with God. I told her to never tell it unless God led her to do so, since it might lead to murder, suicide, and a broken home. She could not undo anything by making things worse. There were some things which could not be undone. I told her that I would help her pray that God would help her work it out the best way. She came forward and confessed everything to God. She was saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost. I left her as a soul-winner praying for others, believing that God would work things out for the best. She was thankful a thousand times that she did not do as hundreds of others: go and take her own life. If you kill a man you cannot undo it, but you can be saved. There are other things that cannot be undone. You cannot find a verse of Scripture - a quarter of an inch long in the New Testament that we must confess something to someone and ask their forgiveness if they hold nothing against us.
God Knew His Business

would tear up her home and cause many in the community to be lost as well as both sets of children. She was willing to be lost rather than cause many others to be lost. It was not the pastor who was pastoring the church we were in. He was a neighboring pastor who sat in the audience in our revival, night after night, making fun of us for having a healing meeting. He was a "full gospel pastor" who was trying to be promoted. You can imagine the weight that lifted from the lady when she learned that she could be saved without telling this to everyone and scattering it all over the country! We left her saved, and filled with the Holy Ghost, winning souls to the Lord. Many people say it would be impossible for the Lord to save her, but she was saved anyway!

Many Cases Unknown
I have just left a large church where many people

When He convicted a lady in a certain church some time back. As I made the altar call God showed me a lady in the audience who was deeply under conviction. I was sorry for her, as she looked as though she were condemned to die. I went to her and asked her to be saved. She said that she could not be save, that it was impossible. I told her- that nothing was, impossible with the Lord. I prayed hard, silently, that God would guide me. I told her that she could trust me perfectly. She put confidence in me and told me her story. Her own pastor had betrayed her and persuaded her to go astray. She had confidence in him; his influence overpowered her! So after she yielded she believed that she could never be saved unless she confessed it to the people. She believed that this .would tear up the church and the pastor's home. She believed that it

were saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. The pastor told me that he had just talked to one of his members who had stepped aside while her husband was in the army across the water. The wise pastor advised. her to never tell anyone about this. She took his advice. She was saved and filled with the Spirit. She has influenced her husband and many others to come to God and still no one knows it, not even the pastor's wife. Recently I was in a large church where about forty or more men and women received the Holy Ghost each night. The pastor told me that he did not think that anything could be done until something was "straightened out." He said he had learned something, though he had been preaching about forty years. . Had he tried to "straighten things out" I suppose he would have torn up the church. Without anyone confessing to anyone, without a so-called "public confession meeting" many people came to God. Two of his members had been immoral with each other. The love of God covered a multitude of sins. (James 5 :20). While others were praying through this man and woman both came to God and. were restored without making a public stir in the church and over



town. The pastor was about the only one who knew it. Why should they tell the church, of about one thousand people? I could relate many more cases of wise and unwise confessions .. There are thousands of cases I know nothing about. My prayer is that some poor guilty soul that is bound by darkness, tradition, and superstitution may be encouraged to see that the love and grace of God, his mercy, compassion, and the blood of Jesus can cover a multitude of sins. So great is His love and grace! You may read these lines and see that you too can turn to God. He will understand. He loves you more than I do. He is considerate. He is reasonable!

and offer thy gift (Matt. 5 :23-24). To know that you are not right with your brother will hinder your healing. If you don't love your brother whom you have seen how can you love God whom you have not seen. First go and. make things right. with your brother, and then come and offer your gift. Holding things against your brother or your sister will hinder you from getting your prayer through to God and receiving your healing. Of course, if your brother has nothing against you, you do not need to go and tell him all your faults, temptations, and thoughts. He has enough load to carry without you unloading your thoughts and faults on him.



1. Should not one confess when he is saved? When you are saved you must confess your sins to the Lord and ask Him for forgiveness. If someone has something against you make things right with him. 2. Must I make a public confession at conversion? People know that you cannot be saved unless you are born again. So you must confess Christ publicly before men. If you confess Him here He will confess you before His Father in heaven (Luke 12:8.) This means that you must acknowledge Him. 3. What does it mean to confess Christ? If you confess that Jesus is the Christ you confess that you believe in Him from your heart (Rom. 10:19). When you believe on Him from your heart you believe everything He said is true. You can't believe any of His word unless you believe all His Word. You believe that He was born of a Virgin. You believe on His atonement" that there is no other way for you to be saved. To believe on Him with your heart changes your whole life. You become a new creature in Christ. Old things pass away and all things become new. 4. What does the Scripture mean in James 5 :16, which says for us to confess our faults one to another that we might be healed? That means the same thing as the Scripture that says when you go to the altar and offer your gift and remember that your brother has ought against you, first go be reconciled to your brother, and then come

I was walking up the street not long ago and met some good friends. There was no one in the world I had more confidence in. We chatted. We talked about old times. They had been pastors of several churches. They held some of the most successful revivals in history while. they were on the evangelistic fields. This man and his wife are tops in my book. You can imagine my surprise when this minister's wife handed me a five dollar bill and told me that she wanted to repay me for what she had slipped from my cash drawer a few years before! I can appreciate her honesty, sincerity, and desire to keep things straight with the Lord. But I can also appreciate her embarrassment as she confessed this petty action to- me. Was it necessary for her to do this? She thought so. She thought that she must do this in order to stay saved. That is why she did it, I'm sure. But had she been taught right? Did the Bible command her to do this? Did the Lord condemn her, or did the people cause her to condemn herself? He that esteemeth anything to be wrong to him it is wrong (Rom. 14) . Since I did not have anything against her, did she need to confess it to me? I did not know about it. I did not hold anything against her. So she didn't need to ask me to forgive her for the action. As far as I am concerned she could have let it go as it were. I



would have never known any difference. Maybe I would have felt better. As far as the Lord was concerned she did not have to ask me to forgive her as I held nothing against her. If she felt like she were able to do so, and felt like she owed me five dollars, she could have given it to me, or mailed it to me, without telling me the details. There Are Other Incidents A minister came to us in the tent meeting and told us that sometime before while he was taking care of the book table, he had taken some money, I believe fourteen dollars. He said he was sorry. We were sorry to hear about it, for we highly esteemed him in the Lord. We don't like for that thought to be in our mind, that tries to shatter our confidence in the minister's integrity. If this minister had been told that he had to come and tell us all about what he had done; if he believed that was the only way for him to stay saved, then that was the thing for him to do. But what he did not know was this: Since we did not know about him taking the money from the book table, and since he was still taking care of the books for us, he could have put the money back on the table just like he took it away. The money would have been restored. Since we did not know about his thoughts and actions; since no one knew about what he did except the Lord, then the Lord was the only one whom he needed to ask to for. give him. Not long ago a preacher's wife mailed us five dollars to repay what she had taken from the book table years . ago. It is good that she was willing to tell us and her husband. But there are women who could not bring themselves to reveal their weak points to their husbands and to other ministers. FQr their benefit I wish to say, since we did not even suspicion the lady would do such a thing, "she could have asked the Lord to forgive her for what she .had done. Then if she felt that she were able and must restore the money, she could have mailed us the five dollars. She was not required to gOo into details and ask us to forgive her for something when we did not hold anything against her. Such teaching which she had received, and be•

lieved, will cause many people to think it impossible to make things right; therefore they will not try. The Lord is no hard taskmaster. We need tOostay with What The Bible Teaches . The Old Law teaches restitution. In Moses' day anyone who stole an oxen had to give five oxen for one (Ex. 22 :1). A thief who stole because he was hungry was commanded by Solomon to restore seven fold (Prov. 6 :30). But under the law people were killed for committing adultery (Lev. 20 :10). People were put to death for commit.ting murder (Lev. 24-17), for cursing (Lev. 24:16). A man was killed for picking up sticks on the Sabbath Day (Num. 15 :35), or for being stubborn (Deut. 21 :21). A man was killed for going to a fortune teller (Lev. 20 :6). If we were bound by the Old Testament law many of us would have been condemned. to die as soon as we did the wrong. We would now be in hell. The law of Grace supersedes the Law of Moses. . • Our God Is Merciful There was even mercy und.er the Old Law. We find that there was a way provided, even under the law, for the man who was not able to restore what he should restore (Lev. 25 :28) . For instance, when a man under the law committed murder, he might run to the city of refuge to get away 'from the avenger of blood who sought for his life. There was a way provided for the thief who was not able to restore what he had taken. If he was not able tOo restore sevenfold; if he had spent. all that he had; then he could give what he had in his house. (Prov. 6 :31). Under this dispensation of Grace a man is expected to do what he can. No one is expected to do what he cannot do. You are not expected to do anything when you don't know what to do. He that knoweth to good and does it not, to him it is sin. .



In The New Testament I do not know of any commandment in the New Testament for anyone to make restitution. But the Love of God constrains us. When a man is really saved he has the love of God in his heart. Then he will straighten up things if he is able to do so. We are not baptized in order to be saved; we are baptized because we are saved. We do not receive license in order to be a preacher. We receive license to preach because we are already a preacher. We do not make restitutions in order to be saved. We make restitutions because we are already saved. The grace .of God supersedes the law that says an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. The law of faith superseded the law of gravity when Peter walked on the water. The law of the Spirit of life supercedes the law of sin and death. The law of the Spirit of life supersedes the law of sowing and reaping. After we are saved God can heal our body, and does not expect us to carry the afflictions and disease with us the rest of our life, even though we brought it upon ourselves (Ps. 107 :20).

back money that he had taken. No doubt he had spent half of it. But if people accused him of beating them out of their money he was willing to make it right with them, even if he had to pay them four times as much. It stands to reason if he made his money by taking things falsely he could not pay all of them back four times as much. But he was willing, as far as he could, to make things right with anyone who had anything against him. And if you are really saved you will be willing as much as lieth within you to live peaceful with all men (Rom. 12-18), even if it costs you four times as much as you take from them. Jesus did not command Zacchaeus to pay anything back. Zacchaeus was willing to volunteer to do so because he was already saved. Grace Covers the Impossible'

The Case of Zacchaeus Zacchaeus was a rich publican, who seemed to have received all his riches by over-charging the Jews in collecting taxes for the Romans. Suppose the Russians would over-run this nation and would set you up over your state to collect taxes from your own people and give you all over a certain amount. If you became rich collecting those taxes, and lived like a rich man, you would spend many thousands of dollars of that money yearly. The people who paid taxes would hate you. That is about the condition Zacchaeus was in. He made his riches off the people. First Zacchaeus received Jesus joyfully. Jesus did not tell him that he would have to go pay back all that money before he could be saved. The Pharisees, who thought that he had to make restitutions, and pay back all that tax money before he was saved, said that Jesus had gone to be a guest of a man that was a • SInner. After Zacchaeus received Jesus joyfully he said that he would restore fourfold to anyone he cheated. It seemed that he could not possibly give everyone


A preacher friend of mine, in a fit of anger, killed a man while he was a sinner. Later on he was saved and made a good preacher. Some people said that since no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him he could never be saved. But they did not keep the Lamb's book of Life. He did get saved and led many people to the Lord. Some people forgave him for killing the man but they could never forgive him for running around with another woman. But the Lord had so much compassion that he forgave him for both counts, although he could not undo either sin. He could not bring the dead man back to life or restore the woman back to her husband or to society as she was before. A young preacher was walking down the street in my home town. He met Mrs. Q., who was living with her second husband. This preacher stopped and told Mrs. Q., who was then a sinner, that she could never be saved unless she left her husband and her children and went back to her first husband. She had vowed before God that she would live with her first husband until death. She made the same vow concerning the husband with whom she was then living. "I can never be saved then," said this lady as she thought long and hard, "for my first husband had a wife before he married me; and he will have to go back and re-marry her in order to be saved.',' It was a mixed up affair. The preacher would have




the woman to leave her children on the mercy of the world and run around carefree, or . .. But Mrs. Q. did get saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. After ten years she is still praying and living for God. God.told me to preach against marriage and divorce, but I am glad that He did not tell me to break up homes after people have their lives mixed up to the place where they cannot restore things back to the place they were before. I do not know which husband Jesus told the woman at Samaria to live with. I am sure she could not undo all the damage she had done. But I do know that she preached and won many people to Jesus. But the Pharisees could not see that. They would have had her stoned if they had their way. Every Case Not Alike I don't keep the Lamb's Book of Life. God has not made me a Judge of every man's case. Therefore, 1 refuse to tell people what they have to do in every case in order to be right with God. The Lord sometimes molds people into a vessel of less honor. He said He would guide people into all truth. He can give them a Word of wisdom in each case. Not long ago a man came into my office and. asked me why he could not feel the presence of God anymore. I opened my Bible and read. God revealed to me that the man was not right with Him. I looked up and said, "You are not living right. You must get right with God." He said he did not know of anything he was doing that was a sin. He studied awhile and said it might be that the Lord did not like it because he had left his wife. It was the first time I had ever seen the man. I found that, without any reason at all, he left a good Christian wife and several children, and married another woman. He saw that hemust return to his wife and children to be right with the Lord. In that case that was the only thing to do. But every case is not that easily fixed. Other people are involved also. I Believe In Restitution if it is possible. But -1 don't teach that God will require you to do the impossible. Thousands of people today are lost because they have been taught they cannot


be saved unless they restore something. They know they cannot do it. So they are not saved, and maybe never will be. After I had been saved about twenty-five years I decided I would pay back a dollar I beat a man out of in a dry goods store when I was ten years old. He did not know anything about it. I told him the story. But I don't suggest that you tell the people in every case what you have done. I could have just mailed the man the dollar without explaining what it was for. That would have been making restitutions. Mr. Phalen steals a cash register out of a grocery store. Before daylight he is sorry for it and repents. He goes back that very night, crawls in at the same window, and replaces the cash register back in the same spot. Some· people would tell him he could not be saved until he told the grocerman what he has done. He feels that he has replaced the cash register and that he is right with the Lord. I'm not going to try to convince him that he is not right. . Why try to put the Lord
. In A Straight Jacket?

. He is sovereign. He can work like He wants to. I know that sometimes He leads a man to carry back what he has taken and explain everything to the man he took it from. In this way sou)s' have been won. But in other cases, where the Lord sees that con. fidence will be lost, the souls will be driven farther from church, then He reserves the right to do what he will with his own. He can give you permission to repay what you have taken, a little along as you are able. He can lead you whether or not to confess to people who do not hold anything against you. If you get saved and know that you owe a grocery bill, then the first thing you should do is to go and arrange with that grocerman some satisfactory way that you can pay him. I~ this way you may win him, or some of his friends to the Lord.. He will think more of you. There is no other way around it. If you start to pray and remember that he has a bill against you, then you must by all means go be reconciled to him before you can get a prayer through.



CHAPTER III True Confessions "Could you marry me?" asked John to Rev. S. "Marry who? You?" asked Rev. S., as he showed a look of surprise. "You have not divorced your wife have you? I did not know that you were separated. Who are you marying ? My church does not permit me to marry anyone who has a living companion." "Oh, you don't understand," answered John . "You see we have never been married in the first place. I have been living with her all these years without being married. We were both saved the other night in a revival and now, after all these years we have decided to be married. We have decided to confess and straighten out our lives." "I'll marry you," answered Rev. S. "I appreciate your consecration to the Lord. That is a wonderful start which you have made; but are you going to make it public? Are you going to tell everybody?" "We are told that we must do it in order to be saved. In a way we surely hate to do it. You know that we have six children already. We have one boy and one girl already married. We know that it will have a tremendous effect upon their lives. We have firmly decided to make it known. We have been battling this thing for many years. We would have been saved six years ago at that camp meeting, when God Dealt with us, but we hated to make public our life of sin. Because of our children, our relatives and our neighbors' children we went on in sin." Rev. S. thought for awhile. Then he said slowly and strongly, "I a~ going to perform your ceremony, but you are not going to tell anyone. I'll fix it so it will not be published. You will not help anything if you tell people about it. You might cause much harm and danger for years to come. You have confessed it to the Lord. No one else holds anything against you, to whom you can confess.' Rev. S. ,united the two together as man and wife. They went to their home newly saved .and newly married. They appreciated the Lord when He forgave them . of their sins; but after talking to the wise minister they understood that the Lord was more than just a Saviour.

They saw that He was compassionate, kind, merciful, and considerate. They saw how reasonable He is. He deals with His children as we would deal with our children. There are certain things we would forgive our children for, but he w0111dnot tell them to publish those things in a newspaper, or stand and tell everyone in church about it. The happy couple, who were now saved and married, went home with their sins under the blood, to never be remembered against them any more never.
(The above account was taken from a true story as told by a pastor of a large Full Gospel Church.)

Pastor Proven Innocent Not long ago a fine pastor was elected to a very spiritual church. Things went good for awhile, but before many days there arose a friction among the people. During a real revival one of the deacons made the remark that the evangelist would make a good pastor at that church sometimes. The present pastor did not like it. He called a public confession meeting and demanded that each and everyone who heard or said anything concerning the evangelist becoming pastor sometime confess openly to all the church . In this public confession meeting other things were "uncovered." The pastor was accused of some things, also the deacons were accused of saying things they should not. Several sisters arose and confessed things which others sisters did years before. Since the pastor failed to "straighten things out" he called the district officials from headquarters for a still more important confession meeting. In this confession meeting the pastor seemed to find the root of the trouble and made the people confess. The pastor was proven innocent. He cleared everything. He was voted in the church indefinitely. He was sure of the church from then on. He was in the right! All the accusations were proven false! ' But he was not in the right in having a public confession meeting at the beginning, before the unbelievers especially. There is a scar left on the church, which will not be lived down in this generation. Sinners and members of other denominations refuse to attend that church anymore. The Christians have become discouraged because they can't get people to come to



church. Many people are now in hell, lifting their boney hands, which could have been won to God had the pastor sought God for a word of wisdom, if they had not dug up things which had ben buried for years! Why could he not see that the people who knew nothing about the trouble, who had perfect confidence in the church, who had been won to that church by blood, sweat and tears, should have never known anything about the quarrel between the pastor and one deacon at the beginning? . It was not fair to those young converts to open a public fuss, and that behind the sacred desk. This pastor still likes to tell people about the fac t that he was, proven innocent. I am glad that he is innocent. But if he cannot pastor a church without calling the officials, and stirring up a public stink, that tears up that which cannot be built back in twenty years, he would be better plowing corn! (Taken from a true story of a church that was large and spiritual at one time.) . How To Confess Must I go and ask someone to forgive me, if he has something against me, after I am saved or before? When I go and ask forgiveness how must I do it? Many people are bound by tradition. As long as you beJieve that you must ask forgiveness from your neighbor before you can be saved, then it is according to your faith be it unto you. You cannot be saved until you ask forgivenes, because you will not believe it any other way. But if you only knew what the Bible teaches you would not have to go to anyone first. You ask the Lord for forgiveness and receive it, and then the Lord will cleanse you from all unrighteousness (I John 1 :9). If you are already saved then you must be reconciled with your brother before you get your prayers through (Matt. 5). This does not always mean that you must be bound to say a certain thing. Some people think you are forced to go and say, "Will you please forgive me?" I have seen people who said that and still be cold, formal, and hold their distance. From their heart they have not forgiven. Their actions are the same.

There are people who will go to their wife, husband, neighbor, or friend, and just smile a time or two and it is all over! They are reconciled again. For months after we maried I could ask my wife to forgive me, yet I would not feel just right nor act just right. There was yet a feeling there. But when my wife had something against me should COuldjust clasp my hand, look up and smile, and I knew that everything was gone from her heart! We were reconciled without her saying a word. After my wife was saved, when she was a teen-ager, she started to her sister-in-law to ask her to forgive her for some old trouble. Instead of saying, "Will you please forgive me?" she broke down and cried and said, "I love you." All was over. They were reconciled. • Yet there are some people who will say, "Bless God, that man can never be saved, or be right with God until he asks me to forgive him." If you have said that please remember two things: (1) The Bible says for the strong to bear the infirmities of the weak. You go to him for reconcilation. (2) There are many ways that he may be reconciled to you without saying certain words with his mouth. He may just give you a firm hand clasp. He may bring you some ice cream or some turnip greens. If you feel badly maybe he does not. Maybe he could fix up everything if you would just send him a nice birthday present or fix him a chicken dinner. At any rate be led by the Lord. I'm sure God will give you a word of wisdom what to do. When you say that he must come to you and ask for forgiveness that proves that you hold something . against him, that you have not forgiven. Mr. A. Kills A Man Mr. A. had trouble with his neighbor, who insulted him every time he had a chance. He would curse Mr. A.'s children and at one time slandered his wife. One day he came down to his place and threatened him because he could not let his calves stay in Mr. A.'s corn patch. . One day as the two men met Mr. A. killed his neighbor. Mr. A. ran away from the country. He and his family settled in our country. We did not know anything



about his past life. He did not let anyone know about the incident, although it bore heavily upon his mind. He lay awake at night and could not sleep. When someone talked to him he looked into space as if he Were thinking about something afar off. He could not bear to think that he had become a murderer! Mr. A. had been reared to go to church and to believe in the Lord. If he could only recall those days he would almost rather be killed than to kill. But there was no way to undo what he had done! He and his family became interested in our church, of which I was the pastor. He became interested in me as a friend, even when I was in his new business he had opened up down town. A time or two he and I went fishing together. We had a· barbecue at our place once or twice. One day as we were riding down the road together in a car we were talking in general. Then our conversation was turned to how people should live, and the advantages of being a Christian. Then I learned that Mr. A. had never been saved. I felt that there was something in his life that he was holding back, but I did not have the words to say to help him. But I dared not. push him too hard. My wife and I prayed for him that night. In a few days Mr. A. and his fine family came to our revival meeting. It was at a night service. The Evangelist spoke on a very simple subject that night just a few minutes. He talked about how reasonable the Lord was, that God would not ask us to do the impossible. He compared the Lord to an earthly father who. would pity his children. Mr. A. did not go to the prayer room, or make any kind of outward action which would show to us that he was interested. But he kept moving on his seat and looking into space as if he were nervous. After service I walked by him as I shook hands with the visitors. He stopped me and called me to one side and told me he wouldlike to speak to me privately. This I was happy to do, fOT I desired to help him, as he looked, by this time, as if he were under deep conviction. As we entered the prayer room 'he stopped and started to go back to hi's wife, his two boys and a girl who were waiting. The fine boys were school age and

his girl was a senior that year. Then the man asked if he could trust me with something that was ;absolutely secret! Of course, I told him that I was not worthy to be called a minister if I could not be trusted to keep his name completely secret of any important problem. He trusted me. "I was always taught to go to church by my parents," he began. "My mother and and dad. both prayed for me very much that I would live an honest, upright, Christian life. But I have strayed from their teaching. I do want to be saved, but because of. my wife, and children I can never.' , "There is nothing impossible with the Lord. He is reasonable. He will not ask the impossible. There is a solution to every problem," I assured him. "Yes, but my case is different from all others," replied the miserable neighbor. "It will do no good to' talk it over with you; so I'll never mention it." Mr. A. started for the door, with his hat in his hand. and his eyes cast down at the floor. Then he sat down.

"Here Is My Story,"
began Mr. A. slowly, with silence between sentences. "I can never be saved, for I am a murderer, and no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him according to the Scriptures. Because I was afraid of a man I killed him. I was angry when I did it." I assured Mr. A. that the Lord would even forgive him for being a murderer, that anyone could come to . the Lord who was willing, for the Bible says whosoever will may come (Rev. 22: 17) . Then he dropped to' his knees and surrendered to .the Lord. It was not hard for him to' do, for he was ready. He had made the consecration. He arose to his feet with a determined look. Then he began talking positively. "Everything is all right between me and the Lord. I am going to tell my wife what I have done. I know it will mean much, for she will have no way of support. She can sell the business and have what is left after the indebtedness is all cleared. I have a little insurance. The boys can quit school and work some in order to make a living. I don't mind giving my life in the



electric chair nor giving myself up to the law. I don't care for myself, but it is hard for me to think my boys and girl will go through life facing the public with them knowing all this. But by the grace of God I am willing!" "What do you mean?" I asked, as I prayed for wisdom and guidance. "I mean I killed a man in cold blood, that my life will be given for his," he said. He went home. But I did not sleep much. I prayed for wisdom and guidance. I rolled on the bed. My wife tried to find out my trouble, the reason I could not sleep, but no, I told God alone! When morning came I felt I had an answer from the Lord. I felt I had a message burning on my heart. I stepped to the phone and told Mr. A. I wanted to see him before breakfast. He let his wife open his business, and met me at the church. He looked about like I felt. His eyes were red. He had not slept. But he had peace in his soul. "Who have you wronged?" I asked him as I looked him straight in the eye. I felt as bold as a lion, as I felt the anointing of the Lord. "The neighbor I killed," he said. "Is there any way you can help him now?" "There is no way." "Is there any way you can help his folk?" "No, they do not know I did it." Then I said, "Let me tell you. And listen to me _ First, does your wife know it- Have .you told your family yet '!" "No." "If you tell your wife, it will be too much for her to bear. If you tell your fine boys and your girl they will never be the same. It won't be fair to them. If you tell the man's folk you will make them hate you. They will want to kill you. You will make murderers of them, at heart. It might take their souls to hell. If you tell the officials \hey will send you to prison and probably to death. You can't help anyone that way especially after you are dead." Then I thought of ~ story in the Bible. I told him about Moses how he . killed a man, ran away from home into a fa; country, how he stayed on the back side of a dessert. He had


fellowship with the Lord. He saw Gods' miracles. He walked on holy ground. God used him, even without his going back and confessing. The man he wronged was dead. Moses was used by the Lord to lead millions of people for God's service! Mr. A. saw the point! That was enough. The truth was burned into his heart. God accepted a willing mind as he did Abraham. God knew his heart. In his heart Mr. A. had the assurance. Mr. A. had become Brother A. The grace of God had superceded the law which says "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth!" God had taken care of what Brother A could not do. It seems that Brother A. loves God more than most people, and even more than he would had he been forced to make public his sins which were now' under the blood. It seems that he understands more about the abundant mercy, love, compassion, and understanding of our Lord. He sees that God is a reasonable God. When you look through a red glass at a red object it will appear white. When God looks at our sins through the blood of Jesus they appear white. as snow. '~COME NOW, And let us REASON together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool" (Isa. 1-18). (Taken from a true story told by a leading pastor of the nation.) Positive Confession When we come together why' can't we confess positive things and say what God says instead of saying what the devil says? We cannot help anyone until he confesses what God says. The devil says that you can't get healed, that you are growing worse. The doctor says that there is no cure for you. You suffer with your nerves, head, back, and stomach. You can stand in church and confess all these things, but that will get you nowhere. The Lord says that He bore your sickness away on the cross; by His· stripes you are healed. He says, "I am the Lord that healeth thee." He says, after hands are laid on you, that you shall recover. You can confess



these things. That will get you somewhere! You have what you say, whether you say what God says or what the devil says (Matt. 11:23).

Negative ·Confession I know of a fine gentleman, who was a Sunday School Superintendent. God was blessing in a wonderful way! But he had been taught that he must confess every weakness he had. One day he went to the pastor's wife and told her that he had a confession to make to her. He told her that he had been thinking too much of her, that he wanted her to forgive him. She did. But she could not get this off of her mind. She began to think about him. She thought to be right she must confess to him: She told him that she had been having certain thoughts about him. He forgave. her freely. But both of them found that to confess something, whether it is weakness or strength, it makes it more so. Nothing is so bad or good but talking about it makes, it more SQ. Soon their thoughts came so thick and heavy it took all their time confessing to each other. Soon they were caught in a room together confessing how much they liked each other. They had the doors locked. Since they believed in confessing their secret thoughts they decided to go confess. to the pastor of that fine church. They told him they had decided that they could not overcome, that they wanted a divorce. The pastor backslid and drank himself drunk. Not knowing what to do.the pastor, the pastor's wife, and the superintendent all went to the high church officials, who had a "confession meeting." Soon everyone was confessing those people's weakness to the people they met. . Believe that you are what God says you are. Confess that you are what God says you are. And then you will become what you confess. ·He says you are complete in Him, that you have power over all the power of the devil, that no good thing He will withhold from them that walk uprightly, that he forigves all your iniquities and heals all your diseases (Ps. 103 :1-3).

For 7~ per day you can have this deliverance libra~y of 60 assorted tttles of faith books. That is the price of a cold ~rlnk, a bar of candy, to funny book. You are responsible .ft your tchtldren, or your folks, or a . .. to secure this literature on the SIgn gi mims ry. Keep these books in your home and never separate them. The Lord said that this ministry must be published into all the world and. then th: end will come. We should have as much zeal as the Jehovah Witnes ses Christian Science or the communists. The communists took 450,000,000 people in Chin~ by t~e printed. page, they are making inroads into most every nation, lncludl~g Arne rtca , through the press. They ha ve printed enough books to gt ve three to eacl person in the world. Help me get the true Gospel out. I never use anything I get from books for myself. W. V. G ant

I ,

W. V. Grant:

Faith Clinic,

P. O. Box 353,

Dallas 21, Texas.

in your correspondence course. Please send. me your sixty faith-building books at 50~ e~ch. I unde.r~tand that I WIll receive a First Year Certificate on the Dehverance Mintatry aft~r I . read these sixty fui l gospel boeks. I understand that I may pay tor this whole library at 7~ per day, or $2 per month. EN~a~m~e~ Address Town State ~ _

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