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Myross Bush School

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Kauri burying their time capsule at school in a secret location which they will dig up in December and read some letters they mailed to themselves. We had a surprise when we were digging the hole, Sophie found an old glass bottle and some other crockery.

the scoop

FEB 15


A huge thank you to the 30

(approximate) parents who were able to make it to the working bee last Saturday. This was an excellent turnout. As I am sure you can all tell that despite the inclement weather they got a huge amount of work accomplished around the school - out the front, around the gardens and the sandpit! A big thank you to Barry Smith for coordinating this day. Barry has also given a lot of his time helping to get our staffroom area all organised! Thank you Barry. Today was the second session of our 3 way conferences which were centered around goal setting for the first half of the year. This reflection with you, around last years end of year report, and focussed on the learning needs and goals for your child/ren are invaluable at the beginning of the school year. It is

also another opportunity just to touch base between your child's advocates - you the parent and their teacher and clarify any aspects around what is happening for your child every day at our school. Your involvement and the subsequent conversation is very much appreciated by the teachers. Please understand that every conversation is taken very sincerely and reflected on by your child's teacher. It is this enthusiasm and genuine focus from our teaching team on your child/ren that makes Myross Bush School a very good school. Feel proud about what your child is doing and respect the professional knowledge and effort that our teaching team puts in each and every day. Swimming starts this Friday, thank you to the parents who are able to help us this year. As you would have noticed the whole school goes every

afternoon from 1-2pm (apart from this Friday which is 10-11am). This change gives us an uninterrupted morning when the children are fresh to focus on their learning at school while giving us the afternoon to encourage further confidence in the water. The support from the ILT who subsidises most of the cost of swimming, coaches and the buses means that we can keep this invaluable pool time affordable. It is important to note that this programme is meant to work in partnership with you encouraging and involving your child further in their own swimming development in this necessary life time skill. Assembly will be at the usual time this week. Regards

Tim Lovelock

Kia tu Pakari

From strong foundations we grow and stand tall together

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our first working bee of the year weeding, moving mulch etc. We have had lots of positive comments about how tidy the school is looking.

Baby sitter available: Ex student, reliable. Ph Makaela 2157922 Barnardos Keeping It Together Programme: The programme is for families that are still currently together but their situation is being compromised by the behaviours of a family member/s aged between of 12 16. Behaviours may include: Truant from school Using drugs and/or alcohol Stealing Displaying disrespectful behaviour Isolating themselves from family Together the family will learn and practice the non violent and positive ways of: Being together as a family Dealing with life situations Identifying and expressing feelings appropriately Conflict resolution Communication Safety planning Parenting(Toolboxteen and tweens) Self esteem Self and others And much more For further information please contact: Programme Coordinator Rhonda Hoffman 027 406 4008 03 214 7751 ext 211 nz Tap Dancing: Dance Alive Studio offering classes for all levels at 465 Kennington Waimatua Road. Contact Stacey Black 9310769, 021611207 or

Friends of the School:

Friends of the school would like to invite all of our new families (and our old ones!) to attend the first Friends of the School meeting for 2012. The meeting will be held in the staffroom at 7.30pm on Wednesday 22nd February. Have you been in to check out our new library? The FOS is very proud to have been able to contribute $7000 towards new furniture and shelving for our wonderful new library. The students are so enjoying having the library open at lunchtimes again! Thanks to Mrs FM for her time supervising this. Any queries or apologies to Kimberly Ph 230 4342

Athletics Day Helpers: Please read

the red notice that was sent home on Monday re Helpers for the day. Staff are running the senior, middle and junior running events and this can not be done without lovely parent helpers. It is a huge day with over 600 children competing so all helpers are needed. All children will be rotating around events through the day so we are also looking for parents to help move children from one event to another. Please return these RED notices asap so we can organise numbers for the day.

Sports Teams
If you would like to see Myross Bush children in action this Term we have these teams competing after school... Football at Turnbull Thompson Park on Mondays, Touch Rugby at Turnbull Thompson Park on Wednesdays, Flippaball at Splash Palace on Fridays Come along and support your school!

Sports Notices:
Swimming: Reminder that this starts on
Friday. All clothing should be named. Thanks to all the parents who offered their help for swimming. We are fortunate to have heaps of helpers. A roster went home yesterday to all the parent helpers. A copy of the roster is on the website.

Aviary News:
Aviary Committee 2012: Our
managers, Campbell Henderson, Sophie White, Brooke King and Benjamin McIntyre will be showing the ropes to the 15 Year 4-6 children that have signed on to help care for our aviary for the year. This is a special part of our school and it is good to see so much interest.

Athletics Day Information and

timetables for the day will be sent home with children next week. Please look out for these as they contain important information for you and your child. If you have any queries please email

DAVID WHITE BUILDING Experienced Qualied Builder of: New Homes Residential Extensions and Renovations Farm Sheds etc... Phone 0274351490 or A/H 2304984

We also added new sand to the sand pit and put the shade sail up to keep the students safe from the sun we expect to see for a while yet!

Week 3 Term 1
MANUKA (R6) - I enjoyed catching up with you all at meet the teacher night. Hope to see most of you again for goal setting interviews this week. We are getting good at putting sounds to the letters and using these in our reading and writing. Thanks for your support with this at home with the learning folders. Going over them each day is really helpful to building up the knowledge in these early school days. Certificates: Aimee Phibbs-Geiseer for using the letter/sound knowledge in her writing and to Robson McKee for being so organised for learning. Don't forget to check out the class blog each week through clicking Manuka 6 on the Myross Bush website http:// MIRO (R5) Miro are settling well into class routines and I am so impressed with the way they are exploring new friendships within the class. We have also been discussing how we can improve ourselves and grow as a learner. We look forward to sharing our thoughts with you at the interviews. Homework has been set for the week and should be taken home each night. We discuss any questions the children might have with this in the morning. Thank you for your support with this. A reminder that swimming starts this Friday. Have a great week, Kiri Certificates; Hannah Symon, Jake O'Keefe, Blake Condon TOTARA (R7) Team Totara- We are looking forward to sharing our goals with our parents this week. The athletic practise is going strong and we are all extending our skills by participating to be the best that we can be. We are really thinking about the value of Self Improvement in all aspects of our lives this week! Certificates: Rose Ellendon, Louis Patterson KAURI (R8) Benjamin - We've been learning about time capsules and writing letters to ourselves. Yesterday we buried it and we'll dig it up on the last day of term four. Katie J - I've been practising how to get better at long jump. I'm going too fast at the start and my foot was going over the mat. Next time I'm going to go a bit slower in my run up. Assembly - Miro (R5)

KOWHAI (R2) We have been finding out about kowhai trees. "They are green" said Lucy. "The leaves are really really little" said Lauryn. "The trees are tall" said Scott. Have you got one in your garden at home? Athletics practice has been helping us develop skills in running, jumping and throwing, and we are looking forward to swimming beginning on Friday.

RIMU (R3) is really beginning to work well together. We are all looking forward to going swimming on Friday at Splash Palace. Some of you will notice that the children have a word reading list added to their homework books the words that are not coloured in are the words your child is still practising. Thanks for all your help with homework, as little and often is really the way to go with it. RATA (R4) Swimming starts this Friday so don't forget your swimsuit! We have had great weather for practising athletics and are very grateful to the parents who have been able to help us with this. Our class goal is listening and following instructions quickly. Spelling homework went home on Monday and basic facts homework began on Tuesday. Thanks for your support. Certificates: Naomi Hanning, Ethan Gray

from the classroom

17 Fri Swimming begins this Friday 10-11am, from next week it is 1-2pm

2nd Fri Swimming ends Athletics postponement date

2012 Term Dates
Term 1 2012 ends 5th April (Easter)

Updated 15th February 2012

22 Wed 7.30pm FOS meeting in the staffroom. All welcome

Term 2 2012 23 April to 29th June

27 Mon Southern Zone Athletics Day at Surrey Park

Term 3 2012 16 July to 28 September

Term 4 2012 15 October to 17th December


Swimm ing beg ins this Fr iday. A ll gear to be n amed.

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