Paulo Eduardo Dias Garcia

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Engineer projects with experience in in the businesses areas of development consultative and in designs, and works of and




industrial and heavy construction. Actuation in positions as works coordinator, projects implementation manager,

studies and designs coordinator, commercial manager, contracts administrator and independent consultant in projects, contracts and businesses management. Services rendered for several sectors of the infrastructure, in Brazil and Abroad, such as supply, buildings and popular habitations (housing), power, sports and leisure, base and transformation industries, basic sanitation and environmental and transports in the subway, air, railroad and road modes. Activities with customers of the public and private area, in companies of









services (foundations and geotechnical), constructors and contractors, where it
developed expertise for the exercise of the functions in units of production, technique, commercial, administrative and financial..

Participation in the implantation or development of following contracts, related to the design, works and projects • Morumbi Stadium • Prestressed Concrete Bridge over the River Atibaia and Reinforced Concrete Bridge over the River Jaguari • District Market for Food Supplying of São Paulo City • Reservoirs for Water Supply of São Paulo Metropolitan Region • Industrial Equipments Factory for Paving and Earth Work • Oceanic Interceptor of Sewers in Rio de Janeiro • Oxygen Factory, Cooling Towers, Coal Yard, Pit Furnace and Plates Reheating of the José Bonifácio de Andrade e Silva Steel Pant • Debugging of the Aricanduva Stream tributary of the Tiête River • Tunnel and Boarding and Disembarkation Station of Passengers of the Metropolitan in Rio de Janeiro • Steel Railway in Minas Gerais • Factory of Load Wagons for Railroad and Passengers Cars of for Subway • Ouro Branco Steel Plant • Environmental Sanitation Program in Hydrographic Basin Springs of the High Tiete • Programs and Projects of the Popular Housing Superintendence of São Paulo • Final Pump Station and Treatment and Recovery Station of the Water Quality of the A.B.C. and Barueri • Funchal Airport in the Madeira Island of Legislative Decree of the executive project agreement, • Garabi Dams and technological and Hydroelectric in the Uruguay River • Hotel Costa Verde in Cuiabá • PDL - Project geometric control of the Highway Duplication • XI UNCTAD - Conference of United Nations Organization about Trade and Development World in São Paulo • Expansion of the Plant of Infra Structure and Utilities of the Mining House of Rocks in Minas Gerais.