Customized Marketing Plans for Sellers!

(You Pick What You Pay Options Available! Save $$$$$)

Property: #1 - We’ll create a Sharp Website For Your Property:
It will have a unique domain name for your street address. And it will be syndicated to more than 100 major property search portals like Trulia, Zillow, and Google Base.

Sample Website: www.

Why a personal property website? Because it is about YOU and your listing! At any given time there are thousands of properties for sale on the Multiple Listing service sent out to company websites. It is only a random or specific search that causes buyers to see you. Whereas, with our marketing campaign we send leads to you and then they respond about your property! More leads and better results for you.

#2 - We’ll use the pictures of your property to create a visually appealing video:
This video will be uploaded to Youtube so that your property can be found on the very popular video sharing site.

In addition to Youtube, your property video and e-tour will be directly linked to the multiple listing service, your personal website and the over 100 national feeds. To see a sample of the e-tours we produce go to the previous website and click on “Narrated Tour!”. The first 30 days of your marketing plan is most crucial and we want to expose you to maximum buyers with high quality, digital marketing methods. Our e-tour functions are integrated with today’s smart phones and YES buyers can get your property information and watch the video on their phone! SMS (Smart phone text messaging technology) allows the buyer to request information and connect with us directly “capturing” their personal information and lead contact data. This guarantees we don’t lose contact with clients and we report to you real lead information on your monthly Seller report. Seller report? YES! We put it in writing and we print the leads, web hits and data so together we can maximize our team efforts to get your home SOLD!

#3 - We’ll create a CraigsList ad for your property and repost it on weekly basis sis: a weekly basis:
CraigsList is becoming an increasingly popular for buyers searching for homes on the internet. Some of our Craigslist postings literally receive over 50 leads per day! Your presence here will expose your property to hundreds, maybe thousands of prospective purchasers.

#4 - We’ll create a Facebook ad for your property and set it to be shown 50,000 times to local users of the world’s most popular social networking site.

#5 - We’ll create a Twitter account for your address and set it to "sell" your property to other Twitterers in your area: area:

It’s really surprising that more agents aren’t doing this type of advertising, but that is why we are The Property Pros!

# 6 - We’ll create a Google ad that shows up when people search related area: for keywords related to your neighborhood and area:

This way, as out of town people search Google for real estate, your property will show up near the top of the page.

# 7 - Text Messaging Lead Capture. In Our Efforts To Market and Sell Your Property, We’ll use Text Messaging Lead Capture Possible: Wherever Possible:
This technique allows us to capture Cell Numbers In Real Time so that we can do a an effective job of Converting Qualified Prospects Into To Appointments To See Your Property

DO THIS NOW!!!!! Current Sample: Text: MF 20043 to 32075
By advertising the unique text code and mobile website associated with your property on your Sale Sign, buyers who are passing by will be able to instantly receive information on the property. And we’ll be able to quickly follow up and present your property in its best light by calling the prospect’s cell number.

# 8 - The Phone:
This one’s a simple step that most of our competitors never think to take. We’re going to call the 5 agents who have participated in the most recent sales in your area. Chances are good these agents might have other buyers looking in the neighborhood. It will be our job to keep your property top-ofmind with area agents from other companies.

Right: # 9 - The MLS Done Right:
When we post your property to the local MLS system, we’ll make sure the description is engaging and that the pictures present your property in its best light. This is a fundamental, but very important step that a lot of agents get wrong! We utilize “Enhanced Showcase Listings” with for maximum market exposure on the world’s top real estate search engine!

conduct Blitz: #10 - We will conduct a Mass Email Marketing Blitz:

We’ll make sure that everyone we know is familiar with your property. (And we know a lot of people!) • • • • • Our Past Clients Our Current Clients Other Agents We Know Our Facebook Fans Our Twitter Followers

Other area business owners and local residents in our database. The Usual Stuff • • • • • • Pricing Your Property Right Staging It To Sell Open Houses Broker’s Open Houses Newspaper Ads (Maybe) Negotiating On Your Behalf...

While most agents do a good job at the “usual stuff,” the “usual stuff” doesn’t interest today’s modern buyer. While most of our competitors are skipping the first 11 items in this list, we’re busy making sure your property is exposed and presented to as many buyers as possible. If it looks like we rely heavily on web marketing, that’s because we do! Why? 90% of buyers are searching for property online....

And THEY’RE DEFINITELY GOING TO KNOW ABOUT YOURS....! Call us today for a FREE No Obligation Listing Interview!!!!
Contact Information: The Property Pros 7430 US 42 Suite 212 Florence, KY 41042 Serving: Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana

Personal Information:

Timothy Osborn, Broker – KY/OH/IN
CEO/Founder of The Property Pros 7430 US 42 Suite 212 Florence, KY 41042 PH: (859) 803 – 5034 E-fax: (859) 486 - 6017 Email:
Over 1000 brokered career transactions and $100 Million SOLD!

National Award Winner!

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